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Princess Applejack

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This here's a series of different stories about an Alicorned Applejack interacting with other Princesses and Changelings with hilarious (and sometimes feelsy) results.

It all started with this:

>So, wait, why am Ah a princess again?
>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free healthcare I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."

Check out the pastebin for a full archive of all the stories so far: http://pastebin.com/u/PrincessApplejack

Or look at the previous thread: >>>>>>>>>>>>http://archive.heinessen.com/mlp/thread/S20453513

Try your hand at writing a story! What's the worst that could happen?
If you're more artistically inclined, give a drawing or sketch a shot, doesn't have to be fancy.
If that's not your style, writers always like getting feedback, so tell us what you liked (and what you didn't).

New here? Don't be afraid to ask who a character is or what's happened lately. There's a lot going on sometimes and it can be intimidating if you're not up to date.
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The beginning, or you can just see see pic related for the start of it all: >>>>http://archive.heinessen.com/mlp/thread/S15714689
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>Oh, hey, we should probably start thinking about what we're doing for 50, now that I think about it...

We already know.

A sort of look into the past where the characters now meet themselves as they were back then. New Shiny meets shaving Shiny. Stressed out 77 meets relaxed 77. Workaholic AJ meets Problemholic AJ. Plot-loving 56 meets... well, yeah. You get the picture.

'S gonna be fun.
Oh, I liked that idea. Can't wait to see Chrysalis.

>...Somethings off...

It was beautiful.

Not that the thing within her had any concept of beauty, of course, but 88 realized that if it could feel something approximating 'awe' or 'joy', that would be it. It was surprisingly basic, yet open with its desires. Spread, go here, do this, move that. Very plain, really.

She didn't mind when it started rooting through her memories, really. What, she asked, was it going to find? It held no judgement for any embarrassing missteps she might have done, it did not laugh at her pain, or feel sorrow at her failures. Oh no, it did nothing like that.

Instead, it merely searched for it's own needs. It had a problem, her mind normally had an answer. In this case, one of it's infected had been damaged, and it needed a way to fix it. If she had been her old self, perhaps she would have stared in wonder, in awe, of how it was able to use her shapechanging magic. It should not be surprising to her, really, that a thing so intoned with how to reshape bodies could so easily do so on a level she never could dream, but even in her dark little mind, she felt impressed.

Still, it continued to plow through her mind, searching for something else. A new problem had arrived, it seemed, and it sought answers.

But this particular time, it found something else. A memory flashed before her mind. A particular... memory...

"You are to go through this cave under Canterlot, and prepare for the invasion. Do this, I command."





She didn't care...

None should care...

She didn't...


It was... it was reacting.



...She did not feel happy, no, she did not care what this thing did or made her do, really. But some part of her... some small part...

Really hoped that bitch was still in the city.

Not that it mattered to her...
Ah, yeah. Probably dumb I asked.

Oh, and since I didn't get a chance to comment on it-

>"HEE HEE!... Uh huuuuhh!"

Goddamn 55 you adorable, even in NC.
Aw christ, Run, Chrssy, Run!
...To where.
Hopefully I'll be able to cordy it up when I get off tomorrow, got a few ideas I'd like to toss out for the consensus. Until then, night thread, carry that weight.
"Guard two"

>This is going well!

His companion just gave him a cold, dead look, before pumping his shotgun and firing at the creatures once again.

>I mean, in general.


>...So, uh, what do you think caused this?

"I'm betting corporation gone wrong."

>Really? Looks like alien something or other to me.

"Might be a mix of the two, corporation found an alien artifact and unleashed them."

>Naahhh, can't be. If that happened, they'd try to cover it up.


>Oh, you know, bombs from the sky most... likely...

They both glanced nervously up, before resuming shooting at the things.

>No bombs, so... that's good.

"Yep. Good good good."

>Great, even.


>...Maybe its natural?

"I'm going to be honest, best zombies are always the ones you have no idea what the origin is."


"Yeah, every explanation just sounds weird."

>You know, I can't argue that.

"...There are way too many zombies."

>And so many ways, too.

"You'd think we'd run out of ways to shoot them, eventually."

>We'll probably loop a couple times before we even notice.

"I guess."

Finally, their guns gave off the tell-tale 'CLICK!' and they knew they were fucked.

>...This was a lot cooler when it was in a book.

Well there is that nice little store room she locked Shiny and co in wait that's opened from the outside. The diamond mines under canterlot where she fought Chitty and imprisoned Twi/cadence in... no that has been collapsed. Can she breathe in space?
>Well there is that nice little store room she locked Shiny and co in wait that's opened from the outside.

It was his vault, but yeah. Shiny drilled a hole in that to get out.
I guess she could always go over to wherever Pommel is right now.

...Though she might accidentally lure the cordy to that giant crab-squid thing...
Speaking of, can't wait for the next part of that.
I think the concensus is 'CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT'

Stories are #1, movement in paramount.

I don't care what direction we go, as long as we're moving. Otherwise we risk another partyland. I don't want to give Cordy more than 2 threads, 3 tops.

Remember the old arcs? Gala 2.0, Robot Invasion and Chitania? They were all 2/2.5 threads and they worked great. More of that.

TLDR I'll support whatever direction you want to take us.
Honestly, Partyland doesn't even feel like an arc, reading back on it, just a location change. The only 'arc-like' bits are at the very end.
Well, that's because it wasn't really supposed to be an arc, really. Just a break.
Eh, I kinda disagree. It was limiting. You couldn't just write about PJ and 42, because they weren't in the same place. You couldn't have Shining Armor visit Two's class and agree to coach their soccer team because she wasn't in school. You couldn't have Applejack decide to outlaw Polygons to get the harem proposals to stop because she wasn't doing paperwork.

It was pretty limiting as far as characters and choices go, even if it doesn't feel that way in the archives.
>Just a break.
Seriously. And I know I'm the only one but I'm STILL tripping how Batmom and Dadling didn't even get married. That was like, the freaking basis of Party Land besides relaxation.
Partyland makes me sad a little... S-Anon did not survive and Sombra is... well hes kinda fucked and now hes in creative purgatory cause we don't know what to do with him anymore
I wish someone would try to take up his sword as it were.

If in like five threads something doesn't happen maybe we should just have him give up, I miss having him in the cast for silly dark magic fuckery like the golem conveyor belt.
I can agree to that. I don't have any plans for Somby but anything's gotta be better than sitting there in a semi state of purgatory...
Fuck. That. Shit.

Pen make words! P-please?
>High Roller

"Here we are!"

The door to the cabin creaked open, allowing the blue earth pony to trot in, the chartreuse pegasus walking in behind.

"So here we are, I admit, it's not the Princess Suite but, y'know, it's home...well the home of a racist dead guy but home nonetheless."

>What is that smell?

"I have no idea and I'm not really inclined to figure it out, I figure some kind of raccoon died under the floorboards."


"Yeah, there's a reason I don't actually live here."

>I can imagine, now, my equipment?

"All set up in the bathroom. I uh...I don't think I want to know what you're about to do in there. There was all kinds of bottles of stuff that I didn't even know how to pronounce, stuff from Chineigh, Africanter, Shetland, the heck are you going to do in there?"

High Roller, who had been walking towards the door, stopped.

>What do you know about changelings?

"Uh...well, they're bugs, they can change shape, they're kind of a bunch of dickheads for invading us but..."

>It's so easy for them, is it not? Before your eyes they can become a different person, a different species. Makes you feel somewhat...impotent, does it not?

"I uh...I suppose so..."

>But allow me to assure you, Mr. Noteworthy, all one truly needs to change their identity...

He pushed open the door and smirked at what he found inside.

>Are a chemical cocktail, an extreme tolerance for pain, and an hour...give or take a few minutes.

He disappeared into the bathroom.

"...that guy is fucking creepy."

>I can hear you.

"Aw crap."
You can do it, S-Anon!
Goodnight thread
Good morning thread
And good day to you too.
Ho shit... Could it be?

Are you asking please pen do stuff or please can you do it?

I don't think anyone would argue with the latter...
if people have plans for thread 50 to be special and Have new characters meet their old selves... does that mean cordyceps needs to be over by then? or would we pause the arc? Because that would be a bit weird
were pausing it, the 50th is just a break thread, a completely non-canon one meant to give us some pleasure and a few of us a break.
Basically a filler thread, more or less

The king of the gryphon kingdom ignored his soldiers cries as his gaze remained outwards, watching the fires and the smoke, hearing the cries down below. Even from his perch atop his splendid castle, he could see them. The swarm of creatures that attacked his people, consumed them and turned them before his eyes.

“What... what madness is this...”

His chest coiled as he watched on. Every weapon his soldiers used against the monsters proved for naught. They could not pierce the skin, they could not clip the wings, they could not stop the beasts.

“Sire, we must get you to safety!”

Dulled, stunned eyes turned back to the soldier, even now bowing in reverence to his king.

“Where are my children?”

“They are already within the heart of your castle, sire, them and the Queen! But we must hurry!”

“Ah, of course... yes...”

He followed his elite guard, almost numbly. They prevented any from reaching him as they fled through the castle, one by one said group growing smaller with every turn, every bend, every unexpected surprise these things still had. But they would not let him fight, no. He was not allowed, of course. He must be protected, must be persevered.

Because, apparently, the dead were going to need to be lead in some capacity at this rate...

He was down to a mere two guards when they finally reached their destination, a massive room with two equally massive doors of solid steel to guard it. The Cathedral of Kings, as it was called. A room bigger than even the one that housed his throne, a dome of glorious, luminous metal and wonder. It held the tapestries and weapons of all those who had fallen before him in his great lineage, a thousand tales strewn about it. So many wonders within, it was no surprise it was by far the most heavily fortified area within the castle, a testament to the idea that even if the castle should fall, his legacy would live on.

But now, all it was, currently, was a big, mostly empty room.

His wife had been moved there, rushed from her hospital bed with as much care as they could spare. Beside her, there was but a single nurse tending to her, even as she ranted and demanded to be let free.

His two eldest had found there way here as well. Close together, of course, likely having found the other first before even attempting to find this place. They had no others with them, sadly.

And finally, of course, there was dear Siegfried. Stuffed away in a corner next to two very pretty looking things, but of course no soldiers. Or useful doctors. Or even just mundane looking subjects. Always living the life of his storybooks, that one.

“Is everyone alright?”

The response to his questions were as expected. His wife and daughter glared at him, Zephyrious cleared his throat and respectfully confirmed that he was, and his youngest just let out a loud, barking laugh.

“Dancing on rainbows, Papa! Woo! You should have seen them, there were, like, a billion of them coming out of the walls!”

His daughter rolled her eyes at him.

“I very much doubt that.”

“You don't know.”

“We do not have a billion subjects.”

“Like you counted them!”

“We have a thing called a census.”

He blinked owlishly at that, clearly having no idea what the words meant.

“Well, all I know is, there were too many.”

“You don't say.”

“No, really! I had four of these beautiful numbers when I started, but of course now I'm just down to two... which is terrible because they did not deserve that and we are all regretful for their losses.”

One of the maids just nodded in agreement, the other one just rolled her eyes.

“Speaking of, what's the situation here, we hunkering down?”

Zephyrious let out a sigh, regretfully nodding.

“That would be the best course of action.”

“Bummer... sooo... we sectioning off rooms? There a closet or something in here?”

His mother's eye began to twitch.

“I'm going to castrate him, I swear.”
“Hey now, I'm just thinking about the future here! At least I thought to bring someone, Zephyrious! Hilda!”

In unison, they slammed a claw to their faces.

“He really has no idea what's going on.”

“No, sister, he does, he just does not care.”

He rose up, offended.

“Hey, I'm just trying to look on the positive side! I mean, come on! This place is so heavily fortified, there's no way anything could get in here! And look at these two, look at them! We could... c-could...”

There, in that moment, that one moment when he stopped talking, they all knew they were doomed.

Every set of eyes turned to what he was staring at, the spot directly behind the two maids. One of the walls was glowing an odd, sickly green color, the metal giving off a noxious smell as the glow intensified.

Like ice left out in the sun, it melted away, and a long, chitinous looking tendril snapped forward, and grabbed hold of one the maids.


Siegfried tried to move forward to cut her free, but too late. Soon, the gryphon he had dubbed 'the tall one' was gone.

All around them, the same thing happened. A sudden glow, a sudden smell, and then the creatures spilled in.

As one, the family drew their weapons, and began to fight.

Zephyrious and Hilda were instantly close to the other, the elder wielding a massive blade and the sister holding a pair of small, deadly looking knives. They moved in near perfect sync, every flash of his blade matching perfectly with her knives flung out, the pair spinning and whirling around to constantly keep watch on the other's back. In the heat of it all, the king could not help but feel pride at the harmony with which his two eldest fought.

But his youngest... brash, outward, risky with his movements and strikes. He held skill, no doubt, but it was unrefined, more for showing off and looking good. Still, he could not deny it was effective.

But his wife, oh, his wife... how he wished the circumstances were different.

Normally, she quite favored the blade, but in this particular instance she had not the time to grab her favorite weapons, and instead had decided to make due with quite a large mace. Quite the show...

But still, even with their combined skill, they were losing.

One by one, their companions were picked off. The elite guard snatched first as they moved forward to protect the royal family. Then came poor Gwendolyn's nurse, a spindly little thing unable to protect herself. The only one left was the one remaining maid that his youngest had brought. One he defended with quite the vigor.


But clearly, it wasn't enough.

Before the young looking gryphon could react, a positively massive diamond dog, easily as big as a manticore, burst through the melted walls. His son could only watch in horror, and defeat, as that things massive head swung down, and that pair of jaws clamped over the one he had fought so hard to protect.


For a moment, the royals were silent, a twinge of defeat shooting though them at their ineffectiveness to protect a single of their subjects. It felt hopeless.

That twinge did not remain, however, in the face of what happened next.

“Damn you...”

The gryphon royals, as one, froze.

They watched as the creature gnawed on the handmaid, stunningly sharp looking teeth doing little more than scraping against her feathers. Two massive paws gripped her, visibly straining, but failing to so much as make her twitch.

“Damn you... damn you damn you damn you!”

A claw reached back, grabbing hold of the beast in a grip so tight it cried out and began flashing with fire to repair the damage. With a roar of fury, she spun.

And hurled that beast right out the ceiling.

Bird-like eyes stared in awe as the creature flew out, further, further and further away, until it was but a speck in the distance.

“Do you fuckers have any idea how long I spent on this...”

The various infected screeched in what might resemble rage, the horde turning it's attention from the winged monarchs and towards the one who so casually walked towards them.

“It took hours to look like this. Hours!”

Horror began to grip all five as she easily batted away those who charged her, a single swipe of her claw more than enough to down even the strongest among them.

“But no, you just had to go and fuck it all up! I finally find the one way I can enter into this stupid place, and you fucked it all up!”

She came to a stop in the middle of the room, contemptuously looking around at the hordes that tried to spill in.

“That pisses me off!”

The air left Gwendolyn's lungs at the flash of green that consumed the 'gryphon' before her, the heat coming off it nothing to the chill she felt down her spine as the thing she hated most in all this world emerged.

Chitania had arrived.

“Great Hawk! I was so going to hit that!”

Everyone, absolutely everyone, even the infected creatures, turned to the youngest prince.

“...I mean, not 'that' that, the- the you that was... she was the quiet one, you know?”

Awkwardly, he shuffled under their gaze.

“Well, not that it wouldn't be cool to-”

“Finish that sentence and you are disowned and will be cast out of my kingdom.”

The tone in his mother;s voice told him she was very, very serious.

The Chitinous Queen let out a dark chuckle, rolling her eyes before turning back to regard her fellow Queen. In turn, Gwendolyn shook with rage, pointedly brandishing her mace.

“Come now, we both know that might as well be tissue paper. There's nothing you can do to harm me.”

The Gryphon monarch did not respond with anything but a flinch.

The Titan let out another dark chortle, before abruptly devolving into a roar. With one swipe of her hoof, she cast back an entire wave of infected, the shockewave alone enough to send those as far back as the very end tumbling away almost comically.

“You might be right...”

Chitania paused at her tone, an almost mocking, excited one.

“I cannot hurt you... but I can at least have the satisfaction of watching that thing turn you into one of them!”

The other royals gasped in horror, but she just smiled on, eyes trained pointedly on the Titan's leg. Wearily, Chitania trailed her gaze down, down to where that Queen stared, down to...

To the red particles crawling all over that leg.

And yet...

Nothing else.


With one slam of her hoof, they all fell away, leaving pristine chitin beneath. Experimentally, she stuck her hoof in some more of the red spores.

“Well, what do you know...”

Just like before, they were easily dispelled.

“That's pretty neat.”

Behind her, the gryphon Queen dropped her beak open in shock, her heart breaking at the sight. Even this... even this...

She could only watch as the monster soon resumed battering away the other monsters, not a care in the world as she crushed those so below her power level. Magic from unicorns, claws from manticores, it was all the same to her. Nothing. Without a care, she began to wade through the crowd, towards the exit they had created just beyond.

“Queen Chitania.”

His voice barely cut through her hawk-like ears, barely audible amidst the rush of blood swelling in her head. Her eyes snapped over just in time to see her eldest step forth, her daughter right behind him, close, but not too close.

“I thought you would be taller.”

The Changeling hesitated in her assault, offense plastered across her face.

“Merely a side effect of the title, I assure you. A name like “The Titan” makes me think of something much bigger.”

She sneered right back at his neutral face.

“I can show you bigger, if you'd like.”

“I would, actually.”

She hesitated once more, honestly surprised at his response. Still, there was a bit of a feral smirk on her face as she let the flames consume her once more.

All but Gwen watched in awe as she reached her Titanic size, now so large she only barely fit in the massive castle. So much so, in fact, her head had to be bowed ever so slightly to prevent her horn from renting deeper gashes in the ceiling above.

“Well, I certainly cannot deny your stature now.”

“Good. Glad we could settle that matter.”

She turned away once again, preparing to make a proper exit, when his voice called out to her.

“What did you come here for, by the by?”

Her eyes flickered back again, an amused look on them.

“Isn't it obvious?”

“No, actually, it is not. I thought you were planning to kill me and my kin, but now, even with a situation like this, you seem to have no interest in it.”

“Not really, no. You are annoying pests, but you're not worth my time.”

Gwen hissed, blades brandished once more, despite the keen awareness it would be as effective as a water balloon.

“Well, with that aside, and the fact I very much doubt you were trying to seduce my brother, why infiltrate my home, then?”

“Simple, really. I had been planning on stealing that poison that particular pest tried using on me.”


“Yes. But, sadly, my cover was blown, as you so clearly can see, and to be honest it's not worth trying to find that formula amidst this, since that one has made her stance on how much of my head I can retain quite clear.”

“Well... what if I promised you that recipe?”

Both King and Queen turned on their child, aghast at his words.


“Have you gone mad!?”

Even his two siblings looked upon him with either complete disbelief, from his brother, or terrified uncertainty, such as with his sister.

Only Chitania remained unmoved.

“In exchange for what?”

“Simply put... you continue doing as you are now.”

A touch of confusion marred her face, but that was swiftly put aside when she realized she had been almost subconsciously swinging away this whole conversation, her massive size now having made it completely impossible for even the strongest below to move her, let alone make it past her. She did not even have to do more than a single flick to send them off.

“This is madness, son!”

“You would seek her, for protection!?”

He ignored his parents words as he moved forward, until he stood right beneath the massive beast.

“What say you? Every poison in our library, including the one used against you. I do not ask you to protect us directly, as I know that would be too much and to be frank, far too trusting of us towards one like yourself, but simply to remain here, in this kingdom. That is all.”

She mulled this over, seeming to fully consider such a proposition.

“And should this plague be defeated? Will you let me walk out of this kingdom after you hand over the formula?”

“Let you? Come now, Queen Chitania... I have no way to stop you from doing exactly that.”

“True, true...”

She considered his words, deftly slamming her hind hoof down to dispell another wave. Her mind fluttered as she thought over his every word.

“What is to stop you from betraying me at the end?”

“The fact you will quite easily kill me and destroy my entire kingdom, and I have no means to prevent it.”

“True, also very true, but what is to stop me from doing that right now?”

“Nothing, but you will have gained nothing but a dead gryphon and a smashed kingdom, still no better off than when you snuck in here.”


She grew quiet after that, still thoughtful, still questioning...

Without another word, she turned away.

But she did not move to leave. Instead, she simply resumed swinging at any who attempted to enter, childs play to her in her massive state.

A long, long while past.

But she still did not leave.


“You've doomed us all.”

Zephyrious did not respond to his mothers words, neither the bitterness or the almost hate she had within it.

“You... fool.”

Hilda moved to his side, her uncertain claw gripping his arm.

“Are you sure about this, Zephyrious?”

“No, Hilda, I am not... not at all.”

He looked to her, and at last she could see the fear hidden in his eyes.

“But it is better than dying and becoming one of those things.”

She could not deny that, she acknowledged. She could do nothing, really.

Nothing but wait... and watch the beast before them.

Watch as she turned the things of nightmares into her playthings... and waited.
Man do I hate Chitania

I thought I was pissed that Chryssy has an oily as hell back so nothing bad ever impacted her and she always got away with shit

But hoooooooooooly hell was I mistaken, I was going after the wrong changeling

We takin' a pause for the cause, good sir. Some time to unwind and get fucking stupid with the funny and the feels and the what-the-fuck'ery.
Well, on the positive side, at least I know SOMEONE will be happy with the event that's going to happen thanks to the setup.

