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>"Good morning sweetie pie. Would like some juice? Maybe

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>"Good morning sweetie pie. Would like some juice? Maybe some breakfast in bed?"
nope, just cuddles.
Breakfast? What am I, some kinda wageslave chump? Wake me up at 3 PM for lunch.
Shut up, it's not morning until the sun is down
luna pls
Yes please mommy
What the fuck!!! A talking purple horse!!!
I can't drink juice.
Make me some chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.
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Juice as part of breakfast, is this a hotel or something?
Mane 6 Breakfast in Bed CYOA...
Uh, sure. You're being unusually nice this morning.
Isn't that a bit unhealthy?
Don't forget the powdered sugar and chocolate syrup.
You bastard. You unhealthy bastard.
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twilight waking you up whit breakfast in bed, this can be a nice green.
what are you talking about, it's 4 in the afternoon.
"Please untie me."
And butter. Real butter.
"...No thanks twilight. I'm good."
>"Just ring the bell if you need anything, Sweetie Pie!"
>You fall back onto your bed as she trots out of your room. Grabbing the knife off of your nightstand, you carve another notch into the headboard.
>It had been three weeks since this had began. Since you'd become a prisoner in her home.
>She'd invited you to spend the night at her castle after your home was swept off a cliff in a mudslide.
>Twilight had told you that building your house there was a bad idea, but rainbow called you chicken when you'd considered her advice.
>Since Twilight had been one of you closest friends, you didn't hesitate to take her up on her offer.
>You were here for less than a day before things began to seem off.
>After getting lost multiple times on the way to your room, you had asked twilight for a map, but you soon discovered that the rooms on the map seemed to be different from reality.
>And then, after spending four hours walking between the bathroom, twilight's bedroom, and the kitchen, you realized that they seemed to be moving around.
>The changes to twilight herself became apparent as you tried to ask what kind of magic was at play.
>She never made eye contact with you. She just looked over your right shoulder, and her answers were confusing.
>It was as if you two were having two slightly different conversations.
>The next morning, she greeted you with the words you would grow to dread.
>"Good morning sweetie pie. Would you like some juice? Maybe some breakfast in bed?"
>Her tone was slightly off, and her eyes lingered on you in silence after you gave your answer.
>Not to mention that she'd never called you sweetie pie before.
>No matter what your answer was, you'd always get the same result.
>A knock at the door interrupts your thoughts.
>You look over at the clock.
>She's seventeen seconds early today.
>The door swings open to reveal the unnervingly happy face of twilight.
>tfw my gf doesn't even do this for me. And I pay for rent and food.
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Is this a thing? Do couples do this? D-do women do this irl?
>Anon stirs from beneath his warm, thick bed covers, lying flat on his back as he looks at purple horse with his sleepy eyes
"Mmm...Yeah...B&B sounds great, sweetie"
>And with that, Twilight whips off the bed covers, and quickly positions her dripping cunt over Anon's lips
>Anon reaches up to split those tender lips, revealing the sweet red flesh within, as he opens his mouth to allow a trickle of juice to splash on his dry tongue
"Fuck yeah...Pussy...The breakfast of champs"
>Anon slurps and gulps like a savage beast that he is on Twink's winking snatch
>Meanwhile, moaning like a slut in heat Twilight begins to attend to Anon's rock-hard morning wood, caressing its great meaty shaft with her soft, almost velvet tongue.
>A generous drop of pre-cum suddenly appears, prompting Twilight to quickly lap it up, and saviour its delicious, creamy, yet salty taste
>"Mmmm...Master's Cock...The breakfast of whorses"
>Twilight wastes no time in cramming Anon's cock down her tight throat, working her magic on his prostrate for maximum orgasim, and cum shower on full power from her master
>Meanwhile, Anon is furiously rubbing Twink's clit, making his obidient sex slave cum hard and good, showering his face with her heavenly juices
>It wasn't long before Anon blew his load into Twilight's mouth with the force of a million tsunamis, the prostrate massage working like a treat, as Twilight struggles to swallow every mouth-watering drop of her master's seed
>With a final swallow, Twilight and her master snuggle up on the bed, her head resting on his fine chiseled abs
>"Mmmm...How was it, master?"
>Anon scritches Twilight's ears, as his way of showing his love and approval for his sex slave
"Delicious and nutricious, as always my beloved slave..."
>The sun had barely risen above the horizon, and already the day seems promising for lewd and disgusting carnal acts of beastiality
>But, it was okay
>Because master loves his slave very much

