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>*gluk* *gluk* *gluk*

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>*gluk* *gluk* *gluk*
This entire episode pandered my dick.
Pone fluid drinking is my fetish.

especially when they overdo it and get fat as a result
Post the "this is cum" comic. My dick needs it
>Twalot chugging 64 oz mega big gulp of Flash jizz
>Cum chugging
>Twalot almost getting raped by chloroform plants
It's like Hasbro is intentionally making it sexy
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>Twalot almost getting raped by chloroform plants

literal semen demon
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>You will never convince Twilight or anypony that a jug filled with your cum is actually magic juice or a potion or some shit
>You will never watch them wince at the taste of your salty spunk but still chug it anyway out of politeness.

Why even live?
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>Implying the pastel colored semen demons wouldn't gulp down all of your monkey-batter willingly.
>Implying they wouldn't whine and beg for more after guzzling down an entire jug, using their magic to make your member swell to comically large proportions as you pump out more goo into their waiting, hungry maws
What is the name of this fetish? Females drinking glasses/jugs of cum, I mean
Swallowing? drinking?

Cum-swapping might contain jugs/glasses if you try searching for that
File: Desperate Twi.png (75KB, 687x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Desperate Twi.png
75KB, 687x750px
>"Anon please ! Just let me suck you off one more time ! I need it !"
Oh......I know why I have this boner.

>Twilight walks around with bottle of cum, trying to make it last through the day lest she start going into withdrawal.
>She staggers through town in an erotic daze.
>Dash, fresh from a workout, swoops down and grabs her bottle thinking it's energy drink.
>Takes a big swig and then nearly pukes.
>"That's disgusting! What did you put in this, Twi?"
Hmmm. I swear I've heard some specific japanese name for it before. I might just be thinking of bukakke though.

>You will never then see Twittleshit go into a crazy fuckin' trance even though it isn't even remotely magical
>You will never placebo effect her into essentially becoming a god
>You will never hear her ask for more as the 'potion' runs out just a moment before she uncovers some huge evil secret
>You will never struggle with the dilemma of either telling her the truth or having them chug more of your jizz
Not them
u-unless your into that

Holy shit, I'm legitimately fucking retarded, aren't I?
>"Nonononono this can't be ! Rainbow ! What have you done!?"
>The whole bottle lies spilled before her.
"I'm sorry ....? But I really think I did you a favor with throwing that away. I think it was off or something."
>Twilight grabs Rainbows head with her hooves and pulls her close.
>"You don't understand ! I need this ! Without it I can't possible go through this day !"
>Dash pushes Twilight away.
"Look ... I'm sorry. Was this some kind of medicine or what?"
>The purple unicorn is not responding. She slowly rocks back and forth, her head in her hooves.
>She taps her on the shoulder.
>This brings her back to reality.
>"I have to find anon ! Have you seen him?"
"Ehh why anon? Does he make this stuff?"
>"Yeah, yeah he makes this stuff. Have you seen him!?"
"I dont think you should drink this... It makes you act stra-"
>Rainbow backs up. Totally in disbelief of Twilight sudden outbreak.
"Yes...", she meekly states.
>"Good.... So where is he?"
"We worked out together. He should be at home by now ... you know showering and stuff."
>She's on the edge of tears now.
>Twilight sees that she fucked up and pulls her in a hug.
>"Sorry for yelling at you Rainbow. I'm just a bit stressed right now. No hard feelings ok?"
"Yeah ... no hard feelings."
>Twilight breaks the hug.
>"I'm off to anons now, ok? I will talk to you later"
"Ok. Later Twi!"
>There she goes.

You need to give us more!

>implying it isn't actually magical and that your magic manifests through your cum
>Twilight will never reluctantly report it to Celestia
>You will never be woken up in the middle of the night to find Celestia and Luna at the foot of your bed, both clearly nervous and upset
>They will never each take a deep breath before prostrating themselves before you and begging you to let them drink your cum
>The three of you will never learn, through experimentation, that ingesting it in various ways changes its effects
>You will never discover that, in addition to the strange powers your cum has, it's incredibly addicting - especially so when taken into the body vaginally or anally
>Celestia and Luna will never wind up inadvertently turning themselves into your own personal cumslaves
Really ? Ok. But I'm no writefag.
Do you think fluid tastes like buttercream frosting to ponies?
>You will never eventually learn that through all the jizzing you're actually wasting massive amounts of protein
>You will never realize they weren't actually interested in the magical properties at all, but instead were instead trying to steal your gains
>You will never get within a moment of busting a nut and throwing the princess's aside to cum in your own mouth and swallow it
>You will never get magical side effects afterwards
>You will never then fly away using your new found magical Biceps, Terry crews style

Why live

>You are Rainbow, and something strange just happened.
>Your good friend Twilight just totally threw a tantrum about some horrible juice you spilled.
>She seemed so .... desperate,
>And now she's off to find anon. It seems she got this stuff from him.
>You inspect the liquid that was so important to Twilight a bit closer.
>It's white and viscous. It tasted salty and bitter, that you can tell.
>The smell reminded you of something... For some reason it brings back memories of your first coltfirend.
>You dip a hoof in it.
"Yep its slimy. But what could it be?"
>"You retract your hoof. A thin string of the liquid dropping to the ground.
"Eww !"
>Another flashback to your first coltfriend.
>Could it be ... !?
>No .... why would Twilight carry around something like that ?
>It's probably some weird human drink anon made. And Twilight agreed to test it.
>You remember that he once tried to brew "bears"
>Yeah, sometimes he's a bit strange.
>Nevertheless Twilights behaviour still bugged you.
>She acted like she was addicted to this stuff.
>You probably should try to find out more.
>So you decide to spy on her a bit.
>Just to be safe that anon is not secretely drugging her.
>You know he would never do something like that but like you said before sometimes he tends to be a bit strange.
>So to anon's it is.
>"Hey ! Are you planning to clean that up !? You can't just leave it there !"
>Fucking BonBon
>Okay first you clean up, then you spy on Anon and Twilight.
Go on...
Keep going...
Uh yeah I will in a bit. Had some stuff to do, and I have too look up some words since english isnt my first language.
File: Behold!.png (346KB, 2023x3246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
346KB, 2023x3246px
>You are still skittles
>And you finally cleaned ponyvilles townsquare from the broken bottle and its spillt contents.
>You made sure to take the rags you used from BonBon's stall while she wasnt looking.
>Fucking bitch. Since her break up with Lyra she is unbearable.
>Anyways, now you are finished here and can finally spy on your favourite purple firend.
>Anon's house isn't far away so you shouldnt have missed much of whatever is going on.
>After a short walk your target is in sight.
>Spy mode engaged.
>Your wings lift you off the ground and you silently fly over to anon's living room window where you suspect the two will be.
>You peek inside and yes, your suspection was right.
"Yes!", you whisper and pump your hoof.
"Operation "mystery liquid" is a go!"
>"Huh did you hear that Twilight?"
>Oh fuck ! Hide !
>You quickly duck and hope anon didnt see you.
>"No anon, I didnt hear a thing. Please don't try to chance the subject every few seconds! This is important!"
>Thats Twilight, you recognize her voice.
>"Mhh... I could have sworn I heard something...."
>That was close.
>You slowly creep your head to the window again.
>Time to find out what's going on.
This is relevant...
>You are now Anon.
>Equestria's first and only human.
>Your friend Twilight is visiting you and under normal circumstances you would be delighted.
>But these are no normal circumstances.
>Ever since Pinkie's last party your litte purple friend here is .... well she is addicted to your cum.
>It was a strange night. Twilight drank far too much than she could could handle and you offered her to walk her home.
>She accepted and after you arrived at her treebrary she insisted that you comei inside so that she can reward you.
>You didnt think too much of it. But oh boy were you wrong.
>Once you were inside she slinged you on the couch using her magic, removed your pants and began to suck you off.
>You didnt really fight it. You were pretty buzzed yourself and just let it happen.
>And honestly it was the best blowjob of your life.
>Dem horse tongues man. Like a big wet hand that wraps around your dick.
>You cam full force in her mouth and she swallowed it all.
>And well... thats how it happened.
>You can't explain how she became addicted to your come and she had only some assumptions.
>She assumed its probably some weird interaction between her magical pony body and your non-magical cum.
>And now here you are.
>Sitting on your favourite chair, wearing your favourite pants while your favourite girl... or mare stands before you begging for your cum.
>It would be like a dream come true if it wasnt for the bizarreness of the situation.

Character limit. Is it ok so far?
I like it.
>"So anon ...."
>You snap back to reality.
>"Will you help me out?"
>She walks over to the chair opposite of you and planted her plot on it.
>"Its not like I'm hurting you ! So whats the big deal ?"
>Her tone has gotten angrier. Looks like she really needed her fix.
>Yeah thats something you can write in your résumé.
>"Once made a small colourful, magical equine addicted to my ejaculate."
>She looked at you with pleading eyes.
>Oh no ... please not the eyes.
"I-I know... But what happend to the sample I gave you? The one you wanted to analyze so you can create something that will cure your addiction?"
>"Ive already told you ! Rainbow broke it !"
>She smashes one of her front hooves on the table. Your favourite cup falls over and rolls.towards the edge
"No! Cuppy!"
>Luckily you can grab Cuppy before he falls to his doom.
>"Anon ! Please take this serious !"
>You put Cuppy back on the table and give him a quick pat.
"I'm taking this serious !"
>She leans forward. Staring right into your eyes.
>"So will you help me?"
>Her face grew softer.
>"Please. I'm not sure If I can make it with out another .... you know....how did you call it?"
>"Yeah.. thats it. Ugly word."
"Mhhmm yeah."
>It treally hurts you to see your best friend like this.
>You didnt want to feed her addiction but ...
"I will help you Twilight."
>"Really ?!"
"Yes ... but..."
>"But what?"
"I took me quite some time and to fill that bottle... I dont think that theres much left in me."
"I took me quite some time and effort...."
Forgot a word.
m-muh dick
>She grins and her eyes light up.
>Uh-Oh that is never a good sign.
>"Don't worry anon! I know a spell that increases body fluid production!"
"I'm not sure if I want you to zap purple beams at lil'anon here....And why do you even know such a spell?"
>Her face turns crimson. She almost the same colour as BigMac's coat.
>"Uh well ...."
>She fiddles with her hooves and avoids your eyes.
>Awkward but sexy.
>"And yeah ... it's safe. I've tested it before...."
"O-Okay.... "
>She hops off her chair and walks over to you.
>You feel a slight tug at your pants.
>"Shall we begin...?"
>She blushes again.
"With what?"
>She looks at you in disbelief.
>"You know ... I can't suck you off with your pants on."
>Oh... OH !
>Now its your time to blush.
"I-I thought that was kind of a one-time thing...so I assumed you just wanted another well... bottle"
>"I can't wait for so long ! It'll be faster if I blow you."
>"And ...."
>She looks away. Her cheeks turning pink again.
>"I kinda hoped that it wouldn't be a one time thing... but lets discuss this later ok?"
>"Off with your pants then!"
>You feel another tug, this time far more stronger.
"Wait!" you blurt out.
>"What is it this time!?"
>Her voice sounded desperate.
>You get up from your chair and pick the lavender unicorn up. Holding her like you would a small child.
>"H-Hey !"
>Looking directly into her eyes you say:
"Lets take it somewhere more private, ok?
>She blushes again
Yeah I should prove-read my shit.
Next part will be clop. Since I've never written anything before expect it to be a bit shit.
I'm also taking a short break.
File: Dashie scared.jpg (10KB, 250x202px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dashie scared.jpg
10KB, 250x202px
Quick Rainbow intermission
>You are Rainbow Dash again.
>And you cant believe what you just witnessed.
>Your first suggestion was right. It really was anon's cum. And your friend Twilight is addicted to it.
>How kinky.
>The whole conversation between them was kinda sad but also ... hot.
>Your hoof found its way more then once to your now dripping marehood.
>Luckily anons house is in the outer parts of ponyville so nopony saw you.
>Wait!? Whats happening now?
>He's picking her up ...
>... and carrying her to his bedroom!?
>Now things are starting to get interesting.
>Up to anons bedroom window you go!
Thank god it's a lust-filled, interested in happenings Rainbow. I was worried it would be an uptight, must protect friend from getting laid at all costs Rainbow.

