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Satyr Abomination Thread #135: Abominations of Abominations Edition

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>What is this thread about?
Half human and half pony/other Equestrian species offspring.
>What are the rules?
There are no thread specific rules, do what you want.
>What is the continuity (world/characters/attributes)?
Whatever you want it to be. Everything is a variable, there are no absolutes. Characters, names, genders, personalities, relationships, backgrounds, writing style, genre. If you want to know the common headcanons of certain characters, read some stories or ask the thread.

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Story by Parent:
http://pastebin.com/qFf46ep5 (embed)
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http://pastebin.com/RFgtrECq (embed)
Satyrs by Parent:
http://pastebin.com/uBqbm6eq (embed)

Need some proofing done? Or want to throw ideas around?
Add one of the Skypes below!
Is there a full nude edit of this?
Sadly, no. Just the lingerie covered version
looks like her legs have melted
Having pitch black "skin" doesn't mix well with shadows... On the other hand, all those extra holes... https://derpiboo.ru/877294?scope=scpe13418e3342a7916149d209ed4808e01ca319e6e1
It's not really skin, I guess it would be more like chitin? Or some sort of smooth black leathery hide. Whatever changelings have.
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Does it matter?
Not particularly, it's just an interesting thing to ponder.
... Dj should do more of these
Yes, that's very unf.
Are you too retarded to keep it in one thread?
This OP pic is better
Sterks did a Ivy
Huh, you think that chitin chafes in bed? Like Turians, only with cute bug girls.
In what way do you mean?
If it chafes her, or chafes you while sleeping with her?
Chafes her partner. If it chafed HER, then I'm pretty sure that would be a cause for concern. Like if sitting still caused your back to chafe against your skin.
That's your opinion.
I don't see why it would chafe you. It's not like you're wearing her on you or anything. If it's chitin, it's probably fairly smooth and firm.
Reminder that this thread should die out as the other one has more responses and having two active ones at the same time makes us look like autists.
Oh, I meant during sex. Two bodies rubbing against each other.
What are the most cute and comfy greens this thread has to offer?
Hmm, depends. Do you mean cute and comfy like romance, cute and comfy like sibling love (not pervy), or cute and comfy like parental love?
Nah, I imagine her pussy would have to be a bit softer in order to allow her partner entry without chafing. As for the rest, I would imagine not more so than with two humans having sex for hours. Go on long enough, and you'll probably get chafed.

Also, if chafing was an issue, you could always just rub lube on whichever of her chitinous parts chafed.
For some reason, reading this felt more cute than lewd.
>Radiance massaging lotion into Mistake's thighs before having some slow and sweet sex in the missionary position.
... Daw
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Darcy stand.png
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Guys, does anyone know who drew pic related?
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Anybody want a milkshake?
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Do Daily or Nobby still lurk?
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Is it a good thing or bad that these two don't get as much... "spotlight" as other couples?
Parent (no incest)
>No incest
Well, when you mentioned "cute and comfy", assumed. Anyway, here's a few I would recommend.

Kinda long with a lot of focus on the kids: http://pastebin.com/NDnikcX8

More parts, but you'll have to look through his pastebin for them: http://pastebin.com/xW2P7ECJ

Makes you think incest, but does NOT go through with it: http://pastebin.com/yzKcJ2r9

Unless you have a pet peeve of people saying "poppa" instead of "papa", this one should be a nice series of shorts: http://pastebin.com/mPBvXLnU

Gets naughty at the end: http://pastebin.com/hyA9F7RK
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cut it down.jpg
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What did she do?
She cannot tell a lie. In a fit of jealousy at the attention her much younger cousin was getting for planting her first apple tree, she cut it down. She sincerely apologizes, wishes Cider would forgive her, and awaits punishment... Also, she smashed, like, two barrels of apples with the axe afterwards for funsies.

Darcy can't help but go a little crazy from time to time.

Cut it down, cut it down!
Can't hold it back any more.
Cut it down, cut it down!
Turn away and smash the door.
>Darcy going through her "Thorn" years
>Thorn herself watches it as a babby(?)
>This is where she gets the idea to be hardcore
Darcy, you're setting a bad example that will have lasting effects.
I like the idea of mischievous Darcy.
Mischievous crazy, mischievous nauuughty (like that one guy from Courage the Cowardly god), or mischievous pranker?
I was thinking getting a kick out of destroying something for no particular reason other than that it's fun mischievous. Maybe even slightly sadistic, taking delight in others' shock and annoyance when they see the damage she did.
Or wearing scandalously short short shorts in front of her uncle Anon.

That too. But that came later, when her mind started to become occupied with other things than transforming the furniture into firewood.
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>"Hey uncle, is that a wrench in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Because I actually do need a wrench."
Is this new? Looks good.
File: unzips dick.png (767KB, 762x1042px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
unzips dick.png
767KB, 762x1042px
"You can use my wrench any day, babe."
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>Anon walks up behind her and places a firm slap on her behind, cupping her ass.
"No, that'd be my boner, but I can get you a wrench if you'd like."
>Darcy smirks and rolls her eyes, having got used to the man's unorthodox ways of showing affection long ago.
>"Thank you, Uncle, that'd be much apprec-"
"But I'll want something in return."
>Anon slipped a thumb into the waistband of her shorts and winked at her.
>Several seconds passed before Anon began laughing unexpectedly, pulling away from the satyr.
"Ha ha, wow. You're as fun as ever to tease, kid. I'll go get you that wrench."
Why you messing with Darcy, mang? She all shy and blushy and shit. Maaaang
That's just the way her Uncle Anon is. He has odd ways of showing affection that may seem inappropriate to some, but rest assured that he'll break the legs of anybody that hurts his beloved niece. Any rumours of him having been a cartel enforcer on Earth are pure slander and totally unfounded.
You guys ever miss the old writefags? Drinking and feeling nostalgic.
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All the time, mostly because they would either bring GOOD smut that would get the horny bastards satisfied for a while ir family stuff that would just... Feel great. Now, off topic.
>pic related

Would you waifu coffee horse?
Anyone still here? Need help with a headcanon regarding Minotaurs. Would you say they have russian accents, fitting with the whole husky giants thing, or nah?
They sound like uneducated scum with the vocabulary of six year olds, so yes, I suppose Russian would be okay.
>So much hate
Who hurt you, Anon? Was it a Minotaur?
Das a big butt. Yes.
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We need more mer stuff
I'd like them more if Aria's children had names to match Sonata's and Adagio's themes. Adagio's are based on classical music terminology, Sonata's are based off the sea, nut then Aria's based off of the two band members off of an obscure death metal band? It's pretty haring.
Huh? Aria's are after the ocean, Sonata's are a ref to Pokemon and a band, and Adagio's are a music terminology and a singer for a band.
That just makes it even more disjointed and chaotic then.
>Birthday in Equestria
>Setting the timer for the snacks, you move to go check on the girls' present when you hear a groan.
>Moving to the living room, you see Timber hiding a can of silly string behind his back, Fluttershy squealing as he fakes another grunt.
>With a soft smile, you watch Rose walk to him.
>"Mom? Is Timber okay?"
>You can see the small smile on her face, causing you to snicker.
>Fluttershy goes to examine her son as you hear steps come up behind you.
>She leans in.
>"I taught him this."
>Continuing to hide, you watch Timber fake a gag.
>"Ohhh, mom, I don't-"
>He pulls back, brings his silly string in front of his mouth, and looks to Rose
>You snort as your little girl screams, hands in front of her face as she smiles.
>"Ewwww! M-Mooom! Haha!"
>Fluttershy gasps and gives her son a stern look, not happy at the lil prank.
"Oh boy."
>Ace steps out.
>"Timber, are you- HURK!"
>She reaches into her back pocket and pulls out two cans, spraying Timber and Rose.
>The three kids just laugh, Rose running to hug Timber's side, hiding behind him to avoid the spray.
>Ace hands a can to Rose, who meekly takes it before spraying her.
>Timber sprays Rose, Ace sprays Timber, and Rose sprays Ace.
>Thus,the cycle of shooting is completed.
>As they keep doing this, Fluttershy's annoyed look softens.
>No one is looking, so you resume your check up.
>Giving a quick look around, you open the closet door as quietly as possible.
"One, two, three, four..."
>Moving one of the bigger presents out of the way, you see Rose's.
>Good, everyone's presents are here for Flora and Fauna.
>Food is ready to be grilled, snacks are being prepared, and the entertainment is on his way.
>Closing the door, you move to the staircase.
"Flora! Fauna! Ivy! are you all ready?"
>You hear a door open and quickly slam shut, two sets of hooves running coming from above.
>Soon, the two girls are rushing down the stairs in matching dresses.
>Opening your arms, they jump into them.
>You hug them, lifting them up and lightly shaking left and right.
>The two five year-olds laugh, holding on tight.
>Setting them down, Flora lets go, but Fauna clings.
>"Again! One more time!"
>Chuckling, you re-grab Flora and do a quick shake hug.
>Letting them down, they run to the living room.
>You chuckle as you see the damage.
>Some string on the couch, definitely on the kids, and even some on the banner.
>Moving towards the culprits, you extend a hand.
"Can I see one of those?"
>Rose is the first to offer her can.
>Rubbing her head, you take it.
>You decide to finish the job, giving the banner a nice little design.
"Hmm. thoughts?"
>Ace rubs her chin.
>"Well, it's simple."
>The 14 year-old girl knows not how simple it is to please kids.
>Timber tries to spray as well, but his string barely hits the bottom, leaving a "web" under on part.
>You chuckle.
"Eh, gives it character."
>Your son smiles at this.
>Handing the can back to Rose, you peck her forehead.
"Thank you, sweetie."
>She waits a moment before spraying your face.
>Eyes closed, you still smile.
>The twins laugh at this, hugging your legs.
>Wiping off the string, you try to walk with the two leg weights.
>They cling, making sure to hold on tight.
>Moving to the kitchen, you see Fluttershy getting some pony food ready.
>Between the two of you, you've covered every base.
>... Hopefully.

>Every base.
>Watching with the other adults as the kids play tag outside, you can see Pinkie and her husband coming up the hill.
>Meaning their kids aren't far behind.
>Pogo is the first of their kids to come into view, carrying two BIG boxes.
>You're almost worried what he got them.
>Next come Mumble, Fiddle, and Faddle.
>Pinkie's twins are being held by back their older sister, who has a hand on each head.
>The two pink girls are carrying a thing box each.
>As you watch, it once again dawns on you how spoiled your kids are going to get today.
>Four times every year.
>You always forget until the actual day, but you eventually remember.
>Waving to the family, Pinkie bounces to wave back as her husband returns the simple gesture.
>Soon, the couple are in front of you all.
>Pinkie bounces to hug you, then Fluttershy.
>"Sorry we're late! Pogo needed help getting his presents aaall wrapped up!"
>Speaking of, the boy in question drop the presents with the others.
>Yet they are falling as if in slow motion.
>What did he put in them?
>As you question that, you hear a squeal from the kids.
>Quickly turning back, you see Fiddle and Faddle rushing Flora and Fauna.
>The two pairs of twins meet in a jumping hug, your girls lifting them up slightly in the air.
>You chuckle.
>Those two just love their twin friends.
>As you watch the sight, you hear a soft throat clear.
>Turning to face it, you see Mumble, plain faced and standing tall.
>"Hello, Mr. Shy."
>You nod, knowing where this is going.
"Well hello, Mumble."
>She takes a moment to respond.
>"Not to seem rude, but is-"
>You point to the house.
"Inside playing Mario Kart with Ace."
>You see a very soft lip twitch.
>"I see, thank you."
>She excuses herself then walks inside.
>You chuckle.
>Nothing like watching a childhood crush.
>All the cuteness of a regular one without the drama.
>Turning back to the kids, you see Pogo leading the kids in a game.
>It's an adorable sight.
>Looking at the time, you figure you'll give them another fifteen minutes before calling out the entertainment.

