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Big Brother Anon!

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>You are anon the pony.
>You are currently the janitor of Twilight's castle.
>You wish you had a somewhat better job.
>But nobody will take you seriously because of your cutie mark.
>Apparently it is suppose to mean, "You're an awesome big brother", or something like that.
>Whatever it means it didn't help you get jobs.
>You were lucky enough to get this one.
>There seems to be a few good reasons to like this job.
>Aside from being in the castle and being with princess Twilight all the time, there was always someone willing to talk to you.
>Spike the dragon.
>At first you thought he was an annoying brat, but as you worked a bit longer, you got to know him better.
>You two seemed to be really close.
>Almost like brothers.
>It was then something strange happened today.
>Princess Twilight called to you to come to her throne room.
>You bow to show some respect towards her.
>Twilight then speaks.
>"Rise anon. Because I got some good news for you."
>You then rise.
>"You are no longer the janitor for the castle. Instead I got a better job for you."
>You then start to get curious.
>"Staring today you'll be Spike's new Big Brother!!"
>You seemed confused by this.
>"You see I've been a little too busy to hang with Spike for a while. I always thought he could use a friend, and he seems to take a huge interest in you. So starting today you'll be his big brother."
"Does that mean you're adopting me as well?"
>"Not really. It's more of a title."
"OK then....."
>"Alright your job is make sure Spike has a good time and help him socialize a bit more. I hope you have fun Anon."
>As you make your leave you then realize that this job might be a bit easier for you.
>It does seem to be your special talent.
>Maybe this will be fun.
>You then enter Spike's room.....
What awaits you now Anon?
>you enter spikes room
>what awaits you now
Spike humping his rarity daki

>You then walk into Spike's room, expecting him to be most likely reading a comic maybe.
>You two do seem to talk about that a lot.
>This time seems to be different.
>As you inside you could hear what sounded like groaning.
>As you walked further you couldn't believe what you saw.
>Spike was humping a dakimakura pillow, with what seemed to be Rarity as the picture.
>You want to make a response but you can't.
>As Spike was about to finish he then notices your in the room.
>Spike then stops immediately.
>A huge blush then comes across his face.
>Awkward silence.
>Spike then tries to break it.
>"So Anon..... I didn't know you were cleaning my room today."
>You're still silent from what you just witnessed.
>You can't believe this is the kid you usually talked to on a regular basis.
>He was fucking a pillow!
>What is the next thing you can possibly say?!
>Spike's then hides his face in shame.
>"Please don't tell Twilight!"
As his newly appointed big brother what is your responsibility to do?
Obviously tell on his ass.
He is fucking a pillow with his mother's friend on it.

Now with a name.


>You now know that the most responsible thing to do is to tell Twilight.
>You then trot your way towards her.
>Spike then grabs your hind leg slowing you down.
>He begs and pleads.
>"Please Anon!! Don't let Twilight know about this!"
I'm sorry buddy. I know you're basically a preteen and preteen do actually become more sexually active... but that.... that was not normal.
>"But Anon!! I can't have Twilight know about this. I'll be grounded from seeing the next Power Ponies movie if you do."
Tough luck pal.
>Spike still hanging on to your hind hoof, dragging you down a bit, then thinks desperately.
>He then has an idea.
>He then gives out a small grin
>"Twilight will definitely think you're lying."
>You stop for a moment to think for yourself.
>He does have a point.
>Twilight is more willing to believe Spike than you.
>Plus if you don't have any hard evidence, this could ruin your new job.
"Alright then."
>Spike then made a fist bump for victory.
"I guess I'll have to take the pillow with me and she can analyze it to be your's."
>You then run back to Spike's room to grab the pillow with Spike chasing you.
This is important now. What race are we Anon? This will determine how we grab the pillow.
Unicorn because I dont want to touch that thing
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>You then find the pillow.
>You then notice the art.
>You seem a bit disgusted.
"What the hell are kids into these day?"
>Being a unicorn, you decide to grab the pillow with your magic.
>Because no way are you carrying this thing with your mouth.
>Spike then notices you and then charges at you.
>Making you lose your concentration and dropping the pillow.
>Well it looks like it's going to be a fight for the pillow.
>You can't believe your doing this.
>You both are about to charge at each other.
>When suddenly...
>Sweetie Belle opens the door.
>With her squeaky voice and he being oblivious about what is going on she asks.
>"Hey Spike! Are you still coming to the pre-show with u-"
>She then notices that you and Spike seem to be fighting.
>"Why are you fighting with the janitor?"
>Spike and you are trying hard to think of a good excuse to give.
>No way are you going to tell Sweetie that you and Spike are fighting each other over a fuck pillow.
So what's our excuse?
uuuh... It's a game you can play too with Spike well I have work to do bye
Fuck this nigger

