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Vera's story, continued!

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Vera drawn.jpg
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Those of you that can remember it, awesome!
I apologize for taking so long to continue it. I haven't had internet, or the chance to abuse the network.

And I've been a lazy faggot.

Quick recap!
>Dinner at restaurant with Cheerilee
>Talked to Rarity, that invested in restaurant and had to be manager
>Rarity is stressed
>You're fucking rich, won lottery
>Drunk night in Canterlot made you semi-famous. Yelled at Soarin' because drunk night.
>You're a unicorn mare.
>Name: Vera
>Cutie Mark: The feather of Maat
>Talent: Living lie detector.

>You and Cheerilee are walking home from your dinner at the new restaurant.
>Cheerilee is slightly tipsy from drinking her Applejack Daniels.
>You're unfazed from your own drink.
>You DID have a crazy new years yesterday. Don't want to make yourself look like an idiot in Ponyville.
>You think on the offer you made Rarity.
>If the business seems to be earning, rather than losing, you wouldn't mind investing in her business so she can hire some more people, so she can get back to being a fashionista and not work herself to death.
>You steal a glance at Cheerilee, she's smiling in her inebriated state.

I also apologize for not having a pastebin for you guys. When I finally had internet again, the previous thread was gone from the archive, so I couldn't copy what we already have. I did put the most important plot points in before the story. I hope it's okay!
>As you and Cheerilee trot through Ponyville on your way to her home, after a fulfilling dinner, you think back on how much you actually spent.
>Most of the bits you've packed is spent, and you're down to 9 bits.
>Atleast you have a place to stay at. And a beautiful mare to spend the night with.
>Unless of course you want to be a gentlemare and spend the night on her couch. But we don't want that, do we?

>As the two of you trot closer to her house, she fumbles a bit with the keys.
>What do?
>page 3 bump

If the thread doesn't get any replies within the next 20 minutes, I'm gonna guess nobody's interested.
Shit, I thought you were kill already.
welcome back!
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It's a slow day today for CYOAs.
>What do?
I think we should nuzzle her neck when we're inside and say thanks for the wonderful evening and see how she reacts.

Also: https://archive.moe/mlp/thread/21614917/
Oh shit, Anonpone's back! I missed your OC faggot, glad you are alive again!
>10 days
>mf everey day
Oh my good god, you guys kept it alive all this time! And here I was a faggot playing Wii U!

As a compensation, I'll keep this thread fresh and super epic!
Gotta say, I didn't expect you to find it.


Give me half an hour, and I'll get my shit together and be there for ya'll

Have some adorbs while waiting!
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Cool Guy.jpg
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>Since we're not the gentlemare we'd like to be, Cheerilee drops her keys a few times before she eventually gets it in the lock.
>While she stumbles through her door, you decide to praise the glorious plot in front of you.
>For a teacher that's practically sitting down all day, her butt sure is tight
>Once her ass is out of sight, you finally get the better of yourself and walk inside, closing the door after you.
>Find Cheerilee? Look around? Clop on the spot?
Walk the dinosaur.
>Find Cheerilee?
>You think back to something an old friend told you once
>Open the door, get on the floor, walk the dinosaur.
>You have absolutely no idea what a dinosaur is, though. But from the description your friend gave you, it sounds like a dragon.
>Terrifying beasts. Donotwant.gif
>You decide to find Cheerilee, though.
>She seemed to bumble around a bit, and might need your help.

>You also really want to thank her for a nice evening, and her letting you stay at her place.

>As you trot through the house, you notice she doesn't have much hanging on her walls.
>The place seems kind of empty. As if she's lonely.
>You come around the corner and hear a retching noise. Huh, she can't hold her licor.
>*loud puking noises*

Make sure she's fine.... we don't want her passing out and choking on her own puke
this, hold her mane, get her a glass of water and a moist towel and tell her comforting things.
Having an empty house doesn't mean your lonely, it could also mean you have shit taste. Or no taste. Anyway go hold her hair back.
>Knowing all too well how a bad night out is, you decide to help the poor girl
>So you move towards the sound, grabbing a glass and fill it with water with you magic.
>As you enter the bathroom, you pick off a towel that's hanging on the wall, moisten it with tap water and hold up her hair at the same time.
>Magic is an awesome thing to have.
>You don't know if you could live without it.
>As she empties her stomach, you whisper soothing words into her ear and press the wet towel against her forehead.

>It takes a while, but eventually she stops throwing up.
>You offer her the glass, which she gladly sips from to settle her stomach.
>While she slowly drinks the water, you continue pressing the towel against her head and whispering soothing things into her ear.

>This is gonna be one hell of a morning for Cherry Toots.
>Out of the corner of your eye, you notice her toothbrush.
>It would be both a fun thing to do, and also make her wake up without the taste of acid in her mouth.

>Brush teacher horse's teeth?
Teach her to always brush her teeth
File: url.gif (1009KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1009KB, 500x281px
Do it gently.
Tell her that it's pokay to do what she does any don't make small mistakes seem like a big deal, keep her calm.

also, rape is good.
Let's give her a couple of moments to catch her breath.
I was thinking of this exact scene. L-lewd

>With a wicked smile on your lips, you know you probably won't get the same chance ever again.
>So you take the toothbrush with your magic, apply some paste, and get to work
>She's surprised at first, with an incredulous look on her face
>But you're busy. You keep whispering soothing things in her ear, like 'it's to avoid bad breath' and 'you'll thank me tomorrow', but really, you're getting off on this.
>While brushing her teeth, you're squirming next to her
>The toothbrush gently cleans her teeth, and all the while she's blushing with half-lidded eyes.
>You can hear her moan slightly at your skills with a toothbrush.
>You keep going for a while, and you can feel her squirming as well.
>Looks like she's starting to enjoy it as well.
>You keep your attention on Cheerilee while you wet the towel once more, and put the glass aside.


Is it rape if it's consensual?
>Also, mouth rape
Don't forget the teeth in the back.

And depending on the mood I would recommend comfy snuggles and spooning, if she's not conscious enough for consensual rape.

Use rape as a way to ensure sex

If denied, do as wanted.

>Do the rape
I'd actually prefer lewd things if she can actively participate.
>You almost forgot. But you didn't.
>Licking your lips, you push the toothbrush a bit further into her mouth to get those 'cheeky' teeth in the back.
>She doesn't resist in the slighest. She actually opens her mouth to let the toothbrush work it's magic.
>But she's looking you in the eyes now.
>She has accepted her fate, and she is enjoying it. Her eyes are telling you that she loves the marehandling.

>You finish brushing her teeth and pull the brush out.
>Spit and toothpaste is dripping out her muzzle, and she looks to be in a daze.
>With a giggle, you refill the glass and offer it to her, so she can clean her mouth with it.
>You also wipe your own muzzle. You were drooling, you perv.

>And then you brush your own teeth. Can't be a hypocrite, now can we?

>You get Cheerilee to bed and tuck her in, and leave her in bed while cleaning out the bathroom.
>The worst part about a hangover and a bad night? Cleaning out the bathroom the morning after. It stinks, it looks disgusting, and the puke has had time to really stick to the porcelain
>But it's fine, you manage to clean it out. Since you didn't drink something strong yourself, and your own hangover seems to be gone.
>You still have quite the headache from bumping your face against the various assortment of things on your way home

>As you return to the bedroom, Cheerilee has fallen out of bed and is looking at you with a scrunched face.
>Snickering, you contemplate the situation.
>You could sleep with her and keep her in bed all night, and have some explaining to do.
>Or you could prepare the floor/couch.

>She's clearly unable to do anything consensually. You already raped her mouth, and you're feeling a bit tense. But the friendship you have with her is worth more than a quickie.

>So how much of a gentlemare is Vera?
It's time for >RAPE! I'm kidding. Put her back into bed and kiss her good night though. Let's head to that couch.
This sounds good.
Oh you sweeties, you!
>With a smile on your muzzle, you lift her back to bed.
>She groans, but otherwise doesn't complain.
>As you lift the blanket over her, you decide to kiss her goodnight as well.
>Like a mother would her foal.
>As you lean over her, she reaches her hooves around you, hugging you tightly.
>She's not letting go, and you're standing very uncomfortably.
Dammit. We're a teddy bear now. Let's just stand here for now.
Hug her back and just enjoy the warmth for as long as Cheerilee keeps hugging you. Tell her that you're absolutely lucky to know such a wonderful pony like her.
>You hug her back, and then stand around awkwardly for a while.
>She doesn't seem to let go, but slowly drifts off to sleep.
>You know earth ponies had an iron grip, but this is ridiculous!
>Your legs are starting to give after.
>You can't stand in this position much longer, and even asleep, her grip is tight around you.
>And Cheerilee is just snoring silently away.
>You could lie down next to her and spare yourself the hassle of freeing yourself.
>Or you could attempt to magic your way out of the situation.
>Because this mare isn't letting go. At all. For a teacher, she sure is strong.
We don't need to use magic. We just need to get on top of her and start worming ourselves out. Just put our hooves under us and push against her chest. then we could pull away unless that grip is actually iron like
Try to sit comfortably next to the bed, your upper body on the bed. Maybe during the night she lets go, pulls you closer or you just stay that way. Try not to disturb her sleep though.
Evens we stay in bed. odds we don't go in bed. Is the conflict over?
>The roll gods have spoken.
But it's still a conflicting thing.
Either we escape, or stay uncomfortable.
Time to sleep on the floor with Cheerilee.
dubs have spoken
One night of uncomfortableness might yield a lot of bonus points.
Can't argue with that.

