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"Back in Action Edition" The thread was supposed to

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"Back in Action Edition"

The thread was supposed to come back yesterday, but I guess everyone forgot. I was gonna wait for one of the writefags to start the thread, but I figured it might as well be up. Anyway...

Rules: No NSFW or anthro images. NSFW stories are allowed.

Writefags: Ordinary, Mulp, Fem-Anon, 2Shy, StarKnight.

Editfags: Ordinary, Fem-Anon
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Woo, missed this thread a lot. To the guy who suggested the Luna story, I couldn't do it for the life of me, sorry.
Subject in name field again
Missed this thread.so any story ideas.
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Meh we should be fine
Anyone got anything done over the break?
New storys edits etc
Feel like taking a break from my current story, and this thread needs content. Would you guys like a story about:
1. Gilda
2. Rainbow
3. Coco?
I don't think Coco has any stories, so I'll cast my vote for her.
I'm still working on a story with LyraBon, just been lazy and dealing with issues.
Gilda and Rainbow have been done. Coco sounds good.
Gotta go with coco.
Going with Coco, will do a Gilda one at some point if people like this

>You throw the door to your apartment open, staggering inside with Coco leaning against you
>Your girlfriend's legs are jelly, and she can barely support yourself as you walk her to the couch
>She collapses with a meek little "oof," hands massaging her thighs
>"Anon... why did I let you talk me into this..."
>Being an avid runner, you convinced Coco to start running with you shortly after the two of you started dating
>You went easy on her at first, but over the course of a few months you'd trained her to the point of being able to run a half marathon
>Which she completed, the little champ
>Unfortunately, you didn't take into account the strain that this kind of distance would put on her body
>Coco's skin is soaked in her sweat, and she grimaces as she massages her thighs
"Sorry, Coco. It doesn't hurt too bad, does it?"
>"No, I'll be fine in a day or two. But I won't be going anywhere else today."
>She smiles at you playfully
>Coco's dressed only in a simple, tight-fitted yellow shirt and black athletic shorts
>Both of her garments are sticking to her body, revealing the contours of that lithe, skinny body you've come to love
>Coco's hands move down her bare thighs to her calves, knuckles pressing into the muscle as she pants, still out of breath
>From her thighs, Coco moves down to her ankles, trying in vain to pry off her powder-blue running shoes
"Here, lemme get those for you."
>"I'm fine, Anon, really."
"I know you're fine. But you worked hard today. So just sit back and relax for a bit, and let me take care of you."
>"Well... if you're gonna twist my arm..."
>Coco winks, and settles back onto the couch
>Gently, you unlace her shoes, and slide them off her feet
>Underneath, her normally pristine white socks are tinged with gray from her sweat, and the faint scent of her exertion wafts up to your nose
>Coco notices it too, and she blushes
"No, you're fine."
Love it.
>You peel her socks back as well, exposing the sweat-slicked soles of her pretty white feet
>Coco wiggles her toes a little, sighing as the open air cools them
>"Mmmm... that's better."
"That's good to hear. You need anything else? Some water or something to eat?"
>"No... I'm fine just lying here for a bit."
>You make yourself comfortable on the couch as well, then take her right foot in your hands
>Running thumbs over her sole, you feel hard nots of tension in her muscles
>Gently, you press your thumbs into them, gently massaging the tension away
>Coco's whole body seems to relax as your thumbs work at her sole, and she sinks deeper into the couch cushions with a contented smile on her face
>You move one hand up to the ball of her foot, while the other takes her heel, rubbing her soft, un-callused skin, feeling the muscle underneath it slowly relax
>You repeat the same process on her left foot, massaging her smooth soles until you can no longer feel any tension remaining in them
>When you're done with her soles, you move to Coco's toes, gently squeezing and tugging at them, occasionally eliciting little sighs of pleasure from her as you massage the pain from her feet
>The smell of Coco's feet, while not overwhelming, is still strong enough to be noticeable
>And, strangely enough, you find it somewhat... tempting
>Slowly, you lean towards Coco's feet until her scent fills your nostrils, and plant a kiss on her big toe
>It's not as soft as her lips, but it definitely pleasurable in its own right
>Coco giggles
>"You're so weird."
>In response, you kiss the ball of her foot, her sole, and her heel
>Coco's leg twitches again, and she laughs out loud
>"Anon, that tickles~"
>You continue kissing her foot, causing her to squirm and laugh on her side of the couch
>"Anooooon, quit it~"
>Overcome by desire, you drag your tongue across her sole
>Coco squeals in surprise, almost kicking you in the teeth as her leg twitches
>You glance up at her, wanting to make sure she's okay
>Her face is beet red now, and a sheen of sweat is showing on her forehead
"Coco? You okay?"
>"Heh, yeah, I'm... I'm fine. Could you, um... keep doing that thing you were doing?"
>You chuckle a little, and lick up the arch of her foot
>It tastes like salt, sweat, and Coco
>Which, to you, is more than a little intoxicating
>You lick up her arch again, this time lapping at the ball of her foot as well
>Coco wriggles at your touch, and you her let out a little squeak of delight
>"That... that's good. Do that again."
>You oblige, relishing the taste of her foot as your tongue slides across it
>Coco shifts on the couch again, raising her feet up toward your face
>You alternate between them, licking from the bottom of her heels up to the tips of her toes
>Coco's breathing hard now, her eyes shut tightly as her chest rises and falls
>You wrap your lips around her big toe, and suck it as tongue dances across her digit
>Coco's right hand begins creeping towards the waistband of her running shorts
>You place a hand under her heel, and lift her right foot up to your face, pressing your face against her sole
>Vigorously, you tongue laps at the arch of her foot, filling your mouth with more of her delicious taste
>You open one eye, and watch Coco slide her right hand into her shorts
>She lets out a little moan, and you can the fabric shifting as her hand moves under it
>You put her right foot down, and move to the left
>"P-please don't stop..."
>You proceed to suck greedily at the toes of her left foot, moving gradually down them to her heel, which you gently bite before proceeding to slurp on
>You can hear soft little *shlick* sounds coming from Coco's crotch now as her hand slides up and down inside her shorts
>Coco throws her head back, a moan escaping her lips, and presses her feet against your face
>You tongue them eagerly, desperate for more of their deliciousness taste
>Coco's hand works faster and faster, until eventually she ends up pulling her gym shorts down completely, both hands feverishly massaging her pussy
>Little drops of her juice find your face as you make out with her soles, increasing your pace until you bring her to a shouting, screaming climax
>She practically squishing your face in between her soles as she orgasms, entire body shuddering in her pleasure
>As her throes of ecstasy subside, she collapses back into the couch, quivering
>"Anon, that was... oh my god... where did you learn to do that?"
Kinda short, but I hope you all enjoyed.
That was great.
Pretty damn good

Very nice.
Streaming a little gay art. Not too much feet, yet.

twitch.tv swigofswag
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Good man.
HAHA! It's back!

Thanks whoever did this!
Are they dying on polio, why do they bend their feet like that?
You just had to put the thread title in the name field, didn't you? There's a Subject field for a reason, faggot.
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Just came back from the movie.
Rarity wears open-toed sandals during the first audition.
Any real good foot shots or toe wiggling?
>7.92x57mm Mauser
are they like pre NATO Israeli army or something? that's the latest military use of 7.92x57mm Mauser I can find
Given thats its faceless it may well be
Not really. It didn't really focus on her feet that much, although her outfit did get a feet-first introduction so that her toes were the first thing I saw.
Oooh, me gusta.
Was there much detail, like nails or anything? Or were they just the nubs like we saw in other screencaps?
Yeah, they were just nubs, I think. Her toes were at least round, unlike Pinkie in that one short.
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Oh wow, we're not kill?

This thread is the only thing keeping me on /mlp/. I've been checking if it was here every damn day nearly
I know that feeling, I've been doing the same
We just took a break so people could get some content done
Bump before sleep. Don't die on me again, faggots.
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I really don't think we can get more done. These threads have been getting slower every time a new one is made. I think we'd need a way bigger break than just a few days or weeks. That's what I think tho
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Not enough content, usually it is anthro which doesn't help.
Bump. Hopefully I will finish this story tonight.
Doesn't seem to have worked, though. I didn't even think about writing throughout the break.

School and work are bitches
I feel like it is shit, but I always feel this way about my stories. Tried writing differently, so judge as you will. As usual I am sorry if it's shit. http://pastebin.com/ZZqNeSnV
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Night bump, don't die in the morning.
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Purdy gud, mate. Need another suggestion?
Page 10
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Pinks, genericname.jpg
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Didn't even notice this thread until now.
I've made some edits over the break, but no stories. Here.
Same here, except I've just been dealing with some personal issues.
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That's really good. What else have you accomplished?
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Twi, feet.jpg
654KB, 1144x1392px
Suggestions help a lot.
Writefag of this here. Would you guys like to see something with:

1. Gilda
2. Rainbow
3. Trixie
4. Chrysalis
5. Rarity

Or a combination of the above next?
Trixie/ Chrysalis
Rainbow and Rarity combo?
Either Chrissy or what >>19939914 said
How would it be received if someone wrote a story starring explicitly underage characters?
Gotta go with rarity.not enough stories with her.
Maybe one with Cadence and tiny shiny?
I'll give it a try at some point.
Like what? just fillies like Applebloom and the rest?
Thank you, based anon. We appreciate your work
Definitely Rainbow + Rarity combo. Preferably with intrest towards each others feet. Which does not mean the lack of Anon, by no means.
Yes, but pictured at ages of twelve or thirteen.
That should be okay
I'll do Rarity/Rainbow today, and Trixie/Chrysalis at some point soon.
spamming shits here, no idea what is going on.
What do you mean?
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RD, sit.jpg
302KB, 856x1033px
I'm fine with it.
What timezone's >today< are we talking about here?
Central time. So, within the next seven hours.
If by central time you mean London, Greenwich, then you have not 7 hours but about a half hour. Although something tells me you mean some sort of US of A time zone.
Central Daylight, not Central Standard, sorry. Should have clarified that.
Found this a while back. Dunno if it's been posted here before.

Features micro Tavi with Vinyl
File: Damn dude, that is.png (138KB, 263x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Damn dude, that is.png
138KB, 263x323px
I should learn from this to improve, maybe try to do one of a Tiny Vinyl with Tavi when I do.
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Pinks, feetsies.png
247KB, 822x1326px
oh, nice find.
Abandoning the greentext format for this one. Hope you guys don't mind.