That's all folks! Enjoy!
You... you... I hope you enjoy those clogged arteries you monster.
Are you 6'2" irl?
Yes. I had a dream about drinking from the fountain of youth.
It was all juice of applejacks apples

Fuck it just bring applejack
The pussy better game better be crazy on this bitch or she ain't worth your time.
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I came
no thanks, I'll just have my usual meal of cigarettes and loneliness.
I would fucking slap the bitch if she pissed on my face.
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Thanks, Anon, thanks bruh.
no, bitter hatred is my breakfast
I like mine with some toast and a bowl of frosted mini wheats.
most part of the time
>"I hope you're hungry today, anon! I had the chefs whip up something special this morning!"
>She sets the tray of bread and water on your bed and begins to describe the various delicacies she seems to think are loaded on it, and where they came from.
>Out of curiosity, you peek into the hallway, but either end of the hallway terminates with a wall rather than a door.
>You notice that twilight had gone quiet, and you turn back to her.
>She was still staring at the tray with a smile, but it was slowly being replaced with a frown as her eyes began to rapidly dart between the various objects that weren't on the tray.
>As she begins to devolve into a sweating panic, you begin to feel hope for the first since you ended up here.
"Come on twi, snap out of it..."
>Your hopes are dashed as her same placid smile snaps back onto her face and she continues into her explanation of the scrambled griffon eggs and pegasus bacon.
>You punch the wall in frustration and curse every possible diety you can think of.
>Celestia got special mention, however.
>Twilight finally finished her explanation and once again reiterated that you could ring the (nonexistant) bell if you needed assistance.
>Your impotent anger and helplessness get the better of you, and you kick twilight in the ribs with as much force as you can muster.
>The kick sends her flying a few feet away, but she stands up almost immediately and continues walking away.
>However, because of the kick, she was too far to the side, and was now walking against the wall.
>You sigh, and grab her to move her back in line with the door.
>As you carefully wrap your arms around her in a way that avoided the spot where your foot impacted, she looks up at you, and her smile widens ever so slighty, accompanied by a flick of her tail.
>Normally, this would melt your heart, but the blood beginning to trickle from the corner of her mouth made it unsettling.
>Wiping the blood away, you quietly apologize.
Some times I like to glue my feet to the ceiling so I hang upside down then masterbate and cum in my own mouth, the problem is that my cum taste gross so I get a chocolate bar and melt it then smear it over my peepee and balls so it flavors my baby mayo as it ejects. the problem is that my ceiling is starting to fall apart from the stress so my landlord might kick me out since I agreed not to do this in my lease. I asked my mom for advice on what to do and she suggested I ask my brother(who I share a room with) to remind me in the mourning to not glue my feet to the ceiling and masturbait into my own mouth.
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Not sure I want to know, but continue
I really want to know where you're going with this.
>She doesn't seem to notice, though, and just leaves, reiterating that you can ring the bell if you need help.
>The door closes behind her, leaving you with with the ticking of the clock, and your thoughts.
>The bread and water are as unsatisfying as always, but you figure it'll be better to keep your strength up.
>After eating and taking care of your hygiene, you grab your backpack and push the door open, unsure of what you'll find.
>You walk out into what seems to be another guest room, and pull out your map and notebook.
>It was covered in scribbles and annotations, and your notebook was approaching half-full.
>You were determined to find out whatever pattern this hellish place was following.
>If you'd learned anything from twilight, it was that nothing defied explanation.
>Based on the shape of the room on the map, it was one that you'd been to already.
>You closed the door, and reopened it to reveal the main hall.
>You frowned. This was the first time this door opened into the main hall. It usually opened into the library or twilight's bathroom.
>You make note of the new development, and open the front door.
>This door seemed to always open into the cutie map room, no matter what, and this time was no exception.
>A light from the map draws your attention. All of twilight's friend's cutie marks are clustered around her castle.
>Just like every other time you've found your way here.
>You tick a box on your checklist of things that seem consistent.
>This list was one of the few things that keep you sane in this place.
>You step back though the door, and find yourself in one of the guest rooms.
>Or, wait...
>Guest rooms shouldn't have three doors.
>Just one for the hall, and one for the bathroom.
>You check the map, then double check it, then triple check it.
>It takes all of your mental fortitude not to panic when you realize that, for the first time in three weeks, you've ended up in a room that's not on the map.
8/10 if not pasta
>You start to step back to collect your thoughts, when a squeak from below stops you.
>The bottom of your shoe had skidded through a small puddle of blood.
>This is new.
>You look closely at the floor, and see a few small drops of blood leading to the opposite door.
>The chances of whatever left that blood actually being on the other side were slim-to-none, but you needed something to distract you from your current predicament.