>You awake from a dead sleep suddenly aware that you are not alone in your bedroom.
>You hold yourself perfectly still, trying to assess the situation.
>You hear whispering voices.
>"Careful, you'll wake him up!"
>"Methinks I know a thing or two about getting around in the dark, sist--OW!"
>Ever so slightly, you open your eyes a slit and take a peek.
>Celestia and Luna are crouched at the foot of your bed, frozen as they watch you.
>You hold still, giving no sign you are awake.
>"He is a sound sleeper," Luna observes.
>"Maybe we can just... do it quickly while he sleeps and get out," Celestia says.
>"Hoh, a pleasant dream for him."
>What are they up to?
>"Still, 'tis an unusual natural resource to discover."
>"He's a magical creature from another world, Luna. I'm not sure he counts as a natural resource."
>You feel your sheets pulled from over you.
>Then your boxers are magically pulled down.
>Not cool!
>You sit up suddenly.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa horsies!"
>Two princesses go "Eek!" at your sudden movement.
>You stare at them. They stare back.
>Well, Luna's gaze slides down to your cock.
>Celestia speaks. "Ahem. I suppose you are wondering what we are doing here, Anon."
"It looks like you're sexually assaulting me in my sleep."
>"Well... of course... to the untrained eye, it might appear that way..."
>Luna interrupts.
>"We have come to sample your stallion juices, Anon!"
>"His human juices," Celestia hisses.
>"Human juices!"
>You stare at them.
"This has to do with Twilight, doesn't it. We were drunk! It was an accident."
>Celestia nods in understanding. "Yes, Anon, we know. Nonetheless, Twilight has reported that your... essence... creates a powerful magical surge when ingested."
>"Anon, it is our duty for the sake of Equestria to investigate these claims!"
"It was the alcohol! She was falling-down drunk and imagined it all!"

>"Nevertheless, Anon," says Celestia, "we must determine the facts for ourselves."
"Are you drooling? Celestia, is that drool?"
>She quickly draws a hoof across her mouth.
>"Of course not, Anon. This isn't about me, this is about doing what is right for Equestria."
>Crazy horses!
"Right, I'm outta here!"
>You scramble back from them, planning to dive through your window and make your escape.
>But damn, you had no idea alicorns could be so fast.
>In a flash Celestia has your shoulders pinned down to your mattress with her hooves.
>Luna has your legs immobilized.
>"Anon, calm thyself! Thy stallion emissions--"
>"Human emissions, Luna."
>"--human emissions must be tested for the sake of all ponies."
>Luna's head descends to your crotch and starts lipping roughly at your cock.
>She plainly doesn't know what she's doing, but damned if you don't have a hardon anyway.
>Her tongue shoves up against you, then she draws back and pokes at you with your hoof.
>"Twilight is certain we have to use our mouth? Because it is our opinion that this shaft is better employed elsewhere."
>"We're supposed to swallow his human-juice, remember? We can test elsewhere later."
>"We suppose," Luna says. Her lips return to fumbling awkwardly at you.

>Celestia watches, fidgeting. After several minutes she can take no more.
>"Ugh! Let me do that, Luna."
>In an instant her muzzle shoves her sister aside and engulfs you into her warm, wet maw.
>You shiver in pleasure as her lips wrap around you and she sucks at you.
>Her tongue slides around your shaft and wrestles with you lovingly.
>In spite of everything, you feel yourself respond, releasing a steady drip of your pre into her welcoming mouth.
>She moans at the taste of it and enthusiastically moves her head up and down.
>She is salivating like wild, drooling until your whole crotch is soaked.
>She's... rather experienced, you realize.
>Luna watches, impressed, as Celestia works you hard, drawing you inexorably toward ecstasy.
>It doesn't take very long before you feel your orgasm surge.
>You gasp, as your cock twitches and spurts thickly into Celestia's mouth.
>She slurps and swallows desperately.
>You're in heaven.
>Celestia's eyes blaze whitely. Her body is enveloped in a golden glow. She lets you slide from her mouth as she stands, magic crackling in the air around her.
>Luna looks up at her, impressed.
>She looks down upon you, her figure majestic and godlike.
>"My turn," Luna says.
>Celestia nods as her sister gobbles you into her mouth.
>Goddammit, she's drooling again.


Oi. Tripcode up. I wanna know when it's you.
File: Twilight Stop....jpg (73KB, 1138x854px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilight Stop....jpg
73KB, 1138x854px
>You are anon again.
>And you carry your desperate friend up to your bedroom.
>Her tail is twitching like crazy, looks like she really needs it.
>Also you notice a strange musky smell.
>Oh... Yeah she really is excited.
>You fasten your speed, now taking two stairs per step.
>In a matter of no time you arrive at your bedroom door.
>You open it and put Twilight gently on your bed.
"I'll be right back. Just taking some precautions, OK?"
>She nods, not taking her eyes off you.
>You better close the window and shut the curtains.
>Better safe than sorry.
>Mama Femanon did not raise a fool.
>Mama Femanon did not raise a horsefucker either ... Oh well.
>You close the window and shut the curtains just like you intended to do.
>You could have sworn you heard a muffled voice.
>Sounded like "Duck or Buck" or something similar.
>You shrug and turn to Twilight again.
>She's looking at you with her big purple eyes, half-lidden and full of lust and desire.
>She opens her mouth.
>"Are you ready now? Please don't let me wait any longer."
>Her voice sounded husky and needy.
>You walk over to your bed and lay down besides her.
>She positions herself right next to your crotch area. Her horn is already glowing faintly.
>"I will take off your pants now... then I will cast the spell, ok? I promise it won't hurt."
>You nod and she smiles in respond.
File: 1384908750398.png (143KB, 332x394px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143KB, 332x394px

finally it begins.. you better not disappoint in the lewd writefag.
I'll try. Like I said its my first time, so be gentle.
File: 21284936.jpg (46KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 640x360px
Yes... Yes. This is it. Don't fuck up now. I have faith in you.

while you're at it make twi receive her meds anally and in her vagoo too.
No promises.

I'm not a robot
Aw, no testing it in other places?
>>Mama Femanon did not raise a horsefucker either ... Oh well.

I love you, full homo.
File: Twi's question.png (396KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi's question.png
396KB, 1000x1000px
>She undoes your pants with her magic and pulls them down.
>Your little soldier is already standing at half mast.
>Twilight is licking her lips.
>She now focuses her magic on your underpants, trying to remove them to.
>Just before she can succeed you interrupt her.
"Hey Twi. Just one more thing before you begin."
>She turns her attention from your dick to you.
>You quickly cup one of her cheeks in your left hand and pull her face to yours.
>Your lips meet hers and her eyes shoot open.
>Looks like you surprised her.
>But she quickly relaxes and closes her eyes. She's enjoying it.
>The kiss lasted or what it seems a small eternity. It was far more beautiful than you have ever imagined.
>When she breaks the kiss she suckles at your lower lip for a moment.
>She inhales deeply a few times, looks like she was out of breath, before giving you another quick peck on the lips.
>"Hehe yeah... That was one of the things I wanted to discuss later",she says smiling.
>No more interruptions now ok?"
>You chuckle.
"Yes, I promise."
>"Pinkie promise?"
>You chuckle once again, and put one hand over your right eye.
"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!"
>Her smile grows wider.
>"That will do...."
>She puts another quick peck on your lips, this time with a little tongue..
>"Now back to business."
I know, I'm a horrible tease
File: IMG_20140501_035929.jpg (182KB, 1080x862px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182KB, 1080x862px
I came.
File: 1399730649712.gif (173KB, 225x224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173KB, 225x224px


>"Pinkie Promise?"

>Suddenly, Pinkie Pie rushes out from under your bed and joins Twilight for a double-blowjob session, both her tongues swirling and curling around your member as they make out over your meat.

Didn't expect that one, did you, anon'?
File: Mulder.png (671KB, 1184x894px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
671KB, 1184x894px
>mfw this whole thread
File: 1419900558461.jpg (29KB, 422x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 422x422px
>Her attention shifts again to lil'anon.
>This time she wastes no time and pulls your underwear right off your legs.
>Your dick now stands is now fully errect. The kiss certainly helped with that.
>Twilights eyes her prize. Her breathing becomes faster and shallower.
>"Y-Yes, finally."
>Her horn gleams brighter and you feel a warm feeling in your lower abdomen.
>Your balls feel suddenly so full. Not painful but not pleasant either. You fight to supress a groan.
>Satisfied with the result she stands up and lies down again between your legs.
>Burying her snout in your testicles she takes a deep whiff.
>"Thats the stuff... You shouldn't shower after workout more often ... I like it."
>That almost felt too good, you can only nod in response.
>"Hehe that good? Just you wait."
>She takes a big lap up from your testicles to the tip of your penis.
>Her tongue dances around your shaft, as if shes trying to memorize every vein on it.
>"I love the form ... It's so different than a stallions dick. Makes it so much easier to take it into my mouth."
>She puts the tip into her mouth and quickly bobs her head down and up, sucking on your glans before releasing your penis once again.
>"Also you last so much longer... I can finally enjoy myself."
>She smiles and looks directly into your eyes before going down again.
>You feel your hand moving towards her head. Looks like she wants you to guide her.
>You are not one to refuse a lady her wish. So you gently push her head down.
Taking my dog for a quick walk, will be bck writing in 10 minutes.
Feel free to critique and suggest other things.
Im too hard to suggest anything
I have a little question. Can you send us pic of your street, or city? I wanna guess where are you from. (not stalker or something)
Sorry no pics since my cellphone is an utter piece of shit. But I'm from germany if you really want to know.
I will take this as a good sign.
Back to writing now.
File: 1419205145632.png (1MB, 620x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 620x600px
How far from Szczecin?
Uh Stettin. Isnt this near berlin somewhere? So quite a bit.

*breathes heavily*

K-keep writing.

And get a pastebin.

Do germans endorse race purification? Or do they find it hot to race mix?
Yes it's near Barlin, I don't actually live in Szczecin but near, from my home to "Berlin" I have almost 2 hours with a car. And frankly I only like Autobahns for no speedlimits but man, 2 euros for toilet?
Sorry got kinda distracted. My brother is strolling around my trying to find out what I write. Will start again soon.
File: 13421234.gif (67KB, 230x230px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 230x230px
it's 2 in the morning! Shouldn't he sleep right now? Or he wants to fap to?

The struggle is real. I remember when my sister (who is even more into MLP than me) asked me what I wrote.

>Uhhh. Some Twilight Sparkle as a vampire. Mostly human in Equestria.
>Can I read some?!
>N-no. No, it's fine. Really.
Are you Silver Smoulder ?

Sounds mildy interesting. Post a link to it. I'll be willing to give a few paragraphs a read. More if I'm hooked.

Nah, I'll wait until Germanbro is done.
Just noticed that both of those are tripdubs
>Soon you are balls deep into her mouth.
>And oh boy does it feel good. Far better than you remember.
>Her tongue wraps around your dick like a warm slippery worm. Coiling up and down your shaft.
>You are not sure how long you can endure such a treatment.
>Feeling that you slowly use your focus, Twilight redirects her magic to a place where it can have more fun.
>Directly to your balls.
>She's massaging in a way that you can't describe.
>Like a thousand tiny hands pressing, tugging and carressing at once.
>You let out a loud moan.
>Twilight chuckles into your cock and begins to slowly bobbing up and down on it.
>The combined feeling is heavenly. You start to thrust your hips matching her pace
>The speed of her bobbing increases and her tongue wraps tighter around your dick.
>You let out another loud moan and put your hand on her head again.
>She locks her eyes with yours. God this is so hot.
>Her horn lights up again and the feeling on your balls intensifies tenfold.
>Now you are sure that you can't hold out much longer.
"I'm cumming soon Twi ..."
>Taking this as her cue she increases her speed once again. Now she's fully milking your cock.
"Twi ! "
>You press her head down one last time and let loose.
>Spurt after spurt you shot your sticky cum down her throat.
>She swallows it all, never loosing eye contact with you.
>You are not sure how much you came or how long but Twilights spell surely did its work.
2/3 I think
Finish while we all have quads based CrossRoads

Nevermind, I found it.

