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i'd find the guys who did it, follow them home, and shit in their corn flakes
But, are you a nerd?
Hi, OP.

Would you like a writefag?
This is what I would if I ended up as a good person.

Most likely I'll use that info to get free sex from her.
>Corn flakes, now with extra corn
"... Who did this?"

Yes he would fucking love a writefag.
OP here.
You are weak, you must show your dominance. When the bullies get to you, the only way to win is to destroy them completely.
Is anon gonna have to beat.some bitches?
Please include anon shitting in cornflakes
She looks really cute in that photo.

Alright, Alright. Here goes

>You raise an eyebrow at her, skeptical.
"You didn't do anything other than be a nerd?"
>"I assume so...I don't think I've wronged them in any way."
>She begins look from left to right, looking for something.
>You glance down at a pair of glasses on the floor.
>Feeling pity for her, you kneel down and pick them up for her.
"You looking for your glasses?"
>She glances towards you and nods her head.
>Holding them up to your face, you notice that theres a large crack in the left lens.
>"What? Is there something wrong?"
>You both stand across the street from the high school, classes being over for the day.
>You were doing your daily routine, going home for another day of internet surfing...until this happened.
>Handing her glasses to her, she slides them on.
>"Oh no..."
"I'm sorry...I wish that I could-"
>"No. Its not your fault..." She tries ending her sentence with your name.
"Oh, uhh...Anon."
>You put your hand behind your head.
"I still feel bad, though."
>"Theres no reason for you to feel that way. Thanks for helping me find them, though."
>You nod and she begins to walk towards what you assume is the direction towards her house.
"Hey, uhh...Twilight?!" you shout towards her.
>She turns around and looks to you.
>Walking back up to her, you try to say your next line as smoothly as possible.
"Maybe I could, I dunno..."
>Come on, easy...
"Walk you home from now on?"
I want my cum to travel at such a high velocity that it pierces the cracked glass of her classes.

>And now that they've seen me talking to you, they're going to do things to you too

She just creepypasta'd you into being bullied with her
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more plox
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>You dry your hands with some paper towels and pelt the trash canned Scilight in her dorky grill
>"No one asked to hear your life story, square."
you're not a nerd, you're a poorly concieved tv stereotype.
so you deserve it, your hollywood science could but wont save you

Alrighty then.

>"Walk me...home?"
>Her face flushes red.
>You nod at her and make direct contact, trying to make yourself seem as serious as possible to avoid any misunderstanding.
"Look, if they try to mess with you again, I'll make sure that it won't happen. Okay?"
>"Anon, I don't think you want to get mixed up wi-"
"I already made my decision. They can't be that bad."
>Theres a pause.
"Who is bothering you, anyway?"
>She fumbles with her backpack, hesitant to answer.
>"Trixie and her friends."
>Oh fuck.
>Anyone but Trixie.
>Not only is she one of the most obnoxious students at your school, but she is more than a pain to deal with. She's one of the most stubborn and aggressive people you know.
>You've tried avoiding her like the plague at school, having little confrontation with her up to this point.
>Twilight notices you thinking about it, and takes that as reluctance.
>"Yeah. Its that bad."
"Well, look, I-"
>"I appreciate you wanting to help, Anon...but this is something I have to bear. Don't feel obligated to get involved. You know her and her goons are relentless. Don't make your High School days harder than what they have to be."
>You don't really know what to say.
>She gives you a quick grin and starts to head home once again.
>She turns around again, a puzzled look on her face.
"Do you want me to walk you to school from now on or not?"
>She looks shocked by your sudden advancement.

Goddammit, I don't know who I love more.

>"I guess...I mean, I suppose...if you really want to..."
"Then its settled. I'll meet you at the front of school after class from now on. Hows that sound."
>She nods weakly, face still flushed a bit.
>"Anon...I don't understand why you want to help me so much. We've barely even talked..."
>You wave your hand dismissively.
"I'd do this for anybody. I don't like seeing people get hurt. And even if I have to stand up to someone as bad as Trixie in order to make sure it doesn't keep happening, I'll do it."
>Twilight rubs her shoulder.
>"Thats very noble of you, Anon."
>You can feel your face get a bit warm as well.
"Anyway, if you just wait for me at the statue, I'll meet up with you tomorrow."
>She nods and then smiles.
>"Okay, anon."
>This time, you turn around waving to her.
"Catch ya tomorrow, Twilight."
>"Yeah. See you, Anon."
>Walking in opposite directions, you give it a few minutes until your ample distance from her.
>You think to yourself, "Yes! I did it!" With a mental fist pump.
>Something as bad as bullying as created a situation like this. Who'da thought.
>Theres only one drawback though:
>You start thinking about how you're possibly going to deal with the likes of her.
>Anyone who tangles with her usually gets ripped apart.
>You walk down the side walk, backpack slung over your shoulder, in deep thought.
>Thinking to yourself, you ponder the situation.
>"Well, maybe her bark is worse than her bite...maybe if I just stand up to her..."
keep going faggot
I know boys bully girls in grade school, but they don't do it in high school and college do they? They certainly don't beat them up?
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I'm liking this so far. Don't stop.

Generally girls can get violent with girls
please anon... go on

this is splitting my feels, but dont stop now

>You don't know.
>Theres just no way to know how bad its going to be until you actually try.
>The worst that could happen is you getting expelled from school. Not too bad.
>You approach your house.
>Good thing your daily routine of web browsing had not been interrupted too badly.
>Opening the door, you're greeted by the familiar settings of your house.
>Pulling your backpack off, you throw it onto the floor and kick off your shoes.
>Reality really starts hitting you. You finally talked to Twilight.
>Damn, anon, you're good.
>Jesus. That startled you.
>With a perplexed face you turn around and swing the door back open.
"Wait, thats today?"
>You remember its Thursday
"Sorry, Rainbow, I uhh, I got side-tracked with something important."
>She rolls her eyes
>"Look, you're the rhythm guitarist. We NEED you for practice."
"Yeah, yeah, fine. Let me go get my gear..."
>She sighs exasperatedly as you turn to go grab your things.
>Sorry, Computer...Internet is going to have to wait until tonight.
>You grab your guitar bag, a couple of picks and amp cord.
>You had been a member of the rainbooms for a couple of months now, being the best at the try outs.
>You'd started forming friendships with the other members, but you always felt distant to Rainbow since she always played lead and never gave you any spotlight.
>Thats not bothering you right now...all you can think about is walking Twilight home.
>Dash obviously being tsun for Anon

Aww shit.

>You walk back out to the front room where Rainbow Dash is still waiting for you at the door.
>"Bout time, Anon..."
"Do you EVER stop whining?" you say with a smirk.
>"I wouldnt HAVE to whine if you got to band practice on time. Fluttershy wants to try one of her new songs and was waiting all day to get started."
>You kind of feel bad now. She notices.
>"So are you going to make it to practice ON TIME from now on?"
>You sigh, slinging your guitar bag over your shoulder.
"Yeah. Sure."
>"Good. Now hurry up, lets go."
>You remain silent, not wanting to argue with her anymore.
>You both start walking down the sidewalk and your mind begins to drift back to Twilight.
>Jeez, anon...you're thinking about her A lot.
>Maybe you like her?
>Oh come on, you know you like her.
>No matter how bad Trixie is, you're going to enjoy walking Twilight home.
>Maybe she won't even bother you guys tomorrow. Just you and her, with not a problem to think about...
>You can't help but smile at this prospect.
>Maybe you can get her ph-
>"Anon? What on earth are you smiling about?"
"OH! UHH..."
>Your face flashes red.
>Shit, shit.
"Uhh...heh, I was just thinking of a funny joke that Vinyl told me today."
>"Lies! She wouldn't take her headphones off long enough to make a joke!"
>"If you're not going to tell the truth, you've obviously got something to hide."
>You decide to go on the offense.
"Frankly, I don't see why its any of your business as to why I'm smiling."
>fuck you rainbow


please continue
Go buy a small, metal bat, and keep it in your backpack.
You'd be fine.

>You look over at Rainbow to see that she is offended by your comment.
>"What?! I just wanted to know why you're smiling and you treat me like a criminal!"
"What do you care if I'm smiling or not?"
>"Whaddaya mean?!"
>Your attention shifts off Twilight and onto Rainbow Dash. You didn't want to argue with her today, but it looks like this needs to be said.
"Look, I've been a member of the band for awhile now. I'm always in the background doing rhythm riffs to the songs. Any time theres a solo, sweep picking, tapping, ANYTHING thats actually fun to do, you have to hog it up because YOU like the spot light!"
>"WHAT?! Thats ridiculous, anon! Why are you even bringing this up?!"
>Trying to side step out of this one? Not this time.
"You said you NEED me for practice. Why? I'm just the background guy."
>"Every member of the band is important. Even Applejack! And she's bass!"
>You do your best not to smile at the joke.
"My parts of the songs are easy for the most part. I don't need to come to every single practice that you guys have."
>She rolls her eyes.
>"They like having you around, anon. They're you're friends."
>You narrow your eyes at her.
>She nods.
"Well why not YOU?"
>"Well since we argue all the time, I didn't think we WERE friends."
"We argue all the time because you don't want to share the spot light."
>"I let you have some spot light by letting you join the band."
>You can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of her comment.

