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>"Hey bro, ready to go out and 'rape' some

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>"Hey bro, ready to go out and 'rape' some mares?"
"Hey Shini-"
>Something is off.
>"W-what's the matter bro?"
"Hmm, something is different about you.."
>"Pah! Me, nah dude, nothing is different, come on, lets hit the clubs!"
"Your voice sounds a little, lighter than usual."
>"Lighter? Lighter."
>He coughs.
"And.. Did you lose weight?"
>"Hah, oh, yeah, new diet, it's fucking great man."
>Something snaps and he seems like he's getting mad.
>"L-look man! I don't appreciate these accusations! I mean what! You make it sound like I accidentally drank some gender change potion or something, like, d-don't be fucking ridiculous!"
>He seems really flustered for some reason.
"Nah man I ain't.. Wait what did you say about a genderchange potion?"
>He bites his lower lip.
>"U-uh, hey! I fucking have a great idea, let's just, not even talk about that, oh look, video games, OVER THERE!"
>Hes huffing and puffing with a desperate look in his eyes.

What do?
I'd fuck the shit out of Shining Armor, male or female.
>I accidentally drank some gender change potion or something, like, d-don't be fucking ridiculous!

I can't decide between, "If you wanted to fuck, you could have just asked"
"I'm gonna blackmail you so bad if you're telling the truth about it being an 'accident'.
>And then Shining Armor acts as Anon's wingpony, doing her best to score some horsepussy for him
>Hits it off with a stallion but ends up not taking him back home
>Helps bring Anon + a drunken mare back to their place
>Excuses herself to another room while Anon gets down with the mare
>spies on them through the doorway
Bro calm down. I'm not one to judge.
Besides you look pretty good.
>Plot twist: story is set in mostly R63 universe, before start of FIM timeline wise
>Shining was gay for Prince Crescendo (R63 Candyass), but the Prince was straight
>He took a potion he thought would make him irresistible to Crescendo
>Turns out that the potion seller was only speaking the truth "from a certain point of view"
Never trust a Jedi potion salesman.
What the fuck. Looks like your formatting is borked to the shithouse there, m8
>You and Shining go out for a night on the town but don't come home with anyone.
>It was especially awkward when Shining tried asking out mares only for them to look at him in disgust thinking he was a mare.
>Coming back home alone together was awkward too.
>You both were probably thinking the same thing.
>You get inside with him and you both sit in the house in front of the t.v
>You're both about a cushion apart.
>It's quiet as fuck.
>Shining has had the same scared shitless look since you left the club.
"H-hey bro-"
>"D-don't fucking talk to me man! Just, just keep watching the t.v."
"Hey man, will you chill the fuck out? Nothing is gonna happen-"
>"Oh bullshit Anon, don't fuckin give me that, as soon as I let my guard down you're gonna pin me down and fuck me aren't you? You think I'm like some fucking faggot who's into that!"
"Dude no man, we're bros ok? Bros don't do that to each other."
>"Promise me you ain't gonna do that to me man, PROMISE ME!"
"Bro relax, I swear on like, fucking everything I'm totally cool, I would never try to take advantage of you in a situation like this and you should know it."
>His expression changes.
>"W-wait, really? So, we're cool then?"
"Yeah man, just relax."
>For some reason you're tearing up.
>"H-hey bro, are you crying?"
"Shit bro you got me all fucking emotional over here, man I wouldn't never do nothin like that to you man."
>He laughs tearing up a little too.
>"Haha, sorry man, h-hey, we cool?"
>He raises his hoof out to you.
>You bump your fist against it.
"We cool."
>"G-great, hey, like, sorry for freaking out man, I just.. I thought you know, sometimes I know how you are with a mare once you get her you know.."
"Brah man, we're different, we got mad history, I would never go and do you like that."
>"Y-yeah, I know that now."

