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Flutterrape Thread #? - 08/18/2014 -

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>What is Flutterrape?
Flutterrape refers to a collection of stories about the ponies from MLP trying to have sex with Anon, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her hoofsteps and attempt their own versions of >rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants.
Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (Pie, AiE, etc) about story content before posting.


>"Oh no, the old thread has 404'd. However shall I read rape stories now?"
Fear not, anon! For we have an archive!

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>Catch up on all those lovely stories

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>How do I start writing?
Writing these stories is very easy.
Write in the second person, and preface your lines with ‘>’ – this is what turns normal text into greentext.

Writing Guides:

Collection of most stories of the regular writefags:

Got a request for idea or story? We'll add it to the pastebin:

Old thread: >>19183201
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Lee Sin is best champion
How many threads IS Flutterrape at? Is there an easy way to tell? Shouldn't we able to just search the archives?
>Day pillow in Equestria
>You are Anon, and today has been a long and grueling day for you
>Dodging rape traps, rape trees, rape triangles
>Ugh….those three sided bastards
>But now it’s time to go to beddy boo and dream of home
>Now with 100% less rape horses
>You shower down, brush your pearly kinda yellowish whitishes, and crawl into bed in your lucky “no rape” boxers
>Not the ones with the puppies, the ones with the little ducky’s.
>Your cool sheets, the nice breeze coming in through your window, and the wonderful smell of Oreos coming off your pillow
>You flick on a lamp, and investimagate your pillow
>Your once white pillow sack was now dark gray, the surface sticky, wet to the touch, and covered with the smell of those delicious cookies
>And there was only one mare in this goddamn town who had hoo-ha juices that smelled like Oreos
>You throw on your bathrobe and stomp out of the house, pillow in tow, heading for Zecora’s stupid hut in the middle of the stupid woods
>Ignoring the giant spiders and other assortment of scary woodland creatures, you eventually get to Zecora’s shitty ass hut, and slam the wet pillow against her door
“Man, you best get out here and tell me why you ruined my fucking pillow!”
>The door almost immediately opens, and Zecora stands there looking all innocent and shit
>”What is wrong my human friend? Why did you journey here, far around the bend?”
>You stomp into her hut, and huck your pillow at the wall where it lands with a wet “Smack!” and slides slowly downwards
“That’s why I’m fuckin’ down here. I want a new pillow!”
>She looks innocently away, and stutters out “I-I have n-no idea what you are talking about. And w-why do you feel the need t-to shout?”
>You get nose to nose with this lying whorse
“Man, there is only one friggin’ horse around here who’s…smell…smells like friggin’ Oreo’s! Now gimme a new pillow, man!”
>Her face changes, not like a changeling, more like “Oh shit he knows”
>She quickly walks to a cupboard nearby, and grabs a pillow out from it
>Dunno why she would have a pillow on hand, but fuck it. You just want to go to bed
>”I couldn’t help myself, it won’t happen again, just don’t tell anyp0ny, and it will keep trouble out of yours and my mane.”
>You snatch the pillow out of her hooves and glare at her before going back over to the now ruined pillow.
>Walking towards the door, you swing it down on top of her head, savoring the “Eep!” you get as she is enveloped in her own smell, and trying to ignore the sigh she gets from yours
>Trudging home, you slide in quickly, throw off your bath robe, and crawl into bed, snuggling into the now clean pillow
>Reaching for the sheets, you pull them on top of you, and savor the warm sticky feeling
>Inhaling, they smell of paper and staples
>Fucking Mayor Mare
File: image.jpg (62KB, 600x441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Lee Sin
>Not Draven
Do you even League of Draven?
>A scream echoes across the town.
>You quickly rush outside and look around.
>A stallion down the street is trying to steal some mare's purse!
>You pull off your pants and underwear and switch them, then apologize to the fillies playing in the park next to your house.
>Without wasting anymore time, you rush over to the scene of the crime.
>The stallion turns and sees you.
>He then snatches the purse away from the mare and takes off running.
>You wave to the mare as you pass her.
"Don't worry, SpankMan is on the case!"
>She smiles and cheers for you as you chase after the bad guy.
"Stop while you still can, you crook!"
>He looks back at you and your underwear.
>"Dude, what's your freakin' problem anyway?!"
>While he wasn't watching where he was going, he slams into a trashcan.
>You dive over the trashcan he smashed into and land on his back.
>"Gaugh! Get offa me!"
>You narrow your eyes.
"Not until justice is served..."
>"W-wait! What're you doing?!"
>You raise your hand and smack him in the rear.
>He cries out and tries to push you off his back, but fails to do so.
>You smack him again in the ass and he begins to cry.
"That should teach you not to take things from others."
>Guards come rushing up behind you and you get off the stallion, grabbing the mare's purse.
>"What happened here?"
"This stallion tried to run of with a mare's purse, so I stopped him."
>One of the guards smiles.
>"Wow! You're like a hero!"
>You stand tall.
"I am SpankMan! Guards, take this man away. Be careful, he's got some boo-boos."
>They do as you say and you walk back to the mare.
>Suddenly another figure comes forth and takes the purse from you.
"Oh no, my archenemy! The Masochist!"
>Fluttershy smiles deviantly with her pink and yellow spandex suit that's totally not better than your costume.
>She has the incredible ability to rape anyone that strikes her.
>She turns around and bends over.
>"Punish me for taking this mare's purse and you can have it back."
>She stands up.
>"Fine then!"
>She takes flight.
>"Maybe I'll go drop it in the river..."
>The mare yells to her.
>"N-no, please! I need the money to feed my children!"
>The Masochist flies up even higher.
>The mare turns to you.
>"P-please SpankMan! Teach her a lesson!"
>You take a deep breath.
"Alright... Miss, please turn away. I don't want you to see what I can become."
>She nods and turns around.
>You look up at The Masochist and strike your own ass to send yourself flying.
>As you fly toward her at super spankspeed, you ready your hand for the ultimate butt whippin'.
>Time seems to slow as you reach your destination.
>Guess what they say is true.
>You either get raped a hero...
>Or spank long enough to see yourself become the rapist.
>Your hand connects with her bottom at supersonic speeds, sending a mini shockwave across it.
>She gasps and drops the purse.
>You watch as it drifts down to the mare's reach.
>The last thing you see before The Masochist's wing grabs you is the mare's teary eyed smile.

That made so much sense
File: Draven.jpg (51KB, 420x604px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 420x604px
Dubs confirm Lee Sin a shit, Draven best champion.
>You are Anon, hard hitting journalist
>And you're back out on The Streets looking for a column
>The house on the hill far away from this cesspool of sex and sin was nice, but the only place to get The Truth was out here
>Soaking the filth and squalor, the prostitutes offering deals and the junkies OD-ing in alleys
>God you had missed it
>The only way to get anything real in this town was on The Street
>The newspapers were too filtered, and television wasn't even invented
>So you walked. You let it speak in all its languages; the fetish guesses, the wet slaps of flesh on flesh, the bad porno music
>And if you were lucky you could grab the little intakes of breath between it all. A split second where everyone fully comprehends what they're doing in all it's horrific detail
>And then life goes on
>The possible fetishes grow fewer, the amount of popped cherries grows, and the bastards in the Lube Factory keep chugging out your rapists best friend
>This town would kill you eventually
>It had tried multiple times already, but you'd been lucky, drunk, stupid, or all three
>The Truth was somewhere in there though
>Shouldered between a prostitute with a kid at home and an aspiring rapist wanting only some love
>And you'd have to crawl through the miles of broken condoms and congealing semen for it
>That wasn't true
>You didn't have to. Nobody needed to know about that poor woman selling her own anal virginity for her three year old
>Nobody probably cared
>But you didn't have to do it
>You wanted to
>People needed to see what their rapist life styles created
>People needed to know The Truth
>And you'd slap it in their face after you'd laced with Anthrax
>You'd shove it up their ass, staple their vagina's shut, and laugh as they bloated with piss
>You'd give them all the truth on a silver platter with a side of anal prolapse and smegma over water crackers
>And then
>You'd go home
>Lay down
>And masturbate into a stolen thong
>Because The Truth is that damn fun

It's late at night friends, let's all just sit back, relax, and maybe, just maybe, dream of rape...
Bump again.
Nicely done
File: 680900.png (256KB, 900x735px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256KB, 900x735px

Pinkie's ability to fuck the laws of everything ever is really starting to get ridiculous to Anon specifically. It's no secret she likes him, but usually she kept her distance... at least for most of the day. Pinkie isn't one to be denied a friend, after all. However, since Pinkie is looking to be more than a friend with Anon, her invasion of his personal space is increasing more each day.

Desperate, he travels to where she called home most of her life, a rock farm. A suggestion from one of his friends said that he should try and get her sister to convince her to stop since she's probably the only pony she'll really listen to.
When he finds Maud and tells her the situation, she's surprisingly understanding... in that monotone and bored-sounding voice. She agree's to help him with that, under one condition. There's a blue unicorn that occasionally comes back to the rock farm for work and Maud has taken quite a liking to her. Funnily enough, Anon knows her as well because she's a traveling pony that insulted him a few times before they kinda became friends for reasons you can think up yourself.
In order to try and get Pinkie off his back, Anon has to try and see if he can get Trixie to give Maud a chance.

>Previous story ideas from myself, feel free to raid them at your leisure.
File: 702811.png (188KB, 500x677px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188KB, 500x677px
Runs in the family.
Bleh yourself
A few threads ago someone said that a one-shot I did reminded him of Spider Jerusalem. I have now read the entire Transmetropolitan series.
Thank you Based Anon, for making me a happy little man

Idea: Pokemon Trainer in Equestria. Some how, pokemon technology exists in Equestria. Except unlike >Pic they are still ponies.

Anon loses a battle with Fluttershy and doesn't have any cash...

Looks like it's time for Anon to pony
>"Zigga! Them horseshoes ain't Jordans, you trippin'."
>Goddamn it
>These noisy fucking Zebras had moved in next door last week and would not
>"Naw naw naw you can't go outside with those nasty ass horseshoes zigga! C'mere, imma hook you up"
>Every day it was like this
>And the music was even worse
>"I'm a short zigga with a short ass bitch!"
>That's it
>There are children here!
>Stomping out the door you cross the street and pound on the door
>"Who dis zigga?"
>The screen door opens and a zebra with gold teeth and a perm steps out
>"Whachu want?"
"Well, you're being really fuckin' loud and you're talking a bunch of shit that could stunt a fillies development, so do you think you cou-"
>"Zigga shut the fuck up! I don't need yo racist humie ass comin' over here to tell me what to do! Zigga fuck you!"
>He slams his screen door shut and heads back inside
>"Yo Trey! You know what this zigga just did? He tried to quiet us down!"
>You head back home and go down to the basement
>Pulling the box out from behind the furnace you begin to unwind the rape rope
>These fucking zebras across the street are gonna be quiet tonight
>Or, at least the gags will keep them mostly quiet
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File: 1403105954049.jpg (72KB, 1225x585px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1407024545911.jpg (58KB, 531x535px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wagh! Das a right good story der boss!
God, we're going back pages quicker than usual.
There's some faggot saging us, it just has to be.
Oh there definitely is, but even so, after a bump, it still manages to drop back pages a little quicker than usual. That's on the rest of the board. Fuck if I know what's happening, I'm only paying attention to this thread.
how active is the rest of the board?
I guess surprisingly active.
Either that, or some arseholes are making threads that serve no purpose.

Seems to have slowed down now though. Guess the bulk of them have gone to bed.
>Implying that's how saging works.

Saging allows you to post in a thread without bumping it. It doesn't send you back any faster, it just doesn't acknowledge a fresh post. It can be countered by simply posting as normal, as I'm doing now.
File: sage.png (85KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Saging is best when you want to tell a person to fuck off without actually bumping the thread.

Or when you want to say something without bumping the thread to the top and pissing off the people who can't be arsed to use the fucking catalogue.

And with the mods trying (and failing) to enforce silent sage (you don't say sage in your post or else you might get tempbanned; 4chan doesn't display sage like before even though nobody gives a fuck) you have a shitton of people who abuse sage because they're shitty 14 year old faggots who treat 4chan like their own personal shithouse.

Of course, if you people would stop spoonfeeding idiots like >>19352740 (because it doesn't matter if you're stupid or a fucking troll, pointing out something obvious just gives the other shitposters something predictable so they can use their shitposting judo. why do you think Raritan acts like an idiot? he knows very fucking well what he does, but doesn't own up to it because he has daddy issues or some bullshit) then this board won't stink like bronychan or whatever the fuck board we hated before we turned on ourselves.
>shitposting judo
I'm surprised that made me chuckle.
one last bump
Until what?
File: 58f.png (174KB, 680x964px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174KB, 680x964px
my fetish
>6 posts of green in two days

Someone throw me a prompt for something short.
Fluttershy keeps trying to get the dick from FemAnon even though she's a woman. Shy cannot comprehend that Femanon does not have a dick.
Anon replaces himself with blow-up doll, Flutterbutt doesn't notice
Anon gets banished to the moon for a few weeks because [insert reason here]. Fluttershy tries to do whatever it takes to get banished to the moon as well so she can be with Anon.
I'm feeling a little lied to right now
Well he/she never said anything would be done if we did.
File: 1349391506642.gif (105KB, 351x398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 351x398px
>something short.
Yo dick.
>You had been knocking for a few hours now and he hadn't opened up
>Usually he was very punctual
>You timidly reach up and jiggle the handle
>It was unlocked, but did you dare?
>You wouldn't want to invade his privacy or anything...
>You decide it would be best to make sure he's okay
>Opening the door you walk slowly inside
"Anon? I'm coming inside! I just want to make sure you're okay!"
>Walking into the living room you see him lying on the couch
>You poke him, but he doesn't move
"Anon, are you okay?"
>Shaking him slightly, he still doesn't move
>You scramble onto the couch and put your head on his chest
>He wasn't breathing!
"Oh my god Anon!"
>You begin to do compression's to the song you were taught in CPR class
"I WAnna FUCK you LIKE an ANimal."
>Putting your ear to his mouth, he doesn't appear to be breathing
>You return to compressions
"I WAnna FILL you FROM the INside OUT."
>You listen again
>He still isn't breathing
>Putting your lips to his, you blow hard
>Normally you'd be giddy just to touch him, but you needed to save his life!
>You keep blowing, trying to get some response when
>Looking down you see...
"Oh god..."
>His entire chest had exploded, shredded to bits
>Had...had you done this?
"Oh god Anon, I didn't mean it!"
>You cradle his head in your hooves and begin to cry
"Don't leave me Anon, don't leave me!"
>You snigger from around the corner
>Fluttershy was balling her eyes out over the popped blow-up doll
>What a dipshit
>Maybe she'd even get PTSD!
>At that thought you spew cola out your nose and stifle more giggles
File: 703991.png (259KB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259KB, 1280x1024px

In an effort to help a somewhat depressed Celestia, Luna enters her dreams to see if she can find the cause and solution. Celestia has put on a lot of weight. Cake and all that.
The cause: Mostly nothing, she's a pig and doesn't really think she should stop eating cake. Minor cause is also because she has an attraction to Anon and he doesn't have any interest in her because she's a pony... She also thinks it's because she's fat, and she's only fat because she eats because Anon doesn't like her... vicious cycle. A cycle that is kind of wrong, but that's what she thinks.