>You grunt a bit while trying to free yourself.
>But you eventually give up.
>Damn, what does she eat? She's like Supermare!
>With a sigh, you seat your ass on the floor and rest the front of your body on the bed, with Cheerilee still hugging you.
>Her peaceful sleepy-face makes you unable to be mad at her.
>You can deal with a bad nights rest.
>Cheerilee's the one that's gonna get a hangover, anyway. You can let her have atleast this much.

>Although you're uncomfortable, and you've been sitting in a very awkward position for the past 30 minutes, you slowly drift off to sleep as well.
>You dream of books, math tests, flowers and green eyes.

>You wake up the next morning, funnily enough, without hooves around your neck.
>You can feel that you're lying on the floor.
>On your back.
>With something rather heavy on top of you.

>Dare you open your eyes?
Look at what's on top of you. Put your hooves on those buns
>You open your eyes slowly, and then you're greeted a sleeping, purple face.
>It seems she fell off the bed and decided to make you her new sleeping mat.
>Guess she didn't want to let go until she was on top. Heh.
>You flail your hooves around a bit, and accidentally plant them right on her flank.
>She reacts with a pleasant, but disgruntled moan.
>You lightly attempt to touch her again, giving you the same reaction.
>Flipping her off of you would mean she will be on the cold, hard floor instead of yourself.
>It was easy enough to get her back to bed yesterday, but she was still awake and not dead weight.

>What do?
Try to levitate a blanket and put it on top of her. then you can roll her off and she won't be on the cold floor.

Morning breakfast, in bed....

But on the floor, in this case.
Combine these. If you can't lift her with magic, ask her in a low voice, if she'd like some breakfast to get her to wake up a little (just enough to allow you to get her into bed again) and then make breakfast.

Continental breakfast with coffee and orange juice. Maybe check her bathroom cabinet for aspirine. Not meaning to snoop around, but she might thank us.
>You're, like, the best mare of all time.
>And the best mare gets the best ideas.
>If you can't lift her back to bed, you can just put her on a blanket.
>So that's what you do. You levitate a blanket over the two of you, and roll her off so she isn't lying on the hard floor.
>You stand up and stretch. Gotta work out those joint kinks.
>A few pops audibly in your back.
>Yeah, sleeping on the floor definitely didn't help.
>After being able to stretch, and have Cheerilee off of you, you get her back to bed.
>You don't want to wake her up, so you use your magic to lift-levitate her back to bed.
>Success. Mostly.
>She's sprawled over the bed, her hooves each going in a direction of their own.
>You snicker lightly and put the blanket over her again.
>Breakfast time.
>You remember the apples you bought from Applejack yesterday.
>Now's the time to buy some points!

>You check her bathroom for some sort of medicine cabinet.
>She could have a bottle of painkillers or some aspirin lying around to help with the headache she's gonna have when she wakes up

>No such luck. She doesn't have a medicine cabinet, and you don't want to snoop around, so you'll have to settle for something else.

>You're now in the kitchen with your saddlebags.
>You open the fridge.
>Orange juice! Gracious Celestia, you're a lucky mare.
>You look around for some coffee, but don't find any.
>Seems she isn't even keeping some around for guests.
>Gotta do without, then.
>After searching around for a while, you find the cooking utensils.
>Pots and pans.
>Cheerilee has some iceberg and carrots in the fridge, but not much else that's edible.

>Time for some culinary magic, /mlp/!
Give her some bread. That's a good way to get rid of hangovers. Make her some toast and scrambled eggs. That's a simple and good breakfast.
>No eggs or toast, just iceberg and carrots. Everything has already passed the expiration date.
>And the fridge is almost empty, except for rotten things, OJ and the greens. Which was bought recently, since it's pretty fresh.
>no coffee at home

I don't even

This sounds good. This and some apple slices on the side sounds like something I'd wanna eat with a hangover.
I don't get hangovers no matter how much I drink, but it sounds tasty nevertheless.
>She's an "espresso on the go" teacher, doesn't into coffee. Finishing the pastebin now, so you can read all the details and stuff
What the fuck is this bullshit cheerilee? We have to go to the market again and look for some eggs and bread.
Also: Gotta go get some sleep as well after the next update, 5:25 a.m. already.
Again, glad you're back, OP
Sleepy sleepy. I might go to sleep as well. Gotta do fitness tomorrow. /cry
>You scrunch your nose and grab Cheerilee's keys from the nearby table.
"Are you kidding me? Cheery, you're lucky you're cute, or you'd get a scolding."
>You take out the rotten stuff from the fridge and do a bit of cleaning. Again.
>Then you make sure the cabbage and carrots aren't spoiled from the rot.
>After making sure the fridge isn't contaminated, you head to the market with your remaining bits.
>If you're lucky, you can scoop up some eggs and bread. You might not be the best cook, but you can make a pretty mean breakfast.

>Luckily, Cheerilee's house isn't far from the market. It's literally a few steps down the street.
>You're also super lucky that the bad sleeping position made sure you're up earlier than most.
>You quickly get the necessities you need, and a bottle of milk, too.
>6 bits left. Just enough for a ticket back home in case you stay until wednesday or later.
>You put your groceries into you saddlebags and head back to Cheerilee. With your magic, it takes no time to unlock the door.
>How do earth ponies and pegasi even handle keys without magic? That's something truly mysterious to you.
>You can't even drink from a glass without the aid of your magic.
>Then again, you only really used your hooves for two things.
>Walking and.. Other things you'd best not think about with a sexy teacher horse lying practically defenseless in the bed.
>You get to work and make some toast and scrambled eggs.
>You also slice some apples into boats, and fry some of them on the pan.
>You pour some orange juice in a glass, and a glass of milk for yourself, and then you make your way into Cheerilee's bedroom again.
>She's halfways on the floor. Again.
>You roll your eyes and trot over to her.

Welp guys, it's super late and I gotta get to bed myself.
I'll continue again tomorrow night. Because guess why, I've got fucking vacation! Aww yis!
Have nice dreams of horseteacher and see you tomorrow

I'll try to bump this thread when I'm back and if it's not 404'ed by then, but I'll be there during the daytime/evening, so just make a new thread then
Bumping is she awake or just on the floor? Better give her a pillow so she's comfortable since she might just keep falling out of bed.
See you later bump
Phone bump.
Will start the story again when I'm done with training!
Page 6 bump
I'm absolutely devastated by fitness today.
So I'll be starting in 6 hours time instead.

Jesus christ those machines are killing me
>Jesus christ those machines are killing me
That's what Neo said.
page 7 bump

Half the time remaining.

Waiting intensifies.
2 more hours!
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amused guy.jpg
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I love you
Aaaand I'm back!

Alright, so we left off where Vera was about to wake up Cheerilee for some delicious breakfast, but Cheerilee was on her way out of the bed. Again.

>You trot on over to Cheerilee, amused by her fun sleeping position.
>You wonder how many times she's turned and tossed in her sleep while you were out.
>How does Vera decide to wake up sleeping beauty?
Whisper lewd things into her ear
>With a sadistic smile on your muzzle, you decide to have some fun.
>A hangover is no excuse for a teacher to sleep like this.
>So, to wake her up, you put your muzzle right next to her ear, and start whispering things into her ear.
"Hey Cherry, feeling good?"
>"Mmmh, I feel.. Fantastic." she moans in response.
"That's good to hear you silly filly. It's a good thing you look cute when you're asleep."
>"Mmmh.. Cute.." is her response.
"Does Cherry Toots want some hoofrubs?"
>You giggle. There's no way Cheerilee would agree to that, even in her sleepy state of mind.
>"Hoof.. Rubs.. Sounds good.." she moans.
>And, still sleeping, she reaches out towards you with one of her hooves.
>Or, atleast where she thinks your voice is coming from.
>"Give.. Hoofrubs.. So sore.." she coos

>What does Vera do?

I'm not very good with 'whispering lewd things' so forgive my betaness
Give her magic-assisted hoof rubs
>Not one to disappoint, you decide, why the hell not?
>You trot closer and stroke your hoof across her fur gently.
>She shivers slightly, but otherwise doesn't react.
>You smile, put her on top of the bed again, and stand on top of her.
>She lying on the bed right below you, right on her stomach. Ready for hoofrubs.
>You get to work, and start kneading the muscles in her back, while gently massaging her neck with your magic.
>Sweet bliss, magic really is the most useful thing in the world of Equestria.
>But Celestia damn it, your muscles are already pretty sore.
>You're not used to this kind of labour.
>Then again, you'd love to see her reaction to this when she wakes up.

>She doesn't wake up though. She just gently moans. And her moans intensify the more you knead her muscles.
>It's kind of hot. You're getting all bothered up by this, even though you're not the one getting the hoof rubs.
>Suddenly, she turns around and grabs you with her iron hooves, pressing you against herself.
>With all four of her hooves. It's not just her front hooves this time, she's wrapped her back hooves around you as well.

>Quick, what do?
>Quick, what do?

