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Why is she so perfect?

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Why is she so perfect?
cos you touch you'reself at night

>"A-are you sure you'll be alright?"
>You nod to Twilight
>She just looks at you worriedly
>"Oookay, I'll leave you two alone."
>She closes her bedroom door
>You're finally left alone with the love of your life
>Smarty Pants sits across from you on the bed
>There's a checkers board in between you
>You were winning until Twilight interrupted you
>You don't even remember whose turn it is now
>So fuck it, you flip the board off the bed, eager for the next step
Ravish me, Smarty Pants!
>He sits there, staring at you
>There's no bulge in his pants
>You're doing it wrong
>Beads of sweat fall down your face
>Maybe he's not this type of person
>Maybe he doesn't actually like you
>He just sits there stoically
>Staring at you with that eye of his
>Maybe he wants you to make the first move
>You're so nervous
>But anything for him
>You lean forward on the bed, bringing your palms down on either side of him
>His limp body leans back in response
>and falls to the bed flat on his back
>It's now or never, anon
>You lean down until your lips touch
>He doesn't say a word but you know he's enjoying this

Go ahead, continue~
>His cold lips don't give you any reaction
>All you feel is his soft plush skin pressing into yours
>Maybe you're meant to be in control
>Your arms move to his, pinning his tiny form down
>You chance a tongue out, hoping to elicit any reaction from him
>There's none, but you still press onwards
>Your tongue laps against his soft lips, matting the fabric and giving it a rougher feeling
>There's not enough air and you haven't done this before
>You pull out, catching your breath, breathing heavily
>And lick your lips, remembering his soft taste
>It was your first kiss
>And you're sure there could never be any better
Did you like it, Smarty?
>Cool, silent type, no responses, no reaction
>Just laying there on the bed, ready for the taking
>You get in closer, bringing your lips near his ear, whispering
I can do more...
>You're not sure if you're doing this right
>He's always been the assertive one, but you've never gotten this far before
>He doesn't react, but you could've sworn you heard a grunt from him
>Your left hand reaches down his sides, brushing past his gentle fur
>Down to his pants as you bring your head back up to lock eyes with him
>You give an awkward smile as your hand gently tugs on his pants, trying desperately to find any reaction
>As usual, he remains his stoic self
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I'm interested...
>You start pulling his pants down, tugging at it, while keeping your eyes trained on his
>There's no way to tell if he wants you to continue or not
>Your hand stops, but not of your own volition
>His pants are held up, tight, almost like it was sewn onto his body
>Maybe he's just not ready
Y-you want me to undress, Smarty?
>You could've sworn he nodded, and you can feel his leering eyes on your body
>Those lecherous glances send your heart aflutter and your loins burning with desire
>You hastily strip off your shirt, discarding it off the side of the bed
>It drops with a thud onto the soft carpet floor
>Your hands move down across your stomach, trying to put on a show for him
Am I pretty?
>You blush when you feel him staring at your naked torso
>He doesn't stop looking
>He definitely wants you now
>Next come the pants
>He doesn't seem as interested, as his eyes never leave your torso while you unzip
>Maybe it's his way of saying not yet?
>You unzip fully, but leave your pants on for the moment
>Maybe later, when he wants to see it
>His eyes are cold, and they keep staring at your torso
>An involuntary shiver runs through your body
>Maybe this was too much, too fast
>Maybe you two just aren't ready
>His hungry eyes continue to stare at you, expectantly
>You pick him up, falling onto your back as you bring his soft body close into yours
>So he can see closely all of your upper skin
>But secretly so that you don't want to look into his unmoving eyes, so intensely focused on you
>No one's ever looked at you like that before
>Was it even a good thing?
File: image.jpg (64KB, 366x498px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 366x498px
>His bottom rubs against the top of your pants
>You can't help but move his form down a bit, bringing him under them
>His head had shifted when you slid him down across your stomach
>And they're now staring at you again