The solution: Luna says she should just go show Anon how much she loves him. Chase him to the ends of Equestria if she has to. No magic used, she should physically show her affection. Eventually he'll see how much she cares for him.
He probably wont, the whole point is just to have him run away from her continuously so she runs after him. Lose weight by chasing down that which you want.

Celestia is steadily losing weight and every day she's catching up to Anon more and more. Ohhh the things she'll do when she finally catches him!
This sounds like it'd be pretty funny.
Plus, chubby Celestia is unf worthy.
File: Wut.png (94KB, 1260x1062px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 1260x1062px
What happened?
Someone needs to do a five nights at Freddie's parody with Anon constantly checking up on the security system in his house.
File: 704530.png (234KB, 800x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234KB, 800x500px

This game won't leave me alone.

First I record myself playing it for my friends to laugh at me scare the shit out of myself.

Then I find a story of it on Fimfiction.

Now I find it here. As a request

It'll be short. One hour story. But I'll do it.
>"Yeah, hello?"
>"Hi, welcome to your new job!"
>[Excited Party Streamer Noises]
>"So your job here is basically to look after the animatronics, they tend to wander a bit at night."
>"Uhhh, keep an eye on Sugarcube Cove. The bot there likes attention and might get a bit antsy if it doesn't feel loved enough."
>"Soo good luck! Have a safe night!"
>The voice message ends.
>Look to your right.
>A huge bright pink grinning face is right next to yours, eyes full of hope and friendship.

>' Man found hugged, nuzzled and cuddled at Pinkie's Pizza Parlour. Suspect yet to be found. '
>Knock at door
>It's Fluttershy
>"Sex me!"
"Fuck off"
>"Okay, bye Anon"
>Close door
>Go back to bed
>Good end
Ergh, gotta break away from the Vidya for a while. Finish this oneshot I started and get back to what I was doing...
'nother bump.
Slow thread this week.
File: 1405396993680.png (1MB, 1500x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1500x2000px
That is some high quality adorableness
File: 1389036885626.jpg (497KB, 551x816px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
497KB, 551x816px
What is happening in the foreground?
Twilight is disgruntled by Pinkie Pie's hair.
Why are they standing on their hind hooves
File: 1357801432738.png (415KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
415KB, 800x600px
"Yeah, guy named Dick Richards. He was a prick."
>"Sounds like it..."
"Yeah, total cockbag. Smelled like balls and wasn't above fucking up anyone he came across."
>The mare goes a deep shade of red.
"Hear he got shafted by the cops, they screwed him pretty hard."
>Fluttershy faints.
"...Huh. Weird."
File: 1399572550327.jpg (12KB, 279x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 279x200px
Prepare you collective anus
A Five Night's at Freddy's parody is coming
File: 800px-555.png (286KB, 800x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
286KB, 800x360px
Let us in
File: 39.png (478KB, 762x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
478KB, 762x453px
You wanted it? Here it is. Hopefully it will fill everyone's Freddy bug.

It's about to get spooki in here
File: 1oEHGoh.jpg (23KB, 501x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 501x385px
>Night has fallen in Equestria, as you take a seat in the master chair of your base of operations.
>You check the time that's dimly lit on your computer screen in front of you.
>Almost there.
>Every night, it was the same routine.
>When the sun is out, your home has enough power to run your basic needs and get by.
>However, at night, your solar power doesn't work...
>Which forces you to rely on a battery that is safely protected in your basement.
>You wouldn't need a battery if they didn't change.
>With a shudder, you check the cameras of your security system.
>The coast is clear around your home.
>Nothing inside and nothing outside.
>At night, the lovable ponies of Equestria... changed.
>It was like flipping a light switch.
>First, they would be cute, lovable and sensitive.
>Then... the would be come raving monsters, hell bent on getting in your pants.
>Every man's dream? Right?
>The first few nights weren't quite so bad.
>You check the clock and sip on your coffee, carefully jumping from camera feed to camera feed.
>Then, as time dragged on, all you wanted to do was cuddle.
>Was that so much to ask?
>Apparently to the little beasts... it was.
>So now here you are, guarding your home with technology that simply shouldn't even exist in this world.
>You watch the clock hit midnight and you hit the switch on your battery backup.
>The percentage gauge lights up on your control panel, dimly showing 100% charge remaining.
"Here we go." You mutter under your breath.
>The hair on the back of your neck stand up straight and your ears perk up.
>The safest place in your home was right here.
>To your left and to your right, there were hallways, providing you an escape in either direction.
>You placed cameras everywhere so that there weren't any blind spots.
>Starting with the cameras inside, you start a rotation.
>Kitchen - Clear.
>Living Room - Clear.
>Bedroom - Clear.
>Bathroom - Clear.
>Hey, you can't be too careful.
>You gotta cover all your bases.
>Even if it means video taping yourself taking a dump.
>Next you check your remaining cameras.
>Backyard - Clear.
>Westside - Clear.
>Eastside - Clear.
>You leap back in your chair as a yellow demon with pink butterfiles on her chair stares directly into your camera with a smile.
>"I'm coming iin, Anon," she chants.
>Okay, Anon.
>Keep it together.
>Normal protocol.
>Only the doors to the left and to the right of you can be locked.
>Watching the camera carefully, Fluttershy places her hoof on the handle of the door and presses herself inside.
>Quickly, you snap to the Living Room and watch her enter.
>Alright, Fluttershy is a slow mover, you should still be able to look around.
>Living Room - Flutters.
>Kitchen - Clear.
>Bathroom - Clear.
>Snapping to the Bedroom, you find a purple unicorn spreading herself wide to the camera.
>"Like what you see Anon?" she giggles.
>You snap to the living room again, but the channel flips back to Twilight.
>"Watch me Anon..."
>Mashing the button for the Living room, the screen goes black.
"Shit... Shit..." you mutter, frantically searching for your flashlight.
>The screen blinks back to life and shows your bedroom, empty.
"Fuck. Fuck!" you say, pushing the buttons.
>Living Room - Still Fluttershy.
>Bathroom - Nothing
>Kitchen - Still nothing.
>Left Hallway - Empty.
>Which means.
>"There you are Anon~"
>Your fist slams into the button controlling the door to your right and your anti-magic steel-reinforced door slams down.
>A chill runs down your spine as you hear her hoof slam agains the door.
>"Nonny~ Open the dooor. Please?" she begs.
>Fuuuck that.
>You turn back to the hallway camera where Twilight sits patiently, as if waiting for the door to magically open.
>Sighing to yourself, you check the clock.
>1 AM and 85% power left.
>Still in good shape.
>Just 5 hours left.
>Right Hallway - Twilight.
>Left Hallway - Empty.
>Bathroom - Empty
>Bedroom - Fluttershy rifling through your underwear.
>Shaking your head, you move back to the Living Room camera.
>The door to the outside stands wide open.
>That's weird, Fluttershy closed it earlier...
>Was it Twilight?
>Probably not.
>She usually used her magic to get in.
>That's when there is a rustle from the corner of the room.
>Your eyes strain to see what's on the tiny monitor...
>Then you gasp, wheeling back in your chair.
>Your eyes are affixed firmly on a pink pony with curly hair, covered in latex and wearing night vision goggles.
>Pinkie Pie.
>Trembling, you check the right hallway again.
>Twilight must have moved on.
>Opening the right door, to conserve power, you decide to check inside one more time.
>Bedroom - Flutters.
>Kitchen - Twilight.
>Living Room - Pinks.
>Bathroom - Empty.
>Checking outside, you quickly flip through the outside cameras.
>Looks like the usuals are here... but normally you have a forth...
>You suppose you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.
>The next hour moves slowly, but painfully as you check each camera for the movement of the ponies outside.
>Pinkie seemed to jump between rooms, no matter how far apart they were.
>Twilight stopped and talked to Fluttershy, and you could hear their whispers about a plan.
>It set you even more on edge, normally they weren't organized.
>Normally they would simply hop from room to room and attempt to keep you off guard.
>No... tonight... they seemed to have a rhythm.
>There was something different.
>You promptly shut the doors when you had to, but all in all, it was a good night.
>4am and 60% power left.
>You got this.
>That's when all three met in the living room.
>"Is it time?" Pinkie asked?
>Twilight and Fluttershy nodded their heads.
>You inspected the camera to the Living Room as the three girls then began to give each other signs and nods.
>They had a code?!
>Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom - Clear.
>Living Room - The three.
>Hallways - Clear.
>Backyard --- !?!
>Your gut drops as you watch a tall alicorn stepping out of the darkness and moving around your home.
>An... An Alicorn?
>I-is your system even equipped to handle this?
>You flip back to the Living room, where the girls sit patiently for their guest.
>Jumping to the front door camera, you remotely flicker the porch light.
>Purple and pink streaked hair and pink fur is illuminated in the dark of the night.
>It had to be Cadance.
>Yet for some reason, you aren't really surprised.
>Not because this is a story written by Flutterpriest, but rather since Celestia is usually taking care of the sun and Luna takes care of the moon.
>She was the only... 'available' princess.
>The alicorn steps inside your home and the three ponies bow to her deeply.
>"Good Morning-"
>"Where is he?" Cadance quickly interrupts Pinkie.
>"In the back of the two hallways... every time we try to get back there, he slams the door on us," Twilight elaborates.
>"Hmm... Can he close both at the same time?" Cadance asks.
>"Mhm," Fluttershy answers. "We tried rushing them both last night and it didn't work."
>"How does he make it work?" Cadance asks.
>She walks up to one of the cameras and stares directly into it.
>"I'm not sure," Twilight answers. "It's something even I don't know about."
"Yes!" You exclaim.
>The four turn to look at you and you promptly clamp your mouth.
>"I see... Have you tried... waiting him out?"
>You check the clock.
>4:30AM and 50% battery.
>You got this.
>"Go directly to the doors and just wait outside."
"Wait, what?"
>"OOh! I like this plan!" Pinkie exclaims.
>Suddenly she pops out of view.
>"Hi Nonny~ Can I-"
>Reflexively you slam the left door.
>"Uhm... is being scared your-"
>Immediately, you slam the right door shut as well.
>Taking a deep breath, you lean back in your chair.
>The ponies pound their hooves against the door.
>"Let me in Nonny!" Pinkie cries.
>"Uhm... Would you open this door so I can make forceful love to you? Please?" Fluttershy moans from the other side of the door.
>"Let us in, Anon..." Twilight calls from Pinkie's side.
>Cadance continues to stare at you through the computer monitor and a smile forms on her face.
>Her brow furrows in triumph.
>"Don't stop watching me, Anon..." She whispers into the camera.
>The pounding from the other side of the steel doors intensifies.
>You watch Cadance carefully and check the time.
>40% left and dropping fast.
>What's going on?!
>A blue glow emits from Cadance's horn.
>The battery meter immediately drops to 20%.
>Your body goes numb as you begin to tremble.
>This isn't fair.
>This isn't how this is supposed to work at all.
>"You better not stop watching me, Anon~" Cadance whispers again.
>The knocks on the door suddenly cease.
>All is quiet in your security room as the violet eyes of the alicorn peer into your soul.
>If you keep both doors closed, you are going to run out of power.
>This was it.
>This was her end game.
>The cunning of an Alicorn.
>You look at both doors with dread.
>At least one will have to be opened in order for you to not run out of power.
>Turning to the left one, you lean in closely to the door to perform your Pinkie test.
>Clearing your throat, you hum melodically.
"Shave and a hair cut..."
>You listen closely.
>Just barely audible on the other side, you can make out a voice.
>"Two bits."
>Cadance giggles into your screen.
>You aren't going to make it at this rate.
>There's only one solution.
>You're going to have to check the right hallway camera.
>Maybe if you do it quick, the Princess won't notice.
>You hover your hand over the buttons.
>It'll be quick.
>*Click* Right Hallway - Clear
>You open the door quickly to save power.
>*Click* Living Room - Clear.
File: Mmm Hmmm.png (48KB, 107x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mmm Hmmm.png
48KB, 107x292px
>>Not because this is a story written by Flutterpriest
File: 1400087901610.png (172KB, 900x916px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172KB, 900x916px
>The room becomes much colder as the screen in front of you glows with a light blue light.
>The battery gauge in front of you quickly depletes to zero and instead of a red 'empty battery' light, a light blue heart appears.
>The doors shoot open beside you and you back up against the wall.
>Everything in the room goes black as you scramble for the flashlight on your waist.
>The sound of slowly approaching footsteps moves through the right hallway.
>With a click, your flashlight roars to life.
>Flashing it out into the hallway, it quickly is tossed out of your hands with a cyan magic.
>"Thanks for letting me into your humble home, Anon..." Cadance whispers, approaching you.
>Blue magic pushes you against the wall and illuminates the Princess's bright violet eyes.
>"But I warned you to keep your eye on me," She whispers malevolently.