Say "Oh, good morning honey" in a normal and clear voice and see if she wakes up from that. Her face might be priceless. Or her reaction might be.. surprising.
If she doesn't wake up though.. hm, I don't know. Give her a kiss on the nose?
Wait to see what happens. Is she awake? Kiss her.
>Cheerilee is not yet awake, it seems.
>But boy it would be fun for her to wake up.
>Atleast so you can breathe again.
>Again, what does she eat? Supermare!
>You cough lightly.
"Good morning, sweetheart."
>You're trying your best not to laugh.
>You're the coolest mare there is.
>You can't laugh in this situation. Not yet.
>Your regular tone of voice does make her eyelids twitch for a bit.
>You cough again.
"I said.. Good morning, honey."
>This makes Cheerilee open her eyes almost instantly. She looks rather shocked.
>So you kiss her lightly on the nose.
"Sleep well?"
>She quickly lets go of you and starts flailing around.
>"What?! How?! Why?! What are you doing on top of me?!"
>At this point of time, you can't help yourself.
>You're laughing like a school filly while rolling over the edge of the bed, thumping against the floor.
>"Uuurgh my head!" she yelps. "Why did I order that Applejack Daniels?"
>While she's groaning, you finally catch your breath again and get up from the floor.
"Good morning, Cherry. Hangover treating you well?"
>She glares at you, but immediatly regrets it and holds her head in her hooves.
>Guess she could go for a glass of orange juice now.
"Come on, sleepy-head. I made us some breakfast. Or do you want me to feed it to you on bed?"
>Cheerilee glares at you again, grunts slightly and then replies. "Fine. Fine, you can feed me. My head hurts too much, I don't want to get out of bed."

>So far, we've made her angry with an illusion, taken her out for dinner, gotten her drunk, taken care of her bad stomach, brushed her teeth and slept on the floor with her.
>And woken her up with a peck on the nose, and a massage.

>What else will Vera do for her little love?
Tuck her in and put a hoof to her forehead. Promise you'll take good care of her.
Let's see how she feels after breakfast. Add a small and moist, hot wash cloth to the tray if you bring it in. Feels great in the morning. Lie next to her on the bed and ask her what she wants to do today. We should keep in mind that we're out of bits when planning, unless Equestria has a banking system.
"Aww, little Cherry Toots can't get out of bed. I might have to take advantage of that."
>She glares at you again, but gives you a sigh of defeat.
>You help her sit up so she can rest her back against the headrest of the bed, and tuck her in.
>You give her a smile and put your hoof to her forehead.
"Don't worry. I know how bad a hangover can get. I've prepared a delicious breakfast that should help the headache and nausea a bit."
>After having tucked her in, you trot out of the bedroom to gather up the breakfast you've made.
>You look around a bit for a tray, which you find pretty quickly. You put a plate on the tray, along with two bowls and the two glasses you poured up earlier.
>You fill one bowl with the fried apple boats, and the other with the fresh apple boats.
>Then you stack some toast and scrambled eggs on the plate.
>All the while, you grab the towel from yesterday and moisten it up in some hot water once again.
>Good thing you cleaned the bathroom yesterday, or it would have sucked today.
>You enter the bedroom and climb up on her bed next to her.
"So, what do you wanna do today Cherry? Nothing too fancy, I haven't packed enough bits for a vacation around Equestria, you know."
>"I just want to stay in bed for now. My head is a mess after yesterday." she groans. Understandable. An Applejack Daniels is some pretty hard drinking when you're not used it. It's definitely not just cider.
>You fold the towel and apply it to her forehead with your hooves, while you feed her some apple boats with your magic.
>After the first few boats, you give her the orange juice, which she greedily drinks. You giggle as she nearly spills some of it on herself.
"Careful now, I don't think you want me to wash you, too."
>She snorts. "Yeah, I bet you'd want to do that you sleazy mare."

>She shows great interest in the fried apple boats, and you give her a taste.
>Unsurprisingly, she doesn't like them, so she sticks to the fresh boats and lets you eat all the fried ones.
>You share the toast and the eggs and then you just sit in silence for a bit, enjoying eachother's company.

>Any fun ideas for dealing with a hangover that Vera and Cheerilee would enjoy?
>Also, Cheerilee has still not revealed what was in the saddlebags that Rarity gave her the night before.

>Pastebin is also finished for the other thread.
>Will copy this thread into it as well at some point later, cba doing it while writefagging for you guys.

Leave the saddlebags for later when she feels better.
Got any yearbooks from school you could go through together?
I don't know any fun hangover games. All I can think of is talking to her about her life. Ask why she doesn't refill the fridge more often? You had to spend all your bits this morning.
"So.. Why has most of what was in your fridge gone bad?"
>She scrunches her nose and muzzle a bit. "I buy too much food, and I end up not eating it. And then I forget to clean the refridgerator." she admits.
>You stick your tongue out at her.
"You should really clean it more often. It could spoil the fresh food, you know."
>She grunts. "Yeah, I know. I just forget about it. A lot."
>Remember that you're a living lie detector?
>Yeah. She's not telling the truth. Atleast partly.

>You know it's better to just avoid the issue for now and ask about the food situation again later, when she's better.
>A few moments of silence later, and you chime in once again.
"Hey, since you were the group nerd, you saved the yearbooks from school right?"
>Cheerilee snorts a laugh. "Of course I did. I am, afterall, a 'nerd'." she sticks her tongue out at you.
>You stick your own tongue out at her and ask.
"So, where'd you hide them? It's a few years since we graduated, so we might as well look through them and laugh at your manestyle from then."
>"Like you were any better with your 'dye-phase'. You coat looked like Celestia's mane! For a month!" the both of you share a laugh.
>"Anyway, they're in the bookshelf in the living room. I'll let you find them while I stay in bed and be lazy."
>You chuckle and get out of bed.
"I wonder how many Playpony magazines you're hiding."
>She laughs and rolls her eyes. "Oh come on Vera, only you would hide smut like that."
>You scoff at her and trot out of the bedroom, trying to imitate the most Canterlotian accent you can muster.
"Oh I have never! You insult me, my dear Cheerilee. A pony such as I wouldn't even think about owning such a scandalous magazine!"
>The both of you snicker again and you trot to the living room.

>It's nothing too fancy.
>She's got a radio, a couch, which we should have slept on in the night, but we never made it that far. Hah. She also has a small table with a framed picture on, surrounded by plants.
>And then there's the bookshelves.

>What does Vera want to inspect?
Look at the table while cheerilee finds the book. We can listen to the raido later.
File: 80s Cheerilee.png (447KB, 500x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80s Cheerilee.png
447KB, 500x750px
What's on the picture on the table?
Also radio for soft background music could be nice.
>Cheerilee sent you to look for the book so she could be lazy in bed.

>Your curiosity gets the better of you, and you want to see what the picture's of.
>It's covered with leaves, so you can't really make it out from here.
>On your way over, you turn on the radio for some background music.
>"ath was DJ-Pon3 with her new single: Bass Cannon. Now for something a little more emotional in the classic genre. Here's to the royal Canterlot orchestra!" as soon as the radio pony shuts up, you can pick up the sound of a lyre, a soft bass and a piano all working together to create a classical music piece.
>As you move closer to the picture, you sweep away the leaves and pick up the frame.

>You're staring blankly at the picture for a moment, and can't believe what you're seeing.
>It's a picture or Cheerilee and you standing together at the graduation ceremony.
>You have a hoof around Cheerilee's neck with a wide grin and both yours and Cheerilee's graduation hats on your head.
>Cheerilee also has a wide grin on her muzzle, looking really proud.
>You take a quick look around the living room and can't find any other pictures. No pictures on the walls, no other framed photos on the furniture anywhere.
>You smile softly and put the picture down.
"You big softie. Why'd you move to Ponyville, you silly filly?"
>You turn to the bookshelves and start searching for the yearbooks.

>It takes you a while. She has a lot of books without any text on the spine of them, so you had to open each and every one of them to figure out which of the books were yearbooks.
>To your surprise, you also find that some of the books have some rather heavy romance in them.
>"Beneath this mare", "The ticklish filly" and other such mare on mare books. There's a few stallion on mare books as well, but most of it is obviously mares loving other mares in a variety of ways.
>Honestly, it gets you a bit hot. You never figured Cheerilee would be into that kind of stuff.

File: 1272982144682.jpg (59KB, 700x525px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 700x525px
>You never figured Cheerilee would be into that kind of stuff.


Alright, let's get the yearbook and return to Cheerilee. And give her a hug, then snuggle close to her while you look at the yearbook.
>With a slight blush on your cheeks, you shake your head.
>There's time for that later. Right now, Cheerilee is feeling bad, and it's your job to make her feel good.
>You know what I mean, wipe that grin off your muzzle, Vera!
>You grab the yearbook from highschool in your magic, and take them with you to the bedroom.
>You jump up in the bed and scoot as close to Cheerilee as you can, opening the book and putting it on your Cheerilee's lap.
>You lean slightly on Cheerilee while flipping through the pages of the book, laughing at the yearbook quotes and teacher pictures.
>"You remember Mr. Iron, don't you Vera?"
>You shudder as you think back to him.
>He was the P.E. teacher at highschool. He always had it out for you, always yelling at you to run faster, jump higher or generally be more active.
>You hated being active. You use your hooves for two things. Discounting the massage you gave Cheerilee earlier.
>You'd often skip out on P.E. and project an image of yourself through illusion magic. It worked pretty well, considering they caught onto it pretty quickly.
"Don't remind me. I was his least favorite student."
>"Well, you DID make him wear an illusionary dress." she giggles.
"Oh, what about Miss Cordia, our music teacher! The two of you were always discussing the importance of music. You were more interested in math and literature than her music lessons. Man, I don't think you ever had anything else but trouble with her."
>"Well, while music IS enjoyable, it's not as important as the academical or physical education in your daily life." she poked you in the side. "And I can see you've been slacking on the physical part even after we graduated."
>You stick your tongue out at her.
"Hey, I'm cuddly and soft. Don't want to ruin my softness just to exerce."