Also, I said to post a link, not the entire story. So that wouldn't interfere with our writer's story in the least. But I'm not here to argue with you, this'll be the last post regardless of how you reply.
>You remove your hand from her head. You feel... drained.
>Twilight is still sucking on your tip and massaging the rest of your dick with her magic. Seems like she tries to get every drop out of it.
>Finally satisfied she removes her mouth from your cock with a loud *plop* and smacks her lips.
>She has a goofy grin on her face. Looks like your semen did its job.
>You gently pick her up and cradle her in your right arm. She lies her head in the crook of your neck.
>"That hit the spot...."
>You chuckle.
"I am to please."
>She moans softly.
"Are you feeling better now?"
>"Mhhmm. Yes. Thanks anon."
"Want to stay like that for a while?"
>She nods.
>"Yes please. I'm feeling pretty drowsy right now."
>You give her a kiss on her forehead and begin to gently pet her mane.
>It's softer than you ever imagined. Like silk made out of kittens.
>Twilight leans into your touch
>"This feels nice ... You should do this more often."
>You smile.
"Whatever you want Twi."
>She raises her head and kisses you. This time not a kiss of lust but one full of love.
>Twilight breaks the kiss and those big lavender eyes of her stare into yours again.
>"You know ... "
>Her cheeks burn up again.
>"About that thing I wanted to discuss with you."
>You put a finger on her lips, smiling.
"I know Twilight."
>Embracing her into a big hug you whsper into her ear.
"I know what you want to say, and I think I feel the same way."
>She pulls her head back a bit and then presses it against yours.
>"You do?"
>Forgetting Pinkie saying "creamy creamy frosting" with a blatant jizz face
and discord in a sexy french maid uniform (if you're into that)
Ponies addicted to cum is my fetish.
"Yeah ... but..."
>"W-What ?" she looks a bit crestfallen.
>Gently stroking her cheek you pull her a bit closer.
"We kinda rushed into this whole ... thing. You know with the addiction stuff and what not?"
>She nods, still having a worried look on her face.
"So I kinda want to start over. Building a relationship takes time. Especially a strange one like ours."
>You boop her on the nose. She smiles again.
>"I...I understand. So whats your plan then?"
>Running your fingers through her mane you thing for a bit.
>Another boop.
"I want you to find a cure for your addiction."
>She giggles.
>"I will need another sample for this."
"I think I can help you with that."
>"And then?"
>You lift her up a bit.
"Then... How about a date?"
>Twilight smiles grows wider.
>"I think I can live with that."
"Then its settled."
>You pull her in for another kiss.

Hmm thats it. Dunno how to end it properly since I'm tired.
I hope you enjoyed it.
>no scene where rainbow clops while watching twilight suck anon off

shit story
Pastebin if someones interested.
Going to bed now, good night anons.
Have a good night.
What kind of fag WOULDN'T be into that
Maybe someone else will write about some more extensive testing prodecures.
God fucking dammit /mlp/, why do you keep giving me more fetishes
File: fit in a nutshell.jpg (60KB, 1199x468px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fit in a nutshell.jpg
60KB, 1199x468px
>muh gainz
File: cum bucket.png (138KB, 1500x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cum bucket.png
138KB, 1500x600px
pinkie a slut
bitchin m8!
good job
I lol'd
File: 1402994575664.gif (2MB, 350x193px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 350x193px
File: 1418699265747.jpg (35KB, 661x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 661x720px
File: 1417040165086.jpg (48KB, 600x626px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 600x626px
>This. Fucking. This.
File: 21113731.jpg (24KB, 387x309px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 387x309px
>shit story
because im sure you can write a better one.

This is how i drink beers. I can drink a beer in less than 40 seconds flat. Can you ?
I've been a guest in a german student fraternity is that the right word?
Holy shit, i've seen drinking speeds...
topest of keks

>farewell, my sides!
Also I'm going to write a rainbow masturbation scene, since some anons wanted it.
Will deliver in a few hours.
Thank you based CrossRoads
I can drink a 6 pack in 5 minutes.
>Be Skittles again
>Things were getting interesting right now, but your workout partner decided to ruin it for you.
>He closed his window and shut his fucking curtains.
>What do you do now?
>Slowly descending to the ground you think for a bit.
„Of course!“
>You dash over to his living room window.
„This one is still open!“
>You give yourself a pat on your back.
“Sometimes I'm to smart for this world.”
>”Yeah for the world of retards!”
>Who said that!?
>Fucking BonBon.
“Shut your fucking trap BonBon! Go away before I shove these disgusting droppings you call sweets in every genital you own!”
>She snorts and walks away.
“Yeah, I thought so.”
>Now back to operation “Spy on your two best friends having kinky interspecies sex”.
>Yeah, even the name is ingenious!
>You should do this professionally.
>First you should check that nopony is looking.
>Taking a quick look around you and …check !
>In you go!
>Maybe with a bit too much force since you bump into Anon's table with your head.
>Rubbing your head you whine.
>You hear something fall over.
>Is this?
>Oh fuck it is!
>Anon's favourite cup is rolling to it's doom.
>He would kill you if anything happens to it.
>And far worse, it would blow your cove!
>You leap forward, hoping to catch it in time.
>Pfft who needs hope. You are fucking Rainbow Dash.
>Of course you manage to catch it.
>You gently put Cuppy back on the table,
>Looking towards the stairs, you begin to grin.
“Now to the good stuff.”
Figuring out now how to write masturbation. Wish me luck.
File: Rainblow Blush.jpg (90KB, 900x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rainblow Blush.jpg
90KB, 900x720px
>You slowly creep up the stairs.
>If they hear you, your whole plan will collapse like a house of cards.
>Twilight and Anon would be angry.... but not surely not for long.
>Nopony can stay angry at the Dash.
>And what's worse you would have to go without your live porn show.
>Finally reaching your destination at the top of the stairs, you ponder for a bit.
>Should you really do this?
>This is an intimate moment for those two...
>Of course you should do this! You are horny as fuck!
>Taking a comfy position and making sure your right hoof can reach everywhere it should, you take a deep breath and prepare for what you are about to see.
>Your best pony-friend sucking your best nonpony-friend off.
>Okay... here goes nothing.
>You press your face on the door and start to look through the keyhole.
Going to take a dinner break. This will take a while. Leave critique and suggestions in the meantime.
on the whole story if possible
Made an article for this thread on Mulpwiki:
You're doing fine so far. The characters seem consistent enough, and I'd like to see where you take this.
You're making some typos (I fixed them or at least those I've found for the wiki version of the story), and it sometimes feels as if you come up with a sentence in German and then translate it to English, but it wasn't enough to really bother me while I read the story.

As far as suggestions go:
Maybe have Rainbow want to get in on it too, and when Anon and Twilight are having Dinner at Sugarcube Corner or whatever, have Rainbow Dash come by "randomly", kind of being a third wheel to Anon's and Twilight's annoyance.
She could then ask about what they were doing and clumsily try to worm her way into it.
Maybe have Anon get suspicious and ask Rainbow Dash what she's been doing in turn, to which she comes up with a blush and a bad excuse.
File: Dash Smirking.jpg (86KB, 685x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dash Smirking.jpg
86KB, 685x800px
>You had to adjust yourself a bit, but finally you can see clearly now the rain is gone
>Twilight is sitting next to anon, who sadly still has his pants on.
“Come on...”
>You begin to drool a bit.
>”...ok? I promise it won't hurt.”, you hear Twilight saying.
>She's pulling his pants down. Finally you will see anon's schlong. You always wondered what it would look like.
>He's wearing pants underneath his pants!?
>You groan.
“Hurry up Twi ...”
>Twilight directs her magic at anon's second pair of pants.
>”Hey Twi. Just one more thing before you begin."
>What now ?!
>Huh? He's kissing her?
>How sweet. But not what you are here for.
>At last she breaks the kiss.
>Uhhh... more talking.
>You decide to zone out for a bit.
>”Now back to business.”
>Finally !
>Twilight pulls anon's underpants, or whatever they are called, right off. His dick popping out like whack-a-mole … mole.
>It's bigger than you imagined and looks like a purple-headed tan coloured snake. You quite like the look.
>Deciding that it's now the right time to begin yourself, you move one hoof south,
>You start slow. Drawing small circles around your teats with the tip of your hoof.
>She's casting a spell now. You heard her talking about a spell before but you didn’t really listen.
>You wonder what it's for, when you see Anon's balls begin to swell.
>Oh Twilight you kinky, kinky bookworm.
“Heee...”, your voice was husky now.
“Didn't know she was into that.”
Yeah I really should prove read my shit more carefully.
Thanks for posting it on the wiki and of course for the suggestions.
File: 1401493009404.png (96KB, 586x498px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96KB, 586x498px
Nice story.
File: 1395613844004.png (184KB, 758x888px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184KB, 758x888px
>Twilight stands up and positions herself between anon's legs.
>She presses her muzzle into his balls. His sweaty, musky balls …
>By Celestia you can only imagine what they smell like.
>Your hoof now kneads your crotchtits. This will have to suffice for. Don't wanna cum too fast.
>Gently flicking one your nipples you let out a soft moan.
>Twilight's tongue is now exploring anon's cock.
>She's licking it like a popsicle.
>Finally she takes it into her mouth... but not for long.
>She comments on it's form and on how long anon can last.
>This makes you even hornier and …. a little bit jealous.
>Maybe if you can... yes.
>Now fully leaning on the door, you can use two hooves now.
>Your other hoof goes down even further.
>Softy tracing the outlines of your marehood.
>You can feel it winking rapidly, probably ruining anon's with the fluids it pushes out.
>But you couldn't care any less right now.
“Ohhh... Yes~”
>Anon now fully entered her throat.
>You can hear her gag a bit.
“Yeah~ Take it all you filthy whorse...”
>Your hooves work now in tandem. Rubbing both your teats and your marehood. Slowly building up a familiar pressure in your loins.
>She's using her magic on his balls now. Sometimes you wish you were an unicorn, the things they can do. Oh boy.
File: legend-dairy.jpg (124KB, 960x539px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124KB, 960x539px

You sick bastards with your lactose fetishes. Geez.
File: 1395610875622.jpg (536KB, 2000x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
536KB, 2000x1500px
>He's starting to facefuck Twilight. Steadily increasing his pace while she increases hers.
>Oh Celestia you need something inside you. Your hoof is just not enough.
>Luckily you know where anon keeps his flashlight. Its in the drawer right next you.
>You quickly fish it out and rub it against your marehood to lubricate it.
>Fixing it between your hind legs, you slowly lower your hips.
“Y-Yes … Fuck me anon... Fuck me good...”
>Holding onto the drawer to steady yourself, you begin to ride the flashlight.
>Roughly rubbing your clit with your free hoof, you let out another moan. Slightly louder this time.
>You can feel the end coming soon.
>”I'm cumming soon Twi ...”
>Looks like anon's ready too.
>You want to cum at the same time.
>The glow on anon's testicles as well as your's and Twilight's speed intensifies.
“Cum … Cum for me … inside me...”
>He pushes her head down and groans.
>Shooting his cum down her throat.
“I want your foals!”
>With one final push of your hips you reach your own orgasm. Your vagina gushing out several squirts of marejuice.
>Suppressing a moan your whole body shudders.
>You take a deep breath. This was … intense.
>That whole impregnation fantasy really pushed you over the edge.
>Slowly you remove the flashlight from your lovetunnel and put it besides you.
>You peek through the keyhole again. Hopefully they cuddle or something so you have some time to clean up.
This is really fucking good.

Who have you read for inspiration?
File: 1395610093379.jpg (1MB, 3000x2120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3000x2120px
>Yep they are cuddling. And talking about something.
>You really would like to spy on them more but you have a mess to clean up.
>The second time this day.
>You sigh.
>Tip hooving(?) to anon's bathroom you grab two towels, soak one with water and rush back to the puddle of marejuice you created.
>Since you are Rainbow Dash the carpet is clean again in no time.
>Its still smelling a bit, but he will surely think its from Twilight.
>Dumping the two towels into his laundry bin, you descend the stairs. Silently of course.
>You take one last look up the stairs.
“Thanks anon...” you chuckle.
>Your wings lift you off the ground and you leave anon's house through the same window you entered it.
>You really needed a bath.
>Yeah that would be the perfect ending for a perfect day,
>”There she is officer! She broke into the strange monkey's house, I saw it with my own eyes! I'm sure she stole things to feed her drug habits!”
>What the actual fuck?
>Shocked you stopped dead in your tracks... well flight.
>Fucking BonBon called the guards on you.
>And she has a smug grin on her face.
>One of the guards adresses you.
>”Miss. Would you please follow us to the guard house?”
>You were to flabbergasted and tired to object, so you follow the guards.
>Bonbon is still grinning like mad.
>Turning your head around you see that she's still grinning like a mad mare.
>She mouthes something.
>You think it was “Don't drop the soap.”
>One day you will kill her.
Thanks !
I've read all kind of stories from all sorts of writefags in my time as a horsefucker... So I can't give you a particular inspiration.

