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Ubermensch Anon 3: Revived and ready

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Feels kind of weird starting a thread around this time but what the hell.

Ubermensch Anon started as a a single prompt about Anonymous being signed up for the pony triathlon against his will. A couple of green stories later and we have what is basically the ultimate form of man in Equestria. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or brag, so I'll let those unaware of the story read for themselves and decide if they want to get behind the thread. (Not really sure this counts as a general.)

Anons Traithlon (How it all started)
Compressed into one bin: http://pastebin.com/2Gjb7PFw
Broken down for an easier read.
Ch1. http://pastebin.com/NHDeYE0q
Ch2. http://pastebin.com/Nibu1qFQ
Ch3. http://pastebin.com/Ah7G5Hna
Ch4. http://pastebin.com/KnHCccc8
Ch5. http://pastebin.com/TYrFfkfx
Ch6. http://pastebin.com/mRMR8d25

Anons New Chapter (Ubermensch adventures)
Ch1. http://pastebin.com/Y6TVrzMM
Ch2. http://pastebin.com/kWg8r5LF
Ch3. http://pastebin.com/mRaGf5vh
Ch4. http://pastebin.com/eVa0Nex0
Ch5. http://pastebin.com/Bwp1sD9V
Ch6. http://pastebin.com/r4ynMuJ5
Ch7. http://pastebin.com/s8B3wD7N

I will start writefagging in an hour or so, I'm finishing stuff up but I started the thread early so people could check in.

As for the other story, The Hunt, It will be updated periodically throughout the year. The Vampire thread was dying and I had no motivation to work on it anymore than I already had.

Thread caps, possibly the other two threads, and a bunch of other fluff will be added shortly.
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> The sun peeked through the throne room windows, the stained glass providing abstract light to flow forth and paint the ground.
> The red rug; which ran along the course of the room only served to make you feel like a true queen.
> One of the royal guards rushed forward, yelling something about the 'glory' of Equestria.
> He was knocked unconscious by a single beam of magic.
> You chuckle quietly to yourself, splaying out on the throne.
> You are Queen Chrysalis.
> And you have taken over Canterlot.
> After that pest of a 'Princess' sent you and your hive packing; you came back. Much more prepared than before.
> Cadance and her little boy toy didn't stand a chance this time.
> "Let me down Chrysalis!" Twilight shouted.
> And neither did the elements.
> You let out a hearty laugh.
> This was accompanied by one of your children bringing you a bottle of aged wine.
> You scan the label; smiling softly to yourself
"Yes, this will do tonight. Just go ahead and put it in MY room."
> It was originally Celestia's.
> Your child nodded; buzzing out of the throne room.
> Twilight and her friends were suspended in the air; clinging to the grey goo decorating the ceiling.
> "When ah get out of here!" Applejack shouted, struggling against her bonds.
> You roll your eyes.
> Their attitudes were already getting annoying.
"Tell you what Miss Applejack, if you can break your bonds then you are more than welcome to make any threat you please."
> You sneer.
"Until then, be silent."
> Applejack growled at you.
> She was already trying.
> Watching her writhing form was already putting you in hysterics.
> You had done it.
> You had finally won.
> "Come on AJ! I know you can do it." Twilight shouted.
> You had already made sure she wouldn't use any of the pretty magic; her horn was encased in your goo.
> "Ah'm trying!"
> You chuckle and lean back, clapping your hooves together.
"Children! Please take a check on the REAL threats. I've got to put some sense into these mares."
> Your children nodded silently.
> As they left you crane your head to the mares above.
> Most of them lay unconscious which was good for you because...
> You didn't want to deal with all of them yapping at once.
> With a yawn you step off of your throne.
> You began to pace around the room, flashing the two mares a smile every once in awhile.
> They just glared at you.
"Really girls come on now. This was going to happen eventually. You can't ALWAYS win."
> "Ah beg to differ..."
> You 'hm' in response.
> Shaking away her comment you give one of your children a pat on the head.
"If you keep trying to talk like you can actually do something I'll make sure you end up like her brother."
> Twilight flinched silently.
> Just ever so slightly.
> You had noticed.
> And it bought a big shit-eating grin to your face.
> "W-What did you do to my brother!?"
> Ohhhh.
> You could feel the emotion emitting from her, the heat of hatred and anger filling you up.
> Not as much as love would but hey.
> A meal was a meal.
> You smile brightly.
"You know, how about I show you?"
> This would show this mare who was boss.
> You stamp your hoof on the ground twice.
> One of your children zipped over to you; kneeling before your godly presence.
> It was such a good feeling...
"Go ahead and drag them out please."
> Your child nodded and zipped out of the throne room.
> "Chrysalis if you hurt my brother I swear-"
"Oh hush now. You literally can't do anything, and I doubt you have a knight in shining armor on their way here girls."
> "Something like that..." Applejack muttered.
> You squint at her; trying to understood what she meant.
"What is that supposed to mean?"
> "Nothing; say did ya' happen too meet a rowdy Minotaur on your way here?"
> What was she getting at?
> But now that she mentioned it...

> 'When Changelings try to invade, show them you're not afraid!"

