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Music Related Feelthread

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Post your music related feels.

>meet a girl at concert
>hit it off, eventually start dating
>bond over shared music
>go to a bunch more concerts together
>get her to join college radio station
>relationship ends
>still have feelings for her
>she's still at the station
>get depressed whenever I got to staff meetings because she's there
>tfw no gf

And remember, as always, keep it music related.
the only girl i am interested in is a complete attention whore and i'm not okay with being a beta orbiter and it makes me want to die and being alive is suffering.
Listen to Giles Corey - s/t and then forget about her
I hope your name isn't Justin
It's not. Would it be a problem if it were?
>tfw all my music eventually reminds me of bad feels
Anyone can recommend some really emotional music?
I am talking Bright Eyes, The Mars Volta and The Smashing Pumpkins tier(all of which are vastly different but in their own way really intense and emotional bands)
>emotional music
Postal Service
The National
Sun Kil Moon
That's... a very broad request.
Like, a lot of music is intensely emotional, and those three bands are nothing alike.
i took a term off because I hate school and i like being at home but now I just feel shittier about my life and I am really dreading going back to school. listening to luomo right now
>she'll always be a broken girl - she wants revenge
>all the girls i know
>afraid of getting too close but want to help them
>tfw im a broken guy myself
I know that feel friend. Looking back though, my semester off was definitely for the better though, and I am glad I went back after it ended.
At The Drive-in
Desperadicios or however it's spelled w/e
Sneeze (www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiU0dfF04yE)
Cloud Nothings
Wild Moth
Wolf Parade

Seconding Cursive

Fuck you nigga I could rattle off bands all day.
Cloud Cult got really fucking sad when his kid died. Advice From The Happy Hippopotamus is one of the feeliest albums I've heard.
That's a good reply because they used to be one of my favourite bands

I know, but i have been trying to get into some emo and a lot of it just feels horribly american.


good band.
dont know the others. thanks for the recs.

also know atdi and thank you too for the recs.

>Fuck you nigga I could rattle off bands all day.

Yeah my post was vague as fuck. To be a bit more precise: emotionally intense on the vocal side of the music(which would fit to all 3 bands that I mentioned ni my post. Also NMH)

k thanks
Cloud Cult is never mentioned on /mu/. I remember I tried to talk about them in 2009 and got shat on and never saw any mention of them again.

You are absolutely right though, that album is pretty fucked up.
>that one song that gives you shivers every time you listen to it
What's her name, /mu/?
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>qt at school
>hitting it off with her
>start talking about music
>her: "I'm really into post-hardcore"
>me: "oh so like, at the drive in and fugazi?"
>her: "who?"
>I know, but i have been trying to get into some emo and a lot of it just feels horribly american.
Well if it's specifically not-emo you're looking for I can be a bit more helpful.

Have A Nice Life
Giles Corey
Keaton Henson
Patron Saint of Bridge Burners
Bomb The Music Industry!/Jeff Rosenstock
Paul Baribeau
Teen Suicide
pill friends
of Montreal, specifically Hissing Fauna and Paralytic Stalks
>just one
Two Headed Boy Pt. 2
Good Morning Captain
and more recently, An Introduction To The Album
>friend returns home after being gone working all summer
>has new cool qt bff
>have one night stand with qt
>meet her next week
>sleep with her again
>hang out the whole day after, ordering asian and watching movies
>pleb taste in music but great sex and good taste in film
>tfw everything's pretty ok

Bright Eyes - Let's not shit Ourselves

But where was it when I first heard that sweet sound of humility?
It came to my ears in the goddamn loveliest melody
How grateful I was then to be part of the mystery
To love and to be loved
Let's just hope that is enough
>Desperadicios or however it's spelled w/e

good so far. better than his solo shit
just assume they mean metalcore unless explicitly stated otherwise
nice to know someone else has felt this. maybe if i wasn't so terrible socially i might be happier to go back
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Goddammit I thought this would never happen to Since I left You
Anyone listened to Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties? Pretty feelsy stuff

that feel when some of my music feels like videogaming. seriously, i should have never listened to so much music while playing.
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>be listening to Pixies
>"oh you can cry you can mope,
>tfw I know that feel
Consistently, The Glow, Pt. 2.