>You and Shining stay up until late at night.
>You're joking around and having a good time.
>Somehow between all the messing around you're like right next to each other.
"Woah, uh, Shiny, dawg, you like right up on me man."
>He's got a relaxed smile.
>"Bro, I mean, I'm gonna tell it like it is. Right now, I'm a mare, so like, I just realized like, whatever we do, like it ain't gay you feel me?"
"R-right but like, you ain't gonna be a mare forever, and like eventually you're gonna turn back."
>"Yeah, but bro, like right now, it's not technically gay! Like, once I'm a guy, it's super homo, but now, it's pussy on beef man, it's straight."
"Yo man alright, I just wanna respect your feelings and I don't wanna make you uncomfortable."
>"Brah man it's cool, I feel like I got to know you better tonight, so like.."
>He rests himself up against you.
>You feel the softness of his messy mane.
>Your heart is beating fast.
>"I know man.. I'm a little nervous myself."
"C-can I.. Cuddle?"
>He smiles.
>"Yeah dawg, go head, wrap your arm around me."
>You do that.
>He's so soft and warm.
>"You know, now I kinda know how mares feel, like, I feel really good being held by you like this."
>Your cheeks are flushed with blood.
>"Yo man, you blushin crazy much yo."
"Y-yeah, I mean, I can't help it. You're like, the closest pony I've ever been with. And we been bro status for years.. And, now that you're a mare like.."
>"Brah, I know, I feel it too. I feel like, you know.. And, I mean, you better not tell no one what I'm bout to say, you promise man?"
"Right, I promise man."
>"Right, well, I mean, just, cause I'm a mare and all, you know.. I feel like, I wanna give myself to you. Like, it's all just leading up to this, and I really wanna let you do it."
>Hes blushing too.
"S-shining, bro.."
>You get closer, he comes closer too.
>"Anon.. Bro.."
>You kiss him.
>He's so soft, and you like his taste.
>He mouths into you.
File: mfw unf.png (687KB, 936x917px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mfw unf.png
687KB, 936x917px
File: Gottagetagrip.jpg (150KB, 549x549px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150KB, 549x549px
>You feel him climb over the top of you straddling you.
>You feel his wetness soaking your jeans.
>You break the kiss.
"Brah, you must be getting super turned on cause you gettin me soaked here."
>"Oh shit hahah, just take em off man, don't wanna get you're clothes dirty.
>You take off your pants and boxers.
>Shining is staring down at your cock.
>"Y-you want me to suck your dick don't you?"
"Nah man, I wouldn't disrespect you like that, we can just do vaginal."
>His eyes seem almost lost.
>"A-are you sure man? C-cause, I mean, if you want, I.."
>He's rubbing his pussy up on your leg.
"Y-you don't have to man, look, I'm already hard man, it's cool."
>He looks like he's heaving as he brings his face closer to you, his eyes lost in lust.
>"I-its ok man, It must just be cause I'm a mare right now or some shit, but.. I.. really wanna suck on your cock."
"A-alright man.. I.. I love you."
>He slides himself down eying your dick.
>He rubs his hoof against it.
>He runs his tongue up your shaft.
>You can't believe it.. Your best bro, is down there licking your cock.
>And it looks like he's almost enjoying it.
>Suddenly his mouth comes over the head.
>His eyes looking up at you as his mouth slips over.
>He starts bobbing his head up and down on your shaft.
>It's incredible.
>He pulls himself off for a sec.
>"D-does that feel good bro?"
"Y-yeah, that feels really nice, you're being so nice tonight man, you didn't have to do this man."
>"Hey, you know, anything for my best bro right?"
"Right. Hey, is it, alright if I put my hand on your head while you suck?"
>"Alright, sure.."
File: what am I reading.jpg (75KB, 520x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
what am I reading.jpg
75KB, 520x700px
>Two chads going full on no homo on each other
I don't know what to feel

>You place your hand over his head as he slips his mouth over your cock again.
>Oh shit!
>He's going all the way down!
>His mouth taking the entire length of your dick as his lips touch the base.
>He's totally deepthroating you!
>He's throating you like a slut, but why is he degrading himself like that?
>You don't have time to think about it as you end up cumming in his mouth.
>It splurts hard some of it dribbling out of his mouth as he brings himself up
>You see his tongue lick up some of the cum on his lips.
>He swallows your load.
"D-damn bro."
>"I bet that felt pretty damn good huh?"
"Oh fuck yeah!"
>"Get hard again ok? I wanna see how it feels to get fucked in the pussy ok?"
>"N-no homo right?"
"No homo."
>He gets himself back into a straddling position.
>He lowers his pussy onto your dick.
>It feels really really tight.
>"I don't understand why it's not going in, I feel so fucking wet right now."
"Wait, if that's a new pussy, then.. That means.."
>His eyes widen.
>"I-i'm a virgin?"
>Shining looks like he's about to shit himself.
"B-bro, we can just go easy if you want."
>"N-nah man, go hard or go home right?"
"Alright bro, let's do it."
>He lowers himself onto you harder.
>"H-hey, help push my hips down ok?"
>You pull down and almost as soon as you do your dick slips in penetrating him.
>He screams out.
"Shit man you ok!?"
>Hes exhaling hard.
>"Ah shit man it hurts.. But, I'm fine, I'm fine, let's just keep it going ok?"
"Alright man.
File: 1402618461025.jpg (107KB, 567x561px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107KB, 567x561px
I have this boner, but I'm not sure if I should have it or not. Shining and Anon are still acting like bros, and it makes my boner falter a bit. The writing of the actions bring it back full force, though.