"Yes... But he was all bark and no bite."
> Actually that was a lie.
> He had taken down three squads of your children easily.
> Applejack smirked.
> "You're lyin'..."
"Queen Chrysalis does not need to lie. Especially when she had already won!"
> Applejack blew some air out of her nose.
> "Yeah. Cause' you totally didn't lie about being Cadance, or you know, that one lie..."
"What lie?"
> This one was royally pissing you off already.
> "Hmmmm, ah just can't seem to remember..."
> Applejack suddenly jolted; as if she had a stroke of remembrance.
> "Oh yeah! Winning! That was the biggest lie of them all."
> You were already seeing red; oblivious to the cowpony's smug face.
> You let out a shriek; blasting the yellow mare with your magic.
> "Applejack!" Twilight shouted.
> Her hat floated to the ground, free from your bindings.
> But she was not.
> "What the-"
> You trotted over to the hat resting on the ground.
> And began to stomp on it repeatedly.
> Both mares watched in stunned silence as you committed your act, laughing in manic glee.
> They were powerless to stop you.
> But one thing bothered you.
> Where was the special girl?
> The mindless zombie that was once Cadance should have been here by now; taunting Twilight with her controlled, green eyes.
> But she wasn't...
> You turn to the throne door, quirking an eyebrow.
> Surely by now.
> An unfamiliar voice caught your ears.
> "Aggro, smash it."
> The voice was deep and reverberated smoothly, even though there was nothing to enhance it in such a manner.
> That was the voice of a leader if you ever heard one.
> Shouts and squeals of your children were followed by the sounds of magical beams being fired off.
> What looked like an out of control rave went off on the other side; lights of green and blue pulsing from under the door.
> What the...
> Suddenly a large roar sounded throughout the whole castle; rattling everything in a nearby radius.
> A vase falling off of a nearby table caught your attention.
> It was silent...
> Too silent...
> "You're gonna regret that..." Applejack grunted, nodding at her hat.
> You lock the doors with your magic, backing towards your new throne.
> You were going to retort against the cowpony but something smashed against the throne room doors.
> They bent inwards, creaking under the weight of whatever it was.
> Your children that stood in the room rushed to the door, pointing their horns at the growing threat.
> There had to be at least forty guarding the door.
> "Doc stand back." The muffled voice grunted.
> "I think that is a very-"
> ....
> "I don't like the way you're staring. I'll just back away now..."
> Another crash and the doors bulged inwards.
> How?
> Those doors held back you and your army of Changelings for a good five minutes.
> Whatever was on the other side of that door was immensely strong.
> With one last crash the doors flew inwards.
> The love child of a mish-mash of predators barged in, panting like a mutt in a field of flowers.
> It barreled past your children like nothing; knocking them into the air like they were bowling pins.
> You could've swore you heard the strike effect somewhere...
> It skidded to a stop, whirling around and thrashing its tail in joy.
> The rest of your children in its vicinity were sent flying around like ragdolls.
> What was once forty guarding the door was now half of that, most of them already backing away from another figure.
> A large creature calmly stepped into the smashed doorway, its hands in its pockets absent-mindedly.
> A rather handsome blue pony followed in after him.
> The large creature stepped over the unconscious bodies of your children without a care.
> The blue pony did so carefully, shooting them looks of contempt.
> The cigar butt hanging out of the creatures mouth was on its last leg, the embers already dying.
> With a large gasp the creature sucked down the rest of the cigar.
> He pulled it from his mouth and flicked it on the floor, looking around the throne room.
> He stopped on the ceiling.
> "Hm, usually I would be thrilled to see you guys in this situation."
> You are Anonymous.
> And you're extremely tired.
> Derpy and Scoots had kept you up for the past three nights, they had grown quite fond of the 'Daring Doo' movies.
> And between Scoots school and Wonderbolt training and Derpys job, you guys only got to watch it at night.
> There were quite a bit...
> You just wanted to get this over with and get back home, do a couple of workouts, and sleep for the rest of the day.
> You still didn't have a job.
> You had gotten one as a cashier at the Golden Hayburger in Ponyville for awhile but...
> Seeing Twilight eat like that turned you away from the place forever.
> Something tackled your side.
> But did nothing to move you.
> A Changeling clung to your side; struggling to pull you down or get you to budge.
> Cute.
> You swat it off and fold your arms over your chest.
> The rest of the Changelings stood around you.
> They watched you carefully; awaiting your next move.
> You did not care.
> As far as you were concerned these guys had been hungry and desperate.
> But they didn't seek help.
> Instead they tried to take and take and take.
> So you had thought about it on your way up here.
> They would have one chance.
> "I know you..." The queen started. "You're the human! Anon E. Moose."
"Errr... That's not how it's pronounced."
> "Irrelevant. What brings you here creature?"
> "He's here to let me out so ah can kick your flank!" AJ shouted.
"I doubt I'm going to do that."
> "She stomped on mah hat!"
> You frown.
> AJ had gotten that hat from her parents.
> If anything you should let her be free.
> No...
> She was upset and full of emotion right now.
> Her judgement would be blinded by hatred.
> The queen smiled, seeming to breath something in from the air.
> You quirk an eyebrow.
> "Ahhh yes... Your anger is so invigorating Applejack." She chuckled.
