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You wake up and see this. Wat do?

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You wake up and see this.

Wat do?
continue to enjoy my mental fallacy.
wake up again
Put my hand in her hair and give her a kiss. Then I would ask who the fuck they were
Wake up again. then fall into the river filled with water in my speeding car to wake up one last time Cry myself back to sleep.
Wake up and put a lead pill in my head so i can be there forever
>look her in the eyes
>lean in close to whisper in her ear
"if you shit on the carpet, I'll end you"
Wonder how exactly I died, because this is either a death hallucination, or the after life.
Cum in my pants.
I would tell her good morning and ask how she slept.

I would cuddle with her gently while whispering kind things in her ear.

pop another molly and make breakfast for her while blasting jams
Rina-Chan, what are you doing in my house?
>not sleeping nude
Kill yourself.
"tulpa" when did you decide to look like vinyl scratch?
I...I love you.
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Fuck her.
Fuck her right in the pussy.
>not magenta
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>I...I love you

That's what I'd say too..
Bump for sexy dj
Dick bump
"Hey sweetie, how was work?"
>"Ran long again, Pinkie really knows how to party."
"Hahaha, I bet."
>You lean in and lock lips with her as she gently rests a hoof on your chest. Holding it for a few seconds, you break away as she adjusts herself and brings the blanket over her before yawning widely. Smacking her lips, she blinks her tired eyes.
>"Night honey."
"Morning sweetie."
>She curls up next to you as you wrap an arm around her and stare up at the ceiling. As she drifts to sleep, small beams of light shine through the cracks in the blinds as a rooster caws in the distance.
>Today was another morning/night with your nocturnal pony wife.
Vinyl is best waifu.
Search furiously for genetalia
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vinyl rave.jpg
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> not being nocturnal with her
> can't call you a pleb because of your amazing taste in pone
> you should really consider being nocturnal with her. It'd be fun
> just sayin.jpg
Nah, I think a mare like Vinyl would prefer her to guy to be more grounded than another dudebro who parties all night.

Ask what happened to her eyes and why are they the wrong color?

Lol gay
"Blood on my knife or shit on my dick"
Mornin' Sweet-pea. *boop*
Give her all my wub.
please sir, may I have another?
i want to know what these pone might feel like fur wise.
im imagining soft, not course...the well groomed might even be softer..mane is probably smooth but tangled slightly...hooves are solid of course. and the fat ratio, thats hard to calculate.
>albino dubpone
nope the fuck off of bed
The clay house of Hades is what what you presume it, my friend.
Roll over and tell my girlfriend that I won't abide animals on the bed.

Ya'll motherfuckers want a greentext? Here, have a greentext. No clop. Just cuddles.