>The door swings open into the castle's library, and you're surprised to see twilight reading at a table.
>Her mane is heavily disheveled, and her coat looks fairly dirty. She has bags under her bloodshot eyes, and the corner of her mouth is caked with brown bloodstains.
>She lazily looks up from her book. When she sees you, however, her eyes widen in shock.
>She seems skeptical of her own senses. Slowly lowering herself from her seat, wincing as her back right hoof makes contact with the tile.
>She takes a few uneasy, limping steps from the table, stopping a good distance from you.
>She seems to be on edge. You aren't sure if that's because of her apparent lack of sleep, or what.
>Neither one of you wants to be the first to break the silence, but eventually, twilight does.
>"...So, you've finally decided to come out of hiding, huh? Got sick of my 'Fucking snail's pace progress' Anon?"
>You cock an eyebrow at her mocking tone, as if she was quoting you.
>"Did you finally realize that you aren't getting out of here without me? I'm surprised your plan of sleeping and insults didn't get us anywhere."
"Twilight, what are you talking about?"
>You start to notice that she keeps looking past you, and sometimes making weird subtle gestures.
"What's going on?"
>You take a step forward, and she staggers back. The stern look in her eyes is momentarily replaced by sheer terror, before she recomposes herself.
>You're hit by a pang of guilt, remembering the blow you had dealt to her this morning.
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What the fuck is happening
"Twilight, I'm sorry I kicked you this morning. I just, I got so frustrated with this whole situation, and you were so unresponsive, it felt like salt in the wound."
>Her brow knits in confusion as you wipe your forehead.
"After three straight weeks of 'Want breakfast? Here's breakfast, ring the bell if you need me!', I just broke. It was a moment of weakness."
>She's now blatantly looking past you with a look of fear in her eyes, and is making weird gestures with her hoof.
>You feel something sharply strike the back of your legs, leaving a dull pain.
>Looking down, you see a purple baby dragon looking up at you with a determined look in his eyes.
>"I'm not going to let you hurt twilight again!"
>"Spike, No!"
>You scoop the baby dragon up and pull him in close, dropping to your knees as tears form in your eyes.
"You have no fucking idea how happy I am to see you dude!"
>You hold the bewildered baby dragon out at arms length, beaming at him with the first sensations of true happiness you've felt since this nightmare began.
>Until a realization dawns on you.
"Oh, shit. That means you're stuck here with me and Twilight."
"When I hadn't seen you at all, I just assumed that you'd somehow made it out."
>You smile weakly as your shoulders droop.
"...Maybe that you'd gone to get help..."
>Spike's eyes dart around the room. He turns back to Twilight, but her eyes are locked on you.
>"...You say you haven't seen spike since this all began?"
"No, It was just us, and I was convinced that you were some kind of hallucination."
>"Anon, I brought Spike with me everyday when I visited you. Up until..."
"...Twilight, I'm really, truly--"
>"When did you say you attacked me?"
"...This morning, when you brought me food..."
>She took a few timid steps forward.
>"Anon...that happened almost a month ago."
"...No, that's impossible. We've only been here three weeks, twi."
10/10 GOAT - IGN
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>This morning
>almost a month ago.
What are you doing to me writefriend, my brain can't handle this.
Please keep going.
>Without breaking eye contact with you, she reaches behind herself and grabs a day planner, tossing it to your feet.
>You pick it up and open it up to the calendar in the beginning.
>You read and reread the calendar, and twilight's marks, but you can't believe it.
"There's no way we've been trapped for four months."
>Twilight begins to tear up, and takes a shaky limp towards you.
>"My clocks are some of the most accurate in all of equestria, Anonymous. I've made a habit of keeping track of the passage of days to help keep my wits about me."
>She arrives at your feet and looks up to meet your gaze.
>"After you attacked me, I teleported Spike away to safety. I tried to reason with you, but the more you hit me, the more you insulted me, the angrier you seemed to get."
>Spike tries to pull twilight back by her tail, but she just swishes it out of his grip.
>"Twilight, he might attack you again! Get back!"
>As Spike tries to grab for her tail again, she continues to speak.
>"As you punched me in the neck for what had to be the third time, I realized that you were going to kill me. I was afraid. It almost felt like my magic was working on it's own."
>"I threw you against the far wall. When you tried to get back up, I threw thing on your nightstand at you. It wasn't until it...went in...that I realized it was knife."
>You feel a chill go down your spine as twilight speaks. Spike stops pulling on her tail.
>"...I was so scared. It had gone straight into your eye socket. You were in shock, and you begged me to help you."
>"But I was too scared. Of what we had both done to each other, so I ran, and I locked you in your room, and barricaded the door."
>"I kept teleporting food into your room, even though I never heard any sounds from inside. No matter how long I waited."
>Her already strained composure breaks, and she throws herself at you and buries her muzzle in your chest, sobbing.
>You hold her close as one thought consumes you.
"What the hell is going on here?"
Your writing... is so goddamn boring and fillerish
annons a zoombie