> Though you could see why she was hated...
> "Anon! Is my brother and Cadance okay!?" Twilight shouted.
"I don't know..."
> She seemed disheartened too hear that.
Holy lord, Autistocrat is back!
> You furrow your brow.
> It always bothered you that despite the way they treated you, you couldn't stand too see them upset.
> Guess you just didn't hold grudges.
"But, We'll find them."
> She cheered up a little bit upon hearing this.
> "Eugh, listen here human. Whatever you plan on doing is less than likely to succeed!"
> You pocket your hands again.
"I'm told that quite a bit..."
> You look down at the panting creature next to you.
> Aggro...
> He had been a rather loyal companion despite the way you had acquired him.
"Aggro, go play with the others."
> He let out a roar before whipping around.
> The Changelings began to fire off beams as he charged into them like a train.
> Your eyes met Chrysalis.
"You've got one chance to retreat. I-"
> "Let me down!" AJ shouted.
> The others began to stir, waking up one by one.
> "What's going on?" Dash muttered.
> "Oh! It's Nonny and OH! OH! OH! Girls, look he can walk on ceilings now! Waitaminute, I'm upside down! Silllly Pinkie~!"
> "What is this stuff in my hair!"
> Rarity was definitely awake.
> "Come on Ahnon! You know you wanna let lil' ol' AJ here down!"
> Uhg...
> Awake for a couple of seconds and they were already grating your nerves.
> You step towards the Queen.
"Find a way to get them down Doctor."
> The Doctor rolled his eyes and plopped down.
> "Fine, fine. But seriously, be careful. She's a hive leader. She's way more powerful than she looks."
> You didn't doubt it.
> But you did what you had to do.
> So...
"Waiting for an answer..."
> "No."
> You furrow your brow.
> This couldn't be simple.
> "Because I'm not going to let some lug try and intimidate me, especially when I am this close to victory."
> Hm...
> "Now sit like an obedient little FOOD SOURCE!"
> To punctuate her sentence she leaned forward, a beam of thick green light bursting from her horn and cutting through the air.
> It was thick but not wide.
> You bring one of your hands up, shielding the beam from connecting with your face.
>trying to beat the man who defeated a triathlon designed to be nearly unbeatable for fucking GODS
This is gonna hurt him somehow isn't it.
> The resistance was instantaneous.
> The beam was powerful enough to nearly make you kiss your own knuckles, the beam matching your strength quite easily.
> Despite the raw power of it the beam did not hurt nor burn.
> It just felt like someone was pushing against your hand.
> Was this it?
> Was this what they were worried about?
> This was nothing!
> You plant your foot down.
> Nothing compared to the things you've done.
> You begin to trek through the beam, earning a surprised squeak from Chrysalis.
> "Wha- Stop that!"
> You were already closing the distance between the two of you.
> Her beam was nothing compared to what you could do.
> Chrysalis growled and intensified the beam.
> Oh wow this was now a two hand job.
> You snort sarcastically.
> Bringing the other hand up you pushed against the force, looking something akin to a spartan hammering his shield forward.
> "Y-You're not supposed to be able to do that!"
> She seemed to be putting her all behind this.
> It wasn't much.
> You continued to make your way forward, about five feet from the throne now.
> The Changelings were too busy with Aggro to be of any help.
> Which was good.
> They would just be even more annoyances.
> "You... insignificant... little..."
> Three feet.
> "Welp!"
> Two.
> You push your hands forward, shutting the beam around her horn.
> Chrysalis glowered up at you, the beams magic building around her horn.
> Pulling a hand away you keep the other clasped around her horn.
> The green energy began to build up, wisps of energy escaping between your fingers.
> Chrysalis's glower turned to a look of shock.
> "You're impossible..."
> You meet her eyes again.
oh thank christ I was wrong
Is this going to be a "reform Chrysalis" arch?
I'm on board with that if it's happening.
> Her look of shock slowly turned to a malicious smile.
> She began to chuckle smugly.
> What?
> A jolt of pain ran up your arm.
> You snap your head to the arm still resting on her horn.
> There was more to this.
> You had been thick.
> And cocky.
> Green energy crept up your arm, taking hold of your shoulder.
> You couldn't move your arm now.
> With a grunt you struggle to pry it free.
> What had she done?
> "Do you really think that's all the power a queen of the hive holds human!?"
> She let out a cynical laugh, tossing her head back.
> "You're thicker than you look! A simple sleep spell out to do the tr-"
> Your other fist connected with her face, sending a black blur crashing into the wall in front of you.
> You grab your used-to-be paralyzed arm and wiggle your fingers.
> Glaring as the unconscious figure slid to the ground you shake your head silently.
> "Aww Ahnon why did ja' do that!? Ah was gonna hit her first."
> You shrug.
"I gave her a chance... how did you get caught anyway?"
> "No idea." Dash started. "They must've got me while I was nappin'."
> "Same..." AJ stated.
> "I do remember falling asleep in the Castle's library."
> Hm, so they got them at their most vulnerable moment.
> Oh well.
> It was a good thing they had no idea you existed.
> The Doctor smacked his lips and fired a blue beam at the ceiling.
> The energy spread across the goo holding the girls captive.
> Within seconds it began to dry and crack away, letting the girls free with ease.
"That was all you called me for?"
> The ones with wings managed to touch down easily.
> The others...
> Rarity let out an undignified yell as she smacked into the ground.
> Not so much...
Yes and no, while I was using Chrysalis as an intro device, she will play a bigger part. But yeah, this is the start of a story arch.

