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Nightly Scilight Thread #68

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"When You Need a Friend, I'll Be There" Edition
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>"Uhhh, mmm... Anon? W-what are you doing after school?"

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you forgot lewdest
What if I just said best?
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r9klight when
When EqG isn't kill
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OP you forgot to add this story
If Sunset was Celestia's student before Twilight, that means she's slightly older than Twilight by at least a few years, right?

Cradle-robbing like an alpha mare.
How does it feel to be as slow as the NTT itself now?
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Where is traplight? He's the one I'm here for. I need my fix, man. You can't keep holdin out on me, I already gave you my rarest pepes.
Equestria and human world probably have different time speed in them, seeing how they both were in highschool in films.
At least we pick up pace in the daytime
tfw I want to post about her all day
tfw I got called into work because of a "emeegency"
at least Im getting paid doulble today
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Yeah, we need our trap waifu
H-here, is this rare Moonlight enough?
also, i'm pretty sure i was the one who originally requested pic related
"Anon have you seen my sister around here?"
You have a sister?
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"Not at all!"
Hopefully Traplight updates today
I thought Jeff said he'd be busy for a few days. Has it already been a few days? If so, time flies.
Oh... that's right...
Welp, who wants to drink time-traveling bleach with me? It'll make the time go by
I hear pray tell that Trainer light updates tonight, and that there's lots of stupid Dykeshit to drudge through. Just a rumor though, a whisper in the wind really.
dykeshit ain't sin
chronos dindu nuttin
lewd twilight best twilight
All jokes aside the Dykeshit is actually stupid in my story. I created characters that make romance pretty bland and pointless. Luckily this isn't a story ABOUT romance, so it should pick up soon enough again.

Love that image.
>Eqg said he would update r9klight at the end of september.
>It's now november and there's been no word from him.

He's gone and fapped himself to death, my friend.
But dyke stuff is amazing
Traplight will return tonight. Sorry about disappearing, had to study for a big exam which I still completely fucking bombed.

Things might get a little bit sad.
Sorry about this, but I will probably not be writing today. I have some school shit I need to get done. I could try for tonight, but probably not. We'll see, though. Hopefully tomorrow will be the latest.

Also sorry for the cut off. I was just having a difficult time writing last night, and I am still kinda stuck. Hopefully I can get unstuck.
Are you not American or something? You chin up and you say "I aced that test!" no matter how you feel you did. Blind self confidence is the American way.
Next update for my story is coming along well! Hopefully I'll be able to dump either some time tonight during skeleton hours or maybe some time tomorrow night
What would you guys do if someone ITT implied they were underaged?
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ignore them
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rare moondancer.png
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>Everyone posting updates about their stories.
Shit. I'll... update Twi Twi and Bullylight and Sugarlight... someday. Sorry about... something. I was something something. Hopefully something will something someday something. Things will get something on some of them. Expect something this something.

Seriously though, I haven't written much, and that makes me feel bad considering people are firsting for Twi Twi. This will teach me not to take on three stories at once.

Have a rare Moondancer as compensation.
Its worth the wait
I will patiently await your return
I love you TwiTwi
That rare Moondancer kind of reminds me of Bird Person

mfw all these stories are going to be updated soon but not now
Today someone sat next to me on the bus and I was overjoyed that they chose to sit next to me instead of walking to the back for an empty row. It made me feel a little less disgusting. I didn't talk or make eye contact or anything, they just texted on their phone. I was just glad I wasn't repulsive to them.

God I hate myself so much.
It's okay anon, we love you, you aren't disgusting.
You can break out of your shell eventually.
Just take it at your own pace.
We believe in you.
can someone make a story where scitwi goes on 4chan and dscovers /nst/
can someone make any story at all?
Updating the pastebin and shit. Story starting soon.
Ok. I wrote this Bullylight thing. Dumping in a few moments.

Oh. Uhm. Didn't saw that.

Such cruel teasing
Oh boy, two writefags ready to dump all over us~

Nah, go ahead. I write slow as fuck, you shouldn't have to wait on me.
With a mean time of 15-20 minutes between, I don't believe that for a second.

I'm also too unconfident right now to post. And I want traps. Traps are life.

This is actually the second time. It's like destiny doesn't want me to post Bullylight.

If dubs I cancel the story.
>If dubs I cancel the story.

if trips Dot will write twitwi, bullylight, and sugarlight and it will be good
and EqG will return
An attempt was made
If you insist


All too often, we find the things we cherish torn from us. But the traps remain. Twilight has a penis.


>Trixie's eyes go wide, and her shaking gets worse, until the point where you're the only thing keeping her from collapsing
>She tries to stammer out anohter apology, but her own fear turns the words into slush before they can leave her lips
>"t-t-trixie is s-so sorry! she d-didn't mean... she j-just got s-s-so mad... t-trixie didn't want to hurt anyone"
>Celestia nods, her eyes cool and focused, betraying no hint of anger, nor of sympathy
>"I understand. Now, follow me please."
>Face green, Trixie nods, and you help her hobble up toward Celestia's office
>Luna runs to Trender's side, pulling out her cellphone to dial for an ambulance

>You and Trixie are seated across from Celestia, affixed under that same cool, emotionless glare
>Trixie keeps trying to sit in your lap, but you repeatedly push her back into her own seat
>Though you do allow her to hold your hand, to at least remind her that she isn't facing this alone
>Across from you, Celestia crosses her legs, folding her hands in front of her face
>Before she has a chance to ask any questions, you launch into your explanation
"It wasn't Trixie's fault! Trender provoked her! He wouldn't stop insulting the three of us, he wanted this to happen!"
>Celestia holds up a hand
>"I understand, Anonymous. I highly doubt Ms. Lulamoon would attack someone out of pure malice. However..."
>She sighs, and for a moment her practiced, stony expression falters
>"Canterlot High practices a no-tolerance policy when it comes to violence. Even if Ms. Lulamoon was provoked, I highly doubt the school board will overlook that."
"The school board? You're involving them?"
>Your tone is more indignant than you intended, and Celestia's stern demeanor returns
File: 1436386513691.gif (2MB, 244x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 244x244px
>I highly doubt the school board will overlook that
>"Ms. Lulamoon may have just sent a student to the hospital, Mr. Anonymous. Of course I'm involving the school board."
"But... but..."
>She unclasps her hands, laying them on the desk and idly toying with a pen
>"I understand that Ms. Lulamoon was provoked. I understand that she, most likely, had very good reasons to fight. But we cannot suspend school policy on a single issue. No tolerance means no tolerance."
"But that's crazy! You can't just ignore the circumstances!"
>"We're not ignoring them, we're simply refusing to punish students based on something we weren't there to witness."
"But you can witness it! It was recorded!"
>"Enough, Mr. Anonymous. Our school policy is quite clear. Both Ms. Lulamoon and Mr. Trenderhoof will receive, at the very least, a suspension."
>Trixie hangs her head, her mouth quivering
"...at the very least?"
>Celestia sighs
>"I... I can't say for sure, but it's possible that the school board will decide that... that this school isn't right for Ms. Lulamoon."
>Trixie buries her face in her hands, crying softly
>It feels like icewater was just poured down the back of your shirt
"What... what do you mean?"
>Celestia's hands shake slightly where they grasp her pen
>"Well... given her condition, and the recent outburst... it may be decided she would be better suited for a school more... accommodating to those with her, erm... needs."
"You're dancing around the word "retard," aren't you?"
>"Mr. Anonymous, you and I both know Ms. Lulamoon is not retarded."
"Do we? Because you're sure acting like it. A special school? She doesn't need a special school! She's doing fine here!"
>Celestia stands, slowly
>Despite the fact that she's a few inches shorter than you, she's still in intimidating presence
>You sit back down, taking hold of Trixie's hand again
File: 200% MAD.jpg (39KB, 500x738px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200% MAD.jpg
39KB, 500x738px
>"Mr. Anonymous. Becoming angry with me won't change anything. I promise, I'll do everything in my power to make sure Ms. Lulamoon's case is handled fairly--"
>"Is that not enough for you?"
"It's pretty noncommittal. Trixie has friends here, Principal C. She's happy, and she's doing well."
>"Mr. Anonymous, I understand. If it were up to me, I would gladly allow Ms. Lulamoon to continue with only a slap on the wrist. But it's not. In a case such as this, the school board will demand they have their say."
"Well, you're the principal, right? Convince the school board that Trixie's a good girl! Show them the footage!"
>"That... may not work as well as you think."
"Why not?"
>"Do you know why Trenderhoof transferred here?"
>'Because he's a prick?' you want to ask
"I... do not."
>"His father recently made a quite-generous donation to our school. And, well as a result, he was offered a position on the school board. We had a vacancy, and... well, it seemed appropriate."
"You... you let him in?"
>"Me? I had no say in the matter. A school principal is not exactly the most illustrious title, Anonymous."
"Yeah, but... but..."
>Holy shit
>Trixie's staring silently at the floor, her face pale
>Her hand quivers in yours, like holding a sick little bird in your palm
>If Trender's dad is on the board, then...
>"Please, Mrs. Principal Celestia... don't send Trixie away..."
>With the back of your hand, Trixie whipes tears away from her eyes
>"Please don't send Trixie away... Trixie promises she'll be good, please... she doesn't want to leave..."
>Celestia's mouth works silently before she can get any words out
>"I... I promise, I'll do everything within my power to keep you here, Ms. Lulamoon. I'll get into contact with your parents as well, and--"
>At the mention of Trixie's parents, her eyes go wide
>Celestia raises an eyebrow at Trixie's sudden outburst
>"And... why not?"
>"Um, Trixie... Trixie doesn't think they want to know..."
>"What on earth do you mean?"
>Celestia looks to you for an explanation, but you have none
>You've never seen Trixie's parents either, even after having spent every other day of the past three weeks at her house
>As far as you know, she's an orphan, though you doubt that's the case
>"Trixie, um... doesn't see her parents..."
>"You don't see them? But... how are you affording this school? How do you... what?"
>Celestia's chilly demeanor has dropped entirely, replaced by one of genuine confusion
>"Trixie's parents send her money, and they let her stay in their old house. They just... they don't visit Trixie."
>"But... Ms. Lulamoon, dear... that's illegal."
>Trixie shrugs
>"Trixie didn't know... is she going to go to jail now, too?"
>Trixie wraps her arms over her belly, hugging herself for comfort
>You raise a hand to her back, stroking her hair
>Normally, that's a surefire way to calm her, but it's not working now
>She's gone from green and sickly to deathly pale, her eyes wide and hollow with fear
>"No, no, you won't go to jail, or course not, but... Ms. Lulamoon, dear, we need to know where your parents are."
>Trixie begins to shake again
>"Trixie... Trixie wants to tell you, but she doesn't know... they never told her where they were going..."
So her parents don't love her?
Well fuck
>"I... I see. Well, hopefully we can get into contact with them. If not, well..."
>She shakes her head
>"I promise, no matter what, I'll make sure it works out. Even if Ms. Lulamoon has to transfer schools, well..."
>At the words "transfer schools," Trixie twitches, letting out a tiny little sob
>"Please don't let them send Trixie away... Trixie doesn't want to lose her friends too..."
>"No, no, of course not. But your friends won't leave you just because you switch schools, right?"
>Celestia raises an eyebrow at you
"Yeah, no, of course not. I'll visit every chance I get, and I'll drag Starlight along too. Maybe even Twilight."
>Trixie nods, using your hand to wipe her eyes again
"It's all gonna be fine, Trix. I promise."
>At that, you stand up and embrace your girlfriend
>She leans her head on your shoulder, her shaking making her chin bump against your cheek
>"Trixie doesn't want to leave... please, Anon... don't let them take Trixie away..."
"Shhh... shhh... it's not gonna happen, Trix. I promise, you're gonna stay with us."
>Celestia turns away, giving the two of you a moment of privacy as you struggle to calm the poor girl down
>"Trixie's so scared, Anon... please... please don't let Trixie go..."
"I'm not, I'm not... shhh..."
>You stroke her hair again, finally starting to calm her down a little
>This time, you finally allow her to sit in your lap
>Celestia looks up from her phone
>"My sister just told me they're taking Trender to the hospital. The doctors aren't very worried; apparently, his injuries were fairly non-threatening. Still..."
>She shakes her head
>"This is going to be a lot to explain..."
Nobody loves Trix



>You are Twilight Sparkle
>As Anon and Trixie are lead away, Vice-Principal Luna calls an ambulance for Trender
>He's moaning and crying out like he just got his legs blown off, thrashing and flailing as he's loaded onto a stretcher
>You turn on shaky legs, walk to the girl's bathroom... and throw up
>It's all your fault...
>Collapsing against the wall of the bathroom stall, your find yourself shaking even worse than Trixie, the world seeming to spin away from you in all directions
>You should have warned them, you knew you should have!
>If you'd just told them about Trender, this wouldn't have happened
>Now who knows what they're going to do to Trixie?
>Shit, shit...
>Why'd you have to run away?
>You bitched out, and now... now...
>Fuck, they still don't know
>They don't know what Trender's capable of
>The resources he has, the wit, the sheer, unabashed selfishness...
>Trixie's in a lot of trouble
>You stand, stomach still roiling, and lurch back out in to the halls, hoping to bump into the two of them
>By the time you get to Celestia's office, you find it empty
>You prowl the halls for Anon and Trixie, even going so far as to skip a class to look for them, but you can't find either of the pair


>You are Anonymous
>By Celestia's permission, you were allowed to take the rest of the day off in order to take Trixie home
Gonna go make a quick run to the gas station to buy some booze. Will be back in a few minutes.
We all love The Terrific Trixtard.
>Nobody loves Trix
Anon does
File: 1430975791623.png (122KB, 355x379px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1444968500514.png (91KB, 240x255px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Goddammit you warned us but I was not prepared for these feelings
>Guy Fieri will never personally take you to Flavor town
I was not prepared for these feelings
>On the drive to her house, she keeps completely silent
>Which is, of course, quite out of character for her
"Hey, you alright?"
>Trixie shrugs
"You heard what I said, right? I'm not gonna let hem take you away."
>Trixie nods, but her expression doesn't change
>Every line of pain in her face stabs like a dagger into your heart
"Hey, you wanna stop for ice cream or something?"
>Trixie shrugs again
>"If you want to..."
"Alright. What do you want."
>"Anything is fine with Trixie."
>You try to inject some enthusiasm into your responses, but it doesn't come across terribly well
>To you, your own words sound hollow and fake
>Trixie continues to stare at her feet, trying her best to restrain her tears