I don't fucking know why, my chest just aches

>An Introduction To The Album
it's a great opener
>started a new job so have more time to listen to music while working
>remembered how much I used to love browsing /mu/
>haven't really visited this board in about 2 years or stayed in touch with the music scene too much
>board is absolutely awful compared to what I remember
>memories are flooding back looking at all these albums I used to review and love
>not sure if I'll ever love music that much again
yeah, I realize that now
tfw all she listens to is metalcore and pop punk
get out while you can
i dont like this feel, post a new one
>tfw you feel like having superior taste in forms of various media will probably make you a better, more fruitful person
>begin to doubt this notion because if you're so superior then there'll be no one there to share it with
>then realise you never even considered personal enjoyment in this inner debate you were having with yourself
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no one cares about the elitist who thinks he is better than everyone else but many elitists care about other elitists who think they are better than many people.

So what you're saying is...I should chance it and try my best to achieve personal patriciondom in the hope other enlightened individuals meet me at the gates of the conclusion of it all and I'll have found my home?
they are probably already there or you just join an already existing group of people or you form your own.
I hate feels, I wish they would all die

Is there a feel for this?
this fucking song describes our relationship perfectly

i feel you anon

or just depression
>meet qt at angel olsen show
>we hook up and go back to her place
>have fun sexy times
>afterwards she tells me she has a girlfriend and this was just a one time thing while she was out of town
>week later still thinking about her and wishing we could be together
I don't even know what this feel is.
iktf anon ;_;
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>There's this one girl that I like
>Hanging out with her at a party
>I admitted that I liked her at the party but the thing is I was really fucked up
>Next day wondering if she took it seriously or not, decided to not acknowledge what happened then because of how shitfaced I was
>next two weeks she was acting super flirtatious to me
>Now she is clearly wanting to be with another man

Fuck I'm retarded. I need music for this feel. It's an angry feel, towards myself
>>afterwards she tells me she has a girlfriend

Wait, what? Are you lesbians or something? And why do gays/lesbians worry about remaining faithful if they aren't able to reproduce or have to raise children?

there you go
I'm a dude but apparently she fucks dudes every once in awhile.
She told me at the beginning of the night that she was a lesbian but she liked to fool around with guys. I had no idea she had a gf though.
>And why do gays/lesbians worry about remaining faithful if they aren't able to reproduce or have to raise children?

so it's ok to cheat as long as you dont get any party pregnant?
tfw derealization
tfw depersonalization
tfw there will never be another minutemen album
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>Be in college
>Had a bad falling out with my best friends and gf 4 months ago before I came here
>Been completely alone and filled with regret and guilt ever since
>See on a facebook group related to my college class
>A 10/10 qt needs a ride to a concert 4 hours away because her friend bailed on her and she also has an extra ticket
>Fuck, this might be my chance to make a friend
>Message her about it
>She says cool and is happy someone responded
>"The concert starts in 6 hours we should probably go soon"
>Super elated
>Get all dressed up, take a shower, etc.
>I might finally have a friend
>"Oh...wait I just told my dad and he said he doesn't want me riding that far with some random boy... sorry"
>Feeling pretty crushed
>What if she just doesn't want to ride with me?
>What if she found someone else and thinks I'm just weird and creepy?
>But keep talking to her anyway
>Discussion goes smoother than expected
>"So what music do you listen to, anon."
>I mention Xiu Xiu
>She starts listening to it
>"Wow this is pretty weird but pretty great at the same time :)"
>Am I making a friend who also likes Xiu Xiu and is qt?
>Haven't heard from her in about three hours now and I'm afraid that we won't talk to each other again
>I don't see why we would honestly, she was just some random person who wanted a ride but things didn't work out
>Feel like asking her to go out for some coffee sometime but that seems super sudden and creepy considering I just messaged her on some shitty social media site today for the first time.
>I just want a friend
Want should I do /mu/?
ask her. what's the worst she can do, say no?
Not to open up old wounds but what happened between you and your friends?
I probably will but I just don't want it to seem rapey. Like me being some random guy who messaged her offering to drive her to a concert four hours away with just the two of us, that not working out, but then asking her on some date.
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>Falling for this girl
>Started falling in love with her back when I had depression
>She's more fucked in the head than I was
>Come out of my depression
>Realize how fucked up she still is and am slightly turned off by it.
>Still have this hope she could be salvaged.