>You are Anon.
>And you are experiencing yet another sleepless night.
>A lumpy mattress, a sour mood, and a horrible level of humidity have left you unable to drift off.
>Currently you're lying on your left side, just trying to will your body into unconsciousness.
>It's not working.
>Well, if you're going to just lie here, you might as well begin fantasizing.
>Maybe that will help you get to sleep.
>You know what would be a nice thing to be doing right now?
>Cuddling up to someone.
>Just feeling their body pressed against yours...
>The slow rise and fall of their chest...
>Their heartbeat falling into sync with yours...
>You wouldn't even mind the extra heat, if you were to be honest.
>Covers were pointless in this weather, anyway.
>Christ, that would be perfect.
>Too bad it isn't going to happen.
>With that thought, you know that sleep isn't going to come to you in this bed.
>Maybe a little stargazing would do the trick?
>It always did help you relax.
>There's a nice spot out on the porch where you could see a good part of the sky.
>You could sit there for hours, watching the galaxy fly by.
>Just the thought of it makes you feel at peace.
>You open your eyes in preparation for leaving the bed, only to find a matching pair of piercing red irises staring back at you.
>The shock of finding a stranger in your bed leaves you in panicked silence for a few moments.
>Who was this person?
>How did they get in here?
>Wait... is that a snout?
>It takes you a moment, but you finally notice that something is terribly wrong here.
>Aside from the fact that a stranger is in your bed, of course.
>Initially you had thought this was a person, but upon closer inspection, you know that can't possibly be true.
>Not only are their eyes red, but their ears and nose are vaguely horse-like, something resembling a hoof is laying on top of the duvet, and they have a horn coming out of their forehead.
>Their hair is coloured in lines of neon blue and cyan, and their body is covered in a gleaming white coat of fur.
>This thing is most definitely not human.
>And it also just spontaneously appeared in your bed without you noticing.
>Is it dangerous, you wonder?
>It hasn't attacked yet.
>And those eyes... those are not the eyes of a dangerous creature.
>Those are the eyes of someone who cares about you deeply.
>Those are the eyes of a lover.
>That's... odd.
>You just found this horse-thing staring at you in your bed, and now it's making goo-goo eyes at you?
>It makes you feel...
>You want to say unsettled, but you know that's not right.
>It makes you feel warm.
>Nobody has looked at you like that in a long time.
>As much as you might want to question this moment, you can't bring yourself to do so.
>You just spend the next minute or so staring into this foreign creature's eyes, your smile slowly curving into the same shape as hers.
>This is the best you've felt in forever.
>But moments like this can't last that long.
>Despite your protests, a small-but-persistent voice in the back of your mind can't help but question this beings' existence.
>Who was it?
>What was it?
>How did it get here?
>What did it want with you?
>Other than to make bedroom eyes at you, of course.
>It would be nice to hear that all it wants is that, though.
>Someone you've never met, breaking reality just to make you happy...
>How sweet a gesture would that be?
>Well, time for introductions.
>You summon up all of your courage, all of your intelligence, and all of your charisma, to introduce yourself in the grandest manner imaginable.
"Um... hi?"
>"Hey there."
>To be honest, you're not sure if you expected a response.
>At least, not in english.
>You thought there might be whinnying involved, or something.
>Instead, the peppy tones of a twenty-something raver girl came out at you.
>You are pleasantly suprised.
>"I bet you're wondering why I'm here, right?"
>Wait, weren't you supposed to asking the questions?
>You have to say, though - she has you pegged.
"Uh... yeah. I was, actually."
>You're a smooth motherfucker, you know that Anon?
>/narrator sarcasm
>"Well, it's a bit of a long story... but the gist of it is, I kind of wanted somepony to... well..."
>Her voice gradually becomes quieter as she goes, until it trails off altogether.
>You couldn't actually hear those last words at all.
>Her eyes follow much the same pattern as her voice, slowly losing contact with yours, until they're just staring down at her hooves.
>While this is adorable and all, you'd very much like to hear the end of her sentence.
"You wanted somebody to what?"
>Your question prompts her to squeak out a barely audible sentence.
>"I wanted somepony to hold me..."
File: 1407529718796.png (225KB, 636x731px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Die out of happiness.