...Well, maybe not, you'll probably hate what happens to a certain other character to balance it out.

That's a terrible mentality to take when writing a story, and more than likely would come out with OOC shit.

Moot point regardless, then? Sounds like Chitty's prepping for a hurting with this(I think that's what you meant?), though I can't see how. But hey, if I can't see it and it makes sense, then that just means you're smarter than me.

Which would be great.
As interesting as the conflict between Gwen/ Zeph would be from this, why is Chitty immune? Is Titan magic that OP when even Discord couldn't do shit?
>why is Chitty immune?

It might not be able to pierce her skin, since it's more naturally thick than anything else. We also kicked around that whatever biologically went wrong with her that prevents her from having kids also might be the culprit.

>Is Titan magic that OP when even Discord couldn't do shit?

What? Discords magic would have worked just fine, but the cordy infected a clone and figured out it's chaos-sponge trick. It can't use it because, as a basic creature, it cannot comprehend chaos, but it absorbs whatever Discord tries.
I think the last time she got shown up was the Train fight.

It's gonna be a hell of a fall when it comes. But I personally don't like how she's become a walking Godzilla that shrugs off everything.
Ok, what COULD hurt Chitania besides godlike amounts of punishment?

Can you not poke her in the eye? Is that out of the question? Does she have armored corneas?

Would infiltrating her body in titan mode do dick all? Is her heart just as hard as her exoskeleton? Does she have an invincible pancreas?

I'm asking because seriously, she's starting to reach Ultimate Warrior levels of no-sell here.
Taking the Tarrasque approach...

>Be a 1st Level Wizard.
>Grab the Implement Focus and Arcane Reserves feat.
>Be a horse
>Put on your robe and wizard hat.
>Exhaust all of your arcane encounter attack powers before engaging the Tarrasque.
>Cast Magic Missile on the Tarrasque while 20 squares away. Your Magic Missile when you have 20 does 7 damage, plus 1 from your Implement focus feat, and 2 from your Arcane >Reserves feat (which isn't a feat bonus so it stacks) for 11 damage. The Tarrasque resists 10 of this and takes 1 damage. Magic Missile doesn't make damage rolls, so the above feats provide no bonus to its damage. (It's doable with a level 6 wizard who starts with a +2 Staff of Missile Mastery, which increases the damage by a total of 4.)
>Ride away from the Tarrasque until you're far enough that it can't close the distance with you in one of its turn. If you have the Wizard's Fury daily power, you can cast Magic Missile as a minor action, allowing you to use both your standard and move actions in order to maintain a distance of 20 squares. The DM might rule that it only lasts for 5 minutes though.
>Repeat the last two steps 1,419 more times. This will take roughly two hours and 21 minutes, so the horse will lose its only healing surge after the second hour of double-moving.
>Congratulations! For defeating the Tarrasque, you are now level 17.

That, or cast Command Undead on a nearby Allip to drain her of Wisdom, knock her unconscious, then fucking shovel sand down her throat, clog the windpipe, cut off the respiration process, try and regenerate that, bitch cos goddamnit this is getting out of hand now
>why is Chitty immune?

We had to make up a bunch of theories back when we first started setting up Cordy to fill the plot hole of why she wouldn't have gotten infected, I don't know which we decided on.

>Is her heart just as hard as her exoskeleton?

Actually? Yes. Her insides were confirmed to be just as titan-ish as her outside when Pommel took his ride down there. Going for punches isn't normally the best idea, though it should be noted she mostly avoids big attacks like Luna's divebomb or the Megacannon.

>Ok, what COULD hurt Chitania besides godlike amounts of punishment?

Mind attacks. Those are super-effective against her because her mind-magic is shit.
>she's starting to reach Ultimate Warrior levels of no-sell here.
It's funny because we kind of wanted this for her in the beginning. Her to be a being of uncontrollable, unbeatable rage. And now she is. Are people getting sick of that, or did they just expect her to have taken some sort of damage by now?
If we're going by her original appearance, Luna/Celestia would be enough. It's been implied that if Luna managed to hit her charge attack, it'd have been fatal. It was also implied that the fall into the Lava would have been fatal for Chitty as well, so the heat Celestia could manage if not suckered/drained of magic would probably be enough.

Never mind the none fatal ending of being mind-controlled without the panic memory showing working again.

Now? Probably Discord. I don't think anything bar Flutter/ her clones/ Chaos-Cordy has an immunity to Chaos Magic. He'd just need to get off his ass and do something, like turn her into cheddar or glue her to the inside of the moon or some shit.
I also shouldn't write when I'm tired, goddamn it.
>Just as Titan-ish as her outside when Pommel took his ride down.

Wait, what?

I just said it was big in there, mostly due to him shrinking and growing with her as she changed form, not that she had an armor plated colin, that's just ridiculous. If there was one weakness she should have, it's that if you CAN bypass that exoskeleton, you can do some damage. Just saying 'Nah, you can't attack her from the inside' sounds like an utter asspull.
>it's that if you CAN bypass that exoskeleton, you can do some damage. Just saying 'Nah, you can't attack her from the inside' sounds like an utter asspull.

Got it, we now have a way in about this

Now who here knows their way around vore? We need volunteers

I can get a shit-ton of abilities, depending on wich constelation I will pick. DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUUUM
u wot m8. http://music.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random Get your stand name, anon.
ayy I hope no-ones writing any AJ right now, cos I'm halfway through some real shit here.
Is it continuing the downward spiral her life has taken?

Applejack will never get another moment of happiness again. Her life is suffering.
File: happy new year.jpg (137KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
happy new year.jpg
137KB, 800x800px

enjoy the happy apple pone while it lasts

Though it'd be nice if AJ's life took an upswing soon. She's had enough shit on her plate for too long.
Not him but don't worry it will. I've been patiently working on something for that since DT's thing.

Apple will be happy again and all will be well.
Did we decide what colour magic Applejack has? Was it Emerald Green or Apple Red?

>mfw these two
I've just been envisioning all sorts of colors really, from apple green to parchment paper light brown.
>I just said it was big in there
You also wrote she has boats, shards of wood, and other things that would tear apart her insides if it didn't. It's not directly stated, it's that if it wasn't, she would have died from the stuff you put in there. Either she's got super duable insides, or that would have killed her.>>20592589
>It was also implied that the fall into the Lava would have been fatal for Chitty as well, so the heat Celestia could manage if not suckered/drained of magic would probably be enough.

Continuity nitpick here, that's not true. She can, in fact, survive not only lava-level heat, she can survive being completely covered in it. We know this because she WAS completely covered in it, after being shot with shield-missiles full of it, that's why she shrank down to fistfight Shiny. The thing with the dropping was her wings were broken, meaning she couldn't fly out and would have been completely covered and, if not killed by the pressure, then she would have drowned. The lava itself was surviveable.
So basically, she will never ever be fully beaten, and like Chrysalis, she'll end up smelling like roses no matter what the hell happens. The entire world could come after her and she'd somehow find a way to just win. Because Changelings > Everything
DAMN! >>20593169 sniped me, but yeah. You wrote there was a lot of really sharp shit in there, stuff like broken wood would NOT be surviveable unless her insides got an enhancement as well. Then you also have to take into account her insides have to get stronger as she gets bigger anyway, since otherwise she would crush her own organs with the weight and her body wouldn't be able to survive it.

HOWEVER, due to the way her magic works, it SHOULD just be an equivalent boost, as in as she gets more durability from her size, it's a 'to the core' thing. Meaning her insides wouldn't be nearly as strong as her exoskeleton, but the increase would be the same as what her exoskeleton received, if that makes sense.

That said, she has a weakness. We know she does. It's the same as all changelings.

She can't swim.

And, just in case the continuity bugs pop up, yes, we have confirmed this AND that this scares her, she met up with the surfing zebra in another story and accidentally went out to sea. She had to reveal herself and grow to full size while booking it back to shore.

So, drowning.
>So basically, she will never ever be fully beaten,


...Actually, might take longer than expected thanks to->>20592850, since what's to come, let's just say, heavily involves paperworkhorse.
So our best bet aside from conking her unconscious is to send in someone with enough sharp and pointy objects and/or melting/freezing appartus to kill her from inside.
Twience Cyro grenade down the throat.

Or ask Discord nicely to snap her to the whatever the Pone equal of the Mariana Trench is.
Yeah but there's wood beams and a boat floating around in water in there, as opposed to like a shit ton of explosives and weapons being unloaded directly into her vital organs without the exoskeleton to deflect them.
>So basically, she will never ever be fully beaten

Except by Shiny, which happened. Twice.

See, this is why I agree with >>20592084 that this is a terrible mentality to have. Of course she can be beaten, ANY character can be beaten, and in a way that makes sense, but it's looking at it as "I really want this character to feel pain because ____", not because of the story.

Let me ask you, what was more important, the fact Shiny figured out how to suffocate her on the fly, or what that event entailed. A moment where she, as the antagonist, *could* have turned around and ended that whole thing, but due to past events didn't. It's not that she got beat, it's what that meant for Shiny, who was feeling high after helping Chrysalis and seeing the good in everyone, and what it meant when because of this, Two got nabbed and lovenommed.

Just... Story first, you know? Think of the story as to why that should happen and what it means for the characters, and *then* figure out a realistic way to do this, and there's plenty.
Man I hope this doesn't got NC'd
Look, unless we see something REALLY dumb in there, I doubt it.

Just don't put in anything really dumb.
Ayy lmao let's get this fucking ball rolling

'The Bad Guy'

>Trees, ah love trees, ah love plantin' 'em, buckin' 'em, carin' for 'em, mah whole life is fulla fucking trees

The trees rustled approvingly in the breeze

>So how 'bout y'all let me go already?!

She returned to tussling in between the branches, trying to get free of the messy crash landing she had got herself into.

>Stupid window taunting me with freedom. Gah! Fuck it!



At least no-one saw that embarrasing display, face first into the dirt with here hind sticking up-



No-one but the trees surrounding her, though as she looked around she saw one with two hoes in it. That and said tree looked awfully fake for her tastes

>...Come on out, or else Ah'll have to break you out of there.

"Didja get my letter?"

>Burned them with the rest, whoever you are, and where didja get that peepin' hole?

"Oh man, I mean the burning letter thing is awful but the fact I gotcha reaaaally makes up for it, the guys will be real jealous, man it'll be great, all thanks to you!"

>Didn't even listen- And just how big is this group? Ya'll realise if y'all are tryna stalk a Princess, yer gonna yerselves a real bad day. Now just let me get back to mah office-

The rustling in the background had gotten awfully louder in their exchange, until they both turned to see...something, it fit the proportions of a unicorn the same way a sea lion fit the proportions of a sea gull, given how it was covered in horrid, pulsating red growths.

>...Uhhh, you okay there...fella?


"It" spasmed and wailed at the two terrified on-lookers, throwing it's head around and stamping it's feet, urging itself to charge forwards.

It was dangerous, and Applejack had only a brief few seconds to plant herself into the ground and be ready for a fight, her horn sparking in unsure defiance

"Holy shit, are you actually gonna fight this thing?-

>Ah don't know what you are, who you is, and ah don't wanna hurt you, but you'd reeeeally want to turn around and git or else ah'll-

She was interrupted by the Thing's horn bursting with a sick beam of red matter onto the ground between the two, more growths festered where it landed and began to grow.


>Yikes, hey listen, ya look like yer hurtin-

The unicorn Thing screeched again and fired another blast, this time to their right, it was trying to take aim, something resisting it.

Applejacks own magic found hold of a fallen log and brought it unsuredly to her face, magic faltering, no strong grip to throw it, let alone keep it in the air, she cursed her stupid priorities as she began to sweat from the simple exertion.

"I should reaaally get going no-"


Things moved in slow motion, the Things beam shot to their left, and arced towards them, Applejack saw it, the head swinging the horn directing the lightning-like beam, the way it came towards them, how her magic faltered out of terrible discipline to shock, how the idiot stallion; struggling to clamber out of the fibreglass tree, tried to get away from the advancing red ray-


Her flight took her right in front of him, leaving the beam to rake acorss her chest.

She crumpled to the ground, hearing fade to the sound of ringing and a distant heartbeat.


She dimly saw the stallion panic and take off, leaving his precious princess in the dirt, the red creature throw it's head back in primal triumph


She looked down and saw a horrid red growth start to S͢pr͘eád across her chest, her breathing ragged, shocked. The creature galloping past her, after more quarry.



Her mind raced, terrified at this thing that was coming to fester on her. She could feel it reach inside her, Ŝͮ̅p̑ͩ͗r̢̓ea͛̽̀ͥ̂̔̂d̉̂̊̑͜ḯ̋͗n̴̉̿ͬg̒͊̊̉̄͆ from within. She tasted it in the back of her mouth, it tasted..like...like


>Mushroom, you're a mushroom. Not a growth, not a beast, not some curse. You're a plant. How. How could you do this. You're not like other fungus. I know you; rot, mildew, damp, mould, but you're worse. Why.

It was in her mind, she could feel it, sitting there, growing and taking, corrupting, it was fighting her, wanting her, demanding her to-


>No. You're hurting us. You're hurting me. Stop it. Stop this. Stop the S̼͙͚̺ͭͤ̽p͎͓̯̓͑ṟ̖̹͍̝̟ͪ́͐̇ͅe̲͎̥̯̣̎a̩͓̻̯̣̬͍̎̽͐̐̑ͅd̝͕͙̋̄


>Mushroom, fungus. Pest, leave me, I can't help you, please, it hurts. Every year, before this, the farm, mushrooms ate our trees from inside out, and then they died, please. Leave me.


Her eyes had glazed over, the red taint spreading to her legs and neck now, but something slowed it, her body jerked and shook, red sparks flickered in and out of being across the clean areas; horn, hooves, eyes, untouched senses coming desperately to life. Trying to respond to this intruder.

>No. You won't. Please. You die. All fungus dies. It burns. It poisons. It wilts, You'll kill me with you. I've stopped mushrooms so many times, on the farm. I won't-

Her vision, her very thoughts clamoured with the order, enticing her, drawing her to it.

>Go away. You're not wanted. I know the land. You know nothing. You take. I make. You bind. I grow. You are nothing. You're a pest. Pests die. I don't die. You won't win. Go. Leave. Die!

Logical thought was breaking down in her, the fungus spread to her eyes, close to engulfing her. The sparks of magic failing to keep it away.



A horrendous red light burst from her. Her horn, her hooves, her eyes. Magic happened, sending her into convulsions. Beneath her, grass grew and wilted, roots sprung, bloomed, died and began again, earthen insects teemed and extinguished in cycles. The force of beating the fungus back tore her mind, as though her fur and skin were being torn off. And she screamed.


The fungus retreated from her extremities, crowns bursting into burning spores, growth flaking away, it was never beaten before, it always grew, always ensnared, not now.

The ringing subsided, the heart beat faded into the sounds of the forest. Her vision; and her mind, regained some sense of composure. Blinking for the first time in what felt like an eternity, she looked at where the fungus had been and-


...Please...No... please no...

It was still there, a singular patch of growth on her belly, she saw it move, but it dared not to expand, she felt sparks of magic flicker around it, keeping it at bay, she felt herself working her magic without consciously demanding it be done.

>Gotta....office...quarantine...paperwork...Twilight... gotta kill it..gotta stop..gotta...

Running off of adrenaline and desperation, she hauled herself to her legs, strethced her wings and began to run in the direction of the castle. She flapped her wings, and took hasty flight. Everything about her was awful, her body shuddered as it fought back the infestation, her mind refusing to calm down, and her vision blurred at what she realised wasn't the fungus, but were her tears

>Time...Need time...gotta do something...ah'm...not gonna let..let it win...

Borrowed time, that's all she was on. She couldn't keep it from winning over her. She knew her magic was terrible, one day it'd spread and conquer her. But she had some time.

>Save 'em....gotta...save 'em

The weight of it all came close to letting her surrender to her fate. But she had work to do. In so little time.

So she flew, the castle in sight. Her office beckoning her. The fungus taunting her.


It's happening
The problem is it feels like it's gotten to the point where a story involving Chitty doesn't carry any weight, because the outcome is the same every time. Her appearance and invasion was the best because there was tension, she made resistance and had to struggle, she had to be at least a little underhanded to take out a big threat; and it provided a good moral choice for Shiny at the end.

And there's been none of that since, bar the train when she was outsmarted by Twilight. There's never any feel of 'Wow, I don't know which way this'll go.' It's just Lol gonna shrug that shit off you lot are worthless opponents you can't touch this shit.

At this stage, she's feels like a God-modder in an RP.
>And there's been none of that since, bar the train when she was outsmarted by Twilight

Which, aside from the thing with DT/PD, has been her only fight?

And on that note, again, think of the story here. What would have been more important in that situation, DT beating her, or DT being forced to blow up that thing she loves more than anything in the world to save Silver Spoon.

And of course there's the PL thing. Which was more important, story wise? Chitty gets knocked out by Mr Popcorn, or she is well enough to kick off that entire thing with 2 that's having such huge ramifications?

Thing is, every time she shows up, *something big changes*, that's consistent every time. The diary thing with Chrysalis, the event with PL kicking off 10's subplot, the ramifications of what happened in Fillydelphia, stuff like that. Be honest now, what, exactly, did you see coming from the Fillydelphia fight?

I mean, I'm not even getting into the fact that A, she has been hurt(DT gave her what for after she dodged Gwen, MGR was hammering her until it messed up and pushed her into a building, she had to dodge the fuckoff canon, and oh yeah, TBDRLIATU hurt her quite a bit.), because like I said, that stuff? Her getting beat? Not as important. Tubububu exploding could have knocked her out or something, we could probably bullshit a reason why it worked this time no problem, but it wasn't as important next to the fact DT had to BLOW UP TABBLEWABBLE.

See what I mean? I've got no problem with her getting beat, but writing a story specifically to 'knock her down a peg' and that's it is just bad planning. She's a literary tool to fuel conflict(doy, she's an antagonist), not someone you should actually hate.
>with 10
Fuck, how'd I mess that up...

This whole argument is one big Texas Sharpshooter fallacy.

Chitania HAD to win because it made X event happen.

The shots were fired and NOW you're going back and drawing the targets so she hit every single bullseye.

It ignores the point that her defeat/injury/getting knocked down a peg could ALSO lead to interesting moments and character development. Nothing about her stomping around like an invincible two year old is necessarily the driving force, it's the people around her, and they're going to react -anyway-. (Because we make them)

TLDR - Chitania's 'fuckoff' level of invincibility doesn't necessarily add anything anymore.

>Alright, I'm going to need you all to piss into this cup.

As one, everyone in the room she had just stomped into turned to her.

"...Hi, how are you too? Nice weather we're making."

>Shut it, Fleet.

'She's got a point, though.'

>Well, I'm sorry! I don't want to do this anymore than you do! I never made you guys do this!

[What, really? Isn't this, like, required.]

>It's not that big a deal!

{I feel like it is. Back home, you could get stoned from that.}


{For that, I meant.}

"Pfft, whatever. Just gimme."

>Don't you 'whatever' me! This is all your fault!

"Hey! I have never taken a single enhancing substance in my life, thank you!"

'No, you just made sure everyone else did.'


{...Wait, was that what the birdseed you were offering me was?}


{Still offensive.}


'Do you want to watch or something?'

>I ju-ugh... I hate this so much...

[...Does anyone else smell smoke?]

"Okay, dumbass? We're in Cloudsdale. CLOUDS. DALE. As in, clouds. As in, fluffy moisture. As in, does not catch on fire. If you want to get out of this, make up something better."

[I'm just saying, I smell-]


Slowly, very slowly, they all turned to the pegasus just outside their window.

>...LD? If this is a way to get out of the drug test...

The walls shattered inward, and chaos reigned.

>Chitania HAD to win because it made X event happen.

But she only one one fight... well, two if you want to count proxy win from DT blowing up Mr Popcorn. And yes, she had to win that one fight, because not only would her getting beat take away that story, what would it give instead? No more conflict with DT since she won, no more

>It ignores the point that her defeat/injury/getting knocked down a peg could ALSO lead to interesting moments and character development.

Exactly! Now you're getting it, now you're looking at it as "Sure, we can have her get beat, but for *what purpose*" and that purpose isn't just "So we can knock her down a peg", because the latter? That's just a nice event to see, that's not a story. But the former? Asking what Chitania losing would mean? That's good, that's exactly what you should be doing.

What WOULD change if the current threat was gone, and she got defeated? Right now, everyone is on eggshells because she could pop up and wreck shit anywhere. But, on that note, what if they thought they could defeat her? What if ponies looked at it less like "She's an invincible monster that beat both princesses" and more "She CAN be taken down!"

There's ideas there, but there are none in 'Man, I really want to see Chitania get beat', that's just... like saying you want to see Applejack in assless chaps. Neat, yeah, but nothing really thought up past that.

>TLDR - Chitania's 'fuckoff' level of invincibility doesn't necessarily add anything anymore.

Of course it does. At least still currently.

Her entire thing, at this moment, is that this big, superpowerful fuckoff invincible thing could be ANYWHERE. That's literally how half her stories start. To someone like, say, Twilight, it's supposed to be worrying that someone like her is just out there, and if she popped back up it would be hard as hell to stop her. The antagonist needs to make the protagonist look like they are going to lose. That's why they're antagonists.

