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Electronic music

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so /mu/ i'm new and I want to discuss electronic music.

I'm really liking Com Truise lately. I've recently discovered Boards Of Canada and I already know about Aphex Twin, which I enjoy. I'm not sure if these guys are pleb-tier or not but I like them. I also really enjoyed Porter Robinson's Worlds album but im sure that will get some hate since its 'edm'. I also like Deadmau5's older stuff, and even his newest album.

anyways what are your guys' thoughts on these artists and what do you recommend?
i'm fairly new to electronic music but i've liked this so idk
I'm liking this thanks
Aphex Twin is considered patrician
Boards of Canada gets called pleb just for memes
Deadmau5 is generally considered shit, aside from his early stuff and his newest album
Com Truise isn't really talked about much, but he's still cool

You sure you're new?
I'm new to /mu/, I've only recently started browsing. I use to listen to a lot of shitty club edm music but i've started to really hate it besides a few songs. and I mean isn't Aphex Twin already pretty famous? I've known about him for awhile but I've only recently started to really listening to him. I'm not exactly sure how I discovered Com Truise though.
I really like most of Deadmau5's stuff though, but his really older stuff is my favorite.

I read the sticky and started a last.fm account but alot of it is just the same artists then it starts recommending shitty edm club music.
It's a different form of electronic, but im a huge fan of Perturbator https://soundcloud.com/perturbator
and i'm getting interested in The Neon Overdrive https://soundcloud.com/theneonoverdrive , and Lazerhawk https://soundcloud.com/lazerhawk
Ah shit nigga, com truise is my jam!
You into the synthwave shit? Like more "retro sounding" stuff like perturbator and kavinsky?
I'm open to anything electronic really. The only song by Kavinsky that I know is Nightcall cause of Drive but yea man I really like synthpop and the whole 80's inspired stuff. I dont know perturbator though
Com Truise is pretty good. Boards of Canada is fantastic. Aphex Twin also isn't bad. The only reason they might be considered "pleb" is due to how well known they are. I've put off listening to Porter Robinson's album as well as Deadmau5's new stuff, but Deadmau5's old stuff (Random Album Title, etc.) isn't bad.

The thing is, "electronic music" is really broad. Is there anything you're looking for specifically?
Try Todd Terje - It's Album Time
OP just look for one of those shitty general threads called bloop in the catalog. No one here actually cares about music or what you've been dabbling in personally. Also you're like 15.
don't do this, bleep a shit. They listen exclusively to hard wax shit and are generally lame. Just explore the genres OP. read interviews of artists you like and listen to their influences and so on
why you gotta be so rude
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>what are your guys' thoughts on these artists
your first 3 aren't pleb but def entry level stuff here. there are some closeted porter and deadmau5 (go to bed joel) fans around here but any attempt to discuss those will probably be met with shiteposting and is futile
>what do you recommend? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
might dig 'Toro y Moi - Causers of This' based on Com Truise and BoC
>Aphex Twin is considered patrician
He said /bloop/ tho
not really. Everything I listed is pretty different so i'm open to anything.

I searched bloop and nothing came up in the catalog. What makes you think im 15? I'm 20 if that matters at all.
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if you dig that heres some shit to explore
if you search for "mu essentials" in google and go wth the first link that comes up you'll find plenty more charts like this
Heavenly trips
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Check out this chart, it's useful for getting into a lot of electronic type genres. Also rateyourmusic can help too.

I'll give you a few recommendations that you might enjoy. I feel like you're coming from the same place as me a few years ago, and these are some albums that sort of got me into it.

