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FRIDAY NIGHT RAP NIGHT Write your best oneliner >Bank account

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Write your best oneliner

>Bank account match my clothing size

>High on hope and low on love

>Whip so clean its sterilized (ugg)

Write your own one liner be creative
what's your clothing size?
>If hatin is a crime
>You finna do the time
You think I cant touch you?
like I really give a damn
the only thing standing between you & me
is an amphersan'.
so you think you're gonna cross me and mess with my shit
opening your fucking trap and flapping your lip?
don't fuck with me, nigga, or you're gonna get dropped
i'll snap off your neck with a crackle and pop
if you say anything, you'll beg me to die, 'cause I'll make you suck my dick, then I'll nut in your eye
Textin' she miss me, bitch need target practice
>you are a stinky poo like a cow that goes moo
why am i laughing
8/10 was entertained
>mfw i finally realize that finna means "fitting to"
Pot my breath and drank
Leave me with this stank
Email me some ratchet puss
Jews control the National Bank
>my asshole tight cause i aint a gay
>you asshole loose cause u fukt a gay
most hardocre shit i've ever written
>wassup my buddy you're my budda
>you do the pee pee and I'll drink coca cola
>with an anus in my mouth
>you can't escape the cereal killa
I know I got friends like Joey, but nigga you gotta stop acting like you know me

Here's a suggestion: you should should replace that last nigga, with "bitch".
I thought it was "fixing to"
>berkowitttz more like berkobitch
File: 1397608911020.jpg (23KB, 500x344px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 500x344px
holy fuck
I hate myself and I wanna die
But he don't think that when he high
420 blaze it, we so fly
If you take away my ganja I will cry

Isn't that an ugly mane verse?

>atopsho verse
thanks I'll go back to eating thai pussy
>I'm happy inside...NOT
>Don't think about my rhymes cos only nerds have thoughts
spit on these beats, yo i'll lugie in your soup dude
borscht with the sweet potato, call it a super food
complex and colorful, fuk a rubiks cube
taking it in, sitting stoned like zoboomafoo
shit's pretty fire fam
>Got fucking gold plated
ceiling fans
>but I still wear dirty vans
>and spend all my time jacking off and wiping off my fucking hands
>then I'll go over to Carla's house
>tell the bitch I love her
>get some easy sex
>then I'll drive home and decide I'm tired of the fucker
>then I'll do some cocaine out the ass of a fucking scatterbrain
>decide it's time for bed
>wait for the next day
Fuck using a rubba
Whip my thang out around your motha
She suck my big dick and blow bubbles like Hubba Bubba
Vaporwave swag put them nuggets in the bag
Sippin lean in the mall and my tiny pants sag
Me and my cats Finna sell a brick at Hot Topic
We see some dirty pigs, pull out a nine then we cock it
I sold a fat bag of dope for some pokemon cards
Me and my niggas head to the crib smoke so much weed we go to mars
We play Super Smash Bros while a bitch suck my dick.
Some Narcs knockin on our door I pull out the bostitch
apple bottom jeans
*looks at camera*
boots with the fur
*removes shades*
the whole club was looking
at her
*law and order noise*
where my dad go
nigga got rhinestone jeans
she gon suck
she gon suck
she gon suck
she gon suck
she gon suck
bus a nigga head with a loaf of bread
hit a nigga so hard his dad leave
uppercut a mailbox for the disrespect
my knuckle game crazy you better watch ya neck
>not reckless naked girls, getting necklaces of pearls.
beep bop ba skiddle diddle swing
i'ma roast a nigga shirt in the middle of the mall
my printer outta ink cuh
green couch
take a nigga momma out for soup and lettuce for eyein me wrong...i don't play
got a shirt with a goose on it, niggas tryna snatch it from me...this my shirt tho
we outta milk aww naw
bus yo jaw
betta go to the mall
run up in a nigga house and rearrange his furniture
i clock 10k hours, you bitches need practice
got so many verses that they had to be redacted
can you feel the rust piercing through your skin
contract disease like you're in labor
laugh along, breath out, make you sink or swim
dissociate your flesh from your skeleton
niggas out here eatin each other boo boo by candlelight
i gots da burner and its name is thornton
suave machines conquered contracts of the bust
where models of decay move forward with inner strut
stifling, shuffling around where streams harbored luck
spit bullet shells out the casings rip into the bruv's lungs
>blowing on that endo
Smoke this hash til the ash turn to glass
Ass, grass, or cash, no rides for free
Unless you ridin me
i do sex with your girl