>You pull into the ice cream shop and order her some chocolate icecream with little peanut butter cups in it
>It's her favorite, and you hope a double-scoop cone will cheer her up
>Of course... it doesn't
>Trixie takes a few half-hearted bites in an attempt to make you happy, but she clearly doesn't want the ice cream
"I'm sorry, Trix"
>"For what?"
"For... I don't know. I feel like this is my fault."
>"Your fault? No... no, it's all Trixie's. She just got so mad... she was stupid. She's always so stupid!"
>Furious, Trixie chucks her ice cream out of the window
>"See!? There she goes again! All Trixie ever does is ruin things! She's horrible!"
>Trixie grabs fistfuls of her hair, pulling viciously at them
I was not prepared for these feels
File: 1436426776713.png (643KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
643KB, 768x1024px
>>The resources he has, the wit, the sheer, unabashed selfishness...
>inb4: Trixie's parents are even more rich.
>inb4 trixie's dad is actually penn jillette
>"Trixie's principal has told her that what Trixie's parents do are illegal! But Trixie will remain silent if Trixie's parents help her remain in CHS!"
Looks like it's time for Mr. Lulamoon TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!
>You recoil, trying to keep the car from swerving
"Whoa, hey, easy. It's not you--"
>"It is! Trixie's such a stupid... stupid girl! She never thinks, she just does things! And those things are always so stupid, and she... she doesn't know! She doesn't know why she does anything, she feels like such an idiot! Like a such a broken, stupid idiot! All she ever does is hurt her friends, and... and... and this is why she never had any friends, and... and Trixie just doesn't know! She doesn't know anything, she!"
>You pull the car into the nearest parking lot and kill the engine
"Trixie. Please, don't do this to yourself."
>"Trixie can't help it! Everything she touches gets ruined! You... you shouldn't even want to be around her! She's just going to keep hurting you!"
>Trixie slams her head into the window, the resulting thump loud enough to make you wince
"Trixie! Stop!"
>You grab her before she can slam her head into the window again and forcefully kiss her
>She resists for about a second, before collapsing, once again, into a shivering mess
>"Trixie feels so terrible, Anon... why does she have to mess things up..."
"It's not your fault, Trixie, please..."
>"It is Trixie's fault. She does this to herself."
>Trixie pushes you back into your seat
>"You really shouldn't even be dating Trixie... she's just hurting you more..."
"Don't say that. We both know that--"
>"That Trixie makes you happy, maybe, but... but that's not going to last. Trixie's just going to keep hurting you. You... you shouldn't have to deal with her, Anonymous. Trixie knows she's not very smart, but... but even she can see that you deserve better."
>You grab your girlfriend by the shoulder, shaking her a little more violently than you intended
"Come on, snap out of it! Think of last night! I told you, I... I love you, you crazy girl."
The three greatest words in the English language.
So many feels.
File: 3f3.jpg (16KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 640x480px
>You try to kiss her again, but Trixie pulls away
>"You shouldn't..."
>"You shouldn't. Trixie's... Trixie's not good for you. She's just going to mess things up for you, and... and..."
>Trixie scrunches her mouth up, trying to find the words
>"And you're a good person, Anon... you deserve someone who'll make you happy, not someone like Trixie... no one deserves a broken mess like Trixie..."
>She slumps forward, her head landing with a thump on the dashboard
>"Please, just... just take Trixie home..."
>Unable to form a response, you continue to Trixie's house, dropping her off
>She hauls herself up to the front door, keeping her eyes trained on the ground
>You try to follow her, but she pays you no attention
>She stops at the door, fumbling with her keys
>She doesn't even look at you, she just continues trying to get her key into the lock, unsuccessfully
>Wordlessly, you take her hands in yours, guiding the key into its proper position
>She leans against you as you help her, and you can feel her heart thudding through her back
"Trixie... please..."
>You're whispering into her ear now
"I just wanna help you... don't shut me out like this, please."
>"You can't help Trixie, Anon... she's... she's a mess. You need to help yourself..."
>She hangs her head, and the two of you open the door together
>"You deserve better than this. Don't let Trixie keep hurting you, she's... she's a bad girl. You need someone better than Trixie."
>As the door swings open, Trixie collapses towards the floor, but you circle your arms around her waist in time to catch her
>She slumps in your grasp, dangling like a broken doll in your arms
File: 1440529897860.png (166KB, 700x808px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 700x808px
P-please don't have it end in AnonxTraplight. I love Trixie too much.
God dammit trappy your making me feel things, things I didn't want to feel.feely feels
File: jojo.jpg (159KB, 1440x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159KB, 1440x1920px
"I gotcha..."
>You hook an arm under her legs, and left Trixie in the classic princess carry, carting her over the piles of garbage, comic books, and broken action figures up to her room, where you lay her on her bed
>She struggles weakly, but lets you hold her, squeezing her eyes shut in an attempt to keep herself from crying
>It doesn't work
>One by one, tears leak from beneath her eyelids, spilling down her face
>She curls up in your lap, no longer shaking
>Her body is strangely lifeless; if it weren't for her quiet crying, you'd swear she were sleeping
>"Trixie is sorry... she's so sorry... for everything, so... so sorry..."
>She grabs fistfulls of your shirt, clinging desperately to you
>Your stomach aches with hunger, but you hold her patiently, stroking her hair and down her back, hoping she'll finally calm down
>"Trixie... Trixie would like to be alone..."
"You sure?"
>"Yes... Trixie is sorry. She loves you, but... she thinks she needs to be away from people for a while. Seeing you be nice to her just... it just makes Trixie feel more guilty. She feels like this is you trying to fix her mistakes..."
"Trixie, you know there's more to it than--"
>"Trixie doesn't know that, Anon. Maybe she's just too dumb to understand, but right now... she just feels bad. She doesn't want you to feel bad too. Please, just... just leave her alone."
"...if that's what you want."
>You lift Trixie off your lap and stand, stuffing your hands awkwardly into your pockets
"I... um..."
>You take a few steps towards the door, trying to think of what to say
"If you need me, Trixie, just call, okay?"
>She nods, flopping face-down on her bed
Sorry about the delays. Am sad and drunk.

>You reach the door now, but turn back before exiting
"Hey... I love you. I'm not mad, okay?"
>Trixie doesn't move
"I would have done the same thing, probably, if you hadn't. Don't beat yourself up, okay? Please? You're worth too much for that, Trix."
>Again, she stays still
"Anything you need, please... please just call me. I want you to be okay."
>She stays still for a moment... then nods, keeping her face buried in her pillow
"Alright, well... take care of yourself, okay? I love you."
>Trixie is still and you turn your face away as you close her bedroom door, heading out of her house
>And guess who's waiting for you on her front lawn


"Is she okay? She's okay, right?"
>"I... I don't know."
>You run up alongside Anon, but he blocks you before you can get to Trixie's door
"What do you mean you don't know!?"
>"I mean I don't know."
"She's your girlfriend! You're supposed to know!"
>"She's upset. She... she feels guilty, I don't know."
"Guilty? But it'd Trender's fault--"
>"I know, Twi, I know. I tried to explain that to her, but... I dunno, she doesn't want to listen. She's hurting pretty bad."
"Then why aren't you with her?"
>Anon glares at you
>"You think I don't want to be with her? She kicked me out."
"Kicked you out? Jesus..."
>"Yeah, I know."
"Poor Trixie..."
File: twicry.png (802KB, 734x927px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
802KB, 734x927px

I want to destroy Trenderfaggot.

He *knew* that anyone beating him would be automatically rekt by his spineless plutocrat of a father, and yet he chose to provoke Trixie. Just to provoke Anon indirectly like a gigantic retard. And just because HE CAN.

Maybe Twi had it coming for her if it had happened to her, but Trixie? An innocent bystander?

I am raging so hard about a fanfiction character right now.
File: 132752266848.png (266KB, 900x573px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
266KB, 900x573px
You and me both.
Time to ask Merlin for help.
>tryhard filename
where's the next part of the story, nohooves?
>"I know. She's... it's bad."
>Anon scratches the back of his head, twitching slightly
>"I want to help her, but... fuck, I don't know what to do."
"Do you think I could help her?"
>"I... I don't know. You probably won't make things any worse..."
>You nod, taking a step past Anon
"I... I can try, I guess."
>"Yeah. She's... she's really not in a good way, Twilight. Don't feel bad if she won't talk to you, alright?"
"Yeah... yeah, right. I'll try to talk her out of it, I guess. Fuck, poor girl..."
>Anon stays silent, staring at his car
>"Next time we see Trender, I'm going to finish what Trixie started. That motherfucker is dead."
>Your throat closes at the mention of Trender's name
"Yeah... yeah. We're going to make sure that he... that he doesn't do this again."
>Anon nods, his brow furrowed in rage
>"He's not. I don't care what I have to do, he's not gonna take Trixie from me. I don't give a fuck what he does, he's not getting away with this."
>It doesn't escape your notice that Anon never got so righteously angry at Trender over anything he did to you...
>Easy, Twilight
>This isn't about you right now
"I'll... I'll see you tomorrow, I guess?"
>"Yeah, tomorrow. Take care of Trixie for me, okay?"
>His face softens as he thinks of his girlfriend okay
>"Please... I don't know if you can, but... please. Try to help her. I can't stand seeing her like this."
"Right, right, yeah... I'll try my best."
>Suddenly, Anon's arms are around you, squeezing you against his chest
Now's not the time to think with your dick, Twilight.
>nohooves' face when
File: tfw profiled.gif (577KB, 500x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tfw profiled.gif
577KB, 500x374px
I guess you guys will have to wait for tomorrow for my update, I'm getting sleepy.
It's all done and everything, so I'll post it at like 12 eastern time.
>Surprised by the suddenness of the hug, you allow your emotions to, for only a second, get the better of you
>You lean your head on Anon's shoulder, taking a slow, subtle breath
>The warmth behind his embrace seems to seep directly into your chest, coursing up to your brain in an electrifying, scintillating pattern
>And then, just as quickly as it began, the hug is over
>"Thank you, Twilight."
>Anon holds you at arm's length, looking at you in a way that turns your heart to slush
>You find yourself shaking, albeit only slightly, your legs suddenly wobbly and weak
"Um... you're welcome?"
>You're tempted to step away from him, but being held by someone else like this, especially a boy, it... well, it's not something you're really used to
>"Please, if you can help Trixie... I'll be really grateful."
>He lets go of you, taking a step towards his car
>The spots where his hands left you feel suddenly cold, bereft of the warmth of his touch
"Yeah, definitely. I'll... I'll try my best, I guess."
>Anon nods, his mouth finally cracking into a small, sad smile
>"That's all I can ask for. We both know how Trixie can be."
>You find yourself returning the expression
"Heh, yeah. I'll... I'll see you tomorrow, I guess?"
>"Tomorrow's Saturday."
"I mean, um... you know what I mean, asshole."
>You can't even keep a straight face long enough to insult him
>"Sure. I'll see you around, Twi."
File: Books.jpg (74KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 400x400px
"Yeah! I mean... I'll try to be at fencing tomorrow. If Trixie's better, I can try to convince her to show up too."
>Anon nods, opening the door to his car and slowly climbing into the driver's seat
>"If you could, that's mean so much to me. I'm... I'm really worried about her."
>For a moment, your throat closes up again
>No one's ever that worried about you...
>Dammit, now's not the time
"Yeah, I... I know. I'll look after her, Anon."
>"Right. And you'll text me if anything changes, okay?"
"Of course."
>For a moment, an awkward, lingering silence settles between the two of you
>A ray of the setting sun reflects in your glasses, hurting your eyes and forcing you to look away
>"I'll... I guess I'll see you tomorrow then."
"Yeah, tomorrow. Tomorrow's good."
>Holy fuck, you're so awkward
>"Take care of Trixie, okay? Promise you'll take care of Trixie."
"I already said I would."
>"Okay, just..."
>Anon shakes his head
>"Alright, I'm going. I'm going."
>Eyes trained on the wheel, he slowly pulls away from Trixie's house
>You watch at his car rounds the corner, your chest aching with something you can't explain
>Then you turn, and let yourself into Trixie's house
14 updates written live. Not my record, but not bad, I guess.

I've had a little a lot to drink tonight, so I apologize if anything in these doesn't make sense. I'll see you guys again tomorrow morning for more trap antics.
Whelp, got some of my school shit done. See you all tomorrow evening.

Good job, m8. Especially for someone as drunk as fuck
See you tomorrow, Jeff
Personally, I'm like 80% sure that she's gonna be Trender's sister or half sister.
Would that make Trender half-burger?
Not really. It just means that something went wrong for Trixie that didn't go wrong for Trender. So, Trixie is the black sheep of the family due to having mental issues, being a bastard, or both.

But that's just my theory, I could easily be horribly wrong.
Trender is pretty autistic and sociopathic already, though. So he might have a McDonalds in his rectum.
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>tfw you are so lonely that even lesbian shipping is enough to make you depressed
where's my science Twi or Sunny gf
Don't be sad that you don't have either of them
Be happy that they are together
I'm getting tired of the internet acting like Twilight and Scilight are interchangeable.
Got a break between classes, gonna dump for a bit.
>be happy they are together
but i would like one of them as my gf
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"Suprise! I had three tickets!"
>Trixie marches up to you and attempts to slap you in the face, but Spike blocks with his forearm.
>:"Trixie thought she was special you..."
>She trails off, unsure what insult to use.
"Trixie, what's wrong? Is this about the battle? I promise I didn't let you win, that was all you!"
>T:"It's not about the battle! Trixie knows she won fair and square, she's the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!"
>She stamps her foot for emphasis.
"Then why are you so mad? I thought you'd be happy, you've become a great trainer over night..."
>She blushes, teeth gritting in anger.
>T:"Stop complimenting Trixie! You said we could be together again once Trixie was stronger, so she spent EVERY waking hour training and catching pokemon since yesterday! She spent her last pokedollar on a dawn stone for Rose so she could be strong enough to prove her dad wrong! Then YOU go and promise yourself to some other girl!"
"Uh...I'm not sure I followed all of that."
"Supposed to be Trixies what?!"
>At this point everyone is staring at the two of you and Spike.
>T:"TRIXIES- ..."
>Her passion cuts out mid sentence.
>T:"Trixies... friend. You're Trixies only...friend."
>You instinctively go for the hug, she doesn't fight it.
>Brushing your fingers through her hair, you calming hold her.
"We're still friends Trixie, and hopefully we'll continue to be friends."
>She nods lifelessly.
>T:"Trixie knows..."
>You lean into Trixies ear.
"But we both know you're lying through your teeth."
Fug, we need to de-synchronise Jeff. I always want to post when you are. Want me to wait?

"Trixie? You alright?"
>It's stupid thing to ask, sure, but you say it only as a formality
>Trixie doesn't respond
"Is it alright if I come upstairs?"
>Again, you get no answer
>You find Trixie in her room, curled into the fetal position on her bed, staring at the wall
>She stirs slightly as she hears you come in, but otherwise doesn't react at all to your presence
"I... I talked to Anon. He's... he's real worried about you."
>You sit next to Trixie, laying your hand on her shoulder
>Briefly, you consider stroking her hair, like Anon does
>But that gesture is something private between the two of them, and you feel that an attempt to replicate it now would sully it
>"He shouldn't be..."
"What do you mean? He's your boyfriend, right?"
>Trixie shrugs
>"He doesn't deserve a burden like Trixie... no one should have to... to deal with someone like Trixie. It's not fair."
>You open your mouth, but your ability to speak seems to have left you
"Trixie, come on... that's crazy."
>Trixie shakes her head
>"No, Twilight. For once, Trixie is right. It's not fair for her to hurt people like this. It's... it's just not fair."
>Trixie rolls away from you, pulling her magic-wand-patterned blankets up over herself, covering her head
>"Please, just... just leave Trixie alone. She doesn't want to hurt you too..."
"I'm not leaving."
>You scoot closer to Trixie, and she scoots further away, curling up against the wall
"You're a good person. I'm... I'm the one who fucked up. I knew Trender was coming here, I should have told you, but..."
>You sigh, balling Trixie's blanket in your fists
"I was scared. And... jealous too, I guess."
I don't mind if you write at the same time as me. These stories are pretty easy to distinguish.

>Trixie's head peeks out from under the blankets
"Yeah, I..."
>"You're jealous... of Trixie?"
"Well... yeah, in a way."
>"But why? Trixie's so dumb, and so... so... she's so..."
>Trixie scrunches her brow, searching for the right word
>"She's... she's just such a mess. But you're so perfect. You're always smart, and... and you always say the right things, and you make fun of everyone, and you're super happy all the time, and fun to be around, and..."
"Super happy?"
>"Yeah. Aren't you?"
"I... let's not talk about that right now."
>You brush the hair out of your face, heart fluttering nervously
"You're surrounded by people who love you, Trixie. People who really, really love you. Please, don't... don't give up on that. Because... it sucks to be alone."
>Without realizing it, your hands find themselves clasped in your lap
>"Trixie understands, Twilight. And she loves you too, and Anon, and Starlight. You're... you're the bestest and... only friends Trixie's ever had. That's why... that's why Trixie is mad. She shouldn't be hurting the people she loves. Trixie isn't worth that much."
>Again, she disappears back under her blanket
File: 1438544117743.jpg (47KB, 382x442px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 382x442px
Naw I'll hold off. I have 4 hours until I leave for work, I'll just post when you're done. I should shower and stuff anyway.
"Trixie, come on."
>You reach over, trying to pull the blanket off of her, but she doesn't budge
"Please, don't do this to me. Sure, you made a mistake, but... I mean, so have all of us, right? You're not a bad girl just because of this."
>Trixie's curled into a tight little ball beneath her blankets
>You feel a slight tremor running through the mattress as she begins to shiver again
>"Trixie's a bad girl because of everything... because she's stupid. She's stupid, and she's always going to be stupid. If you stay around Trixie anymore, she'll... she'll just keep hurting you. Please just leave Trixie alone."
>"Yes. This is Trixie's house. Trixie says go."
"Trixie, please. Don't do this to me. Don't do this to yourself."
>"It's too late, Twilight. You can't fix Trixie. Trixie needs to go."
"Go? Go where?"
>"Trixie... Trixie doesn't know. Another school maybe. Somewhere she can't hurt anyone else. Maybe somewhere that... that they can fix her."
"You don't need fixing, Trixie! Please, just listen to me!"
>You grab the blankets, and tear them off of Trixie, revealing her meek, curled form
>She pulls her hood up over her face, turning away from you
"Don't you see? We wouldn't care about you this much if you needed fixing! You're fine the way you are! Don't... don't let yourself be torn apart just because there's something wrong with you!"
"You're perfect the way you are, why can't you just see that? Why do you listen to everyone telling you you're broken? Why can't you... why can't you just see how many people love you?"
>You find tears rolling down your cheeks, and Trixie backs up against the wall of her bedroom, bewildered
"God... fucking dammit, Trixie. Don't do this to yourself. Please, for the love of God... don't do this."
>You lean forward and rest your head between your knees, your breathing coming in slow, ragged gasps
>Trixie hauls herself across the bed, dragging herself close enough to lay a hand on your back
>"Um... Twilight? Are you... are you okay?"
"I'm fine."
>You must certainly do not look find, you bet
>"Trixie, um... Trixie didn't mean to make you mad..."
"It's not your fault, Trixie. Holy shit, it's anything but your fault."
>You wrap your arms around her shoulders, giving her an awkward hug
"It's everyone else. They made you feel this way. They told you, over and over, that there's something wrong with you. They taught you not to see the worth in yourself, and now... and now they're awful enough to let you think it's your own fault."
>"Trixie doesn't know what you mean..."
"I don't think I know what I mean either. But please, Trixie. Don't leave. I'll hate it here if you go."
>Trixie rolls over to return your hug, the gesture somewhat uncomfortable given that she's currently lying down, while you're sitting up
>Uncomfortable physically, that is, but the warmth of her arms seems to fill the pit inside your chest
>In this moment, you feel like you could squeeze this crazy girl for the rest of your life
>"Trixie... Trixie doesn't want to go."
"Then why--"
>"She doesn't have a choice."
"Trixie, please, do--"
>"Principal C said she's going to talk to Trixie's parents. Once they find out, they'll be... they'll be so, so mad. They said that if Trixie messes up again, they'll... they'll send her to Hemline's."
>"It's a different school... they told her it's only for bad girls, and if Trixie's bad... they'll send her there too..."
>A shudder runs through Trixie's body, and she buries her face in your stomach
>She should be somewhere where she can hurt her friends
Damn that's cold Trix
>"Think about going there makes Trixie feel like she's gonna throw up..."
>Pretense abandoned, you borrow Anon's favorite trick of stroking Trixie's hair, and her shivering begins to abate
"It's not gonna happen, Trixie. Celestia won't let them send you to another school."
>You sound a lot more confident about that than you feel
"We'll... we'll find a way, I promise."
>Trixie shakes her head
>"You don't know Trixie's parents, Twilight. They're not going to let her stay, once they find out. Trixie's going to have to go away... and Trixie really, really doesn't want to..."
>She hugs herself tighter against you, as if she could tether herself to Canterlot High simply through the strength of her hug
>"But she doesn't belong here... Trixie sees that now..."
"That's bullshit, Tri--"
>She shakes her head, and you can feel tears seeping through your t-shirt
>"It's not. Trixie's thought about this a lot, and... and her parents are right. She should be somewhere where she can't hurt her friends."
>Trixie sits up, folding her hands in her lap as she wipes her face on her shoulder
>"Trixie doesn't want to go... she knows they'll be mean to her at Hemline's, but... but this is what she deserves."
"Trixie, I swear to God, don't do this to yourself."
>Trixie shakes her head
>"This is what Trixie deserves, Twilight. Please. Just let Trixie be."
"I'm not gonna let them tear you away!"
>"There's nothing you can do."
>Trixie places a hand on your shoulder... and pushes you away
>"Please. Leave Trixie alone."
>Your mouth works soundlessly as you try to come up with something to say to change her mind
>Nothing comes
>Trixie lies back down, pulling the blanket over her again
>"Trixie loves you, Twilight. You're the smartest person she's ever met. But... you can't fix everything. This is what Trixie deserves, so... please, just... just let her go."