No wait..
Cuddle the shit out of her, then die out of happiness.
>That is one hell of a coincidence.
>You think of holding someone, and then this girl-horse-thing just shows up, out of the blue?
>There has to be more to it than she's letting on.
>Do you want to press the issue, though?
>She looks so soft, and so cute...
>But, then again, so does a bear cub.
>And you know that hugging something like that would never end well.
>This is a situation that requires careful thought, and a great amount of tact.
"Why did you come here, then?"
>A glint of panic enters both her eyes and her voice as she answers.
>"B-because I saw you, and you were sad, and you wanted somepony to hold as well, and I... I thought I could be that pony..."
>Wait, she was spying on you?
>Judging by the fact that she could tell you wanted someone to hold, she was reading your mind as well.
>What the fuck is going on here?
>It's time for tact to sit this conversation out.
"Hold on - how did you know that? Have you been spying on me?"
>Shame and panic mix together in the white-coated creature, creating a maelstrom of fear-driven desperation behind her eyes.
>"I- not on purpose! I just... look, I'll tell you the whole story, right from the top. Is that okay?"
>As angry as you are, you elect to hear her out.
>The look of desperation in her features, and the feeling of faint desperation in your heart, are more than enough to override any logical arguments your brain decides to put forth.
>You nod, signalling her to begin telling her story.
>She takes a moment to breathe, in an effort to calm her nerves.
>After about ten seconds of this, she finally begins.
>"Look, I... I'm Vinyl Scratch. I'm a DJ from Canterlot, in Equestria."
>She pauses here, staring off into nothing.
>You assume she's still piecing her speech together.
>It must be a long one.
>"Equestria is a kingdom of ponies, like me. There's actually three kinds of ponies - unicorn, pegasus, earth (I'm a unicorn, by the way) - but that's not really important."
>Oh, so she's a... unicorn pony, apparently?
>You had though unicorns were fictional.
>So much for that.
>"Anyway, as I was saying. I'm a DJ. Now, you might think DJ's get a lot of ass."
>You hadn't actually thought about that before, to be honest.
>"And you'd be right. We do."
>That is a smug-ass smile she's wearing.
>"But there's one thing we don't get. Or at least, I don't."
>Oh boy, here come the feels.
>"I've... I've never had anyone who really cares about me before. I've had plenty of stallions over the years, but never one that really cared about me."
>Well, that's mildly heartbreaking.
>"I haven't had any relationships before. Just a lot of dicks. A lot of sex, too."
>Nice to know this girl has a sense of humour.
>That, and a cute smirk.
>"There was just... there was no love there. No tender moments. No holding each other, no spending time together, no staying up all night talking about dumb bullshit... it made me feel empty. Like nopony cared."
>Okay, that hit close to home.
>You had felt much of the same emptiness this unicorn seemed to be feeling.
>Much of your anger is forgotten, now.
>Now you just feel bad for the girl.
>"I was lonely. So... I decided to get a spell to help me find someone to be close to."
>What, is she using magic now?
>Well, she is a unicorn...
>Whatever. Logic time comes later.
>"It wasn't even that hard. I just walked into the Canterlot library, went into the section for relationship spells, and picked out a book on finding your special somepony. No sweat."
>Special somepony must be their way of saying girlfriend or boyfriend, you guess.
>"I looked through the book for a bit, and found a spell that might work. It was meant to find a stallion that would work in a relationship with me. And, hopefully, somepony who felt the same way I did."
>That explains why she came to you... sort of.
>But how did she get here?
>"The spell didn't quite work as advertised. Yes, it found me somepony who felt the same way I did, but... it didn't work how I expected it to."
>You're on the edge of your seat at this point.
>Even if you are still lying sideways.
>"It... it didn't just let me know about them. It made me feel what they were thinking. What they were feeling. It was... it hurt."
>This poor girl.
>Being forced to experience someone else's emotions without any warning, or protection.
>That wouldn't be fun.
>"But it also helped me find somepony who felt the same way I did. Somepony who felt empty. Who felt unloved. Who couldn't sleep, because they just felt so damn alone."
>Is she talking about you?
>"It helped me find you."
>Yes she is.
>"I just felt this... emptiness inside you. I knew I had to come here. I had to see you. I had to be with you."
>Tick, tock. Tick, Tock. Tick Tock.
>A long figure stands apart from you, staring at you.
>You feel the sweat pour down your face as you mumble something incomprehensible.
>You see the figure turn and start to walk away.
>You try to follow, but your legs wont move.
>"I..I tried to get there" you scream to the retreating figure.

>You awake with a small start, in a cold sweat.
>Your gaze immediately meets that of the red eye'd mare next to you.
>She smiles softly at you, placing a hoof softly on your chest.
"Another bad dream, anon?"
>You nod, shakily asking "What time is it?"
>She smiles again, leans toward you and gives you a gentle peck on the lips.
"Relax, its only 3, we don't have to be to the club until 6 for set up."
>You look past her, seeing the afternoon sun peaking around the curtains.
>And you finally spot your clock, which reads 3:11.
>Finally calming down a bit, you pull the blue haired mare into a hug, kissing her deeply.
>She returns the kiss, her body becoming more relaxed as she feels you relax.
>Your mind wanders to the moments that lead up to this.
First arriving in ponyville.
Explaining your "humaness" to Twilight and the other princess.
That first night at the club.
When you first meet Vinyl.
How you and her turned a shared passion for music into a budding partnership.
Her the artist, you the roadie.
How that job gradually became something more than a paycheck.
You fell in love with her, and she with you.
>You snap back to reality as your wub pony pulls away from you, looking deep into your eyes again and giving you another cute little smile.
"Why do you worry so much anon?"
>You shudder again, the memory washing over you.
>You look away from her.
>"I...I couldn't make it once....when a friend really needed me...I...I don't want that to ever happen again. Especially to you."