>He grabs onto your hands with his hooves.
>He looks you in the eyes as he begins to bob his vagina up and down on your dick.
"Oh, damn bro, that feels so good."
>"Oh god dude, your dick feels hella good inside me."
>He blushes looking away for a sec.
>"N-no homo right?"
"Yeah, for sure, no homo."
>He keeps bobbing himself ontop of you.
You thrust.
>"Oh damn bro, geez, that feels fucking big."
"Is it good?"
>"Yeah man, feels so fucking good, keep thrusting inside bro, I like that."
"Alright bro."
>You thrust yourself inside him.
>"Oh yeah, just like that."
"You like that bro? Mmm take it!"
>"Oh yeah give it to me!"
>You're both heaving and moving in-sync as you penetrate his pussy.
>He's so fucking wet and tight.
>You feel him start to gyrate his hips on top of you.
>"Hows this?"
"Bro that's great man!"
>"Fuck yeah, gimme more, thrust more into me!"
"Alright bro, here it comes!"
>You keep thrusting.
>His moans sound so girlish.
"Damn bro, moan some more, that shit turns me on hella much."
>"Alright bro, you wanna make me moan though you gotta earn it, it's just like at the gym!"
"Alright man, yeah fucking you, it's kinda like doing reps isn't it?"
>"Yeah man, when you put it that way, it's not even gay at all, it's like working out!"
"It does kinda feel like a workout."
>"Mmm, do some more reps inside me!"
"Oh yeah, ugnf, yeah, gotta git fit."
>"Bro you gonna get so swole just working out like this."
Am I the only one here who thinks that these two sound like niggers
"Hey you know.. We could 'work out' like this more from now on, you just gotta get more of that potion, and then, you know, we don't even have to go out to the club anymore."
>"Woah man, I don't wanna give up my manhood bro."
"Oh shit, you're right that is fucked."
>"How bout we alternate and next time you be the girl ok?"
"I-i mean, yeah, I guess that's only fair."
>"Yeah, oh dude you're gonna love getting fucked in the pussy."
"Alright man, you ready?"
>"Yeah bro come on."
>You thrust into him hella deep and you feel the wet splash as you cum inside him.
>You're both resting on top of each other panting and tired as fuck.
"Uh, shit, I just realized something.."
>"Sup bro?"
"I didn't use a condom."
>"Oh fuck shit we did it bareback huh!? But I mean, it's ok right? I'm not even a real mare! Guys can't get pregnant right?"
"Well, I mean, it is only one time, it's not like you'll just be pregnant from the first time right?"
>"Oh yeah, you're right man, that hardly ever happens."
"Besides, even if the sperm fertilizes the egg somehow, it'll just disappear once you become a guy again right?"
>"Y-yeah, you're totally right. No reason to be worried."
"Good, I love you man, bro love."
>"Love you too, bro love all the way."
>>"How bout we alternate and next time you be the girl ok?"
Sounds eerily familiar. To >>22380156
Good stuff man, had a nice laugh.
File: 1372641262754.gif (364KB, 331x331px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
364KB, 331x331px
>>"Woah man, I don't wanna give up my manhood bro."
>"Oh shit, you're right that is fucked."
>>"How bout we alternate and next time you be the girl ok?"
>"I-i mean, yeah, I guess that's only fair."

File: why man.png (199KB, 1280x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
why man.png
199KB, 1280x1280px
>Tfw you will never have hella chill sex with your stallion turned mare bro.
>Tfw next week you will never turn into a girl and feel him fill you up with his horsecock and be able to enjoy it without it being gay.
>It's the next weekend.