>Looking back, you should have stayed
>If you'd just kept at it, you're sure you could have broken through to Trixie; you could have found SOMETHING to convince her to keep fighting
>But the despair in her voice was all-too-familiar for you, and when you heard it, something inside you broke
>So, without another word, you left Trixie there, curled and helpless in her bed, and drove home
>You didn't even say goodbye

Alright, gonna stop here for a bit. Gonna go work on some dykeshit for a little bit, which will hopefully be posted sometime in the coming days. More trap stuff coming tonight/tomorrow.
File: 1438831673629.png (206KB, 700x784px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Trixie stumbles back, almost shocked at your obvious observation.
>T:"T-Trixie has no idea what your talking about!"
>You shoot back a sceptical look.
>T:"Trixie is just VERY passionate about, uh, friendship monopoly!"
>You raise an eyebrow.
>T:"...How long have you known?"
"The last few minutes of you yelling your feelings for me? I'm not deaf."
>T:"Then why did you keep asking?!"
"Because you're acting like a spoiled brat! I don't know how you found out, but this ISN'T how friends congratulate each other!"
>She stares at you blankly, almost like shes been shot.
>T:"Trixie isn't a spoiled brat! She's just hurt, and disappointed, and a LITTLE lonely! Don't insult Trixie like that!"
"Then prove it, show me you're going to be an adult about this!"
>She gritts her teeth, arms crossed and chin up.
>T:"The Great and Powerful Trixie is happy for you."
>She stares daggers into your soul.
>T:"And she is... sorry. Trixie acted below her average perfection and she shouldn't have."
>You attempt a second hug, this time with a bit more fighting involved.
"I forgive you."
>T:"Let go of Trixie... You can't fix EVERYTHING with hugs!"
>P:"Don't be silly, of COURSE you can! That's one of my personal mottos!"
>You nearly crush each other in shock as Pinkie parts the sea of people holding a giant vinilux styled ice cream cone.
>P:"Oh heeeeey! Its Trixie and..."
>She flips through her PSS real quick.
>P:"Twilight! What are YOU guys doing here?"
>Trixie doesn't break the hug, but she sort of shifts it into a side hug to get a better view of Pinkie.
>T:"D-Did you come to take me back to the rock farm? Trixie has pokemon and she knows how to use them!"
"What's a rock farm?"
>You didn't even say goodbye
>Pinkies calm demeanor turns to fury.
>P:"We wouldn't take you back if you begged! Well, maybe Maud and Marble would... but not the REST of us!"
>Trixie grins, somehow less intimated than before.
"Hi Pinkie, thanks again for the bike vouchers."
>Her smile respawns as she waves a dismissive hand.
>P:"Forget about it, you did me a favor taking them off my hands! But you didn't answer me. I know how I got MY ticket for the S.S. Anne, but how did YOU guys afford them?"
"My friend Rarity-"
>P:"Rarity isn't coming to my party AGAIN?"
"Uh... Maybe?"
>P:"She didn't even tell me! What a bummer... But why'd she give one to Trixie?"
>T:"Trixie won hers in a pokemon battle! She's been training hard!"
>Pinkie starts to snicker, but the triple death glare stops her.
>P:"Wait, REALLY? Since when did you work hard at ANYTHING?"
>Before you know it, you're slapping the Unova Terror across the face.
>Probably not your smartest moves, but you're too late now...
"Don't talk to my friends like that! Trixie's going though enough without dealing with your snide comments!"
>P:"Owwww! Fine, you didn't have to hit me Twilight... I'm sorry I was being a big salty Sally Trixie. Do you want me to sign you up for a gig tonight to make it up to you?"
>Trixies smile quivers slightly.
>T:"Trixie wouldn't have let these kind folk miss her show even if you didn't, but scheduling a time will certainly help avoid confusion."
>P:"See Twilight, everyones friends here! Now Trixie, come with me and we'll get the word out. Be here at seven for the show Twilight!"
>You wave awkwardly as they wonder off.
"Moondancer was right Spike. My life is like a soap opera and a bad anime had a baby."
I guess you can he's getting... Mcfucked.
File: image.jpg (24KB, 378x214px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Horsefuckers, dykeshitters, my brothers!
>I see in your eyes the same despair that would take the heart of me!

>A day may come when the courage of Anons fail -- when we forsake our waifus and break all bonds of shipping...
>...but it is not this day.

>An hour of Trender and expelled Trixie, when the comfy tales of Traplight comes crashing down!
>...but it is not this day!

>This day we destroy Trenderfaggot!

>By all that you hold dear on this comfy ship, I bid you stand!
>Anons of /nst/!!

For Trixie.
>Speaking of Moondancer, she pops you a message shortly after the Pinkie assault to meet her on floor eleven. Apparently you could see Silph co from the top of the boat.
>Of course you rush up there ASAP, you've never seen the original Silph HQ before!
>Arriving a few minutes later, you find the deck devoid of anyone besides Moondancer. Even Chester is either in his ball or in the room, you're not sure.
>Spike decides to follow suit and head back to the room, you guess this is supposed to be a private affair?
>Sneaking up behind Moondancer, you playfully wrap your arm around her shoulder.
"Wonder weather we're having, huh?"
>M:"It really is... Perfect for shirking responsibility!"
>You mess with her hair, giggling all the way.
"Our RESPONSIBILITY is to the Pokedex Project, and I don't know about YOU but mines coming quite nicely after all these battles!"
>Moondancer shares your laughter.
>M:"I suppose you're right. Still, it feels like we're going rouge or something."
>She points to one tower after another.
>M:"Anyway, that one's Celedon department store, that ones Lavender Tower, and in the dab center is Silph Co Kanto. The three tallest buildings in Kanto, all lined up in a row!"
"Wow... Think it means anything?"
>M:"I think it's just coincidence. Could be symbolic though; consumerism, technology, and a tower of literal death!"
"Wait, didn't they revamp the Lavender Tower into a radio tower?"
>M:"Oh they did, but that REALLY pissed off all the ghosts after a while. After a little bit they flowed back in like a death flood and reclaimed the entire building. It's back to being a cemetery now."
"Oh Arceus..."
>M:"...You kind of want to check it out though, don't you?"
"Yeah... Does that make me weird?"
>She squishes her cheek against yours playfully.
>M:"If so, you're in good company!"
>You emit something between a laugh and a snort, nuzzling into Moondancer.
File: 1444530606521.jpg (345KB, 1319x1758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
345KB, 1319x1758px
>The two of you talk and flirt for a solid hour, trying to feel out a middle ground between friends and more.
>It's honestly really pleasant. You can tell she's trying really hard to keep the pressure low, which you appreciate more than you can describe after all that stuff earlier.
>As the ship leaves dock, you intertwine fingers and watch the city slowly shift away.
>Moondancer clings to you for warmth, probably sincerely this time. The wind off the water is frigid and salty, slightly out weighing the benefits of the gorgeous view.
"Mind if we head inside Moonie? I'm kinda hungry."
>She shakes her head gently, hiding her rosey cheeks in her sweater neck.
>You still have an hour before Trixies show... whatever that ends up being.
>Honestly you didn't even know she was a preformer, you just thought she dressed that way.
>The two of you take a walk through the buffet to grab some food, making sure to get enough for your pokemon to snack on as well. Spike would probably throw a fit if you ate without him after all.
>On your way back to the room, the ships intercom begins an announcement.
>*"Attention ladies and gentlemen, the S.S. Anne will be picking up speed at eight once we've cleared the Corsela reefs. We recommend you enjoy the view of the bay in the meantime."
"Are you excited?"
>M:"Couldn't be more excited if I tried! Not sure if I get sea sick or not though... that will be interesting to figure out."
"...Me either. Hopefully we're natural born sailors!"
>After that, time flies as you'd expect it to. You sit down and share a meal in the room, rest your feet for a little while, and convince Moondancer to see Trixies show with you.
>You're sure it will be interesting at the very least.
>M:"How the fuck did she set this up so fast?"
>In the couple of hours since you'd been here, Pinkie managed to turn the Murkrows Nest into a shine for 'The great and powerful Trixie.' Banners draped out radially from the center of the room with her name, a make shift stage with her signature star pattern emblazoned across it. Six ice sculptures of Trixie and Rose scatter the floor, two of which being juice fountains. If you hadn't seen it earlier,you'd have sworn it took all day at the very least!
>P:"Howdy! Do you like the decorations? It's a little rushed, but I think think they came out okay!"
>M:"If I was to hypothetically kill you and eat you, could I gain your strength?"
>P:"That's a yes if I've ever heard one! Also probably not, I don't think that's how humans work?"
"Me either. Is Trixie backstage?"
>P:"Not for long, shows about to start. You slowpokes were almost late!"
>Peeking at the time, its 6:59.
>The lights drop exactly at seven, stage lights replacing them as they swirl the stage.
>A beam of ice zaps across the stage, stopping at the middle. A barrage of blue petals fly from back stage chipping the edges of the ice to shape it into a wand with a star at the end closest to the audience.
>T:"Welcome, one and all, to the most jaw dropping show in all of Kanto! Scratch that, the whole WORLD! Prepare yourself for your new goddess...-"
>You hear the quick patter of footsteps on hardwood, followed by an explosion of fairy dust jetting Trixie and Rose back to back down the icey path.
>You're momentarily shocked that she tricked you into naming your Krilia after her, but honestly your too impressed to care at the moment.
>The crowd errupts in deafening applause as she and Rose strike a pose. Steven jumps out from her hair and takes a stand on her shoulder.
>Steven puffs out his chest, gazing with his baby doll eyes across the crowd. The little guy is unsurprisingly adorable.
>Trixie stays pretty true to her word during the show, minus the claim of Godhood. Turns out that despite Pinkies rude claims, Trixie was incredibly good at preforming! She must have practiced half of her routines until her fingers bled.
>Some of your favorite tricks where 'The juggling of the stealth rocks' and her assisted flight stunt. You understand how they're done, but they're interesting none the less.
>She of course does several unassisted tricks that you have no clue about, like her card tricks and sawing Pinkie in half... With a suprisingly large amount of fake blood.
>Of course Pinkie was unharmed, but it looked whole heartedly convincing!
>Finally, she calms the crowd and holds up Steven.
>T:"Just for the S.S. ANNE, Trixie have one final stunt! A once in a lifetime death defying act for her loving fans and friends, showing the bond of trust between humans and Pokemon!"
>Steven races to the other side of the stage, fearless and determined.
>Pinkie springs up as they stand dramatically.
>P:"At this time I would like to remind the staff that as a Pinkie production this stage is a 'Party prop.'"
>Pinkie chucks Trixie a bag only seconds before a psychic barrier bubbles the stage. It vanishes, but a couple knocks from Pinkie shows it's still there.
>P:"Okie doki loki!"
>T:"Ladies and gentlemen, Trixie presents for your entertainment..."
>She loosens the draw strings on the bag, allowing it to fall limply to the ground revealing a levitating mass of throwing knives.
>T:"The birthright of the Lulamoons, and legendary trick of my father! DANCE OF THE DOUBLADES!"
>The knives go ridged around her in a flaired skirt pattern as the audience becomes dead silent.
oh god, i haven't been this depressed in a long time
oh god, oh god, i feel so utterly alone. i literally have no friends irl. i am not very good with girls at all. im socially inept to all hell, my social anxiety is crippling. fuck, i dunno if i'm gonna be able to write tonight. the depression might make my writing turn into my own inner thoughts and rants. hell why even bother, it's not that good a story anyway. most of the other greens here shit on it and its a challenge a lot of the time. nothing is canceled or anything, it's gonna continue very soon, but... fuck.
i just want to die, but i'm too much of a coward to kill myself
sorry for blogposting, but i don't know what else to do. please understand
Hey man, if you really want someone to talk to, we're all here for you. We believe in you, so don't think you're worthless.
Please talk to a professional. They have helped people with your exact problem before and they will do it again if you just ask. There's no shame in it.
>T:"STEVEN, are you ready? There's no room for errors!"
>"Yip Yip!"
>She smiles as dramatic violin begins to build from a woman side stage. The black haired woman seems to loathe the instrument, but she's playing it very well.
>Trixie grabs a few daggers dramatically to the music, florishing to show its been released from the glowing pulse holding the other knives in place.
>With a flick of each wrist the blades fly towards Steven, being deftly dodged. They imbed themselves deep in the stages hardwood planks.
>As the music speeds up, so does she. Trixie flings dagger after dagger seemingly with the intention to kill as they litter the floor.
>Trixie loads a knife between each knuckle, throwing ten at a time. Steven runs around the radius of the barrier wall as they become riddled with steel.
>He speeds up, spiraling up the bubble as Trixie leaves a trail of death only inches behind his tail.
>Trixie tenses up slightly as Steven begins to reach the top of the dome. The music stops abruptly.
>Stevens mouth starts to fill with blackness as he runs in circles at the top. Trixie throws all of her remaining daggers fist after fist in a pillar directly above herself.
>Steven kicks off, going face to face with death. He lets loose a huge shadow ball, deflecting the knives all along the barrier until the ball engulfs Trixie herself.
>The audience screams in terror as the stage shoots wood splinters and smoke from the impact.
>As the dust settles, Trixie pokes her head out of the crater unharmed.
>The audience nearly pisses themselves in enthusiasm, but Trixie shushes them as she hops up.
>T:"Didn't you're mother ever tell you...?"
>She jumps as a Magnezone slides into the crater beneath her.
>She plops herself down onto the Magnazone cross legged as all the daggers begin to glow around the invisible bubble. They flip 180° all pointing in on her and little Steven on her head.
>All at once they zoom towards her with no escape.
>Steven summons a storm of stars, which shatters each and every dagger, painting the floor in a sea of steel shards.
>Trixie stands up as the magnazone collects the shards up into a medium size cube. Steven hops onto the cube and is positioned to be about chest hight with Trixie.
>T:"Looks like Trixie can't hit anything tonight folks! Lets try one last throw!"
>She pulls a candy from her pocket, placing it on Stevens nose before he's levitated about ten feet away.
>Pulling up her skirt slightly, she unfastens a stone dagger and aims it at Stevens throat.
>He doesn't move an inch, balancing the treat on his nose.
>With a cue from Trixie, he flings the candy in the air and leaves his mouth open to catch it.
>She flings the dagger with all her force, hitting her target right on the money this time.
>As the Everstone cracks and falls out of Stevens collar, he catches and swallows the candy whole.
>Trixie runs over as he's inveloped in a bright light, all spot lights focused on him as the barrier becomes translucent and fades away.
>The room is silent as Trixie holds Steven in her arms.
>Suddenly, she does a heel turn and thrusts her new Slyveon out in front of her.
>Everyone, including Moondancer and Spike, erupt into unbridled applause as Trixie hugs Steven tightly.
>The curtains close, with Trixie absolutely drenched with happy tears and sweat.