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/BWPLDnqN

I wasn't sure how to do something for Pirates cove, so I threw Cadance over it and called it a day.
I think it would have been better if he had gotten a phone call or something and it told him that if the ponies see him, they might try to stuff his penis inside them.
See, I thought of the phone call, but I thought to myself, who would call and warn him? Another Anon? I didn't like the idea of that.

A pony that would warn them they were coming? That doesn't quite make sense either. I figured I would do my best to recreate Pirates cove in some way and get everything else as close as possible. Once I got done, outside of providing a graphic rape scene... I couldn't see much else I could have added that would have made sense in my eyes.

Plus I ran out of time.

Hopefully it was still enjoyable.
I think Rainbow Dash would have been perfect for pirate's cove. Very nicely written!
File: 1390246763216.gif (2MB, 150x173px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 150x173px
Please I must have MORE!!!
File: Rainbow confused.png (141KB, 839x953px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rainbow confused.png
141KB, 839x953px
I was having this exact same thought, because she's the fastest right? I also picture her colliding with the door head first everytime.

This was really good.
I actually got a sense of fear out of it.

What if I did more of these with different characters? To simulate different nights?
Do it, threads can always use more green.
Then you would be milking an idea. Don't do it.
>Cadence again
File: 1390158315069.jpg (264KB, 1352x1344px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264KB, 1352x1344px
File: 1403130524872.png (220KB, 1011x791px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220KB, 1011x791px
File: 136012167197.png (83KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 500x500px
>milking an idea
Sounds like this entire thread. So long as he does it good I don't see the problem.
Rainbow rape
I second this
File: 1.jpg (8KB, 250x202px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 250x202px
The continuing adventures of Anonymous and Larry!
Today’s adventure; Grocery Shopping!
>”You ready man?” Larry asked you quizzically, wiping his brown hair over his tan coat.
>You had managed to bathe and shave yourself while he kept watch, but you were still wary of leaving the house.
>What if they all ganged up on you? The two of you couldn’t defeat the whole town with just his briefcase.
“I dunno…but we’re out of food, so we have no choice.”
>The two bottles of cola you had shared were the last edible item in the house.
>Sure, the couch cushions could be a somewhat-bland substitute if you were in dire need, but you had Larry now.
>You reach down and strap on your FSR Emergency brand Anti-Rape Boots that Larry had given you as a protection-warming gift.
>They protected against three different kinds of bodily fluids, and could withstand up to 4,000 cunt punts.
>Or so the tag said.
>Standing, you sigh and start unlocking the door.
“This is the first time I’ll have left the house in about a week, so forgive me for my mole-like attitude once we’re outside.”
>You shoot him a grin and he chuckles a bit.
>”Don’t worry man, let’s just get your food and get back here.”
>He hovers his briefcase onto his back and stacks up behind you as the last lock clicks open.
>You crack the door and start to peek out, then yank your head back in.
>”Anon?!” Larry asks in alarm.
“Don’t worry, it’s just a bit bright.”
>Waving him off, you take a deep breath, and swing the door open.
>Raising an arm to block out the sun you step outside.
“Fucking Christ! When was the last time I mowed the lawn?”
>Your yard had turned into a knee high forest of weeds and spots of dandelions, damn near swallowing your mailbox in its grassy clutches.
>”I was going to mention it to you eventually, but getting you a hug seemed higher on the priority list,” Larry explains.
>As you both make your way onto the main cobble road you try to relax and walk like a normal person, but fail miserably.
>Being cooped up in your house for ages had rendered you blind, and being on the defensive had given you an ugly hump.
>You kept your arms pinned tight to your chest and walked with short quick steps.
>You walked like a retard to be quite frank, and Larry noticed.
>”Relax man.” He patted your shoulder. “I’m here and won’t let anything get to you, okay?”
>You laugh a bit and begin to walk somewhat closer to normal, straightening your posture.
“What are you, my mom?”
>You both chuckle and make your way into town.
>You feel eyes upon the both of you and keep your guard up, but do your best not to show it.
>It was fine he had your back, but better safe than sorry.
>As you approach the grocery Lyra trots out of her house, sees you, and quickly scuttles over.
>”Anon!” she calls out, and Larry immediately, yet subtly moves to your other side acting as a barrier between you two.
>”Class?” he mutters to you.
“Two at most.”
>Lyra approaches with a grin, little to no lust in her eyes. “Hi Anon, haven’t seen you around town lately! Something wrong?”
>You don’t say anything and gesture towards Larry.
>Her gaze moves to him, but her smile stays. “Hi there, who’re you?”
>He coughs and straightens his tie. “My name is Lawful Fury, and I’m Anonymous’ body guard from now on.”
>Her smile falls, and she looks back to you.
>”But why do you need a body guard Anon?”
>You stare silently back.
>”Was it for last week’s misunderstanding? C’mon, it was a joke! Don’t get all ruffled up.”
>She tries to brush past Larry, but he brings up a hoof and stops her.
>She grins at Larry. “C’mon, we both know he wanted it. Let me apologize and you can watch?”
>You see his eye twitch and his horn glow.
>The jump rope the fillies were using down the street is surrounded in a magical aura, and is yanked down the street.
>It catches Lyra’s hooves in the middle and both ends swing around viciously fast, and she lets out a frightened yell.
>The rope yanks tight, and she falls on her side with her legs hog tied in the jump rope.
>”Wha-? The heck Anon! I just wanted to say sorry! Tell your asshole friend to untie me!”
>You chuckle and fist bump Larry.
“Nice one man.”
>”Yeah dude, but let’s get going. We’ll have attracted attention, and I’ve assaulted two horses in two days. A posse will descend soon, and I don’t want to be around when they do.”
>You nod and turn to leave, but Lyra grabs your ankle in her magic.
>”You ain’t going anywhere lover boy, not until I get that dick as an apology.”
>You walk towards her and crouch, and she grins a lustful smile.
>”Giving i-oooooaaaah!”
>You flicked her horn as hard as your middle finger could, and her magic fizzles out.
“Let’s move. We have four minutes before her horn can work again.”
>As the two of you jog down the street you hear Lyra howl in anger, and you fight a laughing fit.
>God you hadn’t had this much fun in ages.
>Sticking to alleys you finally make it to the little grocery and enter through the sliding doors without a word
>The place was relatively empty, but luckily the cashiers hadn’t turned to see you.
>You grab a cart, but Larry motions for you.
>He hops into the empty cart, ignoring your snort of laughter, and motions for you to continue.
>You begin to browse the aisles for food.
>”Don’t get those Derpy-O’s, I’m allergic to blueberry. Get chocolate.”
“But it’s just candy for breakfast.”
>He leans out and grabs it. “But it has a prize.”
“Fair enough.”
>”Nozz-a-la? The fuck kinda soda is that? Get normal Poke-a-cola man.”
“They taste the same, and it’s a million times cheaper.”
>”God you’re weird.”
“Stuck with me now asshole.”
>”You know skim milk is better for you, right?”
“2% tastes better.”
>”Whatever. Just get some chocolate sauce for it.”
“You care what apples we get?”
>”I prefer Braeburn myself.”
“Really? I pegged you as a Granny Smith guy.”
>”Can I get a lolly on the way out?”
“What are you, twelve?”
>”What are you, my mom?”
“Fair enough.”
>As the two of you take your packed cart up to the counter the green cashier coated pony immediately perks up.
>”Hello sir! How are you~”
“I’m fine, though you might want to end that in a question next time or Larry will deck you with this can of peas.”
>The pink mare starts to scan your groceries, albeit seductively.
>She tries to at least. Ever seen someone sexily scan a box of toothpaste? Exactly.
>With your food paid for, and a parting “Call me! I have 7 holes and all of them are available!” from the sales mare, you head for the doors.
>They’re oddly dark for a sunny afternoon though…
>As the two of you exit, you see a crowd has formed around the door.
>Every single one is a mare you’ve turned down, rejected, or outright punched, and they’re all salivating heavily.
>”Anon!” they all scream and lunge.
>You burst into action, and begin sprinting towards the crowd with the cart.
“Get something out of that briefcase Larry! We’ll need it!”
>As you crest the first wave of horny horses Larry pulls a pellet gun out of his briefcase and begins to fire it into the crowd
>As hooves paw your back you keep running, stepping what you hope isn’t more than those specified three bodily fluids.
>As you begin to pass the crowd, you realize what Larry is doing and slap the gun out of his hands.
>”The heck man, I’m saving you!”
“We’re not making them blind you dick.”
>As you pelt down the street, Larry pouting in the cart, you see Lyra still bound by the jump rope ahead
>”Anon!” she cries, “you came back!”
>You smile and nod, and pour on extra steam.
>She realizes what you’re doing a second too late.
>You plow over her, the wheels squishing her eye balls out her skull before they elastically bounce back.
>It as funny in a cross kind of way
>She screeches after you as Larry cackles in the cart.
>As the house comes into view you glance back, and your stomach falls.
>The entire crowd was sprinting after you, Lyra head of the pack.
>The cat calls would’ve made the whore who sits in the box outside of town blush.
>”What do we do Anon? We got a big crowd!”
“Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan!”
>”And that would be?”
>You viciously shove the cart into the weedy front yard while at the same time yanking Larry out of it.
>Panting you run past the front porch into the backyard towards the shed.
>Shouldering the door open you grab two paper bags and yank one onto Larry’s head before pulling the other upon yours.
“Say. Nothing.”
>You walk back outside and point vaguely off to the left.
>The thundering of hooves gets closer, and the cat calls grow louder.
>Taking a deep breath, you stare into the darkness of the bag.
“They went that way!”
>You aren’t trampled.
>And you aren’t raped.
>The noise begins to lessen, then turn to a slight whisper, then disappear entirely.
>You hesitantly lift up the paper bag and peek out.
>Your yard was empty, and your dick was safe.
>Sighing you yank the bag off and fall down on your ass.
>Fuck you were tired.
>Larry pulls his off and stares at you.
>”The fuck was that?”
>You hold up the bag.
>Drawn on the front of it in crayon is two googly eyes and a horn, with the words on the bottom “Not a human.”
>“And…it worked.”
>”And our company hasn’t patented this already?”
“Welcome to use it man.”
>You stare into the sky, and your breathing starts to level out.
>”You know, for the first day, this was rather exciting.”
“Didn’t scare you off?”
>”No,” he chuckles. “You owe me a new pellet gun though.”
>You share a laugh and stare at the clouds for a while longer.
>”So are we done for the day?”
“Think so.”
>”No witty pun to end it?”
“This isn’t a television show.”
>”Alright, alright, don’t get your panties in a knot.”

>"Calm down man-"
>"Christ why do I work for you..."
Ending could be worse
Certainly could be better
I'll do better next time
I promise papa
File: 1399503364052.jpg (99KB, 865x923px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 865x923px
File: 32019.png (214KB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 700x700px
Ergh, distractions. Too much Heroes of the Storm alpha...
I should try and come up with something relating to it. I like the thought of Fluttershy being like Nova from Starcraft. Cloaking abilities and whatnot...
Even if pic related is Nurse Redheart, I don't care.
Not sure if serious or not. I'm playin something different if it is.

awesome game
File: hue scott pilgrim.jpg (7KB, 242x208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hue scott pilgrim.jpg
7KB, 242x208px
I thought it was good
Saving this thread (for reasons I'm not entirely sure of)
>*Ring ring*
>"H-*Hic*Heeey there sexy!"
"Uh, hi... who is this?"
>"Hee hee, the names Coco sweetie!"
"Right, Coco... uh, I think you have the wrong number."
>"Nn nn~ I got it right, Anooo-*Hic*-ooooon~"
"We've never met."
>"My friend Rarity gave me your number!"
"Of course she did. One sec, I have to go suplex Rarity over a cliff."
>"You're hawt."
"Thank you strange mare."
>"Sooo hawt."
"Once again, thank you."
>"I got my crotch titties out for you~"
"... How big?"
>"Mmm, double D."
"I... I see... Errr, where do you live?"
"Shit, I'm in Ponyville."
>"Want me to come dow-*Hic*-own and show you a good time?"
"Yes, I would like that very much."
>"Hnn Hnn! Rarity said you didn't like ponies~"
"Yeah, but they don't know what gets me off?"
>"What's th-*Hic*-at?"
"Big crotchtits."
>"Ah-HA! I knew it!"
"What the- Rarity?!"
>"It is large crotch tits girls! We got it!"
"What are you doing? Put Coco back on!"
>"I am afraid I can't do that Anon. We wouldn't want you to have a one night stand with our drunken friend, now would we?"
"You conniving bitch!"
>"How rude! We'll see just how rude you are when I shove my E cup breast in your mouth."
"Bull shit, you've flashed me before. You're B at best."
>"Magic, Anon."
"... Shhhhhhhit."
>"Mhmm, we will see you soon."
File: We're back baby.png (37KB, 1298x454px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
We're back baby.png
37KB, 1298x454px
You're cute.
Just don't reply. The spamming faggot posts in pretty much every thread that shows up on the front page.
Duly noted.
We need an orginazation system for all these notes.
Catching up on the last 4 threads I was lacking time to read through, then I, gonna finish writing something.
File: 695193.png (417KB, 2592x2532px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
417KB, 2592x2532px

Lyra tries to get to know Anon a little more, asking him out for Lunch dates or something, offering to cook and whatnot. He rolls with it, why not. No reason to not get to know her. Rumours about her human obsession worry him, but she seems to be perfectly in her right mind...

Surprise to him, Lyra has a pretty damn good talent in cooking. The food she makes is all kinds of yum, and it even sparkles. It's like there's something magical about them. Makes him a Pizza, the entire thing is just dazzling.

After a few weeks of this, his curiosity reaches his peak, he has to know how she's doing that to the food because it's definitely making the food taste far better than it normally would. That's when she reveals that the secret ingredient to everything she makes for him is her magic jizz.
She's been horngasming in and on everything he makes. She read that tasting a mares magic cum is supposed to make a stallion go crazy with lust or something and tried it on him... when she saw it didn't work the way she wanted, she kept going because of how much he enjoyed it.
Does anyone know if Cog is gonn write a Lemons 3?

