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i use a ghost producer but its my own ghost from the future
ghosts are bad and spooky.
Roger Miller

George Jones

Hank Williams


Woody Guthrie

Buck Owens
Skream uses sample pack loops
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>Steve AngeIIo

First name that came to mind when you posted "Ioops"

>tfw he reIeased tracks that were nothing but mixed WAV packs and peopIe remade the same tracks in under a minute to expose him

>Then pIayed those tracks on pre-mixed CDs that he had someone put together so he wouIdn't even need to mix them at shows

>PeopIe paid $120 for tickets
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>Topic comes up

>This happens

Fucking wow, nothing suspicious about that.
Jesus Christ, fuck reddit.
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>Maarten Vorwerk has been making Tiester's music since 1996


If you've ever been a fan, count the years you've been frauded.

He also recently fucked up being an lnstafag when he posted a picture saying "we're going anaIog today" and had to expIain how he had a production team with him.
Kanye said he was a ghost producer at one time
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Fun fact:

>Steve Aoki wouId have never been known if it wasn't for his father, owner of creator of BENlHANAS paying for his ghost producers, who introduced him to DipIo (has never produced a singIe track), who aIso had a ton of ghost producer connections. He used Steve's money, got them both producers as part of their deaI, then Steve spIit to make his own IabeI

>His father also paid to pave way for his daughter (she pIayed Suki, drove the pink S 2000 in 2 Fast 2 Furious) to get her acting career going
iggy azalea

ariana grande

nicki minaj

kanye west
What a hack fraud
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Yeah but he aIso had to re-reIease the credits 3 times because peopIe kept threatening to sue/out him for taking credit. ApparentIy Daft, their production team and Dizknee studios did everything incIuding the writing.

>For the song "l'm in it", he was paid miIIions by BIackbairy and AppuI to mention them, as aIways with brands he mentions

A few artists have mentioned that they'II onIy bring up brands in their Iyrics if they've been paid.
guess been trill stopped paying rocky then huh
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>You're at a festivaI watching some of your favorite artists

>Look at scheduIe and reaIize some shitty cue-button wizard is due up Iater

>Go over to see what's going on

>Everyone up front has these shirts

>He actuaIIy asks about the impression

>Everyone lifts them up and chant "fraud"

>Cue-button man walks off

>Everyone cheers

Waiting for the day someone posts those pics on here. Please let it happen.
first three are obvious. Does any mainstream pop artist actually claim to write their own music? the only time it really pisses me off is with artists that have tremendous acclaim like fucking beyonce.

Did anyone pay him anything after that FAST shoe commercial? That was his media peak, don't think he did anything after that other that shitty performances.

Oh you.

He also had Show-tek and Dennis Reijer produce for him for about 8 years too until he started all this dance floor bullshit.
tbh I hate queen and beyonce equally, but I can at least sort of understand the respect queen garners in dadrock circles. I still cannot fathom why beyonce is treated with such deference. I mean drunk in love has eleven (11) fucking writers
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>11 of her writers = 1 semi-taIented writer

PeopIe Iike her music because it gives fat bIack chicks on weIfare a sense of empowerment.


Then aII these Precious-Iooking bitches sing this shit in circIes at the cIub acting Iike they're singIe by choice

>Songs excIusiveIy aimed towards overweight, singIe bIack chicks

>They think just because they can reIate to one Iine, they can reIate to the artist COMPLETELY

And that's how marketing to a demographic works

>tfw white and excIusiveIy date white women but Iove to see this in cIubs in the city

lt's basicaIIy the zoo after dark if you Iet the goriIIas drink vodka and Iisten to the radio.
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Looked it up

Album credits:

>Composer - Justin Bates
>Mixer - Justin Bates
>Sound Engineer - Justin Bates

and it seems he's done the same for Swedish Scam Mafia if you check their credits too.

If you're doing composing, mixing, and doing the sound engineering though what the fuck else is left if there are no lyrics?

>He also writes lyrics and plays guitar and has credits for those too
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>Benno De Goeij

Did the last 3 Armin VB albums.

>VB claims to have done 3-4 of the tracks though

How honorable, a track per album release.
>>tfw he reIeased tracks that were nothing but mixed WAV packs and peopIe remade the same tracks in under a minute to expose him
oh shit links?
Maaren Vorwerk is a fucking genius. Massive respect for him for what he does, zero respect for his clients though. He rarely releases anything under his own name or alias which is a shame http://www.discogs.com/Vorwerk-Dreams/release/1118367
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and the famous valley video where he does no mixing and when he does the effects don't work.


Fuck, actually it seems he apparently bitched enough that they removed the sound from the video

>But they refused to take the video down

Fucking kek. There are thousands of articles on it too if you want to look it up.

>These are youfag videos

This site is detecting it as a bad post for some reason, just type the site and after the backslash, just put the above after.

Not sure if it's this site or the tabIet.
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He really is. He puts out at least 30 FUCKING TRACKS a year, and most of them hit top 5 in multiple categories (if not number 1 or 2, which is the VAST majority).

He would be an electronic legend if he had put everything out under his name, 100 times bigger than any client he's ever had.

>tfw the current average spent on producers is $400 a track and they give them ONE DAY in the studio for mix and master otherwise they forfeit the project with no pay, according to reports from multiple producers who started outing "artists"
What the fuck is a ghost producer?

Do they record on haunted sets or something?
They produce music for someone else with credit
all his shit is ghost produced now
he was going to collab with madlib once, but madlib wouldn't allow kanye to pay him to put his name on madlib's work
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>he was going to collab with madlib once, but madlib wouldn't allow kanye to pay him to put his name on madlib's work

Any sauce on this? Interested, and didn't madlib talk about having a 9 to 5?

Not just in his lyrics but off the tracks too? This was a few years ago but nothing recent seems like it would net him enough money.

Wonder how he lives?
well damn
in my productions I'll use drum breaks and shaker loops, so normally when I see all this hate on anyone using samples anywhere in productions I don't understand
but then I see this
and just oh wow lol
I'll admit I'm jealous of his success though
WHy were they all deleted?
Oh, cool, I actually go to that subreddit. Knowing the mods there it was probably some inflammatory comment/argument as opposed to censorship.
did this actually happen
>i go to that subreddit
Pls stay there
you mean the sync button right
anyone who has ever used a CDJ uses the cue button
So why do these skilled people let talentless hacks ape their shit? They could make a lot of money.
I get the meme, anon, but honestly believing every part of Reddit is as bad as the default subs is as batshit retarded as believing every board on 4chan is the same as /b/
>So why do these skilled people let talentless hacks ape their shit?
because they generally get paid a lot of money. it's supposedly $10,000 per track that the very top name ghost producers get paid, and for those guys who can put out a fully finished track in 6-12 hours that's making pure bank
They do make a lot of money though
Yeah, but those are the best of the best, what about some guy who gets maybe 3 bilboard tracks a year. Can they just not perform or what?
No m8 I wouldn't say it if it were purely a meme, the entire site is cancer. Everyone says
>m-muh subreddits
But even the most obscure ones are plagued with Reddit front page humor.
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>Thinking they make a lot of money

Do a seach and check out what they're quoted prices are

>And that's if they even have the other end pay them the agreed upon amount

Which often does not happen.

The contracts they do release where they show people making money is the same concept as, for example

>Those bidding sites where they have people on the front page who got an 80 inch TV for 20 cents or a new Iaptop for 4 dollars

They are just fake fronts to make everyone feel like they'll join and start buying a bunch of items for pennies.

Same with artists. They just want to make producers feel like their 10 songs will get them six digits in return.
Thread posts: 48
Thread images: 17

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