>Sensing your distress, she places a hoof on your cheek. Guiding your eyes back to hers.
>With a small sigh, she says "I know you won't."
>With that, she turns over and grabs something from the nightstand.
>She hands you a small box.
>You open it up, and a small note falls out.
>"For the man that always has my time"-Vinyl
>Inside is a small silver watch.
>You look back to her. "T...thank you. I love it."
>You strap the watch to your wrist, seeing a small engraving of her cutie mark on the band.
>She says "I know how you always worry. I thought that might help."
>You can do nothing but smile as she leans in for another kiss, this time deeper.
>After what seems like hours she pulls away.
"Looks like we have some time before the show, want to go get something to eat?"
>"Sure" you reply, "I've always got time for you."
>You can't tell if this is incredibly sweet, or impossibly creepy.
>On the one hand, she just wants to comfort you, and in turn, be comforted.
>On the other hand, she read your mind without your permission, and then immediately decided you'd be her boyfriend.
>This is not a healthy thing to be doing.
>But desperation doesn't make for a healthy mind.
>As you glance at her face, you notice tears brimming in her eyes.
>She's in a bad way.
>"Please. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. I just... I need somepony to hold me. Please."
>Vinyl's voice trembles as she speaks, straining under the weight of her tears.
>She looks so forlorn, so broken.
>Nobody deserves to feel like this.
>You should know.
>You've spent more than one night like this yourself.
>With a light rustle of the bedsheets, you roll onto your back, wrap your arms around the back of the white-and-neon pony, and pull her onto your chest.
"It's alright, Vinyl. I'll hold you."
>She tenses for a moment, before allowing herself to relax into your embrace.
>Her hooves find their way around to your back, as her head nuzzles its way into your shoulder.
>"Thank you."
>The words are almost a whisper, but they speak volumes about what this means to her.
>Your reply carries much the same weight.
"No. Thank you."
>Upon hearing these words, the DJ grips you that much more firmly.
>The feel of her forelimbs wrapped around your torso puts you at ease, your arms having much the same effect on her.
>This is the closest you've been to anyone in... forever.
>It's so soft, and warm, and safe.
>You never want it to end.
>With the calm and completeness you bring each other, both of you quickly sail toward unconsciousness.
>But before you can drift off, you feel Vinyl plant a gentle kiss on your cheek.
>And without giving it even a second thought, you return the favour.
>This girl went through so much trouble just to get to you, simply so she could comfort you in a time of need.
>If that doesn't deserve at least a thank you kiss, you don't know what does.
>With this thought in mind, you and Vinyl both finally fall into the blissful embrace of sleep.

Well, that's the end of that story. I hope you vinylfags enjoyed it. Pastebin can be found here: http://pastebin.com/JBbh9gdd
Those are some good feels
10/10 cute as fuck
>wake up next to worst pony
>make a b-line for the medicine cabinet
>swallow everything
Aw. Thanks Anon's. Nice gets, too.
Is there going to be a continuation of this?
Best wub story.
"This is normally the point where my hangover rears its ugly head."
Call her a beautiful pony and kiss her snout, then go make her breakfast.
File: photo.jpg (8KB, 96x96px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What would I do? Well, I'd start to question reality, then I'd wait to see what happens next. She might say something as I shall now demonstrate:
>'what is going on with my psyche? Am I losing my mind or am I asleep and this but a dream from the deeper recesses of my mind? Yeah that's it, I'm asleep but wait, how can I know what I'm thinking, dreams aren't that real, right?' but while thinking, the "hallucination" decided to speak!?
>"well, good morning sleepy head. What? You look like you've seen a ghost."
>"it talks." You muttered under your breath with rising nervousness showing in your voice.
>"holy shit balls. IT'S REAL!"
That's what I'd do, well somewhat of what I would do I mixed in a lot of story-esqe features and you know what? I'm gonna make a story about this on fanfiction.net so yeah. Goodbye.
Offering spoonings
Be sure to give us the link when it's finished!!!
ask her why her iris is red.