And that's all folks! Hope you liked the update.
File: eNtlu1r.jpg (13KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 320x320px
dam son

[Charging Hobbits intensify]
EQG has infected you. How much did you guys erp on skype?
Its practically "Sadboys: The chatroom"

>Browse NST
>Its mentioned in a lot of threads
Oy vey
Why we all so depressed?
>literally don't know how I am gonna continue my green from where I left off
I mean, I'll eventually figure it out, but fuck. This is bad.
more like fuckbois: the chatroom
Because life
File: 1371743427332.jpg (105KB, 1095x1195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 1095x1195px
Because we lost control of our lives.
>tfw 4chan is likely a large source of my internal problems and have even been told to stop lurking /r9k/ but I just can't, even though I'm slowly hating the place more and more
File: 1443984025356.png (636KB, 750x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
636KB, 750x750px
I still want selfcest back
We all do
Well, hopefully I can get out of this funk tonight and actually do this damn thing. I just have so many ideas swirling around in my head and I just can't pick one and stick with it.
I'm also struggling with plot progression and build up, and dialogue as well
Just keep going at it m8. The wall break down eventually.
Gonna start writing in the background in a little bit and dump what I have at anywhere from 7:30 to 8 PM CDT. I will live write if I don't have enough for a dump.
Im hype
My studies are going to shit because I stay up too late(Speaking of which, 2 am...) reading scitwi fanfiction on 4chan. I'm getting tired of doing the same shit day in day out on the computer but I don't know what to replace all this with. Sooo in conclusion dykeshit is bad for ya, mkay?
I love dykeshit but I might love it too much.
>You return to your house carrying your cake. You had breakfast just a while ago yet you're hungry again.
>And... it looks good, you guess.
>As soon as you had gone out of Sunset's house that weird feeling mellowed a bit.
>That's good, because you didn't like it.
>And seriously though, you were just sitting there doing nothing. Why did she felt the need to scream?
>Oh yeah, the autism thing.
>Stupid girl.
>Well, now everyone thinks you're friends so she's screwed for good.
>Even Miss Cinch and... her own mother.
>She was a nice lady, though...
>But anyway, if bacon hair feels the need to speak now she'll find it hard to convince anyone that mattered.
>If anything, it'll make it seem like she's being a shit friend to you.
>This is figuratively the ruse of the century.
>You arrive to your home to find your dad in the same position he was when you left about half an hour ago.
>You would have appreciated he had at least asked where you were going.
>You miss mom.
>You leave your slice of cake on the table over a small plate and look in the kitchen for a spoon.
>All in all, it seems this week has been a good one. You've protected your future, earned a bill from a retarded girl without trying, and got free food.
>Oh, and you have Miss Cinch blessings regarding Sunset.
>It should be perfect by all accounts.
>But for some reason you feel kind of like crap after that party, if it could have even been called that.
>You think of Miss Sunshimmer crying over her daughter's autistic episode.
>Maybe she didn't deserve that shit. It's kind of sad, honestly.
>And you know you'd want to kill anyone who dared to do that to your mom.
>But it's Sunset's fault for being unable to follow simple instructions. She was begging for it, and you delivered.
>Stupid autist girl.
>Fuck her.
>And why the hell isn't there a single clean teaspoon in this house? Do they eat with their hands or what?
>You're about to yank the drawer out when four words make you stop.
>"Is that a cake?"
>You turn your head to find Shining coming down the stairs, looking straight at the cake.
>You push the drawer away and rush back to the table, almost tripping over a chair on the way. Just before Shining gets there you take the plate in your hands.
>"Hey, I just want a small piece."
"It was given to me. Go get your own cake you lazy fuck."
>Shining tries to get hold of the cake but despite the close distance you manage to keep it out of his reach.
>"I did that and you ate it. C'mon, I just want a small bite out of this one."
"I didn't eat anything you moron. Get away!"
>You recede a bit, and when he gets closer you push him away with all your force, making him fall back over the table
>He looks straight at you with anger.
>"What the fuck is wrong with you?! Are you on your period or what?"
>Shining stands up and takes hold of the cake before you can get it away. He tries to yank it out of your hands with enough force to hurt you, but you keep holding onto it.
>This isn't fair. Miss Sunshimmer gave this to you, you can't let him have it.
>Seeing no other way out, you bite his arm.
>Shining pulls it away, but before you can react he pushes the cake plate and all onto your face.
>And before you realize it, you're on the floor almost unable to see anything, with the plate broken by your side.
>Your whole body tenses up in anger, and a pitch starts to sound in your head that is so loud you can't even think straight.
>You clean your glasses with your hands, and barely distinguish Shining walking away from you while checking his arm.
>You try to push some words out but your throat is so constrained you can barely breathe.
"y-YOU JErk...!"
>It comes off as a pathetic squeak, and Shining just keeps on walking indifferent to you.
>Fuck you, fuck you so hard, I hate you.
>You desperately wish you could go and hit him but you can't. He would just shrug it off and then beat the living crap out of you.
>It's not fair. This is not fair at all.
>You shakily stand up and walk to the bathroom, your dad shouting something at you that you can't hear due to all the noise inside your head.
>You feel with every step the need to break everything there's in your path.
>But you don't, because then what? What do you get? You would have to clean the mess you'll cause. No one cleans anything in this house.
>You lock yourself in the bathroom and turn on the faucet water.
>You are the worst kind of pathetic.
>Always pushing other people around, always saying you take shit from nobody.
>Where did all that go? Eh? Look at you. On the verge of tears everytime someone gives you a little push. The only people you dare messing with are wimps who won't ever fight back.
>When you try to do that with anyone else the only one that gets hurt is you. You aren't any different from when you started.
>You clean off the cream and look at yourself in the mirror. Your face is still whiter than your body.
>You look like a clown.
>And your glasses? You can't do shit about them. They have cream on them. How are you gonna take that out? What will happen when you go into school and everyone notices it?
>You once had a party, you know?
>You had no friends so your mom invited random classmates so you wouldn't feel alone.
>You sang a song and had fun and thought you were in good company, up until your mom leaved the room and someone pushed your face deep into the cake and kept it there until you ran out of air.
>And your brother was there laughing his ass off.
>It hurted. Why did that happen to you?
>They just came looking to be amused, and they were.
>It was like what happened with Sunset.
>The difference being that dumb autist was asking for trouble. You did nothing wrong. You never bothered anybody, you didn't deserve that.
>You take a few breaths. You smell of the damn cake. You lick your lips to at least get an idea of what it was.
>Strawberry cake. Homemade.
>You wash your hair throughly and shut yourself into your room, to hopefully have some peace in what's left of the day.
>Your migraine barely gets better, and after some hours the hunger is killing you.
>As long as you stay still and do nothing to waste energy, you should be fine.
>Of course, what a moronic plan.
>You don't want to go out. You don't want see your idiot brother again. All he does is hurting you for some sadistic reason.
>And your dad can't say shit to him, surely because he's a boy.
>If you were a boy maybe he'd love you.
>But you don't, and you don't care. You don't want his love. You don't need it.
>You don't want to be loved by any of the idiots around you.
>You sometimes think of a green faceless man who will love you unconditionaly.
>And it's the most stupid and childish fantasy you could come up with, but dammit, at least it's something.
>At least.
>When the hunger gets too uncomfortable, you finally venture downstairs to look for something to munch on.
>There's only more of that stupid cereal Shining bought.
>You take a handful of it and eat it, and then another one and another until your body starts to ask for something else and then begs for you to stop, but you keep eating because your brother bought it. Fuck him. Fuck. Him.
>You finish it feeling absolutely sick of it.
>You just ate a whole box of cereal by yourself.
>As long as you don't throw up it'll be a victory.
>What a meaningless victory.
>But it works in taking away the hunger. You drink some milk to pass the taste and shut yourself in your room once again, never to leave today.
>You just want Monday to arrive so you have an excuse to get out of this dump.
File: AAA.jpg (57KB, 526x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>all this waiting for a 4 update dump
Yeah, that was all. Expect dykeshit next, then Twi Twi.
File: image.jpg (16KB, 267x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 267x200px
So she does have family issues
Actually, scratch that. I am not going to live write this. I am going to write as much as I can tonight and dump either tonight or tomorrow. This is so I can take a bit of pressure off myself.
sorry for changing again, but this is something that I don't want to mess up and run out of energy doing, so I am going to try a write-and-dump. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
File: medium (1).png (77KB, 343x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
medium (1).png
77KB, 343x461px
I was expecting to finish editing the rewrite tonight but a family issue put me in a shitty mood
it will be delayed until either late friday night or saturday morning

sorry for the delay and sorry for the blogposting
have a cute twilight
>a sad skype circlejerk
all writefags confirmed for mentally unstable
File: image.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
Everyone in there is ether sad, or they're a lowlife bully like me.
File: 1432280746807.png (284KB, 880x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you have been dating twilight for almost a year and your anniversary is coming up
what will you do for her?
who's the saddest writefag
File: 1438516427389.jpg (379KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
379KB, 800x600px
all of them
File: image.jpg (33KB, 320x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Want to go kill a 12 pack and throw the empty bottles at passing freight trains?
I miss Jeff's drawings
I like a cute Twi
I worry for a lot of you
most of us are depressed or drunk all the time
I think to myself quite a bit "I wish I had friends"
but then I remember something you guys are my friends
I am not sure if this means anything to you but /nst/ has made my day quite a few times
That means a lot
Love you too
I love you guys, even if I'm a lazy alcoholic.
You guys are cool with me
I care about the amorphous blob that is NST. All the guys in the writer skype are cool dudes, so that's not unreasonable to think.
Why? My art's pretty fucking awful.
File: 1438413905901.jpg (329KB, 1200x2022px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
329KB, 1200x2022px
File: 1442873128597.gif (3MB, 286x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 286x360px
fuck this, i'm writing this live tomorrow
it's probably gonna be shitty, but so what
not like the story itself isn't shitty

fuck it

just gonna do it without any thought

i should consider seeing a professional because this depression is killing me
i hate being introverted. i don't want to be lonely, but i feel so much safer being alone. sometimes wish my parents aborted me, but whatever
see you tomorrow, but don't expect it to be good

love ya, nst
holy shit, i just learned i got a promotion at work. i'm actually happy. might be enough to write a bit in the background
see you all tomorrow
I would be willing to stop by your place over Thanksgiving break and suck you off/>Now neither of us will be virgins!

I'm an unattractive guy though, so that's probably a dealbreaker
Well shit son
Hey guys, I'm thinking of doing a bit of CYOA for a limited time with Trainerlight here in the thread. (Would possibly be canon too depending.) Would you guys be interested?
You know it homie.
File: large (3).png (847KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
large (3).png
847KB, 720x960px
>Sunset goes to alternate universes and keeps killing her local counterparts like a 2001 martial arts sci-fi movie
>each one she kills makes her more attractive to Twalots, and eventually she will become completely irresistible to them
File: 1443375226001.png (710KB, 660x843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
710KB, 660x843px
I want this to happen
File: image.jpg (336KB, 1280x1239px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
336KB, 1280x1239px
Same, honestly. How old are you?
I'm 19. Birthday was in July.
>You are Sunset Shimmer
>Former super-villain
>You've finally come to terms with your former self after a lot of sour searching
>If the magic of Harmony accepted you into some alicorn angel thing than maybe redemption really is possible
>But that was just your bullying and abuse of magic
>There's one more sin you haven't repented for
>One dark secret you haven't told a single soul.
>When you came to this world, there was another Sunset already there
>You lured her into the park, pretending to be her long-lost twin, and you ambushed her
>Her body is long gone by now, washed away by the river
>That sort of crime, the ultimate betrayal should have haunted you
>But it doesn't
>That moment when the last flicker of light left her
>It was the best feeling of your life.

>It made you feel strong, physically, mentally, the works
>You didn't have nightmares about your crime, you had wet dreams
>The only thing that compared was becoming a raging she-demon
>Honestly, the murder felt better. Transforming into a demon hurt like a bitch before the power trip kicked in
>And now you were faced with temptation
>Princess Twilight shared her notes with you on the Equestria/Earth portal, along with her theories on how it could be recalibrated.
>All that's left to do is build it.
>Which is why your standing in Crystal Prep Academy, trying not to knock on the door to Twilight Sparkle's private lab
>You shouldn't open this door
>You've worked hard to claw your way(pun not intended) out from being a monster
>This will sent you straight back into that crater
>Or worse
>It's a bad idea
>Don't do it.
*knock* *knock*

>Twilight opens the door, her posture reserved until she sees who it is
>"Sunset! What are you doing here?"
"I have some interesting data on the portal magic, I thought we could go over it together."
>You walk into her lab, seeing that Twilight looks a lot less happy than she did a second ago
>And there's no lab either
>Just a desk and textbooks
"Umm... Twilight? Where is everything?"
>Twilight looks really unhappy now
>Oh shit, Sunset, now look what you've done!
>"I, um, got rid of the equipment. Principal Cinch wasn't about to let me keep in on campus anymore after, you know."
>"And, um, I didn't actually want it around either, you know, considering, what happened"
>Twilight looks like she's about to start crying now
>Fuck me sideways I should have known better than to bring up magic science so soon after the Friendship Games
>You quickly embrace Twilight, stroking her hair to try and calm her down
>She stiffens at the physical contact, but she lets it go.
>That's a sure sign that you fucked up
>Normally physical contact is a no-no with her
>She must be in a bad place to be accepting a hug that easily
"I didn't mean it like that. I keep telling you that you didn't do anything wrong. It's admirable to try and learn more about the multiverse, I should have helped you from the start to do it safely instead of blowing up at you. It's my fault, not yours."
>It's not the first time you've told her that
>Not gonna be the last either.
Hey mine was in June, we can be 19 buddies.

>She's calmed down a little
>She's still upset, but she's finished instinctively panicking from the Friendship Games being brought up
"I'm sorry to dredge up bad memories like that, but research into the magic really is important. The Games proved just how much."
>She flinches a bit at the mention of the Games but you press on
"It's not safe having it around without understanding it, we can work together on this. I have experience working with Equestrian Magic, I'll be sure to keep everyone safe, but you're a genius Twilight, your help will be invaluable in keeping people safe"
>Oh god
>Here it comes
>You force yourself not to retch at your own lies
>Literally one thing in that entire statement was true
>Everything else was just like old times, lying and manipulating to get people to do what you want them to do
>And for a worse end then anything you got up to in high school
>Except possibly the whole raging she-demon deal
>Kind of a toss-up
>Hopefully she's say no, and you can put this whole sick twisted game to rest
"O-okay Sunset. I-if you insist. I'll do it! But you have to help make sure I don't mess up again ok? I won't be able to take it if people get hurt again because of me.
>Her eyes light up with defiance
>She's practically brandishing her trust in your words like a sword against her own guilt
>Fuck me, I'm in for it now
>The only thing that kept me from jumping off a bridge in the days after the she-demon incident were my friends' trust in me
>I can't go back now
>Celestia forgive me
>(She's not gonna)
File: But that's wrong.jpg (34KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
But that's wrong.jpg
34KB, 400x400px

Quantum physics is still physics, you dumb shit. The laws created by quantum theory are still laws of physics. So what the fuck would "quantum physics realized" even mean.

The picture is still well drawn, though.

---Two Weeks Later---

>You and Twilight are standing outside the horse statue/portal
>Both of you are bundled up tight, considering it's winter and the dead of night
>But it's better than trying to hook up delicate equipment to a public monument in broad daylight
>You wanted to dress the Device up to look like a lawnmower or something
>Twilight gave it a flat no though
>The equipment's delicate enough as-is apparently
>And she's bought the lie you fed her about how exploring the portal was the key to the safety of the school
>Which means no spending "unnecessary and mission-critical time"
>Damn girl, what happened to shy and meek?
>Not that you're complaining
>You love Fluttershy, but it's good that the stresses of the Games aren't turning Twilight permanently into a shut in doormat.
>You were seriously concerned for a while
>Everything going to hell right after she disregarded you (unfairly) blowing up at her completely shot her confidence
>Well if all goes well you'll get some incidental upside traversing the multiverse with Twilight going on space adventures and shit
>Space adventures can only make a person feel more self-worth
>You take over the Device now that Twilight's finished hooking it up and start sifting through trans-dimensional data.
>Would have been nice if we were able to do this inside with the heat on, but it needed to be hooked up to receive signals
>And we have a hit!
>Matches for both Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle DNA and magical signatures within a 20 mile radius of the other end of the portal
>That had been your own design after Twilight had raised concerns about habitability
>Which is a legitimate concern, dying to poison atmospheres isn't fun. And neither is getting burned at the stake as a witch.
>You figured a DNA match was a guarantee of physical habitability and a magical signature match means that the inhabitants were similar enough to be considered the same people.
>No ulterior motive there whatsoever
>Nope. None.