>The two of you are having a good time looking through the yearbook while making small comment to eachother for some time, when you hear a knocking on the door.

I swear to god, you just don't see your own mistakes until you've already posted it. Fuck.
>Cheerilee groans and gets up to answer the door.
>"I'll get it. Be right back, miss teddy bear."
>You snort a laugh. Miss teddy bear.
>She's certainly been using you like one throughout the night.
>You snuggle under the covers a bit, waiting for her to return.
>Or you could get out of this comfy bed and annoy her by the door.

I'm borderline passing out, so I'll cut it short tonight. I'll continue again tomorrow at the same time. May Luna visit you in your sleep!
File: 1345956658240.jpg (82KB, 900x769px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82KB, 900x769px
Eh, don't worry, mistakes happen, especially if you're writing a CYOA with a lot of text in a short time. And there aren't any that took me out of it or anything.

We shouldn't ruin the comfyness by bothering or embarrassing her at the door. But we could sneak a bit closer to hear who it is and what he/she wants.

>I'm borderline passing out, so I'll cut it short tonight. I'll continue again tomorrow at the same time. May Luna visit you in your sleep!

Good night, OP
File: ponei.jpg (2KB, 300x57px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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good night bump
Good night bump from me as well.
Page 10 bump
page 9 bump
1 hour left!
Sorry guys, I'm a bit late. Was just out on a jog getting some fresh air.
I'll be ready in a while to continue! And this time I'll pull an allnighter, since I'm going to gamestop as soon as they open.
Majora's mask New 3DS XL preorder!
>You're way too curious to just lay in bed.
>But you don't want to annoy Cheerilee.
>So you get out of bed and trot on over to the door.
>You can make out the faint voices of Cheerilee and a couple of fillies.
>It's unclear what they're saying, and the only thing you can see is Cheerilee's ass.
>Thinking back to the novels she had on her bookshelves, you start feeling hot.
>You just can't believe that your best friend in school would read smut like that.
>Good thing you packed a lot of socks, because things are going to get kinky.
>She's obviously interested in that sort of thing, question is, is she interested in you as well?

>What do Vera? What do?
What about we go wear a nice pair of socks and read one of the more.. interesting books on the bed and wait until Cheerilee returns?
>With a naughty thought, and a smile on your muzzle, you sneak your way to the living room, pick one of the books, and sneak back to the bedroom.
>You pick out a pair of socks as well. A purple-ish pair with pink stripes.
>If anything, this'll certainly cause a funny reaction from Cheerilee.
>You cuddle under the blankets and open the book, starting your little.. Reading session.
>Socks out of view? Check. Book open and ready to read? Check. Cheerilee in bed with you? Soon(tm).
>The first few pages are kind of boring, but as soon as the introduction is over, something interesting happens.
>The main protagonist, or so you assume, wakes up in bed, tied to the bed post.
>Her 'friend' or whatever, is toying with her body with a variety of toys, lotion and other gimmicks.
>You hate to admit it, but it does sound pretty hot.
>You weren't much for being tied up, or tying somepony up, but the way this book describes it really gets you going.
>Before you know it, you're already through the first three chapters with a damp heat working itself up in a certain area under the blankets.
>Cheerilee still hasn't shown herself yet. She's still talking with whoever is at the door.

>Continue reading?
>You can't take your eyes off the book.
>It gets gradually more sexy, the more you read.
>You don't really notice what you're doing before you feel your hoof between your legs.
>At this point, the protagonist is tied with her plot in the air and is getting the spanking of a lifetime, and you're not really sure why this gets you hot and bothered.
>All you know is that you like it, and you want to get off on it.
>You slowly massage yourself between your hooves as you keep reading, easily getting yourself off quickly.
>To remove any evidence of your activity, you cast a quick spell.
>Just as you're done casting your spell, you hear hoofsteps coming towards the bedroom, and Cheerilee pokes her head in.
>"Hey Vera, sorry for taking so long. Some of the kids needed some help with their homework."
"Uh, i-it's alright. Really. I was just reading this book while waiting, and uhh.. It's definitely interesting."
>Cheerilee attempts to glance at the book from the doorway, but can't figure out what you're reading.
>"What kind of book? I don't remember having any books in my bedroom."
"Yeah, I found it in the livingroom while you were talking."
>You can see her eyes dilate a bit in panic.
>"What book?"

>Oh shit, does she know? Do you tell the truth? Maybe you want her to read the book for you, so you can play 'teacher's pet'?
Tell her this is really good, ask her if you can borrow it.
Although you really should have picked one of the mare on mare books for maximum implications.
It is a mare on mare story though.
The mare protagonist is getting tied up by another mare 'friend'.
Maybe I should have specified it a bit better.
But it's definitely a mare on mare story!

Rephrase the action or go with it?
If you just ask about borrowing it, Vera's going to have to lie about what kind of book it is.
Give her the book.
Ah don't worry, my bad, my slightly tired and intoxicated brain jumped to conclusions when it read "the protagonist".

>If you just ask about borrowing it, Vera's going to have to lie about what kind of book it is.
Why? Tell her which one it is and say that you really enjoy it (that should also be a pretty clear signal for Cheerilee) and ask if you can borrow it.
If you ask her about just borrowing it, Vera would have said "Just a romance novel, really. It's good, though. Can I borrow it?" but other anon plays along as well, so we won't have to lie about it.
"Uhm.. This."
>You give her the book as she trots over to the bed.
>"Wh-why are you reading this?" she asks you nervously with a blush on her face.
"I figured I'd.. Uhm.. Read something while you were busy. I didn't expect it to get so.. Steamy, though. But it's really good! Can I borrow it?"
>"Y-you liked it?"
"Y-yeah. I didn't expect to get so caught in it, though."
>She scrunches her face a bit and gives it back to you. "S-sure. I guess you can borrow it. I mean, it's not big deal."
>You give her a sly grin.
"I've got to admit, I didn't expect you to have something like this."
>She blushes hard. She's almost as red as a tomato, which is quite a feat given her purple fur.
>"W-well.. I-I just don't really find stallions that attractive, really. And it's not like it's illegal, either."

>And there's the reason why she didn't get together with Big Macintosh. Surprise!
>So you've pretty much got her to confess to being a lesbian. And you got to borrow the book, nice!

>What now?
Tell her that you're surprised in a positive fashion and that you agree on that "not liking stallions" thing. In exchange for learning her "secret", tell her to sit next to you (cuddle up) and tell her your embarrassing story from Canterlot (because you wanna be open with her and you feel that you can just share /everything/ with her, because you trust her)

Maybe this leads to an interesting game of "truth or dare" just like school fillies
"Yeah, you're right. Stallions aren't always the best thing to be around."
>You nod your head towards the bed.
"Come on up. Since I now know why you didn't have a coltfriend in school, I'll tell you of my super fun new years."
>You snort as the words leave your mouth, and Cheerilee jumps up in bed, moving the blanket aside.
>She quickly notices your socks and blushes even more than before, but doesn't comment on them. You can tell she likes what she's seeing, but she's nervous.
>As soon as she's under the blanket, you cuddle up close to her.
"Alright, so I was getting reeeaaaally drunk this year. I had a massive hangover, and my head still aches after the night out."
>You proceed to tell her of how you got completely shitfaced, and how you screeched like a banshee while running away from Soarin.
>She laughed at that. Soarin sure got a scare from that you both bet.
>You tell her of how you smashed your face into almost everything on the way home, and somehow in your drunken state, turned your entire livingroom upside down with your magic.
>A feat that's almost impossible, since using magic requires you to concentrate atleast a bit, and the alcohol prevents this.
>Then, you tell her of how you found out about it by reading the newspaper the morning after.
>She is full on laughing at you now, holding her sides.
>"Oh Vera! That's just like you, getting into a mess like that!"
>You stiffle a giggle yourself.
"Yeah, I was out of my mind. I have no idea how much of Applejack's cider I drank, but it's got to be atleast a few bottles by myself. I'm lucky I didn't hurt my horn on the way home, though."
>Cheerilee seems to have gotten over her hangover. Mostly, anyway.
>"So, why weren't you spending the night with somepony special? It must have been boring to drink alone, and you're bound to become pretty unpopular for having turned down a Wonderbolt."

>Time to turn on the charm guys, doing this right might reward our little protagonist with a kiss and more.
File: cheerilee naughty.png (2MB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cheerilee naughty.png
2MB, 1280x960px
Well, trying to score a meaningless night together with another pony from a bar is one thing, but trying to score with someone just to bask in the "glory" of having slept with someone "famous" is disgusting. We're not going to do it with someone when it doesn't feel right. We guess we still knew that even though we were completely shitfaced, that we didn't want any piece of that stallion, wonderbolt or not. There's gotta be that certain something, you gotta feel comfortable with someone if you want to enjoy the time you spend with someone. Sexually or not. Only then it's fun, only then it's good. Sincere.
Right now for example, I'm completely at peace with you by my side, no matter what happens. That feeling of "yes, this is good" is the most important thing if you want more than just some quick lay.
And right now, this situation is very "yes, this is good".

