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ITT: We discuss theories for the season 5 finale/the series finale

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ITT: We discuss theories for the season 5 finale/the series finale

>Twilight messes with time shit
>Sent back to the beginning of season 5
>Quick run through of the whole season
>Back to the beginning of finale episode
>Sent back in time again
>Endless time loop until twilight slips into insanity
>season six was already confirmed
>movie confirmed
U wot m8
Twilight will lose her wings in the finale!
I'm hoping instead she runs into a bunch of alternate timelines trying to fix what Starlight did
>in one of those timelines Twilight is Rod Serling
>Starlight prevents Sonic Rainboom
>Mane 6 get different destinies
>Twilight and Spike still remember things because they were near the cutie map which possessed magic that Starlight used to alter time
>Celestia is a tyrant and is Nightmare Star
>Twilight and Spike convince Mane 6 to help to change the timeline back by finding Starlight
>When they get close Starlight just reverses time again
>This keeps happening until Twilight makes Starlight realize that something's not right in this new Equestria
>Starlight somehow learns that individual differences are important
>Starlight accepts Twilight and reverts the timeline back
>Starlight says she wants to learn more about friendship and how this way of bringing ponies together and establishing harmony is better than hers
>The Mane 6 befriend Starlight and we have a In Our Town-like song about friendship
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>Sent back to the beginning of the series
>Endless time loop

This motherfucker 1. had you beat 2. was mentored by a wise birdman voiced by the inimitable Tony Jay, your arguments are invalid
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>Starlight somehow manages to fins a spell to send her, Twilight and Spike back in time
>She stops the Sonic Rainboom, thus undoing everything that happened in the series
>Twilight is back to a unicorn, and Spike is somehow still around (who cares why?)
>Starlight is smug at first, thinking she regained her spot in Equestria

>Equestria is utterly fucked
>Nightmare Moon, Discord, Sombra, Tirek, and Chrysalis are all out causing havok, and fighting each other for domination of Equestria
>Starlight sees all of this and immediately regrets her decision

>Starlight reluctantly trams up with Twilight and Spike, and the three set off to find the other five to regain the Elements
>Everything is settled just in time for them to go back in time and restore the Sonic Rainboom
>Starlight leaves and vows to be a better pony

>Back To The Future: Equestria
>and Spike is somehow still around
It would be cool if Spike was a gaint greedy dragon in this timeline that would (after some conceiving) rekt the other villains long enough for Twilight to fix the everything
if we want to slap some gratuitous character growth on Spike... (spoiler'd for faggotry)

Because Spike is a MAGICAL dragon, he ends up retaining memories of previous iterations of the time cycle and in the new timeline Starlight creates, Spike has experienced a hell of a lot and spells out for Twilight "This isn't some 'bad dream' for me. Some of us have had to live with this timeline and everything it's given us." And thus, even when things are fixed, Spike is still a bitter, grumpy bastard.

I sort of would prefer in such a scenario, Glimmer end up killed by her meddling with the timeline. I feel the cruel irony is that much funnier.

Plus, I just hate the idea of someone like Glimmer being redeemed. (I didn't really like Discord being redeemed either though, to be honest)
>Series Finale
>Celestia sacrifices herself to seal away some great evil, giving the land to Twilight who she was grooming to be her successor.
>The show ends with giving us a look at the lives of our favorites as the years roll on but how their friendship still holds them together despite drifting apart.
>The old chest containing the elements of harmony placed back on a dusty old shelf in the castle as Twilight returns to her duties, passing by the first photo taken when she arrived in Ponyville.
>The End

This is all I care about. I hope this happens.
People are speculating that some of the time travel damages will be Twilight's ascension, thus "invalidating" everything that happened after MMC.
On the one hand the show can redeem Twilight's ascension, but on the other hand the CMC's fantastic arc-closure would never had happened.

I don't know what I want anymore this coming from a Twifag.
>Starlight goes back in time to visit various important events without Twilight's knowledge
>views scene where Twilight goes to the real world via portal
>Spike finds out somehow
>attempts to delay Twilight in some shape or form from finding out her true intentions
>fight scene in which Starlight seems to give up easily
>has enough power to quickly time travel back to portal scene
>Twilight and Mane Six are lost in time due to mishap
>Starlight jumps in while past Mane Six ponies and princesses look away
>goes into human world spreading her philosophies
>gullible humans buy it and strip themselves of basic rights
>teams up with bully Sunset to rule a school and city of brainwashed people
>destroy statue portal
>Twilight stuck in human world forever
>princesses die to vines
>Tirek destroys Equestria
>Discord never fully reformed
>Dazzlings potentially join Sunset and Starlight
>human world is enslaved, pony world is destroyed
>gg Starlight
I think it would be amazing if Twilight was Spike-less until she fixed things. Also, I want the Cutie Mark Crusaders to play a role in helping everyone realize their cutie mark importance because why not.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 3

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