"So I guess I should just be honored for being able to be in the band to begin with?"
>She nods her head while smugly closing her eyes.
>You shake your head and roll your eyes at her.
>The shit you have to put up with sometimes.
>As you walk up to the Apple Family Farm you remain silent for the remainder of your time alone with Rainbow.
>You both approach the barn where you practice at.
>The girls notice you.
>Fluttershy is actually the first to speak up, "There you are, anon! Now we can practice my song!"
>You don't make eye contact with anyone. You keep a neutral expression on as you begin to set up your guitar.
>Rainbow doesn't seem to comfortable either.
>Everyone can tell you guys were fighting again.
>"Uhh...Everythin' alright, ya'll?" Applejack asks.
"Everythings fine." you say, working your way up each string, making sure each of them is tuned correctly and adjusting accordingly.
>The girls look at each other uncomfortably.
>Rainbow Dash attempts to quell the bad vibes.
>"Look, he said everything is fine, so everything is fine. We're not going to get any practice done just standing here."
>Everyone gets into position and you begin practicing as you usually do.
>As you play through each song, you strum mechanically as Rainbow blares through all the solos.
>Don't worry, anon...You have something to look forward to at least.
>The hours drag by and you finish up practice.
>"Alright, ya'll, its been a great session. Lets pack up for the day."

>Packing up your things, Rainbow Dash comes up to you.
>She looks a little guilty.
>"Anon...I just wanted to-"
"No thanks."
>You zip up your guitar back, securing your instrument inside. You pocket your picks and sling your bag over your shoulder once again.
>Rarity speaks up this time, "Anon! Is that any way to treat a lady?"
>"Yeah, nonny! You've been quiet all day!" Pinkie Pie shouts.
"I'm leaving. See you guys next practice."
>"Do you even WANT to be in the band anymore, anon?" Rainbow Dash says.
"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. But I don't want to be in a band that you're in."
>A hurt expression forms on her face.
"Will do."
>You put one hand in your pocket, the other holding your bag and you begin to walk home.
>Whatever. You don't want to be part of this stupid band anyway.
>You hear some bickering behind you as you walk away.
>"Aw, now look whatcha, done, Rainbow. Go get him back!" Applejack shouts.
>"No! He doesn't want to be in the band, let him leave!"
>You keep on walking, despite the protest.
>You reach town again after getting off the farm's dirt trail and get back on the side walk.
>The sun is setting.
>You just want to go home and sleep at this point.
>You always fight with Rainbow Dash. And this isn't the first time you've walked off saying you're leaving the band.
>She just infuriates you sometimes.
>At least you have tomorrow to look forward to.
>The following day you wake up with the sun in your eyes
>The grogginess from sleep clouds your mind as you begin to recall the situation.
>Walking Twilight home,
>Rainbow being a cunt,
>Phew, thats a plate full.
>You reluctantly toss the covers off of yourself and push yourself up.
>With all the bullshit thats gone on lately, part of you wants to just lay back down.
>"Not today" you think.
>You do your morning routine, taking a shower, getting dressed, and eating something before heading off to school.
>The school day passes uneventfully, the only notable thing being running briefly into Rainbow Dash.
>Your final class of the day finally draws to a close, the butterflies start forming in your stomach.
>Its time.
>The bell chimes and you rise from your seat.
>Time to go meet Twilight.
>You push the big glass doors open and see Twilight standing at the Wondercolt statue.
>Okay, anon. Here we go. DON'T blow this.
>You walk over to her with a grin on your face.
"Hey, Twilight!"
>She smiles and waves.
>Now facing her, you engage the small talk.
"Hey, how are you?"
"I like those new glasses."
>"They're not even prescription...just something I had to get last minute."
"Oh. Well, they seem to suit you at the very least."
>"Thanks." she says sheepishly.
>You direct your open palm towards the street.
"Lead the way."
>She smiles at you and begins to walk home, you walking on her right side.
>Everything seems to be going smoothly when...
>"Hello, TWILIGHT"
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Here we go
Punch her in the cunt.
This is the only reason I'm staying up, Anon. Keep it up.
>staying up
that feel m8..., its really late, but im really into this
>Oh god, no.
>You look over your shoulder to see the one and only...
>"Trixie...just leave me alone. I had enough of you yesterday." Twilight says, attempting to defend herself.
>"No can do, nerd. I think you need to be roughed up a bit again."
>You turn around.
"I don't think you want to do that." you say calmly.
>She glances over at you as if she had just noticed you.
>"Ohoho...and who's this, Twilight? Your new boyfriend?"
>Her cheeks flare up a bright red.
>"No! He's NOT my boyfriend!" she shouts.
>You take a step in front of Twilight.
"Just back off, Trixie. She hasn't done anything to you."
>"Oh? And why would I do that?"
"Well first off, you roughed her up yesterday in front of the school. Not a smart move if any staff saw you."
>She winces.
>"D-Don't think I'd be stupid enough to let something like that happen, whelp!"
>You furrow your brow.
"I saw what you did to Twilight yesterday. Not only did you break her glasses, but you hurt her physically. I'm willing to look the other way if you back off now...but if you do that again I'll be forced to take action."
>You deliver the line as a matter of factly, without a hint of hostility.
>She scoffs.
>"I RUN this school if you haven't noticed, dweeb. I can have your good name tarnished after one school day."
"Thats nice. So long as you don't touch Twilight, I think I'll be fine."
>"What?! I can have the whole school think you're a freak by the end of the day!"
>You shrug.
"Just stay away from her."
get rekt bitch
Prison rules in school use a soda can in a tube sock and beat'em into a pulp
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>Anon is Twi's knight in shining armor
I've never actually been in a proper fight in my life. Shit like this, plenty of times. Feels good being able to talk people out of scraps.

>She growls in frustration.
>Suddenly she perks up for a second, then gets a devious look on her face.
>"You know...I heard about your little scuffle with Rainbow Dash yesterday."
>You raise your eyebrows in surprise.
>You lower them, trying to hide the fact that she had any effect.
>She knows.
>"Rainbow Dash was telling everyone about how much of a jerk you were to her yesterday."
"She what?" you ask.
>"You heard me. She was talking all KINDS of trash about you."
>That Rainbow Dash...
>"Its tragic you know...what with all how she liked you and all."
>Liked me?
>You can't help but play into it. You need to know.
"What are you even talking about?"
>"Oh, you didn't know, Anon? She's had the biggest crush on you ever since you joined her little band!"
>Oh no. No no no.
>She's trying to drive a wedge between you and Twilight.
"I-I don't know what you're talking about. We argue all the time. She doesn't like me. You don't know what you're talking about."
>"Oh? I don't? She argues with you BECAUSE she likes you, Anon. Maybe you should consider her feelings before you go storming off after your band practice!"
>You shake your head at Trixie.
"You're just trying to speak ill of me in front of Twilight. I don't think she's dense enough to fall for your garbage. You know where I stand on the bullying with Twilight. Regardless of all the Rainbow Dash drama, you stay away from her."
>She stand there with a smirk on her face and shrugs.
>"Alright then"
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Staying up for this shit
keep going

(Last one before I head off to bed, will be back tomorrow. If it 404's I'll post it on my pastebin.)


"Come on, Twilight."
>You give Trixie the stink eye before you turn around, Twilight turning with you.
>Walking down the side walk and leaving Trixie behind, theres an uncomfortable air among you and Twilight.
>You're angry now. You didn't think that Trixie would attack you personally.
>Twilight senses your anger and tries to start up the small talk again.
>"So...you're in a band?"
"Well...*was* in a band."
>"Well...umm, what instrument do you play?"
>"Bass or six string?"
>She notices your one-word responses and shys away from speaking to you.
"Sorry, I just...I didn't think she would be that difficult. She kind of just attacked me out of nowhere."
>She nods understandably.
>"She tends to do that. I really do appreciate you protecting me, Anon. I can't fight or talk trash very well."
"Well take notes. I won't always be there to protect you. So you should try and learn what you can."
>She nods and smiles at you.
>"So umm..."
>"I didn't know you knew Rainbow Dash."
>You smirk a bit.
"Yeah, we go back a bit."
>"So are you happy that she likes you?"
>You shrug. That question came out of nowhere, but it doesn't set you back too much.
"I'm indifferent to it really. I couldn't really see myself with someone who is as self-centered as her."
>Time to lay on the smoothness.
"I prefer smart girls."
That wasn't smooth at all.
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>it is written in the image that boys are doing this
>coming up with trixie
>he dosent know about trixies secret
You'd better believe she's got tricks up her sleeve...
>Is she an ancient alien ?
>That's her secret ?
Let's bump
>"I prefer smart girls"

My fucking nigga.
Tell me about Trixie! Why does she wear the hat?!

I really am sorry for hearing this, Twilight. I am surprised this keeps happening to you.

Listen, even if the principal took some administrative measures, it's up to her to ensure the security of each student. The fact those boys are still at school shows that she really was dropping the ball lately.

Come with me Twilight. We are going to talk with her. And if she doesn't boot them, or at least do something to ensure your protection, then we will seek someone who will.

Thats the joke.


My reading comprehension is bad.

Okay, I'm back.