The Prodigy - Experience (breakbeat)
The Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust (breakbeat)
Justice - Cross (house)
Goldie - Timeless (drum and bass)
Orbital - Orbital 2 (techno)
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? (psybient)

Also don't worry about the whole pleb and patrician thing, nobody uses those terms seriously.
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Listen to a couple of these

Live At Liquid Room goes hard
Aw i loved memoryhouse years ago i hope they release something new
they're dreampop for sure though not electronica
enjoying this.

great thanks i'll check them out
>listen to a couple of these
>doesn't actually specify which albums from a rather inaccessible genre for a newcomer to try
m8 & exactly how many of those have you even heard yourself? op seems like he's into modern production ethics and those records can be a bit harsh on the ears if youre not accustomed to it

good recs, would also add 'Burial - Untrue,' 'aft Punk - Discovery,' and 'The Avalanches - SILY' (in case op hasn't heard these yet) to that list

having said that op might enjoy a chart of some of the proto-EDM from that mid-to-late-00's electrohouse/bloghouse era

yeah I think that chart is still around from the relatively early days of chillwave and things from within the realm of similar influence were being pulled to round it out. its come a good way and it might be time for an updated one if it hasn't already been done

glad to hear you digging Toro y Moi
do you listen to any hip-hop sorts of instrumentals?
>Daft Punk - Discovery
>Justice - Cross
these are essentials, get on it
sort of 80's synthwave revivalists. like if Com Truise, Deadm8, and Porter all had last.fm I wouldn't be surprised to see Danger in all their libraries
>Simian Mobile Disco - ADSR
poppy analog electro jams, very good stuff
>Digitalism - Idealism
>Boys Noize - Oi Oi Oi
housier electro jams, also good stuff
this guy's prolific and consistenly good.
>Surkin - Action Replay
>Bag Raiders - s/t
modern productions that mine 90's dance territory
>Sebastian - Ross Ross Ross
essential Ed Banger, excellent label for people getting into electronic music to check out.
>glad to hear you digging Toro y Moi
I'm REALLY liking Toro Y Moi - Lissoms. I've replayed it a few times now.

>do you listen to any hip-hop sorts of instrumentals?
I dont really listen to hip-hop but whenever I do I usually only listen to the instrumental. If you got some tracks I'll listen. it counts as electronic.

also I forgot to mention I love the Justice - Cross album, although I haven't heard anything else by them aside from like one or two other songs. I also really like the Roborama album by bloody beetroots. And i've heard just about every Daft Punk album. Also I like Boys Noize, I saw him live at Ultra. I've only heard NightCall by Kavinsky. aside from these I haven't heard anything else in that chart.
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>Aphex Twin is considered patrician
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>I love the Justice - Cross album
get on SebastiAn asap. he mentored Justice when they first signed to Ed Banger and is chiefly responsible for "that sound" that a whole generation of producers have been shitting themselves trying to ape since. he's got an LP out called 'Total' but the best thing he's done is his Remixes compilation
I think this playlist might be missing a track or two but this along with Total will introduce you to one of best from that French corner of dance music. his Daft Punk remix on this is one of DP's personal favorite remixes of their stuff (source I don't remember, some interview)
dude put out a full length called 'Outrun' full of things that sound like Com Truise but darker.
fun fact: one of Kavinsky's best known tunes is actually a SebastiAn remix:
>Boys Noize
I hope he's still playing Jeffer, that tune is a solid jam

definitely listen to the rest of Simian Mobile Disco if you dug the preview, ace album from an ace group

I forgot where I was going with the hip hop bit at the moment but if by some freak chance you haven't heard The Avalanches yet then do do that rather immediately
since you're familiar with some of those already here's a similar chart. im reccin
>Para One* - Epiphanie
>MSTRKRFT - The Looks, Fist of God
>Jackson % his Macintosh Backing Band - Smash (when bangers met IDEM)
>Data - Skywriter (it's post-Justice sure but with a character of its own)

not strictly electronic but good electropop
>Calvin Harris - I Created Disco (yeah seriously he was really good back in the day)
>Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (TOP SHIT)

these is where "electronica" "meets" "guitar music"
>Soulwax is good but try to find Nite Versions not Any Minute Now
>Does it Offend You Yeah (its fun)
>Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours (this one's a total gem. I cant even put it into words but this record is brilliant)
>Midnight Juggernauts - Dystopia (play this if you want more like the one directly above)
what is the difference between downtempo and trip hop
they sound the same to me
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also highly reccing this one
>Para One - Passion

no two tracks sound alike on this. ace tunes, nimble genre-hopping with flow and immaculate production. track down the whole thing.