You a monster and I hate you...

>keeps reading
Your pain makes me hard

>You hold out your hand to Twilight, so you can make the jump together into a brave new world
>She withdraws, but seems to reconsider when she remembers that it's a historic occasion
>She flashes you a smirk
>"Don't want to have to fight over who gets to be the first Multinaut?"
"Multin-? That's what you're calling us? Really?"
>She grimaces
>"Yeah it sounded more sensible when it wasn't, y'know, out loud"
"Besides, I already have the title. Or were you not paying attention when I told you where I was from?"
>"You were a fugitive from justice! We're going on a fantastic voyage to learn about reality itself! It's totally different!"
"Whatever. Take my hand and let's go. You've already ruined any theatrical reproduction future 5th graders are going to do"
>It's even worse then you remembered
>How? You literally changed species while crossing over in the past. This should be childs play
>You and Twilight tumble out of the portal in a gangly pile of limbs
>Twilight's gotten distracted getting the dirt off of her, so you have the first look at the other side once you've gotten up
>My god... it's...
>Completely mundane
>Well at least that's a good sign your Sunset Tracker works
>The one hooked up to the Device of course
>You would never keep a handheld version with you
>What possible practical purpose would it provide?
>It's not too late to turn back
>You could stick with Twilight exploring new frontiers in the name of science.
>But there's no real point doing any more internal debate
>That decisions been made for a while now.
File: 008 - 4kMDmOJ.jpg (967KB, 2655x2178px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
008 - 4kMDmOJ.jpg
967KB, 2655x2178px
File: John Cena anime.jpg (39KB, 800x584px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
John Cena anime.jpg
39KB, 800x584px
Alrighty! I've got a much heartier update coming in right now for Shiney and friends!

Get ready for SPOOKS and some other stuff...
File: Forest.jpg (566KB, 1000x662px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
566KB, 1000x662px

>The Sun is beginning to hang lower in the sky as you all walk along
>You and Anon continue to walk side by side as you glance around at the forest while Twilight and Cadence are walking a little ways ahead of you
>They seem to be talking in hushed tones, and occasionally they glance back at you and Anon whilst chuckling together
“I get the feeling they’re talking about us.”
>”Heh, looks that way. Oh well.”
>You smirk at Anon as he shrugs and laughs a little
>”Man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Twi so… bubbly.”
“Yeah, I know.”
>”Hey bro?”
>Anon begins to rub the back of his neck
>”Thanks again for bringing me with… it means a lot to me to see her again, and I’m happy to spend time with you guys.”
>You stare blankly at Anon before chuckling and putting a hand over his shoulder
“Happy to have you here.”
>You two smile at each other before staring back in front of you at the girls as you hear Twilight and Cadence break out into laughter
“Hey! What’s so funny over there?”
>They both devilishly look back at the two of you and reply together
>You frown at them as Anon chortles and shakes his head
>You find yourself smirking as you turn your head aside and leave them be
>When you look out into the woods you suddenly begin to recognize familiar markings
>You then realize that you are passing familiar ground
“Hey guys!”
>The girls and Anon stop and look back at you as you point out past the trees
“The cliffs are that way!”
>Twilight blinks at you
>”The cliffs?… OH! The cliffs! I completely forgot about them.”
>Cadence looks out in the direction you’re pointing
>”It’s off the path? Is it safe to go that way?”
“Of course! We use to go out that way all the time. The view is amazing!”
>You lift aside a branch and lower your head as you walk through the underbrush, the rest of the group following your lead
>Its a little bit of a walk up the hill, and the terrain is a bit more heavily wooded and uneven than the path
>You have to slow down a bit to let everyone else catch up, and when they do you find yourself having to give Cadence a hand with the rest of the trek
>Its all worth it when you reach the top
>You can hear Anon’s voice echo down to the gorge over 50 ft below where a narrow stream calmly flows at the very bottom towards the lake
>From up here you have an unobstructed view of vast rolling hills covered with massive green trees
>You can see out for miles
>Twilight beams as she walks out toward the ledge and cups her hands over her mouth
>The rest of you walk over as well and begin to gaze out
>You purposely kick over a small stone, which tumbles down the cliff before splashing into the stream
>Cadence stands close by your side as she gazes down at the falling stone before looking back up to you with a smile
>”Shiney this place is amazing!”
>”Hey, do you want me to take a picture of the two of you?”
>Cadence hands Twilight her phone and you somewhat awkwardly turn your back to the drop behind you as you place an arm around Cadence and face the camera
>She quickly snaps several pictures of the two of you
>”Got it! Now do me and Anon!”
>Twilight gently tugs Anon over to the cliffside as Cadence grabs her phone
>Anon glances back over the ledge several times as he and Twilight stand there together
>”OK, look at the camera and… cheese!”
>She quickly snaps a few shots
>”Got it!”
>Twilight steps forward to look at the pics with Cadence while Anon steps away from the ledge and breathes a sigh of relief
>You drop to a knee as you look out across the forest
>The sun is just about to set now
“Alright, we ought to start heading back.”
>The air is growing cooler and the trees begin to cast long shadows over the landscape as the four of you make it back to the cabin
>Even though you had been hiking for well over an hour, you’re not very tired at all
>A quick glance at everyone else tells you that you’re definitely the odd man out
“Hey why don’t you guys go relax a bit?”
>”What about you man?”
“Well, I figured I can unload everything out of the truck before I take a break myself.”
>”Are you sure you can handle all that?”
“Yeah, no problem.”
>Twilight grabs Anon by the hand
>”I can show you what the rest of the cabin looks like before we go out tonight. Come on!”
>Twilight leads Anon to the house as Cadence stays by your side while stifling a yawn
“You want to go take a nap or something before we go out?”
>”Nah, I’m ok. Why don’t you let me help you with the bags?”
>You shook your head
“I can handle it.”
>She grimaced slightly
>”Don’t you think you should be taking it easier?”
>She folds her arms over her chest as she looks you over
>”I know you look good but… you had all those injuries just a little while ago.”
>You grin as you step behind her and wrap your arms around her waist
“I look good huh?”
>You nuzzle your head against her neck, causing her to giggle in delight
>”Shiney quit that! I’m being serious!”
>She half-heartedly pulls herself out of your grasp and gives you a tired smirk
“I’ll wake you up in a few hours, then we can all go to Twiley’s haunted house thing.”
>She smiles as she shrugs her shoulders
>”OK, thanks dear.”
>She leans in close and gives you a peck on the cheek before walking inside
File: Morning Star.png (97KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Morning Star.png
97KB, 1024x1024px
>You all packed pretty light
>Anon barely brought more than the clothes on his back it seems, and Cadence brought most of her stuff in her purse
>You finish bringing most of everything into the house in only a few minutes
>A single large box is all you have left to worry about
>When you first look at it you don’t even remember what’s inside it
>Then you open it up and see all of your sister’s various lab equipment
>Suddenly a host of different memories flood through your mind
>She had wanted you to bring all of this so she could have more to do while she hid out here
>With all the fun you had been having with her, you had practically forgotten what had brought you all here in the first place
>It was a very nasty wakeup call
>You sat at the edge of your truck next to the box as you placed your hands in your lap
>As you sighed, you slipped a hand into your coat pocket and wrenched out Twi’s special device
>The Morning Star, the innocuous little tool that saved you from Indigo and ‘blessed’ you with new strength
>This thing quite literally saved your life, and you still understood very little about what it was or why your sister had made it
>As it dangled in your grasp, you began to toy with the idea of pulling her aside and questioning her about it, but you quickly dismissed such a plan
>You didn’t want to have to dredge up all that had recently happened right now, not when you and everyone else had been working so hard just to cheer her up
>As you stared at it, an ominous feeling began to overtake you, as if nothing good could ultimately come from whatever this thing was
>”What is that?”
>You jerked your head up as your father walked over to you
>You scowled as you dropped the device into Twilight’s box and stared up at him
“Just Twilight’s lab stuff.”
>Your father placed his hand on the box and tilted it open and peered inside
>”Why would you bring all this?”
“Twilight told me she wanted more things to keep her busy while she was out here, so she asked me to bring all this crap.”
>”Ah, I get it.”
>You hopped off the truck and stared inside the box as well before scowling at your father
“Do you know how much shit she’s got down in that basement? Some of that equipment of her’s doesn’t exactly look safe.”
>Your father sighed as he closed the box
>”Your sister used to spend all her time down in that basement. I never spoke up about it cause I knew her work made her happy. It’s been better lately though. She goes outside more, she has friends she talks to all the time and a boy who treats her well.”
>A familiar looking frown fell over your father’s face as he stared at the box
>"I didn’t want her to ever end up having to hide herself from the rest of the world like that again… but we ended up out here.”
>Your father stepped away from the box and stared off into the woods with a misty look in his eyes
>Your scowl bored into the back of his head as he continued to look away
>”Would you like to explain to me what exactly you DID while we were gone?”
>You stared at the ground for a few moments before fiercely looking at him
“No. No I wouldn’t.”
>The two of you remained silent, your father refusing to turn around and look at you
>”Well… would you care to tell me if it really is safe for her to go home or not?”
>Your scowl disappeared as you began to carefully consider his question
“i-I think so.”
>”You ‘think’ so or you ‘know’ so?”
>You sighed
“Indigo Zap… she’s still out there, but she’s not as big a danger to any of us right now. I’ve made things better.”
File: Lawrence.jpg (18KB, 248x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 248x310px
>Your father turned his head and stared you right in the eye
>”Better huh?…”
>He sighed
>”I guess that’s good enough. We should bring her home.”
>Your mouth fell open as your scowl disappeared
“Just like that? You think that’s a good idea?”
>Your father nodded
>”Your sister’s been in hiding long enough. She should be with her friends, and in school. Even if its dangerous, its better than making her spend the rest of her life hiding out here, with only that dog and me to keep her company.”
>Your father smiled as he turned his whole body around to address you
>”You did a very good thing in helping make things a little safer for her. No matter what happens, I want you to know that.”
>Your brow furrowed as you took in the entirety of your father’s weary smile
“I’m not going to let anything happen to her.”
>Your father continued to gaze at you with a sorrowful grin
>”Would you like me to tell her the good news, or maybe it’d be better if you explained it instead?”
>You shook your head and gave an exasperated sigh
“I guess I can explain it to her.”
>Your father began to walk off toward the house before glancing back at you
>”After you’re done out here you should probably take a break yourself. Clear your head.”
“I’m not tired.”
>Your father shrugged his shoulders before walking back inside
>After your father had left, you dug open the box and wrenched out the Morning Star
>Shoving the device in your pocket, you pushed the box further back into the car and walked off inside the house
File: CarnEvil.jpg (58KB, 1026x584px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 1026x584px
>A few hours later and you all pile into your truck and head out for the haunted house
>Its actually a bit cramped with all four of you in there, but its only a short twenty minute drive to town
>Its become quite dark by the time you approach the town outskirts, with only your headlights and the light of the stars above illuminating your way along the dusty roads
“You sure we’re going the right way?”
>Your sister holds out a phone in front of her face as she struggles to find a signal while staring at her map
>”I…. think…. YES! Just another two miles. Look!”
>You all look out and see multiple lights shining in the distance
>You quickly pass by a billboard with the words ‘Haunted Trails next exit’ above a picture of a fanged Jack o Lantern
>You take the exit and find yourself driving around what looks like farmlands
>You find a parking spot on a grassy lawn in front of a large wired fence where cows are sleeping and walk up to the Haunted House area
>You can see just over a dozen tents lined up behind a chain linked fence, selling various candies and offering a number of spooky themed carnival games
>Anon stops to peer through the fence
>”Check that out, they got bobbin for apples and all that shit. This place is huge!”
>Twilight stops by his side and peers through as well
>”I guess this place has a lot more than just a haunted house.”
“Well let’s go up and get out tickets so we can see what they got.”
>Walking up to the ticket booth, you are greeted by a portly old man dressed as a clown wearing a star spangled top hat
>”Howdy folks! Welcome to Haunted Trails. Did ya’ll want to get into the Haunted House?”
“Uh yeah, we thought there was just a Haunted House here?”
>”Nope, we got ALL kinds of entertainment here! We got us some carnival games and food down there, and the pumpkin patch is still open if ya’ll wanted to pick one out for yourselves. The Haunted House is the main exhibit though, it’ll cost a little extra if you want to go there.”
“Well, yeah I guess.”
>”That’ll be twenty-five bucks each.”
>You give the man a hundred dollar bill and he stamps each of your hands with an orange jack o lantern symbol before letting you all walk inside
>You see that there are a fair amount of people walking about, with some of them dressed up in various costumes or wearing masks
>Down one way there you see plenty of tents where food and games are, down another way is some kind of tractor ride that leads to a pumpkin patch and down directly in front of you lies the Haunted House sitting up on a hill
>Its a pretty large and old looking building, reminiscent of a victorian mansion
>”Wow, it even looks spooky on the outside.”
>Cadence is grinning at you as you look it over
“Let’s go check out the inside!”
>The four of you walk on up the path to the place before getting stopped at a padlocked gate where a man in overalls stands
>”Ya’ll SURE you want to go in there. Not everyone that walks in get’s to come out… ALIVE!”
>All of you chuckle at the man as he gives you the evil eye
>Anon walks up in front of him and shows him his stamped hand
>”Yeah right! We’ll take our chances!”
>”Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!”
>The rest of you followed Anon past the gate up toward the house
File: SPOOKY.gif (178KB, 275x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178KB, 275x275px
>A fog bank rolled in from the various machines posted along the path up to the house, making the tombstones sticking out of the ground and the skeletons hanging from trees look…
>”Aw sick, check this one out!”
>Anon stepped off of the beaten path and dropped to a knee before a tombstone, Twilight not far behind him as he began to read it aloud
>”'While living men my tomb do view, remember well, there’s room for you.’ Ooooooo."
>Anon craned his head and grinned toward Twi who held a hand over her smirking face
>You suddenly hear a mechanical noise as a large skeleton with glowing red eyes pops out from behind the tombstone
>Anon and Twilight both screamed and held one another close while staring up in terror at the horrifying skellington