This >>21454181 concludes the story... atleast for now.
Critique and suggestions are always welcome.

What do you think those tentacles were doing the whole time Celestia and Luna were immobilized and Twilight was hallucinating from drinking magic cum?
File: 1396917580740.png (3MB, 1207x1921px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1207x1921px
I also made myself a pastebin account.
When this episode was new someone wrote this and I saved it because unf
here ya go
File: Professor Lillith.png (69KB, 326x609px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Professor Lillith.png
69KB, 326x609px
Luna is properly voiced. This pleases me.

Thanks for the story, had some nice laughs.
File: Stompy.png (429KB, 791x1011px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
429KB, 791x1011px
Thanks for reading it. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Bedtime bump
I'm fucking crying, god damn anon
File: 130.gif (2MB, 177x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 177x150px
what a shitty ending
I might continue this one in this Anon's stead, though I won't be able to post anything until the morning or evening tomorrow.
Do it
Don't expect great things though, but I'll give it my best.
Everything is close to everything else in Europe.

Try fucking living in the states.

Gotta travel an hour and a half just to get to fucking work.
File: 1401279034872.jpg (57KB, 734x721px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 734x721px
It's only a temporary ending.
If you don't like it feel free to make suggestions on how to improve it or anything else
Suggestion: have Dash be proven innocent with nothing stolen, so no real evidence, and plus an element of harmony that saved equestria before, then start a 3 way relationship
Fucking this.
Incase any retards on this board are confused I'm suggesting the 3 way be between Dash, Anon, and Twilight not with BonBon because she's a bitch also have BonBon get cancer or some shit and roll over and die
Or, Dash wanting revenge on Bon Bon, starts slipping her anon's cum to make her addicted without knowing why.
But to do that she would need to get to Anon so my 3 way idea still stands plus Dashie is my waifu
Herd fanon yay or nay?
Or a "normal" relationship between Twilight and anon, and Rainbow Dash tries to get a piece of the hot monkey dick cake?
I say yes to a 3 way relationship between Dashie, Anon, and Twilight
File: TwiDash ear lick.jpg (513KB, 863x777px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
TwiDash ear lick.jpg
513KB, 863x777px
Going to do some stuff now, taking the dog for a walk and such things. Then I will think about how I'm going to tackle this.
Expect an update in the evening eurofag time
Another thing:
Bicurious Rainbow / Twilight?
Sure some bi, but mostly Anon fucking Dashie and Twilight
Yeah I mean it could be like anon fucking Dash while she eats out Twilight or something.
I will think of something
Other way around. After all, Twilight's still addicted to Anon's cum, if he cums inside rainbow dash, no reference intended, she's probably not going to be able to help herself.
Bump for more cum addicts
Start of part 2.
>You are anon again.
>And you just woke up from a nap with your new marefriend... well soon to be marefriend, Twilight.
>She's still sleeping peacefully in your arms, with a smile on her face.
>You wonder how long you two slept...
>Mmhh its only five in the afternoon. Should be fine to stay like this for a while more.
>Gently running a hand through her mane you think for a bit about this whole situation.
>You certainly liked her.
>She was pretty much the first pony who accepted you, after your arrival in equestria.
>Which you don't really remember any more.
>Anyway … Twilight was always there for you when you needed her.
>She introduced you to her circle of friends. Helped you settle in Ponyville. Explained how to act around other ponies, since your dark humour tended to scare and intimidate the villagers.
>Heh... she even wrote a small guide book for this. Just for you.
>It's still one of your most prized possession.
>Twilights stirs in her sleep and lets out a cute little yawn.
>Heart status: muh.
>But …
>Is it really love?
>You will see.
>First things first, Twilight has to find a cure for her addiction.
>Even if she will be your marefriend, which meant she would have an infinite supply of your cum, you doubt this would be healthy lifestyle.
>Hopefully she will find one.
>The thought of you being a “drug dealer” really bugged you.
>You don't want her to suffer.
File: 1393028977655.png (16KB, 200x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 200x300px
The more the merrier.
>You don't want her to suffer.

Speak for yourself
applause please, for THIS guy >>21444930
File: 1399241994092.jpg (198KB, 1528x1516px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198KB, 1528x1516px
>mfw I find a great story in what I expected to be another shitty thread.
>Is it really love?
please dont fuck it up, it's awesome so far
Sorry I'm just not a great fan of sadism. Maybe someday I will try writing a story like that, but we will see.
>>21464439 probably
Oh stop it, you are making me blush. don't stop
I'm trying my best not to.
Ah don't worry about it. I'm not usually a real fan of sadism myself.

Just well... the idea of her addicted to anon's cum, desperate for another hit and willing to use experimental magic on him to fulfil her desires is a hot one.
File: Oh my gosh.png (114KB, 770x568px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oh my gosh.png
114KB, 770x568px
Repost because of abysmal grammar

>Another stir from Twilight.
>She smacks her lips.
>Looks like she's awake.
>”Mhh.. An.. Anon?”
“Morning sleepyhead. Slept well?”
>You ruffle her mane which rewards you with a giggle..
>”Never better. You are really comfy, you know?”
“Glad to hear that.”
>She stretches her legs before snuggling closer to you.
>”What time is it?”
“A quarter past five. You have to be somewhere?”
>Shaking her head she puts her head on your chest, locking eyes with you.
>”Not really.... I wanted to create the cure today so I cancelled every other appointment.”
“What about Spike?”
>”He's at Applejack's. Helping her watch the Crusaders.”
“That’s nice of him.”
>Giggling she nuzzles your chest.
>”Sweetie Belle forced him.”
“Poor lad. Must be hard to grow up in a nearly female only environment as a boy.”
>”That's why I'm glad that you are here. He really needs a male role model.”
>You pick her up and lay her on your torso.
“But he's not the only one who needs me hmmm?”
>She blushes, oh god you love when she does that, and paws your chest.
>This pony just earned herself a big squeeze.
>Mmmh? A squeaky pony? Could be a coincidence...
>You squeeze her again.
>”Eeeep ! A-Anon stop!”
>You chuckle.
“Sorry. Just testing a theory of mine.”
>”What kind of theory would that be?”
“If ponies squeak when I squeeze them. Looks like I'm right.”
>”Oh anon ….”
Yeah I give you that. Who doesnt like to be in power?
Maybe I can work something like this, but tamer, into the story.
File: 1395609754370.jpg (111KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111KB, 800x800px
Fleshed the scene out a bit more. Wasnt happy with it.
>Smiling she leans forward and plants a kiss on your lips.
>Soft at first, but then with a bit more force.
>Her tongue tries to pry open your lips and you comply.
>Kissing a pony sure is different.
>Her tongue is much broader and longer than yours but not as flexible.
>She fights for dominance but you are not willing to give in easily.
>Putting a hand on the back of her head, you begin to scratch the base of her ears.
>This elicits a muffled moan from her.
>Your tongues intertwine one last time and she breaks the kiss.
>Awww... you wanted more.
>She's a bit out of breath but you can't blame her. This kiss was pretty intense.
>”You know ….”
>The lavender unicorn looks at you with half-lidden eyes.
>”I have a theory or two, I want to test myself ...”
>Now you are intrigued.
“And these would be?”
>Her cheeks turn crimson again.
>”If ….”
>Twilight presses her crotch into yours.
>”...the “treatment” works vaginally too...”
>A stray hoof draws small circles on your chest.
>You gulp.
>She licks her lips.
>Oh boy … looks like you will get more.
File: Tired Twi.png (499KB, 1024x788px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tired Twi.png
499KB, 1024x788px
Updated the pastebin.
I'm also taking a short break now.
Later mates.
Thanks for the green, Cross! We'll see you soon.
Short story update.
„T-Twi …?
>She tilts her head sideways.
„Isn't this a bit soon... Not that I would mind but...”
>”Hmm? What do you mean, anon?”
>You cup her cheek in your hand and run a thumb over the soft fur there.
>It feels silken.
“We pretty much just confessed that we like each other a few hours ago, it was under some pretty strange circumstances I admit, but...”
>She leans into your touch.

So what do you want anons. Clop next or first some more story.
I'm going to friends now for some beers,so I'm nut sure if I can update again tonight.But i will try.
maybe a little clop right now and more later?
Well I'm conflicted abou that too. I would naturally say clop... but the story would have left some unused romance potential.
On the other side I've seen stories starting as clop then shifted to romance and never returned to clop anymore... that would be srsly bad.

So as >>21465526 says
>little clop
which what I could imagine as something like assisted masturbation for relief, maybe? but not intercourse right away or so.
I'm not really good at these suggestions.
>assisted masturbation for relief, maybe?
He should keep it story and cum related so cum bath?
like lets say that they get things started and then they get interrupted
*gak* *gak* *gak*
Storeh nao.
Maybe have them decide to do it later, have twilight leaves the room and smell the love juices from rainbow, have her get aroused from it and have a little thing with that maybe
File: 1415585949521.gif (918KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
918KB, 500x281px
And fireworks too.
Good first attempt writefag it took me awhile before my tales won the approval of the /mlp douchbags.
File: 1420968699193.png (1001KB, 900x1047px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1001KB, 900x1047px
would you a twilight, /mlp/?
i'm just fucking with you, of course you would.
File: 1398830286743.png (423KB, 641x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
423KB, 641x480px
if this is honestly your first try, you're doing real fucking good.
This has me almost as caught up in it as Jeff's stories, damn.

i'm no artist, but would you mind terribly if i drawfagged a little of this?
Not him, but doooo iiiiit.
not him either, but don't ask for permission, do it, and if he doesn't like it beg for forgivne... nevermind we'll have nice drawing anyway
File: safeMaple.png (254KB, 540x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
254KB, 540x960px
spoiler: my art is actually pretty fucking terrible
seriously, i only do some simple stuff.
>pic rel8ed.
That's not bad. And even if it was, the way to improve is to practice.
I couldn't draw better so...
the eyes are strange, but overall impression is not that bad
and i like the horn-hile in the hat it is hat... right? it has similar colors to mane
maybe ears a little too big

also this >>21467163
horn-hole [proofreading needed]
thing is, i'm not even that much into drawing. It's just something i do to get stuff off of my mind, instead of getting drunk. So i don't really care much for improvement, i just didn't want everyone to think i was gonna make something huge or whatever.
Hence blacktexting "i'm no artist"

i know. I know. It's not exactly my latest drawing, either.

Honestly, i'm glad you're interested, it was just a one-time thing for fun.
Yo anons I'm back and a bit drunk !
Ok some light clop then more story, understood.
Wow I'm really flattere. I didnt think my story would be any good.
And yes, it is my first real story. I wrote some short one post stuff like pic related before, but never something like the current story.
Also I would really love some drawfagging for my writefagging. I think your style is cute.

Expect an update in an hour or so. When I'm a little more sober.
Oh yeah I forgot pic related.
looking forward to it.
File: Shylight Sparkle.gif (682KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shylight Sparkle.gif
682KB, 500x281px
“But this is a bit rushed, don't you think?”
>She smiles.
>Good, she's not angry at you for rejecting her. That was your greatest fear right now.
>”I understand anon.”
>Giving one of your fingers a little kiss, Twilight pulls herself closer to your face and rubs your cheek with hers.
>”If you wanna take things slow, I'm fine with that.”
>She nuzzles your face.
>”Its just ...”
“Do you need … you know... another fix?”
>She shakes her head.
>”No.... Please do not use this word any more... I hate it.”
>Putting your hands to good use, you start to scratch behind her ears.
>She coos.
“What is it, Twi?”
>”O-One moment please... do not stop... Ohhh....”
>One of her hind legs start twitching.
>Is she a dog?
>It's cute, so you don't mind. Even if her movements are dangerously close to your genitals.
>”How could I ever live without your hands before?”
>This makes you laugh.
>You never really thought about that, but hands are really something special.
>Especially for ponies.
“What did you want to tell me Twilight?”
>”Oh.. Oh yes... It's just...I'm...”
>Her cheeks burn up.
>”I'm really horny right now.”
>She buries her face in the crook of your neck, trying to hide her embarrassment.
“It's OK Twilight.”
>You lift her up.
“Just relax and let me work my magic.”
>”M-Magic? But you do-”
>Gently putting her down on her back, you position yourself above her.
>”Anon !”
>You kiss her.
“Relax and enjoy.”
>She gulps.
Thats it for tonight. Sorry guys, but 'I'm really fucking tired.
Pastebin is updated.
Until tomorrow mates.
File: latest.jpg (150KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150KB, 800x600px
> no! Cuppy!
anon is muggy
Thanks for keeping it alive.