The sun beat down on Rarity as she stepped from her car, surveying the beach from behind darkened designer sunglasses. As usual, she'd been looking forward to her and the girls' monthly trip to the beach for a week in advance, ready for a day of sun and relaxation. Only, there was one small problem...

"Jeez, I don't think I've seen anyone drive as slowly as you, Rares. You practically make taking forever an art form."

Rainbow Dash stepped from the passenger seat, dressed in her usual drab athletic wear. Schedule difficulties prevented the other girls from coming with, leaving Rarity alone with the hyperactive soccer star.

"I was trying to be a responsible motorist, dear. You could stand to learn a thing or two about personal safety from me. How many infractions are you up to now? Three? Four?"

"Five, actually, though I don't see what's important. The point is: we could have been here forty-five minutes ago. Look, the waves are already going down."

Of course, Rainbow brought a surfboard with. Ah well, at least it would keep her out of Rarity's hair for a little while. And speaking of hair, Rarity would need a brush, wouldn't she...

Ten minutes later, the two of them had towels set up under a beach umbrella, a nice shady refuge from the sun's heat. Rarity reclined on hers, dressed in her favorite purple-and-white bikini. Rainbow sat crosslegged next to her, dressed in a white t-shirt and boy's swimtrunks.

Rarity slipped her flip flops off her feet, burying her toes into the warm sand. She smiled, relishing the feeling of the course grains against her soft soles. Rainbow did the same, prying off her running shoes and burying her feet up to her ankles in the beach.
Rarity couldn't help but notice that her friend wasn't wearing socks under her shoes.

"No socks? Really, Rainbow?"

"Yeah? What's the big deal? Socks are a pain to put on."

"Hmph. A proper lady should take better care of her feet than that."

"Who cares? They're just feet."

"They are not JUST feet, Rainbow. Every part of a lady's body is equally important. See how perfect mine are?"

She pulled her feet onto the towel, displaying them to Rainbow, wiggling her toes in her direction. Rainbow just looked bored.

"So you painted your toenails. Big deal."

"It's more than just that, darling. Feel them. Feel how soft they are."

"Ew, no. I don't want to touch your feet."

"Why not? Scared?"

"What? No! I'm not scared, that's just... really weird."

"Come on, just feel this."

Rarity lifted her right foot, and pressed her sole against the top of her friend's hand, letting it rest there for a few seconds.

"See? This is what a proper lady's feet should feel like. Not those claws at the end of your legs."

Rainbow blushed, and Rarity could tell she'd struck a nerve.

"My feet are fine. Shut up about it already."
EqG anon posting again. This is the scene I was talking about: >>19949414
>inb4 only 4 toes
Just for comparison, I'll be posting screenshots from the short and the movie.

Here, Pinkie's feet just look like ovals with mere lines to distinguish the toes.
Meanwhile, Rarity's feet from EQG2 look more well-defined. Her feet actually appear to have more depth to them, and her toes actually look round and prominent, as if the animators actually put more effort into drawing them.
I was worried when the thread didn't come back on time
Made one story...
I feel bad, but I have important exams soon, so excuse me if you're feeling kind enough

hng, hngggg! Yes, these are good.
yeah, sounds good

Guess I'll post the story here regardless of the link
>Twilight has her back to one arm-end of the couch
>You have your back to the other end
>"Alright Anon, you're fine to go ahead whenever you want" Twilight began.
>"I'll be reading some of my backlog, because..." she exhales through her nose, a laugh you might express online though an 'LOL'
>"Well, because, I've been lazy. I've been meaning to read more, but I dont get the chance to socialise often, so I guess I'm killing two birds with one stone here."
>The studious smart girl's feet point their toes towards to, resting in your lap
>They're covered in white, knee-high socks
>You'd be more inclined to call them pantyhose though, as you can clearly see the bare soles within the elastic footwear
>It's of no great importance, though, as Twilight picks up a brown, leather-bound book and lifts it between her face and yours
>It feels as if you're suddenly alone in the room with a pair of feet
>The quasi-privacy does terrible, wonderful things to your mind
>You find yourself imagining all manner of playful, and torturous, ticking you could inflict
>Sensual massaging
>Sucking, licking, nibbling, all sorts of oral activity centred on her bare feet
>You feel as if you're already being mischievous with the pair of feet all for yourself, whose warmth and pliability you feel through your hands
>That mischievousness is despite Twilight's go-ahead to have some fun with her feet, this weekend, as she engrosses herself in some heavy reading
>Your mind and body is focused entirely on running your thumbs over the stockinged feet in your lap
>Your desire to hide the fact you want to rip off her socks comes second to the desire to rip off her socks
>You rip, in a figurative sense, Twilight's socks down her legs
>Pulling her two socks all the way down her calves until they come off her feet...
>You're greeted with two feet, two soles, ten toes
>All bare, and all yours
>Her toes, oh her toes
>Arranged at the top of her soles they sit perfectly rounded, each pressing against its neighbour
>Her feet are generally attractive, sexual, and more importantly, right in front of your face and free for you to play with
>Twilight shows no sign of stirring at the removal of her socks, not even curling a toe
>You lower your body, in a sitting bow, giving a gracious kiss to the tips of her toes
>You don't come back up from your lean forward
>You lower your mouth onto a couple of toes, and with your tongue, slowly and carefully, you lick the gaps between each toe
>Twilight turns a page of her book
>Almost in an attempt to get her to react, you lift her one leg up in your hand
>A perfectly still, indifferent foot stares at you back
>Planting kisses rapid fire does nothing
>Nibbling on the ball, the heel and the arch of her sole does nothing
>Smart Purple has remarkably soft, ticklish feet
she has 4 toes.

>But you can't elicit a reaction despite your best efforts
>Maybe she'd been meditating, and could shut off those sorts of external stimuli
>You know she'd been interested in meditation, and you weren't sure if you believed in the effectiveness of such things
>But one way or another
>Twilight was effectively ignoring your salivation on her soles
>And nothing drove you more wild
>It seems almost counterintuitive, but Twilight's indifference to what acts you could think to perform with her feet made you crazy
>Setting down her leg again, you stared at the pair of soles intently
>Twilight Sparkle, you have some damn fine walkers on you
>I bet if you said that out loud, she'd react
>Because what the hell was that sentence?
>It's just because your thinking process is dominated by the imprint of footprints in your mind
>The silhouette of the two facing you blazing in your mind
>Reaching out a hand, some fingers, you gently stroke the feet in front of you
>Such pleasure from the simple touching of skin seems ridiculous
>But the pleasure is as tangible as the very warmed, lustful anatomy between your legs
>Then, movement
>A normal, unconscious crossing of legs undertaken by Twilight
>Ankle on top of ankle, her soles now reversed, left is right, right is left
>It's like you're not even there as, once again, you go down on her feet
>"Mmm..." murmurs Twilight
>From the tone of it, you have literally no way of determining if the slipped sound arose from an interesting tidbit of information in her reading...
>Or, if she had let down some mental barrier and registered the pleasurable, warm and wet feeling of a probing tongue over her soles
>Tenatively, you go back over her feet, massaging and squeezing every inch with great care and attention, trying to garner some attention from the poni girl
>A toe twitches as you rub Twilight's feet, but no more than this
>It's almost disappointing, but then you remember
>You enjoy having Twilight's feet so far removed from herself
>Spending the rest of that precious time lavishing your lustful affection on her feet, you can't help but grow the seed of an idea in your mind:
>You wonder if Twilight has any spells to physically detach someone's feet, through a portal of some sort
>A pocket portal to a pair of some of your friends' feet wouldn't be an unwelcome gift...
Awesome start liking were this is going
Sorry, life's busy and I'm being kinda slow.

Rarity giggled. After two hours of enduring Dash's criticisms on her driving, she's enjoying the chance to do some teasing of her own.

"Sure they'd be fine, if you were a boy. But for a girl, they're downright embarrassing."

"Sh-shut up! It's not like I care about that stuff anyway."

"Oh, of course you don't."

Rarity slid her foot up Rainbow's arm, and poked Rainbow in the face with her big toe. Rainbow slapped her away, clearly annoyed.

"Would you stop? You know I don't like other people's feet. So just drop this subject already."

Rarity pressed her sole up against Dash's face, causing her rainbow-hared friend to duck away. Dash aimed her own kick back at Rarity, scattering sand over the two of them.

"I said quit it! I swear, Rarity, you're so weird sometimes. Talking about another girl's feet, jeez..."

Rarity chuckled again, pulling a water bottle from her backpack and taking a few delicate sips. She then set to brushing the sand from her bare stomach and thighs, until she found herself reasonably clean.

"You know, maybe your ghastly feet are the reason you haven't had much luck with boys..."


She'd really touched a nerve now. Dash spun on the towel to face Rarity, pulling her sandy feet up and shoving them into the fashionista's face.

"Do my feet bother you Rarity? Huh? Huh? Am I not ladylike enough for you?"

She pressed her sole's up against Rarity's cheeks, leaving sandy footprints behind. Rarity endured the ordeal with dignity, staring dash down until she removed her feet from her face.

"Are you quite done?"
"Maybe I'm not. Maybe I wanna be a little foot weirdo too. Is this what you like, Rarity, huh? Is this your thing now?"

Rainbow continued to rub her soles on Rarity's face, smiling wickedly as she waited for the fashionista to crack. She new Rarity couldn't endure being dirty for long. She even pressed her big toe up against Rarity's lips, trying to force it into her mouth. She was successful.


Rarity finally pulled away form Rainbow, spitting out sand and the taste of the other girl's callused toe.

"Celestia have mercy, what on earth is wrong with you, Rainbow?"

Dash was laughing to hard to respond at this point. Rainbow huffed indignantly, and began trying to clean the taste of grit and foot from her tongue.

"So uncivilized..."

"At least I'm not a foot weirdo like you."

"I am not a foot weirdo! I simply care about maintaining my appearance, from toe to head. You could stand to learn a thing or two from me."

"Hmph. At least I can run a mile without dying."

"At least I'm not dressed like a boy."