Is this even coherent? I can't really tell. Sorry if it's a mess.
Anon, you have a point and I love you for that
Also did I mention that your style of writing feels very natural and comfortable to read?
That's actually the approach I was going for. It's great to have like-minded readers!
Thanks, I appreciate that you like it. It helps that I love the english language more than my own, and I've been an avid reader since I was 5. This is actually my 2nd try on a story in my entire life.

"Well, it's one thing to score a meaningless night with somepony, and I don't really want to lay with a famous pony. Wonderbolt or not."
>You sigh.
"I.. Just don't want to give my body to somepony out there. I want a special connection, and quite frankly, everypony I've met that's tried to hit me up so far is a big fat liar. All they want is my body, they don't want.. Me."
>You give Cheerilee a weak smile.
"Honestly, I'd rather feel at ease and have fun with the pony I like, than just getting rutted for a night and be on with it. I want a feeling of 'Yes, this is good', rather than just to satisfy an itch."
>You wiggle your eyebrows at her.
"I deal with that itch rather skillfully myself, honestly."
>The both of you blush a bit.
>"Wow.. That's.. Wow. I didn't know you were such a hopeless romantic, Vera."
>You stick out your tongue at her.
"Well, I was certain you'd be into stallions."
>Her blush keeps intensifying, and you feel yourself become hot once again.
>Damn crotch, aren't you satisfied with my hooves?!
>"Say, Vera.. If you.. Were in love with somepony. How would you express it?"

>The time has come, and so shall we.
>This is the moment we've been waiting for. That tense feeling of "oh god yes, it's happening" will finally be upon us.

>Quick, Vera, it's now or never! It's time to kiss the girl! Fuck you Sebastian. Stick to your disney story. You do make a point, though.
Take cheerilee by her hooves. Watch her deep into the eyes. Then say, "It's hard to explain... but.... would you make me the happiest mare on earth?". Don't spill your spaghetti.
Get your face close to hers and look her in the eyes. In a soft voice: "It's nothing you choose to express or not. It just is/happens."
Get closer (go 2/3 of the way and let her come the last third).
>would you make me the happiest mare on earth?

If we say that, we shouldn't make it a question. Say that being with her does make you feel like the happiest mare on earth.
>You look Cheerilee in the eyes and smile.
"It's hard to explain.. It's not something you can just choose to express. It just is. It just.. happens naturally."
>As you talk to her, you move your face closer to hers. You stop a few inches away from her, and look her deeply into the eyes.
>She gulps nervously.
>"Is.. Is this really alright?"
>You put your hoof on top of hers and smile.
"It is, if you want it to be. You're my best friend, and you're the only pony that's made me really happy. Every time I'm with you, you make me smile. You my head spin."
I don't care if this sounds like we're friendzoning her. From my experience, you can't have a lasting relationship without being friends with your partner. Your lover is also your best friend, it can't be any other way, or the love will quickly die. Learned that the hard way.
>She inches ever closer to you, pausing just an inch away from you.
>You're both looking into eachothers eyes, gazing at eachother's souls.
>You're baring yourselves to eachother, without any regrets in your hearts.
>She moves the last inch towards you, and you can feel her soft lips press against your own.
>As your lips press against eachothers, your ears lay flat on your heads.
>She's relaxing into you, and you put your hooves around her.
>You can feel her tongue poke against your lips, and decide to poke your own tongue against hers.
>As your tongues play with eachother, you lay down.
>She moves on top of you, but doesn't break the kiss.

>Where will Vera's hooves travel to?
>Where will Vera's hooves travel to?
Back > lower back > wait for reaction an what her hooves are doing > react accordingly

>[that spoilered text]
I agree wholeheartedly. It's not like we're friendzoning her. We're already best friends and this is (f)actually a very good basis for more. We're actually moving out of the friendzone together.
p.s. hhhhnnnggh
>As Cheerilee and you kiss, you let your hooves travel down her lower back, resting them on her hips.
>She moves a bit, and you initially fear that she doesn't want to progress it like this.
>But instead of moving away, she keeps her lips locked with yours, and slips her own hooved behind your neck, pushing deeper into the kiss than before.
>Seemingly satisfied with your touch, you move your hooves even lower, grabbing her flanks, massaging them slightly.
>You can feel her moan slightly in your mouth, and you can't help but feel a slight tingle in your body and a growing heat in your marehood.
>This is right. It feels right. There's nothing fake about this. She loves you, and you love her.
>It would be right to give yourself to her, and let her make you puddy in her hooves.
>But before that, she has to taste your skillful hooves.
>You let one of your hooves rest on her flank, but you move the other one around her side, carefully brushing it against her fur.
>You move your hoof under her belly, between the two of you, and let it slide downwards.
>She moves away a bit, giving you enough space to move so you're not pressed too tightly and create a resistance.
>The lower your hoof travels, the more she presses her lips into yours.
>She opens her eyes lazily, looking deeply into your own.
>As your hoof finally reaches her marehood, she lets go of your lips.
>"Ohhhh.. Mmmh.. You have.. No idea.. How long I've waited.. For this.." she coos gently

>Neither do you, Cherry Toots.
>She rests her head next to yours as you kiss her neck lightly and begin moving your hoof around her marehood, carefully tracing a pattern against her.
>She's moaning lightly into your ear, biting it gently all the while.
>As her tension gradually builds up, you can feel her pressing into your hoof.
>You give her what she's asking for, and press your hoof against the little pearl of pleasure, making her shudder in delight.
>You apply pressure and massage her clit in a circular motion, increasing the speed ever so slightly, until finally, she cums with an orgasm that could make any stallion jealous of your hoof skills.
>But wait, there's more!
>You keep toying with her little nub, adding more and more preasure, still increasing your speed, until the fabled 'shotgun orgasm' wrecks havoc throughout her body, sending her into a frenzied moan of pure ecstacy.
>While she's on her high, you bite her gently on the neck, intensifying her double orgasm.
>As she's getting down from her feeling of ecstacy, you gently whisper into her ear.
"Was it worth the wait, Cherry?"
>You can feel her nod into your mane.
>She's too weak to reply in words, and gently slips off from on top of you.
>The two of you are laying side by side, enjoying eachother's warmth.

>Shame Vera didn't get off, so what do we do about that?
Like the gentlemare we are, let Cheerilee catch her breath and see if she offers to return the favor.
Would it be a good time to ask about that bag she got from Rarity?
Also, do I have to mention that this was kinda very hot?
I'm surprised at my ability to write lesbian pony smut. It just came naturallyLike Cheerilee, hah
I should definitely write more!

>You kiss Cheerilee on the nose, earning yourself a smile.
>"That.. That was amazing. Where did you learn that?"
"Oh, I just.. Like to experiment a little on myself. And uh.. The book from earlier got me kind of hot already."
>You give her an innocent smile, which earns you a giggle from the mare in your dreams.
>"I can't believe we just did that.."
>You giggle and give her a quick peck on the lips.
"So.. Uh.. What did Rarity give you yesterday?"
>Her face suddenly lights up. "Oh! I almost forgot!"
>She slinks out of bed and moves, with wobbly hooves, over to the saddlebags Rarity handed her after your dinner.
>"I asked her about some.. Uhh.. Massage oil. She often visits the spa in town and usually has some of it on her. She told me about it when she picked up her sister at one time, and I thought 'Why not see if it becomes useful?'"
>She gives you an innocent grin. "I could always just give it back if.. You know.. Nothing would happen."
>You stare at her as she takes the bottle out of the bags.
"You.. Got a massage oil? A spa massage oil?"
>She nods. "Yes. But it's not the regular oil they use, I heard. This one's special. Rarity said that Aloe and Lotus only use it on ponies they REALLY like."
>You gulp.
"So.. Uh.. How does it work?"
>She gives you a wide grin. "Make yourself comfortable and I'll show you."

>Oooooh boy. Oooooh boy!
>Will Vera allow being massaged? Or will she demand to massage Cheerilee with it instead?
I think you should get a massage.
>Will Vera allow being massaged?
Yes, I think that would be appropriate.
>You blush and scoot down on the bed slightly.
>You're a bit nervous. Other than touching yourself, you have no experience at this.
>Your legs are closed and your tail is covering your marehood as you push the blanket off.
>You swear you can see Cheerilee almost drool.
>She coughs into her hoof quickly.
>"I have to ask... Why did you put socks on? N-not that I mind! I-it's really sexy." she admits.
>You blush and look away, embarrassed.
"I-I just felt like packing a few pair of socks, in case I got lucky. A-and, well, I wanted to surprise you. I mean, if the situation hadn't evolved into.. This.. I could have gotten a laugh from your facial expression."
>You smile awkwardly, and you notice her inch closer.
>"You definitely look just ready to toy with."
>She smiles innocently, but you have an ominous feel up your spine.
>And a tingling sensation between your legs.
>She's doing it on purpose. You swear she's doing it on purpose.
>Damn you sexy teacher horse.
>She quickly closes the gap between her and the edge of the bed.
>She slowly edges her way up on the bed, towards you.
>"Spread out and let me do the work." she coos.
>Yup, she's definitely doing this to you on purpose.
>You suddenly regret pranking her yesterday.
>She'll give you a pleasurable hell, you're sure of it.
"U-uhm.. I-I've never really.. Done this before.."
>She gives you a happy smile. "So, you're saying I can.. Take your Cherry?"
>If not for the imminent danger of bodily violation, you'd have laughed at her pun.
>But you just gulp and spread your legs out.