I ask because I noticed it sort of left in a cliff hanger and he hasn't said anything or shown up in a while...
I haven't seen Coggles in ages, thought he stopped writing.
Has he said anything in the Skype chats on what he might be working on?
I'm not actually in the skype chats, I just haven't seen him here. Besides last I heard the chats had devolved into a huge circlejerk that defeated the purpose of the chats in the first place
They've actually created another chat on Skype dedicated to talking about writing.
Guess how many people are in it?
Like 16 out of the 40 somethin people there

So let me get this straight, no one has been keeping up with him? No one has kept any sort of contact with him? Not even an email?

When was the last time someone legit talked to him?? Do we even know if (god forbid) anything bad had happened to him or if he's still alive?
I've fallen out of contact with Cog.

Last I heard he was just bouncing around ideas. He's active, but I don't know what he's writing at the moment. He was pleased with the success of Lemons 2, and I think he's planning to continue it with every other Mane 6 character.

Apart from that, I don't know what he's up to.

Last I heard he said he was leaving for something and said right before leaving if he wasn't back within a month presume him dead right after he invited another to the chat.
Right now flutters sticks up a broom in anons ass to see if being impaled is his fetish.
>*Ring ring*
"Hey Fluttershy. You sound scared."
"What's wrong?"
"Use your words."
>"A-A gang of zebras are going to rape me!"
>"They're on the corner of Hay and Main!"
"Fluttershy, are they wearing green vests?"
>"They are!"
"And do they have a stand set up?"
>"A rape stand!"
"That's the urban youth group Fluttershy."
>"I said they were a gang."
"No. They're a group of zebras who are selling cookies for-... For I'm not sure. Point being, they're not gang members."
>"... So that isn't crack?"
>"And they won't rape me?"
"They won't."
>"... Well why not?"
>"I'm rapeable!"
>"You'd rape me, wouldn't you?"
"I'm not doing this."
>"Wait, one of them is coming this way. Excuse me! Excuse me, little colt. Would you-"
Why did they end up banning fluffy ponies? Was there some side to this that isnt apparent at first glance?
I think it's the amount of gore there usually is with them and how they're brutally murdered more often than not.
File: 1364521587950.png (218KB, 1164x852px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218KB, 1164x852px

Some big celebration for whatever reason has Twilight invited to Canterlot just because all the other Princesses are gonna be there. Thinking it another opportunity for Anon to get to know the royalty a little better, she asks if he'd like to escort her, to which he accepts.
Immediately, the reaction among friends is that it's a date. Both of them get advice from the other five about what they should do in this situation and that situation and whatnot. Rarity even went ahead and made him a tux with a violet shirt beneath to match Twilight's coat... just really hammering this shit in when there's nothing happening between them.

Worse still, when they get there, Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Shining think the exact same shit. Twilight showing up with a male escort, one who happens to have a shirt that matches her? Twilight got herself a man! Now comes the embarrassment for both of them as the encouragement from the Princesses and Shining come in full force. Luna having to talk about what she's seen in their dreams, Cadance offering to help them along with love spells, Shining telling Anon about Twilights childhood wishes in a stallion and Celestia getting drunk off her tits to be the most inappropriate in talking about how good they would and should be together in the bedroom! Eventually, both can't exactly take it anymore and decide to take their leave, though not before Cadance wanting to offer the love spell again. Twilight scolds her because it's not like that... though, the more she thinks about it...

She apologises on the way home, saying she values their friendship and whatnot and wasn't expecting everyone else to act like that. Though she also informs him that all the sexual advice she's gotten today and mentions on how good a couple they'd make keep ringing through her head. She's finding it more than a little difficult to just ignore...
File: ha.jpg (27KB, 646x364px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 646x364px
>"... Well why not?"
>"I'm rapeable!"
Yes, they're all circlejerks
Yes, nobody is in the Study Hall
Yes. He usually shows up to chat around midnight since he either works a graveyard shift or just stays up late.
He's totally hopefully not dead
>He usually shows up to chat around midnight since he either works a graveyard shift or just stays up late.

...Heh, you uhh...you don't think he uhh...ya know...He was ready for Freddie, right?
Hold the phone.

So my idea of drawing a Flutterrape comic can't happen cause of this rule?

Damn, into the furnace with you then.
File: Rolands face.jpg (74KB, 400x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rolands face.jpg
74KB, 400x225px
File: 1651541.jpg (22KB, 236x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 236x276px
>I have to go suplex Rarity over a cliff.
>*Ring ring*
"Nn, Hello?"
"*Munch, chew* Yeah Rarity?"
>"I know it was you who kidnapped Fluttershy's chicken."
"... *chew*... *chew*..."
>"You're eating her right now, aren't you?"
"*Gulp* .. No?"
>"Don't worry, I will not tell her... on one condition."
"And what's that?"
>"I want you tied to my bed in twenty minutes. My horsegina has been aching for you the moment I laid eyes on you."
"Uh huh, and, hypothetically speaking, what if it wasn't me who stole Flutter's chicken?"
>"Then I will simply say it was you. Who will the authorities believe; you or I?"
"Considering I'm at Fluttershy's cottage having dinner with her right now, I doubt they'll believe you."
>"O-Oh. So you are not eating her missing chicken?"
"Nope. Funny story, we found the chicken in your backyard."
"Dead. Man, Opal is vicious."
>"You-You lie!"
"Nuh uh. I'd say between your cat killing her pet and you blackmailing me for sex, Fluttershy is pretty pissed at you."
>"W-Well, she doesn't have to know about this call, does she?"
"You've been on speaker phone."
"She's flying down there right now."
"She had a branding iron."
"Byeeee Rarity. *Chew chew chew*"

...I would watch Fluttershy brand Rarity.
Not sure if you were joking or not, but if the comic is SFW you can still post it here. Otherwise, you can just post it on derpiboo.ru or something and send us a link.
File: laughing.gif (2MB, 315x210px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 315x210px
File: 1297163881648.png (359KB, 486x546px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
359KB, 486x546px

FemAnon takes a minor interest in dragons, listening to Spike about what he did during that whole dragon migration thing. Hearing the story and remarking what douche bags Garble and whatnot sounded like, she points out he probably could've won their respect if he showed dominance over them, whether that be proper strength or outsmarting them in whatever way. Essentially become Alpha... get some followers who think he's all that. Hell, gets enough, could probably just become THE Alpha dragon in the entire migration.
He isn't so sure about that, though getting back a bit at Garble and them sounds fun enough, plus if FemAnon goes with, he can show her around a little, see bigger dragons up close and whatnot. Bitches love dragons.

Despite not realising they were being followed by Crackles' Cousin again, they get there. To Spikes surprise, there's even still a few dragons around despite the migration being over. Including the douche fags that were there before!
With some plans he cooked up with FemAnon, he goes and struts his shit in there, challenges them to a series of whatevers and essentially outsmarts all of them to be at the top of the pecking order among them.

While he just wanted to teach them a little lesson to begin with, the sudden rush of power (among teens) starts to go to Spikes head, declaring himself an Alpha dragon and thinking he needs a queen or something. Only female he knows of thats around (as far as he knows) is FemAnon. She'll do! He orders his new idiot underlings to bring her to the top of his treasure pile so that she can be his new girlfriend queen person! He also wants to try putting his sex inside her, whatever that means.
Now regretting helping him, FemAnon is probably gonna find herself at the mercy of a child dragon with a boner, and possibly horny teens... if only there were some ponies poorly disguised as dragons nearby...
Spike rape. Don't get much (or any) of that.
I'm intrigued.
Did anyone else think that she was going to say "flying fuck" in the episode? It sounded like she was going to say it for some reason. Fuck off Hasbro and ur adult humor
>*Ring ring*
>"Anon, ah need yer help."
"AJ? Where are you? Big Mac and I started working a few minutes ago."
>"Yeah, about that. Ah need ya ta come up ta my room."
"All right, I'll just get Big Mac and-"
>"Alone. Right now."
"... Am I going to need an adult?"
>"... N-No?"
"Applejack, we all know you're a horrible liar."
"Are you in heat?"
>"Course not! Don't be silly!"
>"Only a lil!"
>"Please Anon?! Watchin' ya work is gettin' me so hot!"
"Oh, you're watching me, huh?"
>"... Good gravy, ya have a fine ass."
"That... Wasn't supposed to be sexy."
>"Well it was."
"Oh shit, your brother saw. H-Hey Big Mac! ... No, I wasn't flashing Applebloom. Who am I talking to? AJ. Uh huh. Uh huh. I know. No, figured it out myself... No, I wasn't trying to seduce her. Manehattan steamer? What's a... EWWW! NO! Jesus fucking- NO! Stop, just stop! I'm not going up there! Fuck, damn. You're just... Just go, I don't want to talk about this anymore. Yeah, I'll finish it and get back to work. Ugh, hello?"
>"... I'd let ya give me a Manehattan steamer sweet cheeks."
"Go soak your head."
>Wake up.
>Slump out of bed.
>Roll down the stairs, but you don't get injured, for that the steps are not jagged enough to cause damage.
>You wish they would.
>Get up and start getting some shitty generic cereal up.
>Three gentle knocks are coming from your front door.
>Groan in pain and walk over.
>Open it up and spot your shitty "best friend"
>"H-hey Anon."
"Let's gust get it over with, what's todays stupid, shitty guess?"
>Out of nowhere, she gets out a small bag of what it seems to contain something green.
>"I-is getting high your fetish?"
"This exists, here?"
>"Magic can't cure everything, and it is legal."
"You're shitting me."
>"I'm not, I'm actually a patient."
"Really now? For what?"
>You cross your arms.
"Fluttershy, pills and therapy is the cure for that."
>"Maybe from where you came from, but here, this solves almost everything."
"Even sleeping problems?"
>"Yes, but that one that will take some time to get it to work."
>Put a hand to the door.
"Right, nice talking to you."
"No, bye."
>You start to close it, but a hoof prevents it from being shut.
"That shit ain't my fetish!"
>"Have you even tried it?"
>Stop from trying to cut off Fluttershy's hoof and think.
"It's not a fetish."
>"Still, have you even tried it?
>You're a clean guy, and that shit was never your thing.
>But that was when it was illegal back home.
>Since everything is different here...
>Open the door.
"Just one try."

>Cough and try to exhale from this good shit.
>"Heh, good one."
>See a yellow blob grabs a hand-full of chips and starts to chomp on them.
"Cool, a talking Twinkie."
"I wonder if you still taste sweet."
>She shakes her rear and grins.
>"Care to try it out?"
"Nah, I don't trust things that aren't wrapped."
>"But, think of it this way, we are all wrapped, in this thing called, the ozone layer."
>It all makes sense.
>Without that, everything would be dead.
>"Yeah, and this Twinkie has been waiting for a good eating."
>Grab the talking desert and start tt eat it's appendages.
>"Ow! What are you doing?!"
"Eating you?"
>"Not that way! You want to get the filling?"
"But, how?"
>It start's to spread its legs and show one of it's three holes.
>It point's to a blackish one.
"Looks like it's moldy, I'm not going for that shit."
>"That's how it naturally looks like."
"You better not be lying, you custard filled bitch."
>She starts to rub it.
>It starts to drip something.
>"Still think I'm lying?"
>You shouldn't trust things when they start talking, but this is something that should not pass by.
>Scoot over and lower your head down.
>Doesn't small bad, but does smell like a bowl of fruit.
>Must be a different flavor.
>Start to lick it and suck out whatever is in there.
>"Ohhh, goodness~"

>Wake up on the floor.
>Start to dig out of the dried chips and brush off the crumbs still on you.
>Look at the couch to see a pleased rapist.
>Fuck, this was a bad idea.
>"Oh, did you enjoy it?"
>You don't want to know, or what you did, so just point to the front door of the hose
"Just go."
>She willingly crawls off and stumbles over to the door.
>"I didn't know you could do that with your tongue."
>Run over and open it.
"Shut up!"
>Throw her outside and close it.
>"Do you want more the next time I come over?"
>Fucking Flutterhigh.
Erm, did you sage? If so, why? I've checked the catalog, so don't yell at me lurkers, but

File: Dat Dino.jpg (8KB, 275x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dat Dino.jpg
8KB, 275x183px
Oh G'damn it, I love Flutterhigh. I enjoyed the shit out of this.

Also, bump.
ah, ha, ha, ha stayin' aliiiiiiive!
File: 1404864212484.jpg (21KB, 122x294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 122x294px
You're not allowed out of the circlejerk...
File: 1397863041352.png (114KB, 371x578px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 371x578px
Sorry, I didn't get the memo.
Fuckers never tell me anything.
Just making a cameo shitpost.
File: 1398575241176.jpg (14KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 500x500px
I disagree.
I don't know how to do the spoiler thing so I'll come out and say it. I fucking hate you so damn much Mr. JC. Also, sorry for the shitposting.
File: 1368398160719.jpg (105KB, 900x506px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 900x506px
How could you hate JC? He writes maryjewanna for the thread, and doesn't afraid of anything!
Also I guess I'll ask here instead of the chat for the purpose of a bump. When can we expect another chapter of Anon and Flutter's weed filled shenanigans? One of the few things still going on in here anymore.
Just so that I don't shitpost some more, I'm going to try my halfassed attempt at a haiku one shot as some sort of apology to everyone for having to acknowledge that I still exist.
>Today you woke up.
>Fluttershy was at your home.
>You were raped today.
Also, I still hate Mr. JC.
Honestly? About three weeks if not a month, Stoner in Equestria is far from over, but it's on the back burner in the meantime. I wanted to at least post a new part of DoP and "Pants in The Relationship" before I get to more Fluttershigh stuff.
But, I did make a little non-canon side story for Pickle that involves Applejack smoking cum

Here's hoping work doesn't keep fucking up my schedule.
Love you too.
File: Chill as fuck.jpg (128KB, 300x401px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chill as fuck.jpg
128KB, 300x401px

I, for one, am pretty fond of Jchallo.

Kind of homo

Just a little
I second this.