>But in a nicer light
>You're finally doing something right
>His bottom rubs against your boxers, and you feel yourself getting hard for him
>His demanding look only fuels your growing boner
>It's impossible to hold it any longer, and your hands leave him briefly to tug off your pants and boxers
>You lay there nude, his clothed form rubbing all against your skin
>The tip of your cock rubs against the bottom of his pants
>And it feels so soft
>Like rubbing against a cloud
>You can swear you see a blush flushing across his face
>He's enjoying this, but he doesn't want you to know
>You can tell since his facial expression is trying hard to keep the same
>You start moaning without realizing it
>The love of your life, rubbing against your cock
>And liking it
>Your cock slides up and down his back
>As your movements speed up, your tip sometimes goes in front of him
>It feels good, and you clear his form of your cock before moving him down against your length
>Making sure each thrust is as long as possible
>The friction feels amazing, and you start leaking onto him
>The wet precum matting his fur gives pleasurable resistance to your movement
>Your moans are loud now, and you're sure anyone standing outside could hear you
>Not yet
>You can't cum now
>Not when he's enjoying it so much
>Your cock twitches and throbs against him
>But you slow down, coming back from the edge
>And bring your eyes to him
>He looks so adorable, so cute, and sexy as he bounces up and down your cock
>You give him a wordless gentle smile
>And you swear he gives you one back
>You slow down enough, and start turning him around
>But before you do, you give him a look just to make sure he's fine with switching positions
>His silence gives consent to your actions, and your turn his body around
>His mouth faces the tip of your cock now, and your drive him down onto it
>Your tip meets wet, soft, but closed lips
>He probably enjoys this
>The bottom of his pants are wet
>You use your thumbs to rub against him
>But you feel nothing
>It must just be your precum
>Or no, he has to be excited after all of this
>You're not that incompetent
>Are you?
>Your tip still meets forceful resistance, but that doesn't matter to your anymore
>You try to push your cock into his mouth, jamming his body down hard
>If he wants to play hard to get and silent and sexy, let him
>Your thumb continues to fiddle with his backside, while your hands wrap around his small body
>You feel his lips give way a little but not enough
>So you continue to shove him down
>You feel him finally give
>The sound of his cries, like fabric tearing, fills you up with joy
>He's finally spoken, and it was to finally accept your cock
>It's inside and you feel something soft, scratchy
>It must be his tongue
>You continue to thrust his body, deeper now that your cock finally breached him
>His insides scrape against the underside of your cock, sending pleasurable shivers throughout your body
>He won't open his pants, not tonight
>No inhibitions now
>You shove him forcefully, trying to get your full length into his petite little body with every thrust
>You don't even get that far in before you feel the fabric on the other side of his head
>It feels different, coarse, rough
>But heavenly all the same
>Your cock spasms inside his head
>Ready to blow
>You give his body a couple squeezes, trying to tell him you're about to cum
I-I'm gonna...
>The experience is unbelievable
>Your entire body convulses as you reach climax
>Your legs clamp together a little bit as you bury your cock deep inside of his head
>His body is held tightly in your grip, and you force him to take all of it
>Spurt after spurt, every single load, you make sure he swallows
>All the while, soft scratchy insides rub at your cock
>Tickling you, coaxing more cum
>What a slut, Smarty is
>You never would've known
>You shudder as you finally empty your balls into his mouth
>Your tip feels slimy, and a little bit uncomfortable, like things are stuck onto it
>The lips of his mouth feel uncomfortable, like a jagged hole instead of consenting lips
>But you lay there, in bliss, looking up to the ceiling with a smile
>None of that matters to you now
>You bask in the afterglow, smiling, until you slowly nod off, his lips still sucking on your cock

Then Twilight tells you that Smarty Pants is a girl, so you can't be gay afterall, which means she's free to set you up with Twist.
porn when?

because she is not real

oh wait
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 4

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