>Shining Armor your best bro luckily turned back into a Stallion the next day.
>You guess that there was no chance he would've gotten pregnant.
>Shining armor went and tracked down some kinda Zebra shaman and got her to brew up another sex change potion.
>"Alright man, you ready to become a girl?"
>The way he's eying you right now, it's almost like he's a lion looking at a tender juicy piece of meat.
"B-bro.. I.."
>"It'll be cool! You know, just like that time I was a mare!"
>You sigh.
"Well, I guess I have kinda wondered what it's like to be a woman from time to time."
>"Yeah yeah! Trust me, it'll be the best thing ever!"
>He seems really excited for this.
>You can't let your bro down.
>After all, you got to fuck him.. Now it's only fair to return the favor..
>You uncork the bottle and down the drink.
>Your body feels all tingly and weird and within seconds you are transformed into a girl.
>Your pants and boxers fall down immediately.
>Smaller waistline is to blame there.
>You can't help but blush a little only being covered by a now oversized shirt as a girl in front of your best bro.
>His face is like that one wolf from the cartoon wolf whistling and howling like a dog at the women on stage.
>Its like a hunger you can almost smell, so overpowering that it threatens to rip you apart.
>You realize why Shining was so nervous when he became a mare.
>"Say babe, wanna come cuddle with me on the couch?"
>He's got a grin a mile wide.
>You cover your mouth.
>Your voice sounds so girly!
>"Oh, uh, I mean bro of course!"
>You smile nervously.
>"Sure man, that'd be nice."
File: The D.png (1MB, 620x1019px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The D.png
1MB, 620x1019px
>You walk over to him on the couch.
>He leans himself ontop of you.
>He feels heavy.
>"Say man, you're looking hella fine as a woman tonight."
>His masculine tone makes you shiver.
"T-thanks bro."
>"You uh, mind if I get a lil feel?"
>You bite your lower lip.
>Your heart is racing, you feel so nervous.
"O-ok, be gentle man"
>He runs his hooves over your breasts.
>"Oh man these feel nice!"
>You feel the blood flush to your cheeks as you feel how sensitive they are.
>You can't help but let out a sharp exhale.
"Shining, please, be more gentle!"
>Shining is sporting an awfully intimidating looking smile.
>"Gosh bro, you sound so girly! It's so hot!"
"S-shining, come on man, remember, I'm a guy!"
>His smile widens.
>You feel his hoof suddenly dive down into your pussy.
>"Not anymore."
>It feels so empty down there.
>He rubs his hoof along it, you feel yourself becoming slightly aroused.
>You make another sharp exhale.
>He chuckles.
>"You're just so darn cute when you moan out like that!"
>You get a view of his horsecock.
>Holy shit that thing is huge.
"D-damn, Shining your dick.. It's-"
>He gives it notice himself.
>"Heh, you're just turning me on so much I can't help it, I'm already fully erect."
>He shoves his cock hard against your arm.
>"Go ahead, give it a feel."
>Nervously you make contact with it.
>Your hand touching along his soft balls.
>You make your way up the massive shaft.
>This thing is about as long as your arm too.
"Hey bro, are you sure that whole thing is gonna be able to fit inside me?"
I was thinking the same thing
Has there ever been a shittier novel?
>"Wanna find out?"
>He raises his eyebrows.
"S-shining, you're kinda scaring me man."
>He get's close to your ear, his hot breath whispering.
>"Don't worry, it'll feel great once it's inside."
>What happened to all your masculinity?
>Why do you feel like butter melting into him?
>His tone right now if you were standing probably would have made you go weak in the knees.
>You feel his hoof roughly dig into your pussy.
>The frog of his hoof tickling you and arousing you.
>"Alright, are you ready to take it inside you?!"
>He pulls up your shirt exposing your pussy.
>"Oh nice, mmm, lemmie get a look at those human titties too!"
>He grabs the shirt with his teeth ripping it off you.
>Now here you sit completely exposed in front of him.
>You instinctively try and cover up.
>"Hey come on, lemmie see!"
>You move your arms away as he eyes down your nude body.
>He licks his lips.
>"Hey bro, is it ok if I run my dick between your titties?
"O-ok, I guess.."
>He slaps his dick onto your stomach running it along shoving it inbetween your breasts.
>He feels so hot.
>It's so big..
>You can't be..
>Are you gay?
>His cock..
>It looks..
"H-hey Shining.."
>"Hmm, sup man?"
"Uh, I.. I was thinking um.."
>"Uh huh?"
"Well, like, you could run your dick between my breasts and I could suck it too at the same time."
>"You wanna suck it too, right on man!"
>He shoves it through, his dick touching your face now.
>Slowly you open your mouth and let your tongue out.
>You touch your tongue along the tip of his dick.
File: 1417318515368.png (682KB, 590x295px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
682KB, 590x295px
I shouldn't be aroused by this but i am.
File: 1400800530218.jpg (35KB, 500x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 500x371px
I need this, I NEED THIS
Why is Anon on the verge of getting raped by Shining - the dudebro - Armor?
And why is it hot as shit?
File: 1401727016256.jpg (32KB, 210x341px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 210x341px
because hes a she now and she wants the dick, because woymn
File: image.jpg (22KB, 250x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 250x318px
>Mfw anon and shining try and expirament as lesbians
>Mfw they both overdose and the effects become permanent
>Mfw they both convince cadence to overdose and have a threesome
>It's kinda salty but, not terrible.
>You manage you get your mouth over the tip but not much farther.
>He starts thrusting his dick between your boobs as you suck it.
>Why do you like this?
>Why does it feel good to know he's enjoying this?
>You're moaning right now.
>You feel so feminine.
>His dick, you feel something slimy.
>It must be his precum.
>You decide to just swallow it.
>This is ok though isn't it?
>After all, you are a girl right now..
>Girls are supposed to like dicks.
>You decide to just let yourself go and just take as much of his dick into your mouth as you can fit.
>He's thrusting into you even harder.
>His cock and balls dragging along you.
>You feel yourself gag on his cock a little.
>You feel a pulse in his dick.
>Cum shoots out and fills your mouth with his cum.
>You try to swallow but there's too much, as it dribbles down your chin and onto your neck and chest.
>You realize you just let him mouthfuck you like a whore, but then, this must be how Shining felt back then as well.
>You swallow as much as you can.
"Uh.. Was that good?"
>"Oh fuck yeah, you're so good at sucking dick Anon!"
>You don't know whether to take it as an insult or compliment, but, he sounded pretty happy about it.
>It must be a compliment.
"Thanks I guess."
>Suddenly he's hard again.
>"Oh wow, geez, I guess just looking at you got me stiff bro."
>His dick, it looks so big and strong.
>You take your hand rubbing it.
>"You like how that feels?"
"I.. It feels so good, why?"
>"Well, cause it's a cock! And you're a woman right now man, don't worry about it. Anyhow, you ready for some deep penetration bro?"
>You spread your legs for him.
>He rubs his cock along your pussy.
>"Mmm, you like that?"
>You feel yourself getting wetter down there.
>You bite your lower lip.
"I want it inside me.."
Not really, I think you just like black dick.
More or less
"Alright bro, you asked for it!"
>His cock slams against your pussy.
>It feels like its forcing its way inside.
>Every little bit that goes in feels like pure pain.
"Ahh, oh fucking hell that hurts!"
>"You want me to slow down?"
>He pulls his cock out.
>You suddenly feel empty.
"No, just, just try again."
>He thrusts his cock again.
>It feels like its ripping you apart.
>He's pushing it almost fully inside.
>You decide to pull him inside.
>With one quick motion his dick rips through you and slips inside.
>It hurts so damn bad but..
>You feel a lovely warmth now..
>Oh, it's hot..
>A big burning hot salami running down in there penetrating you.
>You feel your eyes roll back in your head.
>It feels fucking incredible.
>You moan out.
>"Shit bro, that's hot!"
>You keep moaning, it feels so fucking fantastic like nothing you've ever felt before.
>Like everything in the world is just perfect and like you never want it to end.
"Oh Shining, your dick feels so good!"
>"Mmm, you like taking my big fat horsedick?"
"Hell yeah man! Keep going, keep fucking me with your amazing horsecock!"
>What were you saying?
>Why are you begging your best bro to fuck you?
>Why the hell does he feel so damn good?
This is literally the correct answer.
>You make it sound like I accidentally drank some gender change potion or something
>drank some gender change potion
>gender change potion

