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Papa Franku in equestria recapping and attempting to finish

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Papa Franku in equestria

recapping and attempting to finish his might quest for dank pussy.
story short i'm a filthy fucking liar and didn't finish the story, so in an attempt to cover my ass for complete and total strangers, I attempt to finish it now.
Calling all space niggas
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images (1).jpg
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>It's sunny out, set the stage, franku is in the middle of town.
>It's been weeks since his last vid
>His Autism is flaring
>His chromosomes to little.
>He needs an offering to Chin Chin
>In the middle of town as is customary, frank bends over and grabs his ass cheeks
>and screams
" ore no chin chin wa chisai desu!"
" ore no chin chin wa chisai desu"
>Ponies begin to stare, and some whisper to others.
>He needs this, this is how he is summoned.
>Before him out of the center of the pool rises the dark lord himself.

>"Anata wa nanida ittai o shitaidesu ka?"
"Oh Dark Lord Chin Chin, I feel my power fading, I need chromosomes, I need to get home. Please help me I'll do anything!"

"Hey it's your boy franku and I'm a teach you faggots how to get mad mare pussy."
>"Anata wa uma no chitsu o taberu tame ni junbi sa rete imasu ka?"
"No what are you saying chin chin?"
>"Bitch you know what I am saying."
"Well if it's the only way."
>"Sore wa jūbun ni furankude wa arimasen. Anata wa sore o bideo ni keisai sa rete iru hitsuyō ga ari, sore o kiroku suru koto ga dekimasu. Kore wa, ōkibona homo no yōna monodesu."
>"Soredake wa anata ni chikara o ataeru yori mo."
"Than it must be done."
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>Frank journeys to the local library, if there's one thing he knows, is that bitch's love books.
>He turns his camera on and begins.

"Kon'nichiwa bitches! This is your boy frank, and today Papa's going to show you how to get mad horse pussy in equisteria."
"You know daddy loves all his kids, even the weird ones that like jerking it to furies."
>He goes silent and stares blankly at the camera
"So anyways, as you know if you wanna get mad pussy on earth all you gotta do is walk up to some bitches and be like, Hey I eat allot of ass. Bitches love it when you eat the ass."
"Things don't change to much here neither."
"Watch as daddy gets some major tange from the librarian."
>Camera fads to black and his quest begins.
>Franku enters Twilight's library
>"Ohh hello there, I've never seen one of your kind before. My name is Twighlight and I'm the owner of this establishment, and you are?"
"Hi...uhh I'm frank."
>Frank sweats, spaghetti begins to leak from his pockets.
>"Nice to meet you frank, is there anything I can help you with?"
>Quietly Frank reply's
"Uhh...I uhh I eat allot of ass...."
>"Excuse me? I didn't quite catch that."
"I said I eat allot of ass."
>"OOOOOooay, well umm that's nice, did you need anything an particular."
>Without saying a word frank walks off,"
>"Well that was weird."
>But the battle was not over
>Frank returned moments later and this time with the more conviction says.
"Like I don't think you understand. Like Allot of ass."
>awkward silence fills the room for what must feel like a century.
>Just than frank remembers his training, and begins to flick her his tongue.
"Well okay...thanks...."
>Frank leaves, spaghetti leaking from his pockets.
>Alone at last twilight only thoughts are.
>"Sh~should I call the police?"

