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Lyrics that cause you to feel >Sick of spending these lonely

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Lyrics that cause you to feel
>Sick of spending these lonely nights
>Training myself not to care
>Everyone it seems
>Has some place to go
>And the faster the world spins
>The shorter the light glows
>Somebody once asked "Could I spare some change for gas?
>I need to get myself away from this place"
>I said "Yep, what a concept
>I could use a little fuel myself
>And we could all use a little change"
>Now, the cities we live in could be distant stars
>And I search for you in every passing car
>Sunshine in Chicago makes me feel pretty sad
>My band played here a lot in the 90's when we had
>Lots of female fans and fuck, they were all cute
>Now I just sign posters for guys in tennis shoes
Regardless of where this came from, these lyrics are not that bad
>I see myself in the mirror
>but I don't see nothin
damn lil b.....
ALL STAR- Smash Mouth lol
>As for me I'm coming to my final failure
>Killed myself with changes trying to make things better
>Ended up becoming, something other than what I had planned to be
>Everybody on my dick like they supposed to
>I feel no love
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>I have a plan to buy her her first bicycle
>I have a plan to walk her to school
>I have a plan to take pictures of her on her prom
>I have a plan to walk her down the aisle to get married
>The Michael Jordan of drunk driving played his final game tonight
>Emburdened by his loneliness he wanted to feel alive
>His laziness built the pyramids
>His solitude was a knife
>The Michael Jordan of drunk driving played his final game tonigh

Some heart-wrenching shit.
is there any backstory to this song? Like did he know somebody like that?
I honestly don't know. To me it's more about the portrait these couple of sentences sketch.
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>Sleeping in and out of an ice bath
No warmth, no life without
It's too much, my arms, my legs are wood, unconscious trees with roots deep in the ground
We will all be out, soon, an ocean ringed with tile.
I know that's not your style but it certainly will be mine if I can't make this right

>So please, please, please, release me.
Pretty sure he knew exactly where they came from
>Just a few miles out as the streets count backwards
>I realize it's true
>Everything reminds me of you
>Some days I feel like I'm the weakest and others the strongest
>These days are the longest and I've got the weirdest feeling about this
>And I wanna go away for a while
>Because the things that I have seen are turning me into a shitty human being

Depression-core at it's finest.
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>Driving by,
>Sometimes I feel,
>I spend my life,
>On this cage on wheels.
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Well the phone broke the silence
Like the screaming of a siren
And I just sat beside it
Took another drag on my cigarette
I swore I'd never smoke again
And I watched it rain
I knew that it was you
Calling just to prove that you were strong as you could be
And you get along without me any time, and anyway

What a surprise it must have been
To realise I was one of them
Not a king, but just a man
Not an angel
Hardly a friend
And not someone you could believe in

And out across the rugged hills
The dust blows, the wind wails
Sun bleached skulls and empty shells
Broken men with tales to tell
And I would be one of them
And how are we to ever know
How far it's gonna go
You fall in love and that's the road
You travel 'till you can't no more
And then you just turn around again
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>The years start coming
>And they don't stop coming
>When I see the sun
>I hope it shines on me
>And gives me everything
>Well, almost
And saying "Oh and it's a big life, as big as it can be
And if you cannot see the beauty well don't give up so easily
And it's a weak-kneed conversation telling your new revelation
To a choir of a more cynical nature

"Being your ego and your id
The part that swears to you you'll never want kids
The part that drinks away each night
And in the morning wakes at ten and goes to work

So let's not be so bitter at least not just yet
I keep meaning to say everything's ok
Well how presumptuous is that?
What's wrong with me? Now depression creep
I'm stressing deep, even in my sleep
My mommy call, I hit ignore
My daughter calls, I press ignore
My chin press on my chest, my knees press the floor

That and the beat kinda hit me hard for reason I still don't know
Perscription/Oxymoron-Schoolboy Q
>They was planted down in the ground and I had my mind on heights
>They said a nigger was a weirdo
>Couldn't see how I had my vision so clear though
>Spent a whole lot of years feeling hella lonely
>I'm thanking all the hard times cuz they really showed me
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I had a lover
I don't think I'd risk another these days
These days, these days
And if I seem to be afraid
To live the life that I have made and sob
It's just that I've been losing so long
>i remember after my dad came home, it was always sad
>and i swore to myself, i'd never live like that
>if i'd jump into his work boots just try them on
>if i jumped right in, they would swallow me whole
>Feeling my way through the darkness
>Guided by a beating heart
>I can't tell where the journey will end
>But I know where to start

- Kammakargatan, Stockholm.
Cold winters night 2006.
>You make jokes that you’ll probably kill yourself
>A transcendental idealist, I can only will myself
>You’ll get that reference when you’re older
>When you’re a grownup
>When you’ve learned circuitry and how to solder
>When you’ve paid at least a handful of electricity bills
>When you’ve received money from strangers on PayPal
>Somehow you feel obligated not to let these nobodies down
>I’m not a great swimmer, but I wouldn’t’ve let you drown
>That’s the God’s honest truth, I’ll etch in my bedpan
>Then sue for malpractice like I was Redman
>Kierkegaard said either/or ain’t a choice
>I’m going to a rap in a Triple-H voice
That Paypal line got me
>I get a little honest and I ask myself
>If the time comes, will you save me if I ask for help?
>another day I won't remember
>another day I wished away
>tedious days punctuated by dismay
>every day feels the same
My favorite album gives me a lot of feels.
My favorite album is Death Grips - No Love Deep Web.




