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That's make this night last forever. *KISS*
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Never forget me.
Pic related (that's me)
It's already April 2 in 4chan time

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>it's a first track is the best track of the album episode
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an football
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Nobody fucking post it
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>it's a 10 minutes of silence before the bonus song episode

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What do you suppose music by homo erectus sounded like?
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pooing and groaning
To Pimp a Butterfly
Q: Are We Not Men?

Death Grips

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what is the army dog of music?
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What is the A Dog's Purpose of music?

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I know, it's shame that such quality board got merged with that's full of pretentious bullshit
what the fuck happened to them? they used to be much more patrician than even /lit/
now they're as low IQ and pleb as /v/
you people masturbate to cartoons

this should have ended after Seen and Not Seen. Listening Wind and The Overload sound completely different from the rest of the album
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The descent into a dronier, darker sound literally makes the album work my dude
The album actually does get steadily more dreary in tone as it progresses. Seen and Not Seen to Listening Wind is a bit more of a jump than the rest of the album but from Houses In Motion onwards the album sounds like it's toning down in energy a bit anyways. Besides, Listening Wind is my favorite song from it.
alright, i'll keep them for now, this is just my initial butthurt reaction i suppose. i've been listening through the discog chronologically and these two are the first times Byrne has really slowed it down

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how come there were no Ň«unnybots in Westworld /tv/?
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>download westworld
>get ready to watch it
>everyone tells me it's shit
what do /mu/?
you just know
I saw some cunnies so I thought HMMMMMMM......interesting.
also Bernard, I totally saw it coming

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Guess what I just watched, /mtv/irgins!
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does she have a future in televison & music?
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Who is this cock slut?
Sandwich luuksbetter baka desu desu senpai

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>Go to Theatre downtown
>Brought my falconette (Lisa) to get past the no singles policy (We're common law married)
>They let me in no problems
>No Theater operator is Muslim and has banned popcorn because it's not halal
>I ask for some sort of replacement snack
>He pulls a huge, 20 pound bag of imported, uncooked rice onto the counter
>He fills my cup with dry grains of rice and tells me it's just a s good
>Okay fine, I take it but I ask for some Live Mice to feed Lisa, my wife
>Mice are halal too (what the fuck?)
>Ask for another replacement
>He gives me some live Death's-head Hawkmoths, "the jew of the animal world" (???)
>Take Lisa and out snacks to the shower room
>Men's showers are broken so I have to use the birdbath with Lisa
>It's dirty, stagnant, and filled with litter
>Finally get to out seats after our gross bath
>Jem and the Holograms, things seem good so far
>Liza DOES NOT like the moths, I try to calm her down but she starts screeching and circling, looking for prey (luckily it was only us in the theater)
>I try eating the rice grains, it's fucking hard
>halfway through the flick I get the "grumpy dumpies"
>Run to the bathroom and shoot buckshot out my ass because of the undigested rice
>I pass out from rectal bleeding in the stall
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>go to theater to see the new James Bond film
>no singles policy, but I figure I'll just buy two tickets like I always do
>pay with my mom's credit card
>cashier gives me a short code and directs me to some new machine that is supposed to give me my ticket
>I walk over, impressed with my theater for having a sleek new machine
>I put in the code
>machine asks me to pick my seats, so I do... E7 and E8
>then it asks me to put my thumb against screen
>I do it
>after a little wheel animation spins around, the machine confirms my thumbprint and asks for the thumbprint of the "second customer"
>start to panic
>look around, cashier is looking in my direction, but my back is to her
>I look back at the screen and put my other thumb against the screen to see if that works
>wheel turns
>"This thumbprint is already registered. Please use different thumb."
>what the fuck
>feel sweat beads running down my back
>Cashier is still looking at me
>A long line is starting to form behind me, but I've paid $60 for the tickets, so I can't turn back now
>unzip dick
>stand on my toes and press it against the screen
>wheel turns
>"Could not confirm thumb"
>suddenly, an alarm goes off and two black guards grab me and escort me out of the theater with my dick still hanging out
>get home and mom screams at me for paying $60 to see a shitty Bond flick

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what are /mtv/'s thoughts on this fucking loser?

>tried to cash out on gays but ended up killing her career before it had even started
>obnoxious voice
>smug cunt who thinks she's more famous than she actually is
>lied to her naive fans multible times for some quick and easy money eventhough false advertisement and undisclosed sponsorship are illegal
>sounds atrocious live and expects that people at festivals sing with her eventhough no one knows her or her shitty lyrics
>horrible songwriter, her lyrics sound like they were written by an autistic old woman who still thinks she's young (OH WAIT)
>thinks she's beautiful and posts a million pictures of her hideous mug everyday eventhough she's ugly as fuck, aged like milk, is balding and probably smells bad irl
>extreme hypocrite, thinks she's better than top40 but makes generic pop garbo
>jealous of younger, prettier, more succesfull Charli
>cut off her tits
>tried to sell out and somehow failed at that aswell and then made a garbage album as an "apology" but that flopped aswell because she already blew her chance by trying to sell out on her SECOND album
>constantly lies, said she's vegan but posted a picture of herself eating pizza a day later. She hops on every trend in hopes of becoming relevant again (eventhough she never was relevant in the first place)
>thinks she's better than top40 just because she's not succesfull.
>will probably die alone without kids because she thinks she's too good for marriage because she says she needs it for her songwriting because she doesn't want to write songs about her husband(AUTISTIC)
>her womb is shrivelling up while you're reading this and in 5 year no one will remember she ever existed, once she kicks the bucket because she will have left nothing behind expect her shitty music and will be forgotten forever.
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> complaining this much about literally who

no, you see /mtv/ talks about things more than 10 people have heard of, get with the program

been looking for this album for over a month. Its time to see if 4chan has the hookup. YUJI OHNO - Space Kid 1978
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Preferably lossy but 320kbs .mp3 is fine.

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download (9).jpg
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Why are the British so superior to the Americans when it comes to TV and film quality?

The actors are almost universally better, the writing is better, the cinemetography is better. Look at British kino like Broadchurch, the Missing, the Fall, Happy Valley. Those shows wipe the floor with American garbage like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones (which is only good thanks to British actors).

Is there a specific reason we can pinpoint as to why the British are so much better?
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It's the other way around when it comes to music
The Beatles and the Rolling Stones alone prove British are also superior in terms of music. It's just no contest
None of them are better then The Beach Boys

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*bonks you in the head*

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So Stu was the best character, right?
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