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Audio Equipment General Post your headphones, IEMs, speakers,

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Audio Equipment General

Post your headphones, IEMs, speakers, etc /mu/

Bonus: Post what you';re currently listening to.

> Big Krit - Cadillactica
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Goes like this. Pretty entry level, but I'm fine.
Cans are pic related for important listening/travel. I did have a mid-tier FiiO amp but it was entirely unnecessary so I sold it when I needed some cash one month.

Otherwise I just play music through my old Logitech X-530's. It's not great but they make do.

>This Town Needs Guns - 26 Is Dancier Than 4
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Xiaomi pistons v2

>an NPR's All songs considered show
I want to buy a pair of m50s and I know its bullshit but I really hate when headphones have a gap between the band and your skull...do m50s do this??
I have beyer 770 but currently listening with 10$ AKG to Mos Def - Life in marvelous times
depends on the head i guess. i don't have that gap and despite the negative comments about comfort they're pretty comfy to me

Get a pair of Ultrasone's or Grado's instead.
Currently in need of over ear headphones in the $100-150 range so I can stop using these Klipsch S4's all the time.
Any recs?
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2MB, 5080x6000px
You guys are all plebians.
But seriously only do what I'm doing if you have the cash and is doing it for a career.

One day I will get you Alpha Dogs...
Get ATH M50's unless you want portability then get Shure SE215's the best IEM's for under $100.

Or you could even get Sony MDR-V6 which has more bass then M50's, but if you want something a bit more accurate get the MDR-7509HD.

But the best at that price point is M50's though.
Don't listen to anyone that says otherwise.
When in the future there are better options for those. Then consider.
Also was listening to Five Star Hotel, Gray Data - Suit URL
thank you
since you seem knowledgeable what are the point of amps?
Get the Sennheiser HD280 Pros. They retail for about 100 bucks and theyre the best headphones ive ever owned. Fuck the ATH Meme50s
Only use for them mostly is to get the right one for specific headphones that have high frequencies.
For example headphones that require 30-100 ohms is the limit that I think phones have on them right now with their amp power usage.
Headphones that are over that limit emit more power thus needing something more powerful to drive it.
Some headphones even go up to 1000ohms and those are the most expensive.
Also amps are used to fully take advantage of the drivers in the headphones.
And of course this effects also the type of data you used to save for your music.
Which is why Flac is brought up so much in debates.
Cause from my experience the higher cost of the headphone the more obvious something is low quality like low kbps mp3's or even higher.
Forgot about these. These are another great alternative.
I run a Project Debut Carbon (with an Ortofon 2M red) into a Marantz PM6005. I use either my Grado SR325e's or my 2050i's if it isn't too late.

It is quite a budget set up really, can't have spent more than £1500 really, but it sounds as good as I can hear really. I may upgrade my cartridge/pre amp at some point though.

Not at home, so I won't take photos. I can't be arsed with a more expensive set up. I buy a hell of a lot of records though, and I easily have over 2000. I spend more money on them and making sure I have a dry shelf space for them and plastic sleeves for all of them. It all adds up.

I am starting to archive my favourites in FLAC form to a few 1TB SSDs.

I only listen to records really though. I use FLACs for on the go on my phone.
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Was just spinning some Benga. Sounds so good.

DT770 Pro 250 ohms + JDSLabs o2 Headphone amplifier.
So when would you need to purchase one? If I bought the ATH M50's then should I buy an amp?
They don't require an amp to drive. You'll be fine.
Really getting a small portable amp is all you need like this guy. >>51229311 If you want it sound better then phone/computer quality.
If you want to be more of an enthusiast get something bigger with the depending headphone you get.
REMEMBER amps are different to DACs/ODACs.
Which are used to connect amps/setups to computers.
Also just check the frequency/ohms, you could use google to look that up.

This guy understands his shit.
Woops I fucked up the wording sorry.
Frequency =/= Ohms
Impedence = Ohms
What kind of amp is that?
And with the amp do you plug your headphones into it and then the amp into the device ie. PC, Mp3 Player, etc?
In the Fiio amp that dude has. There's a line in and line out for audio.
You put in a 3.5mm audio cable on both of them. The line out goes to the phone or comp.
And the line in is the headphones/speakers.

Also it's a portable amp. You could just use Head-fi.com if your so interested into this stuff.
Also it seems it connects to comp via usb too.
Sennheiser HD-25 II & Monster Turbine Copper.
Audio technica ATH-ANC27

I want to upgrade to something nicer but college student blah blah blah. These are solid; I ride the bus and train a lot so the active noise-cancelling is nice.

Forn - The Departure of Consciousness
I have Philips SHP8500.
Fiio e10.

What would you buy?
HD 558

They're for listening at home, with Fiio e10, from computer.
I'm considering these 3, approx 150-200$

I know they're all from the sticky, but I'm not an expert...
Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohm
FiiO e10

>Ronald Jenkees - Alpha Numeric

mah bro
woah, these look nice, how much did you pay

I have these too and they're the best IEMs I've ever purchased. Incredible product for the price.
>Cradle Of Filth- Dusk & Her Embrace
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Audeze LCD-2
MOTU Microbook II

>Autechre - Peel Sessions
I use pic related, AKG K240.
Been using the for 3 years now, LOVE them so much. Sound is great and they're not overlly expensive either. Super comfy too. Never had to replace the pads yet. They look almost like new.

I'm interested in a closed pair though, for portable use as the AKGs are shit outside.
Any recs? Nothing oversized please, I want to be able to hang them around my neck (can't really do that with the AKGs for more than a minute)
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I got lots of audio toys but here are my sound player-backer things.
-2 x KRK RP8
-KRK RP10s
-Shure se535
-AKG K66
>You guys are all plebians.
>calling them plebs
>has this kind of equpiment
Come on man
Listening to Excavation by The Haxan Cloak on my Grado SR80is
Do you find openback headcans distracting/sound-smearing or not? The lack of isolation has kind of put me off buying any, but maybe I'm just being a dweeb.
Not really but there's not much external sound to disturb me right now. I live in a pretty quiet area.

My other headphones are AKG K240s so I've never really had any fully isolated headphones to them compare to, but I might invest in the future some time.
what's a appropriate volume level to listen to music?

what do you guys set the level to depending on the environment..
I hope you're not producing music with that
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1. You don't know what you're talking about
2. I use it rarely for mixing or mastering, but sometimes as a reference
3. I use it primarily for pleasure listening and movies and stuff
4. I have it setup and configured properly to not exaggerate the low end, but to extend the response of my monitors. I also have it positioned to get the most out of it with as little shitty room mode activation as possible and, at least in my room, has a surprisngly flat response down to about 36Hz. There's not bump in response where it overlaps with the monitors.
5. I'm a professional actually and know how set shit up and work with it.
Can someone suggest a good pair for general gaming and music? sort of new to this
budget is about 50$
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These maybe
my se215 cable broke, you know a good replacement?
Not him but I've had to replace mine. You kinda have to get the actual part because they have specific connections to the earpiece. You can find it for like $30 in the US. Sadly I had to have it special ordered from Australia and it ran me almost $100 -__-
*to Australia
...of course
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Thread posts: 49
Thread images: 16

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