Be the bro you are and pretend your are collecting the pillow to wash but you guys got into a friendly knight fight, take the pillow away without sweetie seeing the disturbing part and give Spike the eye of we will discuss this later
I am sorry I am late. I shall continue.



>Spike then whispers to you.
>"Maybe she'll buy it if we told her it was a game."
>You then started explaining.
"I am sorry. I was busy cleaning the room originally and then Spike wanted to play...."
>You looked towards Spike hoping to get an idea.
>He then spouts off.
>"A friendly knight fight."
"A friendly knight fight of course!! Well I better finish cleaning up the room. You better get to that pre-show."
>You then picked up the pillow in a non see-through bubble.
>Spike was worried for a bit until you gave him an eye that told him, "We'll talk about this later."
>Spike nodded in agreement.
"Well you two go on. I'll continue cleaning this room until then."
>Spike and Sweetie then went off to see the pre-show to the new Power Ponies Movie.
>You then let out a sigh.
>Maybe you weren't cut out to be a big brother for Spike.
>You put the pillow in the laundry basket for you to personally wash.
>Can't really trust the other staff members to keep a secret like you can.
>You then continue your job as a janitor for a little while longer.
>After a while you pass by Princess Twilight Sparkle.
>Princess Twilight then notices you look tired.
>"Hey Anon! So what did you and Spike do today?"
What now /mlp/?
Tell Reilly that nothing much happen yet, work just got you tired.


"Eh. Nothing much happened."
>Twilight then gave you a confused look.
"Yeah, we just hung out a bit. I never really did tell him about the surprise job you gave me."
>"Then why do you look so tired then Anon?"
"Um..... We were playing some Power Ponies LARP."
>"LARP? I haven't seen anyone do any LARPing since Shining was a teen. Is it still as fun as it was back then?"
"Somewhat... anyways I better go get some laundry done real quick."
>"OK then Anon. Make sure you tell him tomorrow though."
"I will!"
>You yelled as you mad your way to the laundry room.
>In the laundry room you were alone enough to wash Spike's fuck pillow.
>You use your magic to get it out of the laundry bin and begin to wash it the best you can.
>You used everything on it.
>Wash powders.
>Laundry Detergent.
>Dish Liquid.
>You have to make sure no trace of Spike was left on it.
>You were going to have a long talk with him as soon as he got back from the movies.
>You begin rehearsing how it should go as you continue to wash the pillow.
How should we begin our discussion with Spike /mlp/?

Teach the Nigga safe and better fapping techniques via
Look lil bro if your going to have a wafiu, or even a humanized waifu juding by the cover art here, your gonna need to think about this.

You have the advantage of her being real for petes sakes thats like a 200 percent bonus of actually scoring over the other idiots out there with a waifu.

>Hold onto the feels from having your own waifu.

Anyway point is, you gotta pony up, suck in that gut march stright up to Rarity and just let her know how you feel. Otherwise...

Nudge the pillow a bit

This is all your going to wind up scoring in the long run.
Sorry guys gotta get some sleep.

Maybe I'll continue on it more it you guys keep this alive and give out some material to work with.
Alright then, what about this, we become like Pinkie Pie and be the bestest big brother in the entire town!

I can see it now, all the parents be giving us monies to take their kids on field trips so they can get an afternoon free of the kiddos cuz to be honest who wouldn't want an afternoon to relax after crazy shangins like the cmc pull off?
>Anon pone becomes a camp councillor
Fund it, and we destroy foalhoods.
Not with lewd or bad practices to be passed down, no much worse, camp fire songs!
>Anon pone shows of the wonders of the internet, specifically 4chan.
>Anon Pone tries to get Spike a new mare friend after finding out Rarity is a whore.
Anon Pone teaches Spike how much he sucks at sports.
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 3

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