hes a zoombie, coral
Ignore >>25326603
I'm enjoying it.
Go to hell, dumbass.
Please continue!
Elaborate. I'm always interested in hearing a dissenting opinion.
>After a few minutes of holding and consoling, you joined twilight at the table in the middle of the library. The various books were fairly meaningless to you, and from the frustration in Twilight's voice, they probably weren't much help to her either.
>"There's nothing in here even remotely like our situation, and none of the spells I've tried have helped illuminate the situation further."
"I don't know jack shit about magic, so I just wandered around and took notes."
>Twilight raises an eyebrow at this.
>"...I tried to stay put as much as I could. I was worried that I might get so lost that I would never be able to find my way back."
>You shrug.
"Once I figured out some of the patterns, I could find my way back pretty reliably."
>"I never noticed any patterns whenever I roamed the halls. I just had to keep opening doors until I was back at the library, or the kitchen."
>She shifts nervously.
>"I stopped going out entirely after a while. I was afraid that I would go through a door and end up in...in your room...and the door would still be locked, and I'd be trapped in there, with your...body."
>You reach across the table and pat her wither reassuringly.
"You don't have to worry about that anymore, twi."
>You hope.
>You slide your notebook and the annotated map across the table to her, and she starts looking them over.
>As her hoof begins passing over the guest rooms, you mention how you came into the library through a room that wasn't on the map at all.
>A deafening silence fills the room, until twilight comments that it must have been a fluke, which you quickly agree with.
>Neither of you sound too sure, though.
>A glimmer of hope shines behind her eye as she explains the magical significance of the patterns you had noticed.
>"If you take each room to be a different rune, each possible combination makes a unique spell!"
"Do you think you can use them to get us out of here?"
>Her smile falters.
>"...not from the library..."
>Due to a series of strange events. Sweetie Belle was adopted by Ponk, took up her last name, and was handed over to Twalot.
"Why not from in the library?"
>"These are very ancient spells, anon. They were meant to be performed by a whole tribe at an altar."
>You start to hyperventilate, but twilight slides her hoof over your hand reassuringly.
>"I-I'm sure I can perform the spells by myself, I'm a princess! AND the element of magic! I just need an altar, and I'm pretty sure I can use the map!"
"How sure is pretty sure?"
>"...pretty sure!"
>She looks less than pretty sure, but you both know that it's your best shot.
"It's better than waiting to die of starvation."
>Twilight beams at your less than shining praise.
>"Spike! Grab as many books on ancient magic as you can carry!"
>"Roger that!"
>You help spike gather the books and fill your backpack while twi re-wraps her bandages.
>She had to have quite a few broken ribs.
>Nurse Redheart could sort her out.
>If this works.
>Soon enough, the three of you stand in front of the door, ready to head out into the unknown.
>But no one reaches out to open it.
>You can tell she's just as scared as you.
"I want you to hold on to the notebook and the map. If we get separated through the door, you'll need them to cast the spell."
>She wants to argue, but she knows you're right.
>"Promise me you won't get lost."
>You drop down to one knee and scratch behind her ear.
"I promise."
>She wraps her hooves around your neck. You gently place your hands on her withers to avoid touching her ribs.
>You aren't sure how long you two stay like that, but it didn't feel long enough.
>With great trepidation, you take a deep breath and push the door open and hold it. It opens out into Spike's room.
>You force yourself to look back towards your companions, and let out a sigh of relief when you see them both standing behind you.
"Well then. I guess we don't have to worry as long as we hold the doors open."
>Spike runs past you to reacquaint himself with his belongings. You chuckle at his eagerness, and gesture twi through the door.
I am super interested right now. Please don't stop Mr writefag