Para One used to produce hip hop instrumentals, maybe that's wher ei was going ith that after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>what are your guys' thoughts on these artists
>Com Truise
Not bad, kind of meh.
>Boards of Canada
Really great. Actually took me a while to get into.
>Aphex Twin
Got really bored of his stuff when I started getting into electronic music that I'd personally label more "abstract"
>Porter Robinson
My buddy seems to like him. I don't.

My recs:

The Field - From Here We Go Sublime
>Super underrated techno. Uses lots of microsamples from pop songs. Really great composition imo. When you get bored of The Field try out Gas next.
Superpitcher - Kilimanjaro
>Pretty fun techno. Not really sure how else to describe it. If you liked Justice you'd like this.
Matt Karmil - ----
>Close to being my AOTY. It's often labeled as "deep house" but I haven't found any acts under that genre that are as enjoyable or even similar.
Jetone - Ultramarin
>Minimal techno from Tim Hecker. Has some glitch elements that really make the music pop.
Kaito - One Hundred Million Light Years
>Spaced-out techno from a Japanese guy. Sounds amazing on a proper sound system/headphones (just like everything else I listed).

Tried to keep it accessible and away from the same things that are recommended over and over. I also tried to stay away from Kompakt artists but I obviously did not succeed at that.
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o fuck me and finally this gem if you want to tweak ur brain going full on maximalismt mode
>Lone - Galaxy Garden
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bnv4zJsVyDo [Embed]
here's a link to the whole thing while im at it
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snJXiDY1BfI&index=1&list=PLK5_UnXAc9t-gyUQ3yoa2PFlfH-gbZ2Wx [Embed]

agreed, minimalism is more abstract than hyper dense amelodic nonsense
good recs, majorly seconding The Field
awesome thanks. I saved all the charts. I just started downloading the Kavinsky outrun album so i'll give that a listen soon. I already have a few Boys Noize albums, I fucking love Jeffer. Have you heard the chemical brothers and Justice remixes of the boys noize tracks?
I also enjoy Gessaffelstein, I have his Aleph album, I enjoyed most of it.
ALSO I liked the Macintosh Plus Floral Shoppe album. and i've heard a few other vaporwave songs that I enjoyed. so if you got some stuff to recommend there
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also if op likes the field im going to have to put in a word for the best dub techno field recording crossover record of all time. wont even spoil pic related with a preview, just know OP that this shit- it is GOAT tier

aw ysi stimulant perfectionist mode engaged

>Have you heard the chemical brothers and Justice remixes of the boys noize tracks?
i did, i thought the chem bros one was rather neat, but the justice one i thought they were just headed even further up their own asses with their whole dadprogelectrohouseblahblah concept and the actual sound of it was just intolerable imo. im STILL on the fence about what i think of Justice's second album so I'm not really sure. also it was right around that time i sort of left keeping track of that musical sphere but i do remember that Out of the Black album having some fine cuts on it.

>I also enjoy Gessaffelstein, I have his Aleph album, I enjoyed most of it.
oh neat dude, explore his earlier works! imo MUCH better than the things he put out for his full length. you'll know cause it'll either be on Turbo records or Bromance (the label he co-manages). here's my list of gesaffy greatest hits:
>Gesaffelstein - Variations
>ZZT - ZZafrika (Gesaffelstein Remix)
>Gesaffelstein - Control Movement
>The Hacker - Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix)

>and i've heard a few other vaporwave songs, so if you got some stuff to recommend there
don't really but if you dug some of the Prismcorp Virtual Enterprises sort of MIDI orchestra wankery then definitely do listen to >>50984154
it's not vaporwave not even in the slightest but the synths there are SOOO incredibly glossy that you'll might dig it by the production work alone.
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