Wub wub wub Vinyl.
>After a good night's sleep, you wake up to a delightful Sunday morning
>Groggily, you reach onto your bedside table to grab the phone and check the time
>9AM, great time to wake up, since the morning is not too cold, and it's not too late. No need to get out of bed just yet, though
>As you get back in bed, you try to find a new, more comfortable position, so you roll on your back, and stretch your arms a bit, when the left one brushes something
>Something warm and slightly squishy, and with very soft...fur?
>Those aren't your blankets
>You turn with a confused look towards the enigmatic object that seemingly shares a bed with you
>And there you see her: Vinyl Scratch. Yes, her. From the show
>She's right here, or so it seems, since you don't know whether to trust your brain right now
>You lay there, processing what appears to be going on
>A pone, a creature that exists only in people's imagination and a number of visual media, has seemingly materialized on your bed, next to you
>The sight before you is stunning: the huge, gorgeous red eyes giving off a slight shine with the morning light, the soft, amiable smile, the cute face, everything is just beautiful
>But it shouldn't be there, and you feel a bit scared
>A thousand thoughts start rushing through your mind all at once, trying to find an explanation, but failing
>You asses the situation in the only way you can think of
>"Hey, good morning"
>She responds in a quiet manner. A soft, friendly tone to her voice somehow brings a feeling of comfort
"What's going on?"
>"I dropped by to visit"
>She's obviously hiding something, and forces you to ask again
"Really, what is going on? Why are you here? What is this?"
>Vinyl's face takes a sad and serious look to it as she notices the fearful undertone in your voice, and with a sigh, she responds
>"Long story short, I wanted to wake up next to someone in a nice way. I've never had the opportunity"

>She speaks with a sad tone, which prompts you to derive from the point and into the heart of the matter
"Why me, though? And how? You're, uh, well, not supposed to, ehh, exist"
>"Pay no mind to that. How I did it is simple, really, I, er, we, can do all sorts of stuff"
>"As to 'why you'...well, let's just say I knew you probably wouldn't mind"
>"But if it bothers you, just say it, and I'll go away, I already did what I wanted. Sorry if I sound like I used you, I didn't mean to"
>She seemed sad, and you couldn't help but feel bad for her now that you knew the situation a bit better
>"And forgive me if I inconvenienced or scared you, all I wanted was to wake up next to someone peacefully and nicely. I'm tired of waking up next to ponies that can't even stand on their hooves. I know it's very selfish of me, but I hope you can understand"
>She's apologetic and miserable, and she seems to regret her decision to show up next to you out of the blue
"It's fine, no need to be sorry, I understand"
>With that said, you slowly scoot closer to her, wrapping your arms around her and giving her a soft hug
>You feel her tense up a little, and then relax and shift a bit, to get closer to you
>"Thank you, so much"
>With a little sigh of relief, and a happy smile, she nuzzles the side of your neck and gently rests her head back on the pillow
>Indeed, no need to get out of bed, not just yet

Sorry that it's shit. I'm not a writefag, and honestly, I wrote it because I had a terrible headache and wanted to distract myself for a while
I am sincere when I say this was absolutely great! A cute, cosy, fell-good story and the language, how it. is written is quite impressive to say the least.

I salute you anon! Thank you for this little experience.



I wish we could get more stories like this about Vinyl and Anon based around feels, and less around the stereotypes of Vinyl being a drugged out whore.
A well written feel-good story as well! Are you sure you aren't a writefag? :)
Speaking of which, does Doctor Anonymous have a new thread for his story?
I see Vinyl as a much more sensible, much more feelsy pone than most everyone I know. Also quite mild-mannered when she isn't all pumped up

Oh, I'd like to call myself that, but I am far from being able to
File: bestfranz.gif (625KB, 532x257px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I see Vinyl as a much more sensible, much more feelsy pone than most everyone I know. Also quite mild-mannered when she isn't all pumped up

I really like your thoughts on her.