And to anyone that remembers that I said I'd pick up the other story in here today, I'm sorry, today got really busy though know that I am writing more for you and should have something decent enough to post soon.
Weren't thee a couple of GIFs floating around of Twi swallowing stuff? I remember them being kinda arousing, in a hypnotic sort of way.
I know there was one of when she was drinking from a straw, from one of the eps. But I think it focused more on the animation they put into it but yeah can see how it can be kinda arousing?
bumping for crossroads story.
File: muh champ.jpg (121KB, 417x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
muh champ.jpg
121KB, 417x318px
>just done with workout and no shower yet
>balls are sweaty
>read this

muh dick, relatable story's a best.
Either something's wrong with my browser or I'm too stupid to find a "Next Page" button, but the Pastebin version is still incomplete. It ends at the part where Twalot and Anon settle down for a date, before RD's side of the story where she starts clopping. Could you please link the updated version?
Here you go >>21454404
He has put it into two parts, just click his name in pastebin then select part two.
File: 448.jpg (33KB, 600x553px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 600x553px
I looked at the first link he made, the one where he hadn't yet made an account >>21445039 which is why I couldn't find part 2. Thanks for pointing me to his account's link, based anons.
File: IMG_20150119_163751.jpg (1022KB, 3120x4208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1022KB, 3120x4208px
>be me

>get a ride home
>run into room
>turn on PC
>grab wacom board
>cable is missing
>tfw neither my OnePlus or other micro usb plugs is slim enough to fit the bamboo
>pic rel8ed

Fucking Obama care, ruining everything.
File: Twilight sweating.gif (910KB, 391x393px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilight sweating.gif
910KB, 391x393px
Greetings fellow anons.
Just woke up from a refreshing nap. Will start writing again soon.
Also I wanted to know from you guys if my clop is any good.
Man this is awkward to ask but ... does it make you feel funny in your nono zones?
Aww thats a pity. Start looking everywhere drawfag!
I don't know this arouses me so much ... So simple yet so powerful.
Why don't you post this story on fimfiction?
Hmm dunno. I think I'll stick to pastebin for now.
Are greentext stories even a thing on Fimfiction?
>does it make you feel funny in your nono zones?
Yes. Yes it does.
Not really, though you're not bad a writing.
>funny in your nono zones
well, to that... hell yeah!
File: Check'em.png (321KB, 1280x1166px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321KB, 1280x1166px
Glad to hear that.
Also these are some nice digits.
Maybe when I'm finished with this story, I will try to rewrite it in prose.

Starting on the next part now.
File: moar-cat.jpg (92KB, 735x577px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 735x577px
File: 1383957508428.png (100KB, 257x216px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 257x216px
File: 1421461523756.jpg (31KB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 960x540px
Erection engaged!

Also, please post a paste bin or something
see >>21454404
>tfw you naturally write in prose
>tfw everyone just wants you to write in green so you have to re-write everything
>tfw I have no face
File: Udklip.png (32KB, 1342x874px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 1342x874px
>be me (>>21477299) again
>find m. usb cable
>it fits perfectly in the hole in my board
>that's what she said
>finally finishing touches
>delete sketch layers to make it look a little better
>pic related happens

I'm beginning to remember why i gave up on digital art, now.

it was a pic with twilight on eye-level with the glass of fix, going "tell me your secrets.", having scribbled a lot of shit down. Thanks, CS5.
File: Twily speaking.gif (3MB, 606x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twily speaking.gif
3MB, 606x480px
>You are now Dwight Likes Sparkles and anon is on top of you.
>By Celestia just like in your fantasies.
>And several erotic stories you wrote....
>You wonder what he is going to do.
>Thousands of possible scenarios are playing out in your head right now.
>Each one hotter than the last, even if most of them are null since he said he wanted to take things slow.
>His form is towering over yours, a small grin on his face.
>You feel so vulnerable right now... So weak, so helpless... And...
>You've never been wetter than this very moment.
>He flashes his canines.
>Uhh... you have to correct yourself. Now you've been never wetter than ever before.
>One of his hands cups your left cheek while the other starts rubbing the tip of your ear.
>It slowly works his way down to the base and then gently runs in small circles towards your horn.
>Words cannot describe how good this feels
>You close your eyes and let out a soft moan.
>”Say Twilight...”
“Mmhhh...?” is the only answer right now your brain manages to form.
>”I always wondered...”
>His fingers now arrived at your horn. Tracing it's base.
>A chuckle.
>You feel his lips on yours and you lean into the kiss.
>Anon's tongue runs across your lower lip, demanding entrance.
>Opening your mouth a little, your own tongue finds its way to his.
>Slow and gentle at first, the dance begins.
>Your tongues intertwine and snake around each other.
>This is bliss.

Dunno about this part. Took me far too long to write.
>This is bliss.
Exactly, nice fucking work man
welcome back, mate.

time to prepare for goodfeels and boner?
File: Blushlight Sparkle.png (483KB, 1280x636px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Blushlight Sparkle.png
483KB, 1280x636px
>And you want more.
>You lock your forelegs around his neck and pull him closer.
>Exploring every inch of his mouth, your tongue finally finds what it was looking for.
>His canines.
>Oh by Celestia you love these. You don't know why, they are sharp and pointy and dangerous and…
>Yeah you exactly know why.
>Every time your tongue runs over the little serrations on his teeth an electric shock runs through your body.
>The feeling of vulnerability intensifies and you love it.
>You cannot suppress your moans any more.
>His fingers still runs around your horn, it drives you crazy.
>Out of breath, you break the kiss. Not that you wanted to but …
“A-Anon... please...”
>He smiles understandingly and kisses you another time before moving his head south.
>His hand begins to slowly rub your horn while the other runs across your neck, down to your chest.
>Oh yes...
>Kisses are planted along your jawline, then down your neck before reaching the sensitive flesh of your belly.
>Anon increases the speed on your horn and you moan loudly.
>His free hand crawls up your chest again fondling the soft fur there before reaching up to your face and cupping your jowl in it.
>It's thumb runs across your lips.
>You let it enter your mouth and begin to suckle on it.
>Never have you felt so good … so desired, so loved.
>He kisses further down until he reaches your teats.
First boner, then some happy feels.
Also I'm taking a small break, playing some HL2.
have fun, never played those games myself.

ALso, sounds like you're setting up Twi to have a light biting fetish... Thats hot, her being surprised by Anons sudden nibbling on her tummy/inner thigh, His teeth running across her flesh. Or, well her coat. better watch out so he doesnt get it all stuck in between his teeth?

That feel when you put most of your post in spoilers without meaning to.
>That feel when you put most of your post in spoilers without meaning to.
we all know that feel, bro.
My curiosity about Twilights fetishes increases.
Woooooooow. Woooooooow. Woooooooow Woooooooow. You would
File: sketcheru.png (2MB, 3230x2639px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3230x2639px
Drawfag reporting in.

m-muh dick

got a drink, redid the entire thing.
>pic related
sorry if it's super shit.
File: Hello handsome....png (141KB, 900x535px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hello handsome....png
141KB, 900x535px
>You put your hooves on his head.
>Feeling his hot breath on your mammaries escalates your lust into new highs.
>He licks around your right teat before blowing on the trail of saliva his tongue left.
>You shudder.
>Anon removes his thumb from your mouth, runs his now free hand down your body and puts it on your other breast.
>He starts to gradually kneading and massaging it, before gently twisting the nipple.
>Simultaneously he takes her twin into his mouth and carefully scrapes his teeth against it.
>You inhale sharply and throw your head back into the pillow.
>His other hand cannot reach your horn any more, but you couldn't care less right now.
>This... This is it.
>The sharp teeth on your delicate skin... The feeling of being at somebodies mercy.
>No not just at the mercy of somebody... at the mercy of an apex predator.
>Your apex predator.
>He would never hurt you, but he could if he wanted.
>Just the thought of this pushes you nearer to the edge.
“Aahhh.. Anon.....”
>The sucking sensation on your teat increases and this time you feel a gentle bite on its nipple.
“Ohhh.. yes... yes! B...”
>He stops for a moment, locking eyes with you.
“B-Bite me again!”
>Flicking the nipple with his tongue, he gnaws on it another time.
“Oh Celestia, yes...”, you hiss.
>The kneading and twisting on your other breast intensifies in strength, his fingers now tugging and pinching it's nipple.
>A familiar pressure builds up in your loins, begging to be released.
Yep biting fetish. Somehow I find this really hot when ponies have it. Also bloodplay on griffons, but this is for another story
Nice mate ! I really like it. I think your style is fucking cute.
Ah yeah I meant gryphons, not griffons. Those are dogs.
bump for the crossroads of destiny
File: 1421450464898.jpg (392KB, 1086x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
392KB, 1086x1920px
File: Ultra Snuggly Twi.jpg (295KB, 850x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ultra Snuggly Twi.jpg
295KB, 850x850px
>You can't believe it.
>Your climax is so close and he never even touched your marehood.
>Did you die?
>Are you in heaven now?
>Did you deserve this?
>You feel his unoccupied hand running down your side to your right hind leg.
>Grabbing your hoof, he gently presses his thumb into it's frog.
>Another bolt of pleasure rocks your body.
>This is so new to you. Never have you experienced such a treatment from a male before.
>His thumb is rubbing your frog in small circles, making you squirm from side to side.
>Your front hooves are still firmly planted upon his head, trying to force him further down.
>Finally he complies.
>But not before giving you another nibble.
“Yaaahh Anon!”, you scream.
>So close.. you are so close.
>Anon's keeping you on the edge of salvation.
>Releasing your nipple from his lips, he leans back, now kneeling before you.
>Your front hooves slide off his head.
>Taking your other hind leg with his free hand he gives it the same treatment.
“Aahhh... “, your tongue lolls out. Your breathing becomes faster and shallower.
>He kisses your ankle, and pulls you a bit closer.
>Another kiss, this time on your hock and another pull.
>Scraping his teeth against your inner thigh he pulls one last time.
>Your flanks and marehood are now right in front of his face.
>You inhale sharply.
>Your lower back is leaning onto his chest and your upper back and head are still laying comfortably on his bed.
>He's looking into your eyes.
oh, fuck yes!
File: Satisfied Twi.png (135KB, 900x770px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Satisfied Twi.png
135KB, 900x770px
>Lowering his face against your marehood, he traces the outlines of it with his tongue.
“Mhmmhh aaahh..”
>Your juices run freely down your body, dripping onto the cloth beneath.
>You are winking rapidly now, your clit pushing out more and more of your lubrication.
>Waiting for your pearl to pop out off it's hood, he takes it into his mouth and sucks on it.
>You let out a loud moan and try to lock your hind legs behind his neck, but they are still in his strong hands and still caressing your sensitive hooves.
>Your body rocks and squirms trying to find outlet for your ecstasy,
>He's taking big laps now up and down your lower lips, gently flicking your clit whenever it pops out.
“Hah ...A-An... ! Anon !”
>The pressure is nearly unbearable now... soon it will be over.
>He feels it too.
>Pressing his mouth against your entrance and let his tongue explore it.
>The feeling of his tongue squirming around your most sensible areas is too much.
“Anon !”, you cry out one last time before the mind shattering orgasm rocks through your body.
>You feel like your whole body is melting into a puddle of pure bliss.
>Your vagina contracts and spasms heavily, gushing out torrent after torrent of your own cum, which anon laps up greedily..
>Anon' tongue continues to writhe inside you as your body tries to milk it for its seed that isn't there.
>After what seemed like an eternity your body finally relaxes and your breathing becomes steadier and slower again.
File: Twi waiting for you.png (499KB, 1500x793px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi waiting for you.png
499KB, 1500x793px
>Anon withdraws his face from your marehood and gently lays you back down.
>Your mind is dazed and your muscles refuse to move.
>But you don't mind.
>Feeling the bed shift on your right side, you try to turn towards the source of the weight but to no use.
>You giggle.
>Something grabs you by your shoulders and pulls you closer to it.
>It turns you on your side and you can now see who it is.
>Hey it was anon, who knew?
>You giggle again.
“Hey anon...”
>You paw his chest with your hoof.
>He closes his eyes and smiles.
>”Hey Twi.”
>Embracing your body with his strong arms he nuzzles his face against yours and plants a small kiss on your forehead.
>”Well? Did you enjoy it?”
>You lock your hooves behind is neck and pull him in for a kiss.
>After a few moments you break it.
>”Huh that good?”
“Hey that's my line!”you chuckle. “ And … yeah. Anon you were wonderful.... Never...”
>A tears run down your cheek.
>”Mhhmm Twi? Is everything all right?”
>He strokes your cheek, catching the tear with his finger.
>You nod.
“Yes.. It's just.”, you sniff. “Never have I been treated with so much care and love. It was like a dream!”
>He presses your body closer to his.
>”Only the best for my favourite mare.”
>His fingers gently run through the highlights of your mane. Smoothing and straightening out your serious case of bedhead.
>If he keeps this up, you are in serious danger of dozing off.
File: Tired Bookhorse.png (76KB, 900x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tired Bookhorse.png
76KB, 900x540px
>”Say Twilight...”
>Opening one of your eyes you look at him.
>”I don't know about you, but I could do with a bath right now. Interested?”
>You smile and give him a little kiss on his nose.
“Of course.”