Music for this feel?
I know the feel man
No, just ask her. A lot of people are waiting to be asked. If she says no w/e it doesn't matter.
I met my ex girlfriend through a Facebook message and that was so fun.
Who sent the last message, friend?
go on a date with her and slide it in her butt when she isn't looking. bitches love that.
>Best friend I ever had
>We grow super close over the course of a year
>She becomes my gf and we open up to each other like we never had to anyone else before
>She's moving to Switzerland for college and I get scared of commitment
>"We shouldn't be in a relationship anymore"
>Break her fucking heart
>I was the only one keeping her from suicide when I started talking to her
>Few days later
>"I'm sorry I made a huge mistake, lets be in a relationship I love you."
>She gets so happy
>Two days later
>"No just kidding nevermind."
>Break her fucking heart again
>Shit happens, the few friends I have side with her for obvious reasons and haven't talked to me since
>I can't forget crying face when she told me she wanted to be with me for a long time
>Or how she felt when she cried as she gave me a last kiss goodbye
>She's hurting now in Switzerland and I can't help her
It's a lot more complicated than that but that's the gist. I know this isn't my shitty blog but, well, you asked.
And to keep this music related
>tfw you will never be able to listen to the songs you shared with her ever again.
Make sure you spit on her arsehole/
>tfw a really ugly fat girl likes me


p.s. were all gunna make it :D

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>I get scared of commitment
I feel you man.

That's rough, though. Hope shit works out, thanks for sharing
>She's hurting, her depression is coming back, and the one that is comforting her now instead of me is her new, muscular European boyfriend.
Music for that feel
man, if it weren't for all of the cigarette worship, mac dememeco would be my goddamn hero. I saw him live, it was so chill
>become best friends with a girl I met online when I was 17
>we email each other constantly for about a year and it becomes obvious we're in love with each other
>neither of us admits it too each other, we just keep moving forward
>she tells me things like she's been in rehabilitation for drug use
>begins disappearing and re-appearing with regularity
>one day I give in and admit I love her
>she replies months later saying she felt mutual
>we then spend the next one and a half years dropping in and out of emailing each other
>always a block, either she's seeing someone, I'm seeing someone, she's on drugs, she disappears, I disappear because I'm sick of it
>a week ago she replies asking about my phone number
>I give it to her again
>she still hasn't texted me and has fallen off the face of the Earth again
>tfw I'm never going to even meet my online childhood sweetheart from 3.5 years ago and I've finally accepted it

We bonded over music, it counts.
>tfw befriend qt i got around to talking bc of music similarities
>we got closer, started dating
>im way too fucked up with depression and ruin everything between us
>shes apparently over me now and is seeing other people
>even sadder and hella confused about our relationship
should i talk to her? should i let her go?
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The Blendours.jpg
11KB, 480x360px
tfw I don't really care about anything. I'm not saying I'm numb. I just don't care about...well anything. Still functioning... just don't care. I like this feel.

Also I'm fairly convinced I'm never going to have sex again. It was a fun run while it lasted. I honestly prefer jerking off by myself in a dark room.

Pic Related, can't get enough of the group. Not my usual cup of tea. It Came From The Radio is an Excellent Album.
Give it time. Talking to her won't do anything but make you feel worse
>tfw you will never find a qt grill who listens to jazz and classical
Yeah, you're a cunt.
its been two months since we last talked, she said im so introverted that we would never work out properly, that she still loved me but that wasnt doing her any good
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>tfw nobody texts you back
>tfw end up spending every night alone in my room listening to shitty pop punk
I had a girl say similar stuff to me recently. But the answer is always to sever contact until you're over her. It'll happen, trust me.
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>be whiny self pitying codependent faggot with poor me syndrome
>feel entitled to a gf without doing anything about it
>receive nothing after being promised nothing
>whine about it on /mu/
>tfw no gf
You think I don't know that already?
That's where the "Intense regret and guilt" comes from. It's one of the worst fucking feelings ever to hurt someone you love. Everyone makes mistakes but I made mine at the worst possible time.
thanks anon, any music for this feel?
>tfw watching your hopes of getting into grad school vanish before your eyes
any music for this feel?
Maybe you should spiral, get into hard drugs and live even harder. Even if it doesn't get you the pity you need you can drink/snort away your pain!
Sung Tongs
the sound of your brain learning while you study
Keaton Henson
Is there any music for the feel of sexual performance anxiety constantly cockblocking you?