I wish you would try your hand at writing something of length about her, I think you'd actually show her some respect..
File: subtle.jpg (45KB, 639x483px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 639x483px
>I wish you would try your hand at writing something of length about her

but seriously, deliver us from the world of drugs, all night raves, orgies, and polygamy. I'm begging you

Do it for Vinyl; write the story she deserves.
Vinyl deserves all our wubs.
And dicks.
File: 79.jpg (1MB, 1214x1650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1214x1650px
Boop for more stories
Not really a green

>But bored enough to try for encouragement
Go, Datdude. Write up some cuddly snuggletimes with our DJ of choice.
File: who_doesn't.png (908KB, 5100x2100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
908KB, 5100x2100px
File: download.jpg (9KB, 197x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 197x256px
> Be Anonymous
>Work: Sucked Home: alone Internet: Shitty Connection
"Fuckin great Im going to sleep"
>Eventually you nod off. in you're dismal and empty apartment
>As you dream you notice you have some degree of control of what is happening around you.
>you bring up thoughts of an EX, of old friends, of former pets.
>Wow.... you really miss having someone in your pathetic life who gives a shit about you
>Surprisingly your dreamscape shifts and is dragged out from under you into a void were you float.
"Huh.... Wonder if I can wake myself up.."
>The phrase (Pinch me im dreaming) comes to mind and you respond in turn.
>Jolted awake you realize you actually pinched yourself awake.
>Rolling over you see two huge red eyes shining back at you
>"Good morning"
>You scramble back falling out of you bed into the floor and somehow land on a lego of all things
first try.. Shit or keep at it for your entertainment?
>"Morning Baby Daddy!"
>You wake up covered in sweat, and begin searching around you room. "Oh thank God, it was just a dream!"
>"Anon darling? Whatever is the matter? " Rarity looks at you from under the blankets.
>"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" You wake up and look around the room. "Jesus...it was...just a dream."
>"Nonny my love? Why were you sleeping during beddy time fun?" Pinkie pops her head out from under your sheets.
>"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" >You wake up, breathing heavily. "Whoo... dear God. It's a weird night for nightmares."
>"You said it Wilbur!" Said Mr Ed from his closest door, and the audience begins laughing as the outro to the Mr Ed show plays.

The End.
Get her some saline for those eyes.
Pull her closer and cuddle her.

Any answer besides this is the wrong one.
Keep at it, man. Though you might want to edit a little more thoroughly. There's quite a few grammar and syntax problems here, a lack of punctuation being one of them.
eh ill keep at it with a little sleep 2 am is not my strong suit

Tomorrow I will deffinetly try tho. would appreciate a grammerbro
>who parties all night
Only on the weekends.

I would tell her this is my swamp
bump for teh wubs
bump for feelz
bumped in the bump hole
File: Stop talking OP.gif (332KB, 282x193px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Stop talking OP.gif
332KB, 282x193px
Push her out of the bed.
>You Hit the floor with a small crash and a sharp pain.
>Groaning you sit up facing the white pony who is now laying across your bed to peer over at you
>"Dude you alright i didnt mean to scare ya"
>Wait wait wait...WAT?
>Confused and amazed you stutter
"D-did you just talk?"
>"Yes I did, are you alright or not?" She asks with a smirk
>This cant be a dream because that fall fucking hurt
"Yea im ok, but who are you and how did you get into my bed. Little talking horse"
>She scowls at the word horse
>"Im a pony buddy, not a horse...and im Vinyl Scratch but most ponies call me DJ Pon-3."
>She rolls onto her back and takes a big breath.
>"How im here the short answer is magic."
>Interested you turn over to hear her.
"And the long answer?"
>She Ponders for a moment
>"I have an idea, im cold and you want to hear my story right?"
>You nod.
>She looks at you Smiling ear to ear.
>"So snuggle me and ill talk all you want."
>ok so a tiny talking pony wants you to snuggle her so she will tell you how she got into your bed...
>Cute pony, She talks, and you dont hate the idea of snuggling someone.
>Reaching over you put an arm over her and slide her to you.
"Ok, That better?"
>"Yea, thanks..." She puts a hoof to her chin thinking were to start

First Green. I don't hate it but I also know the greens for you guys ill write a bit more if I can. don't really have some big plotline tho
File: vinyl epic8.jpg (467KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
vinyl epic8.jpg
467KB, 1280x720px
I'm quite fond of the party myself, but I think I see your point in that it becomes an excuse for writefags to portray Vinyl as much too shallow a character.
keep going
For the love of Wub, please continue!
So is Vinyl Scratch mute or what?
Bump for more feels