>You and Cadence both burst out into laughter as the skeleton slowly cranked back down behind the tombstone
>Rising up from the ground, the two of them shakily walked back onto the path where you and Cadence waited, their arms still interlocked
>Twilight was blushing furiously while Anon was shooting you a dirty look
“Real spoooooky huh?”
>Anon turned his nose up to you as he and Twilight continued to walk ahead
>You suddenly found your own arm locked in as Cadence wrapped around you
>”You gotta admit that one was pretty good.”
“Yeah, maybe this place will be worth all that cash after all.”
>You and Cadence walked on up the path as Anon and Twilight carried on ahead of you
File: Basement-demon2.jpg (23KB, 625x465px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 625x465px
>While the courtyard in front of the house certainly looked spooky, the inside of the house took it up a few notches
>Plenty of huge cobwebs filled with plastic spiders, a number of empty coffins scattered all over the floors, and even a few people wearing ominous masks who stared at you from down the halls
>As you all stepped down a hallway filled with paintings whose eyes seemed to move about, you found yourself in a bloodied kitchen where a large man slashed away at a bloodied sack on a cutting board
>It looked pretty gory at first glance, but up close you could see that it was clearly a plastic dummy chopping at the sack
>You and Cadence giggled at this display as Twilight and Anon held each other close up ahead of you
>The two of you slowly followed behind them as you and Cadence gawked at every cheesy prop you could find
>As you followed the path further, you ended up walking outside again into a much bigger and more elaborate graveyard
>Each of the tombstone’s had something pretty funny written on it
“'Here lies Lester Moore, Four slugs from a 44, No less No more.'”
>”'Wathel R. Bender, he rode to glory on a fender.'”
“‘Out to lunch’.”
>Cadence giggled as you pointed at the empty grave
>”This place is terrible. I love it!”
“Yeah me too!”
>As you both slowly walked along, you heard a noise off to the distance
>You stopped dead in your tracks and looked out across the courtyard
>A figure stood off in the dark far away from you as the moaning carried on
>Your jaw fell as you stared off in its direction, trying to make out what it was in the shadows
>The moaning was oddly familiar…
>”Shiney? Are you ok?”
>You continued to stare, your face falling into a scowl
>Suddenly, the area around the figure became somewhat brighter
>In fact the entire area seemed a lot less dark, although for some reason everything seemed to be covered in a red hue
>You could see now that the figure was merely another dummy, a cheap looking zombie in a disheveled black suit
>You shook your head as you shut your eyes and covered your face
>When you looked back up at Cadence, the area around you seemed dark again
>”I asked if you were ok?”
“Yeah! I’m fine… let’s keep going.”
>You stepped forward, tugging Cadence along with you
“Where’s Twilight and Anon?”
>”I think they went ahead of us.”
>You continued to scowl as you looked ahead
“We should catch up with them.”
>You began to quicken your pace as you and Cadence stepped back inside the house
>”Shiney are you sure you’re ok?”
>You didn’t respond as you stared about the area
>It frustrated you how dark it had become in this part of the house
>It seemed as if everything about this place became much less entertaining to you
>You slipped your arm out of Cadence’s and grabbed onto her hand instead as you pulled her forward down the hall
>You could hear more moanings now, as well as the occasional stock scream emanating from down the hallway
>You felt compelled to gaze into each room you passed where some grisly scene was on display for you to view
>You glared at each of these, having suddenly become sick of it all
>”Shiney stop.”
>You carried on, quickening your pace as you desperately scanned ahead of you
>”You’re hurting me!”
>You skid to a halt as you gazed back at Cadence with wide eyes, instantly letting go of her hand
Cadence put her hands on her hips and glared at you
>”What’s gotten into you!?”
>You stared blankly at her as you struggled to come up with an answer
>As if you were just remembering exactly where you were, your scowl faded away and you breathed a heavy sigh
“I don’t think this was a good idea.”
>Cadence blinked at you as her hands fell to her sides
>”What’s wrong baby?”
>As you looked around, you couldn’t help but think just how similar this house looked to that horrible hotel
>Your thoughts also flashed back to those old books you read with Sunset, horror stories that people used to believe were real
>Thinking back to it, you originally thought that so much of what you read then was just bullshit, but now you’ve seen that so much of it was very real
>It all made it seem as if this house was nothing more than one big cruel joke
>”Do you want to leave?”
>You looked back at Cadence who placed a comforting hand around your neck and forced you to look at her in the eyes
>You didn’t say a word, you merely stared back at her
>You wanted to say yes, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it
>She furrowed her brow and grabbed you by the hand
>”Just stay close to me, we’ll get out of here right now!”
>She tugged you forward through the hallway
>The various screams and moans seemed to intensify as she led you along and now these annoying noises seemed to be accompanied by an irritating buzzing noise that seemingly came from inside your head
>”Shining? Talk to me!”
“i-I’m ok. I’m ok Cadence, I just want to make sure Twilight and Anon are alright.”
>”They’re fine. We’ll see them soon OK?”
>You looked up past Cadence and saw that she was leading you to a steel fire escape door with a red Exit sign clearly displayed above it
>Just as she was leading you toward it, you stopped
>You saw something move in the darkness ahead of you
File: Shining Armor Snow.png (651KB, 2000x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shining Armor Snow.png
651KB, 2000x2000px
“Cadence no!”
>As she stopped and looked back to you, the figure in the shadows jumped out at her
>He wore a hockey mask and brandished a machete as he stood in front of the exit
>You pulled Cadence back behind you and ran forward
>You swung your fist at him, which smashed directly into his hockey mask
>The man tumbled to the ground as his mask fell to pieces on the floor
>”FUCK! OW!!”
>You bent down and forced the man to his feet as you pushed him back against the wall
>You snarled at him as you pulled your fist back to strike again, only for Cadence to latch onto your arm
>”Stop it! He’s just an actor! Look!”
>The man raised his hands up, a black eye clearly visible from where your punch had landed
>With your one arm still raised back, you slowly let go of the man and let him slump to the floor
>”Oh my god! I’m so sorry.”
>Cadence pulled you back from him as she led you out the door
>The cool night air hit you in the face like a splash of cold water, and it suddenly became clear exactly what you just did
“Fuck. FUCK!”
>That painful buzzing in your head seemed to dissipate as Cadence led you away from the house
>She led you down the grassy hill and helped you take a seat on a bench away from the house
>You took a seat with her and immediately buried your face in your hands
“Jesus, fuck…”
>She laid a hand over you shoulder and brought you in for a hug as she cradled you in her arms
>”It’s going to be ok Shining. It’s—.”
>You peered through your hands and saw the clown from the ticket booth being led over to you by the man in the overalls and the man you had given a black eye
“God damnit. GOD—“
>”IT’S OK! I’ll go talk to them, you just stay here.”
>Cadence quickly hopped off of the bench and ran out to them, her arms raised up defensively as she shook her head at them
>You could hear the man with the black eye raise his voice and you nearly bolted out of your seat at him before the clown raised up a hand and calmed him down
>You couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but they seemed to be enraptured by whatever Cadence was saying to them
>Then to your surprise, the man in the overalls nodded his head and walked off
>The man with the black eye and the clown yelled at each other for a moment before he too walked away
>That left only Cadence and the clown, who both walked toward you
>You rose out of your seat as they approached
“Listen, I’m really sorry. That shouldn’t have—“
>”It’s ok son, I understand that this kind of thing… happens sometimes.”
>You stared at him in confusion, catching a solemn glance from Cadence as the clown nodded his head
>”Is there anything I can get you? Something to drink or something to eat?”
“n-No, no thank you…”
>”Well alright. Would you like it if I told your sister and her little friend to come out and meet you here when they’re done in the house?”
>The calmness of his tone as he spoke to you unsettled you as you limply nodded your head
>”Well alright, you just sit out here as long as you need to. Try to relax and forget about it. My boy will get over the shiner you gave him.”
>The clown raised his hand to you and you somewhat hesitantly raised your own and grasped it
>”Thank you for your service.”
>His words stung you like a slap to the face as he vigorously shook your hand before walking of
>Your face fell as you stared at Cadence who sadly gazed back at you
>You glumly sat on the bench as Cadence silently sat by your side
>She leaned against you, her hand interlocking with yours as she sighed
>You couldn’t bear to look her in the eyes
>You peered up at her as she placed her other hand onto your shoulder
>She wore a concerned smile as she looked intently at you
>”I’m not upset.”
>You sighed as you looked back to the ground
>”Please say something. I just want to hear you talk…”
>You grumbled as you hung your head lower
>”What was that?”
>You tightened your grip over her hand as you raised your head up and stared at her
“Please don’t leave me.”
>Her eyes widened as she wrapped her arms around you in a tight embrace
>You kept your eyes clenched shut as you fought back tears and returned her hug
>”I’ll never leave you. I love you Shining.”
“i-I love you too Cadence.”
>”Hey guys!”
>You opened your eyes and broke your hug with Cadence to see that Twilight and Anon were walking down the hill toward you
>The two of them were both smiling and laughing as they came over
>”That place was so cool! I was losing my shit the whole time!”
>Twilight giggled at Anon before looking back between you and Cadence
>”Why did you two leave early?”
>You gritted your teeth for a moment
“I uh… I—“
>”I’m sorry Twiley, it was just too scary! I made Shining take me out early. I feel so silly about it!”
>Your jaw dropped as you looked at Cadence, who chuckled while idly scratching the back of her head
>”Oh! Well to be honest I almost couldn’t finish it either. I think me and Anon were BOTH really spooked.”
>Cadence and Twilight both laughed as you stood up out of your seat and slipped your hand into Cadence’s
“It’s getting late, we should head back soon.”
>”Can we check out the tents first? Anon said he wanted to win me a prize.”
>You smiled down at her
“Sure, we can stay a little longer.”
>You end up staying an extra hour longer than you intended as you all walk about the tents
>You grab some carnival food and try your hand at the various games they’ve got set up
>After learning to ignore the stares of several of the people working there, you managed to mostly get over what just happened
>Cadence seemed as cheerful as ever herself
>Everyone looked pretty tired out but content as you all piled back into your truck and drove back to the cabin
>You’re still not feeling tired yourself, but you were happy to leave that place behind
>A short and quiet drive later and the four of you are relaxing inside the cabin again
>You laid on the couch for a moment, in an attempt to force yourself to rest and get rid of your restless thoughts, only to open your eyes and see Twilight in front of you
>”Hey Shiney?!”
“Huh, yeah Twilight?”
>”Are you ready for your surprise?”
“My surprise?”
>You chuckle at her as she eagerly stares at you
>You can see she’s holding something behind her back
“Well I guess I am.”
>She grins
>”While I was looking around the house a few days ago, I found a very special video tape.”
“Oh? What’s so spec—“
>She raises her hands up in front of her and proudly displays it for you to see
>Your eyes widen as you stand up and grab the video tape from her
>Your mouth fell open as you smiled excitedly at the worn out VHS
“Holy shit! I haven’t seen this in YEARS!”
>Twilight giggled as you stared in awe at the cover of the movie, where a man with bulging muscles was brandishing an assault rifle and a katana while a skyscraper burned behind him
>”I found it under the couch. Want to watch it?”
>You eagerly nodded your head as you and Twilight crawled on the ground to the tv, where a dusty VHS players awaited you
>You slipped the video inside and set it to rewind
>”I’m going to go get Anon! I know he’s going to love this movie too.”
“Awesome, I’ll grab Cadence and I can start making us some popcorn.”
>”Can you make it special like you do at home with the melted butter and the salt?”
“Ha, no problem.”
>You walked into the kitchen and found Cadence fixing herself a glass of water
>”Hey! Did Twilight give you your surprise?”
“Uh huh!”
>She chuckled to herself
>“She was telling me about how you used to watch it all the time, she even said you had some kind of Brutus Force doll you used to keep in your room.”
“Yeah, I used to be pretty crazy about it I guess, but you’ll see why real soon!”
>She rolled her eyes at you
>”I guess I’ll go get settled in then…”
>She began to walk out into the living room
“Hey wait up.”
>She stopped and smiled back at you
>You walked up to her and wrapped your arms around her
“Thanks for putting up with me.”
>She fell quiet as you held her close and returned your hug
>Your heart melted as she placed a hand over your cheek and kissed you before letting go and walking into the living room
>Before she could walk out completely, she turned around and faced you with an uncertain frown
>”Do you think things are going to get better soon?”
>You smirked as you began to pour some cooking oil into a pot
“I think I’m going to tell Twiley either tonight or tomorrow that she’ll be going back home now.”
>”Really!? But what about Indigo?”
>You scowled as you looked down at your cooking
“After what’s happened lately… I don’t think Indigo is as much of a threat anymore.”
>”i-I don’t understand…”
“I’ll explain later ok? We promised not to focus on this stuff this weekend remember?”
>She frowned at you before breathing a sigh and smiling again
File: 06.jpg (168KB, 800x525px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168KB, 800x525px
>She walked over and gave you another hug as she cooed excitedly
>”I can’t wait to see her face when she finds out she can come home again!”
>You smiled as you continued to stir the popcorn in the pot
“Me neither."
>She plants another kiss on your cheek before strolling out of the kitchen with a little more pep in her step
>You chuckled as you placed the top over the pot, only to adopt a more serious look after she left
>You walked away from the stove and looked outside to the dark woods
“If Indigo ever comes back, or someone else comes along… I’ll be ready.”
>You stared into the darkness, and found that your eyes were adjusting to the night outside as a red hue overtook your vision
>You absently thought back to the large man you had knocked down with a single punch
>You’re pretty positive you could hit harder than that
>You did punch through a brick wall last night
>You’re not sure how that worked
>Maybe you just needed to get a little..
>You sighed
“How the Hell am I supposed to explain all this to you…"
>You used to feel that you could share everything with Cadence
>You missed those days a lot
>Things were much simpler back then
>You loved her so much, and you needed her in your life, but a part of you still worried that maybe you were drifting apart
>And then there was Applejack
>'Don’t talk like that AJ, I don’t think that way about you. I love you!’
>'y-You love me?'
>You sighed as you leaned your head against the glass window
“What the fuck man… wait. What is…"
>Your vision intensified on a small spot very far away in the woods
>Your eyes widened as you distinctly saw the outline of a familiar looking owl staring back at you
>You scowled as you closed the shades
File: King Shining Armor.jpg (145KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
King Shining Armor.jpg
145KB, 768x1024px
And that's a wrap for now!