Like I'm fine socially, but can not for the life of me get it in with girls that are into me because I have no idea what I'm doing and know I'll be terrible.
yeah, i know this
It's a bit late to turn things around. The main reasons for my worry are my grades from my first three semesters, my likely awful score on the Math GRE subject test (which I already took and am just waiting to hear back on), my poor score on the writing section of the general GRE, and my lack of extracurriculars. Did I mention I'm in senior year?
Aw shit, dawg, I meant to post in cgl. A feel is a feel by any other situation.
A lot of Pulp's songs show the awkward side of sex, if that's what you're looking for.
describes me pretty well
Oh thanks, I never listened to them?

Any particular album do you think?
But we've all had those moments in our life when we feel stupid self-pity, and then self-pity for feeling that self-pity in the first place, and then we tell someone about it in a place like this because we are tired of being alone in our thoughts but realize that we've just directed the pathetic self-pity into an even more pathetic form of feeling the need to get pity from other people. Don't act like you don't feel emotions sometimes, anon.
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>tfw growing apart from best friend since he got a gf
>tfw no motivation to talk to girls anymore
>tfw feeling out of touch with everyone I talk to
>tfw bad back which fucks up everything
>tfw college is too hard
>tfw i just want it to be summer again
anybody here have been living in the past for as long as they can remember?
Yep. I've always been that way
I get that a lot, and I feel that people should be sympathetic to me. So I insist upon spiraling in a cry for help. You should direct the self-pity you want towards your old pals, make sure they see you stumbling around or off your head, big boy.
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>hanging out with qt
>drive her home after getting coffee and dinner
>have Battles playing low over the speakers
>in front of her house
>she gets out of the car
>we say goodbye to eachother
>expect her to say have a goodnight
>"get better music"
there is no escape from this hell
kevin b is that you
Happened to me couple of months ago, I saw the chick with another dude already, feeling kinda sucked, but she still flirts with me, but in the meantime I hook up with another chick, so fuck her heh
awesome, so have i. care to explain maybe why you live in the past?
The best starting points are probably Different Class and This Is Hardcore.
Different Class is them at their poppiest, while This Is Hardcore is a tad darker while still being pretty catchy.
File: images.jpg (6KB, 194x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"get better music"

damn, have my feel ma8
>You should direct the self-pity you want towards your old pals
Thankfully I've had enough decency to stop myself from doing that. But what's your problem, anon? Are you afraid of emotion? Or are you just that much of a badass to be above all of that simple-minded stuff?
The former, maybe an issue with needing a label, if that label can't be friend then why can't it be 'in trouble'?
>Bomb The Music Industry!/Jeff Rosenstock
Didn't know people knew of them. I've played a show with them lol
Cheap Girls are shit
Honestly though thank you for posting those things. I've been aware of that a lot recently but it becomes even more real when you hear it from someone else too.
It's just stupid to fault people for feeling that way sometimes. Not everyone can be as perfect as you you know.
>meet qt girl
>we hang out
>love same music and shit
>date for a while
>eventually break up, but what ever we're still friends
>2 years later
>she passes away
>every song that reminds me of her makes me want to cry.

I've gotten over it a little bit but every time i hear a song that reminds me of her i get depressed. Life sucks.
Oh don't worry, I know that.
I sort of want to meet you and just hear what you have to say about life. Whether you have an ego or not I obviously can't tell from these posts, but regardless. And I'm not even being sarcastic.
I used to have a big ego, I guess I'm a bit humbler now. Or maybe pretend I am.
Either way, there's definitely truth to your words and that seems to be rare around here. Thanks for calling me a cunt.
Tristan und Isolde, more so than what you have listed
Anytime, friendo.
>tfw gf
>roommate birthday today
>everyone is over and loud as fuck

I wish they'd leave the balloons alone.

>need to do homework before it's due tomorrow
>want to go to the library
>It's dark and -4'C
>trying to drown out their sounds with music

I just remembered that my turkey is thawing in the kitchen. I hope that they plan on going out soon because I'm tired and hungry.