So this is it for today.
Tomorrow we will release rainbow from prison, and start to work on a cure for Twi.
Stay tuned.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
You've turned this from pure smut to slightly less smut, more feel.

To me there's too much smut out there. You've done good writefriend
This whole story was absolutely wonderful. The eroticism was more cute than lustful in my opinion, which is a plus in my book. I was literally hooked to this story during these days and I'm so glad you managed to transform a short-lived thread into some actual quality material, thank you X-roads.

I'll be honest with you: I'm not even a fan of FiM, mostly because I feel awkward at the idea of watching such a cheesy and overly-cute show, but I decided to check /mlp/ and the fandom in general out of curiosity instead of yelling "horsefuckers!" like every other idiot. Most people judge this board and the people in it from those cancerous PTS videos, but lurking in this board I learned that a lot of you are actually smart and witty, with original ideas and thoughts. And thanks to you glorious bastards I may even decided to actually watch the show sooner or later. After all, I've always had a weakspot for cute things. Enough with the confessions now, 'cause I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this

The best part of this whole thing was the love story going on between Anon and Twalot, but I also loved the biting fetish and the "so vulnerable yet so pleasing" parts. I'm not even into clopping and your work managed to get me a boner even at school (thank goodness I was sitting and alone). Good fucking job.
Buckets came today...
wow, asshole

I started out looking for comedy fics and you got me reading the kind of fic I thought I was always too self-aware to read. you caught me, fucker. Good luck with the rest.
Yesss , you see now the pearl in this oyster of Autism that is /mlp/
Aww thanks for all the praise, guys. I'm really glad that you all liked and enjoyed my story so far.
I try my best to keep the clop tasteful. I'm not a fan of stories which only revolve about sex. I'm more the romance type of guy. Even if the story consisted mostly of sex scenes so far
And if you decide to start watching the show, don't marathon it. Watch one or two episodes a day or something. You will have a better experience doing so.
You two are welcome
Thanks, I guess?
>"The pearl in this oyster of Autism"
>*Looks back at the greentext*
>"Waiting for your pearl to pop out off it's hood, he takes it into his mouth and sucks on it"
Come on, don't mention pearls now. I don't want to get into clopping before even watching the actual show.
But seriously, at this point I think it's inevitable that I will start watching mlp and like it too, so I'll just start watching it these days with utmost secrecy of course instead of delaying any further.

Pic related is my gift to you, some autism I did a while ago.
Thank you for the tip. I won't really have a lot of free time (=alone time at home) to watch it peacefully anyway, so I doubt I'll be able to marathon it. When watching a series in streaming, I mostly watch one or two episodes and then I switch to videogames or whatever I want or need to do, just to keep some variety in my day.
Good night now, here in Italy is almost 1:40 in the morning and I really need to get up early tomorrow.
I wonder when season 5 is gonna come out

Why u no show? ;_;

Oh well, I had another idea myself.


>You're sitting down and having a sandwich when there is a sudden pounding at your door.
>(Lately, Celestia and Luna have been insisting on a special diet for you.)
>(A weird mix of magical plants and nuts and shit.)
>("Volume enhancement," they explained evasively.)
>(Not that it wasn't obvious what they meant.)
>(It's not actually a horrible diet.)
>(But damned if you'll deny yourself your peanut-butter and banana sammiches.)
>You take a bite of your sandwich and try to ignore the insistent pounding on your door.
>"Anon, we know thou are about," calls a voice.
>"Danger threatens Equestria, Anon! Will you not rise to the call?" says another.
>They're going to break down your door at this rate.
>Just like they did last week.
>You get up and open your door, doing your best to look intimidating.
"What is it this time?"
>Celestia and Luna stand on your porch.
>They both have an eager look on their faces.
>"Anon," Celestia says, "know that we do not come to you lightly; but rather, because Equestria's fate rides upon your shoulders."
>Luna is staring at your crotch.
"Uh huh."
>"A treacherous, sneak attack from the... umm..."
>"Windigoes," offers Luna, just as Celestia says "Griffon Empire..."
>They look at one another in alarm.
>Luna makes the save. "What Our sister is saying, is that the Griffon Empire hath harnessed a windigo..."
>"...And so, we, no, Equestria has need of your--"
>"Your luscious seed," Luna breathes.
>"--your magical essence."
>Celestia's magic tugs at the zipper on your pants.

"What is it this time?"
>Celestia and Luna stand on your porch.
>They both have an eager look on their faces.
>"Anon," Celestia says, "know that we do not come to you lightly; but rather, because Equestria's fate rides upon your shoulders."
>Luna is staring at your crotch.
"Uh huh."
>"A treacherous, sneak attack from the... umm..."
>"Windigoes," offers Luna, just as Celestia says "Griffon Empire..."
>They look at one another in alarm.
>Luna makes the save. "What Our sister is saying, is that the Griffon Empire hath harnessed a windigo..."
>"...And so, we, no, Equestria has need of your--"
>"Your luscious seed," Luna breathes.
>"--your magical essence."
>Celestia's magic tugs at the zipper on your pants.
>You back up, intending to slam the door on them, but they push in with you before you can do so.
"Didn't you defeat a windigo last Tuesday?"
>"That was a different windigo, Anon."
"And the Griffon Empire attacked on Wednesday..."
>"Truly, they know not when to give up, Anon."
"Then the changelings on Friday..."
>"A very tricky business, that," Celestia says.
"And Tirek attacked three times last week."
>"A most resilient foe," says Luna.
>You feel their magic lift you and pull the clothes off your body.
>Resistance is futile!
"You know, none of these events has been mentioned in the papers!"
>"Thou must be taking the wrong papers, Anon."
>"Err, we wouldn't want our little ponies to panic, so we have kept the reporting to a modest article here and there in the back of the paper."
>"Oh. Yes. 'Tis what my sister says."
>They set you back on the floor, and nuzzle straight into your crotch with fascinated little licks and caresses.
>Anon Jr., the little traitor, gets hard almost immediately.
>Celestia and Luna kiss at your shaft, and then begin to slide their tongues along you in long, wet strokes.
>You can't deny how good it feels.
>With frequent experience, they've both grown quite skillful in pleasuring you.

>Now Celestia takes you into the warm cavern of her mouth as Luna lips gently at your balls.
>Thrills of delight shiver through you, and then she slowly slides you from her mouth, ending in a passionate kiss to the head of your shaft.
>Now Luna sucks you deep into her own muzzle, sucking forcefully at you until you gasp with pleasure.
>The two of them alternate their oral worship of your cock, wetly trading it from mouth to mouth.
>Their saliva and your own steadily increasing dribbles of pre coat their faces and spill down your thighs.
>You run your fingers through their manes, and trace the whorls of their sensitive horns as they work at you.
>As you feel yourself getting closer, you sometimes grab whoever is currently sucking at you by the head, and roughly face-fuck them.
>Celestia's gives little delighted squeaks when you do this, while Luna moans with a deep hunger.
>Both of them struggle to bring you to ecstasy, desperate for the taste of your sperm.
>And you, you're caught up in it once again as well, the need building in you to give them exactly what they've grown addicted to.
>You quiver on the edge of release.
>Lips and tongues and kisses and licks blissfully torment you.
>And then you feel your moment arrive.
>You shudder and gasp, as the cum surges in your cock.
>The first thick gush sprays into Celestia's mouth
>She gags, and then gulps it down.
>She lets you loose so that Luna can clamp her lips to you to taste your second pulse.
>You let loose a torrent across Luna's tongue.
>Your diet-enhanced capacity sends pulse after pulse streaming from you.
>Celestia and Luna glow in the surge of magical power your seed triggers.
>The princesses trade you back and forth, sharing you. Sometimes, perhaps deliberately, they misjudging, so that you end up spurting a generous serving of your cream across their faces.
>Eventually, the last dregs of your pleasure dribble from you, and you pant as you try to catch your breath.

>And that's when you hear your door slam open again.
>"Anon, it's an emergency!"
>It's fucking Twilight Sparkle, bursting into your home!
>"Anon, Celestia has gone power mad and transformed into Daymare Sun! I can only fight her if you let me swallow your sweet, sweet nectar to... oh... uhhh...."
>Only then does she notice Celestia right in front of her, licking the white slime of your cum from Luna's face, while Luna struggles to catch up a thick dollop of the same as it drips from Celestia's throat.
>"Well... crap," says Twilight. And then, shyly adds, "Can I have some too?"

Really the end this time.
Nice to see you come back, if you saw my update the next day I was pretty burned out Sunday.

I've written some now, It'll be ready later this evening.

LOL, no worries. Looking forward to it.

>they misjudging
"they misjudge"
Well, now that you picked it back up I'm wondering the point. What I was writing was a direct continuation of the first night. I'm glad you came back though.
>I don't know why this arouses me so much... So simple yet so powerful.

Because it's endless. Because it shows a pone so hopelessly addicted to cum that she'll think nothing of drinking it until she literally drowns herself trying to get more.

You can only imagine her normally slim figure bloating out as she greedily guzzles down your man-batter, contentedly kneading her hooves into you like a kitten suckling milk from a teat.

She is your receptacle, your personal fluid dump to do with what you please, yet she is somehow the one in control, fully aware of what she wants...