Mothefucker you hand that shit over right now or so help me I will cunt punt you so hard the taco bell chihuahua will die AGAIN.
Save me some
>they both convince cadence to overdose and have a threesome
How can they convince her if they are spooky skellingtons?
"S-shining man.."
>"Yeah Bro.."
"I like.. Having you inside me.."
>"Its ok bro, I know how it feels, you felt pretty good inside me too."
>You kiss him.
>His horsemouth tastes good.
>His tongue and his cock are inside you now.
>You feel fully connected with him.
>His warmth overtaking you feeling like your melting into him as he thrusts inside you.
>You can't contain your feminine moans.
>You feel his big dick coming deeper and deeper inside you.
>Feeling like if it was any longer it would cleave you in half.
>You feel like such a little bitch taking his cock like this..
>But it's not a bad feeling.
>Somehow you feel great about submitting to him like this.
>Letting him be the man as he fucks your pussy raw.
>Damn it feels so good..
>You must be making the weirdest face right now.
>As he thrusts in you feel a powerful release.
>Like the floodgates have been open as waves of pleasure consume your body.
>You moan out one last time.
>Your body goes limp.
>Shining is still inside you laying on top of you.
>"Hey man.. That was awesome.."
"T-thanks.. You were good too."
>It's quiet.
"You.. You don't think.. I'm just a little bitch now do you?"
>"Hey man of course not! We're bros, we were just having a little fun!"
"It.. it just felt weird giving into you like that."
>"Bro, I'm not gonna judge you, besides, what we did felt great didn't it?"
>You hug him.
"Thanks man.."
>"Bro love?"
"Bro love all the way."
lesbian love time?
or back to infinitely superior Anon penetrates Shining sexualy, making him into his cocksleave
>infinitely superior Anon penetrates Shining sexualy, making him into his cocksleave
File: chris_walken.jpg (39KB, 300x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 300x400px
This whole thing I read as:

Anonymous: Christopher Walken
Shining Armor: John Travolta
Seconding Anon making Shining his cocksleeve.
We should try lesbian once
Definitely more femShining being dominated by his bro.
Shining hasn't tried anal as a girl has he? it's not gay if he has a vagina right?
I want to make love to Shining Armour

i'm >>22386129

And I like the way you guys think
so much this
we should really own Femshining. Really degrade that bitch.

Also get him to overdose so it's permanent
Start having Shining be the gf in the relationship and Anon makes him take the gender changing potion when they're alone.

Shining starts acting more girly as a stallion because he's so used to being Anon's mare when they're alone.
U-unf. I want all of this.
File: 100_percent_sexy.jpg (49KB, 256x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 256x256px

Yes please.
File: 1410437438721.jpg (40KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 400x400px

woot. Cockslave FemShining who Anon fucking owns with his bro cock FTW
Not going to like, all this brah speak, I'm too busy trying to keep my sides together to be able to fap.
please see
File: image.jpg (9KB, 184x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 184x184px
twilights going to come home and see her now female brother begging and riding anon's cock.

Who's paying for that therapy?
as long as shining is riding our collective cocks in the form of anon's cock, I will gladly pay in sexy art

This. All if this.
>You track down the Zebra shaman and get her to brew you a bunch of genderchange potions.
>You can't imagine she's finding hard to figure out why.

>You go back to Canterlot.

"Hey Shining how are you bro?"
>"Ah dude, I've been awesome."
"Yeah? Me too man, hey listen, you wanna head over to my place and hang out again?"
>"Uh, well, I dunno.."
"Come on man."
>He sighs.
>"A-alight, I guess."
"Hey bro, what's the matter man?"
>"I-i don't wanna talk about it."

>You and him get back to your place.
"Hey man, want a beer, it aught to cheer you up, you seem kinda bummed."
>He shrugs.
>"Hey, the top is already off of this one.."
"Oh, well, I just wanted to take the cap off for you so it'd be easier."
>He shrugs again.
>He drinks the beer.
>"H-hey, aren't you gonna have one too?"
"Maybe in a while."
>Suddenly Shining armor has become a Mare.
>"Bro, what's going on man?"
"Uh, huh, that's pretty weird isn't it?"
>"Bro you slipped me gender change didn't you!?"
>"Bro come on man, that's not cool."
>You sigh.
"Come on man, I had to!"
>He gives you a quizzical look.
"Look man, I'm on a dry spell, I can't get the ladies to even look at me these days."
>"Bro you can't just do this everytime you want sex."
"Why not, come on, you enjoy it too right?"
>"W-well I mean, yeah, but, you know I have my manly pride to consider too."
"Hey man, you know mare or stallion we'll always be bros right?"
>"Yeah, I know."
>You unbutton your pants pulling them down along with your boxers.
>Your cock is exposed before him.
"So, will you do a bro a solid?"
>He rolls his eyes.
>"Well, I guess since I'm a mare, it's still not technically gay, so.. Sure.."
"Thanks bro, you're the best."
>You feel his soft lips come over your head.
>You almost immediately bite your lower lip.
"Mmm, take me deeper."
>Shining opens his mouth more taking more of your cock inside his mouth.
"Shining, bro, can I ask you to do something else?"
>He's looking up at you.
"Is it ok to ask if you'll lick my balls too?"
"I-it's not gay if you're a mare remember?"
>You feel him go down underneath you.
>"I-i would only do this for you, a-and only cause we're bros!"
"Of course."
>He closes his eyes.
>His tongue runs along the surface of your testicles.
>He keeps licking them.
"Mmm, that's good, now, run your tongue up the shaft."
>His tongue runs the course along your dick all the way to the tip.
"Oh that's good, now take it into your mouth again."
>You feel him slip his lips over your head.
>His suction there.
"Now get the rest of it in there."
>He complies taking the full length of your cock in his mouth again.
"N-now just hold it there."
>Shining holds your cock in his mouth looking up at you.
>You grab the back of his head.
>"Uh, huh, that's pretty weird isn't it?"
>>"Bro you slipped me gender change didn't you!?"
>>"Bro come on man, that's not cool."
>>You sigh.
>"Come on man, I had to!"
>>He gives you a quizzical look.
>"Look man, I'm on a dry spell, I can't get the ladies to even look at me these days."
>>"Bro you can't just do this everytime you want sex."
>"Why not, come on, you enjoy it too right?"
>>"W-well I mean, yeah, but, you know I have my manly pride to consider too."
Instant boner. Like not even a second after I read this.
Holy fuck keep going.
top unf
File: 1418318318967.jpg (137KB, 720x929px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 720x929px
We better cuddle with him after we're done