>You deliver the line with a straight face.
>She snickers.
>"What, so Rainbow Dash isn't smart?"
"No, not exactly."
>"Do you guys actually fight all the time?"
>You look at her, then nod.
>"What about?"
>A streetlight blocks your path and you hit the pedestrian crossing button on the pole next to the street.
"Usually band related things. Like she a always tries to steal all the spotlight."
>You both wait for the sign to say "Walk" before you cross the street.
>"I thought being in a band was about...you know, the love for music and not how much spot light you got."
>That line hits you hard.
>You start to realize you've been playing in the band for the wrong reason.
"Yeah...I don't know. Maybe you're right."
>The sign changes to walk, both of you crossing the street.
>She notices that you look down.
>"I...I didn't mean to upset you."
"No, you're right. I've been fighting with her over stupid things. I got into the band for music, but I guess I got a little too competitive with Rainbow."
"Maybe I should quit."
>"No. Don't do that. Just talk to her. I'm sure she'll understand."
>You smile weakly at her.
"Yeah. Maybe."
>Theres an awkward silence.
>"So...is this going to be an every day thing?" she asks, playing with her hair.
>"Walking me home."
>You shrug.
"I don't see why not. Is that a problem?"
>She shakes her head.
>"No. I'd prefer it."
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I am very much enjoying this. Please continue writefag
>thease boys at school did this to me
>trixie and her friends
Do you read

>implying some of trixie's goons can't be boys
trixie isint a boy, and he said that is primarily who was doing that to her, the mistake was made
now he has to live with it


Writefag here, I took some artistic liberties.

In other words, I fucked up, enjoy the story regardless.
muh autism is triggered when someone makes mistakes when writefagging

I don't need a defense force. People like the story regardless of my fuck up, so I'm going to keep writing.
>You're walking towards your AP Calculus class with Twilight
>On the way there, you overhear some voices in the busy hallway
>it was a couple of guys who had been bullying Twilight since the beginning of the school year

".....fake apology....."
".....and she fucking bought that?"
".....in the drink......."
".......Twilight Shartle......."

>you turned around at them saying Twilight's name, but they vanished in the throngs of students traveling to their next classes
>whatever, you had a class to get to

"Alright class, this exam is worth 25 percent of your grade this year! Good luck, and do your best. Remember, this is a college level course, so I expect college level results!"

>the teacher passed around the exams just as you took your seat
>next to you, Twilight sat grinning ear to ear, like a kid in a candy store
>typical smartass Twilight, she was going to ace this test for sure...

>10 minutes into the test, you suddenly heard an unearthy, loud gurgle resounding next to you
>you immediately recognized it as the sound of someone's protesting innards
>there was only two things that could make that sound, and there were no starving Ethiopians in that class

>you look next to you, Twilight was hunched over her desk, holding her tummy, in obvious distress
>her face when
>looking down, you saw a nearly empty bottle next to her desk
>a bottle of Fruitopia.....it suddenly clicked
>those assfags must have laxed up Twi's drink

Wat do?
If someone wants to take over that's fine, I have to head to work.
Sit back and watch
File: ah shit..jpg (78KB, 452x468px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ah shit..jpg
78KB, 452x468px

Grab her hand and GTFO!!

Hopefully before the shitstorm
She will thank me later
Bump before bed.
File: panic-button1.jpg (15KB, 288x288px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 288x288px
>Twi's about to explode
>writefag is gone

dammit... i need faith

is there more?

For as edgy as it might sound, I could not help it but shift into full over killing machine were this to happen in real life. I doubt I would manage to keep my head cool.


>You approach her house, she turns around and looks over towards a home in particular.
>Well, here it is.
>You drag your eyes across it. Just your typical suburban home.
>The door swings open.
>"Twilight, who is THIS?"
>Oh boy.
>"Oh, uhh...Hi, mom." she says, obviously embarassed.
>"This is my friend Anon. He walked me home from school today."
>You straighten your back and extend your hand.
"Pleasure to meet you, uhh...Twilight's mom."
>She approaches to shake your hand.
>She's absolutely gorgeous.
>"Anon, meet my mom...Velvet."
>"Its a pleasure to meet you, Anon. I can't believe my daughter is already bringing boys home!"
>She shakes your hand.
>Its so soft...
>Your face feels like its on fire.
>Fuck, Keep it together, Anon...you like Twilight.
>She releases your hand and sizes you up.
>Oh god she's staring.
>"Why don't you come inside, anon. I'll make you something!"
"N-No, thats fine! I uhh...I have homework to do and all."
>"Well, you found yourself a responsible one, didn't you, Twilight?"
>"He's not my boyfriend, mom."
>She looks back at you, with a look of shock.
>You smile, shrug and then shake your head.
>Her face turns red.
>"Well I've gone and made a fool myself."
"N-Not at all, Mrs. Sparkle. I can see why you'd get that mixed up."
>"Well why are you walking my daughter home then?" She asks, curious.
"Well because Trix-"
>You look at Twilight.
>She's shaking her head "NO" violently.
moar pls
I like to think she's always getting in trouble with her parents because of broken eyeglasses.
>Those things are expensive, young lady! That's the third pair this month!
But she never tells them it's bullies doing the breaking.
Huzzah! Praise Celestia he's back!
bless you anon...

please, go on
and then Anon had a threeway with Velvet and Twilight


>You don't really care, though.
"Some girl named Trixie is bullying Twilight, so I'm walking her home.
>Twilight gapes, and her mother begins to whack her across the head with her fists.
>You watch in satisfaction at the domestic abuse.
>Curse words are flying around, and Twilight is crying.
>"Take it you goddamn whore!" Velvet yells into Twilight's ears.
>Hot as fuck.
>You walk home, get into bed, and masturbate.
>Today was a good day.
File: 1y4.gif (59KB, 400x315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 400x315px
Nice quads.

Does this have a pastebin?

"Uhh, I was...Inviting her to the band!"
>"The band?"
"Yeah, the Rainbooms...Its the band I'm in."
>She turns and looks towards Twilight.
>"Do you even play an instrument, Twilight?"
"I-I was going to teach her how to play guitar!"
>She turns back to you.
>"You'd do that for her?" she asks.
>You nod.
"Yeah, its no problem."
>"Its nice to know my daughters finally making friends."
>What does that mean? Does she have no friends? Thats pretty hard to believe.
>You glance over at her, she looks extremely embarassed.
"But uhh, yeah, I gotta get going here soon so...Its been a pleasure meeting you, Mrs. Sparkle."
>She turns to go back inside.
>Looking at Twilight she says, "You better take him, Twily...or I just might."
>"Haha, just kidding, darling." She says looking over at you.
>As she walks back inside, the tension that her mother had introduced into the air was quite thick.
>"Sorry about that, anon...I didn't think she'd come bursting out like that."
>You wave your hand dismissively.
"Its fine. She seems like a nice lady."
>"Thanks for not telling her I'm getting bullied...I don't want her to worry about me."
"Yeah, I didn't know it was a secret. Almost slipped."
>"Well, thanks for taking me home anon. Same time tomorrow."
>You nod.
>Same time tomorrow.
>With that, she smiles and heads inside.
>As soon as the door closes you feel immediate relief.
>You let your posture sink, relaxing a bit as you start heading home.
Go for that milf booty, Anon.

Jesus wouldn't turn it down. You don't want to offend jesus, do you?
File: 1402956237943.gif (486KB, 475x347px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
486KB, 475x347px
God damn, I hate bullies.

Like shit. I ran over over the jocks pizzas( and a few feet) because they threw a frizbie at my car and cracked its windshield.
If someone drugged me I'd be suing them for so much fucking money.
The Velvet ass beckens.
File: images.jpg (5KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 225x225px
Wow, that must
drive you crazy
fuck you
File: 1408822683712.gif (441KB, 391x331px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
441KB, 391x331px
i do :)))
File: images.jpg (8KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 259x194px
Oh come on!
I must have cracked you up a little
>the Rainbooms are Nirvana and Twilight is Courtney Love
File: emotional baggage.jpg (56KB, 768x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
emotional baggage.jpg
56KB, 768x576px
Fucking kek, underrated post
is this how you spend your free time?
File: edgar.jpg (10KB, 400x264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 400x264px
Moar. MOAR.
File: hqdefault.jpg (14KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 480x360px
Only for a little
otherwise I'd be spending hours upon hours on this
Very nice, OP.
Loved every line of this.
File: 1389310338354.jpg (74KB, 720x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 720x720px
And we have the winner

>You stood up to trixie, walked Twilight home, met her mom.
>You're finally free.
>You don't mind helping Twilight, but all of this was a lot of work.
>Tired, you decide to head home.
>Your cell phone is vibrating.
>Who could that be?
>You pull your cell out of your pocket.
>New text message.
>Rainbow Dash.
>Oh god. What could this be about.
>You click open on the new text alert and see the following text:
>"You home?"
>You start tapping away.
>You send it. You look to see she had sent that about 30 minutes ago.
>Oh well.
>Almost immediately you get a reply back:
>"Where are you?"
"Heading home now. Why?"
>"We need to talk."
"About what?"
>"The band."
"I don't want to talk about that. I quit."
>"Look, can you just let me talk to you?"
"Fine, but don't expect me to change my mind."
>By this time, you're more than half way home.
>She stops replying to your messages.
>Ugh. What are you even going to say to her? It will probably just devolve into pointless bickering again.
>You slide your palm down your face in frustration.
>The sound of bed is sounding more and more appealing. You didn't get much sleep last night considering all the excitement for today.
>You wish you'd slept more.
>As you approach your house, you make out only one figure.
>Rainbow Dash.
>You non-nonchalantly walk up to her, past her without even looking at her, and begin fumbling for your house keys.
>"Why aren't you looking at me?"
File: SS240.png (271KB, 508x398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
271KB, 508x398px
I think, i see where this is going
Keep writing

>She sighs angrily, "Look, Anon, could you come back to practice?"
>You turn around, key held up to the lock.
>"Everyone is complaining about how much we fight. They want us to make amends."
>You turn back around and stick the key in the lock, turning it and unlocking the door.
Opening your door you retort, "No thanks."
>"W-What? Why not?" she stammers.
"Because I'm tired of fighting with you. I just don't have the energy to deal with it anymore."
>"Anon...I just, look the reason I argue with you is..."
"What, theres some reason why? Well please, do tell so we can finally be done with it."
>"Stop being an asshole, anon! I'm trying to speak to you sincerely!"
>You don't reply, you just walk inside.
>You leave the door open, prompting her inside.
>Throwing off your backpack and kicking off your shoes, you walk up to the kitchen counter and start checking your phone.
>"Anon, do you even care about what I have to say?"
"Go ahead. I'm all ears."
>You continue giving off a bored vibe as you tap and slide away at your phone.
>She clenches her fists in anger.
>"Anon! Listen to me!"
>You glance over.
>Oh shit, she means busine-
>You see tears sliding down her cheeks.
>"Anon, I fight with you so much because..."
>She sniffs.
>"Because you're one of the only people who I care about what they think!"
>You put your phone down and give her your attention.
>"I wouldn't fight with someone if I didn't care what they thought...and well..."