Plus, he's doing a story I suggested with. How could I not love him.
File: 1399348247585.png (121KB, 368x368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 368x368px
Oh you guys, let's not get carried away, but thank you.
>*Ring ring*
"... Uhhh-"
>"It's Spike."
"Spike? Jeez, you sound different. When did Twilight give you a phone?"
>"She didn't."
"Okay, ominous."
>"You've been a pal, so I'm going to warn you now."
"Even more ominous."
>"I just hit puberty and my balls have dropped like two meteors hitting the very surface of the planet."
>"Yeah, anyway, I've just now realized how badly Twilight and the others have treated me, so I've called in a few favors."
"Spike, you're scaring me."
>"You should be! In about two minutes, there will be an invasion of dragons to lay claim to this land."
"That sounds like an act of war."
>"It is."
"Okay, and you're telling me because...?"
>"Well, the mares have treated you like whit two. They just see you as a dick with legs."
"Okay, off topic, but how weird would that be?"
>"So weird."
"I know. Now, back to the invasion thing, will anyone be killed?"
>"What? no! Jeez, we aren't monsters Anon."
"Okay, goo-"
>"We'll just rape them until their minds are broken and vags are stretchy enough to fit a whole filly."
"... less good, but okay. Welp, I'm gonna go grab my emergency bag."
>"You have an emergency bag?"
"With the amount of crazy shit that happens, I'd be retarded not to-"
>"*BOOOOM* Oh! It's started. See you later Anon, good luck. End of days bitches! Hey, Rarity! Get over here!"
"... Good for him, standing up for himself. Now, should I live with the Gryphons next or the Minotaurs? Hmmmm."

>it's almost been a month now.

You guys don't think Cog actually killed himself do you?
Well he wasn't exactly "stable" as a person, no pun intended. I wasn't on the best terms on him when we fell out of contact, but I hope he hasn't hurt himself.

I'm sure he's fine.
You guys know that Cog was in here within the last two weeks, right? Probably even the last thread.
In fact, I went and found it in the archive:
Ssssshhh, don't tell them! If they realize they don't pay attention to the thread, than we won't have a selling point anymore!
Get me the butter! I NEED MORE BUTTER!

"Run for your lives!"
>"Ah got 'im! Yeeehaw!"
>A rope quickly finds it's way around your limbs, and drops you to the floor.
>"Y'all put up a good chase, but ah think the better mare has won. Now to claim mah prize!"
>This is it. No more high score.
>"Aw horse feathers!"
>And Ponko save the day!"
"Thanks Pinkie!"
>"Don't mention it Nonny. Now hold still while I apply the butter!"
>She dons a strap on, and begins to apply a stick of butter like it was corn on the cob.
>Just then, some fabric sneaks up, and ties around her leg.
>"Hey! What the-AAAHH!"
>It drags her off you and flings her into the lake across town.
>"Sorry about that, so un lady-like of me."
>Oh shit.
>"Now than, shall we begin my pet?"
>She puts a collar on you, and a ball gag.
>Then she attaches a leash, steps onto your back, and pulls the leash making you look her in the eye as she stands on and over you.
>There is a devious lust in her eyes.
>"Now listen here, I know you'll be a good boy, but these are some...precautions darling."
>Just as she's licking the ball in your mouth, she simply disappears.
>Wait, no...it's dark. You've disappeared!
>"The test subject is in place, and conveniently restrained for me to begin the experiments!"
>There was never any god.
>"I've pre-recorded my bodily functions for this event, my vagina is producing an optimal amount of natural fluids for lubrication. I just need to prep the penis."
>Abandon hope, all ye who enter!
>Suddenly a door slams open out of your view.
>"Hey Twilight! Spike hot his head stuck in the gem jar again!"
>"Uugh! Experiment will have to be put on hold for roughly 3 minutes, and 45 seconds."
>She teleports out of the room, and something jerks you off the table.
>Now you're flying out of the house really fast.


>No need to guess who's behind this.
>The rainbow streak says it all.
>Wait, what's getting you wet?
>Looking up, you can see Rainbow's vag is moist as shit, and her flying is making it come out like a mist.
>Oh god! That explains the rainbow!
>"Don't worry Anon, I know a nice spot in a field to give us some privacy!"
>As you land, she does a little victory dance.
>"Now, I'm gonna rock your world, and afterwards you can cheer me on at all my Wonderbolts training events and shows!"
>"S-speaking of wonderbolds...i-is that Spitfire headed for Cloudsdale?"
>"Wh-wha?! Gotta go!"
>And she's off, her technicolor cunt streak trailing behind.
>It's worse than the tinfoil chemtrail bullshit!
>A familiar yellow rapist shows up in your vision, and begins to cuddle close to you.
>"Ssshh, ssh, hush now. It's ok."
>She rubs her hoof on your cheek, and wipes a tear off it.
>"I won't let those mean bullies hurt you anymore."
>A bear comes into view.
>"Besides, they don't love you like I do, and wouldn't know how to treat you the way you deserve."
>She turns to the bear.
>"Cut him loose please."
>You thought for sure he was gonna carry you to her place.
>"Then restrain him, and take him to my place. I prefer the latex restraints for my kinks~"
>Spoke too soon.
>No idea what all happened, but it still ends with you,
>fucking Fluttershy

File: Chef Antoine.png (215KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chef Antoine.png
215KB, 500x281px
Needs a bit more buttah.
>"S-speaking of wonderbolds...i-is that Spitfire headed for Cloudsdale?"
How did he say that?
First off, I just noticed a typo I made in this. Thanks for involuntarily pointing it out.
Second, it's green. Not black. That's Flutterbooboo talkin' there chief.
Wonderbolt stories. Don't care which. Spitfire, Soarin, Fleetfoot, the barely mentioned or shown others, whichever. Any good ones?
File: FULL AUTO RAPE.png (153KB, 590x610px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153KB, 590x610px
Hey motherfuckers. I've got a challenge for y'all Anons.
I require a raep story about Fluttershy snapping and going on a full-auto max power cocksaw raping spree, with the final boss being good ol' Anon.
Y'all up for this shit?
Your excessive use of the contraction "y'all" enrages me. No, I shall not be up for the proposed shit.
"Ya'll" can go right ahead and ride a wheelbarrow full of dicks straight up your own ass.
Your story idea sucks and so do you.

>"Y-you tell him, Anon!"
>"You're on fire right now!"
>"You get so hot when you're mad~"
>"Mmm... You show him..."
>"God, just rip off his pants and fuck him in the ass, you get me so fucking wet, Anon~"
"Dude what."
...no really dude what.
I can't piece together the internal arguments necessary to dissect such a stupid lapse of judgement
Y'all are faggots.
File: 1357406436320.jpg (23KB, 264x191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 264x191px
Let me sum it up this way. Just because I'm from Pittsburgh doesn't mean I type out yinz every single fucking time. I could, but don't. So just because you're from the south from what I can only guess, doesn't mean you need to type y'all every fucking sentence. If you're gonna make a request, do it normal and not like a special snowflake prick trying too hard to fit in.
Or better yet, try writing it yourself. But wait! Let me guess!
>"I'm too busy to write, can't write worth a shit, afraid, some other excuse we've seen dozens of times!"
If you fit into any of the generic bullshit reasons of why you don't write it yourself, then either fuck off until you can/do, or look into a hobby that you can't just be a leech to.
You replied to the wrong person, you shmuck.
File: image.jpg (16KB, 215x234px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 215x234px
>he wasn't exactly "stable" as a person, no pun intended.
>I wasn't on the best terms on him when we fell out of contact

Um...so like, what happened then?
Rage has no time to justify a direction!
File: RAGE.jpg (50KB, 600x337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 600x337px
You have no fucking idea how right you are.
We just didn't get along very well. I tried to be friendly towards him, but he was a strange fellow who was more distant than anything else; he'd throw up walls whenever I tried to get closer to him. I don't know what he thought of me, but all I know is that he was prone to random outbursts of what I can only describe as 'insanity'. Not the "haha, lol so random" kind of insanity, I mean genuinely unsettling remarks. The kind of stuff you'd hear a disturbed person say. I'd wait for him to say "just kidding!" but it would never come.

One minute he'd be civil and whatnot, the next he would fly off on disturbing tangents that went nowhere and only served to confused and unsettle me.

We were two very different people, and our contact came to an abrupt stop one day. I haven't tried to contact him since; I don't think he'd want to talk to me. Even despite our somewhat uncomfortable past, I hope he hasn't gone and hurt himself. I hope he's getting help.
I hope so too.

"No, Fluttershy, jumping the shark isn't my fetish."
>"Well, would you tell me what is?"
>"Jay cello?"
"No, Jchallo."
>"Well what's this George Shallow got to do with your fetish?"
"Have you seen his hair? With those ears? And that coffee cup~"
>"Hey, the squiggle is my thing!"
"Sugar, the squiggle is for someone about to get raped."
>"Oh. Well, I'm sure Jay Swallow isn't good enough to be your fetish."
"Have you even read his Stoner in Equestria stories?"
>"Well, n-no, but I-"
"Jchallo is my fetish, and there's not a goddamn thing you can do to change that."
"Have you even heard that slightly english sounding voice?! My dick gets rock hard just thinking about it!"
>"Oh...okay...well how do I meet this Jchallo fellow?"
"Contact him over Skype numb-ovaries."
>"What's a skeep?"
"No, Skyp- forget it. Get outta my house."
>"But I just want to love you!"
"And you're not Jchallo. So get out."
>You shut the door once she's gone and head back upstairs.
>Jchallo was still tied to the bed spread eagle, exactly as you had left him.
"Now, where were we?"
>Hear a knock on the door.
>Open it.
>Fluttershy has her face buried between Big Mac's thighs, bobbing up and down on his cock and deepthroating like a champ.
>She's playing Mac like a fiddle, and the poor stallion is going crazy from how well she's blowing him.
>With an audible 'shlop', she removes his throbbing horsecock from her mouth and stares at you, mouth hanging open and coated with precum.
>"Hey, Anon. Is sucking dick your fetish?"
>Slam the door.
>Not wanting Jchallo's dick
What are you, gay?
No, I just have taste.
File: 1408201111787.gif (126KB, 720x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 720x480px
File: 1370562489203.png (199KB, 311x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199KB, 311x278px

>Slightly english sounding voice

Who told you that classified information?

Anyway, one shot was pretty funny.

I'll just add that to my folio of confirmed Jchallo facts...
It's sexy
I've heard it only once under a blue moon after I sacrificed 3 virgins and pet my cat 19 times exactly
It was everything I was hoping for

I think you mean classy-fied information.
Damn it Hawkeye. Read this: >>19438599
>*Knock knock*
>You glance down at your phone
>Wait a second...
>That was the door!
>You open it and scoff heartily.
"Oh my god, who even uses the door anymore! It's all about phones now!"
>"B-b-but you blocked me!"
>You pull your head out of your ass and see ButterCry is at your doorstep.
>She's just...standing there.
>No props or fetish gear or nothin'.
"Whaddya want."
>"Are b-bananas your fetish?"
>You look her up and down.
>She blushes and makes that squeaky toy noise.
"You aren't dressed like a banana, and I'm hopin' to god there isn't a banana inside you."
"So, how exactly is this banana supposed to be my fetish?"
>She grins and takes a step forward.
>"I'm the banana that goes inside you."
>You nope the door shut.
>You hear the top of a bottle pop off, and a multitude of liquid poured onto your front stoop.
>Fluttershy slides through your letterbox doused in lube and begins to walk towards you.
>"Anon~? I asked if bananas are you fetish, and you didn't say nooooo!"
>You try to scream out that you wanted your ass virginity, but she manages to gag you with a banana before you can speak.
>She pushes you face down on the kitchen table and spreads your legs.
>Ripping off your pants she begins to knead your ass cheeks.
>You begin to cry softly and pray to a higher power
>Fucking BananaShy
I was really hoping to get some Kickboxing Ba-neh-neh action.
Too bad
Do it yourself
Good point.
File: 63441.jpg (23KB, 225x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 225x350px
I've grown to hate the idea of multiparts.
It's kinda like if an author released his or her stories chapter by chapter. No one wants to wait for that. So I've come to a conclusion. I'm not doing them anymore. The multiparts I have going right now will be ended within the next part. I'm not shortening anything, I just don't like to cut things apart for no other reason than "I don't feel like writing it right now." So from now on, I won't write multiparts anymore. They'll just be very very very large stories.

Anyway that brings me to the reason I even said any of this on the thread:
I have been working on a bunch of stories over the time I've been mostly quiet. I want to know what you guys want to see finished (current stories and new).
Here's the options:

Emotion Junkie
Love Circle [New]
The Hornet
Chronicles of Insanity [New]
Tug of War [New]

Whichever you guys choose, I'll focus on that.
You have a safe evening sir
Same to you.
Tug of Di- War, Tug of War
As much as I love Emothion Junkie,

This Love Circle story has me extremely curious. Do it.
Emotion junkie
The Hornet
Chronicles of Insanity sounds cool.
File: 1387174813792.png (290KB, 792x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
290KB, 792x750px
Clearly, now you have to post all of them.
File: dr.-steve-brule1.jpg (16KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 400x300px
Never said I wus postin right now, you fuggin dringus.
Why would you do anything other than Emotion Junkie. Finish what you've started.
He never said that you had to post them all right now, just that you had to post them all at the same time.
Just thought I'd give people some options before disappearing to work on them.
This was never about posting to begin with though, it was about writing them.
Dude, cut him some slack. If it was any other writefag, I probably would have an issue with this, but I have faith in Swift.

Besides, I answered differently just to fuck with him :3c
I'd personally favour Emotion Junkie, but I'm not picky. You should really just do whichever one you'd like to get out first.
>*Ring ring*
>"H-Hi Anon."
"Fluttershy, kinda busy right now."
>"Oh, sorry, I'll be quick."
>"Um, I know the girls and me have tried seducing you in the past, but I just wanted to say I'm stopping that."
"Thanks, okay, got to-"
>"Um, I'm not finished."
>"I'm going to try being nice and doing nice stuff instead."
"Okay, good."
>"So I decided to look through your house today and see if you needed anything."
"You broke into my house?!"
>"Ah! Sorry, sorry! I-If it helps, I got you a new tube of muscle relaxant."
"Fluttershy! Wait... I don't have muscle relaxant."
>"You don't?"
"N-No... ow... ow ow."
>"Then what's that grey tube that had that slippery white stuff in it."
"You replaced my lotion with muscle relaxant?!"
"My dick is on fire!"
>"O-Oh my."
"Oh god! It burns! Water! Water!"
>"I-I could come down and help."
"AHHHHH! Water makes it worse!"
>"I could help!"
"Oh god, it's turning pink!"
>"I'm coming down!"
"The skin is blistering!"
>"O-Oh my... never mind."
"Fluttershy, call an ambulance!"
>"Um, I think I should go."
"Help me!"
Poor Anon's dick, it's will never get action again.
Anon's dick shall be avenged!
Sometimes chapters are better because readers don't want to read a 60-post story. Sometimes they just want to read short bursts of 10-posts 6 times because they don't have the time or attention span to read something as massive as a 60-post story.

