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It's starting to snow, let's have a ייַנטיילן

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It's starting to snow, let's have a ייַנטיילן פאָדעם (Yyantyyln pʼádʻm)
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Buju Banton - Til Shailoh
>Dancehall reggae, reggaefusion, Pretty fantastic, really emotional sometimes,



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VA - Radio Niger
> Sublime frequencies compilation of traditional and pop music recorded from various Radio stations in Niger


(not the album but the same idea)
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Super Djata de Bamako -- Vol. 2
> "Malian music from the early 80s (released on Super Djata de Bamako, Vol. 2, in 1983). The combination of ouroboric guitar lines and rhythms with the weary vocal melody gives it that mystical edge. Djata comes from the word for lion."


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Mix-O-Rap - DMR
>Probably one of the best albums i've heard in a long time, If you're into lofi music, Chicago house, Experimental hip hop, or hypnagogic pop you'll probably like this. From what i uderstand about it the album was made by this guy who would rap over chicago house tracks in the 80's and his music sort of developed out of that (which sort of reminds me of how grime came about from MCs rapping over dance/jungle/garage music in england)


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Dwight Sykes - Volume 1
>one of the AOTY 2013, Amazing lo-fi funk from the late 1990's, If you're into the sort of 80's revival thing that's going on in southern California wit people like Ariel Pink and NotNotFun you'll probably really like this



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Nguashi N'Timbo with L'Orchestre Festival of Zaire - Shauri Yako
>Congolese pop music


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Various Artists - Biet-Het Vol 1
>"Who ever listens through these thirty songs objectively will despair and ask: "What on earth went wrong with Dutch popular music after these unprecedented peak years?" (And let's not forget the Belgian contributions to this compilation!) The pure, raw productions, the textual and musical originality and the amazing emotional charge of these records create a gap with contemporary Dutch music which, in meters, surpasses the boundaries of the universe easily. these are the young and passionate singing their hearts out! This CD contains the essence of all of Dutch society of the sixties. Who ever listens...will personally experience the sixties retroactively."


It seems really weird that you can't bump your own threads anymore. How is someone even supposed to establish a sharethead on this board anymore?
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Les Grands Colombias Du Peuple & Stanley Murphy - Dans Becheke Pi
> Ivoirienne funk, I don't know if you could consider this Highlife but it sounds similar



I'll bump for you
thanks guys :3
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Lonnie Holley - Just Before Music
>"Lonnie Holley works with found materials to rebuild the broken and reconsider the discarded before breaking down and rebuilding what he finds there. His process of artistic destruction and rebirth initially recalls that of the Tibetan sand mandala rituals, though Holley insists that he's working with dust rather than sand: "It’s taking from this earth the dust of all the dead. All the wars and all that humans had to deal with has become the dust. The earth is the grave, it’s the biggest graveyard that has ever been." Musical dust rather than physical dust, Just Before Music evokes the old and forgotten sounds of label Dust-to-Digital's output, while at the same time appears odd and spontaneous, Holley's concerns contemporary (our irresponsible embrace of the notion of technological progress- leaving the physical and mental relics of lives, deaths, and tragedies behind in our wake). Undoubtedly strange, yet remedial, and disarming in its absolute sincerity."


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Hosono, Shigeru, Yamashita - Pacific
>Japanese Synth music, Easy listening, really sterile beach/topical music from the late 1970s, yellow magic orchestra related



Guy Blakeslee - Ophelia Slowly (2014) [320]
>not sure what genre to classify it as. not because it's that unique, just because I'm really not sure
samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3CmVQMy9rI

Boredoms - Super Roots 5 (1995)
>noise rock, psych rock, one song, "EPs are an hour long, right?"core, Japanese

Couldn't find a sample, it's Boredoms, you know what to expect. A fun extended jam, essentially.

Wasn't in the archive, so I figured I'd upload it for anyone else interested.

Ulger Ensemble - Aidym
>Khakas(a Turkic people, who live in Russia, in the republic of Khakassia in southern Siberia) folk music, Overtone singing, Pretty much the sort of music you would expect Siberian Turkic people to make


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Jeti Dengan The Alfan - Mesra Di-Kenangan
>Singapore psychedelic pop, probably from the 1970s

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Ida Widawati - Udan Mas Tembang Sunda
> "traditional Indonesian chamber music. Very intimate."


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Jacks - Vacant World
>Proto-punk, Japanese psychedelic rock, if you like Los Saicos, The Sonics, the Velvet underground or any of the esp-disk proto punk/ any proto punk in general you'll probably like this




Can we get more of the super roots series goin?
I only have that one. I know 7 at least is in the archive. I can try to get the others from slsk I guess.
GOAT - Dead Gods Feed The Land (2014) [320]
>harsh noise
samples: http://crucialblast.bandcamp.com/album/dead-gods-feed-the-land

Four Tet + Terror Danjah - Killer / Nasty (2014) [V0]
>UK Bass
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDVZeCLrsps

Misophone - Another Lost Night (2012) [320]
>chamber folk
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-HEvEui0rY

thnx for the shares, Horse Meat Cake.

Misophone - Songs from an Attic (2011) [V0]
>chamber folk
samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-Fqh5Wj38Q

This good
you have lastfm horsemeatcakes?
ye http://www.last.fm/user/QuadrangleJam

I don't use it as often as i used to though
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/r/ing E-40 - In a Major Way
File: 1392672961550s.jpg (3KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Eqbal-Azar - Compilation Vol 1
>Persian Classical Music

File: 1392673048158s.jpg (3KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Eqbal-Azar - Songs of Eqbal Azar Compilation Vol 2
>Persian Classical Music

File: mariana diamandis.jpg (31KB, 500x627px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mariana diamandis.jpg
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mfw hmc sharethread
File: r56789.jpg (3KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Eqbal-Azar - Songs of Eqbal Azar Compilation Vol 3

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Eqbal-Azar - Songs of Eqbal Azar Compilation Vol 4
>Persian Classical


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now i'm just bumping

Never heard persian classical music before

me interest piqued
Eqbal Azar is a pretty good place to start. Personally i'm more a fan of persian vocal sacred/classical music so you might want to check this out


This is a really fantastic album too that you might be into (it came out this year too)


I can upload it if you want
another bump
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Yanti Bersaudara - Pepito / Bunga Bangsa / Surya Dan Dewi Malam / Nachoda
>Indonesian pop music, 60's surf pop, Really spacey psychedelic pop


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images (2).jpg
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Freddie Hubbard and Ilhan Mimaroglu - Sing Me a Song of Songmy - A Fantasy For Electromagnetic Tape
> A really strange collaborative album between Jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard and Turkish Electronic music composer Ilhan Mimaroglu , one of the more interesting albums i've found out about recently, If you like having women whispering in your ear tempting you to kill & hard bop/cool jazz you'll probably like this album


reccing this it's great
Vision / Escape - Dead World EP
>2014-core, post-rock, sludge
>drum machines, an occasional synth, textures

my AOTY so far
Thread posts: 46
Thread images: 31

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