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Been listening to some 60's/70's psychedelic stuff, namely The Fool, early Pink Floyd, Strawberry Alarm Clock,Tea and Symphony, Kaleidoscope, Ultimate Spinach, and the Beatles' Revolver.

Could somebody with a fairly extensive knowledge of psychedelic stuff from that era give me a few recommendations? also general psychedelic discussion thread.
Can you recommend anything by The Fool, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and Ultimate Spinach?
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Check out stuff from Frijid Pink, Jasper's Wrath, Peter Bardens, The Edgar Winter Group.. the list goes on
60's/70's pyschedelic rock is the best shit ever
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Absolutely olbigatory
Well The Fool has one album from 1969, they were as I understand a group of hippies from Holland who designed a lot of stuff for the beatles i.e. George Harrison's car, their costumes for All You Need is Love etc


Here's a great song from Ultimate Spinach:

And a great one from Strawberry Alarm Clock:
Awesome, will check them all out. I have this dream of having a big 60's/70's psychedelic record collection, but that would be so inconceivably expensive.
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Morgen - s/t
Check out keyboard god, Peter Bardens solo album, The Answer. Crazy trippy stuff.
He was also a founding member of the British progressive rock group 'Camel'. Check them out too.
yeah those are good
and pic rel is a must
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I became interested in 60s psychedelia after listening to this album, Indian War Whoop by The Holy Modal Rounders a few days ago. I'd strongly recommend listening to it in case any of you missed it.
Here's a sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbt7VKYs6Z0
forgot pic
The 13th Floor Elevators
The Chocolate Watchband
HP Lovecraft
Quicksilver Messenger Service
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy
The United States of America
The Electric Prunes
If I like neo-psychadelic a lot how much will i like 60s/70s?
you'll probably hate it
>Not Sgt Pepper's
Why bother posting
Get this compilation OP
really? :(
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Jasper's Wrath self-titled album is a must too.
how the fuck would i know
>Sgt Pepper
>not s/t or MMM

come on
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rad japanese psychedelic rock
1970s English progressive rock band originally based in Germany, amazing sound, check 'em out
Multi-Instrumentalist, Edgar Winter will fry your brain with his amazing keyboard skills. He was the first guy to ever make a keyboard sound like an electric guitar. He's a god amonst the living
True patrician taste coming through.
British rock band formed in 1967. They contributed to the development of progressive rock, and by extension, symphonic rock.
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ever heard apryl fool? great japanese psych rock from 1969...amazing drumming

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1st few Steppenwolf albums up until Monster
And Iron Butterfly
The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter and First Utterance for some psych folk.
listen to J.K. & Co. - suddenly one summer

you won't regret it aaaand it's pretty obscure so
>muh hipster cred

(seriously, listen to it)
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this album is really well regarded by the relatively small number of people who know it. some of the best rock you'll ever hear
Great list, what's worth checking out by The Chocolate Watchband?
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Triant Cran - Eaglia Wind (1968)
Possibly the most underrated 60s psych band
Good album
go to bed lsd
I'm sure
Spooky Tooth did the best cover of The Weight, which is a tough thing to do. Although they got rid of a few choruses
this + red krayola, silver apples, white noise
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GOAT coming through
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Great psychedelic pop album that goes into more of a soul sound on side 2.
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how's this?
Not really worth creating a whole new thread for this but does anyone have any recommendation's for psychedelic-type music made in the 90's or later? I'm looking to expand my horizons beyond the usual Of Montreal, Olivia Tremor Control, Foxygen, Youth Lagoon, AnCo etc.
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