I felt like I got to cover a lot of important shit with this update. I hope ya'll enjoyed it. If you got any thoughts or feedback to give me about how this update went or how you think my story's been going then I'd be happy to hear them!
Nice job. At this point i cant keep the pace of things but still retaking the stuff you write is nice.

Also bonus draw
Never stop posting those hilarious/lewd arts.
i want to see what every writefags and readers ITT are capable of in drawing.

Thanks Puff, glad you like it!
Its honestly hard for me to keep up sometimes too

Also, what>>25348622
Great update
>tfw Jeff will never bully me
I-I didn't need to know that, man

Sugary forbiddenlovestuff coming in a moment
This is the preface that describes the preface to Sugarlight.


>You must admit you got very interested then, because who knew what this freak was going to say. Who knew if it was going to be something involving her sick fetishes.
>But no. She didn't do that. She did exactly what everyone was expecting and told a very VERY bad science joke. As in, something that only she would get.
>The only problem is that you got it too, and you got it real bad.
>You can't even remember it anymore. It was something dumb about an species of tree being the tree of laughter because of something in its scientific name and it was painfully dumb and bad and looking and hearing her telling it was so cringeworthy you began to laugh at the absurdity of reality.
>This is what your life had become. Laughing at bad biology jokes.
>Twilight herself was a biology joke.
>And then when you looked up, nobody else was laughing at all. They were all looking at you instead while Twilight quietly went back to her seat, having somehow avoided the embarrassment of what she did.
>"What's so funny?" asked Indigo.
>You knew you were laughing too much when even Cadance seemed puzzled. From laughter you went to embarrassment and then you barely managed to mutter between spasms something about laughing because it was so pathetic.
>And then Cadance looked ugly at you and forbid you from telling your joke! You were doomed one way or another.
>Well, it's her loss. You were going to tell the one about the horny girls and the corn.
>God, what would your parents say of their little girl telling dirty jokes.
>As if that was the biggest deal here.
>In any case, it was over. Cadance said some words, and as soon as she finished you shakily went back to the cabin before any of your friends could hold you there any longer.
>You got into your bed and wrapped yourself with the blankets, shaking due to the cold.
>And then Twilight got there.
>"Hi Sugarcoat."
"You should consider not telling jokes ever again."
>Twilight frowns.
>"W-Was it that bad?"
>Because it made you laugh.
>She closes the door with a sigh, leaving you in complete darkness for a few seconds. She turns on her flashlight, and leaves it resting on her nightstand.
>Meanwhile, you're pressing your hands and your toes together to see if maybe you can feel them again.
>It seems hopeless. There's literally nothing worse than this cold.
>You miss your home.
>Twilight takes off her shoes and kneels down in front of her backpack to look for something in it.
>"Please tell me I brought my pajamas."
>Oh yeah, you still have to put on your own pajamas.
>Which means you have to undress. In this cold.
>You don't deserve this.
>You venture out of your bed and go into the bathroom to change, which is by the way covered in tiles. It's horrible. Your feet freeze somehow even more. This is worse than a hell covered in flames could ever possibly be.
>You also wash your teeth and make sure to do everything you can so you won't have to get up again in the middle of the night.
>Your life is full of misery.
>Once everything is done, you open the bathroom door expecting no surprises.
>Instead you see Twilight with her hair down, dressed only with an oversized white shirt, and probably her panties under that, looking very 'surprised.'
>She's doing this on purpose. 'I forgot my pajamas' my ass. It's like she's trying to seduce you or something.
>And it's working. You look away blushing, and get into your bed before you lose a leg due to frostbite. Not before she gives you a kiss, though.
>She walks into the bathroom, apparently now shaking a lot too. So much for being the smartest girl in the school.
>It's like she acts before she thinks.
>Case in point: after she takes a few steps out of the bathroom she goes back to lean on the door frame and strike a pose.
"What are you doing?"
>"I-I'm trying to be sexy."
>You cover your mouth laughing. You can't be serious. You can't be sexy while you're shivering.
>Or can you?
>No, probably not.
>Besides, if you had to describe her legs with one word, it would be 'noodles' instead of 'sexy'.
>She proceeds to walk to her bed swaying her hips way too much, and then lays down raising one foot in the air.
"You're really bad at this."
>Twilight frowns and drops the act.
>"You don't have to be so mean about it," she says sitting down.
"I thought you liked when I was mean."
>"Yeah, b-but this is different."
>Sure it is.
>You don't get this girl at all.
>It's like trying to understand Lemon or Sour...
>"Sugar are you there?"
>Speaking of Sour.
>She knocks, or rather bangs on the door, making Twilight hastily get into her bed.
"Yes. What do you want?"
>"Lemon says she wants her batteries back."
"What? What batteries?"
>"How should I know?"
>God damn.
>You vaguely recall Lemon saying something this morning about slipping some batteries into your suitcase. Because she was so sure you were gonna stay together.
"Is it important?"
>"It's really important Sugarcoat," she says with her irritatingly sweet voice. "How else is she gonna listen to her music?"
>You can almost hear her gritting her teeth from outside. Sheesh.
>You take in some air and get up to open the door. You feel the warmth draining away from you with every step you take. It feels like destiny wants you to freeze on this camping.
>Sour steps inside the cabin in her mint-green pajamas, while you go check your suitcase, having absolutely no idea of where to look.
"Can't she come get them herself?"
>"She said she doesn't want to talk to you ever again. Just hurry up already!"
"I'm freezing too, you know?"
>Of all the days Lemon had to get mad she had to choose this one.
>You seriously wonder if Twilight is worth the trouble.
>And apparently Sour does too, because she turns her eyes to look at Twilight, making her sink into the covers.
>"I should have stayed with the freak."
"Too late."
>Hopefully she'll interpret that as saying you don't want to deal with Lemon either, which is partly true.
>It's in between your clothes out of all places that you end up finding a pair of chinese AAA batteries.
>You should have let Sour kill her.
>As soon as she sees the pack she yanks it out of your hand and goes away in a hurry, leaving you two alone with the door wide open.
"Don't mention it!"
>You close the door and rest your head against it, sighing, and then look at Twilight, who's covered by the blankets up to her eyes and the fingers of her hands. It looks pretty warm.
>Meanwhile you're here just shaking and shivering.
>But as if knowing exactly what you were thinking, she pulls the covers aside, leaving an empty space for you.
>Fuck it.
>You get into the bed and move close to her body, wrapping your... right arm around her, with the other sitting awkwardly between you.
>Oh God she's so warm.
>You immediately look for her feet with yours, and as soon as you touch them she gets away.
>"S-Sugarcoat! Y-You're c-cold..."
"Shut up and hug me nerd."
>You pull her close by the shirt and forcefully interwine your feet with hers, resting your head just under her chin.
>You try to take every bit of thermal energy as she would probably say out of her legs, and out of her arms, and body and just about everywhere you can.
>This is heaven. This is what human beings look for their whole lifes.
>Twilight on the other hand is forcedly breathing due to the cold.
>What would you do without this nerd.
>You could fall asleep right here on her arms and never wake up.
>You move up a bit to get your face on her level, accidentally pulling some of her hair with your elbow, making her... moan.
>Is in that moment you truly realize you're laying on a bed with an almost naked girl alone in a cabin.
>O-Oh boy.
>She looks at you with a grin and gets close to kiss you, but just as your lower lips connect, there's another knock on the door.
>Which you forgot to lock.
>"Hey Sugarcoat,"
>Goddammit Indigo!
>You hurriedly throw aside the covers and try to get off the bed before she speaks again.
>Oh God please don't let her get inside.
>"Do you have some toilet paper you could lend us?"
>You stop with a foot already on the floor, breathing heavily, and with your heart almost blowing out of your chest.
"N-No. Go ask Lemon."
>"Ok then."
>And with that it ends. You're left staring at the door while you calm down, images of Indigo laughing her ass off and telling everyone at school you were sleeping with Twilight flashing through your mind.
>It's horrible.
>You get back on the bed and stare at the ceiling.
"This is all your fault nerd."
>"I love you too."
>Twilight gets close to finish the kiss, and you turn your head to her to receive it. You swear you can't get enough of her kisses. It makes you feel like there are butterflies everywhere.
>And as soon as she breaks it, she gets on top of you.
>"I'm gonna turn off the light."
>Lies. She lies directly on top of you with her legs open and stretching her hand, making no effort whatsoever to move her body closer to the flashlight.
>Her hair falls on your face.
>You spit it out and move it aside just when she turns off the light, leaving you in almost complete darkness except for the little light that gets through the curtains.
>You can't even distinguish her sillouette, but by touch alone you know perfectly where every part of her body is.
>This is getting really nervous.
>"So how has the trip been for you?"
"G-Good I guess..."
>She lowers her head to give you another kiss, pressing at the same time her chest tightly against yours, letting you feel her heart beating, and your own almost exploding.
"Uuh..." you say turning your head a bit.
"Wh-What are you trying to do...?"
>"Having sex of course!"
>Oh God.
>She moves her hand down to your hips to move your pants down, but you turn her over and end up sideways again.
>"You wanna be on top?"
>Oh my God shut up.
>Before you can form a coherent sentence she grabs your ass with her hand.
"Y-You're touching my butt..."
>"Yeah. Whatcha gonna do about it?" she says badly trying to imitate a bad girl.
>Twilight moves closer presumably to kiss you, but once again you panic and stop her, mere inches from your face.
>Twilight stops pushing, and recedes slightly.
>"What's the problem?"
"W-We're going too fast..."
>Your eyes had adapted to the darkness just enough to see the confusion on her face.
>"You want more foreplay?"
>Goddammit Twilight!
"N-No! I..."
>How do you say it?
>How do you say this so you don't seem like some kind of idiot?
"I-I've never done this before."
>Twilight looks at you without changing her expression.
>"Neither have I. What's the problem?"
>Ok, bad choice of words.
"I'm just saying, maybe we should wait... know each other better..."
>Twilight begin to laugh loudly. Not just a lone 'ha' or a smile. A real barely-contained laugh.
>It's the sound of your pride walking out by the door.
"Sh-Shut up! I-It's not funny, I'm... I'm nervous ok? Or afraid or... something..."
>Twilight keeps laughing, every giggle of her feeling like a punch in your gut.
>That's mean.
>You turn around and curl up, trying not to listen to her, but she moves closer just somewhat able to keep quiet.
>"H-Hey, I'm sorry..." she says placing a hand on your shoulder. You try to shrug it off, but she forces you to receive a hug. "It's just, what are you afraid of? No one was born not being a virgin."
"Of course I know that. I'm kinda prude. That's all."
>"Really? After how we've kissed?"
"Not in that way you dork... I mean... I can't even put on a bikini. I'm shy."
>You curl up a bit more, but Twilight gets closer and rubs her cheek with yours.
>"Well, I know how you feel. I'm not an exhibitionist myself..."
>Oh sure. After the shirt thing, that makes perfect sense.
>"But there's nothing to be afraid of. I'm not gonna laugh at you or anything. I love you for who you are."
>Yeah. For who you are. Surely she means the part of hitting her and insulting her. Surely she'll fall for anyone else who does that.
>You wonder if she'll leave you if you don't want to do... anything.
>"Besides, what could you be afraid of? Of getting pregnant?"
"Shut up."
>You turn around to face her, and she puts her hand on your butt again and tries to kiss you, but you move your head back.
"C-Could we just... stay close and cuddle like this all night? I'd rather do that, honestly..."
>Twilight frowns a bit, and then smiles weakly.
>"Yes. We can..."
>She lets go of your ass. You exhale a bit of air and calm down, letting your muscles untense. You move closer to her and try to press your head against her chest.
>Then she slaps you in the ass so hard you scream.
>You cover your mouth. God damn. GOD DAMN.
>Everyone on the camping must have heard that!
>You look back at her to see her with a shit-eating grin.
>You get on top of her and hit her on the face without any care or restrain for anything.
>"Hah! Hah!"
"Stop enjoying this!"
>She gets her hand to your hips and tries to move your pants and your panties down, but you slap her hand away and grabbing her by the shirt you begin to shake her.
"Who the hell do you think you are to slap me around like a... a brute?!"
>Twilight somehow gets to grab your shoulders and moves you to the side, ending on top of you again, but you grab her by the collar neck and keep slapping her.
"I know judo! I could take out your heart and show it you before you die you imbecile! Don't mess with me!"
>Just when you're thinking of hitting her with the pillow and then throw her down the bed, you notice where her hands are. Not in your hips or on your ass, but on the buttons of her shirt.
>She unbuttons it, revealing to you in the dim light her chest and her purple breasts, stiff due to the cold, moving in and out with every quick breath she takes.
>And below all that...
"O-Oh God."
>"Foreplay is over."
>She throws herself on top of you, planting you a kiss that doesn't last a moment due to how much fast she's breathing.
>You are taking a lot of air yourself.
>She kisses you gently in the neck, sending all sort of shivers down and back your spine, and then she rubs your... y-your stuff with her thigh.
>There is no way this should feel so good.
>Confound this nerd, this horrible freak, this nymph! This purple demon who vilely plays with your heart and pulls you into degenerancy.
>Oh God you're so hot right now. This is better than anything you've experienced.
>Unsure of what to do, you pull her close to you, sticking her face on your chest and making her press her thigh with a lot more force.
>"Feeling better now?"
"Sh-Shut up and keep going you nerd."
>You're sure this isn't right. Two girls shouldn't be doing this kind of stuff.
>Twilight takes hold of your hand with hers, and then guides it to her left breast and makes you squeeze it. It's incredibly soft. It...
>It makes a damn sexy moan escape her lips.
>She keeps making you squeeze it and move it and play with it, until she lets go of your hand and just by inertia you keep going.
>"I love you Sugar."
>Those words make your heart skip a beat more than anything else.
>She pulls your pants and your panties down, making you remember just how cold the air is in the room.
>And making a space in between your legs, she... she presses her cleft against yours, soaking you with her own fluids.
>You're doing it. This is something that's happening.
>It's not some of your weird dreams or anything, this is something that's actually occurring to you right now.
>It makes you so damn excited.

That's it for now folks. Pastebin to be updated later after most normal people wake up.

>i've dumped a total of 12 posts of content in a day
I feel like a fast writefag like BBSA or Jeff now, in every way.


I'll go be creepy somewhere else.
We're like brothers!
only closer

Nice work m8
>you will never hug scitwi
Scitwi studying dog residue is the best crossover.
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Sad writing.jpg
362KB, 890x887px
>"It just keeps multiplying!"
>"Dear diary,"
This is not even the begining ;^)

I think i finally got the hang out of Sunset's hair.
Who knows. Things tend to change
this Twilight is a degenerate in every sense of the word and it's extremely arousing.
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sunset alone.png
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>Dear diary,
>I saw a film today, about two schools that were in this competition, with motocross and all sorts of crazy stuff...
>I don't know how to say this, but I think I fell in love with a character.
>Not in a 'I really liked her' sort of way. I mean real love.
>It's pathetic, I know.
>She was this nerdy girl who had no friends but was really smart and cute, and was investigating magic and ended up turning into a demon.
>But things went well for her. She became friends with the girls from the other school, and decided to transfer at the end.
>It wasn't a sad movie by any means, but when the credits rolled I was tearing up, because it was just a movie.
>Is it bad that I wished for her to be real? To be her friend and be able to give her a hug? That feeling was specially bad during the archery scene.
>I just feel so alone and pathetic right now, but I can't take her out of my head. Somehow, my life feels emptier than before.
>[sentence stroked over repeatedly]
>I hope I feel better after getting some sleep.
>Yours truly, Sunset Shimmer.
>[doodles of a girl with glasses]

First captcha: Sunset Rd
>dat ass
It's round and hot like the sun and I'd worship it.

Where the hell have you been HHP?
I been busy drinking tequila under the shadow of a cactus

Actually i caught the eqg decease :^)
Boy am I glad that she's in there, and we're out here!
Gonna live write and this time I will I swear this one after coming home from dinner with my mother tonight it's her birthday today. Thankfully I know what I wanna do this time. See you later, desu sempai

And that she's the sheriff and that we're frozen out here and that we're in there and I just remembered, we're out here but what I wanna know is
meant write this one live
This is some A+ quality dykeshit.

You fucking baka
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excited lemon.jpg
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Degenerate Twilight is the only reason I kept going after the first post, because I don't actually like lewd.

Another idea that I thought could be interesting is Nymphomaniac Twilight, and Christian Sunset

>mfw sempai keeps noticing me



>You are Anonymous
>The next few days pass as a bit of a blur
>After spending nearly every day with Trixie since the two of you first started dating, you suddenly find yourself without her
>It's... not easy to get used to, honestly
>Playing video games just isn't the same without her by your side, cheering, clapping like a spazz, and surprise-kissing you
>In fact, nothing feels quite the same
>It's like your enjoyment has been blunted in every facet of your life
>Eventually, you find yourself simply lying in your bed, staring up at the ceiling
>You've tried over and over to contact Trixie, but she either isn't available... or she just doesn't want to speak to you
>She hasn't answered her phone, and she refuses to even let you into her house
>That is, assuming she's still here
>As the days drag by, you start to worry that Celestia expelled her quietly, not wanting you involved, and that Trixie's out there, somewhere, alone and missing her phone, thinking you've abandoned her
>It's fucking torture
>Monday arrives, and you don't see Trixie at school, practically confirming your suspicions
>You storm up to Celestia's office, ready to lay into her if she really did sent your girlfriend away
>She looks up from her desk in surprise when you slam on her door
>"Mr. Anonymous? What's this about?"
"Where is she? What the hell did you do with her?"
>Your words come out far more aggressive than you intended, definitely not an appropriate way to speak to the school principle, but restraint isn't exactly something that comes easily to you in times of stress
>Celestia raises an eyebrow, not rising to your bait
>"Excuse me?"
"Trixie! Where's Trixie?"
>Celestia shrugs
>"Is this really a question you should be asking me?"
"Did something happen to her?"
>"Not as far as I know. Is something wrong?"
"She's not here!"
>Celestia's expression of confusion intensifies
>"Anonymous, I'm going to ask you nicely to calm down. If Miss Trixie isn't here, I can guarantee you it isn't by my choice. Perhaps she's not feeling well?"
"She's hasn't answered my calls either."
>"Perhaps this is a personal decision of hers?"
>Her words cut right into you, mostly because you already know they're true
"But... but why? I want to help her!"
>Celestia shrugs
>"I can't pretend to know, Anonymous. Perhaps she feels guilty? Or scared? I'm sorry, I wish I could be of more help, but I have no idea what Ms. Lulamoon is truly feeling. Her hearing with the school board is this Thursday. If I learn anything from that, I will make sure to tell you."
"I... but..."
>You stand, stumbling out of Celestia's office without a goodbye
"Why wouldn't she want to talk to me?"
>Trixie doesn't show up for school on Tuesday either, nor on Wednesday
>You see Twilight a couple times, but the two of you never do anything more than exchange sad waves
>A part of you wants to go see Starlight, but it doesn't feel right talking to her without Trixie there; your girlfriend was always a lot closer to Starlight than you were
>So... you don't know what to do
>You call Trixie every night, hoping she'll decide to pick up, but she stays silent
>Doesn't she know you want to help?
>You just want to see her smile again...
>Wednesday night comes, leaving you feeling particularly shitty
>Trixie doesn't answer your call, and nothing feels fun without her
>You pause Battlefront 2, the game only serving to bring back sweet-turned-painful memories, and head out to the grocery store
>You're not sure what you're hoping to buy, but you figure a little food might cheer you up a bit
>Plus, it'll feel good to get out of the house for a bit, right?

>The brightness of the store is offensive to your dour mood
>You head in and grab a basket, intending to grab some pizza rolls or something and get the hell out
>The last thing you want right now is to be surrounded by a bunch of random strangers
>You find yourself strolling aimlessly down the frozen foods aisle
>Nothing looks particularly good, now that you're actually here
>Even pizza rolls seems kind of... meh
>You pick a bag up, staring at the stylized picture of the snack on the front, the gooey blob of cheese and meat suddenly making your stomach turn
>Fuck it, you'll go home empty-handed
>You're just about to put the bag back when you hear a crash from the next aisle
>Normally, you'd ignore the sound and assume it was just some retard crashing into a stack of cans
>That is, if you hadn't heard the voice that immediately followed it
>"No! Oh God, perfectly good peanut butter ruined! Trixie is so sorry!"
>Hearing her hits you like a slap in the chest, and you throw your basket to the ground to sprint into the next aisle
>Trixie is crouched on the floor, trying desperately to clean up a smashed jar of peanut butter, making a huge mess of herself in the process
>She hears you approach, and cranes her neck to look up at you
>Her eyes meet yours, and she drops the broken pieces of jar back to the floor, leaving sticky peanut residue all of her fingers
>"Oh, um... h-hey, Anon..."
"Trixie? What... what are you doing here?"
>Trixie glances around
>"Um... buying peanut butter?"
>She stands up wiping her hands off on the front of her hoody, leaving a giant peanut-butter smear across the front of her sweatshirt
>"Um... uh..."
>You don't even give her a chance to finish; not mind the peanut butter, you run forward and wrap her in a hug
"I was so worried about you, you crazy girl! Where've you been?"
>"Um... Trixie didn't..."
>And then suddenly, she's crying
>"Trixie's so sorry, Anon! She didn't mean to... she didn't want you to worry, b-but... she was just so worried! She... she..."
>Trixie clings to you as if she were drowning
"Hey, hey, easy... I'm not mad..."
>You stroke her hair, and she slowly gets herself back under control
>A shop employee pops their head out to check on the source of the crash, sees the two of you embracing, and disappears
>"Trixie... Trixie just didn't want to hurt you, Anonymous..."
"Hurt me? Trixie, you've never hurt me. I mean..."
>You think back to the Boku no Pico incident
"I mean, my sensibilities, maybe, but... not for real. I was worried sick about you!"
>You intend for the words to cheer Trixie up a little, but she just looks more miserable
"Trixie? Come on, please... tell me what's the matter, okay?"
>Trixie shakes her head
>"I can't, Anon... Trixie doesn't know how to explain it..."
>She slumps in your grasp, to the point it feels like you're holding a giant, Trixie-shaped doll
"You can try, right? Please, Trixie..."
>You clutch her against your chest, whispering in her ear
"Please try..."
>She hesitates for a moment, then nods
>"Alright... alright, but... please, promise that... promise you won't get mad at Trixie no matter what, okay?"
"I promise."
>"You really promise? Because... you might be mad at Trixie. And Trixie doesn't want you to be mad. If you get mad at Trixie, it'll... it'll make her really sad..."
"I promise, Trixie, I'm not gonna get mad. Now... here, you wanna go back to my place? We'll get you cleaned up."
>Trixie nods, and she lets you walk her out of the store
>On the ride him, she's almost completely silent
>Almost, except for the little nervous squeaks she occasionally utters
>It's enough to put you on edge, and you turn up your music a little to drown them out