>Laughing, you and the rest of the adults watch as the small kids chase around "Venom".
>Your brother made it clear you owed him for this.
>Your sister-in-law made it clear you did not.
>Watching this, you KNOW you owe him.
>He continues to run, his wife still pretending to be hurt.
>You can see her costume shake and jump a bit.
>She's enjoying this as much as you are.
>Sighing, finally calming down, you see Pogo jump for him.
>He misses, but does a front flip, landing in front of him.
>Your brother tries to brake, but to no avail.
>He slides right into a bear hug and is brought down.
>Soon all the kids; pony, human, and satyr are holding down Venom.
>You can hear Pogo calling from the center of the pile.
>A few of the parents get their laughing fit back, but you remain calm.
>Sighing, you decide to go check on the kids inside.
>Stepping into Timber's room, you can see it is very full.
>Many of the older kids who didn't want to play with the smaller ones are piled in.
"You all okay in here?"
>You are met with a near chorus of content.
>Icarus seems to be the only one to speak out.
>"Can we get some more snacks?"
"Give it a few minutes. Still cooking."
>Darn kids finished everything you had within a couple hours
>You didn't take into account the many kids going through growth spurts.
>All those stuffed mushrooms, lil pizza pockets, flavored popcorns; devoured.
>You aren't making the same mistake with dinner, you pulled out a number of extra steaks.

>Too many steaks.
>You pulled out too many steaks.
>How could you forget that a lot of the kids are vegetarian?
>Still, your brother doesn't seem to mind.
>His wife hugs him, hands wrapped around his waist, head leaning into his chest.
>He sighs, returning the hug.
>You know deep down some part of him enjoyed being chased by kids.
>Finishing up the last of the grilling, you set the meat aside and go to find your babies.
>The birthday girls are surrounded by their friends, talking about cartoons and games.
>Ivy is keeping an eye on her brother, who is following Ace around like a lost puppy.
>You know she doesn't mind it too much, but you are worried he might get too attached.
>Memories of your first crush on an older girl flood back.
>For a kid, the ending is never fun.
>Looking for Rose, she is following Timber, trying to sheepishly avoid bumping into anyone.
>Your wife is with her friends, talking about what, you're not sure.
>Leaving you all by your lonesome.
>That is until a hand places itself on your shoulder.
>Turning back, you are met with a hug, followed by another.
>Your brother and his wife are in front of you.
>"It's been fun, but we gotta get going."
>You look to the sun, just barely setting.
"You sure? You'll miss the birthday cake."
>He chuckles, an arm wrapped around your sister-in-law's shoulder.
>"Yeah. Traffic going through border patrol is going to be hell in a couple hours. We don't wanna be there for that. Got work in the morning, you know?"
>You sigh, knowing better.
"All right, see you for Thanksgiving, all right?"
>He nods, turning to go say his good byes to the kids.
>Walking away, he waves without looking.
>"Take care, lil brother."
>You're gonna miss that scruffy bastard.

>Gently bringing the lighter to the last candle, you hear the crowd start.
"Haaappy birthday, to you. Happy birthday, to you."
>You look around, smiling at the sight.
>True, many of the adults here were only parents of your daughters' friends, but still so many of your own friends are here.
>It's nice, seeing a crowd like this again.
>"Happy birthday, to, you!"
>The two girls both blow out two candles, then share the last one.
>There is a light applause and cheering.
>Soon, your wife leans over to cut them each a slice of cake.
>As she does the same for each of the guests who want one, the girls devour the slices in front of them.
>You know exactly why.
>The moment the cake is finished, they rush for the presents.
>Some parents would say that letting them act like this is bad parenting.
>Those parents can eat a dick.
>Let your little girls enjoy their birthday, before it just becomes another day in the year.
>They deserve it.
>Shaking off that thought, you watch as they literally jump on top of Pogo's presents.
>They struggle to get the bow off, but when they do...
>The box BLOWS open.
>Balloons and confetti filling the air.
>Squealing, the two girls giggle as they pull the boxes over, more confetti spilling out.
>Pulling out their gifts, you watch, curious.
>Inside each box is a pair of skates and safety gear.
>They run to hug Pogo, thanking him profusely.
>Chuckling as they continue to rip open presents, you move towards your wife.
>Hugging her from behind, she leans into you.
>Flora and Fauna react with excitement at each gift.
>You wonder if your parents felt this way, this little pit of warmth.

>Stretching, you watch as Pinkie Pie and her family get ready to leave.
>Flora and Fauna give Fiddle and Faddle a hug each, thanking them for coming,
>Mumble gives Timber a quick hug and says that she'll see him tomorrow, quickly moving towards her parents.
>Pogo lifts Ivy up into a bear hug, making your daughter look uncomfortable.
>Holding Rose in your hands, the girl is getting sleepy.
>Moving towards the door, you shake Pinkie's husband's hand.
"Thanks for coming."
>He nods, holding a plate with cake slices in his hand.
>"Any time. See you all in December."
>You nod, watching the Pie family depart.
>With a soft smile, you close the door.
>Fluttershy, Ivy, Timber, and Ace are already cleaning up.
>Flora and Fauna are playing.
>As soon as you put this sleepy girl to bed, you'll help out your wife.
>THEN put the birthday girls to bed too.
>As you walk upstairs, Rose grumbles.
>She doesn't say anything you can make out, but you know she's fighting sleep.
>Putting into bed fully clothed, she curls up on her bed.
>Stroking her cheek, you cover her up.
"Night sweetie. I love you."
>You peck her head, then head downstairs to help clean up.

>Shuffling a few more bit bills into your hand, you count them out.
>You already promised Ace extra for helping out the whole day, but she REALLY helped out.
>So a little extra on extra wouldn't be too bad.
>Still cheaper than catering.
>Ace counts the bills and is about to speak when you put your wallet away.
>She chuckles and smiles.
>"Wow, thanks Mr. Shy."
>You wave it off.
"You earned it. Thank you for the help, Ace."
>She nods.
>"It's no problem. I like babysitting your kids."
>With a soft smile, you point back.
"Want some cake before you leave?"
>She shakes her head.
>"Nah, wouldn't be able to carry it and fly at the same time."
>As she steps into the night, you see her turn away.
>"See you later, Mr. Shy!"
>With a hop, she takes off.
>Sighing, you stretch.
>Closing the door, you walk inside when you hear some thumps.
>Waiting, you hear more thumps.
"What in the...?"
>Ivy and Timber walk into the living room, looking as confused as you are.
>After a moment, there is a knock on your door.
>Oh... you know who it is.
>Going to open it, there is a hulk of Minotaur in front of you.
>"Ahhh! Friend Anon!"
>You are grabbed into a hug.
>Grunting out, you give a forced chuckle.
"He-Heh, hey, Butch... crushing..."
>He lets go, hands raised.
>"Ohh, my bad, my bad. I did not mean to be hurting you."
>Stepping back, you try to get the feeling back in your arms, smiling all the while.
"It's fine, I know you-"
>Timber interrupts, running.
>"Uncle Butch!"
>He jumps into Butches chest, getting an equally crushing hug.
>"Ahhh! Little Timber! Not so little anymore, eh?!"
>He laughs out loud holding your son.
>Timber can take it a LOT better than you, with his horse half's pain tolerance.
>As Butch lets your son go, his daughter steps out from behind him.
>The little Minotaur girl waves, wearing her usual overalls.
>Timber's smile widens.
>Repeating his jump to Butch, he goes much softer, hugging his old friend.
>"Heh, hi, Timber. Did we miss the party?"
>You nod.
"Sorry, we ended a couple hours ago."
>Butch leans down, entering your house.
>"What? Why so early? Bah, is barely even dark."
>He stands tall, looking around.
>"Now, where are little friends? Uncle Butch has presents and hugs to give."
>You shake your head.
"Sorry, the little ones are in bed. Just me, Timber, Fluttershy, and Ivy."
>Turning to look at Ivy, she is missing.
"Uhhh... Ivy?"
>She comes out of the kitchen, wearing a suit of what looks like make-shift hug armor.
>Butch just laughs it off.
>"Ahh, uncle Butch is being too strong a hugger for you, yeah? Is okay, no hug. I do not want to hurt friend Ivy."
>Ivy gulps and shakes her head, taking quick steps to hug the Minotaur.
>He sighs and pats her back.
>"Heh, I am sorry. I know, I know I am too strong for my own good."
>Fluttershy eventually walks out of the kitchen.
>Even with her knees shaking, she smiles sincerely.
>"H-Hi Butch. It's a little late, isn't it?"
>He snorts, smiling, no longer patting Ivy's back.
>"For you."
>Standing, you can feel everything again.
"For most kids. How long are you in town for, Butch?"
>He looks to you, still smiling.
>"Holly and I will be here tonight and tomorrow all the way until the afternoon. If it's so late, it is okay if we come again tomorrow, yeah?"
>You nod.
"Of course. For now, we were all getting ready for bed."
>Butch nods.
>"Is okay, you all go to bed."
>He grins, looking to Timber and Ivy.
>"You uncle Butch is going to go and paint the town red with excitement!"
>Timber chuckles, hugging him, then his daughter again.
>"Yeah! You'll be here when I get out of school, right?"
>Holly nods.
>"Mhmm. Our train does not come until four. You will be out by then?"
>Timber nods, hugging her again.
>Butch pats Timber's back.
>"Okay then, we have another party tomorrow, for uncle Butch being here."
>You nod.
"Sounds good. See you later, Butch."
>You go over and hug the guy again.
>This time, instead of crushing you, he pats your back.
>"We will be back tomorrow! Have good sleep, friends.
>As Butch leaves, you cross your arms happily.
>Butcher Milk.
>You owe that old bastard more than you can remember.
>"Oh, thank GOD."
>Your smile soon fades.
>"I thought he would never leave."
>Letting off another sigh, this one weary, you look around for anything off.
>There are two extra chairs.
"Come on out, Discord."
>There is a disheartened scoff.
>"Well, you're no fun."
>Walking to Fluttershy, you place your hand on her back.
>Soon, the two extra chairs change shape into Discord and his daughter.
>The little one floats over to your son, a wry smile on her lips.
>"Hi, Timber."
>He shakes a bit, leaning back as she gets closer.
>"H-Ello, Kaos."
>Discord chuckles.
>"Oh, looks like the sins of the father pass on to the son."
>Timber looks to the side of Kaos.
>He chuckles. floating over to you and Fluttershy, completely ignoring Ivy.
>"Oh, nothing. Just expect to be VERY popular when you get taller."
>The Draconequus quickly turns his attention to you and Fluttershy.
>"Pardon our late visit. It's just, well, I heard two of my FAVORITE nieces were having a birthday today, and as much as I wanted to see them..."
>He chuckles, looking to Fluttershy.
>"Well, you know how I hate sharing time."
>Your wife just smiles.
>You know she doesn't see what you see, you know she just sees "Discord the super reformed villain", and you know she isn't interested in him...
>It just still feels like a constant battle with him.
"What do you want, Discord? The girls are asleep."
>He nods, smile fading to a professional hold.
>"Yes yes, but I sadly can't come back tomorrow... unlike your Minotaur friend."
>The Draconequus looks to you.
>"However, I did want to make sure they got their gifts."
>He opens one hand, showing it is empty, then the other, also empty.
>Closing them, he opens them again to show too boxes.
>One with flowers engraved into it, the other with small critters.
>They open to reveal a pair of glasses and butterfly hairpin respectively.
>"Two VERY special gifts for the birthday girl."
>He then grins, a third hand appearing.
>This one opens to reveal a box with a rose imprinted on it.
>"One for our poor forgotten middle child."
>It opens to reveal a moderately sized vial of black nail polish.
>Yet another hand appears.
>"And last, a gift for... well."
>The first three hands disappear, leaving you to quickly grab the boxes.
>Discord floats over to Ivy.
>He takes both her hands in one of his.
>"Our sweet little first born. Like mother like daughter."
>Once again, Ivy looks uncomfortable.
>Discord places his last hand over hers, then lightly lets go.
>When she opens them, there is a seed.
>As Ivy looks confused, he leans in.
>"Plant this outside your house tonight."
>Furrowing your brow, you let go of your wife and step to Ivy's side.
"You know, there was a story like this. It ended with a giant nearly killing a kid."
>Ivy squeals, hiding behind you.
>Discord chuckles.
>"Oh, come now. There won't be any beanstalks or-... well, giant humans."
>That in no way helps.
>About to speak, Timber beats you to it.
>"Um, do I get anything?"
>Discord chuckles.
>"Hmm, well, Kaos had a gift she wanted to give you."
>Looking to your son, you see Kaos lean in to give him a little kiss.
>Timber's cheeks turn a dark shade of red.
>Kaos giggles.
>"It was my first kiss. Not yours though?"
>Before Timber can respond, Discord groans, looking to his hand.
>He pulls the fur back to reveal bare skin and a watch.
>"Oh darn. Looks like our time is up. Come, Kaos! Your, eugh, mother awaits."
>Kaos pouts, a frown crossing her lips.
>"Oh... okay."
>She forces a smile and hugs Timber while still floating.
>"Byeee, Timber."
>The girl gives him another kiss on the cheek and then poofs away.
>Looking to Discord, you are about to speak when he turns away.
>"Tata, Fluttershy."
>He then poofs away as well.
>Scowling, you hear Ivy squeal.
>You turn to her, panic in your eyes.
>"It moved!"
>Taking it, you hug her.
>Holding it, you can feel it shake a bit.
"I'll handle this..."
>Moving to the door, you are gonna crush this thing in the backyard.
>You don't want to risk anything happening to the house, considering this IS chaos magic.
>As you leave, you can hear Fluttershy talking to Timber.
>"So... you kissed someone?"
>Timber is quick to reply.
>"Huh? N-No! That was- no!"
>Sighing, you think Kaos might have said that just to screw with your son.
>She is a good kid, or you thought she was, but hanging around her dad...
>Discord is not the best influence.
>Moving deeper into your VERY open back yard, you drop the seed.
>Looking back, the house is very tiny from here.
>Raising your foot, you feel something... off.
>The seed moves a bit more, this time slower.
>There is a small sprout cracking from it.
"... Dammit..."
>Taking a knee, you look at the seed.
>It is shaking.
>As you watch, you hear a tiny noise.
>It almost sounds like a cry.
>After a few tense moments, you sigh.
>Looking for some loose dirt, you dig a hole.
>Worst case scenario, you end up with a giant bean stalk that you cut down.
>Best, this gift turns out to be something Ivy will like.
>After you lightly bury it, you go to grab the hose.
>As you water it, the sprout grows more, almost as thick as a quarter now.
>You're REALLY hoping you won't regret this.