I can still work with it, this is fine.
But I tried to postulate an idea that could be explored towards being used against her with someone taking her down from the inside, and it got immediately shot down with the 'Her insides are also totes invincible'. And don't think I'm just doing it to kill her off, I'm putting it forth as an option someone would bring up as a last ditch effort because if it works and Chitania collapses with that person inside of her, it's a slim to none chance of them escaping before they end up dying with her.

You're acting like we just want to punch her in the face, I'm not with >>20591824 I want to create a scenario in which options are put towards actually beating her but due to one reason or another they aren't exercised. But a lot of the arguments of it just smack of 'don't hurt my waifu!' which is the same crap that we've had to go through with Chrysalis.

>You sent us down into the caves over a cake!

>I didn't meeeeeeaaaaan to!

Speaking of which, if this fucking arc ends with 88 just forgiving Chrysalis for what happened, I'm fucking out, if there's one character that we can actually execute the 'changeling that dislikes Chrysalis for good reason' angle without being dismissed like 32, it's 88.
File: please shoot me.png (110KB, 304x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
please shoot me.png
110KB, 304x352px
The lack of responses to the AJ slog I wrote means it is either really good, or really bad
It's fine, believe me.

This Chitania argument is the REAL slog.
>But I tried to postulate an idea that could be explored towards being used against her with someone taking her down from the inside, and it got immediately shot down with the 'Her insides are also totes invincible'.

Incorrect, only that previous canon pointed out her insides weren't totally vulnerable, and once we reconciled when>>20593268 explained how we could re-adjust what we would need to do to make it work, nobody said it wouldn't anymore. Which is what we're supposed to do, figure out how to make it work and roll with it if it fits the story.

>You're acting like we just want to punch her in the face, I'm not with >>20591824

Well, I was kind of talking to him directly at the start of this with that specific mentality, so...

>But a lot of the arguments of it just smack of 'don't hurt my waifu!'

Wow, that is also a terrible way to look at it, I mean, really terrible. The fact you still think that after how many times people brought up ways to actually beat her and didn't get shot down is not helping.

You know what? I agree.

I'm going to get on with the show.
>Speaking of which, if this fucking arc ends with 88 just forgiving Chrysalis for what happened, I'm fucking out, if there's one character that we can actually execute the 'changeling that dislikes Chrysalis for good reason' angle without being dismissed like 32, it's 88.

I really hope the thread doesn't decide to do this route
The forgiving or the disliking Chrysalis?
>>You sent us down into the caves over a cake!
>>I didn't meeeeeeaaaaan to!

To be fair, this is a pretty dumb reason to have a changeling hate Chrysalis now. Problem is, it's not really justified.

It's not "I didn't mean to" its "HOLY FUCK FUCKING *WHAT* IS DOWN THERE!? I didn't know that! NOBODY KNEW THAT!"

I'm just saying, if we wanted 32 to be justified in hating her over this, we should have had her be dismissive of 77 or 32 at the start. Though I am curious what you plan to do with it for 88, though, so that's at least interesting to see.
The forgiving bit, I want an antagonist, and 32 ain't it, it's like all the other "I don't like X" ribbing between characters except between cage bars. I don't want the same to happen to 88, she has been through WAAAAY worse than 32, so I honestly cannot imagine her going into her fold, at all. Sure she's hunky dory with 32, 77, anyone who helps her. But not Chrysalis, to her, she's unforgivable.


The prissy white alicorn panicked, running this way and that all along Canterlot's outer rim as she frantically searched. Right on her heels, a certain many-legged bug monster skittered after.

"U-uh, Miss Rarity? I think she was just looking for Miss Twilight."

>Darling, please, we have to stop her before she steals the entire city from the ground up!

"...I don't feel like she could do that-"

>I do!

"O-okay, well, you would know. Just, could you slow down? You're going to hit someone at this rate."

>I am not-

With a WHAM, she smacked right into a tall, broad body.


>Not. A. Word.

'Oh? How about three. Get the fuck off.

The white pony groaned loudly, glaring up at the big, dark shape that overshadowed her.

>You're doing that to irritate me.

'If that irritates you, you deserve it. Now get off.'

She did so, stepping back and continuing her glare.

>Chrysalis. How...unfortunate.

The Queen scoffed, dismissively waving her hoof.

'Now now, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself, anyone could miss a towering black beauty like myself.'

>The fact you think anything of your 'beauty' says quite a lot about you.

'If you say so, princess priss.'

>Oh? I thought that was Cadence's moniker.

'Hey, don't be deriding Caddy like that, putting her on your level is just offensive.'

>Oh, how cute, that was almost defensive.

'My primary defense is lasers, so you are way off.'

>I don't doubt it.

'Right. So, you going to stop 'subtly' gesturing for Skitters to run?'

Teeth ground together as the pony stopped, the spiderling behind her not having moved an inch.

"...oh, was I supposed to go away?"

She just facehoofed in response.


'Oh, what, do you think I'm going to shoot her in public or something?'


Her voice was cold, direct, and more than a little threatening.

'Well, I'm not. You are the dumbasses who are letting her in, don't drag me into your stupidity.'

>Someone certainly shouldn't have been let in.

'At least I didn't melt and then eat someone!'

"I didn't either!"


"I didn't! I throw up when I look at it!"

>She does.

'Oh, of course she does. How silly of me to think that the daughter of SCIDERELLA would be able to handle the sight of blood!'

"She wasn't that bad!"



'You know what? Why don't you just-'

And then she started screaming.

In a half a second, the tiny changeling had gone from offended, to screaming. Loud, shrill, terrified screams. So high pitched and filled with horror that any nearby swore the glass around them would shatter.

She screamed.
And screamed.
And screamed.

Honestly worried at her reaction, the Queen backed off, leaving plenty of room for the other to grip her tightly in her hooves.

>Arana, dear! What's wrong!? Speak to me!

But she couldn't, she just kept screaming. Louder and louder with every moment.


'Me!? I was just sitting here! How could I...'

She trailed off, eyes rising upwards as something caught her eye. Something in the distance, drawing nearer...

'What... what the...'

A pegasus.

It was a pegasus.

But... it wasn't a pegasus.

Instinctively, she opened fire.


She did not respond as the thing rocketed backwards, far, far away from Canterlot. She had no time, you see.

For she turned, and she ran.

She ran with everything she had towards the castle.

Rarity, in this moment, expected many things for the Queen to say.

But the one thing she absolutely, positively did not expect...


Was that.

It was only here that she noticed the red shapes, clear off in the distance. A mass of moving, shifting bodies.

And they were headed right.



And through it all... Arana screamed.
Well, that's going to be an interesting twist, since she's now likely to infect everyone else.

...Why'd her accent suddenly vanish, though?


Okay, now I'm curious.
>since she's now likely to infect everyone else.
Noooot really, she's morethinking: Quarantine self in office, avoid other contact, paperwork my way out of it, prolly going to succumb at some point, may as well try and help as many others as possible

>...Why'd her accent suddenly vanish, though?

Internal dialogue between desperate AJ and cordecyps Hive-mind-infecter-thing
>Quarantine self in office

But everyones; in her office....
...aw christ.
They seem to have buggered off from the office however, so if they come calling, she'd have barricaded the door, and only allowed someone like Twi in who can understand just WHAT done got her
(same guy)
Fucking hell, I'd write that to set the addendum to my first main piece but I need sleep, can someone else handle it?

Was it taking it's time?

The thing within her had gone silent for the longest time as she flew towards the destination. Why it needed her over here, she could not say. All of them should be as ingrained, as connected, as she is at this present moment, but yet it felt a compulsion, a need to bring her to that sprawling city that had once been her sole motivation and driving force. A mission that once upon a time she would have given anything to see, just to make her proud.

And yet, while there was the unmistakeable pull, that compulsion, she could not say she was being dragged forcefully. Her flight was steady, easy, almost as if she was being dragged there on an afterthought, but why?

That question just rang again and again, why? Why her? Why was she, of all of it's many facets, being drawn in? Did it hold some sort of special regard for her? Was she, as it's original host, something special to it?

What a joke.

She was nothing but the canister to carry it's seed, nothing more than a bag of meat and bone it needed to carry it's own desires on outward, into the world.

But then... why did it need her there?

She could not answer that.

Nor did she seek an answer.

For, even in this time, when the world burned around her and not a care was given to any of the masses, a part of her, some faint part of her, still had a twinkling of desire. To see that city.

Some part of her wanted to see if it did indeed live up to the hype.

The home they wished to have...

Well, it's not like she could feel disappointed at this point anyway.
Or lined up outside the door.
Hrm, is it possibly more connected to her? Is she more 'rooted' than the others?
She is the original, maybe it just likes her best.

Or she's more easy to manipulate, whichever.
Probably that, actually, since everyone else would fight on some level.
'Random Changelings'

>What have we leeeearned?

"That you should not participate in facepunch unless you are a changeling."

>What was that?

"I said, you should not participate in facepunch-"




>...Whoops. See, this is why I don't do the smug thing.
>Internal dialogue between desperate AJ and cordecyps Hive-mind-infecter-thing

So AJ doesn't hear her own voice in her head?

Reminds me of that one Ricky Gervais Show bit where Karl wonders if people think in their accent.
>doing for 50
Drawfag is unlock. Congratulations
I mostly do pigment-ink sketches

Taking one request for tonight.
Oh gosh.

Well, I'd say go on a vote for what we want to see, but I would just fucking go nuts if you drew the scene depicted in the OP(In case you're new, that's Applejack asking why Celestia made her an alicorn.)

That would be perfect for a 50th OP pic.
File: IMG_4072.jpg (3MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 3264x2448px
>50th op pic
I'm don't color with a program though, its shaded pigment ink that I'm using, but if you still want that as your OP. Here's an example of what I did in the Amber Maple thread
Oh, I see. That might be a little hard to make out in an OP pic(the thumbnail, I mean), but that's still very much the scene I would like to see.
I might attempt to use Gimp to color and what not, but it usually makes the drawing worse (im shitty with a mouse). So, I'll get to the drawing tonight or tomorrow. It'll be fun.

Calling quads
Whoops, meant quints

This, so much this.

In that case, I have the perfect suggestion!

Cadance locked in a "Who do I shoot?!" moment, trying to decide between Shining Armor and a life sized doll with red hair. She can't tell which one is real.
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1MB, 2280x1534px
Hope you like it because I don't plan to leave
Indeed I do!

Appreciate new stuff, always.

Can't wait for the morning guys to see it.(we only ever get night stories at 1 or 3 in the morn, and those are rare, so its dead as fuck at night.)
So question, does anyone know the mechanics of how unicorn telekinesis works? Like for instance if one were using it to handle a sword, would the sword hitting something cause a kind of pulse in the unicorn's head? Kind of like the shock going up someone's arm when actually handling it.

Further there's catching something with it, it'd take skill far beyond a mortal to catch a bullet, let alone use the magic to halt its speed, but say something like an axe, hypothetically thrown by a pissed off albino minotaur? Would a regular unicorn be able to halt that? If not I'll just have him dodge it, it may be funnier that way.

Unicorns grab moving things with TK fields all the time, I see no issue with that.

It depends how hard it;s thrown of course, there is a limit to how many pounds of force the Unicorn can stop, probably closely related to how much they can lift normally.
Goodnight, thread
Good morning thread.
Oh shit, art!

>wake up to new art and stories
Don't- stop me now, 'cause I'm having such a good time, I'm havin' a ball!
I doubt there would be any reverberation magic feedback, since its just a bubbly magic grip.
And into the wiki it goes.

Love saying that...

She was in no real state of mind to be doing this, she realized. It was nothing but a desperate rush to make it back to her office and try, just try, to warn everyone of what was coming. She was not thinking, not considering all that might happen with her actions, but there was no time. There was no time to think, to wonder, only to do. She had to get to her office, lock the doors, call Twilight, get her to figure it out and fix it.


A simple, basic idea.

Problem with the simplest ideas, however, are the fact they tend to overlook... 'details'.

Details that only hit you when you fly in face first through your already broken window, physically toss your desk up against the door, and just as physically jam a filing cabinet into that open window.

It is only at this point, at this time when she was desperately fighting the sounds in her head, that something clicked.

Two wide, big, horrified eyes.

That were not her own.

>Oh... applesauce.

Shuddering with her back against the wall, the alicorn desperately waved at the other occupant in the room.

>S-Sugar cube, ya' need ta' get back-

"I know."

Her vision cleared enough she could finally see, at last. No more was there a big, blurry creature before her that might have resembled a shape, but instead...

A terrified looking changeling, all eight of her legs pressed up against the opposite wall.

>A-Arana!? What are ya'll doin' in mah' office!?

"M... Miss Rarity told me to stay here."


"Because... because it was supposed to be safe."

Somewhere, deep inside of Applejack, she wanted to laugh.

>It ain't, so ya' need ta' get out-

"Don't open the door!"

Her shriek was desperate, pleading and begging.

"It's too late! It's too late to get me out, if you open that door... you might let it out..."

Her breath hitched as the realization hit her.

>Do you... know what this is?

"I don't know what it's called..."

>That ain't what Ah' asked.


Tears began to prickle along Arana's eyes, sprinkles glittering in the faint light brought by her lamp.

"It... it's the thing that made Mama..."

She choked, looking away.

"It made her go crazy..."

Sad, pained eyes looked down to the growth on her chest, watching it thump with every quickened beat of her heart.

>How... how do ya' stop it?

"You can't..."

She slumped back at the finality in those two words, the unmoving fact she pressed within them.

"Mama was smart, so... so smart. She knew this stuff better than anyone, and she couldn't... she couldn't..."

She shuddered, all eight legs gripping herself in a facsimile of a hug.

"She couldn't stop it, nobody could."

>Yer' wrong.

The alicorn spoke more to herself than the spider-ling, but the determination was all the same.

>Yer'... yer' wrong! Yer' Ma' might'a been all kinds o' smart, but she ain't like Twi, nobody is! There ain't a problem in this world that gal can't figure out! There's a way ta' stop this... thing! It's just a fungus! Shoot, Ah' used ta' watch these mushrooms dry out in the sun after a week, there ain't nothin' this things gonna do compared to us. We'll figure it out... we'll figure it!

She looked... unconvinced.

That, more than anything, worried her.

>So iffin' ya' want out-

"It won't matter..."


"They're almost here already."

She panicked, rising to unsteady hooves, but not daring to move another inch forwards.

>Who are!?

"Those things..."

It happened in the blink of an eye.

A strange, warm, pink glow passed them by. A flicker of light that could have been easily missed by a poorly timed twitch.

As one, they turned to the source. The corner of the filing cabinet had not connected fully with the wall, allowing just a peak into the outside world.

A peak that had a distinctly pink coloring.


The spiderling had no answers.

Not for what that was.

Not for what it meant.

...Not even for the screeching sound that came soon after.
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3MB, 338x252px
Now we're making the big ones
I have no idea what expression that is supposed to be.

>You know what? I think this was a good idea.

The stallion leaned back in the little booth in the corner of the new Sugarcube Corner, a comically long and winding straw going from him to his milkshake.

"Told you so."

>You know, you're right. I was being ranty. Wasn't I?

'Very ranty.'

[I do not wish to sound obvious, but you were a touch more harsh sounding than your average.]

>Yeah, I was being ranty.

'Was it really that big of a deal? I mean, okay, this is kind of big, but on the whole-'

>Yes. It was a big deal.


He sighed, leaning forward and resting his chin on the table.

>Look, it's just... it bugs me, you know? Of all the things she could keep from us, this is pretty big.

"Shiny, I really doubt she did that out of some sort of altruism."

>No, yeah, normal changelings totally save flying islands by holding them up, you're right.

"No need to be mean."


[It is likely that she needs someone who was on Partyland to be alive, really.]

>...Huh, that does make a little bit of sense.

"But what for?"

'It's possible she needs you alive, for your love magic, or Shiny for his Sparklejoule stores, or hell, she might even need-'

The doors to the building cut her off.

Specifically, the fact they did not open, but rather exploded.


Everyone's stunned response never got the chance to form as the panicking, lightning fast Queen raced over to the booth, grabbing hold of the alicorn princess quite violently.



She smacked her.

Right in front of everyone, she smacked the pink headed princess with such force it knocked her crown right off her head.


"Over what-"


"All of-"


Her mouth dropped open in a stupefied gape at the request.

"D-did you just say-"


Everyone, absolutely everyone at the table jumped, or gasped, or outright screamed when a green bolt of magic flung from the Queen's horn and traveled right into Cadence's head.

For a brief, hesitant second, her eyes glowed green and she was limp.

It passed quickly enough, and in the next instance a pink ball of light and magic shot up from the alicorn's horn into the sky.

Concurrently with this, a white blur tackled the tall Queen, knocking her clear off her hooves and onto the ground. Flying right with her, Shining Armor landed hard, but this did not stop him from pressing a threatening hooftip right into her neck.


His words were cut off. Or rather, drowned out.

The instant that wide, wonderful shield had reached out and covered all of that white city in it's embrace, it started.

Screeching. Horrible, terrifying screeching from all around them. It pained their ears as creature after creature bashed hard into the bubble, only to be turned away. Not through force, no, but from the terrible feeling that shot through the infected as they touched the bubble that was their anti-thesis. A bubble which tried to tear them apart from the inside, just to remove the infection.

For a time, there was nothing but wailing, and that ear splitting sound.

And then, it was silent.

"...What just happened?"

As one, everyone turned back to the dazed, confused princess, watching as she blinked and looked around as if she did not know where she was.

Her husband was quick to embrace her, cradling her head softly against his chest.

>H-how... how could y-

{Didn't have a lot of options!}

They all looked to the Queen as she stood, dusting herself off and bitterly glaring at all of them.

{In case that fucking noise didn't clue you in, WE'RE UNDER ATTACK YOU STUPID ASSHOLES!}

42 reacted the quickest, already looking out the window to see what had caused those noises. She gasped when she saw them, instinctively pulling out her brass horseshoes.

[What the devil are those things!?]

{Long story!}

Before a single one of them could voice the many, many questions on their lips, a green magic grabbed hold of each and every one of them, dragging them with the long, powerful strides of the Queen that marched out in front of them.

{I'll tell you all about it when we get everyone over to the Empire!}

18 blinked, noticing something off with her statement.

'But the portal's over that way-'

{And the ballroom's this way!}



His own magic broke through hers, shattering the grip that held him and letting him fall to the ground.

>Chrysalis, you need to start talking right now-


While 18, 42 and Cadence could only wait in confusion for a further explanation that would never come, Shining Armor, however-

>...Oh, fuck! FUCK! HOLY FUCK!

He started jerking his head to and fro, looking at all the various things that surrounded his home city.



She grabbed him magically once more, resuming dragging him without missing a beat.

{Come on, we've got to get out of here before they figure out how to get past that shield and-}

"I-I can't leave."

Everyone turned to the shaking princess, her mind still unsteady from the forced intrusion.

"I-if... it's my shield... it's my shield and I have to hold it."

She was pulled before the furious eyes of the Queen, a harsh and unforgiving hoof shoved right into her chest.

{Are you insane!? You need to get over to YOUR Empire and start doing fucking princess shit! Tear up the railroads, get those fuckers armed and ready to blow them to hell with rockets! Your fucking JOB! Remember!?}

"I...I can't-"

{Yes you can, YES YOU FUCKING CAN! We need a place to run or else-}

'It won't work...'

Green hair whipped around as the ebony neck snapped to the side, glaring at her once-top-infiltrator.


The disguised changeling just looked sadly down at some scribblings she had done on the ground, lips pursed in regret.

'The necessary magic to pull this off would exceed all of the princesses, yourself, Shiny, me and 42, and any changeling magic we could scrounge up. Even if we managed to get everyone through, we'd have no magic, none. They're stuck here, Chrysalis.'

The Queen stumbled back, her eyes going wide as the words sunk in, shuddering breaths leaving her as she looked all around at those that even now tried to break their way in.

[...My Queen? Your orders?]

Ever the loyal subject, 42 waited, patiently, for her to respond.

She kept waiting, even as those lips floundered like a beached fish and nothing came out.

{W-... w-we.... Okay, we need to... to... first we've got to... to go and get the... things...}

She couldn't think of anything.

Not a single plan was coming out.

Her neck craned downward, letting her long, moss colored locks spill over her face.

{...Let's hope that nerdlinger can figure this out... or they're all fucked.}

Two strong, white hooves grabbed hold of her head, tilting her back up to look into the stern, unmoving stallion's eyes.

>Then you need to go find Twili, now, and fix this. Together. Whatever it takes, Chrysalis, fix this... whatever you have to do.

Everyone knew what that meant.

Especially towards, of all of them, her.

{...there wasn't any time, and if I waited they would have gotten inside, I couldn't explain, I couldn't-}

>Chrysalis! Now! You've got to go NOW!

Her eyes flickered to Cadence, looking into a pair that at last had cleared from the earlier intrusion.

Softly, lower than any save the pair of husband and wife could hear, she spoke.

{I'm sorry...}

A prim, pristine, pink hoof touched her shoulder, and she spoke just as softly to the Queen.

"Go, please."

A wave of fire sprang up, spinning around the Queen.

In the next, she was gone.

>...Are you... okay?

His words were gentle, nurturing, much too easy for the situation they were in, but she nodded all the same.