I've got a list planned out and at some points I'm taking suggestions, so stick around, I'll gladly listen to anything you've got to throw out there.
so, we've got a reforming god and a recurring villain changeling
plus the M6 being bitchy as usual
I smell amazing on the horizon
> Twilight clapped her hooves together nervously.
> "She did manage too beat Celestia..."
> Again.
> You didn't say it though out of respect for the sun goddess.
> Well, sun Alicorn. A real goddess was much worse than Celestia and Luna.
> Oh well.
> You let your shoulders drop.
> No need to be on the defensive anymore.
> The rest of the royal guard were taking care of the Changelings out there and the Queen.
> You glance back at her unconscious form.
> She was down and out.
> So now you could finally sleep!
> Hop right on the train for home and get some well-deserved rest.
> The girls could clean up the rest of this mess.
> "Nonny~!" Pinkie shouted appearing in your vision from seemingly nowhere.
> "You've got to rescue Celestia and Luna!"
"What!? Why?"
> She bopped your nose lightly, giving a girlish giggle.
> "Because you're their knight in shining armor silly~ The other one is nopony knows who, where, what, wh-"
> You drown her out by thinking of different types of beds.
> Futons.
> Queen Sized.
> King Sized.
> Bunk-beds, you would be the bottom of course.
> "And then you've got too take them back home an-"
> You hold her mouth shut with one hand.
> The others were noticeably blushing.
> Even the Doctor who seemed ashamed to be there.
"Wait, what did she say?"
> "It'd be best not to worry about it." Rarity shivered.
> "I-I didn't know Pinkie was so imaginative..." Fluttershy whispered.
> Just what exactly had she said while you were thinking to yourself?
> Oh well, whatever. It didn't matter, you just wanted to get this silly little skirmish over with.
> Maybe you could call her...
> Nah, she was hiding away in her own little world right now, and the last thing you wanted to do was go through another session of 'how amazing you are' 101."
> "Okay, we're going to go out and help the others." Twilight said, moving closer to you.
File: download (28).jpg (14KB, 298x169px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (28).jpg
14KB, 298x169px
> She reached into the saddlebags mucked to her side from the goo.
> Clicking it open she pulled out a small square of a map.
> You took it from her, ignoring the goo and horse slobber falling over it.
> Gross...
> You didn't say anything though.
> Rainbow and Applejack were already rushing out of the throneroom, eager to help the others.
> Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie followed behind the girls with less enthusiasm.
> "I simply must get this mess out of my mane after this."
> "I heard there was a five-star spa somewhere around here Rarity, maybe after-"
> Fluttershy's voice dimmed down as they left through the door.
> Twilight sighed.
> "We were on our way originally but we got caught. Don't worry, there's only a quarter of the army guarding them."
> Your eye twitched briefly.
> "Nothing you can't handle Anon..."
> Twilight's gaze lingered on you as she began to back out of the room.
> It wasn't generic lust or awkwardness.
> But it seemed as if she was hurting in a weird way.
"Everything alright?"
> She seemed to snap out of whatever trance she was in; jolting to action. "Yes, yes fine! Goodbye Anonymous!"
> With that she galloped out of the throneroom, leaving you alone with The Doctor, Aggro, and a bunch of unconscious Changelings.
> You look at the shiny, black bodies littering the floor.
> "Okay Anon, I'm done here." The Doctor said.
"What? I still kind of need you for you know, the Princess rescue mission!"
> You punctuate by smacking the paper.
> "No can do. I'm done here, fighting isn't really my thing."
> He went hazy eyed briefly.
> "Mansions are though..."
> With that he left, leaving you alone with Aggro.
> You look down at what was essentially a mutt at heart.
> He stared back at you, giving you his version of a 'smile'.
"I suppose you want to go out there and throw around some Changelings don't you..."
> He nodded with vigor.
"And you don't want to help your owner actually do something productive..."
> He blew a raspberry.
> With a sigh you run a hand down your face.
"Whatever, go on then..."
> In a murky green blur he was gone.
> You lumber over to the Queen, looking over her unconscious body.
> Well...
> You had to make sure she wouldn't get free again.
> You pull her from the wall; a sick peeling sound accompanying her departure from the marble.
> Tossing her on the red rug, you start rolling it up.
> It didn't take you long to get finished making a burrito out of the sadistic Queen.
> Hoisting the wrapped creature over your shoulder you push past the doors.
> From your last couple of visits here, you could navigate the castle pretty easily.
> And even then; the very detailed map Twilight had given you would lead you straight to the mares in distress.
> Seemed as if this happened to them more often than it should.
> You make a right down the hall.
> Another hall filled with vases, pictures, and other various forms of art greeted you.
> You had come from the left originally, that hall completely wrecked.
> You look back at the tons of unconscious Changelings.
> You don't kill.
> That's not your style.
> You head down the artsy hallway, admiring some of the pieces.
> Supposedly they weren't far from here.
> They would be stored in the ballroom, surrounded by a quarter of this mare- bug things army.
> That would be fun to deal with...
> You still hadn't seen hide nor hair of Iron Will on your way here.
> This seemed like something he would take part of, considering he was always talking about the 'itch' of battle or something.
> Oh well, you knew he wasn't dead.
> Just something in your gut.
> And it was your gut and rash decisions that got you this far in the first place.
> It had been about eight months since you had challenged her.
> A goddess of wind to her own little, silly course.
> You had managed to win by just the skin of your nails.
> Which was good as a lot had been put at stake around that time.
> But that was the past, this is the now. You needed to keep your head in the game.
> Some struggling in the carpet caught your attention.
"Oh look who's awake."
> "Nghhh... what happened... did I win?"
"Far from it."
> "Let me go this instant! What am I even wrapped up in... it smells rather lovely..."
"The royal rug."
> "How dare you!" Some more struggling followed with shouting and a blast of magic from the end of the rub.
> You smirk silently.
> It was nice to enjoy the little things.
> A Queen of an army with the ego of a god, squirming and kicking like a toddler in a rolled up rug because of you?
> That was enjoyable.
> A nice comfortable bed...
> That would be really enjoyable...
> You come to a halt in front of a door, peering down at the map.
> This was it.
> You drop the Queen, earning a muffled grunt of pain from her.
> Without wasting any more time you push past the doors.
> What seemed like millions of swarming black bodies buzzed about the room.
> In the middle of it all was two coats that stood out.
> The pristine white and shining blue.
> You took a step forward, hoping you could just rush in and grab them.
> But the hundreds of clear blue eyes trained on you said otherwise.
> It was times like this you would pull through with something crazy.
> But you had a different idea.
"Goddess of the wind! I summon thee!"
> You hated saying that.
> The Changelings shared looks silently.
> Then, all at once they shared a laugh that was akin to bats shrieking.
> You waited patiently.
> Any second now...
> A Changeling braver than the rest shot forward like a rocket.
> He seemed pretty fast but not fast enough.
> The wind was already picking up.
> Before he could even connect a torrent of wind came from the front of you.
> The Changelings that weren't clinging to walls were blown back instantly, standing no chance against the raw power of the elements.
> "I have heard you Anonymous and I have come to answer your call!"
> The Changelings reeled back; searching for the source of the voice which came from everywhere.
"That's cool and all, but I need to rescue Luna and Celestia right now..."
> "Oh... that's no issue."
> The ballrooms doors leading to the garden swung open.
> The Changelings were instantly sucked out of the room, leaving it empty save for the princesses in mere seconds.
> Phew.
> You weren't keen on calling upon for her help but you really just wanted to get back to bed right now.
> You lumber over to the princesses, towering over them.
> They were chained together, duct tape placed over the eyes and mouths.
> You rip the tape off of both girls, earning pained shouts from them.
"Hey, you're the ones who got caught." You simply say.
> "Thank you for your assistance Anonymous." Celestia muttered.
> "Oh, it's simply you." Luna grunted.
> She was still upset that you had tried to play 'god' according to her.
> You think she was upset that you won in the end.
> Oh well.
> You look over the chains.
"What do you want me to do about the chains?"
> Both sisters peered down at the chains for a second.
> In one swift motion they broke them with ease.
> Oh...
> Simple enough.
> It seemed as if Chrysalis wasn't as much of a threat as you thought.
> Before you left it to the girls though...
"Have either of you seen Will?"
> "Can't say I have..." Luna muttered before galloping out of the room.
> Celestia sighed heavily.
> "I'm sorry Anon, but I can't help right now. I've got other problems to deal with."
> Without so much as a 'thank you' she galloped away as well, leaving you all alone.
> There goes Pinkies sick little fantasy, whatever it had been.
> You shrug and lumber over to the roll of rug.
> Maybe she would know...
> No answer...
> You grunt and nudge it with your foot.
> "What..." Chrysalis spat.
"I'm looking for a Minotaur named Iron Will, did any of yours go after him?"
> A heavy sigh came from the rug. "We did fight a Minotaur earlier, he took down three of my squadrons..."
> That sounded like Will.
"Great, where is he?"
> "I have no idea..."
> You sneer silently.
> "Last I had seen of him, he moved off somewhere into the middle of the town."
> You opened your mouth to say something but the ground beneath you rumbled.
> Just subtly...
> It had almost gone unnoticed...
> Almost.
> It rumbled again.
> A low chuckle came from the rug roll.
> "As if I wouldn't have an ace in the hole..."
> The ground rumbled again in response.
> The thought of a large Manticore rushing you flashed through your mind briefly.
> You clutch your head, backing away from the roll.
> Why did that hurt to think about?
> You ignore the pain, the rumbling growing louder.
> "Tell me human. Do you like Dragons?"
That's it for tonight, I will be on tomorrow at 10:30 PM USA-Eastern time.