>Day Of Birth in Equestria.
>Feeling a nice wave rock you back and forth, you look over the ship. Fluttershy by your side.
>The two of you are watching the horizon, your kids... around.
>You don't know.
>You're just enjoying the sight.
>At sea?
>You are shaken awake.
>Timber is on top of you.
>There is a tugging on the ground, like a small Earthquake.
>"Dad, Earthquake!"
>Can't be.
>As your wife wakes up, you rub your eyes.
>An Earthquake would be bigger, less constant.
>Slowly waking up, you realize what it could be.
"Oh f- wait here."
>You jump out of bed, grab some pants, and run outside.
>Moving to the back yard, the sprout is now the size of a mini palm tree!
>Too small to be causing the shaking.
>As you look around, you hear what sounds like a baby bird.
>As you look around, you see the sprout rising.
>It shakes, thumping up, pulling the dirt with it.
>Soon, your family is outside with you.
>They get by your side just in time to be confused with you.
>Ivy grabs your hand.
>"Dad, is that the seed?"
>You nod, watching as you hear a MUCH louder baby bird call.
>The sprout pulls up, looking like a giant mudball.
>That talks!
>Letting go of Ivy's hand, you walk towards it.
>The sprout is moving it's sides, trying to pull out.
>It's mouth quivers as it calls.
"Uh... huh?"
>You reach down, lightly touching it.
>It just calls again.
>The thing FELT solid.
>Touching it slowly, you try and lift it.
>With a few soft tugs, you can see it pulling up earth in a muddy mess.
>Pulling once more, this time with some feeling, mud explodes down.
>The thing shakes, legs waggling.
>Fluttershy gasps.
>"It's a baby!"
>She runs over and makes you put it down.
>"Ohhh, the poor thing..."
>It looks almost like a sideways snowman made of mud, with the head for a behind.
>Its legs are made of rock, while top half looks muddy.
>As you watch it, it begins to sniff, nipping at the ground beneath it.
>Looking into its mouth, you don't see any teeth.
"What... what?"
>The thing shakes its, what you're assuming, head, showing two little nubs over it's tiny mouth.
>Ivy steps over to it, giving a soft giggle.
>"Heh... it's kinda cute, isn't it?"
>A little, but mostly it's confusing.
"Yeah, but what is it?"
>It seems to sniff a bit, looking around until it starts crawling to you.
>Soon, it sniffs you, licking your shoe.
>"Aww, it likes you, dad."
>Yes, but what IS it?
>Ivy tugs your arm.
>"C-Can we keep him?"
>You look back to it.
>The thing is still licking your shoe.
"... Sure."
Might do a small sequel later.
Took the first half was kind of confusing and felt clunky, which kinda confuses me as to why that was mostly fixed in the second half. Also took me a minute to realize who the fuck Holly is.
Does young Kaos still have her boob wraps or does she use an actual shirt?
File: image.jpg (240KB, 1417x1123px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240KB, 1417x1123px
What do you think?
File: image.jpg (122KB, 717x923px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 717x923px
I think Kaos looks better in actual clothes.
Ivy gained some meat on her bones
She's the daughter of chaos.

Sometimes she'll wear clothes, sometimes she won't.

That'd be great to see
Welp. Time to migrate to this thread
Okay, a few thoughts on this. You didn't put any name to it, and no PBlink, so I'm gonna have to apologise if you already know any of this stuff:

1 - I liked it. You pre-wrote, and your writing was good. You avoided a lot of common errors (repeated line starts being the same >he, >he, >he, etc), and there weren't any obvious typos that jumped out at me.

2 - however, you wrote a multi anon story. These can get confusing, fast. And this one did. You also introduced characters not before seen (Butch and his kid, unless I'm just not up to them appearing in the new season yet), but not being the main characters of the story. This also can confuse issues.

Also, who was Rose? I thought Fluttershy's kids were Timber, Ivy, Thorn, Flora and Fauna, which meant introducing a new one got confusing. I figured it was Rose, but she doesn't appear in the masterlist, and I really CBA remembering every satyr ever.

But yeah, cool story bro
>Day 722 In Manehattan Maximum Security Penitentiary
>Your cellmate/prison bitch won't shut up about the Minotaur in cell 86B.
>He's been going on now for almost ten whole minutes and it's getting more than a little annoying.
>"Oh, and another thing, he always hogs the bench press in the yard. What if somebody else wants to use it, huh? Nobody's impressed by his muscles. He's probably just compensating for something."
>Sighing, you realise you're not going to hear the end of this whining for quite some time.
>You close the magazine you were reading and place it on the floor beside your bunk, before sitting up and resting against the wall with your arms behind your head.
"Why do you care? It's not like you ever use the damn thing. About the heaviest thing I've ever seen you lift has been your lunch tray in the canteen."
>Snapshot scoffs, placing his hands on his hips.
>"That's not the point, Anon. He's just so inconsiderate! He's always throwing his weight around and trying to intimidate people, and last Tuesday I know for a fact he was planning on stealing my dessert if it hadn't been for you being there."
>Oh, so that was why Snapshot had been so clingy during lunch that day.
>You shrug.
"Well you know, this is prison. It sort of goes without saying that it attracts guys like that."
>Snapshot frowns.
>"You should kick his ass."
>You roll your eyes.
"Why in the fuck would I want to do that?"
>Making his way over to your bunk, Snapshot sits down beside you and leans over you, trailing a finger up your chest.
>"You could totally do it."
"I know I could, but I'm asking why."
>"I thought you would protect me from the other inmates, but maybe you're not so tough after all. If you can't even bring yourself to fight one little Minotaur then-"
>Grabbing him by the wrists, you roll him off of you so that he's pinned against the mattress.
"Don't get snippy with me, Snappy."
>He pouts.
>"Aww, what's the matter? Did I upset you. What are you gonna do, rape me?"
File: stab_me.jpg (95KB, 625x469px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 625x469px
>What are you gonna do, rape me?
Quote from satyr raped.

Would you Anons pick a fight with Minotaur just to get your prison bitch to shut up?
from the last thread about the most embarasing thing to happen to satyr

>Pogo and Alex sit by one another as the two watch some television.
>During one particular scene, the main character makes a joke as Alex bursts out into unexpected laughter.
>Pogo laughs too as Alex grips her side in joyous pain before accidentally letting one slip.
>Her gaseous slip sputters loud and fast as she stops laughing while her face flushed beet red.
>Pogo continues to laugh oblivious to it or maybe he didn't care, in either case she wasn't gonna ask as scratches her head nervously before awkwardly watching TV again. A small twinge of blush still across her face as neither being it up.
>Today was its the little things kind of day

>Radiance once blew his load in under a minute while fucking Mistake, due to her having got him too excited throughout the day with her constant teasing.
>She laughed it off and said that they could try again in a few minutes, but the memory still makes him cringe.

>Snapshot had to strip off in front of a crowd of people and get searched when coming back from holiday because he was dressed as a girl while his passport listed him as male.
Which satyrs do you think practice polyamory?
Warning, expect it to be about Gizmo.

>Triple dubs
Nice get. (1) I've had a couple years to practice my tact, thank you for the compliment.

(2) I know, I tried my best to avoid that, but it is hard trying to frame a story with two nameless characters. As for the Minotaurs, they aren't in the show, I just wrote a story once with the girl and wanted to include her again.

Lastly, it is Thorn, but as a child she is Rose. Kind of like those goth kids who have normal names, but go as something weird or different. Sterks mentioned as much and I felt it would be a nice little nod.


Oh lord, poor girl. We've all been there, or at least in a similar place.

>Premature ejaculation
... Someone get this guy a drink. A few rounds might help him forget.

Ahh, that actually happens, doesn't it? Poor Snapshot probably got some TSA in his A.

In what sense? Open relationships, legitimate more than 2 closed, or do you mean like a harem?
Blare, Blue Bonnet, and Salai (whenever they work it out finally.)
I don't think there are any other legitimate poly couples. Maybe just a bunch of swingers.
Glad I'm not the only one who ships it

>Cunt dragon from fuck nowhere
>Royalty from a belligerent nation

Because muh fetish forced shipping
Because threadcannon, a convoluted plot for redemption, and cute.
Legitimate more than two, mostly. Maybe Kaos and Mau might have an open relationship or have someone else join them. With Kimmy, youre pretty much dating two different people already.
>Blare goes to Canterlot about a week after the Simmer Breakup
>Still nursing wounds
>Blue Bonnet happens to be passing by and offers umbrella before sprinting home
>Blare locates and thanks Blue Bonnet personally
>Friendship molded
>Blue Bonnet introduces her friend Salai to the equation
>Salai gives Blare the shoulder she needs to cry on
>Interest sparked in all directions

Or at least, that was the plot I was going off of when I wrote it
I don't really see Blare as Canterlot material if she wanted to get away. Too high class and aristocratic for her tastes. If anything I see her going someplace far off north like Vanhoover or another place like it.