>Outside franku confronts his camera
"You know papa be making them mares be Rarrin."
"But this ones clearly a lesbian. If Papa's going to get pussy on camera, he's gonna make it something one of you weebu faggots can get too."
>Frank does his victory screech
"Don't you worry Papa, is gonna try the clothing store, teach you boys how to get bitches at the store."
>The camera fads again and frank his begin his epic quest for pussy.
>His powers already growing form his recent success.
>Camera fads in Papa is in front of rarity's boutique
"Know, Papa's gonna do you one better today. If you wanna get yourself a class girl, you know a real High society type. You gotta go big. So that's why today I got the help of this little guy right here."
>The camera shifts to a small filly, an orange short winged one.
"Say hi kid."
>"Uhh, I'm a girl."
"Yea sure you are."
> The camera re fades to frank.
"Now, you gotta bring these kinds of girls gifts, and what better gift for a girl, than some fine dinning."
"So were gonna start off nice and easy with some Pasta with this gal, and than move into the meat and veggie's."
"And after that maybe we can move into my Meat and veggies if you know what I mean."
"Follow me faggots."
>It's a busy day a rarities boutique. Colts, and mares moving in and out of the shop.
>Even Sweetie Bell is working.
>Than frank enters the Seen.
>Combed hair and in a tuxedo, he really went all out this time, with gloves covering both hands.
>Naturally it catches rarities attention.
>"Oh my, well arn't you a finely dressed gentlemen."
>"I'm rarity and you are."
>She says extending her hoof.
>Frank removes one of the gloves on his hand.
>And grabs hers. It it is covered in Vaseline.
>She struggles to break free but frankus power has grown to great already.
"Hey baby you like pasta?"
>Turning to the camera frank says.
"Now it's real important to always feed your lady first."
>Rarity is screaming now, her hoof covered in Vaseline. Everyone is watching in terror.
>Frank reaches into his pocket, and pulls out ravioli
"HA HA HA, ravioli ravioli what's in the pocket oli."
>He begins to eat some sloppily, pasta sauce all over his face. Moaning in pleasure.
>Rarities eyes dilate, she's un utter terror.
>And with his shit eating grin
>He shoves some into rarities mouth
>"mmph stahp mmph"
>she begins to vomit heavily. Sweetie bell begins to cry in the back ground.
>Just then Scootaloo enters with a serving tray and a table and places it in front of the two.
"I pulled out all the stops for you baby."
>"Kill me please" tears are rolling down her eyes.
>Frank opens the dish to a platter of dead mice.
>Rarity faints
>Frank realizing the battle was over runs out the store and confronts his camera again.


>The camera fades to black as sirens are heard in the back ground frank is running and the camera is left behind.
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>Frankus Chromosomes are returning.
>His powers growing.
>Now is the time for his greatest ally.
>Pink guy
>He can't just call for him anywhere.
>Frank must summon somewhere where his message can be heard.
>Somewhere where his signal can bounce across multiple relays.
>Frank went to Apple Orchards.
>The summoning begins
>Out in the fields, deep within it's heart.
>Frank strips his shirt off and begins to claw his chest screaming

>Over and over again and again.
>The signal travels to sector z, and is heard.
"Pink guy listen pink guy, I'm in some real trouble here, I need your help."
>Pink guy dimensions way stares blankly at a napkin.
"I need you to come get me i'm trapped here in some faggot wonderland and I don't know what to do."
"Look if you go into my room, there should be a portal. Just jump inside and find me, Pink guy, pink guy I'm scared."
>"Eeeey boss."
"Yea pink guy."
>Pink guy holds his thumb up and says nothing.
"Pink guy I Iove you."
>The portal closes, and his mission begins.
>Pink guy must travel to equisteria and find frank.
>The portal closes, but he is not where he thought he must be.
>Pink guy is inside Pinkie Pies bakery.
>Enter was maybe an understatement.
>Rather he came crashing
>Flying tumbling and slamming straight into the register.
>with a might crash, or a boom rather.
>Pinkie lets out a mighty shreek!
>She screams running into the room.
>Laying there splayed across the flower. Pink mass lays.
>"Boss? I'm not your boss. Are you okay?
>With a thumbs up pink guy responds with a
>"Well that's good to hear I guess."
"Excuse me, but hab you seen a franku?"
>"A what?"
"Hab you seen a fraknu?"
>"hmm no can you describe him to me?"
>Pink guy begins to rub his crotch very vigorously.
>"Wa~whhat are you doing over there?"
>than a stream of light springs forth from his crotch and an image of papa franku is produced.
>"Ohh him. Well he's been living in our dumpster for awhile now."
>"Come with me I'll show."
>The pink mare hopes gingerly and pink guy follows.
>"You know he's been an awfully strange one."
>"I tried offering him food once and just screamed and waved a baguette at me saying something about not having any respect for him.
>"You can sure say that again."
>"Okay there, someones been drinking a little to much soda."
>Naturally they found nothing, and pink guys true quest begins
>"Hmm he's usually here."
>"What's that, you have to find him?"
>"Well, expert detective pinkie is on the case. Do you know who'd know who'd know where they'd be!"
>Jumping up down her excitement unable to be contained.
>"That's right Twilight."
>And so they began their investigation.

Thus summing up where we left off. Lets do this for papa
This entire thread is pure autism
I know is it beautiful.
Stick around request pones, otherwise i'm just going to do the mane six and finish up there.
Are you fucking 12 or do you legitimately find this retard funny.
I like to think that i'm doing what's fun.
Just finish up the Mane Six. And as long as you're having fun writing, it's all that matters really.
>I like to think what i'm doing what's fun
>he says scribbling his crayons down to nubs and eating his boogers
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>And yet franku could not stand still. His power was returning but he needed more. He needed to continue to channel it, if Pink Guy was going to ever find him.