>"I like having you a practice, Anon. I like being around you...I even like fighting with you."
>You raise an eyebrow.
>"I know, its weird, Anon I just-"
>You nod at her comment, a smirk forming while she's trying to continue talking.
>"Oh shutup, Anon! You're weird too, you know!"
>You shrug.
"Yeah, I guess."
>She sighs in frustration.
>"L-Look, what I'm trying to tell you is..."
"That you like me?" You interrupt, a serious expression on your face.
>She looks surprised.
You laugh, "What?!"
>You continue laughing
"Needed all the spot light on that one too, eh?"
>She aggressively advances so that her face is lined up right with yours.
>"Do you like me?"
"Heh, what are you talking about?"
>You know exactly what she's talking about, you're just enjoying every moment of her having to sit in anticipation.
>"Do you like me back?" she asks, staring directly into her eyes.
>Her eyes are a brilliant shade of...
>Whoa, Anon...keep it together you couldn't possibly...
>She's breathing heavily, her angry expression changing into a forlorn one.
>"You don't like me, do you?"
>You sigh.
"Can't say that I do, Rainbow."
>"Oh..." she says, looking even more pitiful now.
>Shit, anon, why did you say that?
>You like Twilight, right?
>She just looks so sad...how can you do this to her?
>Her eyes start tearing up.
>"Yo-You'll still come to practice, right?" She says, her voice rising in pitch, trying not to cry.
File: 1411774417295.png (144KB, 650x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144KB, 650x473px
anon is an asshole and
>pic related
This needs to be fleshed out.

Also, I'd feign sickness or an injury and put Twi in a position to "lead" me to the nurse, while in fact giving her an opportunity to get to the restroom in time.

"Ugh, did somebody fart in here?"
Damn, I really don't like Dash but...damn I feel bad for her here.
He's certainly blunt, but at least he's honest and not leading her on.
File: deus ex feel.png (109KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
deus ex feel.png
109KB, 800x800px
File: 1413826484290.png (248KB, 2000x2377px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248KB, 2000x2377px
Well...she's still a human(oid) being with her own set of feelings like everyone else. And here feelings are to be taken as seriously as anyone else's because her feelings are her entire world.
Don't play with people's feelings guys. Don't make my mistake
File: 1415057273171.jpg (5KB, 110x92px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 110x92px
You haven't seen a slow writer yet
There's a guy who wrote 2 pieces of green in a week
Yes, we bumped
Haw patience.

Go watch Invader Zim while you wait. Thats what I always do .
Beta Anon?
File: geri-the-cleaner.jpg (20KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 400x300px
Ya can't rush art!

Well a new game came out today and I'm distracted, honestly
I'll never believe in any new game to be original and entertaining

"Look, Rainbow...I.."
>Despite trying to console her she starts sobbing.
>She barely squeaks out, "Anon, I like you. I'm sorry I was mean."
>You can't help but feel regret for what you said.
>"I just like talking to you, anon."
>She buries her face in her hands, he torso thrusting up quickly as she cries.
"Rainbow, I didn't mean it."
>"Didn't mean what?"
"I didn't mean that I don't like you."
>She lifts her face up, tears streaming down her face.
"I don't know why I sai-"
>"You don't have to force yourself to pretend, Anon."
"No! I didn't mean it! I was just being an asshole."
>"Why would you do that?"
"Its just...all the arguing and bickering, I just don't see how you could like me. It boggles my mind, its hard to believe."
>She slowly approaches you again, taking your hand.
>"Anon." she sniffs.
>You look into her eyes and remain quiet, prompting her to continue.
>"I know my way of showing affection is weird, but...I really do like you."
>Your heart is pounding your chest.
>"So...does that mean that you..."
>"Like me?"
>You stare down at the floor.
>What about Twilight?
>You've been crushing on her for awhile now.
>Trixie's claims were true, Rainbow Dash does like you. But are you going to turn her down?
>Can you?
>That voice when she cried.
>That look of complete despair.
>You can't tell her no.
>You slowly look up at Rainbow.
"Yeah. I like you, Rainbow."
>"Really?" she says, hopeful.
>She squeezes your hand and you pull her in closer.
i dont really like rainbow dash... but this... damn!
c-cant hold dis feels

...please continue
File: 1407395662909.jpg (50KB, 450x328px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 450x328px
shit Anon... you fucking did it, didn't you?
File: manlytears.png (177KB, 320x316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177KB, 320x316px
you dun fucked up you son of a bitch.

how could you submit to your emotions like that like some kind of fucking woman?

Oh don't you worry. I have plans.


>Her face is right up to yours now.
>"Really?" she asks again, a smile forming on her face.
>Well thats a refreshing change in contrast to whats been going on.
>You nod.
>You put your arms around her waist and pull her in.
>"I'm sorry, I must look horrible right now" she says, breaking eye contact and looking downwards.
>You shake your head.
"Its fine."
>You hold her tight and comfort her, trying to calm her down.
>She puts her head over your shoulder and sighs.
>"I love you."
>Those words hit you like a lead cannon ball.
>You feel like the deer that suddenly gets hit by the truck.
>That feeling when your heart skips a beat.
>All of this.
>You freeze up.
>You squeeze her tight.
"I love you too, Rainbow."
>She pushes herself against you so that she's facing you again.
>She has a smile on her face.
>"Really?" She asks again.
>You laugh.
"You can stop saying that. I mean it."
>She hugs you again.
>You enjoy the embrace for a little while, both of you still standing.
>Your legs are getting tired from supporting your weight in the same spot constantly, but it doesn't bother you too much.
>"Anon...I have something to ask. One last thing."
>"Can we..."
>Come on, out with it.
>"Can we..." she sniffs.
>She faces you again.
>"Can we kiss?"
>Another heart jump.
>Calm down, Anon...remember to play it cool.
>What if your breath smells like ass?
>What if you're not a good kisser?
>Oh god.

Anon is gay for women. Sorry.
File: thedick.png (172KB, 631x457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172KB, 631x457px
Is it time yet?
What about purple smart. What have you done.
Damn man why couldn't you just drop the band of girls and live the rest of your life with someone who's most likely going to be financially successful.



Don't want to spoil, but I urge you to keep reading.
cant wait to see twi's broken heart and raibow's revenge
I read that as rainbow's cleavage at first.
cant wait to see the threesome where rainbow and anon educate a very sexually naive twilight

I write too much clop. I want to switch it up.
Reminds me this one thread on /b/ where guy had to choose between two girls. Shit was crazy but entertaining and made people seriously think
based writefag, why dont you use a tripcode name thingy? also pastebin?

I must go to sleep now and I dont want to miss stuff.
you got the caps?
File: feels.png (57KB, 661x710px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 661x710px
>You feel like the deer that suddenly gets hit by the truck.

fuck... i know that feel
you remind me a lot of an anon who wrote a story from a "you find the school bully rainbow dash crying in a bathroom stall" prompt. It was really good and it felt like the anon in that story has a very similar demeanor as the one in yours.

Idk if that's you or it means anything to you, just letting you know
I love the story by the way

Once this thing finally nears 404 I'll throw this all in a pastebin. Hell, I'll probably just do it now.