But why is Salai there?
I always figured it was the other way. Blare met Salai first while trying to rage. Salai put her down for the count, made her a "vassal" (or some shit). Salai, with her slowly calming vassal in tow, go to Canterlot to meet her sister. There, Blare meets BB, a mutual friend to Sombra's reformed and sweet daughters. Cue relationship building and fluff, boom. Vassal eventually becomes girlfriend.
Great story, I liked it. I remember you, one of your stories had Mumble and Timber meeting Holly when they were getting some barbeque.
>Name your most convoluted story ideas you've made or remember in the thread
I really want to see more of Melody and Presto together.
Name what you want to see, and I'll try my best to write it
Presto taking Melody to the Grand Galloping Gala for the first time.
File: 1428420969875.jpg (11KB, 320x272px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 320x272px
that abomination is actually kind of cute
so are those dubs
I would like to think they are of and Iron Will was just raised among Equines or is simply extremely fluent in there language
It's part of >>25340836
, but it is waaaay before the Blare stuff. It all starts... ONE THOUSAND YEARS AGO! (Bwaaam). Mkay, we all know Salai is more "sombra's kid" than Annie, and I have an idea as to why. She was born during Sombra's rule when one of the first (if not the first) Earth on Equestria action happened. Got a woman from 1010AD who assumed he was a god and eventually sired him an abomination heir. He raises Salai to be just like daddy... Then he gets fucked, Salai goes to sleep in a crystal or something, and 1000~ years of nothing. Sombra is all shadow whatever, find another human, and decides he's going to knock her up and make her his fuck slave too. Nuh uh, she knocks the non-existent shit out of him, but carries her mist rape baby to term because religion. Raising her baby, Salai eventually wakes up with Anime Stereotype #11 (amnesia, for those of you not in the know). Annie's momma raises the two girls as sisters, which they are, but not like she knows. Salai is happy, being raised normally... Then Sombra has ruin shit by coming back. Salai goes bat shit, tries to destroy the Crystal Empire, and gets her ass handed to her. After getting thrown in Tartarus, Annie slowly reforms her again, this time with out #11. It eventually takes and it's decided she should stay in Canterlot if she is going to be released. BB, who is Annie's age and has an up and coming future in politics, wants to meet Salai and help her adjust. The two start a budding friendship and Salai is released from Tartacraz. Salai keeps mostly to herself, going on walks out of the city, but near enough she doesn't get in trouble, and runs into a drake who is drunk on anger. The drake tries to start shit and Salai, now reformed legitsies, wants to calm her down. That doesn't go too well and, like most of this, follows anime stereotype #5 (if you beat up a villain, they become your friend). Salai keeps Blare on a short leash until she works through her many issues. Then part A)
>One day, while they were relaxing in the park, Presto saw a flock of their satyr friends flying around and showing off their flying tricks.
>Icarus, being top show off extraordinare, got himself tangled up in a tree after he took some hard turns trying to impress Amelia.
>Dynamo tried pulling him out, to no avail, while Maverick and Tonbo were too busy laughing to help.
>As Ace shook her head, Presto turned his attention back towards Melody, quietly reading a special edition 'Alice In Wonderland' composed of braile.
>"Say Mel," Presto started.
>"Hm?" She looked up, her muddied amber eyes not necessarily facing Presto himself, but just as attentive nevertheless.
>"I don't really see you flying as much as the rest of the pegasus kids. Any particular reason why?"
>Presto knew it was a pretty obvious answer, and judging by Melody's giggles, she thought so too.
>"I guess it'll be difficult for me to feel my way around the air," she says as she clutches the slender cane set beside her. "Not to mention it'll be a hazard for all the other pleasant ponies going about their day."
>"See, I know that, but still. You never just want to...I don't know float around when no one's watching? Not even a little?"
>"To be quite honest, I'm much more comfortable on the ground. Why the sudden interest, Presto? You never really ask these questions. Not unless something's bothering you."
>Presto knew the unease in his voice would be snuffed out sooner or later. Ironically, she has a habit of seeing through people.
>"Not to sound insensitive, Mel, but I just can't picture you being happy like this."
>Melody looked a tad miffed hearing his statement, quizically raising an eyebrow and crossing her arms in a huff.
>"What ever do you mean?"
>"I mean the fact that you're always grounded here with me rather than up in the sky flying like the others."
How's that for convoluted? I didn't think it would actually take all 2000 characters.
>"Heck, even Ding flies around with your mother quite often. Why, if it were me and I lost my hands and couldn't do magic anymore..." Presto shook his head. "That'd just be terrible, y'know?"
>"I see! So that's what you meant." She gave a relieved sigh and a small smile. "Oh, you don't have to worry about that. I'm not even bothered by that silly fact."
>Presto frowned. Much to his chargrin, he could never seem to read Melody as well as she could him, what with her genteel and warm expression of hers.
>"But why?"
>Melody put a finger to her lips and scrunched up her face in thought for but a moment, and quietly giggled.
>"Well. That's because-"
>She gently swayed her body to the side until her head rested upon Presto's shoulder.
>"-I feel like I can fly over the tallest mountains and touch the sun, with every moment I spend with you."
>Melody then tried to calm Presto down as he blushed all the way back home.
>That line
Oh god, the cheese, I'm drowning in it! It burns! Other than that, very cute short. Daw/10.
Holy guacamole, that sure is something
I don't want to make any promises, but I picked up a bottle of wine and I plan on drinking it all tonight, so I may have drunken sketch time later.
Just let us know if it is a do or don't, please. Happy to see you this week, DJ. Enjoy your wine.
File: 20532713.jpg (481KB, 2320x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481KB, 2320x1700px
What sort of occupation do you think Cinder would have if she incorpoeates into Equestrian society? A thrilling one like being a member of the Royal Guard? An craftsperson or an artisan, like a blacksmith or a jewelry maker? Maybe a more mundane one like a salesperson or a courier?
Jewel supplier for the Canterlor boutiquers? (She and Precious get along well. Precious thinks she would look good in a green polka dot shirt with a blue base.)
Precious needs to get her eyes checked, that doesn't look appealing the way I'm imagining it. But jewel supplier seems cool. Like being dressed in all dusty and practical clothing, carrying around a big shovel or pick axe. If we're speaking about professions, what about other satyrs? Do they take after their parents and follow them? What job would Melody have if she can't be amailmare?

I couldn't be assed to read through a block of text like that.

So I'm going to offer my thoughts on this.

>1000+ Years ago

A group called the Shadow Ponies (Umbrun) attacked the Crystal Empire. They were driven out and imprisoned underground.

>~1000 years ago

Sombra attempted to free the Umbrun. Failed miserably.

>~20 years ago

Sombra returned. Tried to gain control of the Crystal Empire again. Failed and got blown to pieces. His "remains," went into deep hiding to regain strength.

Shortly thereafter humans appeared, and after people learned humans and ponies were compatable, the nobility of the Umbrun decided to make their own cross breeds. Using part of Sombra's essence, and blood gathered from humans from bats, they started to create offspring using some seriously fucked up magic.

The first was Salai. Like her father in every way. Wants to gain control of the Crystal Empire, and from there spread her influence.

Obsidiana is the middle child. Being raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, she only really cares about herself and her circle. So long as they're taken care of, the rest of the Umbrun could starve.

Then there's Nightfall, the youngest. He believes that the future of the Umbrun lies with making amends with the surface, not fighting them. As time has shown that being on the opposite side of them only brings them ruin. He sees himself as the "savior," of his people, and is willin to do anything to see himself on the throne.

After a minor civil war, Nightfall ends up making peace with the surface. He sets the Umbrun free, and he even says in order to strengthen the bonds between Equestria and the Umbrun he should marry one of the Royal Daughters. And after not being impressed with Dawn or Selena, he goes for Blue Bonnet
I always had her pegged as being some sort of teacher for really small kids, often reading to them.
File: image.jpg (66KB, 580x580px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 580x580px
I was thinking something like pic


She's blind, nigga
Nice headcanon. Sorta weird Annie's not in it, but nice.
And her husband Presto can visit the Kidergardeners and act all hammy like Trixie as he gives them a magic show.
That looks more suited for Blare than Cinder.


Sombra's more popular daughter... Well, until recently.
Daughter of sombra, wears a red dress and had a red streak in black hair I think.

Hey Anons what you think about herding? Specifially reverse gender role herding where Anon is force to be the stay at home dad with saaaay six kids?
File: 21394622.png (76KB, 437x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 437x600px
Sombra's younger satyr daughter that has just as many pics and stories as Salai?
Eh. I could take it or leave it if it's done reasonably. Two or three partners is my limit though. Higher than that is just autism wank fest. And none of that "alpha" wife hierachy stuff, they either have to love each other like they were partners or learn to deal with sharing the person of their affections.

I only vaguely pay attention to Sombra's spawn. I just know names.


Thought that was Obsidiana.


Yeah, her.
This is the first time I've heard her referred by this name

Swear to God I thought I read that name somewhere. Oh well.
I think Muddle would have the chops as an action hero actor (since apparently no one likes the idea of him starting his own mafia).

Desirae would be in governmental management, obviously.

Cici would probably retire with a nice amount of cash before she gets punch drunk from her boxing matches.

Missy woukd work as a hair stylist in Volupia and Balenum's spa.

Mudpie...construction worker? Archeologist?
>Muddle as an actor
That, I'd wanna see.

>Desirae in politics
I CAN see that, but not necessarily agree.

>Cici as a boxer
Still think this a stupid idea, but onions.

>Missy in hair styling
Makes sense

>Mudpie as ???
I say editor for some girl mag or working 9-5 in some office.
Great then, something sticks.
I based it off this pic and wrote a short story about it. I sorta see her as fit and athletic, I guess, and thought it was interesting.
What then? Her mom was the manager for the pony division of the Equestria games. Surely that's got to be part of some type of government.
That could work

Well she does go by "Annie" so maybe that's her nickname and Obsidiana is her full name. I can get behind that.

The reason people didn't like it was because it's Honestly a stupid idea. At least actor has some glimmer or possiblity since i can see him play a unlikely hero type like Inyuasha.
Ack. Here's the pic
I guess it worked in theory, since he's part dragon and he'd naturally want to accumulate wealth.
Hmm, I can see Desirae more as a business owner. CEO or at least regional manager.

Oh, it is a stupid idea... If you take it seriously, but, as a fun idea, I'd laugh my ass off seeing it.
>Muddle with a face caked in blow, holding two tec-9s, screaming as the cops close in on him
Much like the porn the thread produces, you need to have fun with it's stupidity, else it'll just piss you off.
File: 21596983.png (1MB, 1386x1944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1386x1944px
That seems appropriate. These broken horse legs.
Just about as dumb as monster hunters
My brother wants to play Battlefield 4, so maybe another time, sorry.
File: 1445292892421.jpg (116KB, 693x693px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 693x693px
>busted face
>sausage fingers
It's cool. Have fun mang

Not the most flattering pic of her
I don't know, I think it's pretty cool, says the one who created the headcanon. But you're overlooking the fact that there was canonically a monster hunting division in Canterlot, but was disbanded because they let some escape.
Guys, Satyrs at a waterpark.