>Spike grabs a few comic books while you and twilight decide you next move.
>Twilight wanted to exit through the door you just entered, which may lead to either the dining hall, or to one of the eastern guest rooms.
>You wanted to go through the bathroom door, which was a more direct route that could possibly get you there in fewer steps.
>It didn't take a genius to figure out why she wanted to take the longer route, though. The shorter one had a chance of landing you outside your room.
>"The longer way is safer, anon. It would be unwise to gamble on saving maybe four steps!"
"Those four steps could become sixteen, or two-hundred and fifty-six if we get unlucky, Twi. Besides, we're the only things in the castle, so the only thing we have be wary of is our own patience."
>"Anon, please, we can--"
>She seems slightly annoyed at your interruption, but allows you to speak.
"...What if the version of me that you encountered made a journal too? What if he made a map?"
>She doesn't answer. You can see the pain in her face.
>"Anon, please..."
"If he did, that information is too valuable to let it just sit there."
>You kneel and lay a hand on her wither.
"If it's new info, we could be out of here hours ahead of schedule. The faster we get out of here, the faster we can put this behind us."
>You wipe away a tear with your thumb and pat her on the cheek.
"That's the brave twilight I know."
>Twilight follows you to the other side of the room, and covers her eyes as you push the door open.
>You frown. You'd have liked to have a bit of a buffer between you and...
>Well, you.
>The door opens into the hallway outside of your room, and you can see the a huge pile of furniture barricading it.
"Well shit. Here we are I guess."
>"...Maybe the door will lead somewhere else this time?"
"It always led into my room before. It was like the broom closet in the kitchen, it was constant."
>"C-close your eyes spike. We'll follow your voice, anon."
>It didn't take long to get the furniture out of the way, and soon enough you were in front of the door to your room.
>Any hopes that it might be the version of the room you remember are dashed when you see the dark brown stains coming from under the crack of the door.
"I'm starting to rethink this idea."
>"...Let's go back."
"No. We can't just leave the notes."
>"What if there aren't any!"
"We won't know unless we check."
>You push the door open and are immediately blasted by a wall of rank, humid air. It takes all your willpower not to vomit.
>Willpower twi seems to have missed out on, as you can hear her losing her lunch behind you.
>"Huagh...Please, let's just go!"
>Her words are lost on you, however. You are transfixed on the sight before you.
>A massive pile of trays and cups, loaded with rotting bread, lies before you. On the other side of the pile is a bloated, rotting corpse with a knife sticking out of the eye.
"Oh dear god..."
>You can hear twi straining against her tears, her hoof wrapped around spike, blocking his vision of the ghastly sight.
>You quickly reach over the bread mound and grab the notebook off of the nightstand.
>There doesn't seem to be a map nearby, but you can't take the sight or smell any longer, and you corral twilight and spike out of the room, out of the hallway, and out another three or so doors until you are in the kitchen.
>As soon as the three of you catch you breath, twilight wraps herself around your ankles and starts begging for forgiveness, while spike starts vomiting into a nearby mop bucket.
"Twilight, it's alright. I'm fine. And we have...we have his notebook."
>You flip open the notebook and are surprised to see it completely full. Although that probably shouldn't surprise you, considering Anon #2 had a head start.
"Um, you might want to take a look at it and see what you can make of it."
>It takes a minute or so of holding it out before twilight finally composes herself enough to take it.
I'm not much of a juice guy.
Maybe some chocolate milk.
>While she gets to work deciphering it, you decide to cook up something for everyone to pass the time.
>And then swiftly decide not to do that when everything in the kitchen seems to remind you of the scene in your room.
>You weren't hungry anyway.
>And probably wont be for a while.