Pastebin is here:

Next part almost done.
thank you and good night
I will await you...
Nah. I lost all my data in 2010 when my HDD decided to die with style
In short: Anon and two girls were besties since the sandbox. As they grew older, both girls fell in love with him. Something went wrong, and both girls ruined their friendship and started to hate each other.
Guy told us that he really cares about both of them and don't want to make any of them sad but they can't stand each other and kinda force him to chose. He asked what should he do. Aside from all the lulz we had, we couldn't really find any good solution. We ended up telling him that he should put an ultimatum: They become friends again and live in a triangle or he leaves both of them forever and if they won't let him, he should kill himself or fake his death. He said that he'll try. Never heard of him again. Story was interesting because he was the only one who was based friend to the very end

>Despite the fact that you're not very confident with your kissing, you accept.
>You both look deep into one another's eyes
>Drawing closer and closer, you can feel her light breath on your face
>You both close your eyes.
>That familiar, loud voice blasts through your front door.
>She jerks back from you and gets an irritated expression.
>"Oh...Uh, okay. Sorry!"
>Fucking Pinkie.
>"Gah. I'm so sorry, Anon."
"They knew you were coming here?"
>"Yeah. I told them I was going to tell you how I felt and invite you back to the band."
>You smile.
>She does too and says, "Now where were we?"
>This time you don't let it happen slowly.
>You pull her in and kiss her, lips only.
>You plant it there for a couple of seconds and then break.
>Your face feels like its on fire again.
"How...How was it?"
>She snickers.
>"That was one lame-ass kiss, Anon."
"I-I Uhh...can I try again?" You say, laughing.
>She laughs too, "I'm joking, anon...but I was hoping you'd be a bit more bold."
"Is that a challenge?"
>She gives you a lustful look.
>Warning: Blood Rerouted to Boner
>Shit, no. Not now.
>You repress the growth of your manhood and pull her in close, this time giving less of a formal kiss.
>This time you lock lips with her.
>Her lips are soft. They feel amazing. You doubt yours feel the same to her, but you try not to think about that.
>Your heart races.
I told Ya to not play with others feelings
If Twili started to build a relationship with him, hAnon should stop it this instant and keep it as 'friend' status
File: deployit.jpg (29KB, 260x260px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 260x260px
The time is near.
Welp good ending is clearly not a thing that can happen anymore. Fuck dash and alll her bbulshit
I had marching band practice 3pm to 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so itch ought that first. Marching Band anon when
this thread is so popular!

>Tripfag storms in to ruin it

File: FFFFFFFFFFFFFF.png (733KB, 1280x710px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
733KB, 1280x710px
>You pull her in and kiss her, lips only.
... What?
>"I'm joking, anon...but I was hoping you'd be a bit more bold."
>"Is that a challenge?"
But he's not a tripfag...
I liked this thread.
>inb4 Twilight watching them
Nerdy twi is my favorite character while rainbow dash is my second to worst favorite characters, so it will be interesting to see were this goes.

>She's breathing heavily against you now.
>She's pressing her weight into you.
>It feels amazing.
>You kind of want to throw her down right now and fuck her.
>She can sense you want it.
>"Anon..." she moans.
>Attention: Full blood flow to penis.
>Its too late now.
>She feels it as she rubs up against you.
>"Anon...you got hard...."
>She grabs your arm and starts pulling you.
>Your room.
>You remember how fucking trashed it is
>You could never show a girl your room.
>Fuck fuck fuck, this could not have come at a worse time.
"Uhh...huh, maybe umm..."
>She sees your reluctance.
>She sighs, but smiles.
>"Yeah, maybe we're taking this a little too far."
>Your dick is screaming, "HOLY FUCK JUST PLOW HER ON THE COUCH."
>"RAINBOW IS ANON DOING BAND PRATICE OR NOT?!" Rarity shouts from the other side of the door.
>All is lost.
>"Yeah, yeah, Rarity, we're coming."
>No...I'm not coming...
>Attention: Blood flow returned to normal.
>She pecks you on the cheek, with a cute grin.
>Come on, anon.
>She extends her hand to you.
>You put your hand in hers and you leave the house together.
>All the girls start screaming and freaking out once they figure out that you accepted her feelings.
>You return to the farm that afternoon and rock out with the band.
>Even though today has been an eventful day, your thoughts still drift to Twilight.
>You're still walking her home from school, right?
>She's being bullied. You have a good excuse.
File: 1403100327017.png (186KB, 604x503px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186KB, 604x503px
Ohmy the drama begins.
Do it.
Do the thing.
Do the uwakoi thing.
The bedsheets shall run red with the blood of virgins and anons.
Rainbow, Twilight, and Velvet.

oh my

(Last one before bed. I'll be back.)

>You wake up once again with the sun in your face.
>Stupid star. Stop being so bright.
>You think about moving your bed to a different position. Having the sun in your face every morning is irritating.
>What day is it?
>Thank fuck. You need a weekend off from all this bullshit.
>You pick your phone up off your nightstand.
>New text from Rainbow Dash.
>You click it open.
>"Morning. You played awesome last night. I'll see you in class today. I love you."
>Oh boy.
>What have you gotten yourself into.
>You reflect on the decision that you made.
>Do you sincerely like Rainbow? Or was it a decision made out of guilt?
>You wipe the sleep from your eyes.
>"I don't need this bullshit this early." You think to yourself.
>Morning routine, walk to school, get to school.
>The ENTIRE school is talking about you and Rainbow Dash.
>You don't really care about gossip.
>You don't really ca-...
>Oh no, Oh no, Oh no...
>Your chances will be CRUSHED.
>Thats when you realize...
>YOU DID make that choice out of guilt.
>Anon, you stupid son of a bitch.
>You slam your locker shut.
>Anon, you stupid mother fucker.
>"Anon? You alright?"
>You glance.
>Twilight is RIGHT THERE
"Uhh, Hi, Twilight! Everythings fine...heh."
>She gives you a "Okay?" look.
>"Well, I just wanted to tell you that I'm tutoring someone after class and will be late getting out."
"Thats fine. I"ll wait."
File: Not_the_bees.jpg (41KB, 300x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 300x225px
>tutoring someone
Not RD!
Crusty cunt or book cunt
Quite the dilemma.
Okay, no I lost it. I had some doubts, but this is fucking great!
Book cunt, obviously. She's got less emotional baggage.
File: 1411434173566.jpg (23KB, 398x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 398x500px
Loving this so far. Keep it up.
Both obviously.
Ride this roller coaster our until it all implodes on your sorry ass.
Only way to go.
Also try to bang flutter cunt while your at it[spoiler/]
Dubba Lubba Dub Bump!
Bump it when it's on page 9 or 10, you cockmongler. Not 3.
Anon is already fucked. Collision course is set now. Somebody will be getting hurt. Anon made a decision because he wasn't able to face the music and now the price will be paid and... Fuck, sorry guys. This shit is hitting too close to home.
Good work writefag, make sure to keep it like that.
File: image.jpg (53KB, 600x470px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 600x470px
It's time.
File: 111.jpg (50KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 640x480px
Mad chess player reflex
File: image.jpg (128KB, 642x508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 642x508px
You have no idea.
File: whoa.png (206KB, 309x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 309x366px
>that pic

>>Rainbow being a cunt,

But Anon, you were the one being a cunt.
File: dash.png (206KB, 831x705px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 831x705px
Why can't they both be cunts?
Everyone's a cunt.
Do you know nothing?
>Dat hate/love tsunder relationship
I wanna be with you harmony harmony ooooooo love !
File: Socrates.jpg (65KB, 289x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 289x400px
All I know is that I know nothing.
File: 1394661233952.jpg (100KB, 680x653px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 680x653px
>inb4 Twilight is Yandere
trips dubs of wisdom
A triangle love of crazy ? Why the fuck not !
>cracked glass of her classes
>glass of her classes

I fucking lel'd.
File: 1415654528533.gif (3MB, 600x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 600x338px
I didn't fucking notice that
Because options must be kept open.
File: 1f0.gif (3MB, 287x191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 287x191px
>I'm a programmer
>I automatically associated 'class' with object template rather than a school room
this is a nice thread
>never obsolete

holy shit.

I just god this needs a paste bin this was the best writefag story I've ever read
You weren't around for The Goddamned OP then.

What do you mean? I got class at 7 tomorrow and gotta bounce sooon, don't have time for another tale
File: 00299.png (395KB, 1000x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
395KB, 1000x720px
Meh...i've seen better
You know how CYOAs are a thing on here? Well, they weren't always around. they only really took off around the last year with this based writefag that wrote CYOAs pretty much anonymously, until her threads got more attention and they started to use a trip. Their stories were fucking incredible. God-tier clop and feels alike, and they got pretty ridiculous too.
Jesus fucking christ I thought Anon was going somewhere with the "im teaching your daughter how to play guitar" thing. I thought he was going to make twilight take his place in the band so that she makes friends but then anon bitches out and makes out with rainbow cunt and goes to practice anyways. why is the pussy game so ludacris
hey /sp/

damn all those world cup qt threads
That...actually sounds like a nice idea
Ronin Anon trying to fix the world, wanting nothing in return and disappearing in shadows when he's completed his mission
my god... ALL. THIS. DRAMA.
and writefag will return till tomorrow! [i hope so]
>tfw Russia is to cold for lightly dressed qts and Qatar won't even allow qts showing their faces
File: 1415773055435.jpg (11KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 225x225px

Man, Anon, you are just the worst kind of person.

At least when I banged my best friend's girlfriend I wasn't pretending to like her.
Can't wait to see what Trixie's part in all of this is.
I know right? At least we had germans, some brazillians, argentinians, spaniards, mexicans... it was great to see the crowds.

>pic related
last bump
Ba-dadada Bump, Bubump, Bubump Bubump Bubump Bubump Bubuuuuuuuuuump
>Anon is part of the rainbooms
> Not part of the marching band
I am dissapoint. I want to see Anon march with the trombone.
A trombone is an excellent instrument. But I want to see him march with a flute.
>Not being strong enough to let her hurt a little now so she doesn't hurt a lot later
> Not being strong enough to tell her you're just friends

Anon is a giant piece of shit.