"I... she had to, I'm not mad. If she didn't, everything up there would be here, inside Canterlot, doing..."

He looked away, just a bit bitter.

>Yeah... I get it.

The soldier bug stepped forward, loudly clearing her throat.

[We have to start working up a plan in case those things get in. The castle is still without it's captain of the guard, Shining Armor, perhaps it is time you came out of retirement temporarily.]

He smiled, sadly.

>I was a pretty terrible captain, you know.

She grabbed his shoulder, and he knew that argument was pointless.

[Then it is time to make up for it.]

With a single, stern nod, he hefted his wife up to all four hooves, and stood just as tall and proud himself.

>Well... can't do any worse than before, can I?
Damn it, Chyrsalis!

Please first, THEN bitchslap, THEN mind control! Not bitchslap-please-mindcontrol!

...Points for saying sorry afterwards, I guess?

>This was a fun event, I felt.

The mayor just glared at him, and wiped foam out of her hair.

>What? I'm positive the intentions of one so young were but the most pure and of fun!

"Really. You think he wanted me, Zecora and Trixie to wash this cart out here for 'fun'."

>Be fair, you are the one who demanded this be set out in Everfree.

"You look at me and tell me this would be appropriate inside of town, and then repeat that this child had innocent thoughts."

>...Mayhaps t'was just a fan of the bubbles?

'Oh sure, that is a plausible thought you give. Of course, it does not explain the garmets requested by the one who no longer does live.'

[This thing is riding up my GREAT and POWERFUL rear!]

>Well, surely he merely wished thee accurate for his time period... of a couple weeks ago...

"Niney? You can stop now."


'There is another thing there, you know. You can also stop pretending you did not enjoy the show.'

>W-what!? Blasphemy! Lies upon thine tongue! With every bitter word I feel more offense creep within mine very SOUL! To the core, I speak! To the core I am ashamed for your words, and the lies they hold!


>LIES... What the... what in the name of the hivemind long gone?

[Distracting us is hopeless endeavor, you know-]


She didn't even think, just fired a bolt of magical energy right where the sound had come from. Just in time to knock away an earth pony covered in some strange substance.

"...W-what the fuck..."

Their vision did not remain on the downed creature for long. No, it was soon drawn away.



Up to right above Ponyville.

Where a swarm of red descended upon the town.

"O-oh sweet Celestia..."

Only one of them did not have a reaction of shock, and awe. His was a bit more... violent.


Never before had he been like that, they realized. But no time to dwell on it.

More had arrived.


And run they did.
Two things

First, did anyone mention to AJ that Chrysalis was going to ask for refugee aid?

Second, can any archiver find the story where AJ 2 is having a mental business meeting with a bunch of hers in different outfits?
>First, did anyone mention to AJ that Chrysalis was going to ask for refugee aid?

Nope. Shiny tried, she bitched at him until he gave up.


Gonna have to use pastebin for this one cause Heinessen is fucking up royal. http://pastebin.com/mBuPPuK7

Second story from the bottom.
>Nope. Shiny tried, she bitched at him until he gave up.

Actually, untrue! Well, I mean, that's true, but not totally right. Chrysalis told her when they had their kerfuffle at the end of NMN.

AJ felt like a dick.
Where'd 77 go?
Finally! I finally caught up to the madness! Now I can get to writing!
Thanks for the link! That's pretty quick for not being able to navigate threads.

What's your secret?
CTRL-F words I think would be in the story.

In this case, I knew it was before thread 36, cause that's the cosplay thing, and I just CTRL -F'd for "Board", since it took place in a boardroom and board isn't a common word.

We haven't said yet. He was in Canterlot during NMN, though.
He's not shown up since new day, so he's wherever the fuck you want him to be.
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Off topic here, but I'm not caught up and there was a discussion on Chitania and what could beat/harm her.

An image came to mind, and I think it'd go something like this, but with Maneiac instead of the Mask.

She's never lost a fight, not even close. She has toon force on her side, I think that's enough to make her unstoppable in any serious engagement.

Mane-Iac's different from the mask since while she goes off toon physics, it's superhero toon physics, not comedy toon phyics. If she gets tied up in her hair she can't get out.

That said, Chitania couldn't kill her no matter how hard she tried, since she goes off superhero mortality. She could literally stomp her, set her on fire or stab her, it would always be bloodless and she'd be fine in the blink of an eye.

She could literally wear Chitania to collapse just being silly.





>...This is because we were all like "Oh thank goodness, nothing crazy happens anymore", isn't it?

"Yes. I do not know if there is some higher being dictating it all, but yes. Yes that is the reason, I am one hundred percent sure."

>Oh... sh-... should we kiss or something?

"I don't even know anymore."
Archive Admin is throwing a bitchfit so heinessen is down for the foreseeable future. Just as an update.
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Well, shit. Ah well, Pastebin Anon is doing pretty good at preserving everything, he's all the way up to 44 by now, so long as he remains we're golden for the actual stories, and Archive-anon is throwing every shred of artwork into the wiki as well, so that's good too. So long as nothing happens to them...

Better use Moe from here on out for the divers, I guess?
Pastebin anon here, for my monthly "I'm still doing it, see?' update.

Still alive, I think, but at how much time free time I've had lately... I'm not entirely sure anymore.

Anywho, managed to slice, dice and archive threads 42, 43 and 44. I'd do more but I can only make 20 pastes a day without spending shekels for a gold account.

I have the tabs for other threads open, so the odds of losing them if they aren't archived are low, and there's also the moe archive. All old threads are archived in Moe, just use the post numbers and you'll still be able to find everything.

With any luck I'll be able to tackle a few more threads tomorrow.

Stay classy PA!
As always, we are happy to see you still live, and thank you for your valiant, and in this time irreplaceable, efforts.

Oh, thank goodness.

I'm always worried when you don't post for a thread or two. Keep on keeping on, man.
>Up to right above Ponyville.



File: Cheers motherfucker.jpg (892KB, 1536x1342px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cheers motherfucker.jpg
892KB, 1536x1342px
>Stay classy PA!

Same to you, you glorious son of a bitch.
"Various Guards"

>...So, uh, hey. Normally on dungeon duty, first time up here with you guys, but just wanted to check. Is this... normal?

'What do you mean?'





"Okay, so... did anyone actually take up Celestia on 'the offer'?"

"WHOA, WHAT!? Were we offered sex!? You're sounding like we were offered sex."

"What? No, hell no... I don't think she'd go that far. But no, I meant the Captain of the guard thing."

"...She might've offered sex for that at one point."

"Did it help?"


"Nope. Doesn't look like it."

"So we are, once again, captain of the guardless."

"And we do not have a commanding officer with which to blame if this goes belly up."

"Which means we're all responsible for everythingOHHOLYFUCKNOOOOOO!"


"WHY DOES NOBODY WANT THIS JOB!?... Besides the obvious...."



'...Oh! No, we don't normally meet up in this room, but it was taco tuesday.'

>I see.

>She's never lost a fight, not even close.

She lost against the PP's plenty of times.
Ready for flyingapplecorn request
Well, this guy up here had a request >>20600120

Which, on that note, I quite agree with. You can ignore the 'red hair' bit, though, since you don't use colors, just make it a really obvious SA doll.
>cadence request
That's not related to the thread in any way, at least I don't think it is
>That's not related to the thread in any wa

Oh ho ho! You haven't gotten a chance to read it yet?

That's actually an early story from thread part duo, probably one of the best ones IMO. It's actually kind of a turning point from when SA stopped being the buttmonkey of the thread, check it out. https://archive.moe/mlp/thread/15809561/#15858045

Or just read this.

>Nice ta' see you too, Shiny! How's the wife?

"Traumatized. I went to go see her and she was still carrying around the dummy. She went through one of those "Who do I shoot!?" moments for a little bit before shooting the doll. She said her love showed her the real me. I didn't have it in her to point out that the other Shining Armor couldn't talk and, in fact, was a stuffed toy that had red hair."
OH God yes this!

>, at least I don't think it is

...Have you not gotten a chance to read the early stuff? Dude, you should, it's AMAZING. Thread 1 and 2 have their wonkiness, but they've got some really amazing jokes in there.
>MFW still funny after all this time
So few jokes have touched me like that...

The context is, in threads 1/2, one big running theme was Shining Armor constantly got shat on, made to feel small, belittled and felt inadequate. A symptom of this was a running gag wherein Cadence mistook a doll of him with red hair for him, and did not seem to notice the difference. This culminated when AJ decided to try to force Shiny to stop whining and be a real prince, wherein' we learned the doll was killed i a "Who do I shoot!?" moment, and this is also when Shiny finally snaps and has a grand battle with AJ. After that, he took to being less 'the world shits all over me and I suck at everything' and more 'does his damn job'.

...All of this in one part, short comedy vignettes, remember...
File: IMG_6467.jpg (1MB, 2750x1534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright, here you go.
>lyra plushie

File: IMG_8868.jpg (1MB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I can't access the archive. It tells me 404 and I want to catch up I'm only on thread 41. Why won't the archive work?
>why won't the archive work
Heinnesen is kill
You can either use the Moe archive or check the pastebin.
Joke doesn't really work unless you can see the doll...
Bite me
Page 9 bump.

Board's running fast tonight
bump page 8
Goodnight thread

Next Pommel update is closing in on 10,000 characters, and the fight between Brahmos and Pommel is only starting, I might end up just writing the whole conclusion, minus epilogue, before I post it.

And if the anon from the big 18 story is still around, could I trouble you for just one more bit of critque on something?

I may end up writing something for 77 tomorrow too, gotta get him in his own arc somehow.
Addendum: 18 Anon, disregard the email you'll see from the account. I was drunk, tired, and pissed off.


... I am so waiting for that one anon to show up
Aw christ, that's gonna be a shitstorm.

The scene in Canterlot Castle was one of disarray and panic, the guards fought, the staff fled, all was terror and dismay.

Well almost all.

>Hallo pony!


'Oh Faust here they come!'

>Goodbye pony! Hallo pony!


'Not the face!'

>Goodbye pony! Muchly comings and goings today, yes? Yes.



The Morlock blinked as she found herself encased in a forcefield.

>Magic dome of magic, whyfor do you impede poor Vekir's mighty quest?


Vekir blinked as she found herself sharing the dome with Rarity.

>Ahhhh, hallo Diamond Princess! Howfor can Vekir be of assistance?

-Where have you been!?-

>Looking for a bag of trash for to purge into, Princess Rararara!

-...okay, we'll deal with that issue later, can't you see there is a crisis going on!?-

>There is? Vekir assumed this was one of your pony customs. Is this not day two of the silly candy dressup night?

-No, I, what!? Can't you see the-oh dear...-

Rarity gulped as she saw a multitude of the zombies beginning to surround her bubble.

-This isn't good.-

>Yes, this game of spit tag is most definitely not in your favor, Princess. But I will root for you all the same!

-Vekir, stop being so...weird about this! These things want to infect us with what they have!-

>They have not tried to do so with Vekir!


>Lookit, release myself from this bubble and Vekir will show you!

Stoically, Rarity obliged, allowing Vekir to exit the bubble. The little Morlock walked up to one of the zombies.

>Hallo pony, how are you today? I am good. I am trying to find a trashcan for to purge my syz stem into , whatever that means! Will you be Vekir's friend?

Vekir poked the creature, eliciting a jerking look towards her before it turned its attention back to Rarity.


-What in the...Vekir! Back in the bubble!-

>At once, Princess Rariteet!

Once the nimble little creature managed to get back inside, Rarity bowed her head and bucked Vekir onto her back. Summoning her strength, she exploded the bubble outward, knocking the zombies away and taking off at a sprint.




Basically the idea for this is that the Morlocks' suits are so sealed off from the outside, Cordy doesn't recognize them as being organic.
Applejack on high, that joke will never not make me chuckle... The beginning stages of /pa/ were fucking hilarious, man.

Also, this stuff, cordies, can affect Changelings too, right?
It originally could ONLY effect them, it just jumped to be able to affect the more abundant source of hosts.
...uh, the cordies are all outside of Canter lot.

Chrysalis mind controlled Caddy and forced her to throw up a shield just in time, why are they in the castle?
Yeah, definitely feels like something BIG is missing between
and that story.

>Also, this stuff, cordies, can affect Changelings too, right?

I'd say so, since 88 is patient zero, and Sciderella was patient zero before that...
>Crystal Guard
"Crystal Guard 2"

>...Wow, today, is, BORING.

"Totally boring."

>Nothin' goin' ooooonnn...

"Not even that one queen annoying the prince."



>...What the-

"What is that?"

>I dunno... I looks... weird.

"Totally weird."

>Should we check it out?

"Eehhh... sure, it'll give us something to do."

>Excuse me! We need you to stop-





"Your... hair..."

'I just styled it.'


File: what a twist.jpg (8KB, 201x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
what a twist.jpg
8KB, 201x250px
Shit my bad must have misread something somewhere.
So I haven't read that one yet, does this mean it's non canon now orrrr..?
Guess so. Or chronologically out of order, depending on what happens next.

Currently, though, all the cordies are outside.
Finally, got a chance to read everything.

Ho, shit.

Well, someone's off the 'favorites' list. Though I do kind of wonder what ramifications this'll have later...

>Aj's infected already

And her life just gets more shit by the hour.

And now she's locked up with Spider-bug.

That's... interesting.


Okay, I'm not knocking her for going all mindwarp, that is a perfectly reasonable response and it was the best course of action, but now she's shown her hand that she CAN mind control others, when before they thought their mindshields could protect them. That's going to go badly.

...That was just funny.

I have nothing more to add.

>ZZZZzzz..... ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz.... Dun wanna eat that pie... wanna eat mah cake...





"...There's monsters-"

>Did... did you just call us moons?

"Uh... isn't that what-"



'HOLY CRAP, MOONS! Ya' just fried that guy!'

>He will be fine, it is a minor electrocution.

'...Why'd ya' do it?"

>Our guards are not allowed to call us 'moons'.

'Oh... can I still do it?'


'I'm good, then.'
Cute as tuck.

This view on her balcony was a familiar one. Not one she particularly liked, at this moment, but a familiar one.

It seemed all she ever did on this balcony nowadays is be told something is going wrong, or watch something go wrong.

>...I'm starting to think I should have taken up baking. Maybe just been a baker, opened up a nice little shop, devote my life to struggling to keep myself from eating my own product... would have been great. Wouldn't it? It would have been so nice...

She had very nearly cast a magical blast when the shield first went up, very nearly used the very magic she had once fired upon Chrysalis at this horde of creatures at her doorstep.

But then she had seen their faces.

The faces of her subjects, her people, everyone.

This... thing, it had turned them into meatshields, had turned her own magic into a hazard with which to be avoided. She could not fire upon a single one without injuring them, perhaps... worse.

Once more, for all her powers, she was helpless.

>Maybe I would have invented a whole new kind of cake, even. Some new level of sweet, or something so light and fluffy you don't even feel it when you chew, you just taste it. Nothing but the flavor...

They did not bang upon the shield as the changelings had, which confused her at first. They had tried, she saw, but they did not hit it as if it were solid. No, instead... it burned them, it seemed.

So, this was Cadence's shield. Interesting. This means that somehow, Cadence had known she would be more effective. Which means Chrysalis was involved.

Perhaps this was her doing...

No, no that was wrong of her to even think. No chance would she call upon the hordes on the city where her subjects lived...

>It would have been magical...

It did not matter, she realized.

She could do nothing bit sit and wait, again. If they made it through, she would fight, but it wouldn't matter. As always, this would come down to Twilight, and-

"Princess Celestia."

That voice.

She had not heard that one in a very, very long time.

There he was, standing in her open doors, a familiar regalia upon him.

"Captain Shining Armor, reporting in."

She found herself smiling.

Damn it, she actually found herself smiling.

>You're retired.

"To a solider, that just means 'taking a break', and I'll have you know?... I feel quite rested."

>...Was that supposed to be a badass line?

"Was it not? Come on, I worked on that."

>That only makes me feel worse.

His smile was just as forced as hers, she realized, but there was something comforting in it.

"You ready?"

>No, no I'm not. I'm never ready when this happens.

"Me either, to be honest."

>You hide it well.

"Well, you know... learned from the best."

At last, she left that balcony, walking over to him with long powerful strides.

>I take it the matter is being looked into by those more qualified?

"I hope so."

>Good. Then I suppose all we can do is hold the line until they save the day.

"So pessimistic. You don't know, we might have this all figured out long before they do."

Her look said everything about her response to that statement.

"Hey, I'm optimistic."

Her deadpan look slowly gave way, edging into a frown.

>Shiny, this thing... I see so many up there, so many from far and wide. So many of my cities have fallen, I can tell...

"Then lets make sure this one doesn't join them. We'll end this right here."

>...You are optimistic.

"One hundred percent, always."

She moved past him, already walking down the hall.

>Well then... shall we give it our all?


His strides gained purpose, just as strong and powerful as hers.

"We'll give more."

At last, the smile they shared was genuine, natural.

>Let's defend Equestria, Prince Shining Armor.

"Together, Princess Celestia."

They strode out into the chaos enveloping the streets.

Captain and Princess.

One more time.
Thaaaat was pretty badass all around, Celestia and Shiny fighting together again. And I feel like crap having not written a single cordy happening yet. Blasted cold...
>>Let's defend Equestria, Prince Shining Armor.
>"Together, Princess Celestia."

You know, it's scenes like this that make me think that if he had never met Cadence, they would still be saying this.

If you get what I mean.
>Everyone else: FUCK!
Hey, remember when these two were total dicks to each other?

...Me either...
Wasn't that at the veeeeery beginning, during Shiny's butt-monkey phase?
Yes, literally that. How bad was it? This is from thread 1, right after Chrysalis showed up.


>Okay, so, hey! Just noticed the creature who kidnapped my wife, who is also my RAPIST coincidentally, is running around unsupervised in the castle. We gonna fill me in on that? I feel like someone should fill me in on that.

>No, it's fine.

>...It's fine.

>It's fine. Nothing to worry about, at least nothing you need to worry about.

>Ah' can tell him.

>It's not important.

>....I'm going to go hang out with Twilight for a bit. When my wife asks where I am next week, tell her I'm back at home. I left a giant plush double, she'll never even notice the difference.

>Can do.


Celly and him were not buddies...
And that's still funny as hell, sad as it is.
It's funnier because it's sad. Now you can look back on it and go "Yeah, that was crazy."
>And her life just gets more shit by the hour.

On the positive side, it's all uphill from here.


Twilight Sparkle, protege of Princess Celestia, most brilliant alicorn on the planet...


Was not as level headed as she normally was, this second.

Her papers literally flew around the room every which way, cast this way and that via magic of all sorts as she sorted through every document, scrap of paper and half baked napkins with writing on it she could find.

>What was I thinking? What was I thinking!? I gave Chrysalis everything! I don't have a single note, a single of the fossilized samples, none of the accounts, nothing! Oh sweet Celestia I have nothing!

Two eyes watched from the inside of the box of containment, utterly baffled at her actions. Wearily, he looked over to the roach on one shoulder, and then the tiny golem on the other.

"Is this... am I missing something?"


"I feel like I'm missing something."

>What am I going to do!? This makes no sense! The physiological adaptation process should require a very specific body type, primarily an exoskeleton, in order to germinate! This process should not be able to survive within a ponie's body, let alone a gryphon or diamond dog!

"Now, see, I'm starting to feel hurt, like this is deliberate."

>The theorems are all thrown out of whack, the possible vaccines don't account for any of these factors! I have nothing on this, even if I had all of my research! N-no...

She slumped down.

>I... I don't know how to fix this...

"...Fiiix, what?"

Her head snapped to the side, as if she had just realized he was there.

>...Oh, right.

Because she had.

"What is going on?"

>It's... it's the Cordyceps, it's moved onto ponies now.

He gasped.

Then immediately shrugged.

"Am I supposed to know what that is?"

>Cordyceps, it's like a fungus, but... but it can infect organics. It was only supposed to go for your species due to its ability to adapt to insects, but it seems that... that it's...

Her eyes went wide.

>Is your room on fire?

He followed her eyes, down to the very corner of his room.

"...So it is-OH FU"

The green fire consumed him, all of him, covering every inch of the containment room from the darkest corners to the very tip.

The flames disappeared with one final flourish, leaving a barren, empty room behind.

>THIRTY TWO! Oh fuck! What-

The green fire returned, just as intense, but when it vanished it left behind not the traitorous changeling, but instead...


Something... else.

>W-what the...

'You're welcome.'

The voice in her ear was harsh, deadly sounding almost. From the shadows, she emerged, the statuesq Changeling Queen positively slinking from that place.


The creature banged futilely against the glass, the reinforced room holding perfectly. As it should, seeing as it was designed to contain random changeling laser fire. The red spores it gave off, likewise, found no escape from a place built from the ground up to prevent any pathogens from escaping into the outside world.

'It's your test subject, of course.'

>...that's a soldier.

As if reacting to her, a stallion who still bore the armor of the royal guard turned to her, wildly snapping her in vain.

'Yes, poor fellow was just on the outside of Canterlot before the shield went up. Tragic, but on the positive side he will serve his country well.'

There was something unsettling, both in regards to her words and the situation. Something felt... off.

>I... my notes-

'On the table.'

Indeed, they were. When they had arrived, she had no idea, but there they were.

>...What did you do with 32?

'We needed the room.'

