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Flyshy Flutterbutter

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Best pony thread?
Be kind and post Fluttershy.
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Anyone here?
das neat
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we are on a fluttershy thread hiatus right now.
fluttershy threads are discouraged.
Fluttershy a cute.
>Discord gets to wreck her in bed every night

I'm more jealous than Twilight.
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I feel very keked.
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Since when?
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this is triggering
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Fluttershy a cute
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>flutters will never invite you into bed for snuggles
>you well never run you hand through her soft, warm coat or smell her damp, recently-showered strawberry-scented mane
where's the stop button on this hedonic treadmill, I need to catch my breath
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since last thread, anons tried to make another thread after that and died.
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At least we know she is well taken care of...
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just kek me up senpai
can't compete with the god of chaos
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>those glances rarara gives him
he fucked all of those ponies except purple spergle didn't he
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discord is taking care of her and that makes me a bit happy but someone else is taking care of her and that one isnt me.
...it hurts and a lot
Oh fuck off. I'm not a Flutterfag myself and just happened to glance into this thread, but your waifu is YOUR waifu. She's a different instance of the character from the show character, and she will continue to love you more than anything and be loyal to you. Even IF Fluttershy is at some point shipped in the show (and I sincerely doubt that, really), it will be with the show character, and not your waifu.

Never think about giving up your waifu because shippers sperg and shitpost at every opportunity just to try and get under your skin.
>she will continue to love you more than anything and be loyal to you
she doesn't exist
>leave the big game to the big boys Anon
Just imagine them laughing at your pathetic ass when you confess right before he takes her back to the cottage.
Would you follow them and jerk off thinking about how worthless you are outside the window of their cottage? Would you ask bashfully if you can watch up close when she notices you watching?
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let's stop this whole depression talk and let's focus on butterpone
This is how people who are actively having sex look at each other.

i think
Rarity obviously knows about it too.
what the fuck that means? i should move on? be a hero?
i dont get it.
just see >>25375992 and stop replying to bait
>Fluttershy doesn't tell her all the juicy and terrifying details of what he does to her every Tuesday.
kekoldry bump
>that look Fluttershy gives Discord

My heart.
this thread has become sad and depressing.
good job discord.
just doing his job
discord making a good job thats weird.
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>mfw this is exactly what would happen to me.
>mfw this is exactly what happened every time I liked a human girl and I was too much of a beta shy faggot to keep her interested.
>mfw I thought I'd always be safe with Fluttershy at least....
This is the first time I have seen a Fluttershy thread ruined. Maybe we should just let this one die, no one deserves this. Especially not fluttershy.
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hold me anon...
Thread posts: 59
Thread images: 39

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