>Initiates every conflict we've seen and yet acts like Rainbow is the aggressor and that she should feel bad, engages in textbook emotional abuse and manipulation
>Lies to cover his lying lies
>Toys with people's emotions because he's a cowardly beta fuck

The trashcan is too good for him.
CYOAs are huge on /tg/ as well. But they generally call them Quests there
So we can confirm Twilight and Dash are going to hook up

Anon gets dumped from the band

Trixie will take advantage of Anon and induct him into her band, and emotionally abuse him as his GF.
That sounds really hot...


Its now a pastebin

And I now have a trip code.


>"You don't have to do that for me, anon. I'm sure Trixie will have gone home by the time I get out."
>You ponder it for a moment.
"Nah, I don't want to risk it. I'll head on over to library and do my homework. You can meet me there when you're done."
>Her face flushes red.
>"I just hate making you waste your time like this."
>You smile.
"Its not a waste of time. I just want to make sure Trixie and her goons don't go anywhere near you again."
>"Oh." she says, with a disappointed look on her face.
"And I like hanging with you. I was wondering if...I could get your phone number?"
>"Really? You want my phone number?" She says, a look of surprise on her face.
>You nod.
"Yeah, why wouldn't I?"
>Face still red, she pulls off her backpack and retrieves a notebook and pen.
>She writes down her number and rips the page out.
>Folding it, she hands it to you.
>"You can just text or call me and I'll have your number then." she says.
>Twilight's number.
>You got it.
>She doesn't seem to know about you and RD yet.
>This is good. Perhaps there is still hope.
>"Okay, well, I gotta get to tutoring. I'll see you soon, anon."
"Right. See you soon."
>With that you part ways.
>You hold Twilight's number in your hands.
>"My my my, for someone who is dating THE Rainbow Dash, you wouldn't think he'd be going around getting numbers on their first day of dating."
>That voice...

Thats actually not a bad idea.
>worse things
>in the butt
This expands the dong

>You look to your right, Trixie standing there, having watched the entire thing.
"What do you want, Trixie?"
>"I've heard everything about you and Rainbow Dash, Anon...Imagine my surprise when I see you still hanging out with that Twilight girl."
"I wouldn't have to hang around her if you didn't torture her."
>"Oh? So you don't like her, then?"
>You continue walking, trying to ignore her.
>"What if I were to tell Rainbow Dash you're hanging around another girl?"
"Go ahead. You can try and twist the truth, but the fact of the matter is I'm protecting her from you. I'm sure Rainbow will understand."
>"Exchanging numbers, hanging out after school and you being flirty with her are all facts of the matter, Anon."
>She feigns concern for Rainbow Dash.
>"I don't think I'm comfortable with you hanging out with her like that! What if you break Rainbow's heart?" She says in a sarcastic tone.
"Go. Away." You say, now getting frustrated by her obvious attempt to manipulate you.
>You both approach the library, you not even looking at her the entire time.
>"Listen, how about you stop hanging out with Twilight, and I won't tell Rainbow Dash about your flirting around."
"Do whatever you want, Trixie. The only thing I'm going to make sure you don't do is hurt Twilight again."
>"Its obvious you like her. Why did you agree to out with Rainbow Dash if its Twilight that you actually like?" She says in a judgmental tone.
>A guilty expression forms on your face.
>"Oh poor anon."

Keep em coming!

>"If Rainbow Dash and Twilight find out about your shenanigans, you'll be all alone."
>"Kicked out of the band, no girl to walk home and protect."
>"And then who will you have, Anon?"
>You continue to not look at her.
>Both of you standing in front of the library doors, the school dead having released twenty minutes ago, you ponder what she is saying.
"I'll have neither of them." you say.
>"Thats right, Anon. You'll be ALL. ALONE."
>"So I'm going to give you a bit of an ultimatum, Anon: You can either break up with Rainbow Dash and continue 'protecting' Twilight, or you can stay with Rainbow and stop getting in my way."
>"The choice is yours."
>You say nothing.
>"Oh well would you look at the time, Anon. I better get going. But its been nice chatting with you.
>She begins to walk off.
>She laughs and says as she walks off, "Or you know, you could dump both of them for me. I'd let you in if you begged."
>She laughs maniacally as she walks off.
>You hold nothing but complete and utter disdain and contempt for her.
>You ball your hands up into a fist, crumpling up the note Twilight gave you.
>Stuffing the note into your pocket, you open up the library doors.
>You pick a quiet spot to start doing your homework, but you're not getting anywhere. What Trixie said to you still echoes in your mind.
>Thinking, you realize that you're going to have to make a choice.
>In the end, you like Twilight.
>Rainbow Dash is not going to be happy.
Should I make a thread for this once it 404's?
If you don't get to finish the story by then, sure.
File: 1VJrSYt.png (152KB, 311x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152KB, 311x278px
Yes, please
Why isnt Anon asking Trixie, why she isn't sticking to her own boring life, since obviously, she cares about other peoples business more than her own. Anon should mention her parents probably abusing her, too. No beta anon ballsy enough to make her feel unwanted and unimportant? Come on, I thought 4chan was cruel.
File: Bad Day at School.jpg (38KB, 413x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bad Day at School.jpg
38KB, 413x310px
Where the fuck kind of school would you have to go to to find boys who would beat the shit out of a girl like this? Girl on girl I can believe, but how the fuck would guys get away with this?
>"These boys at school"
I guess this doesn't really count as harem, or maybe it does. I don't know.

Either way, loving how how well the conflict is working. This really reminds me of what high school was like when I wasn't speed balling and hanging out in the Arby's parking lot.

Whens the next one coming out?
Nah, head to fingerbang. The'd be happy to have you.
File: 1410142475904.jpg (39KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 500x281px
That's the Trixie that I love!

... also that "caring for other in her own fucked up way" thing was amazing
File: image.jpg (69KB, 637x425px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 637x425px
Based Slazors, please end this story with an Anon x Twi x Rainbow threeway
Dude... I respect your opinion man, but come on. I really wouldn't like to see that happen. Let's try and keep this story at least slightly believable. Please Slazors.
Back from class, next one incoming
File: TE.POPE20P2.jpg (140KB, 1200x658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 1200x658px
he´s back
Habemus writefag!

>The time in the library drags. Even though the situation right now looks dire, you still get butterflies in your stomach before hanging out with Twilight.
>You twiddle your pencil in your hands as you stare down at your homework, it being the last thing on your mind.
>Why is Trixie doing this? Is it because you stood up to her with Twilight?
>At the very beginning, even before you stood up to her you knew she would be a huge problem.
>You weren't going to just sit back and watch the girl you like get bullied.
>She's got you now. All the rumors about you and Rainbow Dash are out. Its a miracle Twilight hasn't heard about it yet.
>She's going to find out eventually. One way or the other.
>Distracted, pull your phone from your pocket.
>Theres two new messages from Rainbow.
>"Where are you? We're about to start practicing."
>"You've been missing practice a lot lately. Is something up?"
>This is of course paraphrased due to Rainbow's horrible text speech.
>You start to tap back.
"Been helping someone after school."
"Twilight Sparkle."
>"You're hanging with HER after class? What could possibly be more important than band practice?"
"What do you mean HER? She doesn't have many friends and has bullying issues.
>"Well its her or band practice."
"What if I bring her to band practice?"
>Theres a long pause before her next message.
>"You want to bring another girl to band practice?"
"Its all girls except ME. Won't be much of a change."
you've got her there
>both love interests... together in the same fucking room... ?

dammit anon! what are you doing?!
Holy Hell Anon .. that edge.
>"Whatever, anon. I asked the girls. They said its okay."
>With that you check the time.
>Her tutoring is almost over.
>You pack up your things and head out towards the Wondercolt statue.
>She's waiting there, tapping on her phone.
"Hey, Twilight!" You jog up to her, "Sorry I made you wait, I got distracted in there."
>She shakes her head, "Its alright, Anon."
>You start trying to formulate your words. Asking her to come meet the band may be too much for her.
>You both start walking.
"So umm..."
>You're already feeling overwhelmed; face on fire and heart thumping quickly.
"Today I was wondering if you wanted to umm..Do something after school..."
>She looks shocked, her face almost instantly becoming red.
>"Wha-What? Really?" She asks.
>Breathe, anon.
"Yeah, umm...remember how I told you I'm in a band? And play guitar?"
>She nods.
"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go to band practice with me."
>"B-B-But I dont know any of the people you play with!"
>You give your signature dismissive hand wave.
"Its fine, they're all really nice. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to meet you."
>You think for a second.
"And if you want, I can teach you how to play guitar."
>Her eyes light up.
>"Really? I've always wanted to play an instrument!"
>You nod, "Something more regal would suit you, but guitar will do for now."
>She thinks for a moment.
>"Okay, anon. I'll go with you."
>Mission Accomplished
"We practice out on a farm so the noise doesn't bother people. Follow me."
File: H0bwNcK.png (339KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339KB, 1280x720px
Meet Slazors, the most based-ass writefriend I've ever seen. This one is beautiful.
This won't end well, will it?
File: 1414949400521.jpg (76KB, 960x770px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 960x770px
Here we go!
this is about to get a whole new shade of akward

>You shift direction, heading towards the Apple Family Farm.
>She's walking right next to you.
>She poses no threat to you, yet you feel on edge.
>Your heart thumps, butterflies still ever present in your stomach.
>"Anon?" she says out of nowhere, after a couple minutes of silence.
>"You're a really kind person."
>You furrow your brow, looking straight ahead.
"What makes you say that?"
>"You've helped me more than almost anyone in my entire life in these past two days. I don't feel like I deserve it."
"You deserve it. Don't talk like that."
>Her voice is very shallow, but you barely hear, "You make me feel funny."
>You pretend not to hear.
>"Its..." she sighs, "Its nothing."
>You pick up your phone.
>Its Rainbow again.
>"Where ARE you, anon?"
>You roll your eyes and start tapping.
"I'm on my way. Stop whining."
>"Don't talk to me like that. We're dating now."
"I didn't sign up for not being able to trash talk anymore."
>"Fine. I guess we can still fight. You act like you hate it, but I know you don't."
>You realize you're ignoring Twilight.
>You shove your phone back in your pocket.
"Not much farther, we're almost there."
>"I'm a little bit nervous with meeting everyone."
"Don't worry. Like I said, everyone is nice...well, they should be to you, at least."
>As you walk up the dirt trail you reach the barn, all the girls have their gear set up.
>"FINALLY" Rainbow shouts.
>"Anon, this seriously needs to stop."
what happens next!?