My only problem with Annie is that it's a human name, and unless they have actual contact with humans it makes no sense.

Same with Hans, and Maxi to a lesser extent.
Obsidiana sounds okay, but I'd prefer it if we keep calling her Annie as a nickname. Like how we call Orion 'Rory' and Rose 'Thorn'
To be fair, the Sirens WERE on Earth
>considering not staying at home poppa to take care of your six kids
Not trying to push too hard, but you are the formative parent. Your kids are only going to get so much exposure to their human side while being drowned in poniness
Besides, Spitfire works.

But what if we just say the characters from EqG are "canon," while the events are not?
Only two or three of their names have a theme that somehow line in with their parents.'
Do ponies have braille?
That's silly. You could probably work your way around the events, but just completely disregarding them is just dumb. It's not like it's the comics or anything.

Nigger I don't even have Twilycorn or parts of S4/5 as part of my story canon. Secondary stuff like th movies/comic I pick and choose.
To each their own, I guess. I've added a bunch of stuff to my headcannon, so I can't really say anything.
It's crazy how often people forget "everything is variable" isn't just a slogan.
>Thistle: Diplomat/Spy or Chef
>Snap: Paramedic or Jewlery Maker
>Muddle: Actor
>Blare: Shmoozing off of Blue Bonnet or Musician
>Simmer: Monster Hunter or Bodyguard
>Broil: Monster Hunter or Shmoozing off of Glimmer
>Cinder: Gem Finder
So are those all the occupations for the drakes?




None of those make a lick of fucking sense.
I don't know, they're off of some headcanons I hear. Muddle has the rambuncious and loud personality for an actor, someone didn't like the monster hunting thing and instead had Simmer protecting Ivy as she traveled around to help people as a medicine woman, and someone had Spike grow up to be a spy in other countries. It's not like their parents have the magic ass tattoos that tell them what they're destined to do.

Muddle makes sense, kinda.

Simmer (and Boril) is hella dumb.

Thistle is just out of left field.
Says your picky ass.
Simmer is a bad character.
What do you think they should be then?
I don't disagree with that.
Cici is a bad character

No such thing as a bad character, only bad executions.


I haven't really put any thought to it, but Simmer, from what people have said, doesn't have the guts to be a bodyguard. Or a monster hunter.

Thistle being a diplomat is okay. Spy is just too far out there for almost anyone.

I mean, why can't they just have normal lives? Not everyone goes out on adventures and shit.
Cici? Cici never gets any characterization besides her as a boxer. I doubt there's enough stories about her that I can fully count in my hand. You can't say someone's a bad character when barely anyone talks about her. That's like me saying Driftwood or Oliver is a bad character.
Because normal lives are boring and dragons aren't considered as normal in the MLP franchise much less drakes. You don't see dragons running coffee shops or filing for taxes in the show, the brief snippets we do see of them explain that almost everything about them is unknown. They're so seperated from normsl pony society, it's like asking why a person born in an exotic tribal family doesn't do things like how the rest of the world does.
Quick Satyr thread! Which three mares would you herd with and have adorable babbies with?

Also odd idea, Twilight upon learning that Anon can have children with ponies passes a law where everymare in ponyville needs to give birth to a satyr to help prevent an endangered species from going extinct!

>Dragons filing for taxes

Fuck you, I have to write this now.
Top 3:
Spitfire, Fleetfoot, Sunset Shimmer
For variety:
Spitfire, Pinkie Pie , Sunset Shimmer
For the sake of completing the set:
Spitfire, Flitter, Cloudchaser
Mirror Pool Edition:
Spitfire, Spitfire, Spitfire
Vinyl, Octavia, and Leaf. If it's possible for humans to do magic, then Trixie. Just Trixie.
Gatorbait, c'mon. You know those mirror pool clones are damaged goods. Do you really want to put Spitfire down, twice?

>implying the writers didn't already damage her in Rainbow Falls
But Anon, there's a whole anime trope about being a socially awkward fighter. What they lack in self-confidence and social grace they make up for it in fighting prowess.
This is not a Wonderbolt thread, I will not take the bait.
This is not a Wonderbolt thread, I will not take the bait.
This is not a Wonderbolt thread, I will not take the bait.

Nothing says true love like a stormy night on a building roof, a gun in your hand, and two identical mares shouting at you that they're your true love and to shoot the other one. Well, unless it's three identical mares.
File: 19610007.gif (285KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285KB, 500x500px
I didn't need to feel that
>Garble filing taxes
>Fizzle going grocery shopping
>Baff checking up on his retirement fund
>Spike trying to pay the bills
>Crackle going out to sell some prime real estate
>Fuckhuge Red the Dragon Mcgee reading a bedtime story
You really have a huge boner for fiery dames huh?
Who the hell is Leaf?
Roseluck I mean. I got the name mixed up with her daughter's.
>Top Tier Satyr Babies
Presto x Melody
Radiance x Mistake
Ace x Anybody
Darcy x Anybody
So, what you're saying is that Darcy x Ace daughterus would be beyond the horizon.
I think that's the implication.
Yes. She would be the valkyrie that would herald in the satyr's golden age. Warrior blooded, lion hearted, and indomitably willed, she'd be the prime amazon. I'd be tempted to call her Golden Delicious, but this is all hypothetical talk.
>Darcy x Ace
>The new hotness
>More lesbians, but would a majority mind?
It was supposed to be banter, but whatever. I loosely ship it.
>Fiery haired
>Solidly built
>Hears the whispers of the farm, forest, and sky
So, their daughter is Atalanta
We've only got three lesbian pairings. Tonsils x Steel, Cider x Sapphire, and Blare x Bonnet
The living embodiment of a perfect pastoral
What are ships that you don't really take seriously or agree with?
Anything with drakes involved as they don't exist
A good girl. A strong girl.
I don't take most ships seriously because it's not something I'm invested in. I throw out ideas for the kids from time to time, but I've never thought to make any of them head-canon official.
>Ace/her brothers
Those are the ones I kick around when I'm in the mood for a chuckle or a flash in the feels
Which one's a chuckle, which is a feel, and which is a fap?
No shuddup hiw can you say that drakes totes exist 1v1 me noob Fox only no items Final Destination
They're all played for laughs, most of the time. The first one is the only one that really gets feels because it's such a stretch it usually ends in girlish pining for a guy who can't know that she exists.
I don't derive any sexual pleasure from any of them, but that's because she's my daughteru and that's inappropriate. The last two are the ones I've kicked around writing lewd for the most though.
Gatorbait, you're so pure, don't ever leave the thread too soon.
what non-satyr or parental crushes might your favorite satyr(s) have?
Cider had that whole thing with Rainbow Dash in some art Fuschs did. Someone also did a small Pogo x Rainbow story that never got completed. Sterks did a piece with Thorn x Big Mac. There's a bunch of stories with Hope and Gumdrop banging their respective dads.
>Hope and Gumdrop banging their respective dads.
They're electras forever, dadfuckers together! Sisters but so much more!
please no song numbers girls
Shush, let the lil' lass have her fun, right?
I want to fuck that.
Aren't they already having their fun?
File: Sterling1.png (456KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
456KB, 1024x1024px
If only.
Damn it, that Darcy's one year younger than the legal age of consent in my country.

S'not fair.
File: Hope - Sheriff.png (2MB, 775x1550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hope - Sheriff.png
2MB, 775x1550px
So, some people dislike drakes, and some people dislike Minotaurs. What about humans?
>Daughteru comes home with a HUMAN boy
>She is really giggly and clingy
>Boy is overly familiar with you
>"Humans gotta stick together, you know?"
>Evidence isn't concrete like a photo, but you KNOW he's fucked her
>How react?
TL;DR: A next generation horsefucker is interested in your daughter
Eh, if his only fault is his lack of formality when speaking with his girlfriend's dad then I suppose it's not that big of a deal. He'd best not just be using her for her superior horse pussy, mind you.
"Listen here, noob. You may think you're hot shit just because you've fucked a horse pussy or two, but guess what, I'm not impressed. You ain't crap compared to me."
"When you've bumped uglies with as many weird species as I have then you can call me 'bro', but until then it's 'Mr. Anonymous' or 'sir' you got that?"
>"Daddy, stop!"
"Yuzu, please don't interrupt when I'm having a man to man talk with... sorry, what was your name again?"
>"Ambiguous, sir."
"Ambiguous? What sort of parent names their kid Ambiguous."
We need more sphinxes and pups so we can hate on them too. Pure equine master race. Fas the abominable abominations.
Daughteru's happy, so I'll begrudgingly go along with it provided he's not a complete twat. I'll also suggest we take a family camping trip so that I can see the measure of this upstart and teach him a little respect in the process.
Maybe, if he's lucky, I'll let him call me Poppa too.

What if it was a human girl interested in your son?

"Look, I don't want to seem creepy or anything, but you do realise my boy has a horse cock, right? I mean you do know that the head of that thing flares up to the size of your fist when he cums, yeah?"
>"Uh huh."
"Okay, good... and you're okay with that happening while it's uh... inside you?"
>"You don't have to worry about me, Mr. Anon. My friends and I experimented with fisting while I was in college. I can totally handle it."
"You... I like you."
I'd rather the boners be moderate and varied like a human's instead of keeping the relative size of a horse dong.
Your son is exceptionally hung, even for a satyr. Congrats, I bet he gets all the grills.
My son us a drake, so not really.
I'm so sorry.
You waifu Fluttershy?
It's fine. We never asked for this, but hey. One step at a time, right?
She later ends up in hospital with a torn rectum. The damage is critical and the only solution is a total ass transplant. She should have never agreed to let your son try anal.
I'd like to see more like OP's pic. Where the satyrs are on all fours
If a human grill was interested in any of my boys, I'd have to make sure that she understood that, yes, the tracksuit is his fashion statement. Or ask if she was sure which of the twins she was dating. Bonus points if she says "both".

Truly tragic. It's a good thing that they have a spare ponut on hand. Now everyone's happy.
Satyrs learn to walk at a very young age, and many don't have a crawling phase at all. The only time they're on all fours is during doggystyle.


Is your son's favorite past time squatting, drinking Vodka, or removing kebab?
File: 1427856181969.jpg (673KB, 1265x1875px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
673KB, 1265x1875px
If there were art of Hotshot squatting and sipping away on a bottle of cider, while muttering about how he has to remove drakes from the premises, I don't know what I'd do. Or any of those three in any combination, really.
Would you a Halley?
Let me consult the checklist.

>Does it have a horse pussy [x]

Answer is yes, I would.
>Bonus points if she says "both".
Polyandry pls go.

Here's a question. Would you let a fifteen year old you date your daughteru? Or son, on the off chance that there's a woman or two here.