Dash gritted her teeth, and went back to sulking on her own towel. A few moments of silence passed between them, in which Rarity tried to enjoy the scenery she'd come here for. But... she felt a little guilty about teasing Dash. Sure, her athletic friend could be a nuisance sometimes, but Rarity didn't mean to hurt her feelings. She as just about to break the silence when Dash spoke up.

"So, uh... do you really think my feet make me ugly?"

"Ugly? Heavens no, darling. They're just a small blemish. The rest of you is just fine."

"Well, I don't like being blemished. Can you show me how to, y'know, take care of them or whatever?"
No anthro ya idiot, you'll get us deleted otherwise
File: giphy.gif (980KB, 202x202px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
980KB, 202x202px
>Rainbow Rocks pajama scene
>they all have slippers on

Thanks Meghan.

. . . Yes . . .
This >>19953608
Also this >>19953867
File: 1395785006153.jpg (332KB, 521x804px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
332KB, 521x804px
>pajama scene in anything
>everyone always has slippers
True suffering.
You have this at least >>19950677
Be thankful she wasn't that cruel.
Story time, guys. Here is hoping I'll get to write some more before I fall asleep.

>The last bell of this weeks school just rang. All the students immediately grabbed all their stuff and rushed out.
>An orange pegasus looked at Anon, probably the last time this weekend, although she wished otherwise.
>Anon either was completely oblivious to Scootaloo's sighs or just didn't care.
>He was the last one to leave the classroom, because he had some questions.
>Meanwhile everyone else was already gone, either gone home or for whatever activities they had planned.
>The school was emptying very quickly, after all there ain't nobody who'd want to stay there, right?
>Scoots caught up with her friends, whom I am sure the reader already knows, so I will spare introductions.
>She had that look on her face, like she was not present with her mind, like she had much greater concerns that here and now.
>Applebloom was the first one to notice that something was off with her pegasus friend. Which didn't take a great detective mind.
>Scootaloo was dragging her trademark scooter along mindlessly and her eyes were foggy.
'Hey, Scoots!' Applebloom started a conversation. 'You look very... not yourself today. Is something wrong?'
>The orange pegasus woke up from her apathia and looked at her friend.
'No, it's nothing, I am absolutely fine. Everything is fine.', she said stuttering a little.
>Applebloom looked at the pegasus once again, scanning her from head to toe, and so did Sweetie.
'Nuh-uh' the unicorn said. 'You have been daydreaming since the very morning. You don't do that normally.'
'Sweetie's right. Something musta' changed. And you need to tell us. We are your friends.'
>Scoots rolled her eyes back, trying to act annoyance, but her cheeks went from orange to red quickly.
'Nothing has changed. Nothing at all. Can we please not...
>She was interrupted by the door banging and Anon rushing out. Scootaloo subconsciously sent him a wistful look.
>He of course didn't look. But both Scoots' friends did. And they caught the hint.
'Hee heee, I think I know what this is about.' Sweetie Belle said. 'Our little Scootaloo has got a crush on our new friend.'
'What are you talking about, Sweetie?' The pegasus asked while Applebloom was giving her the 'Oooooh' look. 'Of course I don't.'
>Both unicorn and earth girls started giggling to themselves, seeing as Scootaloo was growing more and more red on her face.
'Hey, Scootaloo, do you want a kiss? MWAH!' said Applebloom, nudging the pegaus softly.
'Come on guys,' said Scoots, as her face adopted the colour of Appleblooms hair 'You know that is not true..'
>It did not stop Applebloom and Sweetie Belle from continuing their mockery.
>They started scanding 'Scoots has got a boyfriend' and giggling, while the pegasus grew more and more annoyed.
'You know what guys?' she almost shouted after a while, 'I need to leave. Got places to be. See you. On monday, hopefully.'
'What, you got a date with someone?' Applebloom said. But Scoots didn't hear her anymore, as she zoomed away on her scooter.
Cool like were this is going.
personal edit.
>Scootaloo stopped accelerating when she was already out of range of her friends' voices.
>She came to a simple conclusion. She needed to talk to someone whom she absolutely trusts. She wanted to talk to someone like a sister.
>She needed Rainbow Dash. And so, that is where she was headed.
>Soon enough she arrived to Rainbow's house. She knew the place well, even though it was really big. Entirely made of HardCloud(TM), it was hypoalergic and well ventilated.
>The girl threw her scooter next to the entrance door and rang the bell. After maybe half a minute Scoots heard a soft noise from upstairs and then a rumble on the stairs.
>And then, on wing of the double doors opened revealing a familiar face. Rainbow stood there, in a very un-ladylike manner.
>She was wearing a dirty tank top and almost obscenicaly tiny shorts, and nothing besides that. It was not surprising really, typical even.
>She was barefoot, too, as expected. Scootaloo knew how pleasant it was to walk on clouds with bare feet.
'Hello there, little one. Didn't expect you here today. If I did, maybe I'd clean up a bit.'
She paused there '... Who am I kidding, of course I wouldn't. Come on in, you are always welcome here.'
>Scootaloo gladly obliged. She really liked spending time at Rainbow's place. And she did spend her time here, a lot of it.
>She felt more at home than where she actually lived. She often slept here, so often Rainbow arranged for a room for the little girl.
>At times, Rainbow even left her house for Scoots alone.
>It was not like anyone besides Dash cared where Scootaloo was at any given moment. Duue to that fact, the athlete was glad to know that Scoots was at her place rather than wherever else she could be.
'Remember to take your shoes off, Scoot!' Rainbow shouted from atop stairs. 'Come on up whenever you are done.'
>Scootaloo took off her sandals, and barefoot went up the stairs and into the living room.
>It was very dimly lit. The windows were closed, and it was a real mess all around. Besides that, it smelled of smoke and worn socks.
>The smell was not too strong, and due to that it was not repulsive. The little girl actually found it somehow nice.
>Although the hint of smoke was bugging her. She knew Rainbow was not a smoker. And besides, it did not quite match the stench of cigarette smoke. But still... it was there.
'Come on, sit down!' Rainbow Dash said. 'Why are you so rigid today, kid?'
'No reason' Scootaloo lied swiftly, while sitting down. 'Also, I am not. Not at all.'
>Then one thing caught her eye. There was one sock lying on the couch's armrest that looked oddly familiar.
>Young girl was willing to wager that it was one of hers. While it was true that Scootaloo kept small portion of her clothes at Rainbows, that one looked worn... and really out of place.
>But then again, Dash was not the tidiest of people. She probably just mixed the stuff up, like she always does. But why is it so mangled...
>Then Scootaloo remembered why she came here. She had to ask Rainbow something, never mind her embarassment.
'Actually... 'Scoots stuttered, 'There is a reason, Rainbow. I need to ask you something.'
>Rainbow looked at her little friend suspiciously and raised and eyebrow.
'Look, Rainbow. There is this new boy in class... and, see, one of my friends... kinda... you know?'
>Rainbow Dash smiled widely, while her eyes sparkled. For some reason, she felt proud. She was proud, because it was her whom Scootaloo came to with such problem. She felt like a proper big sister.
'You can cut the act, kiddo. You know you can trust me. If you need any advice of those sorts, you could not find a better person to ask for it.'
>The younger pegasus was not convinced though. Thinking again, Rainbow did not really appear as a love life expert.
'Look, Scoots. I was your age too, and not that long ago at that. I know girls always have the same problems during ninth grade. '
>To Scootaloo, Rainbow looked more like a guy at the moment, but deep down she knew there was nobody she could trust more.
Rainbow looked in the little girls eyes. 'You gonna truse me?' she asked.
'No, Dash, you got it wrong. I--i-i'ts not about me, it's about...' her voice broke under the look blue pegasus was giving her.
'Okay. I admit it. I really like Anon. And I think I might even like-like him, a bit. '
'I knew it!' Rainbow shouted. 'Look, kid. There is no shame in it, okay?' Rainbow paused there.
'So, you'd like for him to like you too, right?' Scootaloo nodded.
'well, it won't be too hard, lil' one. You are very... likable, in my opinion.' Scootaloo crossed her legs.
>Rainbow smiled and looked at her almost-sister. Her sight unconsciously slipped towards Scootaloo's little feet. Rainbow always found them really cute.
>But she shook it off, and returned to the point. Although she still would rather like those tiny runners on her face.
'Look. What you got to do to get him to notice you, is... spend some time around him. Like, you know. Ask him what is he doing today afternoon, and then for wahtever reason offer to go with him.'
>Scoots was a bit confused, but she got what Rainbow meant.
'Then, when he comes to accept you, and if you get some alone time, you'll want to mess with him using your feet. Trust me. You got a good chance that he will be really into it, and if he is not, he will not mind. '
>There was some awkward silence afterwards.
'I said that out loud, didn't I. I ended up giving kinky sex tips to a fourteen year old.' Rainbow said to herself.
>you'll want to mess with him using her feet

Please tell me this will lead into shy Scoot feet play
'Okay, just forget what I said. No, seriously. I forbid you to use those tips I gave you. '
>Rainbow looked really guilty. Her dirty mind just tricked itself.
>Needless to add, Rainbow was known to have a strong foot fetish, but Scoots was way to young to know what is it about.
>The orange girl sat there in silence, looking at her feet. And at Rainbows, a bit, too.
'My.. feet?' Scootaloo asked.
'NEVER-MIND!' Rainbow exclaimed. 'Maybe when you're older, then I will show you.
'Right now, though..' Rainbow said, 'You have your own problems. So, just stick to the main plan, will you? And I suggest taking action as soon as possible. Before someone else does, if you know what I mean.'
>Rainbow-haired girl winked at scoots.
'You mean, like... today?' Scoots asked, and Rainbow nodded.
'No time like right now, kiddo. Say, why don't you take your rest now, maybe a nap in your room, and when you are ready to go, I'll leave some bits for you. '
'I'll be leaving in, like, five. I am already late. But not too late to still have time to give you this. It's about time you had one. '
>Rainbow handed a shiny silver key with a likeness of a falcon engraved in it.
'Remember to lock up when you leave!' Dash shouted while running downstairs, and she was gone. She left Scoots literally speechless.
>Lacking better options, the little girl took the opportunity of rest, even though it was still pretty early. She went to her room, leaving shallow, tiny footprints on the semi-cloud floor, that soon filled like a sponge.
>But first, she grabbed Rainbow Dash's dirty sock, just out of burning curiosity.