The three of you sit in silence for a while, twilight taking notes, you spinning a bit on the table, and spike reading a comic book.
>That first page must be really interesting, because you haven't seen him turn the page once.
>"...I think I've got it."
>Her voice lacked the excitement from earlier when she had cracked your notebook.
>She pulls a very old tome from your backpack.
>"When the three species of ponies didn't live in harmony, unicorns tried to write spells to control the weather, so that they could take the Pegasus's power for themselves."
>She opens the tome to a page with a recreation of an old, tattered scroll on it. She writes in a series of symbols to fill in the empty spaces caused by age, and points to it.
>"I'm not sure why, but this spell right here corresponds to the variances in layout of the castle."
"What's the spell supposed to do."
>"It's supposed to clear up cloudy weather."
>She shoots a despondent glance around her surroundings.
>"I guess we know why they gave up on weather control."
"Any reason the spell activated."
>"I don't know, I wasn't experimenting with it. I haven't even opened this book in almost a decade."
>You can hear the frustration in her voice. You have to get her out of here.
"Let's go, guys. The sooner we get out here, the sooner we can forget any of this ever happened."
>You usher twi and spike towards the door. Before you can touch it though, she stops you.
>She uses a beam from her horn to etch a strange symbol on the door.
>"This should lead us straight to the cutie map."
>You nod and gently push the door open. Twilight steps through without waiting to see what's on the other side.
pastebin this writefriend
So when do they meet cannibal Spike who's been living off the time-displaced iterations of the three of them for years?
>Maybe some breakfast in bed?"
>Thankfully, her horse rune didn't lead her astray. The map stood before you, looking more beautiful than it had ever looked before.
>Twilight wasted no time. She quickly began pulling books, notebooks, quills, and the like out of your bag.
>She paused, however, when she saw her friends marks clustered around the castle on the map.
"You must miss them a lot, twi."
>You wrap a hand around her, and give her a soft squeeze.
>"This'll all just be a crazy story to tell them by tomorrow."
>Her voice cracks, as a teardrop splashes against the surface of the map.
"We'd better hurry, you wouldn't want to keep them waiting for much longer."
>She nods, writing out the necessary runes on a piece of fresh parchment on top of the map.
>After she writes each rune, it evaporates off of the page before the next can be written.
>The room quickly starts to fill with smoke, but twilight doesn't seem concerned.
>In fact, she begins to write with more fervor the more smoke-filled the room becomes.
>As the room becomes so densely packed that you can't breathe any longer, twilight's body violently convulses.
>It cracks like whip, pointing her horn straight upwards, and the smoke floods into her mouth and nostrils, popping her bandages and causing her lungs to glow threw her body.
>Just as the last wisp of smoke vanishes into her, her horn violently explodes out into a brilliant white flash, sending a beam of pure white into the sky.
>As twilight takes deep, ragged breaths, you notice a sound you hadn't heard in ages.
>Birds. Right outside the castle.
>You also notice a warmth against your skin that almost alien.
>The sun feels incredible on your icy skin. You let out a breath you didn't realize you had been holding.
"Twi. We're home."
>"Nurse Redheart, to the front desk immediately, please!"
"Sorry Miss Heartstrings, I'll be just one moment!"
>Now, what could be so important that they needed to interrupt my consultation!?
>You let out an annoyed huff as you make your way up front.
>You quickly take your place behind the desk.
"Welcome to--"
>You're stopped in you're tracks by the sight before you.
>The waiting room is packed full of ponies, all looking terrified, and for good reason.
>Standing in front of them all was the resident human, looking horribly emaciated and with a knife sticking out of his eye, with the princess of friendship draped over his shoulder looking almost dead.
"Oh, my, I--"
>"If the honeymoon suite's booked we'll take whatever's available."
Paste: http://pastebin.com/fv4z9Mp7