>My reflection
>I wasn't in it

>Wasteland mute screaming at me
>Winking at me like I love it
>Fucking with me
>I say i'm not excited with my life anymore
>So i blame this town, this job, these friends
>but the truth is it's my fault
>Booty so smooth can't believe it's not butter
Not much Friday night, pinball, Lower East Side
Walked out of the past and into the bar
I used to think about you all the time
I would think about you all the time
Now it just feels weird, that there you are
The damage is done

Feeling like a kid again, my eyes are glued to the floor
I hope I mumbled goodbye as you walked out the door
The damage is done
>Has the light gone out for you?
>Because the lights gone out for me
>It is the 21st century
>It is the 21st century
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>If I could have it back
>All of the time that we wasted
>I'd only waist it again
>If i could have it back
>You know I would love to waste it again
>Waste it again and again and again

Every time I hear this song it makes me want to cry.

I want to be a kid again.
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>up, along the rocks,
>it's good, it's not so hard now.
>up, I bite my tongue, who cares?
>this chance to drop off

this whole song holy shit
>I'm trying to drink away the part of the day that I cannot sleep away
>Look at this photograph
>Every time I do it makes me laugh
>How did our eyes get so red?
>And what the hell is on Joey's head?
>Never was much of a romantic
>Could never take the intimacy
>And I know I did damage
>Because the look in your eyes is killing me
>And I guess you are at an advantage
>Because you can blame me for everything
>And I don't know if I will manage
>If one day you just up and leave
>>The Michael Jordan of drunk driving played his final game tonight
>>Emburdened by his loneliness he wanted to feel alive
>>His laziness built the pyramids
>>His solitude was a knife
Many times
We've been out drinking
And many times
We've shared our thoughts
But did you ever, ever notice
The kind of thoughts I got
Well you know I have a love
A love for everyone I know
And you know I have a drive
To live I won't let go
But can you see it's opposition
Comes a-rising up sometimes
That it's dreadful and position
Comes blacking in my mind
Tell me when you think that we became so unhappy,
wearing silver rings with nobody clapping.
When we moved here togehter we were so dissappointed, sleeping out of tune with our dreams disjointed.
It killed me to see you getting always rejected,
but I didn't mind the things you threw, the phones I deflected.
I didn't mind you blaming me for your mistakes,
I just held you in the doorframe through all of the earthquakes.
But you packed up your clothes in that bag every night,
and I would try to grab your ankles (what a pitiful sight.)
But after over a year, I stopped trying to stop you from stomping out that door,
coming back like you always do. Well no one's gonna fix it for us, no one can.
You say that, 'No one's gonna listen, and no one understands.'

So there's no open doors and there's no way to get through,
there's no other witnesses, just us two.
File: image.jpg (22KB, 250x250px)
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All the time
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>300 like the romans
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>Let 'em see you struggle and they're gonna tear you apart
>You ain't never been no virgin kid, you were fucked from the start
>They're all gonna be laughin' at you!

>I've been called out, cuckolded, castrated but I survived
>I am covered in urine and excrement but i'm alive
>and there's a white flag in my pocket never to be unfurled
>and with their hands 'round my ankles they bring me down for another swirl
>and they tell me, "Take it easy, buddy. it's not the end of the world"
fuck you i came here to post exactly this
>Maybe it's time to stop swimming
>Maybe it's time to find out where I'm at
>What I should do and where I should be
>But no-one will give me a map
How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real
>I'm at the end of my rope
>and I feel like swinging
Context: The singer wrote this song about trying to keep her shit together as her boyfriend died in her arms after a car crash...

> Hold heart don't beat so loud
> For me keep your calm
> As he walks out on you

> No tears don't you come out
> If you blind me now
> I am defeated

> No lips don't make a sound
> Don't let him hear
> The break in your voice

> Hand let go of his
> With ease n' grace
> Don't let him bleed
> Under your nails

> Oh lord take of thy crown
> You're my king no more
> With that merciless heart
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waaaake uuuupp
dooonnt feeeaaarrr
iiiii want to looooveee
>Listening to music with lyrics
>Not being so lonely that you can no longer relate to the sound of the human voice
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