How are you liking it so far?
Yes, it will, but not in today's episode. I am taking a recess now, if you don't mind.
it's okay. some of the dialogue seems to robotic and out of character, but other than that, it's a good story.
I agree with fem-anon
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Can't wait to see this continued. We're getting so close...
Wasn't sure if anyone was reading. I'll continue it tonight.
Please do double dubs
Trust me, we do read it. We'll read any story on here since the rate of stories in Unlikely Affinity has dropped.
Rarity was slightly taken aback, but she could never pass up the opportunity to assist one of her friends with their beauty.

"Of course, dear. Here, scoot a bit closer."

Rarity patted the empty sand next to her, and Rainbow dragged her towel over, sitting a few inches from her friend.

"Now, first thing we need to do is get all of that grime and sand off."

Rarity gestured for Dash to place her feet in Rarity's lap, and the athlete obliged. Rarity reached into her backpack and procured a second bottle of water, upending it over Dash's feet and beginning to scrub them with her hands.

"You know, you really don't have to do that. I can clean them for you."

"Nonsense, dear. You're here to learn, and you should learn from the best."

Expertly, Rarity's hands worked their way over Dash's soles, and then between her toes, cleaning every speck of sand from them until she was satisfied.

"There, that's a little better. Now, the first, and most important, thing about caring for your feet as a lady is realizing that they're no different from the rest of your body. If you can't do this..."

Rarity brought her foot up to her mouth, and licked along her arch.

"...then you're letting yourself be grossed out by your own body. A lady should realize the beauty in every part of her."

Dash was just staring wide-eyed at Rarity.

"D-did you just... lick your own... wow, you're weird."

"No, I'm elegant. My entire body is kept clean and pleasant. My feet are no dirtier than anywhere else."

"You're not gonna make me do that, are you?"

"If you want to learn from me, you must follow my methods."

"Ugh... fine."

Slowly, Dash brought her right foot up to her face, staring at her still-glistening sole.

"Do I really have to?"
"Of course, dear. It's really not all that bad. Now just do it."

"Alright... here goes..."

Slowly, Dash dragged her tongue across her foot, grimacing.

"See? Not bad at all. Now do it again."

"What?! Again? Why?"

"Because you're still grossed out by your own body, extremely unladylike."

"Why does that matter? Feet are gross, and I shouldn't be putting them anywhere near my life. Face it, Rares, you're messed up in the head."

"I am NOT 'messed up.' You're the weird one, being afraid of your own body. Honestly, Dash, I expected more bravery from our school's soccer star."

"Hey! I'm plenty brave! This is just weird!"

"Oh? Those sound like words of cowardice to me."

"Aaaagh... alright, fine, whatever."

Dash licked her foot again, this time lapping at the ball of her foot, and her toes.


Rarity shook her head, and Dash groaned. She tasted her sole again, and again, and again, until finally she just became numb the idea, and began doing it automatically.


"Got you, darling."

"Rarity, what the hell--"

Then, Dash saw the camera clasped in her friend's hands.
To be honest, these threads are pretty shit.
"You... you didn't just..."

Rarity threw her head back, laughing.

"Oh! The look on your face, darling. Oh, it was priceless."

"Rarity! Give me that!"

Rainbow launched herself toward her purple-haired friend, fingers scrabbling wildly for the camera. Rarity continued to laugh maniacally, even as Rainbow struggled with her for the camera. When she finally managed to pry it from Rarity's fingers, Dash jumped up, yelling victoriously.

"Ha! Teach you to try to pull a joke on me!"

Rarity's smile doesn't fade, however.

"That camera has online access, darling. Those picture are already saved to my personal account."

Dash paled.

"No... but that means..."

"That's right, darling. Oh, but don't worry. I'm going to delete them as soon as I get back. That is, assuming you do one little thing for me..."

Rarity reclined on her towel, extending her right foot towards Dash. Dash just stared at it for a few seconds, until she realized what Rarity was asking her to do.

"Oh no... Rarity, c'mon, you can't be serious..."

"Perfectly serious."

Rarity grinned devilishly, and Dash began fiddling with her pockets.

"You're really going to force me to lick your foot?"

"Both feet, darling. Now come on. I don't like waiting."

Dash tried to swallow her revulsion, and got down on her knees, lowering her face towards Rarity's toes.
"How long do I have to do this?"

"Five minutes each foot should be plenty. And they have to be a good five minutes, or I'm restarting the timer."


Rarity's feet were odorless, thankfully, but the idea of another girl's foot in her mouth... Rainbow could hardly stomach it. But she was brave, and she wasn't going to back down. Not now, at least.

Slowly, Dash probed Rarity's heel with her tongue. It tasted like skin, sweat, and the chemical sweetness of perfume. Not terrible, but still... this was Rarity's foot she was tasting. Gross.

"You'll have to do better than that, Dashie darling~"

"Yeah, yeah..."

Rainbow licked the entire length of Rarity's foot, trying not to gag as she did so. Rarity's toes curled in response, and Rainbow came to a sudden, sick realization: Rarity was enjoying this!

"I knew you were a foot weirdo!"

Rarity giggles.

"Guilty as charged, I suppose. But only one of us here has another lady's toes in her mouth."

Rainbow grimaced, and bent down, licking at Rarity's toes.

"There's a good girl."

She extended her big toe, placing it in Rainbow's mouth.


Rainbow obliged, sucking at Rarity's toe.

"Not bad. Don't forget my delicate little arches."

She pressed her foot up against Dash's mouth, mashing her arch against her rainbow-haired friend's lips. Dash tongued the arch as best she could, trying not to inhale too much with Rarity's foot up against her nose.
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I'm not even into feet, but this sure is expanding my dong.
>pic somewhat related
"You're going very well, Dashie. I think you deserve a little treat. Here: we'll share."

"Share? What do you... mother of Celestia..."

Rarity brought her own foot, still slimed with Dash's saliva, up to her mouth, and took a long lick.

"Did you just..."

Rarity grinned, and licked again, from her heel all the way to the tips of her toes, before beginning to suck her own foot, coating it in a mixture of her and Rainbow's drool. Satisfied, she offered it back to her friend.

"You're turn."

"Rarity... this is so sick. Seriously, just stop it."

"Ah, ah... you've still got some time left. And since I'm feeling generous today, I'll let you finish after this foot. But not until then~"

She winked, and Dash reluctantly bent back over Rainbow's foot. Was she really going to do this? It was covered in the other girl's spit now too. How gross could something get?

"Dashie... I'm waiting..."

Dash closed her eyes, and forced herself to slide her tongue across the ball of Rarity's foot. Fortunately, the other girl's saliva tasted no different from hers, but still, knowing what she was licking... ew. Ew ew ew.

She continued her tongue bath until Rarity's foot was dripping wet, and the fashionista finally called 'stop.'

"You were a very good girl, Rainbow. I think you deserve a little reward..."

"Hell no, I don't need a reward from you."

"Oh, Rainbow, this isn't a reward you can refuse. I've still got the photos, remember?"

Rainbow gulped.

"Okay... what's my reward."

"Sit back. It's your turn now."

Rainbow obliged as she realized Rarity's intentions. At least this part would be less gross. She extended a foot in Rarity's direction, and felt a warm, wet sensation across it as Rarity's began her first lick. It... actually wasn't that bad. In fact, it was kinda soothing.
Rainbow leaned back on her towel, letting Rarity do her thing. The fashionista's tongue worked its way expertly in between her toes and across her soles. Rarity even punctuated her licks with little, tender kisses. Rainbow felt tension she didn't even know she had draining from her feet, as Rarity's tongue drew her into a state of relaxed bliss.

She could get used to this

"I take back everything I said about your feet, Rainbow. They're lovely~"

Rarity let out a little moan of pleasure as she took Rainbow's toes into her mouth, sucking at them greedily. Rainbow just smiled, enjoying the soothing warmth traveling up her leg. Just imagining this kind of soothing feeling after a soccer game... maybe Rarity's foot-weirdness wasn't so weird after all.

By the time Rarity finished, Dash was practically asleep, she was so comfortable. Rarity straightened herself out, laying down next to her friend.

"Well? Did you learn a lot?"

"Hmph. I guess. You're still a weirdo."

"I don't see you complaining anymore."

"Eh, it was kinda nice. But, uh... how would you feel about maybe doing something like that after a soccer game?"

A dark, wet splotch appeared on the crotch area of Rarity's bikini.

"I. Would. LOVE. That."

Rarity grinned hungrily, then suddenly threw her arms around Rainbow.

"I had a lot more fun with you today then I thought I would, Dashie. I'm sorry the photos, by the way. I was lying about the camera, there are no online backups."

"WHAT?! NO ONLINE-- yeah. You got me. The mayonnaise thing was pretty rotten. I guess we're even?"


Rarity squeezed Dash, then pulled away.

"Thanks for a great afternoon, Dashie. And now, it's time for some much-needed relaxation."

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Page ten bump
Continuing from yesterday evening.

>Rainbow Dash rushed out of her house and quickly spread her wings. She was so embarassed she could not bear to be around Scoots.
>She needed to calm down, and she knew it. If she met someone she knew now, they'd easily figure out that there is something wrong with rainbow.
>She landed on one of the clouds around, thinking that nobody would look for her here.
>What she probably didn't know was that this was one of the first places anyone would look for her.
>But even if she knew, she could not come home. She left scoots there... And Rainbow was way to ashamed to face the little girl now.
'Oh Rainbow, what were you thinking' she muttered to herself.
>But, those feet, those cute, tiny, fresh and young orange feet.
>Rainbow just could not help herself. She just wanted to lick them SO bad. If she did, she could die right there, and be happy about it.
>And yet, she cared about Scootaloo even more.
>Still, when alone, she would often grab Scoots' worn socks and sniff them for hours.
>She pulled one out of her pocket right then. She was just so aroused.
>Rainbow Dash placed the dirt piece of cloth on her face and inhaled deeply.
>Dash sighed and exhaled, and then took another sniff. Her hand automatically went down her pants.
>She started to softly play with herself.
>Her lady parts were already getting soaked with her warm, slick juices.
>She muffled a moan and continued to sniff the ninth graders dirty sock.