If you're under fifteen then you should probably be doing your homework or something instead of browsing a cartoon horse forum.
Well, yes, but that's because I love /ss/ and don't plan on having kids. If you're being serious, then probably no. Unless I spend substantial amount of time with them, to see if they're in it for the long haul and get a feel for their character and expect them to adhere to a strict amount of goals before he can even think about marrying her.
>get a feel for their character
But you already know their character. It's just a fifteen year old version of yourself.
Oh, I just read fifteen year old. Probably. If I knew I was sincere and seriouas enough to get my act together. Most of the things I said still apply.
Doses that mean she'd call him (me) daddy during sex?
It would be pretty strange if you were 15 and your daughteru was the same age as you or older. She'd have to have gone back in time, or you gone forward in time to fuck your future daughteru.
However, if that was the case, then the future you would know because he did it in his past, and would probably just tell you to go get that horse pussy.
Eww, I fucked up.
File: drawthread10.png (199KB, 1000x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199KB, 1000x900px
Fire birb
I wonder if we'll ever see more of her.
So, I may have been drinking, and a thought may have crossed my mind. How pissed would thread be if there was a story where Ace and Timber hook up? Not for sex, fully hook up. Rings around the fingers and happy marriage hook up. The thread already gets Triggered by Timber having a interaction with girls, but how far multiplied would it go with one of the best girls involved?
File: 1426890959112.png (259KB, 540x534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259KB, 540x534px
What if we want it with incest? Do you have any like that?
I wouldn't care. If it's well written then I'll read it, if not then I won't.
Probably not.
Write it and see what happens.
Isn't that kind of what Gator was building towards? Or was he going to make it another tragic thing like >>25348363 ?
That'd be nice though. Unf as hell
It comes naturally to some more than others.
I really doubt you're going to write it.
Write about her, anon. You can make something of her.
I'd be fine with it as long as it's good. I've been thinking about doing this with an incest couple too.
>I've been thinking about doing this with an incest couple too.
Do it!

Simmer and Broil?
No. Yes.
File: 565324.jpg (90KB, 821x1205px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 821x1205px
Which couple?
An incest couple. I don't really do the Anon x Daughter ships since everyone does it better than me, but I'm looking at maybe doing Darcy x Utah, Amelia x Maverick, and Icarus x Prism.
>everyone does it better than me
Bullshit, because nobody does it.
Mmm. Maybe I'll do it then. I don't write stories focusing on Dad Anon, so I guess I'd have to read up on them.
Reminder that drakes are ruining our precious Equestria by stealing our pure satyr daughterus and should be deported back to their trash heap island. #AroundDrakesStayAwake
Well, despite how often it's talked about, there are very few actual daddy daughter stories more than 1 or 2 posts long.
What route were you thinking of going? Raunchy or romantic, secret relationship or publicly known? Infidelity, widower or herd?
Single romantic secret relationship with a bit of raunch thrown in there. But I have to reiterate that my writing definitely needs some improvement, especially concerning dialogue, character interactions, and emotional moments. That's pretty much why I haven't finished any Simmer x Broil stuff recently, because I feel like I've stagnated.
Hmm. It might help to write your satyr as slightly more rambunctious or otherwise very happy girl, and your Anon as a fairly laid back guy then, so you can avoid needing to try writing exceedingly tense, serious moments as often.
This is doubly true if satyr is still, or is barely more than a child, as they're usually not very serious, and would allow you to shift more serious moments more believably between protective father and lover as needed.

If you're not already aware, the big electra satyrs are Hope, Gumdrop and Yuzu, and to a lesser extent, Kimmy/Mera and Dawn. Mistake used to be a popular one too, but she hasn't been cast that way in a while.
I was gonna do a small snippet of it in a larger story, but this challenged me. I feel challenged. I'm gonna go down some more cans, then start writing the shit out of this. Challenged.

Mkay, I will. Hopefully it's well done. I normally don't like incest shipping as more than just porn, but I'm curious. What would be your set up? 1 human, multiple, long term, one time thing, etc.

Really? I thought Gator shipped Ace with Icarus.
I'm pretty sure this >>25348294 is Gator and Icarus is nowhere to be seen.
I don't think he's too keen on the M6 satyrs as a whole, except for maybe Garret.
File: Kekkers.jpg (23KB, 413x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 413x310px
Go ahead. It's not the first time someone said something along the lines of, "You made me upset, so I'm going to do it out of spite." Currently it's zero for six if I've been keeping count correctly.
Hey, who could you all see Mumble ending up with? Human, pony, another Equestrian, another satyr, or no one and going hard Gothlike I'm guessing Daily had planned
Me too, but not a viable choice
How come?

Such as?
Entertaining the vibrant world of possibility.
Story element
File: 883879.jpg (439KB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
439KB, 1200x1200px
If she goes full "Daily" Mumble, I can see her being romantically unavailable. Heart grew hard, keeping everyone at a set distance. Not that she's mean, just enotionally distant.
So like Darcy, Ace, Hope, and the other unobtainables?
Old maids for life.
Old Maids Cl-
They start a biker gang
>It's been 30 odd years since the influx of satyrs first popped into Equestria. When the first of mankind popped into existence, the change that followed was thought to be the last great spectacle the land would face for generations.
>All that changed with the birth of the first abominations, hybrid beings between man and mythical creature. It was as if a paradigm shift occured in the collective mindsets of both the natives and their newfound alien partners.
>Soon, abominations of all sorts started to cover the planet. It all happened so fast, so unsettling, as some would say. Like the previous major shift, new worries and challenges faced the offspring of these half-breeds.
>Oppression, bigotry, and fear were commonplace around some point in their lives. Some still live with it even now.
>But they are nothing if not resilient, hopeful of where the future takes this newfound species. Individually, though, many found a future in a mate such as themselves, a kindred spirit to share their forever with.
>Some took up settling down with an Equestrian native, others took up marrying a human and explored the rich world of their extradimensional pogenetors.
>The abominations bore children of their own and grew substantially in size. But strangely enough, a small number from the first slew of half breeds never found a partner.
>Whether it was from a heart that broke one too many times, a giving heart that can't be asked to love just one, a boundless heart too wild to commit, or a buried heart that stays hidden from others, they don't have partners to share their lives with. None but each other.
>Hope, Darcy, Ace, and Mumble have sat on the hill looking over their twilight years. They're all pushing past their late 40s and have begun to show tell tale signs of aging.
>No getting around it: they're getting older. Maybe they could have snagged a nice looker or two during their prime, and some still think they can.
>Whether or not they want to now is irrelevant though. After hearing from their friends' about their growing family, they would hit the streets for a night of fun and drinking. After attending another wedding of their younger relatives, they'd have a rousing round of karaoke.
>They wouldn't say they were happy. That would be a dog-faced lie. But they are content. Content with the fact that they have each other.
>And that seems just fine for now.
Page 10 save.
What's the most dangerous thing [insert satyr here] has ever done?

Eat pop rocks and soda at the same time.
Alex- the backwards triple flip suplex into a table from 30 feet.

Pogo - Unprotectd sex. With Mayor Mare.Mayor Mare assured him he had nothing to worry about.Alex always demanded he wrap it up
File: 1421028588454.gif (47KB, 306x469px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 306x469px
Way to remind me of my fear of dying alone and unloved.

I like it because it's well written, but at the same time I now feel sad.
That story made me a little sad, not because it reminds me of how much it would suck to die alone, but because it made me wonder how much it would hurt to see your own child alone.
Just think about it: Many of your friends has kids who found someone to marry and live a happy life with, yet your daughter hasn't found anyone to settle down with. She's all alone, and you'll never have grandkids.
But you'd have one another. It'd be just like when she was little and she'd sit on your lap and listen to you tell her stories, hanging on every word because in her eyes you're her hero.

Man... Now I'm thinking of all the things I'd have done differently in my life if I'd have had a chance to do it all over.
>the big electra satyrs are Hope, Gumdrop and Yuzu
I don't remember reading any stories where Yuzu wants to bang her dad.
File: 1438725764337.png (807KB, 1984x2308px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
807KB, 1984x2308px
>I don't remember reading any stories where Yuzu wants to bang her dad.
This needs fixing.

Yuzu's dad is a rugged, good looking, worldly and responsible guy in his early to mid-thirties with a stable job and who's successfully raised a child single-handedly despite never expecting having to do so.

A lot of girls would go for a guy like that.
Man, imagine going 69 on her while she's hanging upside down.
File: 1445415806326.png (223KB, 555x1639px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223KB, 555x1639px

>"Daddy, why does mommy call you daddy too?"
>Anon spluttered on his drink, coughing heavily for several seconds as beside him Yuzu blushed and looked away.
"Uh... well... you see... Y-Yeah, Yuzu, why DO you call me daddy?"
>The elder satyr frowned at her father, clearly not happy to have to question deflected to her.
>Looking down at her daughter, the flesh and blood proof of just how much she loved her father, she couldn't stay angry.
>"We'll tell you when you're older, sweetheart."

I know Murmur was never intended as such, but I sort of find the idea of her being Anon and Yuzu's incest bat-babby quite cute.
But Murmur is Mia's kid... Why you try to steal butt bat's baby?
File: 1445064476623.png (416KB, 1180x1894px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
416KB, 1180x1894px
Because I don't have any genuine incest bat baby to post. Somebody should get on that, DJ.
It's not so cut and dry like that. Family members have entirely seperate lives once they grow up and aren't filled with such childish wonder after they mature. Sure, they'll always love their parents and respect and cherish them, but never to the amount where they think they're completely unfalliable.
>Yuzu can give a thumbs up with her wings
Does this mean that bat satyrs kinda have, like, four arms?
Can they hold drinks and other things with their wings?
>Yuzu still calls him daddy too.
So, it it public knowledge that he plows his daughter every night?
Do you think that would really fly with the other parents? She wouldn't be able to hide it and, from my perspective, everyone would look at the pregnancy only negatively. Yuzu either got knocked up by some jerk who took off or she got pregnant by her own father. The former would depict him as a bad parent because he didn't teach or raise his daughter not to have unprotected sex, and the latter would definitely depict him as a horrible parent since he not only took advantage of his own underaged daughter, but got her pregnant. I don't think anyone would trust him with their kids or look at him with an ounce of respect if they were to find out. That's not even considering how Yuzu's life would be effected by it.
And this is exactly why I dislike parental incest in the thread... As more than a quick fap fic, that is
Yes and yes. Don't get into a fistfight with one, it's like fighting with Goro from Mortal Kombat.

[Magical realm warning]

It probably just slipped out during a particularly intense cuddle session. Seeing as she was born while abroad, as far as the town's concerned the kid's his and that of an unknown mare, possibly the same one that gave birth to Yuzu.
Nobody said that.

Nothing stopping her from pursuing whatever romantic interests her heart desires once she's legally an adult.
>t's like fighting with Goro from Mortal Kombat.
Can someone please draw this?
But surely Yuzu must have enough wordly experience to find someone else besides her literal father. Someone would probably fit the bill and induldge her in her fetish.
Like one of the horse fuckers in this thread
Second. Yuzu knocking a few of [insert artist's least favourite satyr here's] teeth out with a right hook from her wing, preferably with the accompanying text to the effect of, "I told you not to touch my fucking ear," or something.
>You are Anonymous
>Not the best name your parents could have given you, but it was better than something like 'Cameron' or 'Jimmy'
>Anyways, you are Anonymous
>...And you fucked a Changeling
>Don't get all shocked and pissed off by it, Changelings are just like ponies in bed
>They bite a bit more...
>But that's not the point
>You fucked a Changeling, and the Changeling had a kid
>You two argued about it for ages before she left, and dumped the kid on you
>Now, it wasn't just a normal human baby, nor was it a bug pony foal
>Nope. It was like a satyr creature, with its lower half being a Changeling's hind legs
>She can stand up and walk just as any normal person could, but it didn't stop her from being a bit awkward around ponies
>So here you were, a 39 year old Anon with a 17 year old half-human half-changeling teenage daughter
>Not that you minded
>You loved the girl to death
>She could be a bit rebellious sometimes, and commonly sulked about not having a mother
>But Kylee was a good bug-human daughter, and cared about you dearly
>She often berated you for drinking too much when she came back form her friend's house...
>"Daddy! You need to stop drinking that stuff, your liver's gonna go out any day now if you keep at it!"
>You grumbled and took another sip of the apple cider in hand
"Nah... I'll be o-kay. Don't you worry none."
>Kylee plucked the nearly empty bottle out of your uncoordinated hand and stuck it in one of her leg holes
>You sat in your recliner, dozing off for a second before realizing that your bottle was literally gone from your hand
"Hey... Wait a minute... Kylee? Where'd my drink go?"
>The satyr whistled as she walked away, the bottle still stuck in her leg hole rattling as glass clacked with chitin
>You grumbled and leaned back in your chair, annoyed by the disappearance of your favourite drink
>Yuzu somehow manages to find someone at her age who is exactly like her father
>How do you react when she introduces him to you?
File: satyrlewd.png (433KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
433KB, 1280x960px
If ya'll find this interesting i'll be more than happy to continue.
File: 23707222.png (34KB, 476x471px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 476x471px
Huh. Kinda sad.
This makes me wonder what makes parental incest so different than sibling or cousin related incest.
Huh, not bad