>She crawls closer, her muzzle inching closer to your marehood.
>She's so close you can feel her breath against you.
>Her muzzle presses against your stomach, and she takes your tail in her mouth, moving it out of the way.

>Things are going to get hot and sweaty soon. Continue?
File: yes.gif (126KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 800x600px
>Having moved your tail out of the way, she looks you in the eyes from her position.
>She's got this naughty smile on her lips that make you even more nervous.
>Before you have a chance to object, she starts kissing your inner thigh, making electrical tingles shoot through your body.
>You had no idea a kiss could feel that good.
>She moves away achingly slowly, and you almost beg her to continue.
>She waves the bottle towards you.
>"Open the lid, and I'll show you what an earth pony's hooves can do."
>You swallow nervously, but do as you're told.
>It feels oddly arousing to be commanded like this.
>She pours out a generous amount of the oil on her hoof and your stomach.
>"Now put the lid on again."
>As she says it, you do it.
>Your body can almost not wait anymore for release. The burning sensation between your legs is almost growing too much.
>With a giggle, she puts the bottle aside, and starts working her hooves.
>With one hoof on your stomach, and another on your thigh, she starts pressing them against your muscles, moisturizing your fur and letting the oil seep through to your skin.
>She's moving her hooves tauntingly close to your marehood as she's massaging your lower body.
>With a smile, she pecks you lightly on your marehood, eliciting a yelp of surprise from your mouth.
>"Turn around." she commands with a sultry voice.
>You swallow and do as you're told. You can't do anything but let her play with you.
>It feels too good to not listen to Cheerilee's commands.
>Once you've turned around, you yelp again as you feel her hooves on your plot.
>She's spreading you lightly, massaging your buttocks with rough but slow movements.
>You close your eyes as you get used to the feeling.
>Once you're feeling comfortable and relaxed, you fling your eyes open in surprise once more.
>You crane your neck around and find that she has buried her muzzle in your marehood, kissing, nibbling and licking your vulva.

>The feeling of submitting yourself to Cheerilee's mercy is almost too much for you to handle.
>Your hind hooves are shaking slightly at her touch.
>You gasp lightly as you feel her tongue enter your crevice.
>As you feel her tongue moving up and down your insides, you gasp for air.
>This is a whole new experience for you. You never knew something like this would feel so good.
>Oh my Celestia, she's licking your clit!
>You squirm lightly while gasping and moaning in pleasure.
>You can't help but to press your behind against Cheerilee's muzzle.
>You can feel her lips surround your pearl and then she begins sucking.
>The tension is rapidly building up, until finally, you release your marejuice.
>She rests the tip of her tongue against your clit, while she lets you release on the rest of her tongue.
>As you finish your orgasm, she leaves your side for a moment.
>You sigh in delight as you take in the new feeling of pleasure you just experienced.

>Once you've started to relax again, you can feel her hooves on your plot once again.
>Expecting another tongue-play, you feel something cold press against you, between your buttocks.
>Something hard and long is resting snugly on your marehood, going all the way up to just below your tail tip.

>I will let Anon decide which hole Vera gets to experience first.
I'm voting for the plot holehue

And btw, is this already the effect of the "very special" massaging oil?

I'm enjoying this whole situation with http://youtu.be/P7YMI39sObY and a 10 year old scotch
The massage oil is supposed to make Vera's muscles relax better for what's next.
I'm not really a woman, so I can't describe it all too well. But when something larger than normal enters the body, the muscles tense up and you're mostly unable to relax immediatly.
The oil seeps into the muscles, making them go soft and forces them to relax.

But onwards to taking her anal virginity then!

>You gasps slightly as the foreign object slides down against your marehood.
>Cheerilee presses the object against you, gently stroking your special place up and down, covering whatever it is in your juices.
>You kind of expected Cheerilee to press it inside of you, but what comes next is the biggest surprise of your life.
>You quickly find out that whatever Cheerilee is using has an end to it. A round end, approximately half the size of your hoof.
>You bite your lip as you feel it press against your plot hole, right under the root of your tail.
"I-is this safe? It's n-not quite what I was expecting."
>Cheerilee leans in over you, kissing your neck gently.
>"Relax, Vera. I promise I won't hurt you. If it hurts, just tell me and I'll stop, okay?" she whispers into your ear.
>You gulp, biting your lip once again.
>"Ready?" her sultry voice gently enters your ear.
>All you do is nod. You try to relax, but you're nervous.
>You can feel the head of her 'toy' press against you, slowly spreading you apart and entering.
>You gasp as you feel the shaft slowly glide into you.
>You've never felt this sensation before, but you can't really complain.
>It feels strange, but at the same time curiously good.
>You want more. You want her to move.
>You press yourself closer to her, filling up yourself with her toy.
>A moan escapes your lips as her hips slap against your butt, the entire length of the thing inside of you.
"T-this.. How is this f-feeling so good?"

>You moan louder as she leans in over you again. "I told you to trust me. Believe me, it gets better still."
>Your muscles never tensed up as you though they would.
>You blame the oil. It made it easier for Cheerilee to enter you.
>Damn her for being so convincing. Stupid sexy teacher horse.
>Your train of thought is quickly interrupted by the foreign object being pulled out.
>Right before the head of the thing pops out of you, she slams it back in again, earning herself a scream of pleasure from your lips.
"Unh, m-more!"
>You moan increasingly louder as she slaps the entire length inside of you. Your mare juices really coated the shaft well.
>You wonder how it'd feel inside your ma- OH CELESTIA THERE IT IS AGAIN!
>You mind is going blank. You can't think straight.
>You're filled to the brim with plastic cock, and you're loving every second of it.
>Your mind quickly flickers back to the book you read earlier.
>The protagonist was in this exact position when her marefriend started slapping her plot.
>Yup. There's the stinging sensation. Cheerilee just slapped your plot with her hoof.
>And drove the entire length inside of you again.

>You lose track of time. You've lost track of how much you've cum.
>The only thing you can think about is how you're going to pay her back for this.
>Your coat is sweaty, and you're panting like a dog.
>For a Canterlotian, you sure are uncouth.

>cont Long ass smut post. You guys better enjoy this!
>Who gives a buck! More Cherry bucking!

>After what feels like an eternity, you can finally no longer take any more.
"N-no more!"
>You gasp for breath.
"I-I can't t-take anym-more!"
>You can feel her slowly pull herself out.
>The head of the strap-on also pulling itself out of your ass.
>Dear Celestia, you need to rest.
>As her hooves leave your flanks, you fall down on the bed, laying flat on your stomach.
>You can hear Cheerilee take off the toy and toss it on the floor.
>She jumps up on the bed again, laying down beside you.
>"Had fun?" she says teasingly. "And you used to tease me about being the teacher's pet."
>You laugh hoarsely, and then you pass out.

>And thus, Vera's ass was fucked senseless by teacher horse.
What a beautiful story.
Once you guys are done stroking one off, I'll continue briefly with a bit more romance, and less smut.
You know, to give the story a bit more feel to it again.

See ya'll in a moment!
File: Joseph Ducreux.jpg (149KB, 590x775px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Joseph Ducreux.jpg
149KB, 590x775px
Aaaaaand I'm back!
Time to get going once again.

>Your eyes flutter open.
>Your entire body aches. A blush creeps onto your muzzle as you remember what you've just been a part of.
>And then it comes. A slightly painful feeling in your behind.
>Boy did you take it rough. How late is it even?
>You sit up, which you quickly regret.
>Instead, you tumble out of bed. Cheerilee isn't laying next to you, and you wonder where she is.
>Trotting around awkwardly to not aggravate the feeling in your butt, you attempt to look for Cheerilee.
>Kitchen? Nope. Livingroom? Nope.
>You can hear a light humming from inside the bathroom, though.
>Now that you think about it, a bath would be great to sooth your aching muscles and clean you off.
>You did work up quite a sweat. And the oil is still sticking to your fur.

>Wait around outside, or barge into the bathroom?
Barge in. You must get pay back from the rectal ravaging.
Go in there and demand gentle lathering of your plot.
Brilliant idea, my fellow horsefuckers!

>You turn the handle with your magic and barge on in.
>The humming immediately stops, and you look towards the sound.
>Cheerilee is in the bath. Playing with a rubber dick.
>"Hey Vera! Feeling good enough to walk around?"
>You scrunch your nose.
"It's fine.. But Celestia damn it hurts right now."
>Note to self: Be glad you weren't fucked in the ass by a big, strong earth pony stallion.
>That would have completely wrecked your insides.
"Scoot over, Cherry. I want a bath, too."
>Rolling her eyes, she moves over to give you some space.
"Why in my ass anyway? Isn't it normally.. You know, penetration in the marehood?"
>Cheerilee giggles. "Yeah, I know. But you were reading that book earlier, and I thought I'd give you a taste of how 'great' the book was. You weren't complaining, that's for sure."
>You stick your tongue out at her and slowly climb up in the tub, settling yourself behind her.
"So, have YOU tried it?"
>"Goodness no, this was a first for me as well."
>An idea flashes through your mind, and a wicked grin spreads on your muzzle.
"Which means your anal virginity is mine for the taking!"
>Cheerilee snorts. "Of course, but you'd have to convince me first. I'm not quite as submissive as you were, though. I like being in control. Why do you think I became a teacher?"