I am writing that on the fly, so don't expect miracles with speed.
>Meanwhile, after Rainbow Dash left, Scootaloo went to her small room and jumped on the bed made of soft cloud, face down.
>She could not get herself to just go find Anon and... like, ask him out.
>She would not admit it, but she was afraid. Afraid that she would not make a good impression, that she would not be accepted.
>And she also was confused. What did Rainbow mean? Feet? Why feet? Who likes feet?
>But she was curious too, like any healthy sentient being. And curiosity drew her to take Rainbow's sock.
>She had her theory, clever little girl, seeing as there were her own dirty socks on Dash's couch.
>Rainbow must have used them somehow. Scootaloo suspected that her idol liked her feet, and all feet for that matter.
>The little girl did not find that offensive. It was flattering for her that her idol was fascinated with her, in any way.
>Still a bit weird. Why feet? Although... the smell of Rainbow's socks was kind of appealing.
>Scoots lingered for a while and then brought the smelly sock to her nose. She inhaled.
>Almost immediately her lower regions were starting to feel that familiar burning. Scoots did masturbate before and she knew it, but this time... it was different.
>She couldn't help but imagine her idol's feet in her face. The dream was so vivid that the young girl started to feel dampness in her panties.
'Oh... Rainbow... Dashie...' she sighed as she inhaled her idols scent again.
>Her hand was soon down in her pants, playing with her burning ladyhood.
>There was no stepping back now.
>RD was furiously rubbing her clit and loudly moaning, while literally breathing through Scoots' sock.
>Her hand moved quicker and quicker, fueled by pure lust, and lubricated by lots of her juices.
>Dash was dripping onto the cloud. She felt like she was burning, and it was better than anything she felt before.
>Imagining herself licking her young friends feet made her close to climax itself
>Her hand, skillfully teasing her clit, was enchancing the experience to entirely new levels.
>What brought Rainbow over the edge was the lovely smell of young girls sweat.
>She took a deep breath from the sock. It was like a first true breath she took in her life.
>Her body twitched and arched, and Rainbow Dash let out a loud scream, muffling it with the sock a bit too late.
>While she climaxed, she squirted all around, soaking the cloud. It absorbed most of the liquid like a sponge.
>The rain was going to be different from usual today.
>The blue pegasus just lied there for a moment, with her panties around her ankles, in a puddle of her own juice.
>She was still panting with her eyes closed.
>When she shook it off, her mind was already clear. She had to have Scoots' for herself, one way or another.
>She knew she could go to jail for that. She didn't care.
>RD needed to prepare. She headed home, sure that her friend abided to her tips and went out.
I made the mistake of making a new thread for this. I forgot that this thread didn't use the title correctly so I ended up not finding it when I searched for it or even browsed the catalog. As a result, I'm a faggot. I also forgot the title in the new thread, too.

Today is not going to be my day, is it?
damn, ordinary, looks like it isn't. why don't you use the tread watcher?
Okay, I give up. Wirters block. I am gonna play some Hearthstone now. You can count on next chapter morning, GMT +1. That is, if I manage to wake up.
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>thread is kill again
Eh... I guess I should.
Sometimes it can end up needing just a few bumps, don't worry on it.
Oh it's back?
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what do gilda's feet smell like, /mlp/s unlikely affinity?

what do they taste like?
Who knows.
Continuing from yesterday, a bit late. Sorry about that.

>Rainbow was already at her own doorstep, and she opended the door. Then it caught her eye. The tiny sack of coins was still on the table.
>A sudden hunch touched the athlete. She went outside again, and flew up to east wall. She gripped the cloud material and folded her wings.
>She climbed towards Scootaloo's window, hearing lots of audible cues about her friend still being there... and about what she was doing.
>Rainbow would not educate Scoots on dangers of masturbation, and such, but she could not deny herself a look.
>Still, when she took a sneak peek, she almost fell off the wall, she was heavily shocked. Not that the fall would be dangerous.
>What she saw was Scootaloo quickly masturbating... with a sock in her face. This sock, as Rainbow immediately identified belonged to herself.
>Rainbow could not decide if she should climb in through the window or not.
>In her mind it might lead to something.
>She chose against that idea, and just watched the fourteen-year-old bring herself closer and closer to climax.
>The orange girl really reminded Rainbow of herself, and some of the stuff she did to satisfy her kinks.
>When Rainbow saw that Scootaloo was really close, she quietly entered through the window.
>Scootaloo didn't see her through the smelly sock. Rainbow quietly snuck up on her.
>Dash softly kissed Scootaloo's neck. For a while the orange girl was stunned. Paralyzed, even.
>The blue girl nuzzled the orange one and kisse her again.
'Why did you stop?' Rainbow whispered.
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Needs another bump.
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Pinks, swim1.jpg
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We need to cap more stories to post them like this.
Who volunteers?
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Pinks, swim2.jpg
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Even if, I worry it will do no good.
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I have caps of StarKnight's first couple stories. I'll go dig up other, non-pastebinned stories in the archive at some point. Just not right now.
I could re-link some old pastebins of mine if it helps.
Why would you stop?
Thank you.
I am sorry, but I am not really feeling well. I am going to continue, don't worry. I never abandon my work.
make a new thread and make sure it has the proper tags in the description or nobody's gonna find dis...
I feel like this is why the thread is struggling
I'm sure the OP pic is a pretty good hint,
Not enough human pone feet to post is why.
Once you find it, it isn't hard to find it again. That being said, I think we're fine on people, especially considering all of the writefags found it.
This is the real problem. There's never been a large amount of non-anthro foot art and there never will be. We're all that we have.
Continuing again. I will make a pastebin for that. I think it will get long. Also, I plan two more parts today... hopefully.

'Here. Let me help you with that.' Rainbow grabbed Scootaloo's hand and guided it back to work.
>Scoots squealed and tried to hide her face, but she didn't resist.
>Her cheeks were burning bright red. Rainbow kissed her neck again and moved her free hand into little girl's shirt.
>She didn't wear a bra. There was no need, her boobs were not fully grown yet. She was almost completely flat.
>Which, again, reminded Rainbow of herself.
'Heh. I didn't expect you to like dirty socks smell, kid. ' Rainbow said, teasing orange girl.
>Rainbow rubbed the youngsters chest and helped her hand down south.
>Then it struck her. It was the perfect moment.
'Go on, don't stop. I got a surprise for you.' Rainbow whispered in Scoots' ear.
>Rainbow jumped to the other side of the bed and grabbed Scootaloo's right foot.
'You are gonna like it...'Dash said quietly, and then greedily licked the tiny sole.
>She didn't stop there though. She did it again, and again. Then she went to plant kisses on the orange foot, from heel to toe.
>She lightly bit on Scoot's arch and then pressed her nose inbetween those cute little toes. Rainbow inhaled deeply.
>She did it several times over. When she got enough, she started sucking on Scootaloo's toes. One at the time, from biggest to smallest.
>Those feet were perfect. Rainbow was so happy, she could just climax right there and then. But she knew it would be better to pace herself.
File: 2135478654123.png (726KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
726KB, 1024x1024px
Sounds like we need to diversify our portfolio.
Hand fetish, anyone?
>Dash looked at Scootaloo's face. She caught her eyes for a second, but Scoots immediately turned away and closed her eyes.
'What's that, kid? Don't you like it?' Rainbow asked. Her heart skipped a beat. What if Scootaloo didn't want it?
'Rainbow... I do... but I am so...' Scootaloo's voice broke.
>Rainbow left Scoot's foot and moved up, positioning herself next to her younger friend.
>She hugged scootaloo and kissed her on the forehead.
'Don't worry, Scootaloo. You are beautiful. I just couldn't resist. I am... sorry.'
'No... I like it. I am just embarassed... You caught me doing that... with your sock, and all...'
'It's okay. You need to know something too. I think it is incredibly sexy. And cute, too.'
>Scootaloo smiled.
'So... you wanna continue?' Rainbow asked. She looked the young girl in the eyes and she saw a spark of excitement.
>Rainbow took the initiative again and kissed Scoots on the mouth. Orange pegasus kissed back, and they joined in a really long tongue dance.
>Scootaloo was not experienced, but she picked up stuff quickly, copying Rainbow's motions. After a while they stopped kissing.
'Rainbow...' Scootaloo whispered. 'I'd like to do... you know... what you done to me.'
>Rainbow smiled and swapped positions. Her feet were now right in Scootaloo's reach, and Scoots' feet were in Rainbow's.
'One more thing, kid. I owe you to tell you that... well... I used your socks like that too. Hope you don't mind.' Rainbow said and dived into licking Scootaloo's left foot.
File: EQG, DT Feet.png (189KB, 1025x1057px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
EQG, DT Feet.png
189KB, 1025x1057px
i know, we really need a drawfag. do you guys know anybody who might help?
this reminds me of something. We're an mlp foot fetish thread, but how come there isn't a lot of cosplay feet posted here? seems odd.
File: 660257.jpg (359KB, 1024x1540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
359KB, 1024x1540px
There just aren't very many cosplay feet photos, unfortunately.
>Scootaloo knew. She figured that out already. But she decided not to tell the blue girl.
>She had much better things to do. She had Rainbow's feet right in her face.
>Scoots analyzed Rainbow's motions on her feet, and started to mimic them.
>The cyan athlete had very nice feet too. Not too big, perfectly proportional, beatifully arched.
>And also, very well kept, surprisingly. Smooth and soft, and even smelling quite nice. Just right.
>The little girl copied every lick and nub, every kiss and bite, hoping to bring Rainbow as much pleasure as she received.
>Scootaloo could not help herself, but to start pleasing herself as well. She was so wet, and she didn't get her release yet.
>And the taste, and smell of Rainbow's feet made her so aroused, she could cum any moment.
>Rainbow went to please herself too. She literally torn off her panties. Scootaloo watched. And it was a sight to see.
>Dash's perfectly shaped butt really drew attention, even if it was not naked and slick with sweat.
>In it's current state, it was truly divine. The bright pink pussy on blue skin was something most guys had to keep dreaming about.
>They both moaned and squealed. Their feet were all wet with saliva.
>Scootaloo could not hold on much longer, and neither did Rainbow.
'On three, kid.' Rainbow gasped.
>They equalled their pace. 'One'she said.
>Scootaloo squealed. 'Two'.
>Before the athlete could finish the countdown, Scootaloo rapidly released herself. Her climax was the strongest she has ever experienced.
>The orange girl squirted all the way onto Rainbow's face, wetting her all over, as her orgasm came to an end.
>Seeing that Rainbow finished too, still kissing and licking Scoots' feet.
>Her body arched and squirted too, wetting the little girls chest and panties.
>They just lied there, panting and still feeling the pleasure coursing through their nerves.
>Rainbow swapped positions again, and hugged Scoots. She hoped that it was not the first and last time.
Done for today, hope you enjoyed. To be continued. Tomorrow evening.
Also, what do you think? How did I do?
File: Scootachair.gif (75KB, 200x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 200x256px
I think you deserve a medal
Not bad.
I don't know who posted this on MLPG, but here you guys go.