Plus, writing out chapters gives the reader time to digest what you wrote and process it.

But eh, do what you want.
Emotion Junkie.
File: 708353.png (245KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I thank you, and sorry for those mistakes, I made this in the last few minutes when the thread was going 404. And I apologize if this was in your territory, since this is more of your subject. i was thinking of making this a mini-series, but now I think that might go away.
Bumping these dubs
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Oh man, I'd love to read the last part of Emotion junkie or the Hornet.
Emotion Junkie of course
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412KB, 1399x1502px
In August? Not likely
>*Ring Ring*
“Mmf…its 3 am…who needs wha?”
>”I need you-“
“Inside you, I know. Can this wait until the sun is up in the sky for more than 2 hours?”
>”Can I finish?”
“Are you Finnish?”
>”*Sigh* Listen, I need you to come over here right now.”
“Why, you need some fuck?’
>“No, a spell went horribly wrong.”
“Good for you. Why do you need me?”
>”I need help getting rid of it.”
“Is it a dick that only goes away with a blowjob?”
“A vagina that only stops leaking when it orgasms?”
>”That was last week.”
“Yeah, I know, you called in the middle of the night. Lemme have one more guess…is your asshole talking to you in Russian?”
>”In what?”
“Scary drunk Stalliongrad voice.”
>”Well…not really…”
“You shut him up with either a butt plug or a bottle of vodka?”
>”Vodka, it’s what he asked for.”
“Alright, *yawn* come over tomorrow morning, I’ll see what I can do.”
“No. Stop calling me.”
>” ???? ??? ??? ?????? ? ?????? ??? ????? ????? ???? ???? ??????, ??? ????????? ???, ????? ? ????? ??????.
>That plushy looking Fluttershy
Shit like this makes it hard to write stories where she gets rejected.
>"Oh no!"
>Glare at the pony before you.
>She waits patiently for you to reply.
>When you don't, she clears her throat and tries again.
>"Oh no!"
"What. What do you want."
>"It appears I'm about to sign a law that will make it illegal for humans to not be married to royalty!"
"Oh dear. That certainly -is- a shame."
>She beams at you.
>"Perhaps a date might change this unfortunate turn of events~"
"Perhaps you getting fist-fucked by a Minotaur will."
>Celestia's grin widens.
>"We can try that on our date."
"You know what? Do it. I dare you. I fucking dare you. Sign that document."
>She hovers her quill over the dotted line menacingly.
>"I'll do it~"
"Go ahead. You won't do it. You won't want to put up with the media turmoil, political backlash, accusations of classism and abuse of power. It's too much work for you to deal with. Fucking do it, you coward. I dare you."
>She locks eyes with you and her expression turns to one of grim determination.
>Her quill pokes the parchment.
>You feel yourself sweating.
>As she slowly begins to delicately forge her signature, she speaks.
>"As princess, it is my sacred duty to look after my ponies. And also my loins. Should my loins fail to be appeased, I shall enact a great and terrible vengeance upon the land, ergo, I shall endure the backlash if it means both satisfying myself and saving my ponies."
>She flicks the end of her quill and puts a dot after her name, then stamps the document with wax, all while looking you straight in the eyes.
>"It is done."
"You son of a bitch."
>She beams.
>"And now, the date~"
>Smile back.
"Yes. The date."
>Walk over to the window and lean out, cupping your hands to your mouth and screaming as loud as you can in the direction of the Crystal Empire.
>Lean back inside and close the window.
"Well. That's that."
>Give Celestia the middle finger.
>Moonwalk out.
>Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
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if i had a fingey.jpg
77KB, 1000x562px
Careful now, might bring Priesty-Poo's wrath upon yourself
This would get me aroused during that time of session. It's just not giving me that feeling in this heated day. Nice try.

Because she actually looks seductive?
"The answer is no, Fluttershy."
>Fluttershy stares at the floor.
>Or rather, your feet.
>For a while she doesn't move.
>Fold your arms and lean against the door-frame.
>She always takes a while to process the rejection.
>You notice that she's trembling violently.
>Yawn into a fist and answer her in a bored tone.
"Yup. Again. You're about as attractive as cholera, Fluttershy; please leave."
"Yuh huh."
>"After all the effort I put into you... You -still- reject me?!"
"Uhh, yeah?"
>"Are you -kidding me-?!"
>Her head snaps up, her eyes narrowed and nostrils flared.
>Stare at her in shock.
>She holds up a hoof and shakes it at you angrily.
>Your eyes dart from her face to her hoof then back again.
"What's with the hoof?"
"But you don't even -have- fingers."
>Kneel down.
>Place a hand on her trembling shoulder and offer her a warm smile.
>She stops shaking.
>"WHA... umm... What?"
"It is."
>Pull her into a hug.
>She awkwardly returns it, unsure what to say.
>"...A-Are you being serious?"
>Pick her up and carry her back into your house, unzipping your pants as you ascend the stairs.

>"I now pronounce you husband and wife!"
>Beam at the pegasus behind the veil.
"I love you, Fluttershy."
>"Fuck you."
>Sigh happily.
so beautiful
>Day whatever man it’s a bump in Equestria
>Wake up, strap on your Kimono, shave your stubble into a Fu Manchu, and prepare to get rid of the pesky horse
>Throwing open the sliding door to your bedroom you march to the kitchen and prepare a warriors breakfast
>Raw squid, two eggs, and some rice; totally not diarrhea inducing
>As you prepare your mind and body, the dreaded knock comes to the door
>You open it, hand protectively on your samurai sword, and face the Yellow Devil
>”H-hello Anon, I was wondering if b-blondes were your fetish?”
>She had definitely dyed her hair, and it looked shit.
“No, Fluttershy-san.
I do not wish to sex you.
Please, leave me alone.”
>She sighs and looks down
>”Oh s-sugar honey ice tea. It took forever to get m-my mane and tail like this.”
>You take pity, and pat her head
“I am sorry, Shy.
I am sure someone likes it.
But I am not them.”
>She sniffles a bit
>”I e-even got the carpet to match the drapes. It b-burned a little. Would you at least look at it?”
“No, Flutter-sempai.
It will wreck my sanity.
I will take your word.”
>Her ears perk up, and she gazes up, eyes sparkling
>”Y-you called me sempai! That means you do like me!”
>Oh shit, damn your Japanese-American upbringing
>Fuck you, being born on a naval base counts
“No, Fluttershy-san.
It was for comfort only.
I do not want it.”
>She begins to enter your
>”I don’t think so Anon. Sempai means teacher! Does that mean…”
>She gives you bedroom eyes, and blushes heavily
>”You want to teach me something in the bedroom?”
“No no no no no.
I do not want to have sex.
Please do not rape this man.”
>Her grin widens showing teeth, and her eyes narrow
>”Eh, that’s one too many syllables there, bub.”
>Oh shit
>You’ve brought dishonor upon your family
>You’re only hope for redemption is to commit Sudoku
>Fucking Fluttershy
>She begins to enter your dojo
Kek with a side of a boner and confusion, thank you.

Haiku got me.
Another bump.
Hey, do something funny, Flutterrape.
I would, but I'm pretending to be busy so that I can provide for the thread later.
So now we're in a ferfuffle.
Who can save us from the boredom?
Requesting story with Flufflepuff.
File: Freja.png (79KB, 240x214px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 240x214px
The Duke's Dear Freja will save us!
It's not funny, but this is all that I've made in a short time.
>Take a sip from your morning coffee.
>Hard black, nice and hot.
>No sugar or creamer, just the way you like it.
>What breaks this moment is a slight knocking on the door.
>Take one last sip before getting up.
>Head over and open to meet with the psycho mare that stalks you countlessly for days on end.
>"Morning Anon."
"What is it?"
>"I just... Wanted to tell you if..."
"You know what? Forget this."
"This. All of this fetish guessing, morning interrupting bullshit for over a year now."
>"B-but I made a promise that I won't stop until I get t-that hot monkey dick."
"And I say fuck that promise."
>Reach down and scoop up the social anxiety mare.
"And I meant it." You grumble to her.
>Take her into your house to give her what she sourly desires.
>Slam her on the bed andjdjdodjbfo

"No! Fuck this!"
>"Are you really going against with what I demand?"
"This isn't how this works!"
>The sound of the whip crackles and slashes the side of your back.
>"Now, I demand that she finally gets to what she deserves."
>Your pencil wobbles on the crumpled up paper that you desperately wanted to shred to bits.
"Then you may as well kill me, because that shit doesn't fly here, lady."
>The sound of the whip whizzes in the air and all you can feel is a strong horizontal pain running the back of your shoulder blades.
>"Remember, you work for me now. It isn't in what it uses to be."
>She's right.
>Everything changed at a different pace.
>"Now, continue the scene, and don't leave out the details~"
>You unravel the paper and start to continue the draft.
>You reach over to take a small sip that's been running you for what has felt like days now.
>A mug filled with black coffee.
>No creamer or sugar.

>Boy, are you hungry.
>Preparing dinner... pasta. Not spaghetti. Farfalle is the way.
>Hear the knocker on your front door rattle a little.
>Suspicious, you leave the stove to check on everything.
>The door is open. You must have forgotten to close it. You make the motion when...
>You hear a raspberry behind you.
>Immediately, you start trying to run.
>Holy shit BEAR TRAP
>With one of your limbs out of commission, you slowly turn to your perp
>It's a fluffy pink pony
>You're confused until you see the MASSIVE COCK
>Knowing your fate, with futility you try to fight off the pastel horse
>Her fluff absorbs all of your punches
>You almost suffocate while she penetrates your virgin bunghole
>By the time she's done, you can't feel anything except for the slime in your anus
>She leaves and you try to tell yourselt it'll all be okay
>Suddenly hear a crackling noise
>Burn to death.
File: creativity.jpg (322KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
322KB, 1920x1080px
But what if I've run out of things to create?
What if I've exhausted every idea I had for the threads?
I think rules 1 and 2 cover that. Perhaps take a look at the ideas/requests bin.
As a software developer I must say this things actually work.
To bad I suck as a writer and get bored by it.
nice sage m9
Vat? You mean >>19468635
Tried to kill the thread? Jaccused!
File: EBkYkNF.jpg (253KB, 1280x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253KB, 1280x1280px
File: 1387246374055.png (785KB, 1416x1888px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
785KB, 1416x1888px
You wanted it. You got it. One Night at Anon's -Part 2 - The last part

>A smile curls on the Alicorn of Love's face as she inches closer to you.
>Fluttershy, Twilight and Pinkie Pie closely follow behind her.
>This is it.
>This is how it all ends.
>Night after night of success... all leads up to this?
>Shadow surrounds Cadance as she has you pressed against the wall.
>You close your eyes as wonder to yourself it it will be over soon.
>Cadance moves herself dangerously close to your face and you can feel her warm breath against your cheek.
>Her hair brushes against you as she pushes herself closer to your ear.
>"It's time for me to show you... why I'm the Princess of Love, Anon..." Cadance whispers delicately.
>With a hard swallow, you clear your throat.
>If you beg, will they stop?
>What could possibly stop the four mare's oncoming storm.
>That's when you hear the call of a rooster off from the distant Sweet Apple Acres.
>Your eyes shoot open.

>The magical grip around you fades as the four ponies around you cringe in agony.
>Scrambling to your knees, you crawl control room and check the monitors.
>The blue heart blinks quickly as your cameras slowly fade back from darkness.
>The battery indicator quickly show signs of new life as a green lightning bolt blinks across it.
>It's recharging!
>You did it!
>You survived the night!
>Stepping back out into the hallway, the four home intruders lay on the ground, rubbing their heads with a hoof.
>Gentle light from the slowly rising sun peers into your home from the front windows.
>"Uuugghhh," Twilight moans.
>"Where am I?" Fluttershy asks the group as she clamors to her hooves.
>"Awwww... Again? I hate not waking up in my own bed!" Pinkie exclaims in frustration.
>Princess Cadance looks around the room and back to you.
>A blush covers her face as she scrambles to her hooves and looks around the room awkwardly.
>"I... I better go back to my husband..." she hesitantly laughs.
>Cadance looks around at her unfamiliar surroundings as you point to the front door.
>You've been through this drill more than once.
>They don't remember a thing once the sun comes up.
"Please, your highness, don't let me keep you," you nod to the princess.
>She nods back to you.
>"Thank you... Mister...?"
>"Right... Thank you, Anonymous," Cadance says.
>The pink princess walks to the front door of your home, but she stops and turns to you and your guests.
>"Would you all... consider keeping this our little secret-"
"Don't you have a kingdom to run?" you interrupt with annoyance in your tone.
>"Right. Yes. Right." Cadance nods, hastily heading out the door.
>It probably wasn't smart to speak to a princess that way, but it's been a long night.
>You jut want to go to bed.
>The other three look from you, to the front door, then back to you.
>"So... um."
>You sigh and head to your bedroom.
"Just get out of my house."