I know it's very late but I promise my return. I will try and keep the thread alive but I can do very little on that, if anybody else is willing to help, be my guest.

Otherwise, throw out some suggestions for things you'd like to see in the story this run around, I'd love to hear them.
Almost forgot.
The first updated bin.

And, Ubermensch's theme.

Though if you have something that you feel is better, feel free too post it. I don't judge Anons.
Autist. First of, FUCK YES. I thought this day would never come.

Secondly, is ''The Doctor'', the Doctor Whooves or the doctor that was healing Anon before?

Either way, fuck yes to this story. I <3 u.

Also Anon needs a waifu. Please not Derpy, she's too generic waifu.
Doc that was healing anon I'm assuming.
>not derpy
I get the feeling it's going to become a three way between Derpy, Cardio, and THE GOD OF THE FUCKING WIND SINCE APPARENTLY SHE'S NOW HIS NUMBER ONE FAN
I need to see the spaghetti she spills around him, from what little we've seen of her she seems the type.
Tbh I find the wind godess fangirling over Anon really cute. One of the parts that makes this story 10/10.
Even though I'm an avid watcher of DW, It's The Doctor that was healing Anon before hand.

As for relationships, I have something planned that'll work out in the end. Derpy is too close a character to just drop out of the blue know what I mean?

Though if what I have planned works out the way I think it does, relationships will be irrelevant.
dont die bump
bed bump
I remember this
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>> "Tell me human. Do you like Dragons?"
Sure do.
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Just read the first two chapters. This is pretty good stuff, man.
shit gets crazy later.
>relationships will be irrelevant
I'm not to stoked for that. I'm all for him becoming a god king or something like that but taking away a man's hart leaves him empty.

>too generic
Don't listen to this faggot. >>25345867 Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. (ya i'm bias as hell for mai waifu)

As for ideas. hmm he does seem to not really like the ruckus caused by his now friends but maybe he will realize it's better than the alternative.

or lol what if he makes a deal with chrysalis to travel out to her layer and give her some loven'(non sexually) if she stops attacking. seeing an angry and jealous derpys could be moving/scarytoo.

fighting blind is a good trope.

what if he has to fight off or prevent a human invasion and spoiling of or even them learning of equestria or act as a emissary. He did get here somehowff. Hero or not his friends and other ponies may see him in a different light or he would have to suffer the consequences if they learned how bad some humans be. racism. Don't you fucking send him home permanently.

maybe sent back to our shitty world for a while with a pony. has to deal with people thinking he was dead and homelessness while trying to hide his pony and keep the world from scaring her.

armor could be useful if not cumbersome.

damn it's late. got to sleep
>hide his pony
hide the pony

fucking Freudian slip.
Ch. 2 of the second story. I'm liking the whole Doc Savage/science hero Anon thing. Usually shit like that would leave me screaming "Sue", but damned if Anon doesn't earn his buffs the hard way.
I like some of those ideas. The human thing is a little iffy, as I would have to make that a story arch without delving into another story entirely or jumping away from the focus of the story.

Though I may keep that in mind for another story all together.

As for ascension, I have no idea what I'm doing with it. I've got three different ways this story could end planned out.

Though I do plan on keeping this more lighthearted with bursts of heavy emotion this run, there will be some pretty neat story arch's this time.
>Though I do plan on keeping this more lighthearted with bursts of heavy emotion

Fuck yes
Glad you're enjoying it man.
Especially glad you see the point of it, that he's supposed to be a sue not by writers laziness, but by his own hardwork.
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Respostin my old OC
bump again
Quick update.
Gonna have to move writefag time back an hour, so I.'all be on around 11:30 pm tonight, Usa-eastern of course.

Tomorrow I'll be updating very early, around 9am to 11pm.