I have no idea why I did this.
Because you're a good Anon. Not like us bad Anons who just sit here and consume.
Thanks, I'm going to bed. I wrote that instead of sleeping.
where are her wings?
in hell where they belong
Inb4 Twilight feeds you breakfast in bed general
fuck off I'm taking a nap
It's ALL generals now...
Wait, when did the anon that survived get stabbed in the eye?
I'm still really confused. The mystery was never really solved?
File: LunaJuices.jpg (172KB, 1280x882px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mare juices!
I'm still somehow awake, so I'll offer something of that could maybe be considered an explanation. If you want to accept it as truth, you can, if not, feel free to scream my name out of open windows during the full moon.

The castle was existing in a state of multiple possible realities, and they collapsed when twilight cast the spell.
It's like Schrödinger's cat, you don't know if the cat's alive or dead until you open the box.

When the castle returned to reality, anon happened to roll a cosmic natural twenty and live, but he failed his initiative roll when it came time to decide whether twilight stabbed him in the eye or not.

The mystery was sort of never really solved in the sense that they don't know why it happened, they just figured out how to unhappen it.
Oh god what the fuck this is not what I was expecting. This is some grade-a creepypasta right here. I am stealing this idea for a horror game of D&D or something.
pretty gud mang, pretty gud!
You should tell her you got smarter over the weekend and decided to dump her selfish ass.

Make sure she knows that you don't have another girl lined up, but even no pussy is better than dealing with her fucking shit attitude.

Tell her she's on the fast track to burning coal.
DO IT FOR THE HORSE PUSSY! http://strawpoll.me/5920317
piantala, dai...
ma io voglio la vagina equina!
HF, an hiro ci si pulisce il culo coi referendum di strawpoll.

Se vuoi la vagina ponica, vai su derpibooru, disattiva i filtri e dacci dentro.

>Inb4 "ci vuole l'account". Non serve e lo sai.
It will never cease to amaze me, how we (or at least some of us) can take one prompt and turn it into a completely different story,
Schrödinger's cat doesn't actually work, but I understand what you mean.

How did this crazy spell get cast in the first place?

Also it would have been a reflex save not an initiative roll. I'm sorry for being so autistic.
If you're taking about the cat specifically, then no, it doesn't work, but the Heisenberg uncertainty principle definitely does.

Also, I played exactly one game of DnD almost eight years ago, so my lingo is a bit out of order.