Thank you. Is that mrs cake or pinkie?
Mrs. Cake
File: thunbs up.jpg (175KB, 474x595px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
thunbs up.jpg
175KB, 474x595px
>Mrs. Cake
>Really unfy pic
never thought I'd see the day
How the HELL would you think that's Pinkie?
Some people draw her chubby and now that ilook at it I should have recognize d the hair.
Might as well content bump. http://pastebin.com/aNkr5nbq
Streaming some Maud Pie.

picarto tv/live/channel.php?watch=companioncube
Thanks for watching.
Guys, I am gonna write a chapter for my story now, but if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate them.
Story time, c'mon 'n' grab your friends

>You weren't surprised to find out that Rainbow Dash had sympathies for the fairer gender
>That she yodelled in the canyons of love, in other words
>In yet more words, she enjoyed cunnilingus and cunnilinctus with other females
>But finding yourself at the foot of her bed, as she lay with the nameless conquest of her night out clubbing, you were a little surprised
>Dash's squeaky, enthusiastic voice had rung out, calling for you, and you made yourself apparent
>You hadn't seen the other, now-naked pony come in the house when Rainbow had returned home, just a few minutes ago
>It was jarring, too, to see the pegasus nearly naked on top of the bedsheets, even with the casual immodesty you had almost become used to
>After all, you had lived with Dash for a while now
>It was a good setup for you
>You did a good share of the housework, always washing dishes, making beds and doing laundry, in exchange for free board at her place
>Not to mention the bonus on the side of having access to Rainbow's dirty socks via her laundry basket and her room
>Dash always jokingly called you her servant, and would say how nice it was to have a slave around the house
>The thought of serving the tomboy was, well, arousing, you would candidly admit
>You often imagined being at her feet, kissing supplications on her toes, between her toes, on her soles...
>Speaking of which, you were disappointed to find no feet to adore, for Dash still wore her rave shoes, even as she lay on the bed
>You had suspected Dash would have brought girls home since she told you her orientation, but this was the first occular proof of such an occurrence
>Save for what you now knew to be the heady smell of lovemaking, which was sometimes infused in the sheets as you changed them
>The thought of some secret lovemaking, which you were not privy to, caused a hot, passionate air in your chest
>Although now you knew of the rainbow girl's sex life and the secrecy was stripped away, the intensity didn't lessen
>"Watch this" says Dash in a loud whisper to her partner
>"Anon! I was waiting for you! I need some help with something..." she trailed off, and the pair giggled mischievously, as if they were immature adolescents
>You can hardly think of anything to say, so you remain silent, with a jaw agape at the stunning sight
>"I sorta need you to take off my boots, because, I just, can't, really, reach them, myself" she said
>She demonstrated her point with dramatic grunts as she stretched her arms towards her boots in a clearly non-serious attempt to reach
>"S-sure..." you said, not questioning the request, despite the burning embarrassment
>"See, what did I tell you?" Dash stage whispers again, and more laughter comes from the girls on the bed
>"Anon is such a good boy, aren't you, Anon." Dash tells you, not asking a question
>As you remove the footwear with an inaudible pop, bare feet fill your vision
>Not only your eyesight, but your sense of smell is indulged with the sweaty foot smell only possibly produced from hours of dancing, in boots, in a dark, dank nightclub without socks on
>Dash sighs with relief, and wiggled her toes
>"Thank you, Anon~" she almost sings
>You briefly look up to her, but she's returning the giggling grin to the girl in bed with her
>"I almost thought I was going to have to do that myself, but I'm so lucky to have a slave to do things for me" she says, glancing at you to gauge a reaction
>Your eyes were fixed on her feet, her toes still a-wriggling in rows
>You sniff the air
>"How do they smell, Anon?" Dash asks
>"What? ...did you... say?" You're shocked
>"I asked how my feet smell, Anon! I mean, geez, I thought you were slow already but... hey, it must be pretty bad down there. I didn't stop dancing at all tonight, so, sweaty feet mean smelly feet, right?"
>You're at a loss for words and I'm at a loss for dialogue and it doesn't matter what you say
>You've got pegasus feet in your face, and...
>And you hear a noise, and look up
>A schlick came from Dash's bedmate, and her face belied the enjoyment she felt from seeing you smell Dash's feet
>Rainbow turned too, and her own arousal heightened
>With renewed vigour in her voice, Dash instructed you: "suck on my toes, Anon. Do it now, okay?"
>Bringing your face to the source of the pungent foot stink, you slipped your lips around her big toe
>It tasted fucking good.
>Dash moaned, and reached an arm out to seek what lay between the pair of legs which lay beside her
>In a desperate attempt to taste more of her feet, you salivated in long slick licks up and down Dash's soles
>The salty sole sweat gave you the sexual pleasure you could only imagine, stirring your groin
>Except it went far beyond a stirring, and into a full whisking of your nether regions
>The sounds from between the girls' legs heightened in pace, and grew into debauchery
>What was going on just in front of you was a sight to behold
>The denial to you of such direct sexual release while you were resigned to the frustratingly sublime task of footlicking recursively heightened your frustration, and your built-up, firey urges
>As she neared climax, her toes curled around your tongue, and her feet pushed further down into your face
>You were happy to serve your role in the night's events, helping your friend reach a body-rocking orgasm
>She would later describe it to you the next day, as you massaged and kissed her feet, as having shot out, spreading from the rapid tonguing of her body
>Not only from the tongue between her legs, but between her toes, too, she added, patting you on the head as you kissed her soles, still stinking from last night
>She clearly could reach your head at her feet as she sat, with her arms
>She hadn't needed you to take off her boots, but only to show your submission
>Although that was obvious already, you thought
>It was the last thought of the hour before you slipped into a happy, rhythmic slurping and licking of Rainbow's feet

Probably got some mistakes in there somewhere, I was tired and I don't have an editor to read my pony foot fetish fan fiction.

Love you guys (ზωზ)
Lotta lesbian Dash stories suddenly.
I guess I liked Shatterhand's story a lot, so, yeah.

By the way, I loved this story.

Any fresh, new ideas would be appreciated too
Lesbian Dash plus some good Scootafeet?
Is this christmas?
You have no idea how much that means to me.
page 10 bump
Why is superjail being associated with this thread?
Why am I not worshiping this woman's glorious toes?
Seems like faceless will just continue using bases.
it was just a bump

You're pretty much the only reason I come to these threads <3
File: 1363641453761.gif (303KB, 320x289px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303KB, 320x289px
Oh geez, thanks!
No, thank you.
Are you trying to get us scruffed?
Hmmmm. Well, if we could find some more foot worthy females to actually cosplay as these characters barefoot, it would be a godsend.

Though on a sidenote, I keep dreaming of the day I find this particular Fluttershy cosplayer, and sniff, lick, and worship her bare soles and toes. I would give anything for that to happen.
Love it, nice work.
>that vagina placement
Man, she really slathered that nail polish on.
10 bump
File: Twi & Rarity, feet.png (488KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi & Rarity, feet.png
488KB, 2048x1536px
So, random question, guys. What other fetishes do you have besides feet, if any, and what kind of feet do you prefer? long toes, scrunched, dirty?
>small, dainty hands
>big, meaty feet
This bothers me. Oh, and feet go with my femdom kink, I guess.
Micro/Macro is about all I got that combines with it greatly. As for preferred feet I am not sure, I know clean or sweaty is all.
You have done me a great service. But if only I could stick my dick in her after worshiping and slobbering over her bare soles.
Well, fetishes for me are (aside from the obvious, feet)
>Bellies inflated by all means: air, water, fattening, pregnancy, etc.
...That's all I can think of off the top of my head, actually. I frequent /d/, and that's a real mixed bag, always with something new to find.
Bed bump
5-bump combo
File: VampI1.png (327KB, 617x613px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
327KB, 617x613px
File: Mr V stockings.png (396KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mr V stockings.png
396KB, 1024x1024px
File: flutter socks.png (168KB, 917x872px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
flutter socks.png
168KB, 917x872px
save rave
File: Save bump.jpg (22KB, 480x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Save bump.jpg
22KB, 480x357px
I still have faith in our glorious writefags
...Oh yeah, I have a story.
Let us see it.
Someone please do a story based on this pic
I have a heartbeat fetish, where I get aroused by hearing a female's heartbeat... and it doesn't seem very popular on here. I even tried making a thread about it, here on /mlp/, but I got ripped on.

I also get sort of turned on when I see a girl in an anime have a heart attack.
File: 1380991662887.gif (3MB, 378x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 378x225px
Great. Now I know that someone, somewhere out there is aroused by cardiac arrest.
I can say I have never heard such a thing, but it sounded alright till the last part.
I may get lynched for this, but how would some of you feel on a story with Ultramare?
go for it, more content is always nice.
Sure why not.
Yes pls
I just had an revelation, so expect a new chapter today, in about two to three hours. Now featuring 100% more shower scenes.
Can't wait.
Sure, even though I don't know who ultra mare is
The heart attack stuff really depends... if it were a real-life situation (like, if I were there when someone was having a heart attack), I'd be scared/panicking, not getting an expanded dong. In tv shows, like anime, it would arouse me because most of the time, they add the heartbeat sound effect with it.

Just thought I'd clarify that.
There are things wrong with me.
File: 1404858014836.jpg (111KB, 735x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111KB, 735x960px
...interesting. I also have a fetish thats, morbidly similar, but I'm not sure if i should tell it...
try to guess.
We twenty questions now? Ok.

Does it have anything to do with illness?
Well, shit, a heart beat sounds so primal, like raw human *life*, I can almost understand that. It's almost romantic, I guess.

