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Final Frontier: CYOA

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>Space, the final frontier.
>You've just finished the Starfleet academy, and are full of ideals.
>Today, you're getting assigned to one of the ships in the repertoire of the fleet.
>You'll fulfill your dreams.
>Working out in the stars, on one of the miracles the Equestrian Shipyards offer.
>Since the discovery of the warp drive by Twilight Sparkle and her team two hundred years ago, ponykind has been exploring the stars.
>And not too long ago, the United Federation of Planets was funded, uniting Equestria, and it's colonies.
>You stretch your hooves, and walk over to the bathroom in your dormitory.
>You look into the bathroom mirror.
>Who do you see?
And I failed to put in name. Sorry everyone!
You see a horse
>>You look into the bathroom mirror.
>>Who do you see?
I see nothing, nobody. I forgot how this damned personal cloaking device works and now I can't turn it off.
Zebra mare.
Got your meme permit?
One vote for zebra.
Personal fav, too.
>A young Zebra mare.
>One in a few, actually.
>Most Zebras don't get past the entrance exams.
>You on the other hoof, managed to score on top of your class.
>A good post.
>Your possibilities are endless.
>But you chose to become a first officer on the N.C.C-110599-K, known to the mortals as the Vulpine.
>An Imperial Class Assault cruiser.
>Not too much of a prestigious spot, but you'll make it count.
>You fix your mane, and walk out of the bathroom.
>Suddenly, your communicator beeps.
>Someone's calling you.
>You pick it up, and hear the voice of...
Bruce Willis.
It was only a matter of time.
Let me guess
You don't have your meme permit?
>It's the stallion that was making sure you adopt the army lifestyle.
>And his name is John Cena.
>You hear his voice loud and clear.
"Get your flanks down here! You'll be late for the shuttle!" You hear him about.
>Too loud, and too clear, honestly.
> "Ayaye, Sir." You say, and hang up.
>You look around.
>You've spent two years learning, working and cheating some of your tests in this room.
>And now you're moving onwards, leaving something behind.
>Most of your things have been moved to the Vulpine already, but you've still got a handbag to take.
>You sigh, and walk out of the room, heading for the shuttles.

>Around ten minutes of fast trotting you arrive at the shuttle bay, and take the shuttle to orbit.
>The shuttle edges closer, towards the drydock.
>A drydock with the Vulpi inside.
>A shiny new ship.
>The shuttle docks at the drydock, and you walk out of the shuttle, and breathe in.
>The recycled air, the atmosphere, and the amazing view of Equestria, your home, down below.
>You get into a lime, and await your turn.
>The bored looking officer asks you, with a monotone voice.
"Name and Specialization?"
Do I have to have a meme permit?

Fug..Where do I get one?
Zeli, Engineer.
Note to self. Don't write when tired. Typos ensure, and you'll make yourself look stupid.
>"I'm Zeli. Engineer." You say and give him your credentials.
>He reads through, them and nods.
"Welcome onboard."
>"Thank you." You say, and walk past him, picking up your credentials along the way.
>You pass through the airlock, through a connection tube, and end up in one or the hallways of the Lupine.
>A white, spacious, lit halway.
>With a lot of ponies in it.
>You walk through, and join the stream of hooves.
>Just as you want to take the turbolift to engineering, to see the warpcore hum, a tactical officer stops you in your tracks.
>His sudden appearance makes you stammer back.
>You quickly salute back.
"You're Zeli, right? Captain White wants to see you on your bridge as soon as possible. Your quarters are down the hall, and to the left."
>So what now, where will you go first?
>The bridge, where the Captain White wants to see you.
>Or your quarters?
Quickly drop off what belongings we have and head to the bridge.
>You gallop to your quarters.
>You enter them, to find the rest of your bags next to your bed.
>You throw your handbag to them, and make way to the bridge.
>Thankfully, the closest turbolift is over the door.
>You ride up the lift.
>You breathe in.
>Come on, good first impression.
>The lift door opens and you enter the bridge.
>The Captain is already sitting in his chair.
"Ah! Zeli! Welcome. You're in time for the launch." The Captain says, and smiles at you. "Come, have a seat." He says, and gestures to the chair next to him.
>The first officer's chair.
>You hesitantly sit down.
>The chair is comfortable.
>You wrap your tail around your hind legs.
"Want to do the honors?" Captain says.
>"It'd be a pleasure, sir." You say and smile.
>You've read about this before.
>Okay, so first.."Call the dock, as for department vector!" You say, and watch the stars from the viewport.
"We've got the vector, Ma'am!" The officer manning the helm says.
>"Maneuvering thrusters. Pull us out. " You say, and smile widely, as you feel the ship moving, gently and slowly.
"Yes, Ma'am!" The helm officer says again, and guides the Vulpi from the ribcage of the dry dock.
>You watch the dock move away, slowly, your ship freeing itself from the grasp of the dock.
Suddenly, the Captain takes over. "Good work, Ensing."
>You nod and how slightly. "Thank you, Sir."
"But I'm afraid that's the only time to get together we'll have." He says, and visibly frowns. "We've just got a message of Klingon raiders leveling down a settlement. We're sent on a Patrol mission."
>You nod.
>Klingon. The savages.
>They cared for nothing but their pitiful honor. No friendship, love, or other emotions one would see in a rational being.
>They're just honor.
"I'm pretty sure you're tired, Zeli. Go sleep, or stay at the cantina, whatever you find necessary." Captain White says.
>"T-Thank you!" You stammer out, salute and walk out to the turbolift.
>Now that you've got so much time, what're you going to do?
And dubs confirm me going to sleep, and continuation tomorrow. Feel free to discuss and bump.
Rise and shine! I'll try to write as much as possible, but classes may disturb my schedule.
Post on discussion.
Horse Trek confirmed as 2017 Star Trek series
Headline: Hasbro funds CBS to make a mlp sci-fi series.
Now, let's continue. Captain White gave us free time. What will we do?
Learn da ship.
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967KB, 245x180px
>Maneuvering thrusters.
>Not superior 1/4 impulse power.
Wasn't that treatment kind of weird? We're a new engineer and he personally sent for us to fly the ship out of dock.
An engineer working the post of the first officer. And it's a nice piece of kindness to let us fly his ship out the dock for the first time.
Become best friends with a red shirt that gets killed every mission but pops buck up later like he never died.
Maneuvering thrusters in dock area only.
Working on a continuation, nursing classes keep me busy.
Hope he doesn't become a creppy captain later on