The writefriend must go on
>no story yet where the cum is enchanted and by drinking it makes twilight instantly carry your foals.
>Be Purple Butt
>Wake up next day, with no signs of withdrawals
>The only "fix" you need now is cuddling with your special green-faced human
>You consider that Anon's cum was not enchanted, nor had any kind of chemical agent to make it addictive
>Suddenly realize your subconcious induced you into this addiction
>Your feelings for him were growing since the day he came here, but you didn't even know it yet
>You never felt such attraction towards another male in your life, at least not this much
>You basically induced this addiction in your mind in hope of being loved back, which is what happened yesterday
>You didn't get what you wanted at first, so instead you got to give him a drunken bj at first and then suck him off several times over
>But now you realize you don't need your daily "fix" anymore
>Realize you're cured
>Realize Anon cured you
>Realize the love between you cured you of your addiction forever
>that doesn't mean you don't like it anymore, but at least you got rid of such an unhealthy obsession that drives you mad when unsatisfied
>Realize the ultimate truth
>Love is the cure

Fuck, now I'm covered in feels and have a boner as well, why did I do this to myself?
Wait your not CrossRoads
File: Elton John.jpg (18KB, 490x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Elton John.jpg
18KB, 490x360px
>Realize Anon is Elton John.
>>You never felt such attraction towards another male in your life
Dem feelz xD
File: Chef Pinkcellence.png (398KB, 1000x1168px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chef Pinkcellence.png
398KB, 1000x1168px
Oi mates!
Going to prepare dinner now and finish some other stuff I have to do.
Expect an update in two hours or so.
Stay fresh cheese bags
Yus Writefag ish back
Of course not, the sentences would be longer and more elaborate if it was him.
Smart man
Ok, I kinda pulled that out of my ass, I'll admit. That's because I'm the faggot from >>21481517 that hasn't watched the show yet
Eagerly waiting for you return, CrossRoads.
>You are anon again.
>And by the looks of it, you just rocked Twilight's world.
>She's laying in your arms, her face sporting a small satisfied smile.
“Okay Twi. I'm going to to prepare our bath now. Just stay here and relax a bit more.”
>You give her a small peck on her forehead.
>A nod. Heh that will have to suffice as an answer.
>Retrieving your arms from her body, you take care not to disturb Twilight too much.
>You rise from your bed and stretch your limbs a bit.
>After a few satisfying pops, your eyes wander through the room searching for your underwear.
>It's your house, but these ponies have no sense for privacy.
>Especially Pinkie. She tends to show up in impossible places at the most inconvenient of times.
>Just like last week where the pink menace literally materialized in your fridge.
>She gave you the milk you wanted to grab and walked out of your home, acting as if nothing had happened.
>Needless to say you were confused and a bit scared.
>Anyway... where are they?
>Twilight slung them on top of your floor lamp.
>Grabbing and putting them on, you open your bedroom door.
>Quietly closing it behind you step on something wet.
>You kneel down to inspect it.
>A wet spot on your carpet... could be from Twilight.
>She was pretty excited before.
>But why is your flashlight lying on your floor?
>Picking it up you immediately drop it again.
>It was sticky as hell.
Aww shit nigga

Keep on Writeguy
File: Everyone panic!.gif (974KB, 600x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Everyone panic!.gif
974KB, 600x400px
>You take your shirt off so you can use it as a glove.
>Bringing the flashlight close to your face you give it a quick sniff.
>Smells like Twilight's brand of juice.
>But not exactly the same. It's a bit muskier and sharper: Not as lovely as hers.
>This confuses you greatly.
>Did someone break into your house and molested your everyday items?
>While you were doing kinky things with the local librarian?
>What really bugs you is the fact that you found it right next to your bedroom door.
>You hope your assumption will prove itself wrong as you look through the keyhole...
>Perfect view into your bedroom.
>A shudder runs down your spine.
>Shocked you collapse onto the floor.
“Fuck. This is sick.”
>How much did she see? And more importantly …
>How much of the earlier conversation, you had with Twilight did she hear?
>Oh god what if she told everyone that the little mare, who is currently sleeping on your bed is addicted to your cum?
>Panic begins to well up in you.
>You possibly ruined Twilight's reputation.
>On the edge of tears you fall onto your back, when you see something out of the corner of your eye.
>You reach for it.
>A small blue feather. You recognize this particular shade of cyan.
>At least you know the pervert.
>Somewhat relieved you get up of the floor.
>What she did was wrong and angers you greatly, but Twilight's reputation is safe.
>Rainbow would never do something this cruel to one of her closest friends.
File: 1346005671100.jpg (102KB, 795x596px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 795x596px
oh boy, here we go!
File: ooooooohhhh.gif (478KB, 225x227px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
478KB, 225x227px
>Putting the flashlight back into the drawer you make a mental note to clean it later.
>You turn the feather in your hand.
>It shimmers a bit.
>Should you tell Twilight?
>What would happen if you do?
>Walking over to your bathroom you ponder about the pro's and con's of telling her.
>She tends to overreact a bit sometimes, and that could prevent her from finding a cure.
>But you would hiding a pretty saucy bit of information from her.
>What kind of bath additive you should use?
>Bubbly or not bubbly. That is the question.
>You decide on the bubbly one.
>Captain Donkey's brand bubble bath.
>Or how you like to call it: Ass Foam.
>This cracks you up every time.
>Oh yeah you are totally an adult.
>But there are more important things at hand.
>Drawing the water for the bath you watch the tub fill.
>You still don't have an answer...
>Maybe Captain Donkey can help you.
>You stare at the drawn portrait of the captain.
>Of course not. He can't even safe his own ass in the series.
>Putting the bottle back on the shelf you start to look for some other stuff you might need.
>Your luffa sponge, some candles for atmosphere and …
>Ah there it is.
>A brush you got from Rarity last year.
>”For when you find that special mare, darling.” She said with a sly wink.
>This brings a smile to your face.
>Indeed you might have found that special mare.
>You put the things next to the tub.
>It's almost full now.
>You turn the faucet off.
>Still no answer.
>What to do... What to do...
Taking a break now.
Feel free to leave critique and suggestions as always.
File: Jaina_Proudmoore.png (176KB, 250x358px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176KB, 250x358px
I'd tell her sometime after bath.

>What to do... What to do...
pic related
The smooth mixture of fetishes written from Twilight's perspective was great. It's a rare treat when a story really fleshes out kissing scenes like yours. The hornplay, biting, predator/prey fetish, hoofplay, attention to Anon's hands, and everything else was tip top fap material.
I liked it. Good job mate.
File: Twispin.gif (1MB, 615x809px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 615x809px
>Lighting the candles and arranging them in a somewhat romantic manner, you leave the bathroom to get Twilight.
>Your hand is already on the door handle when your gaze fell upon the feather, which rested on the cupboard.
>You sigh.
>It would probably be for the best if you tell her.
>But after the bath.
>There's no need to ruin it.
>Slowly opening the door you take a peek inside.
>She's still sleeping, the blanket wrapped around her hind legs.
>Awww is she drooling?
>You quietly sneak up on her.
>Her belly is defenceless...
>Target acquired.
>Launching raspberry in 3...
>She jolts up and breaks into a giant giggle fit.
>”Ahh-Ahaha A-Anon ! Sto- Stop !”
>You endure the assault of her marshmallow hooves and continue your relentless attack.
>Pleeheheheeassseeee.... An-Anon!”
>You remove your face from her tummy.
>She's out of breath but already calming down a bit..
>How cute. Hearing her laugh always makes your heart jump with joy.
>You sit down.
“Bath's ready, cutie.”
>This makes her blush.
>Twilight spins herself around and steps towards you.
>A small kiss is planted on your cheek.
>”This is for always being so nice.”
>Now you feel yourself blush.
>She giggles and hops off the bed.
>A bit dumbfounded you can only stare at her.
>”Race ya to the bath!”
>And off she goes.
>This mare man.
A friend of mine, who used to write fan fiction too but not for mlp once said that you never stop thinking during sex, and I try to implement that idea.
Also details are my fetish. I hate plain clop scenes in stories.
>never stop thinking during sex
>details are my fetish

you are a blessing my dear writefag.
File: 1417915489505.jpg (179KB, 640x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179KB, 640x527px
>Her belly is defenceless...
>Target acquired.
>Launching raspberry in 3...

Fucking brilliant
File: 1421631219532.png (112KB, 316x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 316x400px
If this is indeed the first time you writefag, then holy shit you have talent! If I may just give out some advice I would say be careful about the pacing. So far everything is looking good.
But if you are not sure what I am talking about you should probably watch the video below it will explain better than I ever could with words.

I know they talk about video games and it might not be your thing but what they talk about applies for story telling as well.

But so far everything is awesome!
File: Bathlight Sparkle.gif (293KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bathlight Sparkle.gif
293KB, 500x333px
>Following the purple unicorn to the bathroom, you find her already sitting next to the tub, waiting patiently.
>”First~”, she states with a smile.
>”What did I win?”
“A bath with equestria's only human!”
>”Just what I always wanted~”
>She takes a look through the room.
>”Mhhmm. So romantic. Do you do this for every girl you know?”
>You kneel down and gently stroke her cheek.
“Only for those who are worth it.
>Her face turns a shade darker and she puts her hooves on your shoulders.
>Pulling you in, she locks lips with you.
>You open your mouth and let your tongue roam free. Soon finding hers.
>Just like before she runs her tongue across your teeth, focusing especially on the canines.
>Every time Twilight makes contact with them, she lets out a soft moan.
>Breaking the kiss you stare into her beautiful purple orbs.
>You move one hand to her firm plot and lift her up. Using the other hand to stabilize her back.
“May I?”
>She nods.
>Slowly lowering her towards the water, you stop right before the surface, allowing her to dip a hoof in it.
“Is it OK?”
>Another nod.
>”It's perfect. Just like you.”
>Smiling you remove your hand from her flank and she gracefully enters the warm bath.
>Its just deep enough to cover her body up to the withers
>”Ahhhh~ Wonderful.”
>She slides over to one end of the tub and looks at you with expecting eyes.
>Oh yeah. You still have your boxers on.
>Dispatching of them, her gaze wanders lower.
>”Oohhhhh... Someone's happy to see me~”
Thanks mate! Yeah its my first time writefagging except for a few one post things.
Totally forgot they made an episode about tbis, thanks for posting and reminding me of it.
I will definitely be following your future work writefriend
Seconded. A fine addition to the list of good clop writers.

Also bump.
>Lil'anon is standing at half-mast.
>You chuckle.
“I can't help it. Not with such a beautiful mare right in front of me.”
>She splashes some water at you.
>”Oh you~.”
>With the elegance of a hippo, you manage to dodge her water-based attack.
>Lowering her upper body into the water, she bats her eyelashes.
>”Come in already. I'm starting to feel lonely here.”
>Not one to refuse a lady her wish, you join her.
>It's a bit cramped so you gently lift Twilight up by her shoulders and pull her onto your chest.
>Ahhh heaven … your name is legroom.
>Petting her mane you two just lay there for a while, enjoying each others company.
>You grab the luffa and some shampoo and begin to rub Twilight's back with it.
>Your other hand follows the sponge, massaging her muscles in small circles.
>She purrs.
“Didn't know ponies can do that.”
>”Me neither...”
>You chuckle.
>Running your hands further down Twilight's back you reach her tail.
>The hair there is still a bit sticky and glued together from her love juices.
>You put the luffa away and squirt some shampoo in your hand.
>Gently working the soap into Twilight's tail, tugging it a bit as you reach some particular tough clumps of hair.
>Hmm? Does she like this?
>You give it another soft tug.
>Indeed she does.
>This pony is full of sexy secrets.
>Twilight raises her head from your neck and nuzzles your cheek.
>”You know, if you keep this up...”
>She presses her crotch into yours.
>...we might end up dirty again~”
Last update for tonight.
Tomorrow more sexy bath times and we might even release rainbow dash from ponyvilles guardhouse.
Will I lose myself in details again, stretching out scenes far too long? Find out next time !
keep up good work, comrade
keep it up mate, best story i've read in a while.
>TFW You run out of green to read
"Gokkun" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for swallowing/drinking, essentially mirroring "gulp" in English. It's been adopted by English-speakers to refer to pornography featuring cum-drinking/oral creampie bukkake
>that feel
>lost in detail
My penis can only hope. This is a story which happens to be erotic rather than cheap erotica.
>this pic
m8, I assure you, I've seen worse. MUCH worse. This is actually pretty good. 7.5/10
Also, you've been uploaded. https://derpiboo.ru/811577

>I try my best to keep the clop tasteful. I'm not a fan of stories which only revolve about sex. I'm more the romance type of guy
Holy shit. Are you me?
And to comment yon your story:
This shit is fucking up there with 10/10 material. And for a first-timer, ON TOP OF the fact that english isn't your first language, is fucking amazing with what you've managed to write. If you ever stop writing, I will find you and tease you by forcing you to stare at a winking marevag until you write again. Only then will you be able to touch it or yourself.