Fuck yeah fetish games. Is it to do with the heart?
It's an OC that was created by the artist, Khrome. You can usually see pics of her in the MMP threads here. She even has a tumblr.

Dunno why that anon wants to do a foot story of the character but more power to him.
I was thinking of stuff with the tiny Shining and Cadence story when Ultramare came into mind and sorta spawned another idea.
File: image.jpg (69KB, 755x521px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 755x521px
does this idea in ogle micro and/or macro shenanigans?

damn auto correct
Of course it does, it will be about unaware footplay along with.
unaware macro footplay?

i think i need a new roof, my boner just smashed a hole in it.
You have my full and undivided attention, based anon.
Who is Ultramare?
File: 1411158545905.jpg (44KB, 422x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 422x422px
This is going to be a incredibly stupid question but what do guys find arousing in micro/macro? Just curious because I really don't get it.
I don't have the fetish but I imagine it's usually a dominant/submissive thing. Bigger means more dominant.
Go big or go home, nigga.

but really it's more of a submissive/dominant thing, plus, who wouldn't want to be smushed between a pair of gigantic feet?
I'm not really a big fan of it, but I guess it has something to do with size, like, if you're small, girls wont mind you being VERY close to their feet, since you're usually on the ground, and small things are cute, I guess.
also, I gotta go to sleep, and you guys guessed good about my fetish, so I'll go ahead and tell you.
File: 1411526065970.gif (929KB, 135x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
929KB, 135x180px
>that spoiler
>mfw your fetish
Not judging or anything, but why necro?
dead girls can't say no
Dunno why it's my fetish, it's not like i chose it. the main reason I like is is because,
but besides that, I'm not really sure. I guess I just find them more attractive, but I'm not really a fan of a lot of gore on them. Also, their feet, mainly.
File: 1391664445265.jpg (26KB, 492x557px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 492x557px
All of this. You explained it better than I did also
>dat spoiler

>mfw I realized that my fetishes are basic
>mfw I realized that I'm basic as fuck
Oh my god, you're still namefagging and posting le randumb reaction images here? Just fuck off already.
Ever tried making a necro feet story?
I'd read that
Gotta agree with this guy. You haven't submitted anything since that half-ass ending to that spitfire/dash story, take the name off or fuck off.
I'd love to do it, and would easily post that shit.
that is, if other people are interested...
Please do.
File: 1373574766852.jpg (25KB, 500x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 500x400px
I'm too far down the rabbit hole to give a fuck anymore. Do it.
with who?
Hmm....now that, I have no idea. Do whatever you like, I guess.
Anon x one of the princesses Romeo and Juliet style?
With whoever you as a writefriend thinks will bear the best possible results
I've decided. I remember there was a story in the feels threads once where anon accidentally kills pinkie with a frying pan.
I laughed way harder than I should have at the thought of that.
File: 1411160223991.png (37KB, 298x279px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 298x279px
>actually thinking about worshipping a dead girl's feet
>boner achieved
Time to kill myself.
File: 1411565595697.png (151KB, 380x328px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151KB, 380x328px
>involves worst pone

>worst pone
>not rarity
Sir, you have poor taste.
File: 1411320324807.gif (556KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
556KB, 640x360px
>worst pone
>not Fluttershy
That'll just make the necro's job that much easier.

Nigga, I'm fabulous.

Second choice here.
File: abstract feel.png (185KB, 680x684px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
abstract feel.png
185KB, 680x684px
I'm torn. I want you to write it, but I don't think I'll be able to read something that my waifu dies in. I want to read it for curiosity's sake, but I also don't for personal reasons.

This is gonna drive me fucking insane.

Yes, I know I'm a faggot.
-Pinkie Necro Story-
>It happened so fast.
>One startle was all it took.
>She knew you could get startled easily, It was her fault.
>You hit pinkie with a frying pan.
>A straight shot to the head.
>Again, it happened so fast, and you weren't expecting her to jump you from behind.
>You look her body over, seeing if she's okay.
>She has a small amount of blood coming from her nose, and her eyes are closed.
>Bending down, you check her pulse and her heartbeat.
>Nothing, she's dead.
>Luckily, the shop is closed, and the cake family is out on vacation.
>Staring at pinkie, you notice her clothing.
>Pink t-shirt, Shorts, and pink flats.
>You think to yourself how sexy pinkie is, and how you might never get this chance again.
>After all, she can't say no, right?
>You carefully pick up her light body as her young body jiggles in all the right places.
>Her cute butt bumps into your crotch as you lift her up to you, taking a sniff of her perfume.
>Her arms flop lifelessly as you carry her upstairs to her room.
>You lay her body down next to the door and slowly open it.
>You walk around her body and grab her by the legs this time, dragging her inside the room.
>Looking at her flats, you start to think about her feet.
File: 1409909500755.jpg (14KB, 360x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 360x360px
Yep. New fetish acquired. Thanks, Fem-A
>You didn't know her long, but you remember that she had a good pair.
>Deciding that you need to worship those cute things, you grab her body and lay it delicately on the bed.
>There's a box of tissues on the counter next to her bed, which you pull a tissue out of and use it to wipe the blood from pinkie's nose.
>Now, for lockdown.
>You search pinkie's pockets for the shop key, which you find in the left one.
>You speed across the small shop, closing windows, drawing blinds, and locking doors.
>Finally, after locking everything up, you close the room to pinkie's bedroom and lock it.
>You sit on the foot of the bed and pull pinkie's legs toward you.
>Her skin is soft, she must have put on lotion earlier.
>Her flats are tight on her feet, and you're anxious to get them off.
>You grab her right flat, tugging on it until it finally comes off.
>Pinkie's foot smell travels to your nostrils, and you inhale deeply.
>Her foot isn't dirty at all, with no abnormalities.
>You touch her foot, feeling the softness and sweat on it.
>Turning your attention to the other flat, you grab it and take it off as well.
>Both flats are off now, and her smell is very noticeable in the air.
>You look at her feet and put them in your lap as her body remains lifeless.
>You press your nose into her soles smelling the amazing scent of pinkie's freshly dead feet.
>Pressing your hands into her feet, you begin to massage them, feeling her soft skin in your hands.
>Her toenails are painted a hot pink, and you begin to rub her cute toes.
File: 1382069510202.jpg (44KB, 420x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 420x500px
Oh god. This thread turned into a shithole so fast.
File: 1385323264673.gif (384KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
384KB, 500x281px
pls ma'am, moar
File: 1383294720731.jpg (5KB, 200x189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 200x189px
I don't know how to feel anymore.
File: look at the why.jpg (53KB, 418x455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
look at the why.jpg
53KB, 418x455px
File: 1351500204752.jpg (32KB, 576x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 576x720px
For the very first time on this thread, I'm scared. Genuinely scared for myself and my mentality. I didn't know what to expect.
>You then come close to her soles and press you lips against them, kissing them passionately.
>Licking your lips afterwards, you start to taste the dead party girl's soles.
>Her sweat has a sweat taste to it, maybe from lotion.
>Her feet taste so good...
>You put your face on her feet, making her toes curl on your face.
>She had a very nice pair of feet...
>You decide to wrap it up and pull your dick out of you pants, grabbing pinkie's legs and scooting them and yourself up more on the bed.
>Bending her legs, you manipulate her dead feet on your dick, with her giving you a footjob.
>Moving her feet up and down, your boner is almost ready to explode.
>You continue to use pinkie's feet to milk your dick, grabbing one foot, smelling and licking it as you rub your dick with the other.
>Finally, you cum hard on pinkie's feet, her bed, and a little on yourself.
>You relax for a bit until you realize what to do with the body.
>Calling up a friend, he and you devise a plan to hide it, and dispose of it.
>The friend was a shady kind of guy, and specialized in this kind of thing.
>After the act of disposal was over, you left ponyville in search of other places to go.
>You never know, maybe the same might happen somewhere else...

Probably not going to be a sequel.
I'm sorry if it offends, but some anons wanted it, and I never done this before and wanted to, was just experimenting.
also, it was hot to me.
File: 1412548396249.gif (942KB, 253x216px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
942KB, 253x216px
I'm... I'm still not sure what to think.
File: 1382665174990.jpg (10KB, 172x231px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 172x231px
It's alright, I just wanted to see where you could've gone with this and oh boy, you didn't disappoint. Kinda doesn't help that I'm listening to this at the moment
The writing was as good as ever. If she was just unconscious, then my dick would be in my hand as we speak. But... yeah.

I'm >>20065209 by the way. My stomach turned at the initial killing, but that's about it.
I can convert it into unconsiousness, if you anons like.
On one hand this is appealing to my ignoring fetish, but her being dead makes me uncomfortable.
If it's not too much trouble then please do!
Yes, that would be nice. Over-partying and a sugar hangover should keep her out for a while.
Kay' I'll do it later tomorrow. night, anons.