Also go back to the Zebra and buy the version of the gender change potion that lasts a week.
"Ok, I'm gonna use your mouth like a vagina ok?"
>He nods as much as he can with your dick in his mouth.
>You take his head and mouth fuck him as he sits there taking it.
>You shove it in hard forcing him to deepthroat.
>He gags as you shoot cum down the back of his throat.
>Your cock deflates.
>A bit of cum still dribbling out of the tip.
"Can you get that?"
>You say pointing to your dick.
>He swallows whats in his mouth before returning to your dick to cleanup the leftovers.
>He sucks it all up.
>"W-was that good?"
"You were great."
>You take Shining to the couch.
>You have him sit down and spread his legs apart.
>His marepussy laid out for you.
>You get down on your knees and lick his pussy.
>You run your tongue along the surface and then tongue his slit.
>He makes a cute little feminine moan.
>He's nice and wet now.
>You slip your penis in.
>You just press the tip in teasing him.
>"C-come on man."
>"Put it inside me bro."
"You're not even asking nicely."
>"C-come on man!"
"Just ask me nicely if you want it inside."
>You pull out rubbing your dick on the outside of it.
>"O-ok fine, will you please put your dick inside me bro?"
File: Laughing sellouts.png (2MB, 1080x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Laughing sellouts.png
2MB, 1080x1000px
>"O-ok fine, will you please put your dick inside me bro?"
I won't say I didn't laugh.
File: image.jpg (60KB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 700x700px
>Please put your dick inside me bro

Also get some toys
File: hot 4 poni.jpg (384KB, 821x865px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hot 4 poni.jpg
384KB, 821x865px

"Alright bro, here it comes."
>You slip your penis inside his pussy.
>Hes soaked and it slips in with almost no effort.
"You like it when I penetrate you like this right bro?"
>"Y-yeah, well, I mean, I'm a mare right now, so of course.."
"Alright, so, you're saying, there's a little part of you that likes taking my big human cock right?"
>You thrust into him hard.
>"Unhf, well, I mean, right now it feels nice.."
>You keep thrusting into him.
"That's good, I wouldn't do it if you didn't enjoy it man."
>"I.. I enjoy it.."
>You kiss him as you continue to fuck his marepussy.
"I love you Shiny."
>"I love you too Anon."
>You thrust deep this time and cum feeling him cum too.
>He tries to get up but you hold him down.
"Can I be inside you for just a bit longer?"
>He sighs.
>"Only for you bro."
"Thanks man, you're the best friend a man could have."
slowly turning Shining into our cockwarmer. Excelent
File: 1427390388936.png (171KB, 555x575px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171KB, 555x575px
we demand lesbian action
More of this.
Will Shining start acting more girly as a stallion? Encouraging Anon to keep making him drink the potion when they're alone?
>He comes back the next night.
>"H-hey bro, did I wake you?
"Nah man whats up?"
>"I uh.. Just uh, wanted to hang out again you know?"
"Sure, come in."
>You shut the door behind him as he walks in.
>"You uh, got anymore genderchange on you brah?"
>"I just uh, you know, I feel like I didn't get enough reps in at the gym you know! Gotta get my workout in somehow!"
"Well, I think I have a couple of those laying around."
>You pull one out of the fridge handing it to him.
>He drinks it down.
>Once again he is a mare.
>"Oh, alright, you uh, you wanna take off your pants so we can get started?"
"Woah Shiny, you're awfully eager for this."
>"Well, you know, I just uh, you know we just have a lot of fun like this!"
"Yeah we do man."
>"I-if I tell you something, you gotta promise you won't ever tell anyone else.."
"Bro, what goes on between us right now stays between us."
>He gets closer.
>"I.. I don't know whats wrong with me.. But all day, all I could think about was your cock bro. That's not gay is it?"
"How could it be, we're bros."
>You take down your pants and boxers.
>Your cock is painfully erect right now.
"Will you suck me bro?"
>"Sure man, wow, it looks pretty stiff tonight."
>His mouth comes over the tip.
>He starts sucking you.
"Can you get the balls too man?"
>"Sure bro no problem!"
>He starts licking your balls.
>He has a very lewd expression on his face as he's licking them,
>"Do you like this Anon?"
"Yeah, that feels really good, go ahead and lick the shaft too."
>"Alright man.."
>He runs his tongue up and down your dick like a Popsicle.
This story just keeps getting better.
writefag, you are doing a god's work. Thank you
File: 1418625857592.jpg (112KB, 300x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 300x900px

Seconding lesbian fun time. I know it's outvoted, but still showing interest for possible future story.
Also want lesbian love time
More Shining being Anon's cocksleeve.
Im not the writefag, he is uniquely blessed in the way of the art. but would want more cockslave Shining
Lesbian love time, with surprise Cadence visit that turns into a completely genderbent threesome.
Why not both?
Futa Anon and Female Shining
futa is fucking gross
Thirding more cocksleeve.