>>21443108 >>21484535
Yo anons, whats up?
New green's coming soon. Expect it in two hours or so.
I'm tempted to stop writing now....
File: unf.jpg (44KB, 622x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 622x473px
File: Winklight Sparkle.png (231KB, 603x825px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Winklight Sparkle.png
231KB, 603x825px
>You gulp.
>Like a friend of yours once said: “The south will rise again!”
>And indeed it does.
>You feel your erection slowly scraping against Twilight's lower lips, as it increases in size.
>She inhales sharply and stares at you with half lidded eyes.
>”Looks like you don't mind too much”
>Twilight moves her snout next to your ear. You can feel her hot breath on it.
>”Me neither.”, she whispers.
>Giving your earlobe a small and gentle nibble, she begins to grind her marehood on your boner. Lubricating it with her juices.
>The feeling of her soft lips on your penis is heavenly. Every time she reaches the tip, you can feel her clit popping out, trying to guide your shaft in.
“T-Twi...! Wai-”
>Her hooves embrace your neck.
>”I know. Trust me.”
>You whisper a soft “OK” into her ear and return the embrace.
>She gradually increases the pace of her grinding, her breathing getting faster and shallower.
>You let your hands wander down her back to her flanks.
>She liked your teeth... you wonder if she would like this.
>Curling your fingers up into claws, you run them through the fur over her cutie marks. Your nails gently scratching the skin beneath.
>”Aachhh.... Yessssss~”, she hisses.
>Twilight's head jolts back, exposing her slender neck.
>You waste no time and place your mouth in the crook of it. Sucking on the delicate flesh before carefully sinking your teeth in it.
>”Mmaahhh... Yes … Ravage me, anon! Make me yours!”
>someone uploading my shit
Wow. Thanks, anon. Good to hear it's not all that terrifyingly bad, haha.
File: image.jpg (101KB, 740x904px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 740x904px
File: Oh my ....jpg (280KB, 914x873px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oh my ....jpg
280KB, 914x873px
>Her horn starts to gleam in a faint purple shimmer.
>A familiar feeling returns to your testicles.
>Is she casting the spell again?
>Out of reflex you bite her again, this time with more force.
>She howls. Did you hurt her?
>You remove your mouth from her neck.
>The instant you do this, she locks lips with you.
>Her tongue wrestling with yours, fighting for dominance.
>You move one hand further down her plot, slowly approaching her honey pot. Your other hand still clawing her cutie mark.
>Twilight moans into your mouth.
>Knowing what she wants you retreat your tongue.
>Soon enough you can feel her tongue running across your teeth, drawing small circles around your canines once it reaches them.
>You trace her marehood with your fingers, coating them with the nectar it pushes out.
>Once they are lubricated enough, you decide to test the waters a bit.
>You move your hand to Twilight's black ring and gently insert one finger in it.
>Her eyes shoot open and she breaks the kiss.
>Was this too much?
>Pushing your index finger in too, you to make come hither motions inside her.
>She lets out a loud moan, and intensifies her grinding. Putting her full body weight on your dick.
>”Yes. Yes. YES!”
>Her horn lights up again, focusing her magic on your balls.
>You groan and feel the end coming soon.
File: 1401492904784.png (71KB, 491x361px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 491x361px
I love the amount of detail in this story.
pls anon, don't cum before you insert
File: Shylight Sparkle.png (39KB, 700x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shylight Sparkle.png
39KB, 700x500px
“Twi... I'm...”
>Twilight presses her face against yours and stares directly into your eyes.
>”Me too...”
>She moans and her hips increase the speed of their movement.
>Her eyes take a pleading look.
>”Please...”, she whispers.
>”Inside me.”
>You wanted to take things slow. But...
>Screw it.
>She wants this.
>You want this.
>Leaning forward you kiss her deeply and begin to move your hips in unison with hers.
>The pressure in your loins grows stronger.
>Twilight's amethyst eyes have nearly rolled up into her head, tears forming and falling down her cheeks.
>Just as you were about to cum, you lift Twilight's lower body slightly up and slide into her rapidly winking marehood.
>The feeling is... unbelievable.
>Her pussy clamps down on you. Milking your cock in an almost sucking motions.
>This is too much.
>With an almost animal like grunt you let loose. Painting her insides white with your seed.
>Twilight cries out and her whole body shudders as her own orgasm ripples through her body.
>You are still ejaculating, overfilling her tight cunt as your cum sloshes out of it.
>After what seemed like an eternity, your climax subsides.
>Panting heavily, Twilight collapses on top of you.
>Her face sporting a satisfied smile and her eyes dazed from lust.
>You cradle Twilight in your arms adn the two of you enjoy the afterglow.
>The water is lukewarm by now, but you couldn't care less
>You were far too happy for that.
Sorry for keep you waiting so long.
Hit a small block with this part,
I'm not exactly happy with it, I think it could be better.
Meh. enjoy anyways.
It's good enough for Dong.
is good, comrade
File: MUHDICKKKK.jpg (558KB, 2022x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
558KB, 2022x3000px
Draw fag here. Will draw moaning twi l8r.

it was great, dude.

My dick still went
>pic related
Thanks, I still think It could be better but if you are hapyp with, I am too.
Rewrote it a bit for the pastebin, which by the way is updated. http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads

Taking a small break now.
File: Hugs.jpg (9KB, 300x168px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 300x168px
>Looking up from your chest, Twilight breaks the silence.
>”You were wonderful. Thank you...”
>You scratch her ears and plant a kiss on the base of her horn, which makes her coo.
“You were wonderful too, Twi. But you don't need to thank me.”
>”No! I do!” She blurts out.
>She locks eyes with you. An ashamed and somewhat worried look on her face.
>”I knew that you wanted to wait... but I still kinda forced you into … putting it in.”
>She hides her face in her hooves.
>”I'm so sorry! I ruined everything!”
“Twi I-”
>”No please let me finish...”
>You see tears starting to form in her eyes.
>”When you said you were close, I felt this burning desire in my brain to have your seed inside me... I tried to fight it but...”
>She sniffs.
>”It just kept getting stronger... It was so horrible. I wanted to respect your wish but I … couldn't.”
>”So I gave in...”
>You pet her mane in an attempt to calm her down a bit.
>”As soon as you released inside me.. I felt this incredible feeling of joy and satisfaction... far more intensive as when you ate me out. Not that this wasn't wonderful too but...”
>Putting a finger on her lips, you pull her closer.
“I understand. You think it was the addiction?”
>She nods.
>”Mmhmm... and I don't want this. I want to feel like this just by being with you... not from a stupid forced chemical reaction in my brain.”
>Twilight is fully crying now.
>Fuck... Poor girl.
>You rock her in your arms, humming a lullaby from your childhood.
File: 1420053903393.png (780KB, 1828x1442px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
780KB, 1828x1442px
fuck me dude
File: 1418994520150.jpg (74KB, 551x673px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 551x673px
make shorter posts, I'm trying to cap this so I narrate it on my YT channel later
>make shorter posts
go fuck yerself
i agree with >>21505919 the posts are ideal length
go fuck something with no hooves.

>Captcha: isis
File: c43.png (213KB, 1852x817px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213KB, 1852x817px
This >>21505647 was perfect
my gf's name is Isis.
>not from a stupid forced chemical reaction in my brain
but everything about relationships and love is always based on chemical reactions in brains. Shouldn't Twilight know this?
nitpicking aside really great work keep it up mate
just realized...
>ISIS terror group
>ISIS name
>ISIS food company
>it's all starting to make sense now
what is
>After a while she calmed down a bit.
>Gently lifting her chin up, you lock eyes with her.
>You stroke her cheek.
“This whole situation might be a bit crazy and confusing, but I'm sure that you will find a cure in no time”
>A smile begins to form on her face.
>Sniffing she wipes a tear from her eye.
>You pull her in for a hug. Running a hand through her lower mane.
“We will go through this together. I will stand by your side and be there for you, no matter what.”
>You feel something wet hit your shoulder.
>She's crying again, but this time those are tears of relief and joy and not of bitterness.
>”T-Thank you anon... I don't deserve you.”
“You deserve far better. But I will stay with you as long as you want me.”
>Her grip on your neck tightens.
“And to motivate you a bit more...”
>Twilight leans her head back a bit.
“...once you finish finding the cure. I will take you on a date that you will never forget.”
“Pinkie promise.”
>Her face is still puffy but the smile on it grows wider.
>She rubs her cheek against yours and whispers into your ear:
>”I love you, anon. I really do”
So this is it for today. I won't make any promises what might happen tomorrow because I can't hold on to it anyways.
It could be that I might not be able to post tomorrow, since I help a friend move.
I will try to finish as fast as possible, but this will most likely occupy my time until the late evening eurofag time. If I'm not to tired I will try to post atleast a few updates.
As always feel free to leave critique and suggestions.
Don't rush the ride, the story will end when you want it to end.
Oh I meant finish helping my friend move, not the story.
Thats a thing what I wanted to ask anyways. But since it's ok, I will keep this length for my posts.
Do you have a pb?
Yep, here you go. http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
Why are people so fucking lazy?
ctrl+f "pastebin" 17 results.
>captcha: shamefully
File: 1403174786644.jpg (351KB, 1800x1311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
351KB, 1800x1311px
Mother fucker
Mah first dubs
An excellent greentext
File: 228550[1].png (186KB, 900x1234px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186KB, 900x1234px
This story makes me happy.
Bump for writefriend
Honk for anal
I didn't know this. how have I survived so long without knowing about ctrl+f. My life has been turned upside down. Nothing is real anymore. besides delicious greentext
Honk. But not now.. be patient ponut lovers.

Was able to leave earlier then expected, because my firend thought it was a good idea to run with a cutting knife when his phone rang.
Stabbed himself in the arm and ruined his brand new white carpet.
Aynways... fresh green in about one or two hours.

Stay tuned.
File: CelestiAvatard.png (60KB, 184x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 184x184px
10/10 waifu acheived
>my friend thought it was a good idea to run with a cutting knife when his phone rang
>Stabbed himself in the arm and ruined his brand new white carpet
I am oddly familiar with this. Me and my sister were chasing each other around the house some years ago and I closed a door behind me to stop her. Thing is, the door was pic related and my sis tried to stop it with her hands, which landed on the glass instead of the wooden part. Now the scar on her wrist is barely visible, but it took several years to go away.

Anyway, now that Part 2 of your Pastebin has reached 630 lines (Part 1 being 532), I think the next post should be the start of Part 3 to keep the chapters somewhat the same lenght. Also because now we're gonna see how Rantbowl Dutch is going to get out of jail.

Consider the following. Anon learns about RD's capture and goes to the guardhouse/barracks/whatthelivingdickholetheyreevencalled. He comes up with some excuse, like that he knew about her being at home because she brought him back his (insert random object usually used during workout) that he forgot earlier. Then he'd ask her why the fuck was her feather in front of the door when he and Twerkalot Sprinkle were tongue-wrestling and shit, and the story would progress from here. Not much about clop in this suggestion, but enough to keep readers hanging, maybe. Unless of course you've already made up your mind on what to write.
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Holy shit. The same thing happened to me when I was 6 years old.
But the difference is that I nearly bled out.
Sometimes the world is strange... and scary

I will just finish the bathing screne and start part 3.
I think we should be out of the tub in about 1 and a half posts.
Must've been a hell of an experience. My sis didn't get a main vessel cut when that happened, so not much for bleeding, but the risk of a glass shard cutting the wrist's nerve was high. Thankfully nothing to worry about in the end.
And hey, at least you have an excuse when that happened. Me and my sis were roughly 10 and 14 back then but were still pretty childish compared to other kids of that age. Which is why we where playing chase, a stupid game to play inside a not-so-big house. But hey, a human has to make some mistakes in order to learn from them.

Eagerly waiting for the rest of part 2 then.
>That somewhat took you by surprise.
>Not that you didn’t suspect it but... still.
>Myriads of thoughts run through your head in this very moment.
>Do you love her too?
>You don't know.
>Sometimes you wish life came with instructions.
>Twilight stares expectingly at you.
>But what if...
>Maybe this time, thinking isn't the right course of action.
>You always considered yourself a rational person.
>But love is not rational. You can't think through love.
>You just let it happen.
>For once you let your heart decide.
>Pecking her snout, you embrace her again. Softly breathing the following words into her ear:
“I love you too, Twi.”
>She tears up again, Small droplets falling into the water beneath her eyes, making quiet splash noises.
>The two of you lay there for a while more.
>Contented with the fact that you finally found each other.
End part 2
Cut quite a bit from the last post, since it sounded like a permanent end to the story.
Starting on part 3 now. This might take some time I'm writing this whole thing more or less on the fly but expect a small twist in it !

To be honest I can't remember much of it. Was quite a while in the hospital and had no feeling in my hand for about a year.
Are you still going with the threesome/herd/whatever with Rainbow Dash? Because to me, doing that after creating this beautiful budding relationship between Anon and Twi just serves to cheapen it. I've seen stories similar to this with a wonderful connection between the love interests devolve into poorly conceived herd bu