Almost done!

"What needs to stop?"
>"The whole being late thing, obviously!"
>You set that issue to the side.
"Everyone, I'd love for you to meet my friend Twilight Sparkle."
>She smiles and waves.
>"Nice to meet you all."
>She meets the gang, Pinkie Pie being particularly excited about having a new friend.
>Rarity speaks up, "So if she's coming to band practice, is she going to be playing with us?"
>You cross your arms and nod.
>"What instrument?" she asks.
>This catches Rainbow's attention.
>"Anon! We already have two guitarists! We do NOT need a third!"
"We could use two rhythms with a lead in a couple of our songs, actually."
>"Anon, thats THREE guitarists!"
"So? There are plenty of bands with three guitarists."
>"Yeah! A bass and two six strings!"
"Well, I was telling her something more legal like say, a violin, would fit her much better. But I don't know how to play a violin. And she wants to learn. I don't see why its a problem."
>She relents a bit, not having an immediate comeback.
"Besides, she doesn't even know how to play. She won't be fit to play publicly for awhile. I'll be using some of our band time to teach her how to play."
>The other girls seem to think this is acceptable.
>Rainbow relents, "Fine, anon. Just don't be late for practice anymore."
>You look to Twilight.
>She looks VERY uncomfortable.
"You alright?"
>"I'm just causing problems..." she mutters.
>Rainbow has already put a damper on it. Figures that would happen
File: image.jpg (124KB, 877x1023px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124KB, 877x1023px
Break her heart anon
File: 1412726797769.jpg (216KB, 492x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216KB, 492x550px
I can feel the rustle already
File: IMG_20140929_133929.jpg (672KB, 1920x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
672KB, 1920x1920px
A very dark part of me wants this to play out like School Days
File: 67b32qs.png (300KB, 1058x705px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
300KB, 1058x705px
Oh god

>You try to snap her out of it.
>You grab your guitar bag from out of the corner of the barn, having left it here last time.
>Unzipping it, you pull the guitar out and bring it over to her.
>You put the guitar strap over her and let the guitar drape over her shoulders.
>You adjust it so the guitar is held up to her correctly, and not draping down from her small frame.
"Try standing up."
>She does, you back up to see how it looks.
"Hows it feel?" you ask.
>"Natural." she responds.
"Good. Now, take this."
>You hand her a guitar pick.
"You can play without one, but the sounds come out clearer with a pick."
>She takes it and starts strumming the strings.
"No, no, you're holding it wrong. Hold it in between your index finger and thumb, make sure only the tip is coming out from between them."
>She adjusts so awkwardly.
"Some people keep their fingers outward, but I keep mine tucked in. Less chance of hitting the strings."
"The best way to learn form is to play with others who already know. Teaching yourself is pretty slow."
>You think about it for a moment.
"Hey Rainbow, lets play her a song...show her what we're made of."
>She thinks about for a moment.
>"Something with a powerful guitar lead."
>Figures she'd say that.
>You walk up to her and begin to talk about what song you should play.
>After some expected arguing you agree.
>You take your guitar back and readjust it.
>"Alright, Twilight, watch and learn!" Rainbow says.
File: niceboat.png (337KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
337KB, 600x450px
Oh god yes

>Twilight watches in awe as Rainbow blares the guitar, showing nothing but pure skill.
>You keep the rhythm in check, its only you, rainbow, pinkie and applejack playing right now.
>Pinkie pie bangs on the drums at the perfect tempo.
>You love upbeat songs.
>As you finish the song up, Twilight looks absolutely blown away.
>"Wow! You guys sound amazing!" she shouts.
>"Thank you, Thank you." Rainbow Dash says.
>You wish you'd gotten to play SOME of the lead. Not like this was a new problem or anything.
"If you put in enough practice and are really committed to it, you can sound that good yourself, Twilight."
>"We can practice every day after school?" she asks.
"Yeah, I don't see why not."
>"Anon." Rainbow interjects.
>You glance over to her.
>"Can I speak with you? Privately?" she says with a peeved look on her face.
"Uhh, yeah, sure."
>You both take off your gear and step outside, leaving Twilight behind to talk with the other girls.
"Whats up?" you ask.
>"We're dating now, right?" she asks.
>Oh boy. Its happening.
"Yeah, sure." you say.
>She furrows her brow, suspicious.
>"So why are you dedicating all your after school time to teaching her how to play guitar?"
"Like I told you through text, she doesn't have many friends and I want her to feel accepted. And you've done nothing but squander that ever since she got here."
>"You brought her here out of nowhere! How did you expect me to react?!" she says, throwing her hands up in the air.
>Oh boy.
File: image.jpg (66KB, 555x575px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 555x575px
I don't know but i was hoping for thing for some reason.


Are you really feeling it writefriend?

I was looking for something that didn't sound like "orchestrated amazing." I love the Xenoblade soundtrack though. When I thought of blaring guitar, Asteroid Coaster just came to mind.

Good taste, though.
Same could be said for you.
(Last one before work. Sorry, guys. Work and College get in the way a lot. I have time off the next couple days to writefag, at least.)


"I'm just trying to help her fit in with someone. You see her eating alone at the lunch tables, walking the halls with no one around her, she needs friends."
>"Thats all well and good, anon, but you're my boyfriend. You're supposed to spend time with me."
"You're being a bit possessive for someone who just started dating me."
>"I've liked you for a long time, anon. I want this to work."
"Its not going to work if it means I can't be nice to someone who's dealing with a lot of shit right now."
>You cross you arms.
"If dating you means that I have to stop helping people, then you're out of your mind."
>"I'm not saying that. I'm just saying you shouldn't hang out with her EVERYDAY after class. If you want that maybe you should date HER!"
"Maybe I will."
>She looks shocked. She obviously wasn't serious about you dating her, but your reaction catches her completely off-guard.
>"Wh-What?! I thought you liked me, Anon!"
>This is it, Anon. If you let this go for too long its just going to hurt her more.
>So much for Twilight being in the band.
"No. I don't."
>She's trying with all her might to hold back the water works.
>"Then why did you say all that shit yesterday, Anon?!"
"You guilt tripped me. What was I supposed to do? Crush you while you poured your heart out?"
>Right on the face.
I fucking hate women beaters! Those kids ain't bad they're women beating faggots. Besides girl nerds are cool shit.
File: 1401609432712.jpg (48KB, 275x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 275x426px
I kinda feel bad for Dash, but I really prefer it this way.
Btw cool stuff anon.
Told ya, this could end in only one way
Time to fide the feelcoaster
Suddenly I imagine everything anon says is in Morty's voice.

Eh, he should have just taken her aside before, not durring the band bits, and just explain that he felt forced into it, and that he really does care about her, it's not a romance he is wanting.
File: 200_s.gif (48KB, 356x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 356x200px


>She slapped you.
>What the fuck.
>Her eyes are glued to the ground, her arm still extended.
>All the girls heard it, pouring out of the barn and watching in shock.
>You resist the urge to touch your cheek.
>"Anon?!" "Rainbow?!" Rarity shouts.
>You remain still, clenching your teeth.
>She lifts her hand up again.
>It comes flying at you again, but you grab her wrist.
>She starts fighting against you.
>You remain silent, trying to find the right words for this situation.
>Are there any? Is there even anything you can say to fix this?
>No. You've dug yourself into this hole. You've made your bed, now you get to sleep in it.
>She's all-out crying now.
>She falls to her knees, and you let go of her wrist.
>Still fighting the urge to touch your face, you look over towards the front of the barn.
>Twilights there, watching in shock.
>Fucking great.
>Not only are you going to be kicked out of the band, but now the girl you like thinks that you're a total fucking asshole.
>Applejack yells, "Anon! Rainbow! What in the hell is this all about? Ya'll fight all th' time, but I ain't never seen anything like this!"
>You shake your head and start to walk off.
>"Anon!" Twilight shouts.

Is this a criticism? Should I cut back on the drama?
File: 1399408686747.jpg (20KB, 201x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 201x200px
File: 00628.png (319KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
319KB, 640x480px
No plz, writefriend! Don't do what i think, You're gonna do now!
File: 1397766141512.gif (387KB, 400x265px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
387KB, 400x265px
No, its perfect!
I love drama
Dont stop it you faggot I meant the drama cause you gotta work fgt
File: 1415559024929.jpg (27KB, 433x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 433x334px
Not pic related!
Is he?
You're doing great dude. If anything his last words be somewhat like >>20606275

But... after this, we're not expecting anyone to react responsibly.
H-hold on one sec.
One, what are their names.
Two are they popular.
And three do you know where they're at when they're out of school.
File: skeleton-computer.jpg (16KB, 300x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 300x240px

I'm sorry, but I must go.