It wasn't even really a game. We just took our created characters, threw them in an arena, and fought until lunch was over.
File: 1438580812615.png (516KB, 680x418px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
516KB, 680x418px
>sweetie pie
I don't deserve that name.
I only got to read the first half of the story before I had to go to work. I thought it was going to take a Stanley Parable angle
I just like correcting people. Though, DnD and similar games can be pretty fun if they're done right.
I wrote on the fly, so the story changed while I was writing. Originally, twilight was going to have been keeping in contact with celestia through spike, while anon was going to contact Luna through his dreams. Eventually I thought it'd probably work better if they were isolated.

Also, originally the story was going to end with anon opening the front door to leave after twilight cast the spell only to find the creepy twilight from the beginning in front of him asking of he wanted breakfast in bed. Then he'd turn around and realize that he was alone in his room again. I got cold feet, though, and changed the ending when the story turned out to be longer than I'd thought.
I enjoyed it. Do you have any other stories, or a pastebin?

I couldn't think of a username.
It's okay, I'm terrible at names too.
I enjoyed this story alot
File: image.jpg (134KB, 952x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Juice you say?
Schrödinger's cat does work. It's just that people always fuck up the original thought experiment. People always say that the cat is placed in a box with a bottle of poison gas, and the cat might messes with the bottle and kill itself, but you're not sure if it does, hence a superposition. However, that doesn't work due to everything involved being large-scale objects. The proper setup would as follows:

Have the cat in a box with a bottle of poison gas that is next to a machine. This machine consists of a very tiny sample of radioactive substance, a Geiger counter, and a hammer. If the Geiger counter detects that some of the radioactive sample has decayed, it drops the hammer on the bottle, releasing the gas and killing the cat. However, due to the purely probablistic nature of quantum particles, the atoms within the sample will be in a superposition of being both decayed and not decayed, causing the hammer to be in a superposition of being both dropped and not dropped, the bottle being both broken and not broken, and the cat being both dead and alive.

People always forget the small radioactive sample and Geiger counter, which are the most important parts of the setup. Without those, the quantum effects of large bodies would cause the probabilities to converge too rapidly to one outcome rather than two. Some people also use just radioactive waste to kill the cat, but that doesn't work either, since a relatively large amount would be needed to kill a cat, and with a large amount of radioactive waste, the probabilities would once again converge too quickly to one single outcome since the large amount of radioactive waste would increase the chances of a sufficient amount of waste decaying.
It's a thought experiment. It probably wouldn't work in real life, no matter how many variables you try to eliminate, or how many you add. Even if you think you had gotten the experiment correct, it's impossible to prove that the cat was in a superposition before opening the box because by the definition of the uncertainty principle, you can't observe what happens in the bunker without effecting the outcome. Schrödinger's cat is just a way to help unscientific people understand the uncertainty principle, because, like most things in quantum mechanics, it doesn't work on a macroscopic scale.
>it doesn't work because you can't test it
Granted, you're right that no one can really test it, but if you assume the current quantum theory to be true, then Schrödinger's cat works too. Otherwise, throw the theory in the trash, because quantum theory implies that's how it works. I'm not saying you're not allowed to throw it in the trash either, just that you should if you say Schrödinger's cat doesn't work. Mathematicians discard theorems all the time when disregarding a set of axioms to see where it takes them. In this case, quantum theory is the axiom, which encompasses the uncertainty principle, which implies Schrödinger's cat.

>Schrödinger's cat is just a way to help unscientific people understand the uncertainty principle
It isn't, though. It never was that way until recently, and it should have never become that. It was only supposed to stretch the limits of quantum theory, and expose just how strange it can get. It will help no one actually understand why any of quantum theory works the way it does.
File: 1446665235392.jpg (44KB, 472x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was on that thread when it happened. IT HAPPENED! THAT FAGGOT ACTUALLY DID IT!!!

also, check'em.
Page 10 bump
File: 1445371017761.png (344KB, 588x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Good morning sweetie pie. Would like some juice? Maybe some breakfast in bed?"
>Huh? Twilight has never fawned over you like this... There must be a reason why

>It was at this point that Anon realises that Twilight had managed to shit in the washing machine
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