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Bandcamp Thread

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Let's have a bandcamp thread but here's a twist: you should listen to the other people's music. Support the community, friends

Anyways, I have an EP in progress and I have rough drafts of two short songs released for public consumption:


Tell me what you think, and also: if I pressed it on 7"s and sold for ~$12 would you buy? What about cassettes?
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>electronic, experimental, ambient, bass music, chillwave, 808, sampling

>experimental, dark ambient, drone, ambient, improvisation, improvised music, minimal, noise, soundscape
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>experimental pop / electroclash
>chiptune / digital chaos
cassettes available!

Spoke to you the other day about how you had the best song name ever, hyped about Grow Colossal!
Oh cool, nice to see you again!

I really recommend this album, everyone
Ohhh shit I gotta get a cassette

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are you sampling half life in the second track? if so, does that have something to do with your choice of distorting the vocals in that way? I wouldn't buy your music tbh but then I wouldn't buy anything right now cause i'm so poor.

>experimental, ambient, synth sadness

kind of want to put stuff out on cassette but wouldn't know how to go about doing it

also whoever paid for my latest release you're awesome
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>New Releases
No, I'm not sampling Half Life, that's me singing through a walkie-talkie in a public garage
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>beat loops
>glossy synths
>lo fi

oh. that little bleep bloop thing sounds exactly like the little radio noise from half life for real but I dunno why i'm making these weird connections
haha no problem, I do it all the time

(>>49305883) dl'd your album a while ago and finally giving into the hype now and giving it a listen. real nice stuff man. also that cassette is so fucking pretty.
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We have another active one too.
My album is free, got cd's too.
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>shoegaze, noise rock, math rock

>glitch hop, electronic

Like me on Facebook here: /cashewmusic
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EP Cover.jpg
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>Noise Pop, Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Twee
>From Argentina :3
Ah thanks! Picked your album up a minute ago too actually, decent stuff. Where about in UK are you?

thanks. I live in a nowhere town in the northwest real close to liverpool and chester. you?
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Ah darn, I'm South, looking for dudes that live nearby so we can do live stuff but no one ever does
Lots of nice textures, but not a very big change in sound throughout the tracks. I love the glitchy parts on Structure though.
The vocals work really well with the guitars and the drums are great but it could be mixed a bit better. The guitar picking is fantastic though.
I'm listening to Blacklights right now an...wait...is that a Swans sample? This is like vaporjungle, not hugely coherent as an album though.
Hmm...reminds me a bit of Mount Kimbie. Nice sounds, but the tracks need to be layered better and the sidechaining on some of the kicks is a bit much and makes it sounds jolty.
Very chilled out, I like it a lot. The chopped-up vocals add something and don't feel forced. It sounds like something released by Warp in the late 90s (which is a good thing, of course.)
The guitar tone and layering is perfect, but the drums could be much better. They should be quieter and there should be more bass and treble on the guitar. Overall quite nice though.

ah, good luck then. I study in wales and was hoping to try to get a little experimental live scene going or something soon.

>this my legacy so far
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>dashes of ambient, hip hop, pop
>debut EP
This is really good. reccing
absolutely LOVE this. Huge fan my friend. don't ever stop my dude.

this is really good too, great atmosphere and percussion. I really like your style, it seems kinda minimal, yet complex in terms of rhythms and layering.
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>electronic, ambient, experimental, droney soundscapes, noisy

Alternating long and short songs. Emphasis on texture and immersion.
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>Experimental, trip-hop, electronic bedroom pop, frank-core
not mine but i like it
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here's another one that's not mine that i think is pretty good
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trill islands.png
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Fucking loved the soul sampling, man. Very reminiscient of Kanye! Plunderphonics is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres, and this is a VERY nice example.

Hnnnng triphop. Not enough of this out there. The organ was fucking awesome, and the lyrics are actually pretty damn cool. Very very cool stuff, man!

Low Life comfort was a freaking great track. Definitely captured an interesting aesthetic! Good job on the production, very unique, and incredibly fresh!

Alright folks heres mine:


Bedroom folk-punk. Recorded the album in an hour and a half with some buddies on acid and weed and booze and adrenaline. Definitely coming out with more stuff tomorow after a propper mixin session, but we really wanted to capture somethign raw
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Getting some hints of american football influence in there! Very cool guitar work! I can tell you guys have got some neat tuning stuff going on
pretty good stuff, man. I like the fuzzy bass. And the vocals are prett nifty as well. The guitar work is really where this shines through I think, though. Definitely gots a great vibe.
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Metal album we recorded a couple of years ago. Mix of old school death metal, punk, and crusty black metal.
Hello /mu/ I am drunk on some peachy rum fag drink lets do this


The walkie talkie was hella creative so props, I think the first song is interesting too, how you mix abrasive sounds with hapy melodies


nice album and song names. network put me in another world. when the harsh drum kicked in i wanted to vomit in a good way i promis


holy fuck. the vocals. this is like hellish 80's for babies. i feel like i am being assaulted by robot toddlers


i will have to revisit this when im sober because ive never cied before while drunk and im not aboutto start


i clicked on blacklights because the cover is absoutely terrifying. all i have to say is i feel like im listening to an avant garde BBC documentary


its oddly satisfying how you have a hundred 1-minute songs it makes me want to listen to a bunch of them. theyre like little vapor nuggets. little chocolate covered bloops. thank you


album cover is sooooo slick. the 2:30 mark of Salinon made my panties drop so hard

I'll be back wih more my friends just got here. in the meantime I make stuff too at http://miyawakihouse.bandcamp.com/releases if anyone is interested
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>unclassifiable, primitivism, experimental, folk, noise

Omni is MIDI (video game) music though.

Feedback would be cool
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cover were back.png
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>one day project
sounds really nice dude. giving it a dl.
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>Noise Rock
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