B-b-but that would be. . .gay.
File: image.jpg (34KB, 590x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 590x300px
"But it would be gay women"
I'm reading this shit in Hulk Hogans voice and I can't stop laughing
The twilight saga
But I want to drill Shining's tight little ponut

I don't care if it's homo or not
Has this write fag ever had any friends, who the fuck says bro this much? Its making it hard thread personally seeing the word Bro so much.
What happens if Anon happens to not have potion on him but he really needs to cum. It's not gay if Shining only uses his mouth right?
>stallion on human female
I came a thousand times just writing this.
File: 1421230164651.png (319KB, 600x546px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
319KB, 600x546px
This fucking thread
this fucking write friend
so many confused bones

And I'm loving every second of it
I want this.
Can't believe you guys chose Shing to be the sub, instead of us. You can't let that happen to your best bro, you've got to take the hit and be his loveslave. What are you guys, gay?
no, you are the faggot, cocksleave femshining a cute
Best bro wants to be the sub. It's up to us to show him how much he wants it.
maybe he gets more submissive and obedient as a mare, but more dominant and possessive as a stallion?
>not wanting your best friend to pleasure you whenever you get the urge
Trips confirm
Shining gets so used to being the mare for Anon that he starts acting a little more feminine without realizing.
As long as they say no homo first I support this.
Shining casually offers to suck Anon's dick again without realizing that he's still a stallion and there's no gender change potion around. He gets super embarassed about this but finds a way to get around it being homo by saying it's not gay if he only uses his mouth.
>not wanting masculine Shining

Fuck off, faggot
>not wanting Shining to sacrifice his masculinity to show his best bro a good time
>Actually considering to be a sub to a horse

You got the whole faggot thing in reverse there m8
>not giving him a good time in spite of his masculinity
>masculinity even being an issue at all
>inb4 "n-no homo"
>not being master race

Wow, you don't even accept your best bro for who he is. The fuck is even wrong with you.
Actually I like both masculine and feminine Shining. But I like to be dom. I especially like it if he's uncomfortable with the gayness and tries to rationalize it as not being gay in some way.
>not being a sub for a horse

Nope, pretty sure it's you who's got it backwards
>not pounding that sweet sweet ponut and getting him off hands free
>not watching him play with your load in his mouth before he swallows it right in front of you
>not watching him lick the rest off his lips and clean up your cock with his strong tongue
^ I don't even need to say anything
>Taking horse cock for all of four seconds
>not giving infinitely superior human stamina of half hour long pleasing to your female bro, in a very sexual but no homo way
Jesus dude, do you wanna talk about it? What made you such a wrong faggot?
>not taking his hot load in your backside as his claim over you
>not being held his embrace as he lovingly strokes you
>not loving the sweet afterglow, knowing that you'll always be his
>thinking real horse biology translates completely 100% to candy horse biology
>just like how real horses speak the English language

I bet you think these horses can self-abort, too
>not giving him multiple orgasms while you're still on your first
>not unloading on his pillowy asscheeks and lower back
>not listening to him moan as he feels the heat of your seed dripping down his thighs
>not holding him in your protective embrace and feeling his tight muscles that work so hard to pleasure you
not letting him lay on your chest and idly run his hooves through your hair telling you how great you were and how much you ravaged his insides
>not always being the big spoon
>calling the anthro card
Wow you're even bigger of a faggot than i thought, off yourself please.
File: Check 'em.png (354KB, 562x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Check 'em.png
354KB, 562x600px
The dubs have spoken
please see
Nice deflection

Point still stands.
All these faggots

Stop anytime.
Why don't you do what you do best and submit. You know we're right. Domming Shining is the best way to go.
Ok, before we get back to fighting each other, has someone saved the write? we can't let it go to waste
Shining is ALWAYS fucking dommed though

It's transcended stale.
you know the write was good if we are still arguing over what to do from where the writefag left off
Not for me it hasn't not for a lot of people in fact. The reason for why he's being dommed all the time is because it's hot as fuck and it deserves multiple stories.
>It's been several weeks since that hot night.

>Shining keeps coming over and taking the potion and it's been happening for several weeks.

>There was a point where Shining had to stop taking it though cause he had business to attend to but there was a problem.