Little SoL snippets like above or a big overarching thing?
Either way works. I was planning on doing an actual story, but I have another one to work on in PTFG and I may not have the time.
So snippets? Cause we really need more family stuff to balance out the lewd and hate
It's fairly good. I like having someone new surprise us with green. You're going to have to specify though, is this a new changeling satyr or is it an exusting one with a name change? Because we typically just leave the name and gender as the only constant of the thread.
Cool beans, wrap it before you tap it and expect to go through your wedding arrangements in a week.
Snippets, yeah. Not sure how i'll organize them in pastebin though. http://pastebin.com/A81vNZuS
>what makes parental incest so different than sibling or cousin related incest.
Probably some people think that it's because cousins and siblings aren't a mentor and in a position of power over their other brothers and sisters or cousins in the way that parents are. Plus a parent doing it with their kid could be seen as a violation of trust.
New changeling satyr. Kylee, brown colored hair with a green stripe of hair running through the left side of her head. Obvs changeling lower half with tail, changeling ears, and bug wings. Fangs that aren't visible unless she smiles. I'm not a great artist so I can't draw her.
>Oh great, ANOTHER Changeling satyr
Thanks, butthole, my 101 Dalmation parody that is currently 75 posts long is RUIEND! Welp, to the trash bin it goes.
All of that was sarcasm. If anything, making another Changetyr is probably the best move.
It made me sad that there wasn't a changeling folder in the dropbox :c

In any case. I'm happy to provide changetyr.
>what makes parental incest so different than sibling or cousin related incest.
I much prefer it because there's a certain extra bit of taboo, but also a deeper connection if you wanted it to be more than just a lewd connection.

A parent knows all there is to know about their child, and loves them anyway. And unlike someone their own age, a parent already has a solidified personality, they're unlikely to change from the person that the kid grew up loving, compared to if both people are still changing a lot.

And ones offspring would know if their own opinion changes is such a way that they no longer have a romantic connection with their parent, that parent won't hate them or drop from their lives.

And of course, there's the fact that kids often emulate their parents, so there's a good degree of inherent similarity between the two, and tendency for the younger to idolize and seek the approval of the older that cousins rarely have, and is usually only found in siblings if one is significantly older.
That was surprisingly well said. I agree.
I disagree on many parts, but giving a counter argument would just start shit...
I think we can have a good debate without having it go bad, so I gotcha covered
I can sort of understand, but even if the father were single, what would the mother think of this development? They know everything about the child because they're the ones who raised them and influenced their psyche into what it is today. Like >>25365032 said, parents have the highest level of personal authority in a child's life, more so than anyone else. If someone takes advantage of that authority to influence their child to sleep with them, then that's abuse of their duties and responsibilities as a parent. The father already has/had someone he's compatible with, the mother. He should be preparing his daughter for her individual life seperate from her parents'. Even if the daughter were to instigate the relationship, the father shouldn't induldge her as it's still a breech of trust, one of his marriage and one of his daughter.
True. But there's always the chance that the mother has died or abandoned the family.

>Even if the daughter were to instigate the relationship, the father shouldn't induldge her as it's still a breech of trust, one of his marriage and one of his daughter.

There's also the chance that Equestria views incest and polygyny in a different light than English cultures.
And if the daughter instigates, which is the far less morally dubious route, certainly he shouldn't jump on the idea immediately, but if he holds the idea at arms length, and her desire doesn't fade after a couple of years, maybe she really does just feel that way.

>Select all the ice cream.
Hansen pls.
Key word here: child. If she's an adult and she ONLY has eyes for her dad, you're looking at some damaged goods. If she is a kid, then that's child molestation... Somebody is going to burn for that.
But then is it still right to have sex with her even if she's an adult? That's still your child, through and through, even if she is her own person and capable of making her own decisions at an older age.
Hell, if she's damaged goods and Anon is damaged too, let them. It's not exactly right, but what are you going to do? Some people are beyond fixing.
File: 19409154.jpg (55KB, 680x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 680x680px
Well, guess that's the end of that discussion then.
So kids = no
Broken adult = yes?
Take your shitty opinion elsewhere.
File: 19409181.jpg (334KB, 2048x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334KB, 2048x2048px
I guess, I don't know. As long as we realize it's not exactly all that right and consider the possible reprucussions of two broken adults. Not to say that sibling/cousin incest is necessafily better, just less morally questionable.
That's some weird doublethink right there
Guys, /trash/ needs satyr porn
the new pony porn enclave.
File: 19603988.png (208KB, 487x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208KB, 487x480px
I'm on it
i'm not going into that thread until i play fallout 4.
Well, not OFFICIALLY pony porn, but it's 55% pony porn.

New board by Hiro. /trash/, ironically enough.
>red board
>no GR15
It's the pony porn board; everything else is just passing through.
File: Hope - Anon 1.3.jpg (272KB, 1312x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hope - Anon 1.3.jpg
272KB, 1312x1500px
Dry those tears Hope, we're home now.
So we finally have a 4chan board to post pony porn in?
Oh joy!
I'm a little bit out of the loop. /aco/ doesn't allow pony porn. Is there a pony red board?
>not reading the posts being replied to
We were talking about the new hidden /trash/ board, which is currently having pony porn threads.
If you go to 4chan.org/trash it doesn't redirect properly.
I noticed that. It works from boards.4chan.org though.
Sure is dead in here today
That's what happens when you fail your saving roll on a one-cheek-sneak.
Wonder how many lurkers are too busy on /trash/?
>implying they post anything
The deed is done. Maybe we should make a lewd thread on their in a bit.
Wait for it to go full /clop/... Then start an incest general
How do Satyrs celebrate Turkey Day?

Non-Americans need not apply
Which ones like sportball, getting drunk, and arguing with family the most?
Fluttershy's husband and Applejack's husband. I bet they screw with each other.

"Well well well, if it isn't Mr. Whiteman. Come to give my kids blankets?"
>"I would, but you probably already ate them, you damn dirty cannibal."
>"Pahaha. Aaah."
"C'mon on, I picked up a twelve pack and the game's starting."

I actually wonder if some families in Equestria straight up ignore human holidays. Like Pinkie is Equestrian Amish and Rarity might be Equestrian Jewish... And Twilight... Unicoyim.
One shot requests, taking em
Cider's first spoiler]lesbian[/spoiler] kiss
Presto hustling other satyrs in a game of 3 card monty, or otherwise astonishing ponies with 'human' magic tricks.
Satyrs playing poker They are all cheating
Satyrs learn how to spoiler properly
I missed one bracket. Sue me.

The Apples?
Rainbow's family, for sure.
There's already an incest general there now
How does every satyr's daily morning routine look like?
Satyrs shouldn't play on page 9, it's a bad neighbourhood. Ever since all those Minotaurs moved in.

Ctrl + S The method of champions, unless you're on a phone.
>wake up
>wash face
>five mile run
>go home
>get stuck feeding oneof the twins
>try to ignore the lewd sounds frim upstairs
>keep brother from swiping cookies
>eat eggs and sneak some of Poppa's bacon while he's preoccupied
>finally go to school
>realize that you didn't get to shower
>go through the whole day trying to hide it
>but it's human stink
>eat eggs
What, all of 'em?

>implying the scent of a sweaty girl isn't awesome
Any pics of Darcy and her mom?
File: 21453998.png (2MB, 1502x2700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1502x2700px
Slowly wake up to alarm set to classical music
Brush teeth and shower to even more classical music
Get dressed
Do daily crossword puzzles and sudoku
Small Breakfast
Let Mom psychoanalyze your dreams while eating
Get Thistle and Rory up out their rooms before they sleep in late
Head to school

Get woken up by Fauna or Flora
Wait for Thorn to finish in the bathroom
Brush teeth and shower with cold water
Get dressed
Sit at the breakfast table and wait for Timber to finish feeding Gizmo
Eat breakfast of fruits, cereal, toast, and substitute eggs and bacon
Pick up named lunch bag from Mom and walk the twins to their school
Fly in a group and head to your school

Wake up
Greet the day with morning yoga and cardio after
Take a shower and brush teeth
Spend time on hair
Pick out which outfits to wear and dressed
Tease Icarus as she eats breakfast and Mommy heads off to work
Pick up lunch from Dad and head off to school

Get woken up by Darcy
Wake up Bucky
Participate in morning race to the bathroom with Utah
Do daily hygiene routines
Get dressed and eat breakfast with family
Listen to Uncle Mac and Auntie talk with Pa and Ma
Help Gala and Little Mac stock the store before heading to school

Wake up
Say daily motivations in the mirror
Bathe and brush with Garret's top quality products
Get dressed with pantyhose to hide fur patches
Eat some Prench breakfast with coffee as Mother greets everyone with a kiss
Listen to Garret either shmooze about Laika or his ensemble as you talk
Dad gives both her and Garret your allowance before you head off to school
Pogo opens up the blinds in her room and she wakes up
Trot towards the bathroom as Fiddle and Faddle run around the house
Shower and brush teeth, then brush hair fifty times
Thank Mom as she brings you your coffee and the rest of the family eats their pastry ladened breakfast
Resist the urge to snesk a cinnabon. Fail.
Meet up with Timber as Dad takes the twins to school

Get woken up by Glimmer
Hastily wipe gem dust from off the bed
Brush teeth and turn up shower on highest heat and sing showtunes
Mess with Rory coming out of the bathroom in a towel
Get dressed and hug Ma before getting on the phone with Pop
Say good morning to Aunt Twi and have one of her servants fix up sausage and eggs
Head to school with Rory after eating breakfast

>6:00 - 6:45
Wake up, get washed and dressed (Personal appearance is to be inspected and approved by either mother or au pair, should the princess be unavailable.)

>6:45 - 7:10
Breakfast with family

>7:10 - 8:10
Equestrian history with private tutor.

>8:10 - 9:40
Language study with private tutor.

>9:40 - 10:30
Public speaking practice with mother.

>10:30 - 11:30
Physical exercise and sparring practice with father and royal guards.

>11:30 - 11:45
Free time.

>11:45 - 12:45
Mathematics with private tutor.

>12:45 - 13:45
Geography with private tutor.

>13:45 - 14:05

>14:05 - 15:30
Magic practice with mother or royal guard commander.

>15:30 - 16:15
Philosophy with private tutor.

>16:15 - 17:15
Psychology with private tutor.

>17:15 - 18:45
Equestrian law with private tutor.

>18:45 - 19:30
Dinner with family.

>19:30 - 22:00
Free time.
It's tough to be the prince.

>6:00 - 10:00ish
Hopefully wake up at some point.

Have breakfast brought to her in bed.

Actually get out of bed and get washed and dressed.

>12:00 - 15:00
Bask in the adoration of the masses.

>15:00 - 15:30
"How to look pretty and bear children" theory, with private tutor.