Sunday I'll be on practically all day, I've got nothing scheduled.
bump yet again
Holy shit my schedules out of sack, I'll be on in the next 2 hours to write.
Right? Like Teddy Roosevelt. Won a war, fought a bear, shrugged off a gunshot wound, rode a goddamn moose, dug the Panama canal, bare knuckle boxer, studied judo before it was cool, and was also president. You could never sell that guy as a believable character, but he really did all of that.
> You steady yourself, the rumbling heavier than before.
> It was unsettling...
> Dragons?
> What did she mean by Dragons?
> A low chuckle came from the roll of rug again.
> "I can't wait~!" She sing-songed.
"What is going on?"
> "Like I would tell you."
> You groaned; not even wanting to attempt interrogation with this mare-bug thing.
> Whatever was coming it was coming now.
> A gust of subtle wind came through the room.
> The light tickling of your nose elicited a sneeze.
> "Gesundheit."
> You peer at the presence next to you.
> The regal, slender mare stared forward blankly, her pairs of wings folded at her sides.
> You fold your arms over your chest.
> Wait for it...
> The regal mare seemed to find the room more interesting than you.
> Then suddenly her wings shot outwards.
> The size of them forced you to step back with a surprised shout.
> "There's a dragon Anon! A dragon! And you're about to fight it! Oh this is going to be SOOO awesome!"
> Of course.
> Ever since you managed to beat Zoa at her own game she had done two things.
> The first consisted of constant apologies and showering you with gifts.
> And the second...
> Well, after you and her had a talk she had become...
> You watch her smile spread across her face like a filly in the candy shop.
> Obsessed... with your feats.
> Which was odd because whenever you tried to get her to talk about another human she seemed less enthusiastic about them.
> Wait.
> Dragon!?
> Zoa smiled brightly again, her perfect teeth nearly blinding you.
> Another odd thing she started doing was showing actual emotion.
> Aside from smugness and self-satisfaction.
> "Yes! I'm confident you've got a plan, correct?"
> You lower your defense.
"Uhh.... no..."
> She frowned.
> "Oh..."
> She smiled again, becoming eerily more and more like Pinkie Pie.
> "But you're going to go in and fight it anyway right!?"
"I think Celestia, Luna, and every single Element here can hand-"
> "Oh come ooon~ You know want too..."
> "Oh come ooon~ You know want too..."
oh god my sides
she's fucking obsessed
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Same here. This is golden.
File: images (13).jpg (8KB, 293x172px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (13).jpg
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> "Oh stop acting like an undignified fan mare and pop off Zoa."
> Zoa turned to the carpet roll.
> "Oh, never thought I would see the likes of you again Chrysalis..."
> "Must be a pleasure." The roll purred.
> "Wait a minute... Anon you tied her up in a rug?"
> You shrug and pocket your hands.
> You had managed to get your hands on another aviator, this one a woodland brown instead of a light brown.
> She began to laugh hysterically.
> "Oh sweet mother of the cosmos! You actually did do it!"
> You give her a small smile in response; her laughter beginning to infect you.
"Yeah, well it was the closest thing."
> Her laughter died down, allowing her to finally stand up.
> The whole room rumbled this time.
> The two of you stumbled, Zoa giving a less surprised reaction.
> "The Dragon draws near Anonymous, and I can guarantee that the Elements cannot defeat it all on their own."
> You search her for any sign of deceit.
> She had been up to this little game for a couple months now.
> Diamond Dogs invading Ponyville.
> Up to you.
> All of Equestria in danger.
> Up to you.
> The only thing she didn't even bother showing up about was friendship issues, which Twilight and her crew solved in a day.
> There was one time she showed up at your doorstep, claiming that there was a disturbance from your realm, like tons of voices shouting out in rage at once.
> This had happened around the same time Scootaloo and her friends had gotten their Cutie Marks.
> You sigh; running a hand down your face.
"I-I'm going to have to do this aren't I? There is no such thing as a simple day is there?"
> "If you do this Anon. I can bring one of the clouds from my realm; they make excellent pillows."
> That sounded promising.
"Deal. But leave me alone for the next three days after this okay? I need some rest."
> Zoa muttered something about you before she agreed.
> You wanted to poke further but you decided not too.
> It was time to get this over with.
"Chrysalis stay here will ya'..."
Agreed. I love this new Zoa.
File: 1418429165182.png (64KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> There was one time she showed up at your doorstep, claiming that there was a disturbance from your realm, like tons of voices shouting out in rage at once.
> This had happened around the same time Scootaloo and her friends had gotten their Cutie Marks.

This keeps getting better and better, I might die of kek overdose.
File: download (30).jpg (7KB, 251x201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (30).jpg
7KB, 251x201px
> You didn't even bother to listen to the rug roll.
> You took off, the world turning into a blur around you.
> You had been in Canterlot a couple of times.
> As much as you had been to the castle of course.
> So you knew your way around here a little bit.
> The ground rumbled again; nearly going unnoticed in your sprint.
> You crash through the garden bushes; the branches and vines whipping at your face.
> You had come to simply ignore pain after a certain point.
> You break through the garden; skidding to a stop at the castle wall.
> Even with your large stature it had a good foot on you.
> Which you easily hopped.
> You touched down in an alley; splashing a puddle and startling a bunch of hiding cats.
> With a screech they scattered; their furry bodies going everywhere.
> On your way in the city had looked like a warzone.
> Changelings and guards everywhere, most of them would have been better off fighting you.
> Luckily there were no casualties so far as you knew.
> Defeating this dragon would probably keep it that way.
> You head down the alleyway; ignoring the smell of week old garbage and dirty water.
> You stop and peer around the corner.
> Two Changelings chased down a unicorn foal.
> Big nerdy glasses.
> Magic cape.
> Yep, it was a student at the local magic academy.
> One of the Changelings tackled the kid, managing to pin her under it.
> "Hel-"
> She was silenced as it shoved a hoof in her mouth.
> It hissed at her; its horn beginning to hum with a green glow.
> You sigh and step from your hiding spot; the other Changeling noticing.
> It hissed; buzzing its wings in anticipation.
> You sigh raising your arms in exasperation.
> You just wanted to sleep...
> The Changeling pinning the student took notice of you.
> The one that had noticed you first shot foward; hardly giving you enough time to notice the black blur.
> You side-step....
> The Changeling had been moving too fast; already zipping past you.
> You lazily reached out and grabbed hold of its tail; halting its progress.
> With no effort you sling it backwards.
> It crashed into its buddy pinning the student; both of them disappearing in a mess of tangled limbs.
> Weird, hole-riddled, limbs.
> You lumber over to the kid.
> It wasn't a foal yeah that much was true, but it may as well been the size of one.
> Like really, this kid was smaller than pipsqueak.
> She sniffled to herself silently; oblivious to your presence.
> She was examining her glasses, which had been broken during the struggle.
> A crack straight down the middle.
> She suddenly became alerted of your presence; whirling around with panic etched on her face.
> She relaxed.
> "Oh..." Her voice was so high pitched it nearly hurt your ears just listening to her talk.
> "It's just you..."
> You give her the warmest smile you can muster.
"Just me..."
> She smiled.
> Then she frowned; looking back at her glasses.
> "Those idiot Changelings broke my glasses..." She muttered.
> You kneel down and take them from her.
> Looking them over you frown.
> Aside from the crack and a bent leg, they were fine.
> But something was telling you this filly had little to spare.
File: download (29).jpg (12KB, 212x237px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (29).jpg
12KB, 212x237px
> She frowned; watching you look over her glasses with a nosy expression.
> She probably got a lot of flak at school for wearing specs the size of dinner plates.
> In your opinion it would be a good thing if these were broken.
> But hey...
> You sigh slipping the glasses back on her.
> You were quite well known now, almost on par with the Elements in terms of fame.
> So of course this wasn't a problem; trying to comfort a filly.
> You smile at her and pat her head.
"You know, back on earth..."
> They always seemed to love it when you talked about your planet.
> Not at first, because you had started off with wars, sickness, and just about everything else.
> But eventually they warmed up to the ideas.
"There was a hero adored by thousands. He wore glasses that he broke quite a bit as well."
> "Was it you?"
> You chuckle.
"Nah... I was never really into him. But I always heard about him, he was a wizard, used magic just like you."
> The filly smiled softly.
"Dude defeated tons of ridiculous things, like Werewolves and stuff."
> The fillys mood did a turnaround. She frowned, lowering her head. "I bet he was big and strong though, like you..."
> You blow air through your nose.
"Not at all, dude was scrawny, thin as a twig. But he showed most people that no matter what you do you can wi-"
> Another Changeling charged you; appearing from seemingly nowhere.
> You simply slap it out of the way, its unconscious form spiraling into a wall.
"Win no matter what."
> You get up and stretch.
> "Charm caster."
"Charm, get back home and tell your parents to lock the doors. I've got-"
> The whole town began to rumble violently.
> The buildings around you; shaken to their very core began to let some rubble loose.
> A loud roar accompanied the violent rumble.
> All at once; the Changelings that were left began to flee, taking to the skies.
> A large figure rose to full height in the middle of the town.
> Its shadow fell over the two of you slowly.
> Within seconds the sun was blotted out by the sheer size of the creature in the middle of the city.
> Wonderful...
"Go now Charm..."
> The filly complied; gathering up her saddlebags and galloping away.
> She was close enough to the castle that she would be fine on her own now.
> Besides...
> From the looks of it the Changelings were leaving the city to the mercy of the figure looming over the town.
> A gust of wind tickled your ear.
> "Amazing speech!"
> "Seriously, I had shivers when you-"
> Zoa stopped.
> She gave you a loop-sided smile.
> "Yeesss?" She purred.
> You point to the rising figure in disbelief.
"Can't you take it down or something?"
> She frowned; creasing her eyebrows in confusion.
> "But Anon..."
> If she said it you would seriously...
> "That's literally no sweat for you..."
> You internally scream.
> You pinch the bridge of your nose; closing your eyes for a second.
> When you opened them, she was gone...
> Rage increasing....
> You ignore the eccentric goddess and turn back to the figure.
> Good news was that Celestia, Luna, and the Elements were most likely focused on it right now.
> Bad news...
> The Changelings were all leaving...
> If they weren't staying to help out...
> Just how bad was this thing?
> Oh well, your question would be answered shortly enough.
> You lower your head and begin sprinting.