>Shining comes back to you a week later knocking on your door.
"Hey bro whats-"
>Hes got tears in his eyes.
>He's still a mare.
>"Yo bro this hella fucked man!"
"Shiny dawg why you a mare already? You take some before you get here?"
>"Bro I didn't take shit! This whole week I had fucking business yo! I had to wear hella thick clothes and I think ponies noticed!"
"W-well. I-"
>"Bro what're you gonna do! I can't be a fucking mare forever, that shit is legit fucked man!"
"I don't know, whatchu gonna tell your wife? Is she gonna be into that?"
>"Bro I'm fucking scared!"
>He jumps at you wrapping you in a hug.
>You hold him close.
"Hey man, it's gonna be alright yo.."
>"Bro, I know we pals, I wanna ask you something real important."
"Go on man."
>"On a hypothetical level we say the change is somehow still permanent and Cadance doesn't wanna be a part of the taco party fiesta."
>"Yeah, so in that situation, would you.. Would you wanna take our brolationship to the next level and graduate to full on bromance?"
"Bro you asking me if I wanna tap that bro pussy erry night?"
>"It's not that it wouldn't be kinda cool but.. Man why do I gotta be the bitch in the relationship!?"
"Bro relax you know how we are, it ain't like that! You ain't just some cheap hoe! We got history, it'll be ok."
>"You better man.. I don't wanna be some hoe cause I still want us to be bros.."
"Bro, no matter what, we'll always be bros."
>"B-bro love?"
"Bro love all the way."
I have yet to see a single story where Shining isn't dommed

It's fucking bullshit. Is it so much to ask that the position be swapped just once?
Did you not read the story? Shining dommed Anon when he was a girl.
yes, either write it yourself, or try to convince someone who has done it for free. Either way, fem shining the best cocksleave
File: mann.png (208KB, 202x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208KB, 202x200px
For some reason, Shinning's wanting to start a full on bromance with Anon makes me feel
How fucking easy is it to tell people to "just write it yourself" when every writer already caters to your preference

That is such a shitty fucking thing to say. Think of something better.
Sorry dude, you're in the minority. Shining being dommed is just so much better.

royal duties on fimfic?
but its true, i don't know why you haven't started your own thread, for fuck sakes there are literally threads about plane ponies and diapers, im sure you can manage somehow
>start a duplicate thread

Yeah, I bet that won't be shitposted to death or anything. I don't understand why you people are so opposed to a slight change from your norm
File: 1404920581591.png (112KB, 465x424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 465x424px
wait a damn minute, technically since the potion's effects are now not going away for some reason, hat means shiny is now a female, doesn't that also mean the potion now reverses the effects, so all he/she has to do is overdoes again?
>you people are so opposed to a slight change from your norm
I don't like Anon being sub. So I'm going to voice my interest in him being dom. It appears that most of the people share my interest in Anon being dom. Unfortunately for you you're in the minority.
>Anon going from alpha dom to a beta sub
>slight change
Well, you are trying to ruin a good thing, do its natural we'd defend ourselves

dont bring it up till after she moves in and is addicted to the d.
Right, and as we all know, the minority opinion should just be completely ignored and not even be considered. Just follow the echo chamber.


As if.
Yeah, slight change. I'm still not seeing why you think it's so major.
oh my god, you are being serious.
what is an sjw doing this far north of tumblr?.
holy shit
I walk into this thread like "Oh shit fuck yea, fapfapfapfapfap" then i get down here and i see this, wtf

Here you go man, I've had a ton of fun writing it so far.
What the fuck does what I said have anything to do with social justice
People often go with what the majority wants in the threads. Sorry, but that's the way it works. It's a good thing to go with what the majority anyway because that's ultimately who you're writing for. Not a lot of people want a sub Anon. If we catered to you then should we cater to everyone else? What's to stop say, a diaper fetishist coming here and saying that this story needs more huggies and bedwetting. He's in the minority, should we listen to him too? Should we give him what he wants at the displeasure of the majority?
you make a fair point
the same as what every sjw complains about, you aren't getting your way, so you feel entitled to get what you want
So me asking that we take this story, involving Anon and Shining, and flipping around who's on top and who's on bottom, is akin to asking the story be about shitting and pissing in diapers.


Well maybe "my way" is unpopular for no good reason. Maybe it's you who's being unreasonable. It's literally the same story, positions flipped.
first, yes it is

second, it IS unpopular, but not for no reason, its just what the majority is not into, so the writefag should not heed you and should instead write for the greater population
I'm not comparing your fetish to the diaper fetish. I didn't even say they were the same thing. I was simply using it as an example. I'm saying that like a diaper fetish your fetish is in the minority. The majority will always have be considered over the minority. If the majority does not want your fetish in the story then it is not getting in the story.
>first, yes it is
You're an idiot, no it's not. Stopped reading there. Your equivalence is fucking atrocious.

A good thread ruined by such shitty fucking opinions.
>A good thread ruined by such shitty fucking opinions.
Yeah, yours.
>If the majority does not want your fetish in the story then it is not getting in the story.
It's not even a fetish

But please, continue to not budge. Never give an inch! Your way or NO way!

No, I was referring to yours.
it is YOUR opinions that ruined this shit, fuck the WF already catered to you, enjoy what you have
Jesus, my comment was a joke. You guys should've have even started to defend it. Here: You aren't a faggot if you don't want to take Shining's delicious horsecock in your vagina so you can feel the superior pleasure of sex from a chick's side. You're a cool bro who is helping his bro-chick out and getting sweet horsepussy. Stop turning this thread into shitpost general.

>Le troll has revealed his ebin ruse
Well memed sir, I tip my trilby to you.
Liking to be a dom is a fetish just like being a sub is a fetish. Or maybe the better word is preference.

>But please, continue to not budge. Never give an inch! Your way or NO way!
It's not my way though. A lot of people feel this way. A lot more people are siding with me than you. Also, the same thing could be said to you. You're wanting to drive this thing in the story despite the protests of most of the people in the thread. It can be said that you're the one who isn't budging. People have told you no and you refuse to relent.
Wasn't me, this thread is shit for refusing to budge on something so minor.
File: 1403136741589.jpg (62KB, 500x588px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 500x588px
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