>Collapsing on your bed, you yawn deeply as you try to settle in for a good day's rest.
>You've had to sleep during the day in order to avoid the nightmares at night.
>Well, night mares.
>You smile to yourself at the unintended pun.
>It's little things like that which make every day a easier to get through.
>If you don't smile at them, your world would be turned upside down thanks to the subconscious will of pastel colored horses.
>Placing a pillow over your head, you try to calm yourself down.
>Every night it was different mares.
>Twilight and Fluttershy seemed to come out the most often, but it was never more than four.
>Yet... last night was the first alicorn.
>Sure, every night it was getting slightly more difficult to keep them away, but you never had a battery problem either.
>Now you really needed to watch yourself.
>Plus, Twilight is a smart cookie.
>If she figured out how to manipulate the security system...
>You shudder at the thought.
>That unicorn was nothing but problems for you.
>You remember the first night you installed the cameras, she just searched the whole house and stared into them.
>She didn't even try to attack you.
>With a sigh, you try your best to get some rest.
>It was probably that first night that reinforced the ponies' enjoyment for looking into the cameras.
>You hadn't ever screamed so loud before.
>They got some sort of... sick enjoyment from hearing you scream.
>See, to any other guy, that probably would have meant something completely different.
>You slap yourself in the face and roll over.
>Bad Anon!
>Those sorts of things aren't allowed either.
>Get a grip on yourself, man.
>You glance at your alarm clock.
>You gotta get some sleep so you can stay up and watch the cameras.
>The last thing you need is to be drowsy when they are trying to catch you off guard.

>It's 11AM and the unanswered questions in your mind are keeping you awake.
>Why Cadance?
>Why an Alicorn all the way from the Crystal Empire?
>Something isn't adding up.
>Are the ponies colluding with each other once the sun sets?
>Do they have some sort of telekinesis?
>How did Cadance even get here?
>Sure, alicorns have a lot of magical power.
>Sure, they have the ability to teleport and they can fly long distances quickly.
>But, all the way over here?
>Also... why you?
>Why not some other stallion?
>Was it because you were the only human in Equestria?
>Were you some sort of rare prize to them?
>Do they all have some sort of weird human fetish?
>With a sigh, you roll over in your bed again.
>It's not like you are going to ever get a definitive answer.
>Maybe you could leap out of your booth and just ask.
>That would probably go great.
>With a loud groan, you check the clock again.
>You are never going to get to sleep at this rate.
>The pillows have become warm and the bedsheets are overheating you.
>Yet, if you take them off the room is too cold and there isn't any good support for your head.
>Moving to the edge of the bed, you decide that maybe closing the curtain and keeping the bright sunlight out will help you get to sleep.
>Heading to the window, you peer outside.
>Just off in the distance, you can see Applejack bucking the trees over at Sweet Apple Acres.
>They are so nice during the day...
>Why can't they just be like that all the time?
>Then you wouldn't mind living here so much.
>You tried living in the woods, but living in those woods is almost more terrifying than having to 'survive' the night.
>With a sigh, you close the curtains tight, dramatically darkening the room.
>There, that should make things better.
>Crawling back into bed, you flip the pillow so that the cooler side is facing up.
>It's not much cooler, but it's enough to make the pillow more comfortable.
>A contented sigh leaves your lips.
>Much better.
>Checking the clock, you watch as the seconds tick by.
>If you fall asleep right now, you can get 8 good hours of sleep before you prepare for the night.
>Closing your eyes, you wait for sleep to come.
>Maybe counting will help.
>What do they keep coming back for?
>That's what never quite made sense to you.
>You would think tat after the first few unsuccessful nights that the mares would have just... given up by now.
>Yet, they haven't.
>They are so determined in their quest to get into your pants that they will keep trying the same methods over and over again.
>Just waiting for you to make one false move.
>Waiting for you to catch yourself when your guard is down...
>For one little...
>Gently you open your eyes in the dark room of your home and look around.
>What a great nap!
>The merciful sleep recharged your batteries, much like how the sun is recharging your home's.
>Sitting up with a smile, you stretch and reclaim your bearings.
>Hopping out of bed, you walk to the window of your bedroom, cracking your neck and think to yourself what you should make yourself for breakfast.
>Same difference.
>It's the only peaceful meal you can have before sundown, so you do your best to make it nice.
>Nothing like some good brain food to keep you on your toes.
>Then it's time for the race.
>You place a hand on the curtains.
>Maybe today would be a good day for oatmeal.
>Tearing open the curtains, you find no light streams through your windows, only the gently rising moon.
>Your soul leaves your body for a second.
>It can't be.
>Ripping around, you check your clock.
>You overslept!
>Grabbing a set of clothes, you quickly run out to your kitchen to grab a few granola bars and a bottle of water.
>How could you oversleep?
>You never overslept before!
>Was last night really rough enough for you to have to get more rest?
>Scrambling through the drawers of your kitchen, you look out the windows, trying to see if you have any incoming attackers.
>Stuffing some granola bars in your underpants, you run to your refrigerator in only your socks.
>Yet as you try to stop, your socks decide that this would be the perfect moment for an epic power slide.
>Directly into one of your cameras.
>With a loud snap, the camera points directly at the wall and remains stationary.
>Ripping open the fridge, you grab a bottle of water and slam it shut.
>Sliding your way down the call, you enter your fortress of solitude.
>Quickly, you check the cameras around your parameter using your computer.

>Kitchen – Black.

>Shit. It must be dead now. Damn it.

>Living Room – Clear.
>Bedroom – Clear.
>Bathroom – Clear.

>Now outside.

>Backyard – Clear.
>Westside – Clear.
>Eastside – Clear.
>Front – Clear.

>You sit back in your chair and sigh to yourself.
>Safe, for now.
>You swiftly check the clock to see how much time you still have.
>Quickly, you change your clothes and smash down a granola bar.
>There's no telling what you will have to face tonight.
>Every night it's gotten a little bit worse.
>Then last night... an alicorn.
>Nervousness settles in as the pre-attack silence settles in.
>The calm before the storm always made the air around you feel colder.
>You have a feeling it's going to be a long night.
>Rubbing your eyes, you still can't seem to shake some of the lingering tiredness.
>That's what you get for oversleeping.
>The minutes tick by as you try your best to get yourself prepared.
>As the clock strikes 11:59PM, you slap yourself on the face for an extra dose of adrenaline.
>Let's do this.
>You can do this.
>Bring it on.
>You're ready for anything.
>Flipping to the Living Room, you watch the front door as the clock slowly ticks to 12.
>The battery switches from 100% to 99%.
>Game on.

>The door to your home flies open as a flurry of rainbow light flies from the living room camera to just off screen.
>Raindow Dash!
>You no more than hit the button to the left hallway, when a loud thud echoes from the other side of your impenetrable shield.
>"Dang it!" screams Rainbow Dash.
>Checking the left hallway camera, you watch Rainbow rub her head and stretch her wings.
>You better keep a close eye on her.
>Who knows when she could charge next?
>But for now, she's going to need time to recharge her strength.
>Hopping from room to room, you inspect your playing field.

>Bedroom - Still Clear.
>Kitchen - What's the point in even checking?
>Living Room - The front door is still left wide open from Rainbow Dash's grand entrance.
>Right Hallway - Clear.
>Left Hallway - Rainbow seems to be heading down the hall towards the bathroom.
>Bathroom - You watch Rainbow enter inside.

>Well that's enough of the bathroom cam.
>Better check outside.

>Front door - Nothing.
>Backyard - All clear.
>Eastside - Empty.
>Westside - No pony.
File: 1384957846635.jpg (22KB, 269x288px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 269x288px
>Hmm, it seems like they are starting out easy.
>Reopening he left hallway door, you sit back in your chair again.
>It's so oddly comfortable tonight.
>It would be great if you could just sit back... relax...
>You feel your eyes droop.
>Sitting back up quickly, you shake your head.
>Get it together, Anon.
>You are in the middle of a war zone.
>Don't lose your guard.
>Suddenly, a loud crash emanates from the kitchen.
>A chill runs down your spine as you instinctively check the camera.
>Yet, all that is returned is blank, empty video.
>Hoofsteps can be heard from the audio feed.
>"Oh, I do hope that he didn't hear that..." a womanly tone whispers.
>Her appearance is usually quite the... unusual occurrence, for the lack of a better word.
>Instantly you are set on edge.
>Rarity wasn't particularly hard to stop... or even predict for that matter, but this mare doesn't know how to take no for an answer.
>She doesn't teleport around the house like Pinkie or Twilight, but every failure only makes her more aggressive and determined.
>You check your battery for your status.
>89% and it's only 12:30AM.
>The next sound that fills the house is the sound of running water.
>Flipping to the bathroom, you watch as Rainbow has turned on the shower to full blast.
>Steam begins to rise from the bathing area and fill the room.
>Wait, they've never done this before...
>If they keep that hot water running...
>The steam is going to fog up the camera!
>As well as make your water bill atrocious!
>Yet, that's not the problem at hand.
>A shiver runs down your spine.
>Now they have two safe zones...
>Flipping to the kitchen, no sound comes from the audio feed.
>Quickly you jump to the Living Room feed.
>"How do you like my camouflage dress, Darling?"
>You check the camera feed carefully.
>Where is she hiding?
>The sound of the running water fills your ears.
File: 1304903967650.jpg (84KB, 894x894px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 894x894px
>You look to your right door and Rarity steps closer to you with a malevolent smile.
>Launching a strong kick at the white unicorn, you push her back into the hall.
>She flies backward, but catches herself with her magic.
>"So you want to do this the HARD way?!" she exclaims.
>You quickly close the door in front of the purple maned fashion diva and she begins to buck the door.
>"LET! ME! IN!" she screams, accentuating every kick.
"Maybe once you've had the chance to get a better tan!" you mock her.
>"Once I -WHAT?!" she yells.
>While you may be giggling now, it doesn't solve the problem.
>The running water is muting their steps around the house.
>You flip your camera feed to the bathroom as Rarity unleashes a flurry of prim and proper insults, having you know that she works very hard to keep her coat a pristine white.
>The camera feed is hazy, but you can still make out the blue and rainbow horse pacing.
>Waiting for the right moment to strike.
>You're going to have to keep checking the camera for some sort of warning of her attack.
>Until then...

>Living Room - Clear
>Kichen - No sounds.
>Backyard - Clear
>Westside - Clear

>Slowly the shadow of a pony looms on the horizon.
>She moves diligently and with a sense of confidence.
>As the figure draws nearer, you notice a large stetson on her head.
>Applejack has joined the fray.
>You check your battery with concern.
>76% - 1:45AM.
>Your battery seems to be draining faster than usual.
>Was it something that Cadance did last night?
>If she doomed you... then you will have to seriously consider a back up plan.
>Also, likely file a lawsuit against the Crystal Empire for property damage.
>Then you would have to worry about not only the night ponies, but your attorney screwing you too.
>With a sigh, you shake your head.
>You will have to make due.
>Applejack seemed to feel that when she bucked on the doors, she gets closer and closer to knocking them down.
File: 1382450466868.jpg (109KB, 900x562px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 900x562px
>While you don't doubt the structural integrity of the door, what she does manage to do is to significantly lower your battery level.
>Flipping back to the hallway camera, you notice Rarity has left.
>You nearly open the door, when you examine the feed a bit more closely.
>Since when did your potted plant get a stylish purple mane?
>In fact, when did you get a potted plant?
>She's there.
>She's just hidden.
>Flipping back to the bathroom, you notice Rainbow is doing more stretches and the feed has gotten blurrier.
>Your body feels weak and your blood runs cold.
>Rubbing your eyes, you try to shake off your tiredness.
>Damn it, Anon.
>Of all nights, it had to be tonight.
>It's nearly a perfect storm.
>Flipping to your living room, you watch as the shadow approaches the door.
>Applejack steps into your home and slowly closes the door behind here.
>"It's time to show why I'm the rodeo champion," she whispers, taking a long yellow rope out of her stetson.
>Wait, what?
>It's just a rope.
>How is a rope going to help her?
>After fiddling with the rope in her hooves, she seems to have made a small loop.
>Well, alright then.
>If AJ is going to spend her time with rope tricks, let her.
>You check the hallway, and the potted plant is gone.
>Checking the feed, nothing seems to be out of place.
>Raising the other door, you let out a sigh.
>You have to conserve as much power as possible.
>Checking the clock, it's 2:05 AM.
>"Here we go!" you here the farm pony yell.
>Flipping back to the Living Room, you watch as the pony releases a spinning lasso from her mouth and down a hallway.
>The lasso curves into your room through the right and around your arm.
>You watch her pull tight on the rope, and it jerks your body towards the right .
"Wait! WHAT?"
>"Got him!" AJ yells.
>You slam the right door down and the tightness of the rope forces you to the ground.
>However, on the feed, as Applejack pulls harder and harder, she makes no headway on pulling you out of your base of operations.
>With a sigh, you try to get to your feet, but your arm remains tethered to the floor.
>She told everyone in the house.
>Hitting the bathroom, you watch the shadow of a pony rise into the air through the mist.
>Pushing your feet against the door, you extend your arm as far as you can reach to try and hit the door button.
>You gasp for air, when your attempted slap only greets air.
>Come on, Anon!
>There's no time to waste!
>The feed is filled with a streak of rainbow light.
>You reach out in panic.
>Almost there.
>Your fingers graze the edge of the button.
>The rainbow light fills the hallway.
>Just as you see a fleck of rainbow mane, you hit the button and the door comes slamming down.
>A loud thunk rings from the left door.
>With a sigh, you sit on your floor and catch your breath.
>You have to cut this rope.
>Looking around the room, you find a pair of spare scissors that you had brought in from a few nights ago.
>Grabbing the jaws of life, you reclaim your freedom.
>Sitting back in your chair, you check the cameras.

>Outside all looks clear.
>Bedroom - Your bedspread has apparently changed to a vivid purple color.
>Living Room - Applejack curses at her rope.
>Left Hallway - Rainbow rubs her head again.

>That's all three.
>You can't get into this situation with the rope again.
>Flipping back to the Living room feed, you get an idea.
>Applejack paces back and forth muttering under her breath.
>This is only going to work once...
>She grabs her hat and throws it to the ground.
>You swiftly open the door and grab the trailing end of the rope.
>Pulling hard, you do your best to take it for yourself.
>The rope begins to exit out of the camera feed and Applejack fails to notice until it's already off screen.
>Once the last bit is inside, you shut the door tight.
>"DANGNABBIT! GIMME BACK MAH ROPE!" Applejack yells to you.
>With a smile, you flip the feed back to the left hallway and find Rainbow has vanished.
>You nearly open the door when you remind yourself to take a closer look.
>No random purple.
>No blue eyes.
>It seems to be your ordinary hallway.
>Only then do you reopen your door.
>Checking back to the bathroom, you confirm Rainbow has re-entered her 'Flier's Cove".
>Moving to the Kitchen, you hear soft footsteps echo on the tile floor.
>There's Rarity.
>A loud clang to your right deafens your senses.
>There's Applejack.
>Checking your battery, you watch as it nears 45%
"FINE! FINE!" you scream, tossing the rope out into the left hallway. "It's on the other side!"
>The clanging stops.
>Checking your cameras, you watch as Applejack circles to the other hallway and you flip the doors.
>The clock chimes three and you rub your eyes.
>You can do this, Anon.
>Just be delicate with your power.
>Time for a good sweep.