> You are Rainbow Dash.
> You let out a shout, just barely avoiding the creatures column of fire.
> "Dash be careful!" Twilight shouted, her horn glowing with lavender energy.
> Rarity stood behind her, filing her hooves.
"Rarity aren't you going to help!?"
> "Seriously!?" AJ shouted; bucking away a stray changeling.
> Most of them had taken off, but a couple were staying for some reason.
> "Hm... you girls have got this. Besides, I can't get any of that soot in my lovely mane, bad enough that..." She shivered silently. "Goo got in..."
> You groan; barely avoiding becoming roasted.
> You flatten your wings and point your body downwards.
> The wind whipped your face and ran through your mane as you dove towards the ground, your wings keeping you in steady control of your movements.
> The Dragon seemed to have lost sight of you, turning its attention to the nearest building.
> It went to work; smashing the bell tower like it was nothing.
> This thing was huge...
> Its head alone was about the size of the rainbow factory at Cloudsdale.
> It was just unnatural!
> You halt your glide by flapping your wings as fast as you could.
> Rounding about the Dragons head you get in just close enough to tap his cheek.
> He let out a frustrated roar, obviously upset that he couldn't hit The Dash.
> You let out a light-hearted laugh, aiming too increase your speed.
> This guy was just too slow...
> And once Twilight got that spell charged up, you would laugh right in its stupi-
> "Dash!"
> A weight suddenly appeared in your hooves.
> You look down, seeing Pinkie hooked to your grip.
"What the- Pinkie!"
> "I just needed too say..."
> "Watch out!"
> You look up just in time too see the incoming tower.
> With a shout you pull to the right, just barely hitting the building.
> The Dragon let out a roar.
> Sweet Celestia! Your eardrums felt like they just burst...
> Twilight shouted something from the ground, Fluttershy and AJ racing over to her.
> She seemed to be preparing something...
> The Dragon seemed to loose interest in you again, narrowing its eyes on the girls gathered just before it.
> With a roar it cocked its fist back.
> Wait...
> No...no...no!
> You snap your wings shut, trying to get to the girls in time.
> From your peripheral you could see a green blur rushing towards them as well.
> Changeling!
> The Dragons fist shot forward, slamming onto the girls below.
> What seemed like an explosion sent you and Pinkie tumbling out of the air.
> You landed in a hay pile, the hay providing just barely enough cushion for the landing.
File: images (14).jpg (5KB, 299x169px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (14).jpg
5KB, 299x169px
> You poke your head out of the hay, spitting out the delicious yellow straw.
> Pinkie had gotten luckier, somehow landing slumped over a streetlamp.
> She looked fine save for a cut on her cheek.
> She was lucky that was all that happened...
> You suddenly realized what happened to your friends, glancing back out of fear.
> The Dragons massive fist still rest in the same spot.
> It let out a loud guffaw, throwing his head back in victory.
> You began to see red.
> Your friends...
> Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, Fluttershy.
> They were dead because of this dumb thing!
> You let out a warcry; bursting from the hay.