>As she continues thinking you adjust yourself a bit wrapping your left arm under and around her torso resting on her lower back
"Wow you are soft"
>"Thanks, a Girls gota take care of her coat"
"Seeing as you're able to talk and think would it be awkward if I wanted to pet you?
>"Uh...not gonna lie never been asked to be petted before, but i do have an itch right behind my ear so go ahead"
>using your free arm you start stroking her mane and gently scratch behind her ear.
>She almost immediately relaxes her tense body
>after a few minutes you notice she's just sitting their her ear occasionally twitching
Is she asleep?
"Hey Vinyl?"
>"Hm?" Sounding like she was dozing off
"The how on 'How you got here' Still isnt answered. do I need to stop so you can concentrate?"
>"Id rather you not im enjoying this man"
"Then how did you get here?"
>She turns into her back and sighs your arm still around her she hugs it gently.
>"I just wanted someone to hold me and my spell said you wanted the same thing"
Wait like magic? Real hocus pocus magic?
"Spell? Can you explain a little more? if you do ill go grab us a snack"
>Her ears perk up "Got any apples? i love the sour ones!"
"Explain and ill go get you one Green apples are one of my favorite fruits and i have plenty"
>She puffs her cheeks and looks a little frustrated
>"Not cool teasing me with apples dude but here goes"
>"So I come from a land called Equestria were all the ponys like me live"
>you point to her horn and
"Do all of them look like you and have a horn too?"
>"Nah some ponys have wings instead of a horn and some have neither"
>"their is three kinds of ponys. Earth ponys, Unicorns, And Pegasus"
So can Earth ponys and Pegasus use magic too?
I'm enjoying this. Don't forget to post a pastebin
Question why her eyes are red instead of magenta

>"Actually only unicorns can do magic. But im starting to get hungry man"
"Alright Ill get you an apple. but you have to keep talking once im back"
>"Im down, but I am starving"
>Getting up and fetching few apples you return to your bedroom tossing the apple idly to Vinyl
"Ah crap duck...huh?"
>The apple stops midair glowing with a light blue aura.
>It floats down to Vinyl Wile her horn is lit like the apple and she takes a big bite.
>after she finishes off the apple Vinyl looks up at you "You going to eat that one"
>So this pony can use magic to catch things...Neat
>You toss her the other apple watching her catch and eat that one too.
>She taps her hoof on the bed a few times
>"ok ill finish the story just plop down again you are super warm dude"
>Talking pony still wants to cuddle...Whynot.JPG
>Laying down again you wrap you arms around her and hold her again
>She smiles a little and holds your arms to her.
>"So Being a DJ most other ponys dont take you seriously and more so are drunk or out of it."
>"Being in my business I haven't had the best of luck with the stallions."
>"They either think I cant handle a real relationship or they expect a nonstop party."
>you feel a drip onto your arm and look down at her shes crying on your arm.
"Hey Vinyl it'll be ok"
>You pet her again and start scratching behind her ear.
>"Thanks, but basically iv been a little reclusive the past couple days even my roommate told me I need to get out."
>"So I went to the library and asked around. Spell after spell promising to fix my problem"
>"I finally settled and found a spell that showed me somepony with the same problems like me"
>"Exept...no PONY has the same issue as me. so I tried to make a more powerful version "
>"I ended up showing me you...and I just thought I could come to you and you would hold me."
pastebin for me?
im just filler story wile I wait for
>The roadie anon
Hungry and have some chores ill be back
Tho id definitely love some encouragement when I come back also feedback on improvements
Isn't it obvious?
Anons Miss Point of Thread, Act Like Filthy Casuals | "I Just Don't Know What Went Wrong," Says Other Anon

And at 8:

The Siege of /mlp/ by Ponychan Continues; When Will Hiatus End?
File: Pussy.jpg (42KB, 550x487px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 550x487px
File: 3ba.jpg (305KB, 800x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 800x1200px
Tell her to please stop changing into random ponies.
File: Yo, sup.jpg (556KB, 1400x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Yo, sup.jpg
556KB, 1400x1000px
O that vinyl fag.
you called
Why yes...I did.
Not no-wacking

We wanted to imagine her eye to be red before the Canterlot wedding episode
I say "zOMG! It's Rei!"