Bump for me.
File: 03b.jpg (30KB, 344x365px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 344x365px
Oh, come on!
File: 1410269328133s.jpg (4KB, 107x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 107x125px
>Bump for me.
File: 1351491931426.jpg (2KB, 117x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2KB, 117x125px
it hides her fuck you
We will, you glorious faggot.
I know a joke that will cheer you up.

Knock knock
>Who's there?
>Deez who?
Deez Nutz in yo' face!
>Mmm, so big and smooth. I feel better already.
Shut up baby I know it.
File: dolan-has-butt-hat.png (146KB, 642x502px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146KB, 642x502px
This should explain everything
Were do you werk?
it's kamikaze anon
It be even more funny if anon turned out to be gay.
Yes. Time to pay up Anon. Nothing left but taking the hit.
Don't call it a grave. It's the future you choose.
File: image.jpg (27KB, 249x223px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 249x223px
We await your return, Sir Slazors

I know I like Twi better but .. dude. The edge
File: 1405535574577.jpg (42KB, 400x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 400x366px
Anon , that ain't edge.
It's drama as fuck, I hate how "edge" just became a wrong used maymay
just enjoy the freaking story...
File: mlfw2538_medium.png (157KB, 537x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157KB, 537x640px
'edgy' means something original, different from everything else, challenging social norms etc. Or at least it tries to be that way
But notice that he said 'edge' which can mean the literal edge as on the edge aka cliffhanger or balancing on the verge
This actually fits the story because Anon is walking on thin line. He can work things out or screw everything if he's not careful
How? Are you retarded or dyslexic or what?
Why is Anon such a dickbutt in this story? This is why every single one of you guys is single.

Me included. I actually once fucked up like anon in this story did. But kinda worse.
I'm actually single by choice
But believe me, i wouldn't fuck up that badly
Though i'm pretty sure, i could fix that. It's still not the dead end
>by choice
What's School Days?
an animu, its gore, the main idea is that the main character fucks up and ends up getting two girls attention, both are psychopaths.
File: 1301261589001.png (17KB, 640x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 640x773px
That's my punishment for being a horrible person back in days
Maybe this Anon is an adequate representation of the average Anon. You made that mistake. I did it too. Probably here too. So, is not that unrealistic to see the Anon in the story making this mistake.
It's still not a dead end tough. Personally, I'm still in the relationship that came out of the whole thing once everything was said and done and the Anon from this story is handling it way better than I did. So, good end it's still possible.
We await your return, good man.

We drink to Slazors, THE BASED WRITEFRIEND!
(Boss gave me a 1 hour break for a 6 hour shift for some reason. Oh well, using it to WRITEFAG)


>You walk off in anger, Rainbow Dash staying behind, Twilight rushing after you.
>"Anon!" She shouts again.
>She catches up to you.
>"Anon? What was that all about?" she asks, concerned.
"Don't worry about it."
>"No. If you protect me I'll do the same for you!"
"I don't need protection. I'm leaving."
>She stops walking next to you and falls behind, staring at your back.
>You figure she must not know what the hells going on. She around a bunch of strangers who are fighting.
>You've effectively fucked everyone's day up.
>You turn around and look to Twilight.
"Come on, I'll take you home."
>Leaving her here would be a big mistake. You're angry and distraught, but you're not stupid.
>Not that stupid at least.
>She nods slowly and starts following you.
>The walk is completely silent.
>You realize you left your guitar and backpack at the barn. You don't really care at this point.
>Its not until you're back in town and about more than halfway to her house until she finally speaks up.
>"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine."
>"What happened with Rainbow Dash?"
>You sigh.
>Do you really want to hear all of it?
>She nods, curious about the situation.
>As you walk home, you explain pretty much everything: How trixie told you about her feelings, SOME of the details about the night she confessed to you, and why she slapped you.
File: gasm face.png (4KB, 234x216px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gasm face.png
4KB, 234x216px
youre back!
It's about damn time Anon was honest with SOMEone.
Keep'em coming, Slazors!
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Oh that Anon...
At least i've seen worse in guro green

>"Anon...The last thing you should ever tell a girl is that you love her...when you don't mean it."
"I just felt so guilty. She poured her heart out in front of me and I just couldn't tell her no."
>You've walked past her house now.
>You're just walking now aimlessly around town, talking to Twilight.
>If all the drama hadn't happened before this, you'd be content with this situation.
>"It would have been easier had you just explained that you didn't feel that way, Anon."
>"You can still make things right. If thats really how she feels about you, she'll forgive you."
"You think so?"
>She nods, "Mhm!"
>You pull your phone out and stare at the screen.
>She shakes her head, "No, Anon. Not through text or phone call. It'll mean more if its face to face."
>You slide the phone back into your pocket, not having gotten any new messages from her.
>"Don't confront her now either. Give her some time."
"You're really good with this stuff, you know?"
"Giving advice."
>"You obviously don't know how women work, anon."
"Does any guy?"
>"Haha, I suppose not." She says with a chuckle.
>You feel better after talking with someone about it.
>Like, a lot better.
>You feel more comfortable around Twilight now too.
>"So, Anon?"
"Whats up?"
>"Why don't you like Rainbow Dash? She's amazing at sports, plays the guitar very well, very athletic..."
"We just don't mix very well." you say, scratching your head.
>"Well, is there any girl you like, Anon?
File: 1413297996957.png (295KB, 1280x1482px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why RD, writefriend?
Of all the mane 6 she's, despite her behavior, the most sensitive one, and will suffer the most if someone breaks her heart
I guess that You don't like her but maybe there's something else?

Most complaints I get are about my anons. Any criticism is appreciated on how I can improve them.


RD is fun to write. Same reason I chose Trixie.


>You stop after she says that and look towards the ground.
>The sun is setting now, the sky glowing orange and blue.
>An early evening breeze passes you and her.
"Yeah, I do."
>"You must like her a lot if you chose her over Rainbow."
"Yup. I do."
>You stand back up straight again and start walking again.
>"So...who is it?" she asks, curious.
"Its been a rough day. I think I'm done with the romance stuff for now."
>"Its not romance! You're just telling me who it is!"
"I don't really want to talk about it."
>"Its probably one of the girls from the band."
>She thinks about it as you walk together, you start walking back towards her house.
>"You know, Rarity comes off as someone who might take your fancy."
>You can't help but laugh, "Why Rarity?"
>"Well, Rainbow is tomboyish. The opposite of a tomboy is a lady, so I just figured maybe you liked more feminine women."
>You chuckle, "Okay, thats clever, but no, its not Rarity."
>She gives it more thought.
>"IS it someone from the band?"
>You shake your head.
"Actually, no."
>She bounces up and down.
>"Come on, tell me!" she demands.
>You sigh.
"I like..."
>You pause for dramatic effect.
>She stops walking.
>"You like Trixie...?" she asks.
>You smile.
>Inb4 Trixie hears that and not the kidding part
>inb4 Trixie has never had someone actually like her before

Thats two people who think I'm going to do the "overhear dialogue" cliche. Come on, I'm not that trash.
silly anon.
tell us your story while we wait for writefriend, please.
YEAH! Tell us a story Anon!

Going back to work. Entertain them, my good man.
Story time.
Given how she over hears everything else it's not trite.

How else will the bully get friendship healing?
Twilight is oddly adorable in this.
File: 00308.png (193KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193KB, 640x480px
>Implying Mary Sue wasn't adorable for even a second
For some odd reason ever since Twi got alicorned I've always thought her chest got bigger
File: tall.png (169KB, 900x1244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 900x1244px
She got more flat
>1 hour break
>for 6 hour shift
Your boss is probably lurking
File: thedick.gif (47KB, 172x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>Unzipping it
Teh lulz begins
Boss approaches write fag after lunch
"Anon and twilight better fuck or im gonna fire you."
The boss has his way of getting what he wants
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Don't my dear Twilight. I can negotiate with these punks to stop harassing you. *cracks knuckles*,*gets nunchucks*.
happened something like this to me when i was younger.
The problem is that this whole thing lasted years, and a years.
there was a girl who was in love with me (she wasnt like super pretty, but she had a smile, an attitude that i never knew it existed).
We used to hangout and everything, we had a lot of fun, she was kinda "different" to all the other girls i met... But i already was in love with another girl (who had a boyfriend).
i was trying to get the attention of somebody who didnt deserve it.

anyways, I have to admit it was a beautiful experience, and everytime i look back to it, it brings me a smile.
Oh wow. I do apologize Ms. Sparkle for forgetting to say "worry" in there. I promise you that my "diplomacy" towards those guys will be eloquent and orthodox."
>Tips katana collection
>Unsheathes fedora
>Gallantly shout "M'lady!" while rolling towards Trixie.
>Teleports behind her, and drowns her in spaghetti with a single tip of his fedora.
"Nothing personnel, kid."
Bump in the rump
> More Magic means more tit and ass
> My Little Pony: Equestria Girls is Hourglass
yes this is my fetissshhh
>Xenoblade Chronicles

mah fucking nigga.
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