>You giggle and kiss her on the cheek.
"Well, how about this then?"
>Horn thrusters: Activate.
>Power: 40%.
>Countdown of 3,, 2,, 1,,
>And Cheerilee starts moaning as your magic works on her plot and marehood at once.
>"V-vera! W-what are yo- OUUUHHH!" She couldn't finish her sentence before cumming.
>"Y-you cheater!"
>You stick out your tongue at her.
"Payback for wrecking my ass so hard. I can barely walk, let alone sit down."
>And then you continue playing with her with your magic.
>She gasps wildly while she leans into you.
>"D-don't stop! Oooh, I d-didn't know u-unicorns could... Do things like t-this!"

>Leave her hanging, or let her ride this one out and feel another shotgun?
Beat that pussy up.
>"D-don't stop!
But give her a slow ride. Let her edge a couple of times before allowing her to come.
>You intensify your flow of magic in waves.
>The best thing about this spell is that you can feel how close she is to cumming, so you can slow down just in time to tease her.
>"P-please!" she calls out at last, after letting her nearly hit the edge a couple of times.
>Giving in to her demands, you bits down gently on her ear, and intensify your magic to the point that's she's stretched out in both her pussy and ass.
>"Mmmmnnnnhhhhhggggg!" she nearly screams in pleasure as your magic fills up both of her holes, rippling in waves inside of her.
>Despite it being a rather simple spell, using it in two holes at once is taxing, and you find yourself panting alongside her.
"Heh, can't say you've tried that before, can you?"
>She simply gasps for breath while leaning on you, closing her eyes and relaxing.

>After a few minutes of soaking and relaxing, she gets herself together.
>"That.. Was.. Amazing! Where did you learn that?"
>You snort.
"You'd be surprised at what you can teach yourself from reading naughty novels."
>You push Cheerilee slightly forward and step around her, switching positions with her.
"Now, I believe I need some tender care, since you rocked my backside some time ago. I'll still sore, you know. A gentle massage, and you cleaning that oil, and I'll forgive you forcing yourself on me."
>You give her a playful wink, and she rolls her eyes.
>The both of you spend the rest of the time soaping eachother up and washing eachother's fur.
>Cheerilee is the first to get out, wanting to get something to eat.
>You soak in the bath for a while longer, enjoying the hot water.
>Your ass is also not as sore anymore, so that's a good thing.

>What does Vera want to spend her evening with Cheerilee on?
>There's also still the contract and accounting documents from Rarity to go over, so you could pick that up before settling on anything.
Documents can wait for tomorrow. Let's spend a quiet evening together under a blanket while listening to music?
This sounds like a plan.
>You briefly think about the documents that Rarity promised you.
>She's a busy mare.. But so are you.
>You've found love. True love. Business can wait another day. Rarity would understand, right?

>You give a relaxing sigh as you empty the tub and wash off the remaining soap residue.
>While humming, you use your magic to dry yourself off.
>Magic was never your strong side, but you did pick up a few spells here and there. A heat spell wasn't one, which forced you to dry off by levitating a towel.
>But hey, you're a master of illusion magic, so it's all good.
>Satisfied with drying yourself off, and sniffing your fur to make sure the smell of sex didn't linger, you trot out of the bathroom and go for the kitchen.
>Cheerilee is standing with her face in the fridge, apparently trying to decide what to eat.
>You're surprised she hasn't picked anything yet, seeing as she left atleast 5 minutes ago.

>Does teacher horse deserve a light spank?
I want to grab her flanks and squeeze them. But a spanking is fine too. What you looking for Cheerilee?
We can do both.

>You smile evily and trot silently up behind her.
>You stand up on your hind legs and rest your front hooves on her flanks, slapping one of them against her butt.
>She yelps in surprise. "V-vera!" she calls out, quickly getting her head out of the fridge.
"What you looking for Cherry?"
>She gives you a pouty face. "I was looking to see what groceries I should get. Since, you know, mostly all of it had gone bad."
>Now that she mentions it, that's true.
>You did clean out the fridge and make sure her salad and carrots weren't spoiled.
"Well, we've got enough for dinner tonight. And there's still a few eggs left. If you have flour, we could make pancakes?"
>She giggles. "You just really don't want to go out today, do you?"
>You quickly shake your head.
"Rough ride. Still a bit sore."
>Giving her an innocent smile and a peck on the cheek, you grab an apple in your magic.
>You notice the creeping darkness outside.
"It's getting dark outside anyway. We might as well cuddle for the night. It IS a sunday, after all."
>Snickering, Cheerilee agrees with you.
>She grabs an apple herself and checks her stock on sugar, salt and flour.
>Lots of sugar, low on salt and half a bag of flour.

>Pancake dinner with apple sauce? There's still enough apples left to even sneak some of them into the pancake batter.
Pancakes for dinner? Why this is madness! Since I can't think of an alternative though it will have to do. Man if only we had some spaghetti and pasta. Would crushed apples in the pancake batter even taste good? We could make some regular pancakes and then make try the apple mixture with what remains.
>Pancakes for dinner?
Next thing we know is we're having candy for breakfast.

Also, go for pancakes. I'll go for my bed now. See you tomorrow
Nighty night
>"Pancakes it is." Cheerilee triumphantly voices.
>There are two things you can do without ruining them.
>Pancakes, and breakfast.
>So you shoo Cheerilee away from the kitchen tools and get to work.
>Magic makes cooking a LOT easier. You praise Celestia and thank her for the gift of magic.
>You crush apples and pluck out the seeds in a small bowl, mix the flour with sugar, salt and milk in another bowl, while munching on your apple.
>You get out a pan and heat it up with the stove, readying it for melting the sugar you'll need.

>It takes you a few minutes to mix the batter together for a proper consistency, all the while you've been melting the sugar to a caramel-ish consistency.
>But melted sugar is thick stuff, so you have to thin it out a bit.
>You pour up the melted sugar in a cheramic bowl and pour in half a glass of water to soften it up a bit.
>Satisfied with the result, you pour in the crushed apples and mix the two things together while pouring the batter on the pan.

>Nothing's burning down. Everything going perfect, and a neat stack of regular pancakes are sitting on a plate, ready for eating.
>The apple pancakes are taking a bit longer, though, because of the apple caramel you've put in the rest of the batter.
>Cheerilee is standing right next to you, drooling. You roll your eyes and giggle.
"Alright alright, you can start eating already. Wouldn't want my favorite mare starving, now would I?"
>In response, she gives you a quick peck on the cheek and steals the stack of pancakes.

>Once the apple pancakes are done, you turn around and find that Cheerilee has already eaten half of the other pancakes.
>Either she was extremely hungry, or your pancakes are glorious.
>Probably both, because of all the energy spent earlier.
>Suppressing your sexual thoughts, you trot over with the new stack of pancakes, and you start eating yourself.

>Dinner talk or eat in silence?
Topics of conversation. How are the pancakes. Want to try these apple pancakes. Tell Cheerilee to wake you up tomorrow so you can get started on those documents as soon as possible.
I'm gonna continue the sunday/monday arc tomorrow.
Then I have some time to plan ahead for what Vera might be doing while Cheerilee is at work.

For now, sleep well everyone! Tonight's been a blast, definitely one of the better nights for the CYOA.
I hope you enjoyed the story as much as myself so far!
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Shit guys, I forgot I have a dungeons and dragons game today, so I won't be able to writefag for you.
Sure, np. Have a nice evening, OP
good night bump
Sexxy Teacher horse bumo
File: bump 100.png (387KB, 761x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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387KB, 761x800px
I'll be ready to take up the story again in an hour or two.
Stay tuned!
I see, I will have to go in about 3-4 hours and won't be on until tomorrow night, but I'll try to throw in a bump every now and then from my phone.
>As you eat in silence, you remember something that's been nagging you.
>Why did Cheerilee move to Ponyville in the first place?
>She could have lived with you in Canterlot off of your inheritance, and she could teach kids at the local school.
>But you don't want to come off as a needy little bitch right after hitting it off so well with her after so long.
>So you ask the next best thing.
"How are the pancakes?

>With her mouth full of said pancakes, she replies. Muffled. "They're really great! I didn't know you could cook. The last time you tried, you set my mom's kitchen on fire back in Canterlot."
>You both giggle.
"Yeah, good times. Well, other than breakfast and pancakes, it's practically the same thing as your mom's kitchen. Every time."

>And thus, only one question remains unanswered. Unless Vera is curious about something else entirely?

Also, I'm playing heroes of the storm, so there'll be some time between each story update.
What about something along the lines of "I would make you some of these every morning. We would have had enough excersize the night before." [seductive wink]

Maybe that's enough to gently get that "why did you move to Ponyville" topic rolling.
"I could make them every morning, if you want them"
>Seductive wink
"We do get the excercise done during the night."
>Cheerilee nearly spits out her mouthful while laughing.
>"Oh, I would love that. But you don't have a job or anything to get back to in Canterlot?"
"Nope. I won the lottery, remember? Bits all over the place. You could come with me back, if you want."
>She shakes her head. "I can't just leave the children. I'm the only teacher in Ponyville."

>Well, you could still sell your house and get a ton of bits back for it. If you want to move away from Canterlot permanently.
Know what? Let's tell Cheerilee we might actually consider that depending on how the deal with Rarity's restaurant turns out. If it's hot, it might be better to be close by.
No promises though. In return, Cheerilee should come over to Canterlot and our house next time there is a long weekend. Does that sound like a sweet deal to start the day with our sweet teacher mare?
>You consider the idea of moving to Ponyville yourself.
>First of all, then you could be together with Cheerilee all the time, just like back in the day.
>But more intimate from now on.
>Second of all, if the deal with Rarity proves to be profitable, you could just take over managing the joint, while giving part of the profit to her.
>You don't even like the Canterlotians. It's a win/win situation, even if the restaurant isn't all that profitable.