I swear, it feels like I don't even exist here.
>tfw dorming next to girl who cheated on me and has guy she cheated on me with over all the time
>tfw extreme anxiety and depression
>tfw no motivation or inspiration, so i cant channel these bad feels into something productive

what do i even do
Request a move?
My girlfriend refuses to leave my guest room, the doctor said her ballet injuries (she had an accident at a recital a week ago) are somewhat serious and may permanently hinder her ability.

Poor kid, wish I could help her more.
She's listening/watching to her first recital ever, Balanchine/Mendelssohn's "A Midsummer Nights Dream", on repeat.
>i'm not poor enough to be missing out on an education
literally all i could discern from your post
File: 1408404568090.gif (2MB, 390x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 390x300px
>tfw acute misophonia is ruining your grades and your social life
I submitted a request for a single, but it hasn't gone through and i dont know when it will. i dont want a double because it could be even worse. Thing is i really like the situation ive got going on other than that. ive got a bunch of friends close by and my roommate is cool

plus i know its stupid but i dont want to give her the satisfaction of knowing that she got to me that much. it's a stupid pride thing
She doesn't have to know why you moved.
As for the other issues, I guess that's up to you. I'm in a single this year and I love it most of the time, but right now I'm really depressed and have no one to talk to, so it does have its downsides.
File: 1337651460921.jpg (102KB, 409x409px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 409x409px
>been seeing qt for the last few months
>really enjoying time with her
>have no idea how she actually feels about me or what we're doing
>too incapable of ever having a serious conversation with anyone to sort it out
Care to elaborate?
I need advice.
>Be me
>Don't really consider the lyrics of music
>Never really feel anything
>Sometimes like "Oh wow, that was clever" but nothing more
>Turn 22
>Fall in love for the first time
>Feel like I have a huge chance that she feels the same
>She doesn't feel the same
>Feel like that was my one shot at happiness and being normal
>Listen to music
>What the fuck, suddenly I can relate to nearly every song
>Even pop-shit
>Anything about break-ups, missing someone, feeling sad, being alone (which, by the way, is every fucking song) makes me feel feels

I never realised how much of music is oriented this way before....
>tfw 26 and no gf either so songs about relationships or love just make me feel depressed or confused because I can't relate to them
I think this every time I'm interested in someone.
I hate love songs.

I want to just curl up in my bed and comfortably listen to 3 albums on repeat as I snooze for the rest of my life.
I was the opposite until....


It just got a bit tiresome/boring listen to faggots whine and complain about shit that I clearly didn't understand.
>tfw I feel the best when I'm asleep
Not meant to be edgy or "I hate life or anything", but I feel the best if I'm not doing anything.
So many Radiohead songs remind me of playing Runescape. I used to listen to Radiohead exclusively then.
>tfw the year is almost over and I don't have an AOTY
>tfw just feeling forlorn while listening to Brokendate on repeat

It'd be cool to know what your guys's have been.
The girl I'm currently talking to has awful taste in music and it saddens me. I think Avenge Sevenfold is her favorite band. Why?
>tfw literally crying because i'm gonna be alone forever
I can completely relate anon.
You think you could go to your school's health office? Maybe they can make special accommodations for your issues. Might help turn around how your classes are going.
As for the other problems, I think therapy has got to be the only real solution.

>be me
>be in love with best friend
>not sure if I like feeling this way
>good friend of mine starts liking her too
>usurps her attention from me and other friends
>says she won't date him
>found out she caved in and is currently dating him
>tfw she didn't tell me
>tfw I'm feeling jealous
>tfw maybe I wanted to date her after all
>tfw this song sums up everything
File: feel.png (239KB, 511x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
239KB, 511x428px
Thanks for lending a listening ear.

