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Recent Purchases/wat-r-u-spinnun

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Show 'em, boiz

Lift to Experience (2001)

>post-rock, shoegaze

Sample: http://youtu.be/1lhvX-Ba5kc
File: 20141114_214502.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px)
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Street Beats, a compilation album from various New Jersey, hip-hop artists, 1984.
rate your cop/10
did you love it? hate it? what should you spin next?
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This, gentlemen, is now a gore thread.
I didn't even know that was released on vinyl. Good album tho.
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I like that album, but only bothered because Josh T Pearson - LotCG is so fucking good.
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this is a gud'n
I didn't actually cop this one, Dad came home from work with a few boxes of records from a co-worker. 300 albums, atleast 50 didn't have any sleeves, 5-6 korean Beatles LPs, a really odd korean Rolling Stones import aswell, I kept my first post, and sold everything else.
I only got 50$, but the only records of any sale value were the korean imports.
I'd rate it a 6/10 interesting as all hell, but I only have sides C & D, good condition otherwise.

And as for what I spin next, probably No Love Deep Web, got a gf the other day and I can feel the raw test boost and want some music to reflect this raw energy.
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False. We /gore/ now

Completely, very underrated

Haven't caught that yet, was hoping to check out Flowers of God soon too. Basically everything this man touches turns to gold I take it

*envy intensifies*
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Got all these in the mail in the past week after about a month of waiting around.
let's say I had no idea what any of these were, and that I had recently recovered my hearing after a lifetime of being deaf

which would you recommend are essential Sn-core?
Well, definitely Locrian for starters. Drop everything you're doing and go download Territories and The Crystal World, top tier Drone.

As for the rest, Coppice Halifax is good if you're looking for some Dub Techno, J Dilla - Donuts I'm sure you've already heard of.
The Tlaotlon / Střed Světa split is fantastic but a bit of an acquired taste, give it a listen if you want to.

Oh, and the three tapes in the middle are from a label I'm big into at the moment, 1080p. Most of the stuff the guy in charge of it puts out is quality, I'm sure there'd be something in there you'd like. I'd recommend ATM - Xerox from the back catalogue.
Hope this helps
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don't break my love
German press
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Screenshot (13).png
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y-yes snpai
I bet they'll be worth the two credits
don't fail me now bb
How much did you drop on that?
When I got my version both discs were warped fuck polyvinyl
Tastes vary, so I can't 100% guarantee you'll love it. I adore both of the albums though.

Also holy fuck is there only a V2 of Territories on mutracker? That's shameful. Hold on, I'm gonna put a FLAC or something up there
$150. I haven't bought anything since the trees community and Fiona apple record last week and before then I went months without a new record. I only went ham since these are essential favorites.

I'm sure it'll be great. Passion is almost always rooted in good taste, especially if one manages to describe their reason why.
>tfw mutracker increases in quality by tenfold
Alright, FLAC's up. I'll be seeding that one indefinitely.
Well for what it's worth they're two of the best Drone albums I've heard so far. They take inspiration from a whole load of different genres and manage to create something completely new from it, it's great.
ugh I might have to go with your FLAC, seeing as it's not connecting to peers. M-maybe i'll go create a mutracker thread and plead the fates there
Oh yeah, looks like it hasn't been seeded for at least a month. You'll be better off with a FLAC than with a V2 anyway.
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>mfw I took acid the other day and listened to The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads
OP, my jelly cannot be matched at this moment
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This is all from the last month and a half or so. Picked up Love and Hate for 10 bucks
Very nice.
>tfw lost credits
I might just have to, thanks for seeding man

>taking acid while listening to this masterpiece

let's see your haul, yeah
what kind of album cover is that lmaooooooo
I'm too poor to buy music. The last thing I bought was an Ink Spots record from a dollar bin about 6 months ago.
the finest example of "don't judge a book by it's cover"
Were you [spoiler]waiting to hit?[/spoiler]
File: new vinyls.jpg (575KB, 1632x1224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
new vinyls.jpg
575KB, 1632x1224px
Here are my recent purchases
Thread posts: 32
Thread images: 13

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