>You voice your thoughts to Cheerilee, and she looks as if she's considering all of it as well.
>"Are you sure you'd want to leave Canterlot behind? You've lived in Canterlot your whole life."

>Is this what Vera wants? Sell the house and move to Ponyville?
I would say, spend the day together in Ponyville and then decide. So far I personally would say "why not?", but let's hear some other Anon's opinion on that first. Wouldn't want to be the only one just deciding that.
So, no decisions right now, spend the day with Cheerilee without worrying about that for now.
"Well.. I'll think about it atleast. There's nothing in Canterlot, and Ponyville seems like a great place so far. The sex also helps.
>You wink slyly at her as she giggles.
>"Glad you like it so far. There's more where it came from."

>The two of you finish up eating all the pancakes, and together do the dishes.
>You play around a bit and splash water on her with your magic. All she can do is run away from you, squeeling like a little filly.

>After doing the dishes, and you stop splashing water on her, she suggests that the two of you go for a walk.
>It's getting pretty late, but it's still way too early to sleep.
>And if you're lucky, you can still get the papers from Rarity and look them over before tomorrow.

>What does Vera say?

Also, sorry for the very late reply. Was pwning noobs in Heroes and the game was pretty hectic. But I'm back, and decided to close down the game for now. Writefagging > Gaming. Atleast for a moment.
Aw man, you better save some of that motivation for tomorrow, I will probably have to leave after this for today.

>It's getting pretty late, but it's still way too early to sleep.
Kinda forgot it's already getting kinda late.
Let's go to a park or a pond and soak up some of that calm and quiet atmosphere. Guess you don't have that at any time in Canterlot.
Going over the papers together also sounds like a good idea. Ask Cheerilee if she could help you with that. After all, we don't only like her body, we also like her brains.

In case I don't reply to the next one: good night and see you tomorrow OP, great work so far!
Thanks! I gotta admit, I'm feeling quite bubbly about writing it all.

"What about going to the park or something? I passed through it on my way back to the school."
>She thinks it over for a bit, and then nods. "Sounds like a good idea."

>The two of you leave and she locks the door.
>As the two of you are trotting towards the park, you remember the documents Rarity promised.
>Since you're already outside, no point in waiting for tomorrow to get them, right?
"Let's stop by the restaurant quick. I'd like to look over the documents and stuff Rarity promised to prepare, before we go to bed."
>Cheerilee gives you a quick peck on the cheek. "You've already been acting more responsible for the past two days, than I've ever seen you be."
>You puff up your cheeks in response.
>And then you kiss her on the lips, making Cheerilee stutter. "V-vera! We're in public!"
>Blowing her a raspberry, you respond nonchalantly.
"Oh come on, we're official now! If anypony has a problem with us, then buck them. No wait, don't do that. Only me."
>She laughs as you're trying to correct yourself. "Oh you silly filly."

>You reach the restaurant within long.
>The stallion from the night before is standing outside again. Once he sees the two of you, he smiles nervously.
>"H-hello miss. A table for two again tonight?"
>You shake your head.
"Nah, we're here to talk to Rarity. Is she still here?"
>"Y-yeah. She's just going over some important documents. This way, please."

>The ponies in line gave you a harsh stare.
>You DID basically cut in line.
>Too bad for them you might end up as the manager of the place in the nearby future.

>The stallion waves to one of the other staff and tells her to take you and Cheerilee up to Rarity's office.
>The waitress rolls her eyes. "Fine Star, but you should really consider asking Rarity for a raise. You're killing yourself tending to the line every day of the week."

>You share a sympathetic glance with Cheerilee as the stallion and mare bickers about whether or not to ask for a raise.
>"Sorry about that. He's a bit of an idiot, but he means well."

>The waitress leads you to Rarity's office.
>Not that you couldn't find your way to it by yourself, but there are certain procedures and rules, so you're not allowed to just waltz around without supervision.
>The waitress knocks on the door. "Miss Rarity? You have a pair of guests that wish to speak with you."
>"Thank you darling. Come in, come in!" she calls from inside the door.
>The waitress rolls her eyes and open the door for you.

>As you step inside, you see Rarity with her nose pointed downwards to the table, a stack of papers on each side of her.
>You didn't know she wore glasses.

"Hey Rarity! We're here for the papers and stuff."
>At the sound of your voice, she lifts her face and looks to you. "Marvelous darling! I did not expect you to come by so late, however. Not that I mind, it gave me plently of time to sort the documents for you!"

>You tror over to the table while Rarity pulls out a roll of papers. bound together by a purple ribbon.
>"These are all the documents you asked for. The monthly bills, worker salary, costs of inventory and the weekly income. I hope they are satisfactory."
"Thanks Rarity. I'll be sure to look them over and come to a decision as soon as possible."
>With a gentle smile and a curt nod, she turns to Cheerilee. "How did it work out miss Cheerilee?"
>You and Cheerilee both look confused for a bit, but then it clicks.
>The oil. The agonizingly nice oil.
>While Cheerilee blushes and attempts to stutter her response, you cut in.
"It worked wonders Rarity. It was harder to wash out of my coat than I expected, but it feels pleasant to have it worked into the muscles."
>Rarity beams a wide grin at you. "So you DID use it! Oh my, you simply MUST tell me the details!"

Let sexy teacher horse decide
It is kinda private hm?
>You look over at Cheerilee. Her face is scrunched.
>"While I appreciate the oil, Rarity, I'm not a big fan of exposing my private life to everypony else."
>Rarity looks to you with pleading eyes. You shrug.
"If Cherry says so, I'm not one to object. I'd rather be able to sit down the next couple of days."
>You wink inconspicuously to Rarity without Cheerilee sees it.
>She can have atleast this much. And you don't think Cheerilee will understand before you're out of there.

>Rarity gives you a gentle smile. "I understand. It would be rather uncouth to discuss your bedroom activities. Very well then, I suspect that the two of you would enjoy this fine evening in the company of eachother, instead of dawdling here."
>You thank Rarity for the documents once again, and you whisper another thanks to her for the oil. It helped you relax before the.. Event.

>The two of you leave the restaurant and trot your merry way towards the park so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a rural town.
>It's definitely different compared to Canterlot.

>In Canterlot, around every corner, there'd be a drunk stallion calling out.
>Atleast in the weekends.
>Night clubs blast away with music every night. If you weren't used to it already for the past 24 years, you'd have never slept properly in your house.
>But here, it's so quiet. Peaceful and quiet.

>You reach the park before long. The scent of flowers mesmerizing you.
>This is definitely a scent you haven't experienced in Canterlot.
>You've heard rumours of the royal garden, but you've never been there. You never had a reason to.
"This smells fantastic!"
>Cheerilee giggles. "Of course it does. Roseluck, Daisy and Lily are tending to the gardens."
"Wait, the three flower fillies? They're in Ponyville as well?!"
>You feel a sudden rage well up inside you.
>You might not have been phased by much during your school time, but those three were a curse upon Equestria.
>Atleast their coltfriends were.

>Every single day, those three fillies' coltfriends tormented Ditzy.
>And they laughed at it like it was okay.

>You've been in more fights with those three stallions more times than you'd ever admit to, and not even a quarter of the times were favorable for you.
>You've been to the infirmary more times than you can count because of them.
>If not for trotting around with Bulk and Ditzy, they'd have attempted sexual assault as well.

>Cheerilee bumps against you. "You okay Vera?"
Tell her the truth
This'll be my last reply for the week. It's getting late, and I won't have the time to progress the story anymore until next week.

>You heave a massive sigh.
"Remember their coltfriends Cherry?"
>You can visibly see the disgust in her face as you mention them. "Yes, I do. Why?"
"They tormented Ditzy the most out of everyone else, and I don't know exactly how many times I've been to the infirmary because of them."
>She looks surprised. Well, you never did tell her why you weren't in class half of the week.
>"Why haven't you told me this before?"
>Boy does she look angry.
"I.. Didn't want to upset you. I picked a fight with them every time they bullied Ditzy, and you know.. I'm not a fighter, I'm a prankster. So I ended up in the infirmary almost every time I confronted them."
>You scrunch your face up in disgust.
"If I could, I'd have blasted them to the moon. But that's not the point. Roseluck, Daisy and Lily? They hate my guts. Or they atleast used to. They hated that I stood up for Ditzy, and that I always picked a fight with their coltfriends."
>Cheerilee puts her hoof around you. "They've changed, Vera. They're not together with their coltfriends anymore, and they even publicly apologized to Ditzy once they found out she lived here."
>You still can't shake the feeling that something's going to go wrong with those three in town.
>But Cheerilee calms you down with her soothing voice.

>You enjoy the quiet of the park for another hour before the two of you trot home to her and settle in for the night.

That's it for this time, folks!
If the thread survives for the week, I'll continue again on friday.
If it doesn't, I'll be sure to put everything in the pastebin and start a new thread!

For now, may the royal sisters protect you from your daily struggles!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to use my tripfag code for these posts
But it's still me.
I have waited for the continuation for so long ant it finally is here
I am waiting for more.
me too
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