>be me
>have a really bad OCD type mental illness called misophonia
>basically in my case triggered to chewing noises
>it's been getting worse ever since I had it
>the anxiety is so bad, I rarely stay in classes nowadays
>grades plummeting
>rarely hang out with friends due to the illness
>virginity basically sealed
>getting into uni is almost an impossible goal now
>the fear of not being able to achieve my dream as an animator slowly becoming a reality
>suicidal thoughts increased tenfold

The album that has been keeping me afloat is (aptly named) Aesop Rock's Float.
I know that feel all too well, anon. You ever listen to Giles Corey?
I've been there man.
your standards are too high, that's why.
Since you deleted your post, here's mine again:
>We all die alone everything else is an illusion
lmao that was written on the wall of some room I was in a few weeks ago. I was really stoned + nauseous and seeing that made me feel horribly anxious. It's a pretty valid point though.
File: FAcY7aV.gif (2MB, 233x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 233x225px
>listening to current music

top kek
File: Capture.png (71KB, 347x216px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 347x216px
I haven't been is the thing
hence why I don't have an AOTY.
I deleted the first post because of a grammar mistake.

I have already tried, trust me. But my school is notoriously shit when it comes to IEP and accommodating mental illnesses. I'm still struggling with the school board, unfortunately it's not nearly as easy as i'd like it to be.

Still, thanks for the words anon. They mean alot to me.
I don't necessarily have an AOTY, but some shit that I have listened to this year and liked a lot:
>AJJ - Christmas Island
>Have A Nice Life - The Unnatural World
>A SIlver Mt. Zion - Fuck Off Get Free
>White Hinterland - Baby
>USA Out Of Vietnam - Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes
>Mr Twin Sister - s/t
>Swans - TBK
>Nouns - Still
If I was forced to choose, I'd probably say TBK or Crashing Diseases. It feels weird knowing that these albums haven't even been out a year. This year has gone by so fucking slow.
>be me
>be sad and repressed
>falling for my best friend way too hard
>tell nobody, never bring it up with her, just enjoy time together
>be hanging out alone with a mutual guy friend
>better looking/more confident than me
>tells me he's into her
>want my friends to be happy, wish him good luck
>curl up in a corner alone at home
Never said you were
I feel you
appreciate the list anon, I did enjoy The Unnatural World and yeah, I could have sworn TBK came out last year.
Yeah, I was actually thinking about them when I was talking about the other kind of wanting to be asleep, I think they have a darker meaning.
that's pretty pathetic anon.
I'm sure you're just as attractive as he is. Gotta have more self esteem.
File: 1404350970592s.jpg (6KB, 208x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 208x249px
Cool shit.

My faves this year are:
Swans - TBK
Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy
Man Bites Dog - Noir
Kairon; IRSE! - Ujubasajuba

I have been sleeping heavily on that ASMZ album I admit.
fitk bro
Top 3:
Swans - To Be Kind
The Hotelier - Home, Like NoPlace Is There
Nouns - Still

Haven't listened to RTJ2 yet.
I also liked the new Silver Mt Zion, but not AOTY liked.

Twin Fantasy wasn't this year anon.
>Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy
Not to be an ass, but that album is several years old.
File: ....png (51KB, 200x205px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 200x205px

I mean to say How To Leave Town.
Yeah I should probably move on
are actually both me.
Another feel from this
>Just when I thought I could move on with my life away from this crazy person >>51531706 happened and now I am attracted to her again because I realize how little chances I get in my life.
Worst band I've ever had the displeasure of seeing.
>tfw fall in love with any decently attractive girl that gives me attention
>tfw just want dan to put out more giles corey shit
>have feelings for qt
>will probably pursue
>if i win, good feels
>if i lose, bad feels, but i'll learn from the experience
well, that's all i got
File: IMG_9679.png (245KB, 360x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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same feels brother
File: np.gif (921KB, 120x120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Good luck anon.
hes putting an album out in tha spring. Its called black wing but it aint giles corey dawg
i know, from what i've heard of it so far i'm not that excited. i like his folk stuff more
I'm rooting for you, anon.
You're probably not even there anymore but I just stumbled across this randomly. Funny.
>TFW only one person I know isn't a complete pleb and they're an asshole
>TFW tell your best friend how you really feel about her and she doesn't feel the same way
>TFW we weren't really ever best friends
>TFW when we were both depressed we would talk for hours but she got better before I did and she drifted away without me realizing
>TFW trying to get over her, can't bear to look at her
>TFW all your friends would rather hang out with other people

I feel like I'm dying.

You stay strong,its though sometimes,but maning up is the thing to do.

File: 1362674137399.jpg (153KB, 587x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw all my friends left me
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