>I have other containment units.

'Oh? Well, I wish you had told me, I would have just saved the magic.'

Suspicious eyes turned on her, narrowing almost darkly.

>Where is he?

'Is that really important?'

>Yes, it absolutely is.

'...I returned him to his cell in the dungeon, of course. I realize you wished to do more tests, but surely they can wait, don't you think?'

She wished she could argue, but in reality she knew the Queen was right. Totally, utterly right, 32's condition was small peanuts right now. Still, that did not mean she had to like it.

>What about-

'I have taken the nessecary precautions of sealing off your lab, of course. The shield remains up, at the moment, but we both know shields can only repel an invasion for so long, isn't that right?'

>But then how-

'But, of course, I have these, just in case.'

Magically, she summoned several screens, each one showing a different part of the castle, and a boarder view outside.

'We'll be able to see what's going on out there, no worries.'

>...There's no way you had enough time to set those up right now.

The Queen turned dark, hard eyes to her, meeting the alicorn's head on.

'You're right, there isn't.'

They sat in silence, each one waiting for the other to be the first to break and look away.

Of course, it was Twilight who finally did.

>I need you to start setting up my beakers over there, get a shield up around the table, and make sure it's extra tight. I don't want a single spore getting out.

'Oh? You think I'm staying?'

>No... I know you are. I need help, and you are currently the foremost expert of this right now. I need you to start talking, symptoms, possible origins, and of course any past histories regarding how you dealt with this.

'I can save you some time on that last one. Fire. And looots of it'

>...Noted. No survivors before this?

'Not a single one.'


Determinedly, she turned towards the infected soldier, marching right up to him without a single moment of hesitation.

>Time to break that streak.

'And if we can't?'

>...Then we'll have to make sure there's plenty of fire to go around. For everything.

'Oh, I assure you... there is.'

Diligently, Queen and Princess got to work.

For perhaps... the last time.
Can you NOT be creepy for five fucking minutes!?
dear god its gone... its all gone.. the archives... please tell me pastebin anon got everything from last thread
i love AJ it's my favorite drink.
hello? you guys are weird btw
... hello! *echo*

Oh god another one

you fucking faggot

>Berry Punch

A guard carries Berry Punch on his back while another tries to defend them.
>Hey, I was talking to those nice gentlecolts!

"Ma'am, all they said was SCREEE and were trying to attack you."

>What, I can't talk to foreigners? Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was Equestria!

I'm temporarily back since heinessen is kill and confirmed it in https://archive.moe/mlp/thread/20608656/ and http://archive.heinessen.com/ I'm moving to archive.moe to haunt and talk to myself there instead. I took the liberty of updating the wiki and the spreadsheet with moe, so that people can still look up past threads. Also, from now on when a thread is done, I'm going to save a snapshot of it in archive.today as extra backup.
If we ever need to move to YouKnowWhatchan, /pone/ now have their own archive (search isn't working yet though). If /pone/ goes down, there's always mlpchan. /pa/ is not going to die off unless it's our own terms.
To the person who wrote the last Pinkie Preview since you probably didn't see what I said, I approve. I'm kind of glad you changed the song, since I'm sure people were sick of the Evangelion preview song. I need to start finding other preview songs.
Thanks for the extra work, it is appreciated.

And I'm glad it was decent enough, I did check back the next day but didn't see a reply, so I must've just missed it.
Since my ghost Pinkie Previews were posted in the now defunct heinessen. I'll post them here, so they can still be added to the pastebin.

Non-canon preview


>Wowee, that was a super-duper-awesome action scene with Chitania, Pennydrop, Gwen, and Diamond Tiara! What's going to happen to the A-team without their heavy hitter? Flash Sentry is hired to do some mercenary work and talks about how war has changed. Vekir does ambassador things, while Luna sleeps through the day. Applejack gets a taste of Idris' anger. Cadence gets some more screentime and Rarity brings out a couch in shock. Find out what happens next in thread 44: Scrubs...and of course, bruised fan service!

Non-canon preview


>Oh noes, Applejack isn't going to get snuggles after all that. Diamond Tiara plans her next actions while making a syringe gun. Ponies come by to thank DT for her heroics. Rarity talks to Spike about Applejack's decision. The changelings start a fire in the castle and it's up to Blueblood to put it out. Cheerilee finds relevance in the plot. Maud punches a rock. Find out what happens next in thread 45: Silver Spoon Apologizes...and of course, healing fan service!

Non-canon preview


>Ponies have gone back home and Applejack has to deal with the fallout. Silver Spoon tries to work with Twilight to fix TBDRLIATU. 18 gets her own mini arc. Chrysalis makes innuendo jokes about Fluttershy's ballons. Rainbow Dash keeps trying to catch Fleetfoot on her drug selling ways. Celestia tries to get the liquid cake project working. Find out what happens next in thread 46: Cadence Time...and of course, late fan service!


I answered it about 2 days later and was kind of embarrassed of how late that reply was.
Non-canon preview


>18 got a heavy spotlight this time and we got a deeper look at Chrysalis as she tries to get the things her hive wants. Spike visits DT to check on her. Vekir gets another run in with AJ88. Arana drops some gifts to try and help Blueblood out. AJ2 makes a brief appearance. Pennydrop profits from a Chitania movie. I'm going to get a big role next thread. Find out what happens next in thread 47:It's Not Happening...and of course, rushed fan service!

Non-canon preview


>Nightmare Night was a great success. It got Applejack out of the castle and it even gave me screentime! Cordyceps begins it's infection. Rarity plays around with her changeling detection sunglasses and makes a spooooky discovery. Rainbow Dash goes back to Cloudsdale and finds a nasty surprise. Pennydrop retreats to an underground fortress and readies a robot army for defence. Is Spike going to be relevant again? Find out what happens next in thread 48:It's Happening...and of course, spooky fan service!
I shouldn't reopen this discussion, but I suppose while I'm here I'll put in my quick ideas about Chitania and continue off what I said here https://archive.moe/mlp/thread/20044646/#20044646 about defeating her should the need arises. Like drawing a magic circle on Chitania to warp her armor creating a weak spot a la Shadow of the Colossus. Twilight works with Rarity and the love harness technology to make a device or bullet that mimics the changeling's love absorption. In other words, drain the love out of Chitania and she will be powerless, possibly starving. Chrysalis would lose her shit over this, of course, since it's a weapon that harms changelings. Side note, we may need to address how Chitania even gets her love source since that could be a glaring plot hole if someone notices it, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Other things that could potentially beat Chitania is maybe she's allergic to something weird like coconuts or something. Perhaps SS runs into Chitty and throws pepper at her face making her sneeze uncontrollably. Chitty gets a heavy dose of sleeping or nerve gas. Chitty almost ODs on cocaine...my ideas got weirder the more I brainstormed. She's beatable, but you're going to have to be unique about it because brute force is not going to cut it.
>Side note, we may need to address how Chitania even gets her love source since that could be a glaring plot hole if someone notices it

She disguises herself and drains ponies. Sometimes after beating the shit out of them, and mostly someone who can't go to the guards like that one pimp she harasses.

That was the canonical reason she stuck around partyland, even. She could drain everyone being happy around her without anyone noticing.
>Sometimes after beating the shit out of them

Oh, right. Didn't she clear out a town of all of it's criminals one time too? I vaguely remember a story where she harasses a guard because she can't find anyone to beat up and he said they all ran away or something.

So, she just disguises herself, finds someone who can't go to the cops, beats them unconscious and then drains them while they're conked out, and nobody is the wiser because the ponies she's attacking wouldn't think they were drained, just hit really hard. Or she just gets normal second hand love from places with lots of happy feelings. Makes sense.
File: the box.png (26KB, 208x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the box.png
26KB, 208x200px
Speaking of which

Can we use pic related? Or is it considered too much of a plot device?

Just have to come up with new ways to get the keys

big ole meh from me, I'd prefer we stay away from all that stuff.

We are our own world and should basically stay that way.
File: PinkieShrug.png (16KB, 945x945px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 945x945px
Yeah, but it seems inefficient to beat the crap out of someone to drain love out of them. I'm probably thinking too hard about it honestly.
Maybe she gets love from draining the Chitania movie fans for all I know.

I don't see why not, personally. It'd be nice if Applejack got a friendship lesson about honesty. and earn her key It's a potential Chekhov's gun, should we ever want to draw parallels from future seasons.
Not really feeling it, especially if it's some big mcguffin to magically turn her nice.

The last thing we need is a reformed Chitania, it would honestly kill the thread for me.
>Yeah, but it seems inefficient to beat the crap out of someone to drain love out of them.

How? It's not like she has to try very hard.

Though I guess you could also supplement secondary stuff like those prostitutes she protects(The ones that used to work for the pimp she won't leave alone, I mean, they liked her and kept offering her sex. I mean, I doubt she took them up on the sex thing, but she might just drain them too), but seeing as she can just look cross at some random criminal and they have bruises, it's not hard to find more to drain.

Though she might just have a really low burn with her love stores, thinking about it, considering everything she went through between "Variolus shows up" to "Cadence sap"
File: OverlyAttachedPony.png (833KB, 1414x1450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
833KB, 1414x1450px
I end up imagining the love draining process as...
>Love me or else I'm going to beat the crap out of you.
Chitania starts beating the crap out of her target.
>Do you love me now?

I don't know if she's actually draining love at that point.
I gotta go with this. We talked about the keys before and decided then, too, that we'd keep to our own devices.

And freaking this. She has her weak points and that's good enough for me. If anything this should've been torn into a thread or two after her appearance. After so long, how she is good enough for me.

Agreed. The time to reform her was 20 threads ago, now there;s too much history, backstory and animosity built up.

And as for Chitania's love stores? I'd like to imagine she's slowly running out. Anything she could get from a pimp or ho or from defeating criminals (which she hasn't done in 20 threads) is an insignificant morsel.
Is DT still in the hospital? What are BB and PJ up to? Where is SS?
Any requests?
>Is DT still in the hospital?
>What are BB and PJ up to?
>Where is SS?


If you don't know who that is, it's a gradeschool age Changeling who just looooves him some ass. As in, he is obsessed with asses. Possibly non-sexually too, just loves them.

>(which she hasn't done in 20 threads)

So, what, four days or so?

>now there;s too much history, backstory and animosity built up.

Er, but most of her backstory would HELP with the reforming. Seeing that once upon a time she was open to helping, still cares enough about Arana to save her, and isn't openly hostile towards ponies points to way more to actually work with to turn her around than when she showed up, where it would have felt disingenuous.

She's got a lot to work with, especially if we actually do reveal her kid is still alive. Not saying we SHOULD, I like her as is as a roaming jack in the box of terror, just saying that doors to open up reformation have been steadily growing since PL hit.

If she is reformed, there WILL be a war with the Gryphon kingdom, and it will be BLOODY. Soldiers on both sides will die by the dozens.
Bye one of our supposed protagonists.
Okay, let me just say outright I'm not really for reforming her, as since I mentioned upstream I feel she's far more useful as an antagonist, OR, since a couple feel that sections getting a little old hat, a neutral that absolutely no side wants anything to do with in the best of times, actively wants dead other times. If she's there, it's to fuel conflict, period. Conflicting choices work, since Twilight's been trying to reach out to her for a while now, and Celestia's been showing a lot of sympathy here recently too, that's fine, but outright making her even lean on the side of good or outright helping ponies is, eh, just not what she's best at.

However, yes, I will concede that we have plenty of setup that she's not outright villainous towards our protagonists. We have been developing the side of her that just doesn't know what to do right now, and the part that has it's good sides. I mean, hell, she had a nice talk with Cadence and everything, that was neat.

I know some, especially during partyland, really wanted her to be able to interact with the cast a little more, which I can kind of see since she is absolutely fascinating and has so much to bounce off of, but I'm just saying that if she does, it works best if she's a source of conflict, not an ally.

WITH THAT SAID, HOWEVER, I am not one of the big writers, I doubt I've ever even done more than a two parter, and it's always stupid silly stuff, and I will admit, you guys manage to make stuff like >>20622794, wherein even one of our main protagonists are fucking terrifying and you don't know what their game is or what they're playing, so if you really wanted to make her a good guy I wouldn't freak out, I'm just chiming in that I like her as a source of conflict that drives change, not just another Chrysalis. We have a Chrysalis, she's awesome, we don't need two... okay, we all need Two, but you know what I mean.
>Oh fuck, gryphons! How are we going to stop-


>...Oh, thanks, Discord. Keep forgetting we have you...

"No problem."

>Wow, completely bloodless, and suddenly none of them want to fight?

"Mindzapping is what I do."

>Point, point... so... tacos?

"Tacos sound lovely!"
Wow, that's creatively stifiling and has terrible mind rape connotations, kudos.
I doubt that immensely.

>Give us the Titan, or else!
"Or else what?"
>We will go to war with you!
"...With us."
"The guys who currently have the Titan."
"The one that beat you all really badly solo last time."
"What are you even going to do if we tell her to go over? Catch her? How?"
"I mean... do you really want her in your lands? Is this the plan? "Hey! Send that giant monster over our way!""
>Well, when you put it like that-
"And by the way, seriously? War? With us. Over a giant monster. You will lose countless soldiers to gain the ability to have the giant monster over there. Not even us handing her over tied up or something, she'll just be there. Over there. Where she can stomp stuff. Your stuff, specifically. And we cannot even prosecute her over here or even send our stuff over to try to blow her up because you demanded this from us under threat of war."
"Most of us don't want her either, if it makes you feel any better."
>You know? It does.

Oh right, because Gwen is ENTIRELY reasonable and not at all prone to fits of BLOODLUST.

She would NEVER send SCORES of soldiers to their POINTLESS DEATHS to try to make a point.

Do we even read the same stories?

Well sheeeeit Jethro, who we even writin' these damn things?

I'm calling it now, Cordyceps arc has ended, Discord resolved everything.

I'll have the 100% canon story up in a few minutes.




>na lol, I'll just fix all this Cordyceps bullshit. Watch!

Discord snaps his fingers and everything is back to normal. Even better than normal, because everybody is at Partyland!

"Woo! It's the world's most partiest place! Thanks Discord!"

>No problem. Enjoy Partyland!
>Do we even read the same stories?

...Do we?

Gwen has some serious hangups about soldiers dying. Serious, deeply rooted hangups about a single one dying in any way, and in fact she even stopped DT from firing on Chitty to STOP the pointless deaths from happening. She's got some real issues that would prevent her from letting her soldiers die.

> Discord resolved everything.

Too late, poor writefag, other writers have already beaten you to the punch and thought up a plausible, in universe way to prevent your attempts! In rhyming limerick, no less!

Cordyceps infected a clone.

Yeah, trying to make a point like this doesn't really work when we already fixed this problem. Because instead of being 'creatively stifling', we said 'hey, we've got these clones of Fluttershy running around, let's be creative!' and then we were. It was cool. And now we have a way that not only is Discord unable to fix anything, but that means the Cordyceps could possibly grow exponentially from him trying to stop it, which means that the chaos god is literally powerless against a fungus, and *it's all his fault*.

So... oops?

Sorry, I can't hear you over how loud it is here at Partyland.

We're here because Discord can instantly fix anything.

Isn't that right, Shining Armor?

>Wheee! I love the ferris wheel!

Heh, he can't hear us. Having too much fun on the ferris wheel.
>and *it's all his fault*.

I honestly do love this most about that whole subplot, really. The one time he tries to be a good friend and do something nice, not only does it spectacularly backfire,it does so in a way that bites HIM on the ass, repeatedly.

Which is good, because what he did was an impulsive thing with no real thought put into it, and he did not even ask her if it was okay. He just did it because he thought it was a good thing to do, and he's still cleaning up the mess.

Chekov's gun, maybe. But it's one that offers a lot of growth for old Disco ball.
>She would NEVER send SCORES of soldiers to their POINTLESS DEATHS to try to make a point.

>The Gryphon who is, even now, still crying over six soldiers who died because they did something stupid against a megamonster
>The one who told DT to get Chitania out of the city and said, and I'm quoting here "Their lives are more important than her death"
>The one who cared more about her knocked out captain when that dragon uprooted her train than the fact a dragon was about to kill her
>The Gwen that even now will not even give the slightest chance for Chitania to be redeemed because above all else she wants justice for those who died.

No, seriously, which Gwen are you talking about?

Cause that ain't the Winny I've been readin'!
>>The Gwen that even now will not even give the slightest chance for Chitania to be redeemed because above all else she wants justice for those who died.

That last point right there.

If she became all cuddled and loved and accepted and forgiven by all major rulers in Equestria, can you see any other course of action than war?

She wants SO BADLY for Chitania to pay for what she did, for the Alicorns to forgive her and open Chitania with open arms would put her into such a fierce rage I can barely imagine what she'd do.

But guaranteed she'd go for something that looks like 'justice' to her. And if the Princesses decided to protect Chitania? That's their own choice, but I don't see it stopping her.

This would honestly be a heartbreaking thing to picture Discord imagining while he's up in space, watching that cordyceps spread, futilely snapping his fingers just like during partyland, and every bit as unable to stop what's happening...

I made myself sad.
>can you see any other course of action than war?

Personal attack.

No fucking WAY would she risk her own soldiers dying, no way, not with how bad she got messed up by six guys who charged a monster and got flattened without said monster even knowing. No way would she risk an innocent. Hell, she even told DT to stand aside and let her do the luring, not that it worked. Her, personally, going after Chitania? Yes. Yes I absolutely can see that, and guess what? It's totally correct since she had ONE sword made, and would not let anyone else pick it up or handle it. She, personally, would handle it, but if someone innocent got in the line of fire she'd take a fireball to the chest before she let them get shot. We know, that's happened. I could totally see her trying to assassinate Chitania, but everything she's done says war wouldn't even be on the table.
ugh reforming chitty? Big "N" "O"

I remember the post that really drove that point home for me, that one anon and the Gun club comment.
>Personal attack.

She's not stupid. What chance would she have against the entire Royal Guard, the Alicorns AND Chitania?

None and she knows it.

There are certainly circumstances where she would be alright with soldiers dying. Maybe they all volunteer, who knows.

But say you're right and she goes in solo. Chitania tears her in half, she dies.

What the fuck is Idris going to do? He has a dead wife, killed by that changeling menace.

He also has an army. And a fleet of airships.

Sure, they may not all be The Highwind, but they have dozens of them.

But I'm sure he'll just write a sternly worded letter.
>She's not stupid. What chance would she have against the entire Royal Guard, the Alicorns AND Chitania?

She thought she could just stab Chitania before, and she obviously wouldn't go after the princesses anyway. A doy, she doesn't think THEY need to die.

>Maybe they all volunteer,

...As opposed to the six guys that, what, got mind controlled? Oh, and double points, were NOT ordered to charge the godzillabug? No, yeah, that makes perfect sense that she'd be okay throwing them up against Equestria and not be bothered this time.

>But say you're right and she goes in solo. Chitania tears her in half, she dies.

Uh, yeah, in this scenario, there would be a huge war. Because that would be huge, yeah. That event, in particular, would cause a war, and Chitania would know it. This, specific scenario would probably cause a, admittedly one sided, war.

Soooo... just, not kill her? Chitty's been doing that since she got out of the ice, remember? All those 'Never leave a body' monologues? She had a lot of them.

And we never kill anyone off anyway.

So... what's the issue here?
Nah, ya see, nobody in PAJ can die onscreen, ever. Something will come in, stop the fight (just as Chitania is about to easily win of course), and inform Gwen that she is a naughty girl and she has to go sit in the corner with 32.
>She's not stupid.

Yes she is. Her plan to face Chitania was "Poison sword". That was it. A sword.


Ahab is absolutely that dumb.
"Voice of Variolus"


32 blinked as he found himself in very familiar surroundings, his cell. He sighed, knowing full well what probably sent him there.

>One last fuck you, I suppose. OH well, two steps forward, three steps back. And with the impending doom of this Cordyceps sashaying its way ever closer, I doubt that I can be assured of safety behind these mere...bars...

32 blinked, stepping forward to said bar. Notably the door.

The very unlocked door.

>Oh ho ho ho...well well...it's the end of the world as we know it, I'm very much under the radar, and there's nothing binding me here. Now I can do as I please after so many...months? I'm not sure, I wasn't keeping track. Reggie! Q! If you teleported with me, I'm going for doughnuts, you want anythi-

"Do the right thing."

>Ffffuuuucking hell! Again with this, this unending torture! What!? What is the right thing!? Why should I do it!? Who are you to order me around like this and drain me every time you do so!? Leave me be-

"Do the right thing."

>Gaaaahhhhhh! Fuck you! Fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou!

"Do the right thing."



>You're silent so I assume changeling do good. Fine, I'll try and find a way to help-nngh!

32 lurched forward, shaking his head, he felt...better. Energized, as though the funk of waking up had gone away and for the first time in days he was fully awake.

>...you sneaky minx, whoever you are. You weren't draining me, you were locking away a little bit of love for a rainy day.


>Well it's good to have a woman keeping track of my health, shall we?


>I'm doing, I'm doing!

And like that, he pushed open the door and ran like a bat out of hell.

>Just give me a little juice when I'm doing the right thing. I'm a fan of Ponylov's research.
"Steam Gauge"
'Quicksilver Sash'
-Lucky Strikes-
[Sucker Punch]

>Everyone remain calm!


>If I knew I would tell you.

"This is fifty shades of fucked up, man, the dead are coming after us now!"