Nah, no worries.
>You're standing in the turbolift.
>The crew deck will be a good post to rest.
>The cantina, and your quarters.
>You make way through the hoof filled hallways, and enter the cantina.
>You sit down at one of the barstools.
The bartender immediately trots up to you. "You look tired. Want a drink?" She says.
>You nod. The bartender pulls out a shot glass from the bottom of the counter, and pours it full of a brown liquid.
>It smells of alcohol, and coffee beans.
>You question your choice, and kick in the pint with one swift swing.
>The taste sends a shiver down your spine.
>You swallow, and cringe slightly.
>A laugh next to you gets your attention.
>A young stallion, in a red uniform.
>A tactical officer, or as everyone else calls them, redshirts.
"Hey there. New fodder for the cannons?" He asks and smiles.
>You chuckle.
>"Yeah, I'm the first officer."
"Chief of security." He says, and shakes your hoof. "So what brings you here?"
>You shrug. "A moment's rest. What brings you here?"
The stallion smiles. "The mares of course!" A hint of sarcasm sends you into a chuckle.
>You smile and order another pint.
"Well, nice seeing you." He says, and the tone of his voice hints his need to know your name.
>"Zeli." You say and smile at him, before kicking in the shot just as before.
"Well, I'll be going now, Zeli, I've got some work to do. See you around!" He says, and trots out, leaving you at the barstool.
>You drop off a couple credits on the counter, and trot off, towards your room.
>Once you arrive at your quarters, you see the small hill of luggage.
>You should really pack out.
>But, there's many more things to do.
>What now?
Start packing out.
Usually it's the MCs dialogue that's black.
Really? I've seen it other way around before.
8 out of the 10 quests I'm currently following do it that way, the others just doesn't use green text. I didn't include this one.
Huh, I guess I'm not too used with green. Too late to change it anyway.
Delivery soon.

>You walk over to your luggage, and begin unpacking.
>Spare uniforms, a couple celebratory ones, and some casual clothes too.
>Pictures of your family, a couple books and a plushie.
>You put every one of your belongings on a proper spot.
>You've made yourself quite the comfy quarter.
>Tired, and tipsy, you fall down on the bed an fall asleep.

>The beeping sound of your communicator wakes you up.
>You yawn, and stretch, and check the time.
>One hour. A quick nap.
>You pick up the call, to hear the communication officer.
"The Captain demands your presence at the bridge." Your hear the officer say.
>"Right. I'll be there." You say, and stretch.
>You quickly fix your mane and uniform, and set course for the bridge.
>Once the door of the turbolift opens, you enter the bridge.
>You take a seat next to the Captain. "What's the need, Sir?" You ask, and lean back slightly in your chair.
"We've got our first mission. We're supposed to investigate a string of freighter disappearances near Cardassia. Any suggestions?"
>You blink a couple times.
>"You're talking to me, Sir?" You ask.
"Of course. As the first officer, you should provide advice, since we don't have an advisor. And an insight of someone who understands how these ships work, is always useful. So? Any ideas?"
Did you post on discussion to let people know that the thread is active?
Clearly the first thing to do is go to Cardassia, Captain.
Yeah, I did.
>You sheepishly smile.
>"We could get there first." you say.
"Very funny. Seriously. Any ideas what could cause the ship disappearances? The area is stable enough, so if can't be accidents." The Captain says.
>"We'll find out when we get there and start investigating."
"Good point. Helm, set course for Cardassia, max warp "
>The officer manning the pilot's console, nods, and soon, you see the ship rotating to aling with the course that had been set.
>The ship jerks, and like that, warp engages, and propels you to the target.
>One hour warp later, you're at your destination..
>Thankfully pleasantly fast, and the inertia compensators are new, and work fine.
"So, any suggestions, first officer?" The Captain asks, and the center of attention shifts to you.
>Stable enough
Well, going by the book, the first thing to look into would be any pirate activity, followed by dangerous spacial events.
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Thread images: 3

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