Pinkie unconsious Story

>Damn that was some party.
>Sugarcube corner is a mess, as always after a party.
>Seems like whenever pinkie throws one, it's a good one..
>But pinkie's passed out on the floor.
>Probably from all the sugar and partying.
>When she's like this, a tornado couldn't wake her up.
>You look her tired body over, noting the icing on her mouth.
>She's snoring softly, and her hair is frizzled.
>Bending down, you tap her on her forehead, looking for a response.
>Luckily, the shop is closed, and the cake family is out on vacation, so you have to deal with her.
>Staring at pinkie, you notice her clothing from last night.
>Pink t-shirt, Shorts, and pink flats.
>You think to yourself how sexy pinkie is, and how you might never get this chance again.
>You were only here this one night, right?
>You carefully pick up her light body as her body jiggles in all the right places.
>Her cute butt bumps into your crotch as you lift her up to you, taking a sniff of her perfume and lifting her into your arms.
>you carry her upstairs to her room, and having trouble opening the door.
>You lay her body on her bed and sit on the foot of it.
>There's a box of tissues on the counter next to her bed, which you pull a tissue out of and use it to wipe the icing from pinkie's mouth.
>Now, for some fun.
>You close the door and lock it, making sure no one can interrupt.
>You sit on the foot of the bed and pull pinkie's legs toward you.
>Her skin is soft, she must have put on lotion earlier.
>Her flats are tight on her feet, and you're anxious to get them off.
>You grab her right flat, tugging on it until it finally comes off.
>Pinkie's foot smell travels to your nostrils, and you inhale deeply.
>Her foot isn't dirty at all, with no abnormalities.
>You touch her foot, feeling the softness and sweat on it.
>Turning your attention to the other flat, you grab it and take it off as well.
>Both flats are off now, and her smell is very noticeable in the air.
>You look at her feet and put them in your lap as pinkie continues to snore.
>You press your nose into her soles, smelling the amazing scent of pinkie's tired feet.
>Pressing your hands into her feet, you begin to massage them, feeling her soft skin in your hands.
>Her toenails are painted a hot pink, and you begin to rub her cute toes.
>You then come close to her soles and press you lips against them, kissing them passionately.
>Licking your lips afterwards, you start to taste the party girl's cute soles.
>Her sweat has a sweat taste to it, maybe from lotion.
>Her feet taste so good...
>You put your face on her feet, making her toes curl on your face.
>Thankfully, she's still out cold.
>She has a very nice pair of feet...
>You decide to wrap it up and pull your dick out of you pants, grabbing pinkie's legs and scooting yourself up more on the bed.
>You manipulate pinkie's feet on your dick, her giving you a footjob.
>Moving her feet up and down, your boner is almost ready to explode.
>You continue to use pinkie's feet to milk your dick, grabbing one foot, smelling and licking it as you rub your dick with the other.
>Finally, you cum hard on pinkie's feet, her bed, and a little on yourself.
>You relax for a bit until you realize you need to clean this up.
>You grab the tissue box and use a shit ton of them to wipe everything away.
>It's hard as fuck, but finally, it's clean enough.
>The "it's not really noticable" clean.
>You walk downstairs, grab you things, and head home after a great morning with pinkie.
>Hopefully she won't find out.

Well, glad I could, er, fix my little story for you guys. Won't happen again, 'was just experimenting. Hope you liked. Now, I'm gonna sleep.
Huh. Without the "dead" part, it's just a another "molest your friends while they sleep" story.
Thank you based Fem
File: 1410482314783.jpg (3KB, 104x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 104x125px
Eyep! The best there is!
Has anyone done a story on sonata or the other two dazzlings
I think someone started one a while ago but never finished it. I would try finding it in the archive if I didn't have to go to sleep soon.

Regardless, that was before the movie came out, so it'd be a good idea to start one now that it is.
>>2006770thank you I agree someone needs to start a new one.
Huh, fascinating. Thanks for the story, Fem-A
Come to think of it, I have seen quite a few accounts on deviantart which deal with the bare feet of pretend-dead girls
Okay, I admit it, I am REALLY freakin' lazy. Sorry. I really am. Here's hoping I can make it up to you.

>When both girls woke up, it was late afternoon already. A ray of sunshine was piercing the semi-cloud curtains, and falling on Scootaloo's hair.
>Rainbow looked at her and sighed. Then she remembered. They were both dirty. Very dirty.
>Their juices mixed and dried on their bodies. They were unpleasantly sticky.
>Rainbow Dash stroked the younger girls hair and kissed her neck. And then she kissed again.
'Scoots' Rainbow said. 'I think you had somewhere to go today...'
>The younger girl moaned and sighed. She turned her face towards Dash, and blinked.
>She looked really cute, and even hot. Sunlight dancing through her hair added sort of a divine feeling to her.
>That, combined with her now spread wings, made her look like a real angel. At least to an earthling, it would.
'Scoots... you need to at leash take a shower... We both do.' the blue pegasus nagged her friend.
>She realized that Scootaloo did not feel like moving. She was tired, too.
'Come on, kiddo. Let's take a shower... together. How's that?' Rainbow asked.
>Scootaloo looked at Dash, and her pupils sparked. She immediately brightened up.
'Come here...' blue pegasus said and tickled orange ones' stomach.
>Then the athletic girl picked up still mostly nude Scoots, and like groom carrying his bride, took her to the bathroom.
>Scootaloo already knew this was not gonna be just a shower.
As someone with that fetish, thanks for one of the best boners I've had in these threads.
I'd request more with Twilight, but it seems everyone is uncomfortable with it
Well it could still be written down on a pastebin, that way it works out better for everyone really.
File: 738134.jpg (157KB, 875x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157KB, 875x550px
>Rainbow put Scootaloo down, very gently, placeing her little butt on a towel.
>Then she proceeded to launch the shower. And it was not as simple as it would seem.
>Her bathroom was actually a whole room that consisted only of shower. A rain shower, to be exact.
>The ceiling was made of rain cloud, and the floor was a bit harder than the rest of the house. It was waterproof, and had a drain in the middle.
>Dash punched the ceiling, as it was the quickest way to turn the system on and the rain started.
>Blue girl picked up one of many utensils lying around, a hairbrush and a bottle of shampoo.
'Come here kid. If you are gonna go out, you need to look your best. ' She paused there. 'Or at least it is what Rarity keeps telling me. '
>Scootaloo stood up and obliged to Dash's command. The blue athlete stripped herself naked first, and then did the same to Scoots.
>The scent of their juices was soon killed by the shampoo Rainbow poured on her hands. it's smell was... very not Rainbow, but still very appealing.
>A mixture of fruits, as it appeared to Scootaloo, and sour ones at that. She did not have a lot of time to think about that, though, as Rainbow started to rub the shampoo into the girl's already wet hair.
>The water falling from the ceiling was pleasantly warm, and Scoots found Dash's hands carressing her head and hair incredibly calming.
>Dash, on the other hand, just knew what girls liked. She was also enjoying the satisfied grin on her friend's face.
>When Rainbow was done with Scoots' purple hair, she proceeded to wash her upper body with remaining foam.
>She rubbed her friends back and occasionally touched her tiny breasts, making both of them aroused all over again.
>Then she went even lower, and rubbed Scoots' stomach, 'accidentaly' stroking her clit.

You are insane, Fem-A. I like that.
File: large.png (407KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
407KB, 768x1024px
Look what I found. This is not anthro, right?
It's definitely not anthro.
File: Capture.png (149KB, 665x442px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 665x442px
yeah, i've got a folder with some pics of those in it, fap material.
Well, I'm going to make an animation with some program a friend gave me, but that's just for personal pleasure. If you want, i'll upload it somewhere and post links.
yep, totally insane.
File: good heavens.jpg (45KB, 510x471px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
good heavens.jpg
45KB, 510x471px
I think I'm gonna be needing a source on some of those pics you have there.
um, why?
ugh, let me set up a dropbox, i'll put a link to the folder download.
>um, why?
you know why
well, okay. there's some videos in there as well, which I got from:
Just seems weirdly interesting and I just feel like having a look.
okay, does this work?
It's 2 gigs
Can we not turn this into the dead feet thread? If you work ponies into it, fine, but posting 3DPD "dead" girls that have nothing to do with pone is retarded and should be taken elsewhere.
File: 5464576.png (580KB, 934x792px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
580KB, 934x792px
Sure man, I'll get back on track.

excuse me for being nice and trying to help an anon out.
Link isn't working, I should have checked it before replying to you.
File: No tights.jpg (3MB, 3508x2072px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
No tights.jpg
3MB, 3508x2072px
Ah fucking hell, now it does work. Don't mind me.
yeah, I found the problem. The files take twelve fucking hours to upload. I'm not gonna worry about it, but there's some good videos on that link of the playlist I posted. Maybe check that out.
File: Slide 1.png (1MB, 1894x938px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Slide 1.png
1MB, 1894x938px
>tfw this faggot is a lazy neackbeard and will probably never make more of these.

I'd pay him, but artfags usually charge loadsofemone.
I thought he made each pair already
He replaced Pinkie with Derpy, so it's fair to hope that she'll be paired with someone at some point. I'm hoping for either Vinyl or Bon Bon.
He did a separate Ponka picture with some shitty OC, but I don't think it was part of the series. I'm pretty sure he's not much into pone anymore.
Does anyone have those sketches he did?
Stop whining. You get what you pay for. And in this economy, shit ain't cheap
>pay him to finish what he started for free
sure as hell do
Not my cup of tea, but it was interesting to read.
If you write something like this again drop a link for those who wish to read it.
All right, I'm gonna be inking and eventually coloring this one, so I guess I'll stream it.

Sounds like fun
CompanionCube for el Presidente
Does have to do with actually touching/caressing the heart?
File: fuckthis.png (3MB, 5991x3133px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 5991x3133px
Aaaall right, didn't get too far today, but I'm off Thursday so I'll have more time then.

Big Mac's original face is total garbage, and the feet had no detail. If you guys see something else I should change, I'll consider fixing it.
Oh, wait, you already told us your fetish. I respect it, by the way.
This fucking thread will never die.
That's what I've been thinking.
File: 1393116686463.png (275KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275KB, 600x800px
File: ScootsABSweetie.png (744KB, 1225x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
744KB, 1225x1024px
I want to see they peeing.
Coming from you?
File: 1399547672852.png (309KB, 500x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309KB, 500x357px
okay, I laughed. good one, 2shyshy.
I like the non-colored version better for some reason
File: 1408379251837.png (519KB, 929x1254px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
519KB, 929x1254px
b-but mine has shading!
I'm bored as fuck, thread is dead
Not many stories or pictures is the problem.
Someone please do a story based on this pic.
what pic?
The cmc pic
File: Chrysalis feet.jpg (258KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chrysalis feet.jpg
258KB, 2048x1536px
Night Bump.
Requesring a little strong heart story I dont think she's been done yet.
Lord's mill grinds slowly, but it grinds finely. I am working on it.
Feet fetish
Haven't posted in this thread in a gajillion years and the first thing I see is a necro story, I had a good hearty chuckle. Never change you guys.
i got some pictures
we were desperate, kinda.
are you going to stay, zephy? we need more content.
We don't need more content. We need a funeral.
>Rarity's toe ring
Oh god...d-does she have anklet's too
your going to love this
That's quitter talk, Anon.
Meh,should i keep dumping pictures?
Might as well. Looks like there won't be anything going on otherwise.
i duno, i MIGHT try to take a crack at writefaging one of these days.
Always worth a try. Feels nice when someone does like your story.
I've been thinking about trying too. In fact, I've had an idea for something for a while now, I just haven't been able to get a break from real life.
Well I can't wait to see how it goes when you eventually do write.
File: image.jpg (28KB, 335x286px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 335x286px
Why, thank you Anon