>They don't seem to have undergone any decomposition, actually.


>Look, men, I know these creatures are terrifying, but we must hold strong, the people of Cantelot will be looking to you, the guards, to know that they can remain calm, just as they will look to the A-Team and the Princesses for salvation from this scourge. We must all play a part in defending this city, for all we know the last bastion of civilization, pony or changeling, left on the planet.

-Yeah, I like the sound of that, finally we get to prove we ain't a bunch of slackjawed incompetent cowards!-

>That's the spirit.

'Yeah, but uh...we're not really going to like...charge these guys, right?'

>What? No, for now we hold the line, put on an air of confidence for the civilians' sake, and hope there is a way to stop this nightmare.

"So we aren't gonna Pommel it."



'That's the sarge's cousin, you moron.'

"...damn, uh-"

_Yeah, no, let's not 'Pommel' it._

-We're gonna have words, Private. And by words, I mean my hoof meetin' your teeth 'til you can't make any.-

"What!? Oh come on!"

[77, sir!]

Oblivious to the conversational misstep, Sucker Punch had landed near where the changeling and guards were speaking, snapping off a salute.

>At ease, Private, I'm not even technically an instructor anymore.

[Sorry, 77, but Captain Armor is calling all the guard together-]

"Holy shit, what!?"

'He's the captain!?'

-We have a captain again!? FINALLY!-

[I'm being sent to gather up all the guard enclaves to converge at Captain Armor's current location to receive a plan of action, you four need to get going.]

>Right, you go to Armor, I'll see if I can't gather the A-Team together for a similar purpose.


The guardsponies run off, Sucker Punch salutes to 77 again before taking off, the changeling sighs.

>Time to go to war again.

AJ56 for the love of God. Younger Changeling with a mane like AJ's except way scruffier and way into plot.

And with that out the way lemme see what happened since I blacked out.
I wonder where Haymaker was during that? Giving Bluey and PJ a warning mayhaps?
Refresh my memory please on why Discord is powerless against this again? I'm glad he is and all but how again?

>who is, even now, still crying over six soldiers who died
Can an archiver find this story for me if they have the time?
I hope people bring back Hyperspace Hyperwars and reference how shitty a captain Shiny was.
The infusion that was rubbed on 88 contained pony and changeling DNA, right?

Can other races be infected? Gryphons, minotaurs, goats etc?
File: the warp.jpg (1MB, 1280x1735px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the warp.jpg
1MB, 1280x1735px



I want to move to 8chn, really I do, the loss of Heinessen really does scare me, it wasn't essential, but it's another piece of this place breaking apart.
I'll doubt the thread really wants to uproot, but I'll see how 8chns archive system works then come back. See if it can work
>Refresh my memory please on why Discord is powerless against this again?

It was answered right above your first quote, but all the same I'll answer. Discord was hunting a clone, the cordy popped up and infected that clone. Discord didn't like this and tried to snap the zombies away. When it didn't work on the clone(because they can absorb his magic just like Fluttershy can), the Cordy was like "Well, that's just prime" and made it so the rest of it can do the same, and when Discord tried snapping away the zombies it just made the cordy bigger. Fearing PL 2.0, he literally teleported into space, knowing if he tried to fix it it would just get worse.

>Can an archiver find this story for me if they have the time?

Which one? She brings it up every single time she mentioned Chitania, or doesn't, and several times with 10, and that one time when she was having dinner with Idris where I think she actually did cry. Do you have a specific one you wanted?

Yes. >>20591679

He was last seen with the other guards, likely the ones being referenced in that story, here>>20611169

Jesus, lots of questions this morning...
>Which one?
Yeah, the first time she mentioned it if possible? I think she was talking with Gilda or something...
She was.


And this is the one with her and Idris, just cause it's one of my favorites with her. https://archive.moe/mlp/thread/18016936/#18051009

His gun felt heavier today than it ever had before.

It did not slow his stride as he marched through the halls of Canterlot Castle, of course, but the ever present feeling of it was there. He did not know what those things out there, were, but they looked...

Well, everyone could tell what they looked like.

Still, he couldn't let that stop him as he moved on, seeking out a certain individual he knew he would need if that shield went down. Someone who would be invaluable to the fight, should it come, someone who-

...Had absolutely no hope of budging.

His heart sank when he entered the room and spotted them. Black chitin and pink fur, sitting in the middle of the room. One, tired and looking as if she could barely stand. The other, worry and fear rent across her face, barely hidden by her helmet.

"H-hey Spike..."

Her voice was shaking, unsteady, far weaker than it should be.

>Cadence? You... why are you so weak?

"O-oh, you know, they-"

She suddenly violently flinched, a squeak of pain escaping her before she could stifle it. 42 instinctively held her up, ignoring Cadence when she attempted to wave her off.

"I-It's not like last time. They keep... they keep trying, again and again. They don't quit, Spike. They just keep trying. S-so I... I just have to keep throwing it up."

>You look...

The solider bug shot him a look, one that stifled that fairly quickly.

>...You look good.

"T-thanks... my hair's a mess, though."

>Just call it 'wild and free', nobody will notice.

"Hey... that's a pretty good idea..."

She groaned again in time with another flinch.

>Can you keep it up?

"Of... of course I can! Twilight will have a cure in no time at all... just have to... just have to keep it up a little longer... she'll be here any minute..."

Wearily, the dragon looked over to the changeling, silently gesturing for her to come over. It was only with great reluctance she conceded, and stepped out of hearing range.

'Make it quick.'

>It's only been an hour, there's no way she can hold this up.

'I am aware.'

>What are you going to do when it finally goes down?

'If it should go down before Princess Twilight achieves her goal, then I have orders to evacuate the princess to her Empire as soon as possible.'

He frowned, clearly unhappy with the response.

>We could really use you over here.

'I have my orders.'

>You'd do more good helping me fight these guys off with the A-team.

'I have my orders.'

>Damn it, 42! We need to stick together on this!

'...I have my orders.'

He growled, turning away from her.

>Fine, I'll fight them off myself, I'll try to buy you time to get to the portal if things go south.

'I appreciate the effort.'

>What about the rest of your hive?

She flinched, pained as she looked away.

'...I have my orders.'


He brushed past her, walking up to the pink alicorn and giving her a brief, slightly stiff, hug.

>Stay safe, Cadence.

"O-oh, you don't have to worry about me! Twilight will be done any second now. It'll all be fine any second now..."

>...Yeah, any second now. You know Twi.

"Smartest cookie in the world!"

>She is, she is...

He left the embrace, heading towards the door without so much as a side glance to 42.

>Take care of her, okay?

'...I have my orders.'

>Yeah, well... guess you'd better follow them, they seem important.

It was only after he was long, long gone that 42 finally let the stoic expression leave her face, and a quiet whisper escape her lips.

'More than you could ever know...'

He was moving quickly down the hall, strides as long as his still quite stubby little legs could take him, his expression nothing but a dark, angry frown.

He froze, hidden ears twitching.

>You know... we never did take you off the team roster.

He looked upwards, into the darkened corner where nothing was visible, but something was there.

>You up for another mission?

In that darkness... something smiled.

[Do you want me to look like her again?]
I... have no idea who that is supposed to be at the end. I admit.

I also admit that's probably the point so it can be a surprise, but still.
I'm almost certain it's 007 as he's to my knowledge the only one who's disguised as her...which come to think of it regarding that kerfuffle about changelings not being able to switch genders so many threads ago, I wonder if seeing him in action makes people think 42's a guy.
>, I wonder if seeing him in action makes people think 42's a guy.

Why would they?

They can still look like girls, and hide the extraneous parts(obviously, or else that brawl with the Mane 6 has some really unfortunate implications). They just can't replace the internal plumbing or get rid of or replace said extraneous parts, just hide them with magic.

They'd still see 42 in all her femmeness, it's just the 'parts' they'd see are pure illusion.
>'...I have my orders.'

Orders Chrysalis DIDN'T give you, I'm noticing...
>>You know... we never did take you off the team roster.
Ha. Clever dragon is clever,

Inside Ponyville's premier Spa, two ponies shook in terror. Sure, the windows and doors were boarded up, hastily hammered in, but they knew from the scratching outside it wasn't going to last forever.

>...This sucks.

"I miss the robots."

>Right? The robots were nice.

"So nice."

>Unlike these things.

"They're just awful."




"Thanks for never letting us do the special order."

>Mama didn't raise no prostitutes.

"Nope. Sure didn't."

>Gotta... gotta keep the reputation up.

"For zombies, apparently."


"...How much longer you think it'll hold?"

>Bout an hour, at best.


>Indeed it does.


>...Start telling secrets with the promise to never let it leave the room?

"Agreed. I'll start... that poster of Spitfire in my room isn't because I like the Wonderbolts."

>I know. I heard you every night for a week and didn't say anything.


>...This got uncomfortable fast.

File: 1410815350075.gif (964KB, 400x293px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
964KB, 400x293px
>>...This got uncomfortable fast.

Maybe she has some particularly mannish mannerisms? Or her body language screams 'DUDE!'

She did pretend to be a guy for years after all.
>Or her body language screams 'DUDE!'
I could believe that wholeheartedly actually, seeing how militant she is and all.
Can someone show me some greentext from the story so I have a better image?
He's a reoccurring character, one of the most frequent, buuuut, just to give you an idea of his personality, here's a random story with him from the early days.


Anything else you need to know is essentially-

>Same age as Applebloom
>Loves plot.
>Favorite is Luna, by FAR

That sums him up pretty well.

If anybody had been around, they would have been terrified.

No, not from the hordes of creatures tearing apart Ponyville, not from the twisted sound of terror as one by one they were infect, not even from the wave of sickly blood red that swept through the town.

Oh no.

Far, far scarier, was the pony sitting happily at her desk, just waiting.

>Oh no! What if someone were to come inside!? I'm so defenseless in here!

She looked left, and right.

Still nothing.

>Oh dear, if only I had gotten the budget to repair that door! Now I'm helpless! Oh, the horror!

Still nothing.

>...What am I going to dooooo?

Her heart leapt as something peaked into her room, a blighted version of a manticore to be precise, and started sniffing around.

>Oh no! A manticore! I have no means to fight off that! I am but a.... HEY!

Ignoring her, it's lips curled up in an almost disgusted snarl, and without another thought it turned around and left.


The things outside gave an almost dismissive shriek.

>...Well, fuck you all too.

Cheerilee sat back in her chair, a little bitter.

Just a little.
Even the plagued know better than to mess with THAT much darkness, not surprising.
Well, see, now I have to re-read that thread. Thanks a lot, buck-o.
"We want no part of that bullshit! We're a single minded entity bent on the consumption of the world, but we have standards!"
Didn't get a chance to comment on this till now, but damn.

We all know this isn't a mistake. No, fucking, way, would Chrysalis put him in there without checking and seeing if it was locked. She wants him loose...

But why?
>She's the one who teleported him
>Made sure she took absolutely all of his stuff with him
>Has magic-camera all over the castle that she's watching
>Is the one who personally handed him Q
>Made sure she sent Q with him

Oh ho ho....

Pawn doesn't even realize he's on the board...
She was creepy enough already in full 'scheming' mode, you know...
Gotta be 007, he fits too weell to be anyone else.

Though what he was doing following spike is worrying me...
Very CD


Okay. Rude.

He barreled through the steel door without even having the courtesy to knock. First offense.

Because, really, who just barges into a mares room unannounced? Who knows what she could’ve been doing! She could’ve been indecent! Granted, all she seemed to wear all day every day was the same old jacket… but still!

Disregarding her privacy. Second offense.

And for all his panicked blubbering, he would have gained a third offense for disrupting her peace if she hadn’t glanced up to see him struggling to slam the same door he’d blasted through. What he was shutting it against, however, was proving difficult… all the guttural growling, the pulsating red blisters, the thrashing legs trying to squeeze through the gap and get a good swipe in.

She rolled her eyes, wagering about another fifteen seconds before her entire room was awash with more ‘visitors’.

>Oh, for Celestia’s sake… c’mon, pervert, you gotta put a little-

She pushed off her cot, arching through the air, over AJ12’s head, to slam her hips into the steel surface, forcing the door shut with a ground-rumbling thud.

>-oomph into it!

But he wasn’t listening. He was far from the plane of doing that. The look of abject fear plastered onto his face as he tore into a tale of infected ponies, gryphons, manticores, what have you, all of them stalking through Ponyville and causing utter bedlam, the yelling and the cries of terror, the spores-


Did he say… spores?

So caught up in racing back and forth, gathering what little possessions she had with the intention of “getting them both the hell out of there”, 12 failed to realize he’d been contaminated.

He didn’t realize. But Screwloose did.

She spotted that angry-looking patch of pulsating spores bunched around his right hindleg like a dog catching the scent of its favorite bone.

And her face twisted into the most insidious smile yet.

>Oooooh, perrrrverrrrt.~


The eerie way she sang that out was the only thing that gave 12 pause and he nearly cracked his neck turning to glance at her.

“I- what? What is it, Screwloose? Didn’t you hear me the first time? Pack your shit, c’mon, move it! I dunno how but we gotta go, there’s monsters out there!”

The incessant banging on her door had all but melted away into background noise as Screwloose approached the fretting Changeling, giving him a much-needed eskimo kiss.

"Calm down."


>Now this maaaaay be a little disorientating for you… but just know that’s it’s all in the name of science! And saving the free world, vaccine, yadda yadda, all that shit there.

12 had always wondered how Screwloose managed to sneak things into her room. Things that by all rights a mare confined to a straightjacket should not be able to get her hooves on. Well, when she stepped down a particular tile that let loose a particular clicking noise, which caused four particularly thick, cast-iron chains to spring forth from behind false holes in the walls, he found out.

Though just a scootch too late.

“Hey- HEY! What is this?! What’re you doing?!”

He struggled and fought the metal clamps, valiantly at that, but was eventually overcome and lifted into the air, eye-level with Screwloose.

She stared him up… then down… steadily biting into her lower lip, pupils beginning to quiver….

>I always said it was my dream to figure out just what made you tick… and now, I finally have that chance….


>Quite serious, pervert. We’re about to make history, you and me.

Another tile press. Another ch-klunk!

The middle of the floor was opening, parting, a flood of mist seeping into the room… making way for the sterling silver operating table slowly being lifted.



>You see, the weird part is… I think I like you, pervert. More than friends, you might say. So consider yourself lucky that I’m willing to go this far to save your life….

As he was laid onto the table, limbs held down, 12’s struggling ceased itself in a blind moment of bafflement.

“I- what? What’re you saying?”

>I’m saying… Tinsel? Did you ever manage to get those keys?

An otherworldly voice echoed throughout the room. 12’s head zipped around as if on a swivel, eyes trying and failing to find the source.

‘I have. But Screws, you’re only gonna have this freedom for a little bit if ya choose… that route.’

That maddened smile from before lost a great deal of its insanity, settling into something fonder, something unnaturally down-to-earth for the manic scientist.

>Yeah, I know. Which is why I’ll try not to get used to it.

“Hey… what’s going on? Screwloose…? Who’re you talking t-… oh you have got to be kidding me….”

>Well, if you don’t believe in nightmares, pervert, I’d suggest having a change of heart. Because you’re about to be in one. Do it, Tinsel.

The sudden inhale on 12’s part had nothing to do with the jittery, almost creepy-crawly sensation erupting in his infected leg.

It was watching as Screwloose’s straightjacket slackened to the point where she could pull both arms free.


She ran a hoof through her tussled silver mane, flashing the bound Changeling a dominating smirk.

>Oh yes… the screws are indeed loose, perv. ~



They were just running at this point, no real sense of direction, no real purpose, just racing through those oh so dangerous woods of Everfree forest at top speed, as fast as their legs could carry them.

Sadly, some of them couldn't carry quite as fast as the others.

"I'm trying!"

>Trying is not good enough right now!

"I've been behind a desk for years! I'm not athletic!"

'Will you save your breath, we have to increase our speed! If those things catch us, they will infect us with that red seed!'

[Move your not as great and powerful ass!]

"I'm trying oka-"


The mayor hit the ground hard, more falling than ducking, just in time for a pegasus to pass right over her.


The infected thing turned on the downed earth pony, teeth barred and ready to snap forward.

Only one thing stood between the creature and it's prey.



A multicolored magical blast made short work of the creature, but more were quick to swarm in it's place.

[Fools! Monsters you may be, but even you have to know that you stand naught a chance, against the GREAT!]

A wave of firework magic went out, colors of all kinds with streaks of sparks trailing just behind pointed tips flying every which way, blinding, frightening or just outright exploding in front of the infected.


Her horn ignited in more power, even more magic producing what looked like streamers that lashed out like whips, tying whatever they could reach in the bindings of it's traps.


Her magic at last died down, leaving her panting with exhaustion and not a single creature remained standing.

They stared at her openly, even as the changeling helped the mayor back to her hooves.


"I'll say! Way to go, Trixie! That was awesome-"


He dove forwards, almost instinctually, towards the unicorn. Behind her, a shape she had missed neared her, one with a distinct hue to it.


A magical wave went out, knocking the changeling back. The creature nearly reached her, so close it nearly overshadowed her in the forests dim light, but she remained unafraid.

With a dazzingly, glittering ball of sparkles, it was cast away.

[Trixie never leaves an act unfinished!]

"W-wow! Two for two! You are just on fire here! Thank goodness we... brought..."

Strangely, as the mayor moved forwards to give her healthy pat on the shoulder, the unicorn moved away.

"You okay?"

She was silent for a bit.

Before letting out a loud, almost maddened, laugh.

[H-HAH! You ask the Magnificent Trixie if she is okay!? Of course she is! There is nothing that could even hope to stand against the wonders she brings!]

With a flourish of her cape, she turned her back on them, proudly holding her hat donned head high.

[In fact, Trixie has grown tired of this running, this fleeing! She can defeat all of them, by herself, easily! It shall be her greatest accomplishment!]

"W-what!? Trixie, you can't be serious! We've got to-"

A hoof stopped hers just as it reached out for the show-pony, the striped leg pulling hers away.

'Marey... we need to be quick and be off. I'm sure she can handle these things with but a scoff.'

"Have you all lost your mind!?"

>Have you?

He moved forward, taking his place next to the earth pony on the opposite side of the one the zebra stood.

>She's no ordinary pony, Marey! She's... she's the Great and Powerful Trixie, after all. If she thinks she can defeat them, then who are we to doubt her?

She felt numb as they both gently moved her away, unable to process what was going on.

"Y-you can't... we can't... we can't leave her here, she's our..."

'She is Trixie, the unicorn with powers so great! Come, my friend, we have to get out of her blast range if we wish to survive this date.'


At last, she stopped fighting, and let herself be lead off. Just as the sounds of more of those damn things coming closer increased.

[Y-you'll remember this day... you'll all remember this day!]

The three turned around at last, already in a full sprint. And yet, somehow, they still heard her.

[29! I require a speech, and make it pop!]

The chitin around his eyes strained, and for a second his mouth went dry. All the same... he started to speak.

>This is the day of legends! This morn upon which Celestia's sun did fly high shall be remembered not for the light brought upon by that lifegiving creation of the stars, but of that which burned even brighter still!

They came at her in droves, waves really. One by one being shot down as she stood and fought, casting every trick she could remember from her years on the road, and so many new ones as well.

>This is the day when a unicorn, born not of royalty or prestige, showed the world the power of her magic, the wonders conjured within the horn atop her head! This is the day all shall sing about!

The kept coming, and coming, and coming, never falling for long, never stopping. Nothing but a mass of bodies that drew ever closer with every passing second.

>Look there, they'll cry! And with shaking hooves they will gesture! Over there is where I did gaze upon it! Where but once my eyes were graced with wonders untold! There it was, the once in a lifetime scene that could never be told, never be put into words! There it is! Where I saw it...

The masses at last reached her, surrounding her on every side, banging against a magical shield that held back their clawing, biting forms.

And then, as one, they stopped.

Suddenly... they seemed to care no more for her, wish to infect her no more.

She strained, the ache in her hoof almost too much to bare.

And yet...

She smiled.

And fireworks unseen in Equestria sprang out, reaching high above the trees and into the sky.

>The final show, of the GREAT! and POWERFUL! TRIXIE!

Like a firework, it burned brightly for but a second.

And then it was gone.

>Hang a left, hang a right, damn stairs have to be around here somewhere.


>Oh what do you know, backseat walker? I don't need your directions, I'm listening to a voice in my head!


>Well of course I can trust it, I've gotten this far on the kindness of strangers, haven't I? Don'tanswerthat.


>Stairs stairs stairs, up up up, neeeeed to fiiiind, left-nngh no no, right! Here we are and here we go! To freedom...of a sort!


>Hm? Now what makes you say that? Whose hooves could I possibly be playing into?


>Chrysalis'? True true...but come now, the world is ending, what kind of petty simplistic evil beastial creature would-ahahahahahaha! Oh, ohhhh, I couldn't say that with a straight face. Yes, we're probably playing right into her hooves, perhaps we were simply afforded the possibility of escape for the express purposes of dying for her entertainment. Mayhaps she counts on us to be a loose end she can tie up while everyone's striding among the ashes and not looking my way, allowing her to off me without the slightest chance of me gaining martyrdom. I know this, and I accept it.


>Because if I don't, I'm fucked too, this voice in my head isn't exactly a forgiving entity when I don't do what it wants. So let us go forth into the great unknown and accept whatever fate it leaves us with! Who's with me!?



