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>post your anime face when listening to an album >>COLTEMÖNIKHA

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>post your anime face when listening to an album
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the glow pt2
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>to be kind
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metal azunyan.gif
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>Unquestionable Presence
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>The Red in the Sky is Ours
they're all underage, how very accurate!
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>sexualizing the nichis
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>No Love Deep Web
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>The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
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guys its nearly 2015 you can drop the pretending to like anime thing
Why toads?
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>No More Color
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>Long Season
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>The Money Store
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>People actually like this
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the same feeling
death grips
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>Dimension Hatross
File: 1413388096742.jpg (63KB, 240x360px)
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fucking otakos or whatever lol
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Listen to it again. ITAOTS is a grower.
wasn't supposed to reply whoops
>i-i-i h-have to like it!!! because every1 on /mu/ does !!1
>i don't want to be called a pleb!!!!!!!
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I've honestly tried. I gave you guys the benefit of the doubt, but I honestly don't get the hype.
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Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Black Dimensions
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That's not it you idiot.

ITAOTS is KNOWN to be a grower. Give it a couple more spins and see if it sticks. Also, since you didn't argue anything, I'm assuming it's your first time.

Most folks listen to it expecting grandiosity when its assets are really the opposite. Have you heard that cheesy phrase stating that life's greatest things are the simplest ones? That's ITAOTS.
I liked it when i first heard it because of the accessible tracks and it wasn't hard to get into the rest of them, but that's a really shitty argument. That stupid thinking got me into traps and I've hated myself for it. Completely unrelated, I know, but it was the only explanation I know.
nigga this thread is shitposting.
No, that just makes you a faggot.

And growers are not necessarily complex. Not all people bite through an album on first listen. Also, newfags tend to overanalyze ITAOTS for some reason.
For a second I thought you were being mean, then I remembered I said I liked traps, lol. the only thing I had grow on me was death grips. yeah they get shit on, but I think that is just because people are always making threads about them. exmilitary was okay, but it was the money store that got me, and then ExM was suddenly amazing.
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Ibuki Maya 3.gif
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>Scientist Meets the Space Invaders
I've never been into DG.
Ride's screams make me laugh and I don't think that's what they intended. I can't take them seriously.
I get why people like them, but they are not for me.
>that black dot
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I'm glad we aren't at each other's throats, I'm not the kind to do that, but I am afraid of others. nighttime /mu/ really is nicer.
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perfect eyebrows.jpg
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>people actually like this
/mu/ can be nice at all times, you just have to know how to talk and how to navigate the board.
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Jojo, but I prefer the manga.
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So I guess you need better taste in music AND anime
>any album by Death Grips, R.E.M., Pavement, Titus Andronicus, FKA Twigs, Kendrick Lamar, The Mars Volta, Alt-J, La Dispute, Tycho, Beastie Boys, Say Anything, Real Estate, Foliage, Lana del Rey, Burial, Swervedriver, HAIM, At the Drive-In, Sun Kil Moon, Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Perfect Pussy, The War on Drugs, Nine Inch Nails, Bohren & der Club of Gore, A$AP Rocky, Ride, Grimes, Sufjan Stevens, Deafheaven, Belle and Sebastian, R.E.M., CHVRCHES, Parquet Courts, Self Defense Family, Tegan & Sara, AC/DC, QT, Brand New, Chief Keef, Panic! at the Disco, She & Him, Anne, Daft Punk, Between the Buried and Me, Porcupine Tree, R.E.M., Schoolboy Q, Metallica, Flying Lotus, Genesis, This Town Needs Guns, Snowing, The Dirty Projectors, Aphex Twin, Rush, Jesu, Boards of Canada, Merzbow, Airs, Iceage, or The Pillows
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though i have anime reaction images on my computer without watching anime just because reaction images are reaction images
I almost made it but
>R.E.M. 3 times
Fuck you
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Thread images: 36

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