"Well what now?"
>Suddenly a dark presence joins him.
>The world begins to darken, and Arabic means voices can be heard in the background.

"Who's there? I'll scream! I have no shame."
>"Ahhh Franku wa, anata ga watashi no wakai oso tsuyoi seichō shite kimashita."
"Chin chin, its you again my dark master."
>Frank drops to the floor, and begins to kiss the floor
>"Sate sate, sore wa hitsuyō wa arimasen. Anata wa tsuyoku seichō shite iruga, anata wa imamade kono rerumu o nokosu koto o nozomunaraba, mada, anata wa, yori kyōryokuna seichō shinakereba narimasen."

"I don't understand, I already tried getting pussy? What else is there?

>"Hai, sekkusu o shite mo, jiheishō fagotto ni jūyōdesuga, anata wa sono jimejime no kushu kitsuen shiyou to shimashita ka?"

"No chin chin, I mean, I don't really understand what you're saying. I don't speak Spanish."

>"Otoko wa, chōdo kuso bideo o shiagemasu."
>And with this his dark lordyness faded into the grass.

"I know what I must do!"
>Franku grabbed his camera, and madly dashed towards the barn
Good to see some fellow redditors here on 4chan. Keep it up, bros, i'm enjoying the greenz
Please kill yourself
Ha, you know it, bro! +1, good sir XD
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>It's a quite day at apple acres, Applejack is busy as usual carryinga apples to and from the apple orchard and in quite the rush at that.
>It is here franku's quest continues.
>He starts his camera and begins

"We had to go outside town for this one."
"Now papa knows what's like to be young."
"He knows the struggle to fit in, and be one of the cool kids, or at least not a total faggot."
"So because Papa cares about you he's going to give you some advice. Not any of that bullshit about being yourself, or study habits. Papa's gonna show you how to get some dank kush."
"Now the best place to start is always out in the country."
"Now watch and learn faggots, as Papa scores some of that good good!"

>Franku spots Applejack and approaches
"Hey boss mang, Hey man."
>She stops her trek and turns to him.
>"Uhh hey, howdy there. Can I help ya?"
"Yea, umm you got any of that stuff man?"
>"Stuff? What you mean apples?"
"No man you know?"
>He gestures and pretends to take a hit from an imaginary blunt
"You know that good good mang?"
>"I can't say I understand what your talking about."
>Franku frustrated frank moves closer and more desperately exclaims.
"Come one man, hook a brother up, I know your holding, please mang!"
>"I think you've got me mistaken for someone else. Sorry there fella."
>Dropping to his knees franku gets even closer still.
"Come on man please! I'LL SUCK YOUR DICK MAN!"
"Anything you want man"
>Frank takes his shirt off and begins to rub his nipples
>"Partner, I think you should leave."
>Just than a little filly can be heard in the foreground.
>"Applejack, who is it."
>"Applebloom, run home."
>"Look it her partner, you can either leave now, or I can make you leave."
You better finish it this time b0ss
>applejack is wrestling on the floor with frank
>Frank is swinging his arms around spastically
>All the while screaming
>"Will you calm down I don't even know what that is."
>realizing that the relative size difference between her and frank is staggering. She simply says
>"Look if I give you some apples will leave?"
>"There now get out of here."

>Camera re-fades to franku in the apple fields
"Just as papa promised, he got that good shit. Now I know this an't any rice fields but papa's gonna light it up here inside the fields."

>Pulling the lighter to the apple there is no affect, and frank is visibly upset.
"No problem. Sometimes it just needs a little persuasion."
>Frank realizes just than that he still has his gloves from his last video.
"Ahh papa's got it.
"Just use a little grease."
>He coats the apple with Vaseline.
"AH HA, that's right."
"Now take two"
>Lighting the apple, Franku than screams because Vaseline is incredibly flammable and only an idiot light's vaseline on fire.
>With all his autistic might he tosses it at the tree.
>The tree than quickly lights ablaze.
>the fire begins to spread to the nearby tree's before long a vicious fire begins to overtake the entire field.
"Well shit...I guess I better get out of here."
fuck it I'm out I have shit to do.
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get the fuck back here
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Thread images: 11

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