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Dr. Pavel

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For /mu/

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I was surprised because she liked every other mu-core including Boards of Canada, she said she didn't get it, that it hurt her ears and asked if my speakers were broken

Oh well
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Get her to listen to Psychocandy
post your mom you cuck!!!!!!
i remember my mom said she really liked the soft parts of only shallow but didn't like the guitar solo which was a lot better of a reaction than i expected

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Now that the dust has settled, what does /mtv/ think of The Dark Knight Rises' opening plane scene?
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/mu/tant here
Baneposting is the funniest thing to come out of 4chan.
It's a big meme
My only problem is did they really need Pavel's blood? It wasn't THAT vital.

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>This triggers /tv/
Praise Yeezy
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Radiohead is absolute cocks.
From /tv/ love Yeezy.
Now eat a dick
Delete 3 songs to make this a 10/10

>hell of a life
>who will survive in america
>blame game
i actually love his music even though hes probably a stupid nigger at heart

>april fools day movie
>it aint /tv/ starts playing
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So what's your favourite Sonic Youth video?
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the one where they're mean to narduwar
whatta cuck
dirty boots

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jeff mangum is a faggot go back to your own board
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overwatch general

She's hot to trot and ready to drop!



Thread theme by the Giraffes:



Live Birth 1:5
Stillborn 10 to 1

Sex of Giraffe at birth

Male 2:1
Female 3:1
Attack Helicopter: 100:1
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>lanket giraffe has a gf and you don't

The florescent lights in the little room at the back of the MythBusters warehouse left not a single shadow. In the room’s center stood an old wooden chair, and on it was Grant Imahara. For the first few hours he’d found the chair unbearable, but eventually he submitted to the discomfort, and in turn gained even more discomfort as his tic tac of a penis grew erect inside its chastity cage from the simple act of this submission. Grant groaned from the pain, and hearing his groans and whimpers from beyond the door, his mistress Kari entered, and smiled when she saw him handcuffed just as she’d left him.
“I don’t remember you asking my permission to groan,” Kari said, “Why do you have to be such a bad little chink slut all the time?”

“Because that’s all I am,” Grant cried to her, his cock growing harder and harder. “I’m just your little chink slut!”

“Well don’t you think you’d ought to be punished?” asked Kari.

“Yes mistress. Please, punish me!” Grant pleaded.

But what Grant got he didn’t expect and, to his pleasure, he didn’t like it one bit. Kari turned from him and back to the doorway.

“Tory, you virile fuck-toy, get in here!” She yelled.

And so Tory followed in after her, completely nude. He had a metal collar around his neck with a chain dangling from it, hitched to some out of site post deeper in the warehouse, where Jamie and Adam had had their fun. Kari approached him and started stroking his cock, and it was a great cock. Big, juicy, thick, and gushing with precum, which Kari got onto her knees and licked up while looking Grant in the eyes.

“You like that, Grant?” she said.

“No! Don’t do this to me you slut! Don’t fuck that Chad you fucking roastie!” He cried out at her.

“Oh boy,” Kari said, turning to Tory, “Looks like he needs the gag again.”
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She removed the ballgag from her pusy and stuffed it into Grant’s struggling mouth, which now could only muster the sad murmurs of a defeated cuckold, before she returned to Tory. She was sopping wet from cleaning up Tory’s massive aryan cock, and she let Grant know this.

“You feminine little asian twinks will never compete with the white man!” She shouted at Grant, and noticed he was tearing up, “Oh, sweetie. Don’t worry, even if they are bigger, stronger, and better hung than you, they’re still inferior to the black bucks that I love so much.”

With this Kari gave Grant a pouted face, before getting warmed up with Tory. She dropped to her knees and scuttled over to his cock, staring it down like a starving lion would a gazelle. Tory could feel her hot breath on his cock, and she looked up from it straight into his eyes, before wrapping her long tongue around the tip, whilst Grant did his best to scream behind her, but could hardly muster a whimper. She gradually took his cock deeper and deeper into her wet mouth, as she’d done with so many other men. She was an expert slut.
“I want you to fuck my face,” she eventually said to him whilst stroking him off, strings of her saliva still remaining on his glorious rod of man meat.

“Will do!” he said with his signature laugh.
Tory grabbed the back of her head and brought it forward until he felt her start to gag, testing her limits. He started off slowly, working his way up to greater pleasure, thrusting his cock in and out, whilst Kari did her best to take it all the way to the back of her throat. In no time at all the two had worked up a good pace, but it was all too much for Tory, and he found himself coming like he never had before. As soon as Kari felt him twitching she knew he was there, and so she reached round to his buttocks and forced his cock as deep into her throat as she possibly could, taking him all the way to the base, as she shivered and squirmed in orgasm, not even having had to touch herself.

The hard cement floor beneath the two was a mess with saliva, cum, and Kari’s juices. The two smiled at each other, Kari’s mascara and lipstick ruined from the vigorous fuck. Behind them they heard moaning, and turned around to see Grant, groaning in ecstasy, his semen leaking from his chastity cage and down onto the floor, a massive smile on his face. Kari walked over to him stumbling, in a daze from the pleasure she’d just experienced at Tory’s hands. She removed grant’s gag.

“Looks like this nuts been busted!” Grant said, and they all laughed.
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