my rhymes are so sick they'll make you hurl

my favorite rodent is a squirrel

Im getting blowed by your bitch im about to cum
dont get mad son we are just having fun
finna lick her pussy out
that shit be looking like homer simpson's mouth
i committed date rape last night
got drunk as fucked an ape last night
fuck you bitch we not the same
for you she left, for me she came
so big like the one who does it free
he's out of hotpockets now hes banning me
it's a paradox we call reality
cause keeping it real will make you a casualty
of abnormal normality
fuckin fire bruh.
all this shit in this thread is fire bruh
ya bitch said we i never smashed?
she a fuckin liah bruh
Fixing to, feelin like
you a retarded kid at a wedding my nigga

no tucks
i found this line strangely captivating so i wrote a verse off it

run up in a nigga house and rearrange his furniture
chiropract a nigga, fist adjust his spinal curvature
known for fucking nothing masturbator prize like pulitzer
hairy palms like henderson bust shots like nuts that's premature
Your first and last step to playing yourself like accordian
I got one I wrote and recorded with help just today
oh shit dude, thats crazy! how do YOU come up with shit like this?
i guess i try to find a rhyming word that's not pedestrian and then work around that until i have a narrative
cool technique, can you take me through your lyric writing process, like first youll hear a beat you feel then what? also, listening to your stuff, i feel it, i love the nujabes joint, just love that man in general #Gone2Soon
just keep yo eye out like aye aye captain
we are two different people you are replying to, i just wrote that one verse i didnt post any music
oh my fault im trippin
just got this new metal hip in
If home is where the heart is then I must be heartless, only home I've known is the heart of darkness.

Mad emo rhymes tonight.
jackets in motion, legs in proenza
hypocrisy couldn't fool her, got her with schouler
careening into an innocent, we're lying fucking actors
we were born in trains but now be practicing fake laughter
Made her queef in Antarctica.
Call that a cool breeze.
>cause whenever the head is severed from the human body with a sharp enough weapon
>the brain remains conscious for ten seconds
>long enough for me to give you one last message
> and when you get to hell you can tell Lucifer I said it
I'm not black and I don't sell drugs.
Got no love for two bit thugs.
If they get money why are they still poor.
I prefer running my corner store.
If moths had eyes, would they be happier?
How do they know they're not dead?
Cavemen hunting for food
But not before they style their hair on their head
What would last longer in dinosaur times?
A blind man didn't stand a chance
Not with all them rocks about
I`d rather be a blind moth
I like big booty bitches and my booty itches
she gimme big head, Squaidward's house
Spongebob creepin in my window while I lift her blouse
names doom mf i am the beff
im a pretty cool fella who likes mozarella
cheez slice...eez
wikiwikiwiki wild wild west
Hittin' up the shops today,
stop by the beach and catch some rays.
some say he
got mad skills on the mic, nah he white, spits alright
got a loaded verse but unprepared for a firefight

aint thuggin like the rest of 'em, don't know the streets
barely makes up for his nonsense with groovy beats

original, spitting fire, and you know it
the game is overgrown though time to mow it

trim it down to its essential parts
make you realize and engage in art

because i got this shit, and i know that you vibing it
spying though you trying to act like you aint coppin it
lying bitch, i wonder if i ever gave shit
probably not but worth a sec to just acknowledge it

yo, i felt a tad bit resistance
from youth who got dads money but be pissing it

on some shit brown tree with hint of green and full of seeds
tryna live out some stupid ass gangster dreams

you aint got nothing if you cant even create
tryna instigate some heavyweight into making you his breakfast plate


(spit to this beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX7OSL085Do)
here I tried to put a spin on it
I'd say nay, if you begged me to stay
nigga you gay, now get outta my way
File: not a rapper.gif (1MB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
not a rapper.gif
1MB, 320x240px
Straight out the fucking dungeons of rap
Where fake niggas don't make it back
I don't know how to start this shit, yo
Us and them, trust your friend whose lust for men got you in a pickle lend me lie and maybe dodge the pen try snatch the pie body dissolved in lye car on fie I'm a pyre to your desire, the dudes a cryer some are triers but wires around wrists got fists cuffed I'm a lier but that's the least of my problems
btw its about how my mate convinced me to rape a dude
U wot m8

Anyway bruhs
I haven't listened to new rap in a good... 6 months or more maybe

Has anything good even happened? The last new shit I downloaded would have been ab-soul these days
Isn't that a Vampire Weekend lyric
prodigal nautical teachin bitches how to swim

you white fuck
Grab my nuts like I'm checking for cancer
Spit so many lines they don't fit in the stanza
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Thread images: 6

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