And then, after gathering my wits, "Are you still jailbait as a poni?"

She'd just stare at me, because she doesn't speak English.
>Not no-wacking

Nowacking needs to learn how to turn it down a couple of fucking notches. Everything she does is borderline obnoxious
I'm going to post another small thing I wrote. Because I can. And because I'm bored.

>Those eyes.
>Those beautiful, glistening, ruby-red orbs.
>They say so much to you.
>They speak of endless love, of undying devotion to the one they cast their gaze upon.
>You feel so lucky that they set their sights on you.
>The owner of those eyes, a DJ named Vinyl Scratch, had wandered into your life a little over a year ago.
>You were taking an late night stroll in the park, just enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with an empty field, and an infinitely full sky.
>It wasn't often you got to enjoy something like that, but when you did, it was the most enjoyable thing in the world.
>That feeling of total isolation, the idea that there is nobody in the world but you...
>It's just so calming, so soothing.
>Getting away from all the drama, and the endless barrage of inane conversation, was so endlessly cathartic.
>As it turned out, though, you weren't the only one looking to get away from it all that night.
>Cresting a small hill, you noticed a cream-coloured unicorn lying in the grass, hooves pointed toward the sky.
>Near as you could tell, she was simply stargazing.
>She just lay there, unmoving, ignorant to your presence.
>You had, on a whim, decided to have a conversation with the mare.
>That whim would prove to be the best decision of your entire life.
>It turned out that this strange mare was a DJ, who had been performing earlier that night at a nearby club.
>Her name was Vinyl Scratch, electronica extraordinaire.
>You had told her it was a cute name.
>She'd blushed at that.
>Further conversation yielded that she was more than slightly tired of her life.
>Not her profession, of course.
>Vinyl loved making and playing music, feeling the crowd surge and sway to the sounds of her set.
>It was her passion.
>It was her life.
>But the ponies that came along with the life...
>That was something she didn't enjoy in the least bit.
>Specifically, the stallions who kept trying to get into her proverbial pants.
>A bunch of sleazy jerkoffs, she had called them.
>None of them caring for her in any way, completely lacking in both manners and anything resembling love.
>She was just done with it.
>The last straw had been some jackass hitting on her at her booth that night.
>He just wouldn't stop making crude innuendo at her, even after she had told him to fuck off multiple times.
>Security had intervened eventually, but by that time, it was just too late.
>Her mood was shot, her rhythm outright destroyed.
>Vinyl had simply packed up her things, forgoing that nights' paycheck, and left the club as fast as she could.
>After carting her things back to her apartment, she had come to the park to be alone for a while.
>You had sort of ruined that plan.
>She didn't mind, though.
>She preferred your company to the solitude.
>As you preferred hers.
>The next few hours had been spent conversating, just sharing yourselves with each other.
>Eventually the cold had got you both, and you had decided to retire to her place.
>It was a surprisingly nice place, albeit in need of some serious dusting.
>Good thing you didn't have any allergies.
>After some more talking, and a little bit of drinking, you had both decided to hit the hay.
>Since there was only the one bed, and the couch was currently occupied by several dozen empty bottles of various alcoholic beverages, you had shared.
>Vinyl had been very clear that there was to be no funny business.
>And you, as a tipsy gentleman, had given her your word.
>Apparently, though, her definition of funny business did not include cuddles.
>Because the instant you got into bed, she had wrapped her hooves around you like a child desperate for their mother.
>Vinyl was the adorable type of drunk.
>You hadn't known that type existed until that moment.
>It was a pleasant learning experience.
>You had awoken the next morning to the exact view you were fortunate enough to be experiencing now.
>Those eyes had said so much to you.
>They had spoken of endless love, of undying devotion to the one they cast their gaze upon.
>You had felt so lucky that they had set their sights on you.
>A year later, and you still did.
>You always would, until the day that you could stare no more.
>But that was a day that wouldn't come for a long time.
>And speaking of days, you had one to seize.
>An anniversary doesn't simply celebrate itself, after all.

And, done. Told you it was short. Have fun staring into the bottomless pit of love that is neon music horse's gaze, vinylfags.
that was amazing. you sir, have earned the title of : my nigger
Awwww yeaaaa
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