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Post your track (w/ genre) to receive feedback, don't f

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Post your track (w/ genre) to receive feedback, don't forget to listen the other tracks as well.


>Progressive House
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>experimental noise
>inspired by death grips and noise artist

I return all feedback on the cloud
Wasn't a fan.

>garage rock
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hey hey, keep this up dude!

Made a new track the other day, love u guise

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>experimental psychedelic dreamjazz
>new material coming out soon, also solo stuff from Ocelot and Polysemy
check out this video we made for our old EP:

check out Polysemy's demo here:

this guy is really good, very imaginative use of samples
I dig the vibe of this! Thanks for your comments, I like your track too, is powerfull but could be even more, try to do a VIP version with fattests snares and sound and you'll probabbly have this signed by a label!

house/jackin house kinda thing.

will feed back when I get home. clouds open in tabs.
I like your sound m8, percussion could be better, but good shit!

Hey thanks dude, much much love <3

yeah, youre def right on the snare part. Was thinking about using a multiband compressor or maybe something else to make it fatter.
No problem bruh, try with sausage fattener and a better snare. This could be huge.
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> r&b/pop
> guitars

new track that sounds pretty cool. will return all stuff on SC
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Hey /mu/sicians.


> alt rock / funk / guitar stuff

anyone want to play drums for the live show? :p
So interesting, nice work.
I would say leave the sausage fattner alone. too much character. regular saturation and compression is key. Just know the feel and fit the algorithm to it ie. tube amp/guitar amp
Dance pop

This is impressive
You right I only use saussage at 1% just to make sure it sounds more crispy, I combo it with reeverb, compression, and stuff..
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>hip-hop, instrumental, future?

I only have two tracks to listen to, so just pick! They are both pretty fresh out of the oven. Giving feedback on the cloud!


first attempt at rap, am working on an album
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weaver w_flowers1.png
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>ambient, percussive, 90BPM

samples from Viennese waltz lesson

I love this! great production
This has potential bro I really like it, you have to work the compresison and mixing a way more, but yeah, good shit right there, good vibe. Needs power.

>acoustic, emo, demo
must also mention the beat is not of my own, all credit for beauty goes to nujabes
Thanks holmes, any specific with the compression?
Generally louder/drums/synths? or kinda the whole thing needing some love
Go to a nice and expensive studio with a good sound engineer and record this, is sooooo fresh and nostalgic, sooo much potential, nice work!
really digging how the vocals come in on easy dreamer, very catchy and fun to listen to

>experimental rock
> progressive rock


I have no skills in the mixing/mastering/production department :/

Pro production quality. Wouldn't mind hearing a bit more melodic variety though. Like what you did with the mix and structuring as well.

not normally into trap (is that accurate?), but this has a really back alley eerie vibe. I dig eerie.

Too bad I'm too far away. I'd love to do drums for your stuff. It like perfectly fits my realm of drumming style. Great stuff anyways!
only just started uploading
not sure what genre to say it is, could someone give a suggestion?
i was trying to make videogame music
No problem bruh! If you're using fl studio i recommend you to put a fruity compressor on the kick
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Experimental / VOX SOL
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>progressive trance/house/trap
>>50107349 and with the mixing, put a multiband compressor, an EQ, and a little of reeverb on your master

nice sound, track 6 got me
doing some free jazzing with my friends too, but recordings are not high quality
Fuck I can't reply as I want bc 4chan says it is Spam. sorry bruh ;( but i tried to give you good tips.
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Thread images: 14

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