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I want to have a sex change surgery to turn into a cute mare.

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I want to have a sex change surgery to turn into a cute mare.
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I want spider-man to take over this thread
It'd take more than just sex change surgery, Anon.

Unless you're imblying imblications...

/mlh/ thread?
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What if spiderman was the pony that had the sex change surgery?
writefags please
I'd fuck it.
Trips confirm more writefags for /ptfg/
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I too would like to be the cute mare
It'll never happen ;_;
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>you'll never be the little mare
>you'll never wake up to the sight of your lovely comfy mane in need of a brushing
>you'll never fumble around trying to use your new hooves to do the most basic of things
>you'll never be adorable in attempting to do so, making other's d'aww at the sight of you
>you'll never be truly happy
I'm sorry Anon, just sharing the feel
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>dat spoiler

I'll not cry
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>tfw no slutty anonmare to rut hard
I-I'd let you rut me until I'm cross-eyed, Anon~
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I wish you good luck. And when you find someone to do a sex change/species change, please let us know.
>you click the red X on your screen
>you usually just close the tabs, so you know something's on your mind
"Never knew I would feel this feel. Huh."
>why dwell on it though? You're an Anon after all!
>well, to the rest of /mlp/ anyway
>you have your superior opposable thumbs, an eight inch donger (or so you say) and you aren't at waist height - you always dreaded being small
>but the thought still lingers - wouldn't it be nice? A cute, little pony mare. Colourful and unique and pretty
>you look at the clock
>only ten pm
"Sigh, guess we're researching species changes tonight."

"Well that was a load of - "
>you stop yourself
>your sister is staying over, and you know what your parents will do if they know you swore
>the point still stands though, you didn't find anything relevant
>hypnosis? that's just tricking yourself
>magic? you can't even do the simplest of card tricks, and even if you could pull a magic coin from your ass it wouldn't get you any closer to marehood
>you're totally not gay though. Totally. You'd be the lesbian little horse.
>why are you wasting time on this anyway?
>you set your alarm and climb into bed
>you never bother turning off your computer

>ring, ring, ring
>"Fuuu-dge you, alarm."
>another night, another day
>last night you dreamt of being a pony, which is... interesting
>usually you tend to just ignore this shit
>you weren't good at science anyway, but maybe... maybe a friend would have a clue?
>how do you even approach the subject though?
>you can't help but giggle - you mean, chuckle
"Yeah, hey, uh... ever wanted to try and change a man into a life size my little pony?"
>you didn't usually mind your spaghetti but that'd be a level even you wouldn't dare cross

>anyway, time for breakfast!
"Veronica! Breakfast is ready!"
>the little shit better appreciate it today
>she's a nice kid but she definitely isn't a morning person
>you have a bruise on your arm to prove her unwillingness to go to school until right at the last minute
>darn kids these days
>you put up with it though; you can sperge out on pone together, which is nice
>just a shame the hiatuses are so long
>you fall out of contact during those lapses
>you know you should try more, but -
>"yeah yeah, I'm coming! Calm it down, Anon."
"Good enough for me! Just don't take too long on the toilet today."
>"ew! You're so disgusting, Anon."
Just the way you like it
>breakfast is indeed ready though
>here's one thing you would miss if you became a pony
>bacon and eggs, a few sausages, a helping of beans
>oh mama
"Guess I should wait."
>so wait you do
>and you're bored within the minute
>you can't just put a meaty feast in front of you and expect it to not be gobbled up
>still straight, guys

writefagging is more fun than I thought it would be. This probably wont fit in /ptfg/ as I don't think our Anon will become the pony. He'll just deal with the feel.
Unless you guys want me to make up some way he can, in which case, I'll weave it in somehow.

Also, continue? I know it's not the best, sorry
go on Anon
It's shit
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You let yourself get mundane tasks and other off topic shit.
>you're totally not gay though. Dyke

You have to acept the horsecock, writefag.
I love the mental aspect of transformations as well as the physical. Denial is fun!

Thanks guys

Yes, it is

>hungry, like a wild animal, you take so much in your mouth at once you choke on the thick, long meat
>just the way you like it
>Veronica walks in on your little battle between stomach and gag reflexes
"Not the worst you've seen me," you mumble through a mouthful
>she just stares at you, as if trying to find the right words
>have you finally found something that actually startles her?
>could this be the start of pranking your little sister again?
>will all the wrongs in the world be righted? All the rights be wronged?
>"You're such a dork."
"Can't argue with that," you say defiantly, helping yourself to more food. Veronica is more reserved however
>"Look, Anon, I appreciate your efforts, but this salad is..."
"Perfect? Amazing?"
>"...pretty bad."
>vegetarians. You'll never understand them
"Guess it's a good thing I'm not a pony after all, heh."
"Just talking to myself. I'll buy you something nicer if you get to school on time for dinner. How's that sound?"
>she shrugs. Typical.
"It's settled then!"

>you really need to get this pony thing out of your head. Can't be saying that at work now, can we?
Why would you ever want to mutilate your genitals? You do realize that you will never be able to feel any sort of sexual pleasure ever again, right?
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 13

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