> Sweat trickled down your fore-head.
> You try and fix your labored breathing, struggling against the force pressing from overhead.
> You are Anonymous.
> And every muscle in your body was screaming in pain right now.
> When you had gotten here the Dragon had been fixing to smash the girls.
> Luckily Twilight put up a shield just in time.
> ... With you as the base.
> When the fist connected the shield made the attack non-lethal but it still hurt like hell.
> You press against the shield, the weight of the creatures arm pushing against you and the shield.
> Twilight struggled to hold it as well, the strength putting too much strain on her mentally.
> You needed to come up with something fast.
> You nearly slipped, dropping your position.
> You moved and this whole shield would shatter like glass.
> You were the sole-reason it was still alive.
> Your arms quivered against the force pressing on the shield, begging for a break from this mind-numbingly painful task.
> No...
> You would not quit.
> "I-I can't hold it anymore..." Twilight grunted.
> You simply growl in response.
> No point in wasting your breath.
> Slowly cracks started to develop at the top...
I can already see a scene coming down the line
I was going to update more, but computer got all screwy. If the problem is resolved tomorrow morning at 9, I'll update then
Aww yiss!
Muh delicious green!
Nightly bump.
Personally, I want Anon to fuck the wind god.

>Zoa. Where's my suit?
>"I definately was NOT sniffing the delicate scent of your human loins like the race traitor I am."
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bump before bead. lets watch some ponies later. k?
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Damn it, stop taking my sides Anon!
I'm not so sure puking is acceptable. Could be a sign that you're in critical health.
> "Come on Twi, keep the shield up!" AJ shouted.
> Well you think she did.
> The world was starting to fade around you.
> Your heartbeat pounded in your ears, blackness slowly creeping into your vision.
> The pressure above was not letting up.
> You fold your knees; trying to put less pressure on your legs.
> It did very little...
> You were beginning to develop tunnel vision...
> Purple.
> Red.
> Black.
> It all began to blend together.
> Hm...
> You couldn't seem too feel your legs.
> Infact.
> You couldn't feel anything.
> You felt like a ghost; peering up through a velvet tinted window.
> The girls voices tickled just beyond your senses.
> What were they even saying?
> You couldn't understand their gibberish.
> White lights began to fill your vision; flashing in your face.
> It pulsated; moving in rhythm along with your heartbeat.
> How long did he plan on holding his fist down?
> Your knees buckled, sending you to the ground.
> The shield lowered with you; earning frantic gasps from the girls.
> You fall backwards; the shield lowering as well.
> You managed to keep your arms out though...
> They were your last support of the shield.
> Rarity screamed something in your ear but you couldn't make it out.
> All you could see was the fist just above you and the girls…
> Ready to seal your fate.
> The shield suddenly lowered.
> Just as the fist began to raise away.
> What just happened?
> The sunlight and pristine buildings took your vision again.
> Well what was left of it, the blackness was just now creeping away.
> The pressure was gone, no more purple bubble, no more looming, impending doom.
> You let your arms flop to the ground.
> Fluttershy and AJ appeared in your vision.
> They said something to you, but all you could hear was your own heart pounding.
> It had been eight months since you felt this body-racking pain.
> And...
> It made you fell alive!
> You had almost forgotten what this felt like!
> Your hearing came back first..
> "Uhhh... Ahnon, why are you smiling like that?"
> Eight months...
> Felt like years...
> The feeling of being drained faded away.
> The thoughts of beds and just getting home dispersed.
> You had only one thing on your mind now...
> Taking on this Dragon...
> "A-are you okay?" Fluttershy asked, leaning in.
> "Do ya' think he went brain dead?" AJ muttered.
> You reach up and grab the mares hooves, startling them.
"It's been so long..."
> You slowly pick yourself up; the mares watching your massive frame tower over them.
"Finally... worthy opposition..."
> You peel off your jacket, leaving you in your blue jeans, light boots, and grey tank top.
> You sling the jacket back at Rarity, earning a surprised squeal from her.
> Without another word you step past the two girls.
> You focused on the towering form over you.
> It seemed like Dash was keeping it distracted in the meantime.
> And you had no idea how to take this thing down.
> You smile again.
> But you were going to try.
Electricity could go off any moment, going to post once more and then work on the rest of this chapter tonight.
> You should start by getting up to its head somehow.
> You examine its scaly skin.
> If you could get a good grip in between them...
> Climbing its back would be no problem.
> You round around the Dragons legs, its ankle roughly the size of the town hall back in Ponyville.
> When you managed to get behind it you skidded to a stop and leapt onto the back of its ankle.
> You dig your fingers in between the scales, a sharp pain nipping at the creases of your fingers.
> You really needed to get gloves...
> You dig your boots into the creases of the other scales.
> Slowly you begin to scale the Dragons leg, going unnoticed courtesy of Dash.
> As you made your way up the Dragon let out a loud roar.
> Dash divebombed towards her friends, drawing the attention away.
> Twilight was just picking herself up.
> Felt a vibration run up the Dragons leg.
> It had been so powerful it had nearly thrown you off.
> But you clutched tighter and packed yourself even closer than before.
> Not letting up one bit.
> You wanted too... no you NEEDED too defeat this thing!
> You sling your arm over and pull yourself upwards, gravity and the creatures violent vibrations fighting against you.
> Way above a column of fire burst forth from the creatures mouth.
> It was directed at Twilight this time...
> You freeze, watching with anticipation.
> She struggled to get up, her horn flaring with energy.
> The fire engulfed her before she could do anything...
> As well as all of the others in the vicinity.
> The Dragon trailed its fire down the street engulfing everything it could with its raw elemental power.
> You weren't having any of that...
> You dig your hand into a scale, flattening the palm.
> And then, with all of your strength you began to pull it away...
> It was most likely akin to a flea biting a dog but you definitely caught its attention...
> Smoke bellowed from its nostrils as it turned to you, craning its long neck to get a look at its leg.
> You furrow your brow in response.
>Electricity could go off any moment
What why?
Just forgot to pay the bill. No big deal man, I'll be on late tonight though as I got work soon anyway.

And because today is a pretty slow day I'll leave you guys with a list of what you should expect too see in this run around.

This time we're delving into world building, character building, and basically 'better' adventures all around.
Do not read from here on out if you're more interested in waiting it out.
And yes... I'm keeping this vague on purpose.

>No limits.
>Possible inter-dimensional travel.
>A siblings return.

Like I said, vague on purpose. Interpret it as you will.

And that's not all of it, just a tad bit of it.
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