>That's the spirit! ONWARD!

He scrambled up the stairs, a maddened grin on his face as he burst through the door above into...an empty hallway.

>...anti-climactic, yeah. But let's see...voice, where should we go?

A look to the left garnered nothing, but to the right gave him another burst of energy.

>Now, just what could be waiting for us over...oh....

32 smirked.

>I guess I never got a yes or no regarding my membership cancellation. Time for a definitive answer.


>No, they won't let you join if you just ask, that is a myth.
Well, these suddenly exploded.

12 NOOO!


32 N-, er... keep doin' what you're doin'.
Oh, okay, so Tinsel is either not a hallucination, or Screwloose is magic.

Either or is plausible.
Well, ghosts are real in-verse, and she's in Ponyville, next door to Cheerilee, so...
He might've been ordered for backup for Cadence, but that seems unlikely since it would mean he would leave his post, and 7's ridiculously loyal.

So, he had to have been specifically ordered to look after Spike.

And 32 is now running around free thanks to her putting him in a cell that just happened to be unlocked.

And she's got a guard covered in stuff, which is doubly interesting since it was a royal guard, and he was supposedly outside of Canterlot.

She may not have had any plans when she left Shiny and crew, but it seems that was not a long lasting problem.
And just like every time... it's going to explode right in her face, isn't it?
>Tinsel walked out of hell to make sure Screwloose made it out of that place.

Weirdly hardcore.
Considering the alternative is the world ending, I hope not.
Just a basic drawing sketch. Any specific scenes that are requested? This thread is awfully quiet even during the daytime.
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Here's the picture.
...I love it.
As for requests, well, I don't think we've had any art for 32.

Essentially imagine an extremely scarred and beat up changeling with a voracious hatred for Chrysalis...also he's pals with a cockroach and an itty bitty crystal golem (usually just depicted as a rock).
Goodnight thread
Good morning thread.
>High Roller

The tub sat on the floor in front of the chartreuse pegasus, its contents a foaming bleach white liquid that the stallion knew too well. With a sigh, High Roller dropped his saddlebags and armor to the floor and rummaged inside, retrieving a bottle of dark blue mane dye and a small oblong case, both of which he placed on the sink before turning back to the tub.

"Hey man, my uncle had...has? Had, a gramaphone out here, you want any music while you're doing whatever the heck it is you're doing in there?"

Roller didn't answer, instead he simply stared at the tub. For all the bluff and bluster he'd heard of the changeling race's ability to shapeshift, he'd felt a bit insulted by the flippancy the average pony had towards the matter. The bugs were better, end of story. It almost brought a tear to the stallion's eye, for he knew what they should have.

Anything another species could do, a pony could do as well, all it took was enough of a sacrifice.

"I'm gonna turn it on, yell if you want me to change the record."

With that in mind, he took a step into the tub, immediately sucking in air through clenched teeth as the process began. The formula was an old one, passed down from an old zebra recipe from the initial brushfire conflicts they'd when first meeting Saddle Arabia.

'I like my town
'With a little drop of poison
'Nobody knows they're lining up to go insane...'

They concocted a potion from a similar plant to the one they'd use for war paint, it's name was some gibberish his old employer hadn't even been sure he pronounced correctly, but it translated to a very straightforward name: "Color Destroyer".

'I'm all alone
'I smoked my friends down to the filters
'But I feel much cleaner after it rains..."

He eased further in, a sensation of burning, of immolation almost, spread up his extremities as he stepped inside. Lowering further and further in, he could feel the potion throttling every bit of chromatic complexity from his hide, leaving behind only a milky whiteness.

'And she left in the fall
'That's her picture on the wall
'She always had that little drop of poison...'

Deeper still, past his thighs, there's always that sting here, and always a tinge of worry in the back of his head. Either way it didn't matter all that much, he never intended to have kids anyway.

'Did Discord make the world
'While Faust was sleepin'?
'You'll never get a wish from a bone...'

Down. Further, almost there, eyes and mouth shut tight, one last breath through the nostrils. It burned, oh Faust did it burn. Just...keep...going...

The music was far aware, muffled beneath the mixture, the sheer destruction of every color on his skin. He wanted to scream as every single feather was turned a lifeless white. Keep it, hold it, one...two...three!

He burst through the surface, coughing and sputtering. He hated this bit, so so much, this brief moment when composure was forsaken, when he groped for a towel like a foal kicked about blindly trying to find its mother. Grabbing at it with his wingtip, Roller quickly threw it over his head as he stepped out of the tub, rubbing away the moisture that coated his body.

'-ft in the fall
'That's her picture on the wall
'She always had that little drop of poison...'

Soon he had dried himself, sighing that the worst had passed, he made his way to the sink. Turning on the faucet, Roller set about the process of dying his hair a vibrant blue, what one would expect of a guard.

On a better day he would have gone full bore, another similar process to make him a horse of a different color, quick application of a false cutie mark he'd procured from a black market dealer in Neighgeria, colored contacts.

'-and oh how we danced
'And we swallowed the night
'Her long hair black as a raven's...'

However, the rushed nature of the job demanded function over form. Alabaster skin, blue mane, armor to cover the blank spots. Quick get in get out before anyone was the wiser.

All he had to do was convince a dangerous psychopath to start using her methods for the greater good...Well, greater profit at any rate.

He stepped out of the bathroom, face hard, jaw set, armor on, the picture of one of Celestia's gallants.

>Mr. Noteworthy.

"Wha!? Bwuh?! Oh crap, uh, officer! I didn't do anything I sw-"

>It's me.

"Oh...ohhhh...okay, yeah-"

'We will never be going back hoooome~!'

>...turn the damn gramaphone off.

"Yessir, right away!"

Blues scrambles and soon the needle was scratching off of the record, leaving them in silence.


>The hospital?

"Oh! Oh yeah! Yes! Let's go!"

Blues quickly trotted to the door, moving to open it to reveal.

"Oh...oh dear..."

Ponyville, in the distance, was covered by a red cloud of writhing shapes. Shapes that were making their way outward, towards Canterlot, towards Everfree, towards the Hospital.

>Well. This complicates matters.

>So, he had to have been specifically ordered to look after Spike.
Can you imagine if Chrysalis did issue such an order? That'd be pretty damn heartwarming for bitchbug to do...

That's pretty much what I'm going with. And Screwloose and Tinsel do have pretty strong ties to one another. And now she's free....

Haha! Finally!

>>Well. This complicates matters.
You should be smiling about it like your target is, Roller. She's having a ball.
Good afternoon thread.
Awesome! Been wait ying for something for that guy forever.

And I'm seconding 32, he's been around forever but gets no art love.
Ha ha! I return! And I have art to upload! >>20640697

And I can also upload this other one too!

>This thread is awfully quiet even during the daytime.

Hey, just be thankful I'm not making requests. All of mine are the big scenes, like Twilight punching Chitania with the train in the trainfight.

That and I keep getting sniped...

Diamond Tiara with a rocket launcher?
Whelp, I kept up my promise to myself, and now that he has artwork little 56's story section is all filled out. Relationships sometime next.

Feast your eyes! http://princess-aj.wikia.com/wiki/Applejack_56
>That and I keep getting sniped...

Don't feel bad, I'm never fast enough to make a request either.
It's... It's all I've ever wanted... Thank you, anon. Thank you so much....
Something just popped into my head.

Is Rap anon kill?
For that manner is voiceanon kill?
I second this. If possible, a really customized rocket launcher. She used her money to deck out her rocket launcher with all sorts of things. She calls it The Best Damn Rocket Launcher in All the Universe (TBRLIATU). I also want to request Spike with a big revolver.
Nah, still here. Betwixt writing for the thread, other write projects, and work, haven't had much time for any... despite the fact I have a completed rap on layaway. Yeah...

But anyway, I did pencil down a short rap about Cordies that I'll try to have up by Monday or close to it.

He didn't know how he knew he would find her in this particular room, but he did wish he could at least pretend he was surprised.

>Leaving so soon?

She nearly jumped out of her skin. How unlike her, so distracted she couldn't even detect him beneath his pitiful 'sleuthing'.

Still, her pause was a brief one, not lasting more than a second before she got back to fiddling with her 'target', a giant bag of potatoes on her back.

"Come on, damn it, work!"

>It's not going to.

"Buffalo shit! They use this thing all the time! And I know they put in safety measures so this thing can be used by someone who isn't fuck-powerful! So WORK!"

To punctuate her point, she slammed her hoof down on the object in question receiving nothing for a response.

>Are you really planning to leave for the Crystal Empire?

She let out a growl, giving the machine another smack.

"That was the plan! Heard they're okay with us buggers over there, figure I can hide out, if things go south get out into the snow. This stuff looks like plants, and if there's one thing I know, cold beats plant!"

>It beats changeling too.

She didn't give a verbal response.

Just... a slight twitch of her lips.

>...There's a code.

At last, she turned to face him.


>A code. There's a code you need to put in to turn it on. This is so nobody can use it to sneak attack the Empire.

"...DAMN! DAMN IT! Okay, what's the code!?"

>I wouldn't know.

She growled again, before randomly starting to press whatever button on the edge of the portal she could find.

"Dumb luck don't fail me now!"

>You're going to drain the backup.

"Not my problem!"

>I know, but it's the only way someone other than a powerful Unicorn could manage this.

"Again! Not! Problem!"


Silently, he moved up to her, and gently pushed her aside.

Three seconds later, the portal opened.

"HEY! I thought you said you didn't... where are you going?"

He didn't answer her, already heading towards the door.

"Bluey! Come on, buddy! You can't go out there! You'll just... listen, I've got plans for something like this, okay? I've got ways to-"

>Abandon everyone.

"Okay, fine, it isn't pretty, but it's about survival, you know? I don't think we stand much of a chance against those things!"

>Probably not, no. Especially not me. I'm... not much of a fighter.

"Then what do you think you're doing!?"

>Making up for the harm I caused this city... in the only way I can.

He turned back to her, tears on the edge of his eyes.

>I know I'm going to die if those things get in, but I don't care. I'd... I'd rather die than run away from them. They gave me a chance I did not deserve. I will not... I will NOT waste it. I may throw it away... but I will not waste it.

She reached out, almost desperately.

"Bluey come on!"

>I'll tell Haymaker you're safe.

"This is stupid! We can make it out!"

>I hope you live a long, happy life, PJ. I really do. You've been a good friend, and I want you to be happy. Good luck.

"Blueblood you come right through this portal with me right now or-"

He shut the door on her.

He actually shut the door on her...

"Ahhh... ah fuuuucck... Fuck no. Come on... FUCK!"

Angrily, she turned back to the portal.

"Not fucking dying by zombies. No fucking way. Nope. Not happening. No zombies for me. Fuck this, fuck that, and fuck all of them. Can all just go... go fuck a tree... I'm gonna survive. That's what she said, survive. Above all else, gotta survive... fuck all of this... I'm..."

And yet... she did not move through.

Not just yet.

"I'm gonna live."
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aw jeez

What are you gonna do, PJ?

Before the doors of the Gun Club, the changeling sat, his stance speaking of a thousand conflicting thoughts in his head, all centered around a singular drastically important choice.

>Okay, have to play this juuuust right, otherwise I can kiss my cranium goodbye. Which if dragon boy gibs me will be easier than you'd think. 'Hi, I'm here because a voice in my head says I should be'...nope, not gonna work, 'Hi, I'm here to help, I don't want to but I will'...noooope, hmm-


>Ha! Okay, telling 77 I'm his father would buy me some time at least, we're taking that one into consideration. Well guess I should stop pussy-footing around...

His hoof went to the door handle...and jiggled it.



>Oh they don't lock the dungeon but they lock the door to their club house!? What are they afraid 56 is going to get into the hoverbikes...actually yeah that's probably exactly the reason but now how am I supposed to get in here?

The changeling's eyes darted to and fro, trying to find a possible alternative means of getting into the locked room.




>Above, what could possibly be abo-

The changeling's question died as he spotted what the golem was talking about. He grinned.

>Hello air vent my old friend~
Any word on what Vekir or Maneiac are up to?
Maney is still in the Empire, along with 2(who is at school). Vekir was in a non-canon story, but other than that, no.
>I have art to upload
I don't get it, are you trying to pretend to be me or...

Anyways, taking requests after I do >>20643852

>pic unrelated
He's uploading them to the wiki
>I don't get it, are you trying to pretend to be me or...

How on earth did you get that?

Upload to the wiki page, you're on display here>>20644259. Anything made for the thread I toss in there(unless I miss it and then feel terrible that I did because I can't check everyday.)
Did Cadence's healy shield bubble doo hickey cover all of Canterlot? If so, what did it actually do to the cordecyps freaks? Did it BTFO them like back in the show or what?

cos I don't know what it would have done to Applejack
Bubble went out over Canterlot, covered entire city, it's an anti-sickness bubble so it physically hurts the cordies when they try to touch it in addition to repelling them, and no, it just shot up onto the air and then formed down like a standard shield, no knockbacks and AJ was unaffected. In fact, you can see her watch it happen here>>20605757

That said, the Cordies are trying to break their way in, and the only thing stopping a constant barrage is the fact it injures them when they touch it.
>Did it BTFO them like back in the show or what?

They hadn't made it to the city yet, she literally stopped them just in time. Well, Chrysalis stopped them.
Get her ass out of there, apparently.
I dunno. She's always said 'survive', right there she specifically said she's going to 'live'.

Life, indeed living, is about more than survival, it's more than just breathing and sleeping for another day, and I think she knows that.

It would have been a sad sight, had anyone been around to see it. A lone yellow pony, sitting just at the very edge of Canterlot, mere feet from the hordes that stalked along the shield, her shoulders slumped and her hair cast down over her face.

>Where is he...

She had been sitting there since this all began, since the instant that shield had dropped, and she had not moved.

Nor had she stopped calling.

Her horn flickered ever so slightly now and again. He should have been able to hear this. He should have...


The pink blur that crashed into her almost bowled her over, almost. But thankfully, her pink friend can apparently stop on a dime.

"OH THANK GOODNESS THANK GOODNESS THANK GOOODDDNESSSSS!... I was worried you were outside and then I was going to find you all infected and I was going to have a moment where I was like "FLUTTERSHY NO!" and then Dash was going to have to grab me and go "She's not our friend anymore!" cause she seems like the one to most likely do that and then I was going to have to shoot you and your head was going to explode and-"


You'd think Pinkie would take this moment to breath.

You'd be wrong.

"DASH! Oh thank goodness! I was like "Wait if Fluttershy's okay then that means DASH is the one that got infected" so that meant I was going to have to shoot YOU in the head screaming "She's not Dash anymore!" cause that clichè never gets old and then-"

The blue pegasus just rolled her eyes, ignoring the ranting coming from the pink earth pony, and instead focused on the crushed shape of what was once a yellow former-pegasus.

'You okay?'

From the way her face all but caved in, no, no she was not.

>He promised he'd come and fix it if something like this happened again... he said, he wouldn't let this happen. He could just... just snap it all away, just fix it all with a flick of his fingers, but he's ignoring me, and he won't talk to me, and he won't help, and... and...

Her head dipped down once more.

>I just wanted this one to be easy. Just once, just once I want someone else to swoop in before it got too bad and fix it all, not a single problem to it. He has so much power... it's not fair...

"B-but, Fluttershy? Don't you have-"

Dash's harsh glare cut that off better than her words ever could.

>I just wish it was easy, just once. Just once he just comes in, snap, and it all goes away and we go back to normal.

'...What even is normal anymore?'

They both turned to her, surprised at the strange tone in her voice.

'What would we go back to doing? Me fixing a failing Wonderbolt organization? Pinkie trying to figure out how to turn her reputation around after what happened? You trying not to summon giant bunnies to consume us all? What even is normal...'

Pointedly, she gestured at the monsters.

'This? This is normal. Stuff goes wrong, we fix it. It's never easy, it's never safe, but we fix it. Every time, we find a way. No matter what. And we don't need some magic supergod to come in and do it for us. We can do it, Fluttershy, us. And if Discord wants to ignore you... fine. We can deal with that too. We can deal with anything. Okay? Necklaces or no, we're the Elements of Harmony, and we save the day. You aren't going to save anybody waiting for him. But you are going to save the day... with us.'

She didn't know if she agreed with those words, at least not all of them.

One thing Fluttershy did know, however, was that she was right on one thing. She wasn't saving anybody over here.

>Do you have a plan?




"...Well, it kind of is."

'You ready to go?'

She gave one last little flicker. One last call. One last moment waiting.

>I'm ready.

And she thought about it no more.

Somewhere, in space, a certain someone did not know whether to feel pride for his little Fluttershy's courage.

...Or despair that once more, for all his powers, he was useless.
Poor Discord. ;_;

Also, Fluttershy is gonna fucking freak once she realizes why Chaos ain't gonna do shit.

It hurt

Make it stop

The pink hurts

Make it stop




Make it stop


Two eyes shot open, four pairs of legs scuttled back in panic, a mouth closed from it's choked screaming.

The spiderling was cowering back in a corner, staring trepidatiously at the Apple Princess

"Please stop screaming Miss Applejack, they never stop screaming, Mama never s-stopped screaming...unti-...she.."


Don't let her panic

Not now


The strained voice cut through the spiderlings panic like a hammer through glass; loudly

>Listen...listen to me girl

"I-i-i am, please tell me you're okay?"

Don't lie, job to do, organise.

>No- don't CRY on me, girl!

Arana whimpered at the shout, but stayed her tears.

>Listen...ah...ah dunno how long ah can hold this...thing-

She looked down to see the "thing" was spasming and frothing where it rested, the residual effects of what that Pink thing had angered it, and in turn hurt her...

> -back, so ah...no...Twilight has gotta stop it.

"Bu-bu-but mama never-


A spasm of pain shot through her, just as the yell crumpled Arana into an even tighter ball. The voices were returning, with a vengeance


"She couldn't, she couldn't, she couldn't..."

>Arana, listen to me!

Her woeful reverie broken, Applejack pressed onwards.

>Ah need you... ah'm counting on you fer this, alright?


>Find Twilight, she's..the gal's probably in her lab... you know how t' get there.

"I think I kno-"

>Ya don't think, girl, you KNOW how to get there, got it?

She whimpered something to the affirmative.

"But they're...what if they-"

>Can ya hear them?

She could, outside the castle, still wailing, and Applejack heard it inside of her-


>Yer a smart girl, iffin y'see one, you know how t' avoid it, scuttle all over th' walls, stay out of their reach...hide from 'em, you can do it.

"Okay...Okay I'll...I'll go, but I'm scared"

>Ah'm scared too, ah'm....ah've never been more scared in mah life...but you gotta do this...please

She couldn't let her see her crying, she had to send her off with confidence

>Now, when ya get there, you tell Twi'...

"...Tell Twilight what?"

Breathe, compose yourself, do it for her.

>Tell her...tell her ah've been infected an'...an' ah need help...an' ah'm barricaded in mah office iffin she...needs me.

"What if she isn't there?"

>She will be, where else could she be, girl? Ah promise you she'll be there.

The spiderling nodded furiosuly, assuring herself. Or at least trying to.

>An' tell Twi' that....ah need something t-....to talk to...everypony else.... so ah can help them an....

Horseshit, she couldn't have something like that avaliable, everypony else could've fallen to this, save maybe Celestia.

No point not trying though.

>..ya got all that?

"U-uh huh, I'll tell her, I will, then should I come bac-"

>No! No.... just stay as close to Twilight as you can until she says it's safe, promise me you will.

"I promise! I promise!

>Okay...okay then...

She slumped to the barricade of the door, and gingerly used what strength she had left to eek out an opening. The pink light had vanished. Leaving an evening glow to peak into the room.

The spiderling scuttled hesistantly to the door, giving one last look at Applejack

>Go on, ah believe in ya...you can do it...

Arana jerked forward a little, before stopping herself, turning her head away as tears filled her eyes, she burst out the door.

She had instinctively gone for a hug, but older, more wiser instincts had stopped the fragile Arana.

The door slammed shut with a resounding bang. And Applejack slumped to the floor, watching the growth writhe and inch it's way across her belly.


2/3 lel i got it wrong

Teeth clamped, eyes strained, mind span as Applejack willed the thing into brief submission, /something/ long untouched awakening to fuel her amateur magicks. After brief pain, the fungus rescinded to it's starting point.

>Don't jes' sit there. Job t' do

Looking around, she still easily found her quill and parchment.

>Gotta do something, warnings, orders of...containment....triage....won't let this...win...

She had fought so hard through legions of paperwork to fix Equestria

She wasn't going to let some Nightmare Night mushroom undo all she had.

She'd paperwork her way out of it.

That's what she always did, right?

It'd worked so well before.

Only way she knows how, isn't it? How two bit of her

Just keep working, everything will be fine, one day, if she just kept working

Applejack began to write.




It was experiencing a new sensation, it seemed.

She had known this thing within her for so long, she thought she almost understood it. She thought for a brief moment, she could predict it in it's simplicity. But it seemed that was wrong. It still yet, even after all of it's prying into her deepest thoughts, had more yet it did not understand.

Something was fighting.

It made no sense to the thing within her, she could tell. It worked by infecting the very cells of the body, transforming what was once the host's own body into it's own personal puppet.

But something, somehow, was stopping it's S͡͏p̕r͠͡e̶a͏̛d̡.