>15:30 - 22:00
Free time.
Is Dawn not expected to co-rule with her siblings? I thought it would be something off of Narnia, with all four of them ruling together.
She's just expected to become her fathers royal concubine as soon as she's old enough to bear children in addition to looking pretty.
File: 1415321050610.gif (2MB, 500x391px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x391px
Not when you are the sweaty, self conscious halfbreed who gets picked on for her differences by all the normal pegasus ponies
She doesn't want to rule. She wants to go on adventures and fight evil.
Will all the Spitfire satyrs just go to the same school and grin and bear it?
>Goes to slay evil
>Slays evil
>Continues to slay evil
>Runs into evil Minotaur
>Tries to slay him
>He tries to slay her
>Yells are exchanged
>He thinks she's the evil
>Silly Minotaur
>Goes to slay
>Daaaamn, bb, u lookin hawt
>Maybe she is da ebil
>They make out
>They talk
>Turns out not all the evil she slayed was evil
>And she did not slay so much as beat the shit out of
>New Minotaur friend helps her slay real evil
>And provide make outs
>The end
Keep the filthy minotaurs away from our satyrs
>"How to look pretty and bear children" theory, with private tutor.

>"So to review what we've learned."
>Dawn sighed deeply, wishing she was instead out learning magic like her brother instead of being stuck here with her tiresome old teacher.
"Ugh... Always greet your man with a kiss when her returns home and ensure your children are suitably presented. Don't speak unless spoken to. Make sure to properly please your man in the bedroom."
>"And what's the best way to do that?"
>Dawn sighed a second time.
"By letting him do whatever he wants and not complaining. Always be submissive and-"
>A knock at the door interrupted the satyr.
>Looking up, she grinned as she saw her father enter the room.
>"Your highness."
>Anon chuckled.
>"Hey sweetheart, studying hard?"
>Dawn rolled her eyes.
"I guess."
>Glancing to the bowing mare in front of the chalkboard, Anon motioned for her to rise.
>"Miss Prim, how about stepping outside for a moment so I can have a word in private with my daughter?"
>The elderly mare nodded and made her way out of the room, closing the door behind her.
>Turning back to Dawn, Anon pulled several thick, hardcover books out from underneath his coat and showed them to her.
"Maths, science, magic theory... and poetry? What're they for, daddy?"
>Anon shrugged.
>"What's say you and me head up to your room and have ourselves a real lesson?"
>"You bet. Maybe your dear old dad could also track down a book or two on history and geography too, hmm? No daughter of mine's going to be denied a proper education just to be groomed for marriage to some foreign twat of a prince."
"You said a swear."
>"That I did. Uh... Don't tell your mother."
>More Dawn/Daddy incest
There is not a reaction image with enough annoyed groan in existence to properly express how I feel.
I don't see any incest in that one-shot, just a caring father who wants to give his child a proper education about science, math, history and stuff.
Where are you getting the incest from? It's a story about Anon secretly teaching his daughter actual useful things instead of just "how to lie on your back and make your husband happy".
What? There's no incest in that at all.
W-wheres the rest of it if it's already been done?
>More Circlejerk about Simmer and Timber
There is not a reaction image with enough annoyed groan in existence to properly express how I feel.

>More fagoffs because someone mentioned Snapshot.
There is not a reaction image with enough annoyed groan in existence to properly express how I feel.

>More inability to mention (satyr here) without them being wrapped up in a specific ship.
There is not a reaction image with enough annoyed groan in existence to properly express how I feel.

>More (thing)
There is not a reaction image with enough annoyed groan in existence to properly express how I feel.

Chill out, everyone here hates every other demographic of the thread.

In his defense, feeling like her father is the only person in the whole world who cares about her as a person is a good way to believably edge into incest.
... I have a feeling that skimming it may have been a bad idea. All I got was
>Sex lessons
>Daddy comes in
>"Hey, let's go to your room for a PRIVATE lesson."

Let this be a lesson to those laughing at my hubris. Skimming is actually a bad thing.

We have an archive. It's two or three threads back.

>Implying in support of any of those.
Saturation is bad, mkay?
Are people really that upset about the shipping? Just talk about [insert satyr here] and ignore it.
There's a helpful "hide post" option. It's a very nice option.
This is satyr general, everyone is upset about everything. And asking people to show either considerate moderation or to ignore something is like asking them to learn levitation. It's not happening.
We don't have a nice reputation in other threads.
Who cares about the other threads?

>Meanwhile Radiance is dodging fireballs and thunderbolts left and right as his mother puts him through his combat magic paces.
"Gods, please, I'm so tired! Just let it end! Why couldn't I have been born a girl so I could just lounge around doing nothing all day but making babies once in a while and have nobody expecting the world from me."
>The young prince was suddenly caught square in the chest with a bolt of lightning and thrown forcefully against the far wall before falling to the ground.
>Tutting, Celestia approached him as he picked himself up off the floor with a groan.
>"Almost perfect, but almost isn't good enough when your life is actually depending on it, sweetie."
>Radiance rolled over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling.
"I think I broke something."
>Quickly scanning her son with her magic, Celestia shook her head and helped him to his feet.
>"No, you're fine. Now run along to your philosophy class, my sweet. You mustn't be late."

Would you rather be Radiance, who has the weight of the world on his shoulders and who everybody expects nothing less than perfection from 24/7, but at the same time has almost unlimited opportunities, or else Dawn, who people have very few expectations for, meaning that she's largely left to her own devices for the most part?


Celestia may not show it all the time, but she really does adore her children and wants them to be happy. She's just so used to ponies expecting her to be the model of perfection that she's come to expect the same from her kids.
File: 1443025870056.png (117KB, 540x523px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 540x523px
>who cares what people from this thread are saying about us outside of this thread?
I toyed with a couple different ideas like Ace getting forcibly removed from Cloudsdale System for [fighting/sticking up for Hotshot/breaking down in tears and begging to go to school in Ponyville with her friends], but not so much the others, since satyrs become more of a visible thing and not just invasive. Hotshot's got at least a half-dozen pegasus satyrs in his years, so they're always an option. So I either go that route, or have him to go school in Ponyville as sort of a lesson learned from Ace.

The other two have no wings, so Cloudsdale is right out. I could see them being a dynamic team in Canterlot once they get old enough.
File: 1445305884651.png (174KB, 1524x897px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174KB, 1524x897px

Radiance and Dawn switch places for a day.

Dawn now has to try not to cut herself while her dad teaches her the basics of swordsmanship, while Radiance has to sit through a lecture about why it's important to have dinner ready by the time your husband gets home and why having the girl on top during sex is sinful. Radiance is fairly sure the tutor, Miss Prim, still thinks mares aren't allowed to vote and can't believed she hasn't noticed the "new princess" she's supposed to be teaching is just him wearing a wig and speaking in a high voice.
File: whichisittoday.png (82KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82KB, 600x600px
But why? It's not like we have a reputation to keep. It always circles back to the alsame things anyway, just like everything else on this board.
Having a bad reputation means that people from other threads don't want to come and hang out here.
Bad reputation in terms of what? We complain about a bunch of stuff in our own thread, it's gotta be more than just one thing. It's not our fault some of us takes this stuff too seriously.
They can't handle the bantz.

>the other two don't have wings

Why? Ratchet and Rocket are the only Satyrs to not be the race that their pony parent is. Granted in the show you have ponies like Pound and Pumpkin Cake. But that's with two pony parents and not a human and a pony.

It just bugs me.
I'm not sure how I feel about no wings? What about making them impractical like scootaloo's
You guys do NOT have a bad reputation in other threads. Hell, the only thread I've seen mention anything about you guys was mlpg and it was some shit about how they disliked incest. Which is pretty funny given the shit they like over there.
>the only Satyrs not to be the race that their pony parent is
Derpy's satyrs are generally understood to be wingless in most art, and in stories it's either that or that their wings are so inconsequential, they may as well not have them. There's also cases to be made for any of the unicorn offspring.
Because the dynamics at work are fun to tease out. You have a family of obviously gifted fliers, with a distinct heritage in the sky, and then traditional flight is an impossibility for two of them. How might Spitfire react and adapt to two kids who need a radically different style of parenting from what her instincts tell her?

It's supposed to be a fun exercise in family dynamics.

I always considered the Derp satyrs having wings. There are one or two pictures of Melody with wings.

>Spitfire react and adapt to two kids who need a radically different style of parenting from what her instincts tell her

>I will not throw my wingless children off a cliff to teach them to fly
>Spitfire smiles softly, nodding to herself.
>She looks to her boys.
>She threw them off the cliff.
>Luckily some Pegasi caught them.
>"What the hell is wrong with you?!"
A little extreme but you're getting it.
I will also not deny I have run through that scene many, many times myself. And I always laugh.
I've seen the thread mentioned in AiE, RGRE, foal threads, pone prison and the short lived polygamy threads. The opinion is always the same.
"It seems like it'd be great for parental feels/incest/polygamy/whatever topic I prefer, but it's actually nothing but shipping and bitching about how much they hate everything else."

And sorry to tell you this, Simmer and Timber fans, you did in fact drive away people who were otherwise interested in these threads, because you get name dropped, a lot.
Drakes are varied like that too and I don't see flak from that. Simmer and Broil are supposed to be twins, but Broil has dragon ears and a normal upper body, while Simmer has pointy ears, wings, and dragon arms. Some have dragon ears, some don't. Some have an underbelly, some don't. Some have wings and claws, while others don't. It's weird, but no one complains about it.
File: 36424921.gif (505KB, 400x406px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
505KB, 400x406px
But Anon, what is there to talk about besides shipping and bitching? That constitutes a good 75% of our thread, with an additional 10% whenever Simmer or Timber is mentioned.
File: 357597.png (339KB, 987x772px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339KB, 987x772px
>Spitfire sits awkwardly with infant Rocket and Ratchet flopping over each other.
>She looks at you in a near panic
>"They don't have wings."
"Well, yeah, that's what the doctor said."
>"But they don't have wings!"
>You frown and raise an eyebrow.
"What are you trying to get at here, Fireball?"
>With tears in her eyes, Spitfire sputters
>"How am I supposed to let them know I love them if I can't preen them!?"
She should ask earth pony and unicorn mom's for advice.
Now that's adorable and laughably sad.
Parenting stuff, what the kids like to do for fun, feels, adventures, the occasional parent x satyr incest. You know, the kind of stuff this thread used to talk about a lot more often back then when it wasn't all about shipping random satyrs with other satyrs.
Because those get SO many replies... I bet you think more gun control = less gun crimes, don't you? Just because you control something doesn't mean it will get results
I don't see comparisons that broken very often
Why the kickback? It would be refreshing. What's wrong with shifting the focus from "Lewd Ship Fic #213" to something like the CMC satyrs find an abandoned house in the woods and explore it? Or Thistle getting her scales polished with Spike? Or Gumdrop spearing her self on her dad's dick? That last one only in moderation of course
All good reasons why I keep trucking on ahead. More fun than just another set of winged satyrs from a family of winged satyrs.
So what if one of the Apple satyrs were born a unicorn satyr, one of the Pie satyrs were born a pegasus satyr, and Rory was born an earth pony satyr? How would you think the dynamic would go?

Personally I don't much care for the two being Spitfire's kids I was thinking of second gen Satyrs and I wanted a set of twin Earth Satyr boys for Hotshot and Ambrosia, and I couldn't think of a name so I stole them, but whatever floats your boat
What would earth ponies and unicorns do for telling there kids they love them anyway?
Which apple would even be a unicorn?
File: 1163134.png (527KB, 1127x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
527KB, 1127x380px
Big Mac, maybe
That's fine dude, I'm not going to stop you from doing what you please. I already buried one of the intended kids though, so I'm not sacrificing these two as well.
Well part of that depends on how you define unicorn satyrs because a numb