>When you get to your place, you let Trixie use your shower, and then give her some of your clothes to wear
>They're at least a size too big, if not more, and she ends up looking like an adorable little scarecrow
>She wraps her hair in a towel and sits down on your couch, staring at her hands
>Something about her seems so incredibly off that you find yourself even more on edge than you were back in the car
>She's missing her usual exuberance, her usual "I'm the best" attitude, and what's left of her without it seems... fragile, as if the slightest breeze could blow her away
>You sit down next to Trixie, and lay a mug of hot chocolate in front of her
>She gives you a small smile, and raises the cup to her lips
>"Trixie... Trixie doesn't know where to start..."
"That's okay. Just... tell me what you need to tell me."
>You gently lay your arm across her shoulders, and she responds by placing her head on your shoulder, sighing
>"Trixie... Trixie doesn't know her parents. Not really. She... she guesses she should start with that."
>She takes another sip of hot chocolate, biting her bottom lip
>"It's... it's not like they don't care about Trixie, they... they just don't know how to look after her. At least, that's what they told her. So... when Trixie was still a little girl... they left. They payed for the house, and gave Trixie money for food, and even had a babysitter come to check up on her... it's not that they don't care about Trixie... Trixie's sure they really do care about her, they just... they just didn't know what to do..."
>Trixie takes another sip, a little of the chocolate drink dribbling down her cheek
>"Maybe if Trixie weren't such a problem, they'd have taken her with them... it's... it's not their fault. It's Trixie's. So... so she's not mad. Trixie understands why they did it."
"They... they abandoned you? Trixie, that's horrible..."
>She shakes her head
>"No, no... you don't get it. They wanted to love Trixie, but... but they couldn't, because she's difficult. That's what Trixie's babysitter told her. They do care about Trixie, they just... they didn't know what to do with her. It's not their fault."
>Something about the look in her eyes tells you that you're not going to convince her otherwise
>"It's... it's Trixie's. She can't be mad at someone for not wanting her, after all..."
>Trixie shakes her head, fishing a marshmallow out of her cocoa with her tongue
>You stroke her hair, unable to offer any proper words

Stopping here for a bit, gonna go to tryouts for my University's Christmas play. Might be going out with friends after, so I'm not sure when I'll be back to writing.

Anyway, see you guys later.
>play tryout
>hanging with friends
>being this normie
I want Jeff to rut me and never call me back like a Chad would
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Good luck
Going to start in an hour. For real this time. So feel free to post any green in that span.

Good job as usual, m8. I wish you luck, my friend.
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would you a crazy twilight?
id a crazy twi
I'd a crazy twilight if those were quints.
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Bit of a quick change. Last post ended with Twilight mentioning to Sunset that Indigo came over. That has been removed, as I could not figure out how to work with that, so I will repost the last post with a slight change.

>[heyyy, how was ur 1st day of school?]
>What to say...
>You don't exactly feel like dumping your experiences being traumatized by Sugarcoat nor being bullied on Sunset at the moment.
>Just too heavy for now.
>You begin to type.
[Eh, it wasn't bad. Got talk with Anon a bit. Nothing really happened, though.]
>[same, first day for me was kinda boring, didnt learn much. pretty uneventful]
>[but it was nice to see everyone again]
>You type.
[I wish I could say the same. I don't have anyone here at Crystal Prep.]
>You sigh a bit after typing this, a slight heaviness on your heart occurring.
>[ehh, personally, u just gotta search. crystal preps a pretty big school, im sure there has 2 be someone there who would want to be ur friend. besides, dont u have anon?]
>Easy for her to say, her being a social butterfly...
[I mean, I do, but he seems to be busy with his other friends. I dunno. But at least I can talk to him every now and again.]
>A few seconds later...
>[and thats good!!!! mayb u 2 should hang out sometime. he seems pretty nice]
>You type some more.
[Maybe. He did say we could some time in the future. I dunno, though.]
>A few seconds later...
[Hey. I was wondering. Would you want to maybe hang out this weekend?]
>Haven't been with her and any of the others in weeks.
>It would be quite swell to hang out with them, just to get out of the house.
>Sure, you do enjoy your alone time, but when you get lonely, which is often...
>You receive a message back.
>[srry twi, but i cant. gonna b super busy this weekend with some school activities. mayb some other time]
>The sting of disappointment is inflicted on yourself.
[That's okay. Maybe some other some time. Gotta go, ttyl]
>You sigh, a sense of dejection in the air.
>Thankfully, you have five other friends you can ask!
>You being to type to Rainbow Dash
>[srry egghead, cant. got soccer practice n other shit w family. mayb sum other time]
>The depression slowly begins to rise...
>[I would love to, Twilight. But unfortunately I can't. I have some priorities I need to take care of, please understand. But we definitely can some other time]
>It continues to rise, as you begin to cry yet again today.
>Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack were also unavailable for various reasons.
>Anon was also unavailable, him saying he and his friends were going on a road trip.
>At this point you are a complete, sobbing mess.
>Another weekend all alone.
>When will this end?
>You had two weeks of being with friends, near nonstop fun.
>Guess the saying "all good things must come to end" is true...
>You consider heading downstairs to be with your parents, but you just can't seem to get yourself to.
>Neither can you get yourself to get in contact with your older brother.
>You eventually head to bed, crying yourself to sleep yet again...
~~A Few Days Later...~~
>The rest of the school week has been pretty bad, to say the least.
>You continue to get bullied as usual, and you can never get used to it.
>All of those girls sans Indigo have done a good job of making your week back horrid.
>Even Sugarcoat, apparently on medication, was also quite nasty.
>"You should seriously consider killing yourself. I mean my God, Twilight, you're the saddest pile of flesh I've ever seen..."
>You don't cry much at school. Okay, you do cry at least once a day, but in your lab.
>You've learned to cope better when shutting down, getting away from everyone.
>You had to get away from one of your classes after being continuously poked in class, causing you to become very uncomfortable with your senses driving you mad.
>You did talk with Anon every now and then, but it wasn't really enough to make things better.
>Never could even have lunch with him (though he did promise he would next week).
>Your situation with Moondancer? That also hasn't been moving.
>You can't get yourself to talk to her, and she always seems to shoot you this nasty look whenever you look at her.
>But you do have some positives: you have been making very good progress in your research (including a visit to CHS to give its statue a scan), and it's Friday!
>You can finally escape for a bit!
>Sure you'll be pretty lonely again, but it beats being bullied on top of that.
>As you walk inside the school a bit early and head to your first class of the day, you find yourself being pinned to your locker by none other than Suri Polimare.
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>mfw I have been sick for the past 2 days
>mfw I barely have enough energy to read
>mfw so many stories were updated
damn that sucks
>"Look at you, how weak," the fashionista says, followed by a low laugh.
>You whimper as she blocks you off, you struggling to escape.
>Whenever you try to get past, she shoves you back into the locker, you hitting the door hard.
>Students continue to move around, seemingly ignoring what's happening.
>"A vest with a tie... how unfashionable. If you wore pants instead of that skirt, I'd assume you were a boy!"
>Suri laughs a bit more.
>"And those disgusting glasses...I should snatch them off your wretched face and break them in front of you."
"P-Please s-stop, Suri. I-I-I-"
>"I-I-I-I what?! Stop stuttering like a fool! I thought you were supposed to be smart!"
>You notice Coco Pommel, Suri's "friend", appearing to shrink up a bit.
>You can't exactly tell what she's displaying.
>Is it fear? Is she sorry for you?
>She laughs again.
>"Look at you! The way you dress, that nasty hairstyle. You clearly have no sense of fashion. I shudder to imagine what you look like out of this uniform. What do you have to say to your self, you freak?"
>You continue to whimper, not knowing what to do.
>Suri stomps on one of your feet.
>You don't yell, as much as you want to.
>No one seems to notice what's going on. Or maybe they just don't care because it's you getting bullied.
>"Well? I'm waiting?"
>"Yo. I'd really think about backing off if I were you."
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Ok, someone to add to the List of Green Characters That I Hate:
>Trixie's Bitch of a babysitter
File: Trixie.png (153KB, 492x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153KB, 492x600px
>You look around and see Indigo Zap, arms crossed and a stern look on your face.
>Suri turns around and laughs.
>"Excuse me? Did I hear you right?"
>Indigo steps closer and gets in Suri's face.
>"Yeah, you did. Now quit messing with her and step off, before I make a scene."
>She has some serious...seriousness in her voice.
>A bit different from her rather explosive and energetic personality.
>Suri laughs.
>"Oh, please Indigo. I'm not scared of you! Look at you, defending that peasant!" she says, pointing towards you. "I thought you despised her!"
>Indigo, however, remains calm.
>"I did, but now I've changed."
>Indigo grabs Suri by the collar and gets even closer.
>"Need I remind you what happened at Sour Sweet's party last month? You want me to do that again? Because I can, and I will if you continue."
>She releases, and Suri backs off.
>"You're pathetic, you know that?" she says. "Come on, Coco. Let's get going."
>Coco trembles a bit.
>"Now," she says sternly.
>She walks away, Coco chasing after her.
>You are in tears again, shaken by being messed with again.
>You just can't take it.
>You feel a hand on your shoulder.
>"Hey. Y'alright?" says Indigo, her smiling at you.
>You sniffle a bit, rubbing some of the tears off your eyes.
"I-I'm fine. And...thanks."
Indigo removes her hand from your shoulder.
>"No problemo, dude."
>5 minutes till class.
>Should get going.
>"Hey Twilight, was wondering..."
>"Meet me behind the bleachers during lunch. We have the same lunch period, right?"
>You immediately begin to whimper as you think of what Indigo might do with you.
>Zap takes notice of your anxiety, putting her hand on your shoulder.
>"Whoa, hold on. I'm not gonna hurt you. I just wanna talk. And, uhh, thought it'd be nice for you to have lunch with someone. With you always eating by yourself and all."
>She lets her hand off and extends a fist to you, causing you to flinch.
>"Pound it."
>You hesitate a bit before fistbumping Zap.
>"So uhh, see you later, Twilight. You take care."
"Y-You too."
>Indigo walks away, and that's the end of that.
>You walk towards your own class in a state of confusion.

Gonna cut it here. I'm gonna try to write this next part in the background. Could be back tonight, but probably not. Sorry for the short update.

Paste will be updated. Feedback and shit is okay.

this was underwhelming as fuck, especially compared to traplight, sugarlight and bullylight, but oh, well. hopefully i'm better next time.]
I think you've been doing pretty well believe it or not. Your story went into the first place for me the moment Indigo walked into Twilight's room, and it's still there.

Funny considering it took me like a week just to write 4 posts.
>>You look around and see Indigo Zap, arms crossed and a stern look on your face
Oops, should be
>You look around and see Indigo Zap, arms crossed and a stern look on her face

Will be changed in the paste
The story is interesting and i want to see how things will develop
Thanks, dot. Appreciate it.

Also real good job on your shit. I really like Bullylight and Sugarlight.
I'm liking this arc. It's like Twilight is on her own again.
I think that's because she is aside from Indigo
"But... you're here now, right? They can't hurt you anymore..."
>"They never hurt Trixie, Anon... they did what they had to. It was... it was the only thing that was right for Trixie. It's what she deserves, right?"
"What you deserve? Trixie, you deserve so much better than being left by yourself."
>"Why? Trixie's difficult, Anon. No parents should have to live with... with a girl like her. She'd just make them sad. Trixie doesn't want to make anybody sad."
>Trixie finishes her cocoa and sets the mug down, hugging her knees against her chest
>"She just... she wants them to be happy. And she thinks they are... wherever they are. Or, at least... they were. Trixie..."
>Trixie buries her face in her knees, ashamed
>"Trixie messed up..."
"Trixie, you didn't--"
>"No, not with Trender... when Trixie was in middle school, she... there was this girl, and she... she kept laughing at Trixie, and she... she had her boyfriend pretend to ask Trixie to dance, and when Trixie showed up, they... they pushed her in the pool. She had her parents send her a lot of money for a new dress, she was so excited, and... they wouldn't stop laughing, and..."
>Trixie squeezes her eyes shut, grabbing fistfuls of her hair
>"The next day at school, she still wouldn't stop... she just kept laughing and laughing... and Trixie got so mad..."
>Trixie sucks in her breath
>"Trixie's parents said that... if it ever happened again, they'd said her away... they told her a bad girl belongs in a bad girl school... Trixie doesn't want to be a bad girl!"
>Trixie grabs ahold of you, hiding her face in your shoulder
>"Trixie just wants to be good! She... she doesn't want to be a problem for people anymore!"
>You tilt Trixie's face back, and press your mouth to hers
>She shudders as you kiss her, collapsing into a worse shivering fit than usual
>Even stroking her hair doesn't help, she shakes and shakes as if she were possessed
"You're not a problem, Trixie... please, just believe me, you're not a problem... you're not..."
>Trixie shakes her head
>"You don't understand, Anon... Trixie's parents won't let her stay. She's just going to hurt you again. No matter what happens, all she ever does... all that ever happens is that people who care about Trixie get hurt."
>She pushes herself away from you, scooting to the other end of the couch
>"Trixie's parents were right... she needs to be left alone..."
>You try to put a hand on her shoulder, but she pushes you away
>"Please, Anon... just let Trixie go. She won't make you happy... she can't make anyone happy."
"Trixie, that's what I'm trying to say. You've made me happier than I've felt in months. In years, really. I... I meant it when I said I love you. I know we haven't been together that long, but... I really feel something here. Please, don't throw that away just because... just because you feel like you aren't worth it. I promise you, you are."
>Trixie shakes her head
>"Anon, don't do this to yourself. After tomorrow, Trixie won't even be here anymore."
>>"Anon, don't do this to yourself. After tomorrow, Trixie won't even be here anymore."

File: 13506369632217.png (439KB, 824x776px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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<Mfw we knew this was coming eventually.
>She turns away from you, hiding her face
>"They're... they're not gonna let Trixie stay, Anonymous. She's not eighteen. She doesn't know how to argue. Trixie's too dumb to even cook spaghetti. They're going to take her."
"They're not!"
>"They are. Please, Anon. Don't... don't do this to yourself. We both know Trixie's not worth it."
"But you are worth it. That's what I've been trying to tell you, dammit. You're amazing, Trixie. You're the nicest girl I've ever met, and... you just make me so damn happy. Of course you're worth it."
>Again, you try to hug Trixie
>This time, she stands up, stepping out of your reach
>"No! Please, Anon, just listen to Trixie! Trixie knows she's stupid, but... but she's right this time! If you let yourself hurt over Trixie, you're... you're going to hurt forever. Trixie doesn't want you to hurt, Anonymous, please... just be happy without Trixie. You'd get tired of her eventually anyway..."
"Trixie, I swear to God..."
>You jump up and grab her in your arms
>She goes limp, flopping into the crook of your elbow
"What do I have to say? I didn't choose to care about you, it... it just happened, because you're a good person! You don't deserve this, please... please, don't do this to me... don't do this to yourself..."
>Trixie shrugs
>"It doesn't matter what Trixie deserves... she's not going to get to spend her time with you anymore. Just... just let her go, please... just because Trixie has to hurt, doesn't mean you have to too..."
"Trixie, I'm not going to give up on you. Even if you leave, I promise. I'll wait."
So I'm reading through alot of these stories and they are funny, got a rick and morty type feel of them, but are there any stories where Twilight is trying to learn the magic of friendship with the girls? Feels like she is being depicted as an autist instead of a lonely nerd.
>Feels like she is being depicted as an autist instead of a lonely nerd.
Aren't there stories where she's both?
>Trixie bites her lip, staring at the ground
>And then, little by little, tear by tear, she begins to cry
>"Anon... please..."
"Shhh... shhh... I promise, I don't care how long it takes, I'll wait. Even if we're apart, I'm not gonna give up on you, Trix."
>Trixie shakes her head
>"Trixie doesn't deserve this, Anon... please don't give up on yourself to make her happy... she's not worth it... she's not worth it at all..."
"I don't care how many times you say it, Trixie, it won't make it true. You're worth all that and more, I promise."
>You hold Trixie at arm's length, and kiss her forehead
>"But... but..."
>Trixie falls against you, nearly knocking you on your backwards
>"But why, Anon... why? Trixie's not worth this... you should KNOW she's not... you're smart, why can't you see it? Why do you want to throw away your happiness for an idiot like Trixie?"
>Trixie beats weakly against your chest, grabbing little fistfuls of your shirt
"Because I know I'm not throwing it away. I see something you don't, Trixie. I see you're worth it."
>You complete the hug you've been trying to hard to start
>"Dammit, Anon... you... you make Trixie so mad sometimes..."
"I guess that's just my job."
>"You... you're making a mistake.