It had no idea what to do in this case, she realized. Never did she pause to wonder why she, in particular, was privy to this sensation. None other of its hosts reacted. None other of those it thought of as its limbs were moved.

In fact... none of them were thinking like she was, were they? None of them were granted this ability, to contemplate, to question.

Not that she did, of course. She had given up on this so long ago, the idea of fighting was but a memory.

Fighting, like whatever it was that brought that strange sensation to her dear parasite. The sensation of almost... confusion.

It searched her again, for answers. Sadly, this time, she had none to give. She didn't know how to fight back any better than-



It seemed it had, at last, moved on to another for more answers.

She was still quite a ways out from Canterlot, but idly she wondered when she got there, just what she would find.

It didn't matter, she supposed.

It would let her see it all...
Somethings gonna give...

And it might not be what we think.
Oh shit it occurs to me, Twi and Chryssy are taking an in depth look at the thing in the lab...but it's looking at them too.

You just know FS is going to blame herself for this one when she finds out why Discord couldn't just instafix everything.
File: IMG_3634.jpg (1MB, 2754x1534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2754x1534px
I changed it a little.

Taking requests. Make it a good one, I'm gonna color it with Gimp
Spike with a revolver.
Ooh, can an archive anon link him to that description of Variolus' entrance from a while back? That'd be badass to see him do.
Beaten to the punch again!

But I do kind of want to see that a lot...
Just making sure, this scene is thread related?

>Variolus' entrance
I am intrigued

>fruit punch
>random memory of me drinking spiked fruit punch at a party and hooking up with an ugly girl
>Just making sure, this scene is thread related?



Here you are!
Alrighty then. One submissive dragon with a firearm coming up.

One of these days I'm just going to draw 55 myself...
File: IMG_6706.jpg (1MB, 1604x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1604x2048px
a VERY rough sketch. Now time for Gimp.
>gimp not responding
Well, fuck.

That's a bad sign.

No offense but why take requests if you're going to draw them wrong?

This isn't the drawthread where we just want vague scenarios drawn, these are all specific characters here. Who the fuck is Randolph? Why did you add him when nobody asked you to? We wanted a pic of Diamond Tiara and her rocket launcher, not whatever that is.
>who the fuck is randolph
Who is the butler from season 4? DYEWTS
>not whatever that is
Well no offense friend, but all I was told was "dt and a rocket launcher" so if you want to get on my case about an exact scenario, then how about make sure I get an exact request.

You don't need to be an asshole to the people who are contributing OW to the thread.

Not being an asshole, just making some commentary.

It seems like you're barely trying.

>so if you want to get on my case about an exact scenario, then how about make sure I get an exact request.

Like the scene with the life sized doll? And you drew a lyra plushie for some reason? That one was pretty specific, but you still did whatever you felt like.

>whatever I felt like
Alright sorry.

I'll just be going then. Doesn't even seem like I'm wanted here

If anyone else wants to finish up that spike one then go for it.
You're on the internet man, get some thicker skin.

It's one anon being a bit mean and you're just going to pack up and go?
>I'll just be going then

Way to go man.
>welcome to "How To Scare Off The Drawers" starring Asshole #1 and Asshole #2
>get some thicker skin
Yah because we're on 4chan because of our confidence amirite or amirite


>get some thicker skin

There was more to it. The rest had undertones of "A lot of people like you, don't let one anon get you down"

So I'll just say it.


A lot of people like you, don't let one anon get you down.
No, you know what? I've been doing nothing but lurking all thread, but I have to chime in with this.

What the fuck, really? Are you guys seriously begging for that guy to come back? Come on, look at this. >>20613225 You see this? This is a picture that makes NO SENSE because you can't see anything but a blurry nothing where the doll should be, and it doesn't even look like a doll. It completely ruined the joke, so what's even the point? Why make it? To have fun? Good! Great even! That's why you should do it. This thread is something fun, right?

But if someone pointing out when you do something lackluster makes you want to run off, then I say let them run. Don't degrade yourselves for that, come on. Have a little pride. I saw you guys point out what was wrong with that one story last thread and improve, you can do better. Don't beg for art like that.

You're better than that.
>ive been doing nothing but lurking
>same writing styles as >>20650112
Yah sure. spend more time on 4chan before attempting to samefag

Good point. We give criticism to stories all the time when folks see areas to improve on, and that works just fine most of the time.

If he doesn't want to improve, that's on him.

The counter went up when he posted, I noticed.
File: Screen Shot.png (154KB, 1415x637px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Screen Shot.png
154KB, 1415x637px
Come on.
You're all autistic, that isn't me, some anon just wrote in my name to start drama and you all fell for it.

Using a trip code now. Should be something along the lines of !czh or something like that

I read the posts about me giving lackluster effort, and that's fine, I can take some criticism, but also, I haven't been in the thread long enough to understand the entire scenario that is going on, so I just put my own spin on it. It doesn't mean I'm not even trying, it just means that no one told me whats going on.

Side note:
You do sound like the same person
I'm not so firm to assume that's perfectly, true, I know how to shop out the (you), and pretty much everyone on 4chan can too.

Update: for some reason, gimp isn't working no matter how many times I reownload it, so I need a new draw program, anyone no a good one similar to gimp?

I'm not leaving. Don't take the bullshit bait
>competely ruined the joke
>picture that makes NO SENSE
You may be overreacting.
Cool and cool, sorry for falling for the bait.

And I'm not nearly good enough to catch both "Yous" in four minutes. That's giving me too much editing credit.

Also, until >>20650390 pointed it out, I did not even think of it, but yeah, I haven't posted in the thread yet, so the counter should have gone up.

Anyone else verify that? I wasn't paying attention to it.

Though from your reasonable tone, I'm guessing this also wasn't you?>>20613758

That guys' a dick.
>this also wasn't you?
Nope that was definitely me. I was on that loud. Sorry...
>not nearly good enough to catch both "Yous" in four minutes
Step your photoshop game up brah hue

Of course I won't leave because some guy thought I gave a "lackluster" effort, that I wasn't even trying, or saying that the whole point of the picture was ruined. I mean Jesus Christ, i've seen people worried about their headcanons from the show but that dude is a little over the top in my opinion...

I'm just saying, joke is that Cadence is having a 'who do I shoot' moment, right? Well, I mean, assume you're a new person who just saw that pic up there, would you get the humor of the situation? You would have to read that it was a lyra plushie at all, and even then why does she think a lyra plushie is SA? The jokes flat because you're asking questions instead of laughing, and the answers aren't really funny.

Original scenario got it right, it's a Shining Armor doll so you instantly know why she's getting them mixed up, and are just laughing at her being dumb. You don't even have to read the thread to get the joke there. Cadence can't tell the difference between a fake Shiny and a real Shiny.

If it came off a little strong, okay, but that was more in defense of other guy making criticisms than any strong feelings about it. It was clearly done for fun, which as I've said is how it should be, because this is for fun.
>this is for fun
You're contemplating the minute differences of a drawing and >implying nobody got the joke.
There's like two or three replies thanking ashtno or saying something nice.

Never assume hivemind.
Odds are 3 to 1 it really was him getting buttmad but now he regrets it, putting on a trip as damage control
>the jokes flat
But I liked it

what this anon said

>getting buttmad
Just like what this anon >>20650515 said. The tone is totally different. Plus I don't get the point of claiming to leave and then coming back on an anonymous imageboard
Fuck off. Guys, don't believe the bait. I never used a trip, that's not me.
File: IMG_6707.jpg (1MB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1536x2048px
>pic related
If I was really that upset, why would I risk ridicule again if i were to be leaving and coming back for some unnecessary reason
Enough guys. Let's calm down with this drawfag "not giving effort" bullshit, and let's get back to the point of this thread.

Princess Applejack
So can I get back to story stuff now? Got story stuff.
I'mma do it anyway.


The dragon walking down the hall had purpose, that much was clear. What kind of purpose, however, was one that he knew wasn't going to go over well with everybody. All the same, he knew he had to do it.


No matter how final that tone in the elder changelings voice was.

>You can't stop me, 77.

"You put that back right now."

He idly rubbed the large box in his claws, unmoved by the harshness.

>I just said you can't stop me.

"The hell I can't!"

His bone knife was already out, poised and ready.

>Come on, best case scenario, you fail to reach me in time.

"And just what is stopping me?"

In response, a black shape fell between the pair, a sickly green wad of goo sharpened into a crude 'knife' glistening in it's hooves.

'I'll hold you off.'


'Seventy seven. Nice to see you again. Honestly, was hoping Spike was wrong and you'd see the bigger picture on this, I've been dying to work with you again.'

"You can't stop me."

'Actually? I can, but I wouldn't, because that would mean hurting you, and boy do I not want to do that right now. We need to be fighting fresh if we're going to work as a team.'

"If we are, then you being here means a lack of vacancy that needs to be filled, correct? Then there is no need to-"

'Actually, I'm standing in for the Commander. She's busy keeping the princess safe, which means her secondary duty become null. We're still one shy.'

His look grew dangerous.

"She is injured."

>They'll try to kill her all the same.

"Those are infected ponies."

>She'll understand.

"She could die."

>Yeah, which is why I'm arming her.

He ripped the paper off the box, revealing a shining, almost glowing rocket launcher underneath.

>It's not tabladoo, but it'll work.

'...Is that seriously it's name?'

>She says it funny.


He roared, angrily stomping forward, forcing the infiltrator bug to snap into a defensive stance.

'Don't wear us out before the real fight.'

"I don't care! I am not losing another one of my friends because-"

>Too late.

The dragon sounded disappointed, saddened really, as he opened the door.

The door to the quite empty, mostly barren, hospital room. Nothing but a bunch of wrecked machines and torn blankets.

77 shoved the dragon aside, frantic.

"Where did she go!?"

>I told you...

His claws gripped so tightly it left scratch marks all along the paint of the gun.

>You can't stop her.

A wave of sadness hit 77 when he realized just how right the dragon was.

>You still with us?

There was a long silence that followed, broken only by the loud, defeated sigh that punctuated its end.

"Of course I am. I will defend my hive, my home, and all of my friends. If I can stop it, I will not lose one more."


Flippantly, the dragon tossed the rocket launcher to the other changeling.

>You any good with rockets?

'My skills are subterfuge and hand to hand combat.'

>Well, we've got subterfuge right here, and we're all great at hand to hand, so you better start pulling your weight.

'...Fair enough.'

>If it makes you feel any better, when we find her, you can hand it off-

A rocket suddenly went off, blowing apart one of the walls.


'...Hair trigger, I swear.'

>Right... well-

He spun Charity's barrel, almost feral as he cocked back the hammer.

>It's time to defend Equest-


>...H-hair trigger...

So, do you think Spike already put together what 007 being with him means, and is just playing along?
Duh, story stuff>drama.
"Random changelings"

With a SLAM! the doors of the ballroom flung open, and an imposing, powerful figure trotted forth.

>Alright, all of you! Listen up, because... what the fuck!?

She was stunned, barely able to process what she was seeing before her eyes, barely able to comprehend the nature of just what had become of this room, nothing but a wide gape to match her wider eyes.

>...When did you guys get so much stuff!? That's... that's a lot of stuff! That's more stuff than I ever got! What the fuck!? This is bullshit... there's a pool table over there! I fucking love pool! Where was this shit when I was living here!? What, did she just wait for me to go and decide 'well, now everyone just gets a whole fuckload of stuff!' I've been robbed! Swindled! Bamboozled even! This is bullshit this stuff looks nice!

While she ranted, the changelings continued doing what they had been doing before she even entered the room.

Which was, of course, panic.

And the saddest part was? They didn't look any different than normal. The only exception was exactly what they were screaming.


That, for example, was only slightly uncommon.

>Will you all calm down!

As one, they turned to her.


"WE'RE SAVED! We can all get supercharged, become invincible, and just run like he-"

>Oh, damn it.

"...D-damn whaaaa-"

In a flash of green fire, the mare before them all changed.



"...Who the fuck?"


"Nooot... ringing a bell..."

>I haven't been gone that long!


>Have I?... No! I was here last, oh, wait, Zompony thing... huh.

"Did you dunk your Applejack wig in candy for some reason?"

>Oh, fuck... 18! Top infiltrator!

"That's Seventy Seven."

>What!? No it isn't! I'm way better at infiltrating than he is!

"You can't even convince us you're you."


>That's not what... you know what, doesn't matter! The Queen has given me very, very specific instructions, and if 42 wasn't currently joined to Cadence's hip she'd be giving them to you instead of me, but I'm literally the only one left, so shut up, sit down, and listen!

Reluctantly, they all did.

>Good! Now.. what you're all going to do issss...

She fumbled with the sheet of paper in her hooves, trying to unwrap it.

"You didn't even look at it before coming in-"


"Yes ma'am."

>Your orders are... do not engage the monsters, since they spread via contact, and once you get infected you're fucked. Stay in this room!?

The room went silent, confused by the tone of her last sentence.


>What kind of bullshit is that!? We can fly and shoot lasers, and she just wants you all to hang tight!? See, this shit is why Applejack's on her case all the damn time! Noooo, let's not defend Canterlot or anything! Let's just sit and hide in the damn room and never even ask if-

[Would the guards let them fight if they asked?]

18's head, along with every other head in the room, turned to the distinctly not-changeling sounding voice.

>...Stop it with the disguise.


>Your disguise, turn it off.

[I uh, I'm not wearing a disguise.]


[You are very sweary today.]

>The fuck you know what I'm like.

[You never swore this much when you went to the princess meetings. I mean, aside from that one time you walked through the walls.]



>Why the fuck is a guard living here?!

[I'm not a guard anymore. And JJ asked Queen Chrysalis and she said I could.]



Wearily, she looked down to the paper. Then back up. Then down again. Back up. Down one more time, then finally settled on up.

>Oh, you're the guy I'm not supposed to kick out.


{What, he got, like, a special mention?}


She didn't answer him, just continuing on.

>Well, I mean, you were a guard, would they fight together?

[Hell no. Unless you mean 'use as meatshields.' Er, chitin shields. Sorry.]

{We still have meat in us.}

[Trying to be culturally sensitive here.]

>...Waaaaait a minute! I recognize you!


[Glad you stopped dancing. But you had great moves.]

>HAH! You are the guy who... Cadence can never know.


>NOTHING! Just... fine! Stay in here, apparently it's the Queen's orders.

"Even if the monsters attack?"

She looked down at the paper.

>Yes. It also says I'm supposed to stay here...

She scoffed, tossing the paper aside.

>Fuck that. Stay inside, apparently! Don't do anything too heroic!

"We won't."

"Noooo worries there."

How she managed to face-hoof and keep walking, they would never know.

As one, they all strangely turned to Actarius.


"Got any advice?"

[...Barricade the door?]



"Should we party?"

They all paused, waiting.

[No, you should not do that, at least not till later.]

"FUCK! Come on! Let's get back to barricading."

They grumbled, but did so.

[...Why me?]

{In the land of the blind, the one eyed changeling is Queen.}

[That expression does not fit me at all for just... so many reasons. Somehow, chief of which is it is implying I'm in any way capable. Which I'm not. I'm dumb as hell.]

{Meh. 18's the smartest changeling I know, and she just walked off. Sometimes brains don't mean more than just being there.}

[Now, see, that one I understood.]

{Got a plan B? In case things go south?}

[...I can start making one right now.]

{H-hah. We're all gonna die.}


{[""""NOT! NOW!"""]}

If he did, he's probably thinking it's a trap for him to be eliminated or something along the way. Which means he might either turn on 007 at some point, or try to turn him over to his side just to take a piece off Chrysalis's board.
>You're the guy I'm not supposed to kick out

Huh. On the one hand, she might just be showing a very rare moment of kindness, on the other, she's in full chessmaster mode. This could mean a lot of things.
>let's get back to the point of this thread.
>Princess Applejack
Shit that made me smile for some reason...while I toll away here at work...
This plan is needlessly convoluted, if it's a plan at all.

>32 intentionally let loose with reggie and Q
>007 watching Spike, not Cadence
>Specifically using a guard for the cordy testing
>Shiny is back to being Captain of the Guard
>She's monitoring everything with camera
>Locked the door to Twilight's lab personally

It just gets more confusing every time...
I don't know about confusing, I'm more along the lines of 'okay, I know Chrysalis ain't exactly a fool but since when was she a bonified Shikamaru, planning out fifty moved ahead...?'
>'okay, I know Chrysalis ain't exactly a fool but since when was she a bonified Shikamaru, planning out fifty moved ahead...?'

The robot invasion, actually.

Planned out how to get to the heart, how to get rid of Cadence, how to prevent Shiny from stopping her, how to protect that whole group and exactly what to do when she spotted 18 as well.

Then she also planned out Chitania's fight, picking a spot far enough away she could tempt her and speak to her with no secrets revealed, a place she would hold the constant edge in the fight, a place that would render Chitania's power useless, and she was already rambling off how to get Chitania off the hook and into her 'custody' while she was taking over her mind.

She's a hell of a schemer, she just fucks up at the end.
...I'm sorry, just the brief hint in my mind that Reggie the Cockroach is as vital to a super secret plot to Shining Armor made me laugh like a dumbass.
If anything, she's overthinking this.

It's zombies.

It's fucking Zombies.

It's not some evil mastermind manipulating events like some kind of weird plant Xanatos, it's fucking zombies. It literally is just like "If spread /=true-then-(do something different)"

It's fucking zombies!

>So why was I let out then?





"I don't fucking know, I think there was a point where I was just like 'What's another variable I could put in my favor? Oh that, gonna do that!' and then I did it."



>Meh, better than most of my ideas.

>Is... is that... is that Harshwhinny in a scuba suit?

"I got really in the zone, man."

>What are the elephants with bombs on them for?

"The wha- OH FUCK

>Okay, left here, right there, aaaand...a grate! That's great!


>Hey, I'm half-out of it on the sudden love withdrawls and augmentations, ok? They can't all be zingers!


>It's gotta be the right grate, I felt my body start to wither when I tried to go past it.


>Yes I have entertained the idea that the voice is just a prissy bitch, but then it sucked more food stuffs out of me so I stopped questioning her.


>You bet your ass it's a good thing Chrysalis doesn't know that's a good way to control me.


>Oh bite me, now, let's see...just need to apply the correct amount of pressure to the grate and I'm in...nngh...nnnnnngh...here...no no no....heeeeere...damn it.


>No no, I got it. Hmm...you know it occurs to me, I should try and land right into one of the seats around the meeting table, then when they come it I can recline in it like a Con Mane villain.


>Well you tend to go a little warped in the head when you've been stuck in a dungeon cell for MONTHS. Now...just...gotta...puuuush...aha-aaaaaaahhhhhh!


The changeling groans, having faceplanted onto the meeting table, crumpled end over end, wing twitching.




Aaaahh, he went that route. I assumed the air vent wasn't going to be pony sized, so he'd chuck Q in there and she would traverse the duct and unlock it from the inside.

She is the best at plans, after all.
Meh, if 77 could fit in there a million threads ago, 32 could, I imagine warriors and bulkier than infiltrators. Fun fact, an early draft had 32 fighting 41 on the way and using Reggie and Q as projectiles ala his dream fight against the Gun Club.

I miss writing dirty-fighting, comically underhanded 32, that dream arc was fun.
Not the one you replied to but I miss writing a whole bunch of stuff back in the day.

...Welp, no sense in reminiscing. Just gotta wait for Cordies to pass.
Good night thread
This is Pommel anon.

Thread 50.

It ends.
non-canon unless referenced. I was merely inspired by pic related.

Bullets and screams can be heard everywhere around this outpost.
A panicked guard wearing a battle saddle fires aimlessly at 2 infected before running out of ammo.
>Shit shit shit!
A magic missile is fired and sends one infected flying. The guard opens his eyes wide.
Another magical shot is fired and sends the other infected flying. The first guard looks behind him and sees a unicorn guard sitting and silently rocking back and forth. He runs up to him.
>Who's in charge here?
He gives no answer.
>...Where's the air support?
He points to the pegasi flying overheard.

"I wonder if it's this chaotic everywhere."

'This has gotten fucked up beyond all recognition.'

"It's only going to get worse. We all have our duties to perform."

[That outpost is going to be overrun in a few minutes. Should we help them?]

"......We need to get to Canterlot, tell the princesses that Cloudsdale has fallen, and protect them at all cost...that is all."
Lightening Dust grits her teeth and avoids looking down.
The guard on the ground stares off at the Wonderbolts flying away as his position is eventually gets surrounded by all sides.
Finally... It comes.
Man why do we have to have Princess Applejack? Why can't we have a Dictator Applejack?

We could call the threads:

>Apple Juche
Why not a Chaps Applejack...? Still haven't touched back on that, ha. I'll just store that away for later...


'I do, but we must hurry faster before they infect us with this grime! If we do not rush, I will not have enough time!'

"Time for what!?"

'You'll see, now flee!'

>I'm running out of lasers!

'WE WILL... uh...'






'...We have gone very far. I uh... I do not know where we are.'



'Well I'm sorry, I did not know I would face attack! I didn't mark every tree that lead to my shack!'

>We're going to you shack?



"How do you-"

>It turns out, children are useful for many a thing!

"...AWESOME! We need to exploit this more!"

>Later! For now, let us flee!... This plan had better work.

'For all our sakes, all I can do is pray. If we fail... we will not see another day...'