>Left Hallway - Applejack grabbing her rope.
>Bathroom - You can see the shadow of a pony pacing in the fogged lens.
>Right Hallway - Looks clear.
>Bedroom - Seems to be empty.
>Living Room. - Another random purple potted plant.

>Come on, Rarity.
>If you are going to do camouflage, at least do it right.
>On second thought, never mind.
>It's like she is completely invisible to you.
>With a smile, you quickly check the outside cameras.

>Backyard - Empty.
>Sides of the house - Empty.
>Front - Empty.

>Keeping your screen on the front door, you quickly flicker your light.
>No shadows of ponies off in the distance.
>No visitors yet.
>This might actually end up being a easier night.
>As you sit back in pride, you feel another wave of tiredness attack you.
>Trying to shake the sleep from your eyes, you flip through the monitors again, you check the hallway to find Applejack left her station.
>Letting the door open, you check the other hallway, just to be sure.
>Both hallways look clear.
>Jumping to the living room, you find Applejack approaching the potted plant.
>Voices come to life from the audio feed.
>"Really, Rare?" Applejack asks the potted plant. "That was your big plan?"
>"Applejack! Shush! You'll blow my cover."
>"Anon doesn't like plants, Rarity."
>"Well NOW you tell me..." Rarity sighs.
>Rarity turns herself a different direction and becomes clearly visible to the camera.
>"I don't suppose your silly rope trick did any better though, did it?"
>"Well, no... but I did catch him off guard!" Applejack retorts.
>"Well, I got into his private room." Rarity proudly comments.
>"Everypony gets lucky sometimes," replies the orange earth mare.
>"Will you two stop bickering?!" You hear the squeaky voice of Rainbow Dash call to the two mares. "I can't psyche myself out with you two arguing!"
>You check the clock.
>3:30AM and 37% battery left.
>No, girls. Please keep fighting.
>It just makes things easier for you.
>Checking the hallway cameras, you notice Rainbow Dash stomping out towards the girls.
>Flipping back to the Living Room, you watch as Rainbow joins their heated argument.
>"Well you are even worse!" Rarity comments.
>"Yeah! How many bumps on the head will it take for you to realize that your 'fly really fast' plan isn't going to work?" Applejack asks mockingly.
>"Hey! Flying really fast has got me to really awesome places in life. It got me there quickly too." Rainbow defends herself.
>Opening another granola bar, you watch the argument with your guard down.
>You would have to pay to see this anywhere else.
>They don't put anything this good on cable.
>The ponies begin to argue and bicker with each other incoherently as you enjoy the break from their constant barrage of attacks.
>You might as well check the cameras, just to be safe.

>Front Yard - Empty.
>West side of the house - Nothin.
>East side - Zilch.
>Backyard - Nothing.
>All that sits in the back yard is the bright moon up in the sky.
>You sigh to yourself and you prepare to head back to the living room camera, when you pause.
>Something changed about the back yard camera, but you couldn't put your finger on what.
>Watching the feed closer, you notice one of the bright lights in the sky disappear from view.
"What?" you ask yourself unconsciously.
>Then another light burns out.
>And another, and another.
>Then, the only light that remains left hanging in the sky is the bright moon that shinds down at you.
>A chill runs down your spine.
>Why are the stars going out?
>You flip to each of the other outside facing cameras and look around.
>No stars.
>Returning to the backyard, you watch the moon closely.
>Will it go out too?
>Leaning into the screen, you watch carefully.
>That's when you see it.
>A single dark speck in the center of the moon.
>It slowly grows larger and larger.
>You are at a loss for words as you watch the moon slowly fade into darkness.
>Except, the speck doesn't seem to gro into a circle.
>It seems like it has two... wings.
>The dot become more and more defined as it grows in size.
>It seems to have four hooves, two wings.
>And a horn.
>You gasp and lean back in your chair.
>This is bad.
>Not another alicorn...
>You barely survived the last one.
>Leaning into the screen, you watch as the alicorn speeds to the ground.
>When she reaches your back yard, she slowly descends, revealing her starry blue mane and light blue fur.
>Princess Luna.
>"WHO DARES TO NOT REST ON THE NIGHTS WE SO CAREFULLY PREPARE?!" the alicorn yells in a voice that shakes the very trees around your home.
>Time seems to stop, as the girls in the living room fall silent.
>The princess walks to the front of your home with a maliciousness in her steps.
>Her brow is furrowed and she seems focused, as if she were on some sort of mission.
>Flipping to the living room, the girls look to each other in mild shock.
File: 1395804641105.png (576KB, 700x729px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
576KB, 700x729px
>The door to your home opens and the Princess of the Night walks inside.
>"Where is the one named Anonymous, who refuses to sleep during my precious nights," Luna asks the three Elements of Harmony.
>The girls simultaneously point to your back room and your blood runs cold.
>"He will pay for his transgressions. We create these nights for the citizens of Equestria to sleep peacefully, not for them to spend their time with unfruitful, unproductive tasks," Luna says to the three.
>She walks slowly towards the left hallway and you immediately close the door.
>Screeew that.
>"You won't be able to get there like that," the rainbow pony says to the princess.
>"And why not?" Luna asks in irritation.
>"He will just close his door on you," Rarity responds. "They have some sort of magic barrier on it and we can't kick it down either."
>Luna looks down the hallways, carefully considering her options.
>"So, he challenges us to a duel?" Luna asks rhetorically.
>"If there is anything we can do to help ya, Princess-" Applejack begins to volunteer, until she is cut off by Rainbow.
>"AJ. Third-person," Rainbow whispers.
>"Oh. Right."
>The three mares look at Luna who surveys the scene carefully.
>"Well, um, Your Highness... I suppose we will be going now. To rest on your beautiful night," Rarity says shakily, backing up.
>The other girls, taking the unicorn's cue follow her out.
>"What is this contraption?" Luna asks the girls.
>Applejack turns to the Princess, as she points to one of your cameras.
>"That doohickey?" Applejack replies. "We aren't sure, but we figure it lets him watch us from his weird TV from his safe room."
>Luna studies the camera closely as the three girls make their way out.
>"Then, you are watching us right now?" Luna asks you through the camera.
>You keep your mouth shut, your muscles tense and ready for anything.
>"Your doors may be protected, but is your spying machine?" Luna asks with a smile.

>Luna's horn glows with magic as she leans in closer to the camera.
>She take another step closer, and closer.
>Until her horn protrudes from the monitor in front of you.
>Leaping out of your chair, you lean against the wall as you watch the alicorn emerge from your screen.
>This has got to be cheating.
>This isn't fair.
>As Luna's head emerges from the screen, you pick up your wooden chair and attempt to bring it down on the Princess, but a magical barrier forces the chair to shatter into several pieces.
>You push yourself back against the wall as Luna pushes one hoof out of the monitor.
>Attempting to juke her out, you lean left, but dart to the right doorway to make a getaway.
>The doors slam shut before you can even take another step.
>Her magic slams you up against a wall again as Luna's tail emerges from the screen and leaves you alone with her.
>"It appears we have won your little game, Anonymous," She says fiercely, pushing you against the wall. "However, do you find it humorous to stay up every evening that we so delicately craft?"
>A lump forms in the middle of your throat.
"No, not really-"
>She lifts you away,then pushes you back against the wall.
>"You will pay for refusing to sleep during our precious nights!" Luna yells.
>You close your eyes and look away.
>What is she going to do?
>Luna laughs to herself quietly.
>"It appears that you have dark circles under your eyes, Anon. Are you tired?" She asks with a malevolent smile.
>Your eyes shoot open and you turn to look her in the eyes, shaking your head.
>No... she can't.
>"How about we let you have some rest, Anonymous?" Luna asks.
>You try to fight against the strain of the magical binding around you, but she is simply too strong.
>"I played your silly little game, Anon. Now let me show you mine," She growls.
>Your eyes feel heavier and heaver.
>Stay awake, Anon!
>If you don't... who knows what she will do?
>She has the power...
>To control...
>You rise from your bed quickly.
>Looking to your alarm clock, you find the clock clock set to 8am.
>The sun is shining on the beautiful green hills of Equestria..
>Thats... weird.
>Wasn't... Luna.
>[Go to your kitchen.]
>You guess not.
>All of a sudden, you feel the strong compulsion to head to the kitchen.
>With a wide stretch, you change your clothes and make your way to get yourself some delicious oatmeal.
>When you enter, you find a note on your table.
>"Anon! Great news! I found a spell that might be able to send you back to Earth! Stop by as soon as you get this. Sincerely, Twilight."
>No way.
>Did they... did they actually figure it out?
>Did they discover a way to get you back to Earth?
>The note sits in your hands as if it were a rather large paycheck and you reread it several times.
>Then there is no time to waste!
>Sprinting out your door, you head into Ponyville to get to Twilight as soon as you possibly can.
>As you pass Sugarcube Corner and Applejack's cart, they begin to gallop along beside you.
>"What's the big rush, Anon?" Applejack asks, as Rainbow and Fluttershy catch up to you.
"Twilight figured out a way for me to go home!" you exclaim. "I can't believe it. She actually figured it out."
>Rarity spots your group heading towards Golden Oaks Library and races out of her shop to join you.
>The six of you stop once you reach Twilight's door.
>You knock over-enthusiastically and count the seconds it takes for the egghead to answer the door.
>Twilight opens the door and peers outside.
>"Anon! Come on-"
>You push past the purple unicorn and step into her home.
"What is it? What's the spell? Get me out of here. Please, Twilight. Do it. Do it now," you command Celestia's prized pupil.
>"Slow down! I have it right over here, just give me a minute," Twilight says soothingly.
>You attempt to hold your excitement the best you can as you wait for the unicorn to return with her spell.
>"A-are you really going to leave, Anon?" Fluttershy asks, walking up to you.
"I think so," you answer the shy pegasus.
>"Like, for forever?" Rainbow adds.
"Yep, isn't it great?" you reply.
>The five mares look to each other with a frown.
>"Ah... Ah guess," Applejack replies.
>"I think what we are trying to say, Darling, is that... we are really going to miss one of our closest friends," Rarity attempts to clarify.
"Oh girls, don't you see?" You say, approaching the five mares. "This isn't the place I belong. You ponies have a marvelous way of life that... I just don't seem to fit into, no matter how hard I try. Earth is where I belong. It's my home. During the days I've spent my life in Equestria in a way I will never forget."
>The girls grow a faint glimmer of a smile and you gently ruffly Fluttershy's hair.
"Plus, what you guys did to me every night made me hate you all until the end of time."
>"Wait, wha-"
>"Found it!" Twilight yells, levitating a book to a nearby stand.
>The book is dark red with what looks like teeth surrounding the edges.
>Twilight flips through the pages with her magic.
>As you approach, you find many different symbols adorned on the pages.
>"Here we go!" Twilight says, stopping on page with several interconnected circles being held inside of an octagon. "All you have to do is hold your finger in the center of the symbol, and it should teleport you home."
>You look at the book curiously.
>"That's it?" you ask.
>Twilight nods.
>[Do it.]
>Something about this doesn't seem right.
>[Do it.]
>You approach the book and you can feel your heartbeat quicken.
>A feeling deep in your chest is telling you that something is wrong.
>Taking a deep breath, you hesitate.
>[Do it.]
>Raising your hand to the book, you place your finger in the center of the intersecting circles.
>A bold of electricity shoots through your arm.


>>Recommended Listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlDivIaiuMU
>Pulling your finger away, you watch as blood drips from your finger onto the page.
"Shit!" you yell reflexively, putting your bleeding finger into your mouth.
>The book faintly glows with a dark red magic.
>What the hell is this?
>Taking a few steps away, you watch as the book levitates into midair.
>Turning around, you find the ponies have vanished and the door to library has disappeared with them.
>Looking back to the book, you watch as it pulsates in midair and fills the room with a red glow.
>The windows to the outside fade to black as you watch the book helplessly.
>That's when you notice that pulsating isn't the right word.
>The right word would be beating.
>It's shakes move like a heart beat and grow faster with each passing minute.
>The paint from the walls begin to peel and decay, turning the colorful wall into a brown mess.
>The wooden floors below you dry, crack and splinter into a pale lifeless hue.
>The books on the shelves shake and fall to the ground, shattering into dust on impact.
>The living book beats faster and faster as you feel the world around around you spinning.
>A part of you feels as if you were going to vomit, and you collapse to your knees.
>The world stops.
>A cold chill fills the air as dust coats the floors and a single doorway sits off in the distance.
>[Go to it.]
"I don't want to."
>[You must.]
>Rising to your feet, you walk carefully to the door through darkness.
>A chill runs through the air, raising goosebumps on your necks.
>When you reach the door, you firmly grasp the door handle.
>Pulling it open, you step inside of a tile room, with a bathtub sitting in the corner and a large mirror covering the opposite wall.
>Stepping inside, you hear the door close behind you.
>You check your back and the door is gone.
>Moving into the center of the room, you inspect yourself in the mirror.
>Nothing... seems to be out of the ordinary.
>Turning your attention to the bathtub, you make your way over to see what's inside.
>Peering over the side, you find a bubbling black liquid sitting in the tub.
>A long metal chain lies on the outside of the tub and runs inside.
>Grabbing the chain, you pull as hard as you can and after some resistance, it comes free.
>The dark liquid slowly exits the tub and leaves it empty, revealing a now unclogged drain.
>You look from the chain to the tub.
>"I really hope that wasn't some sort of puzzle," you mutter under your breath.
>You turn and look at the mirror and your reflection gazes back at you.
>Except, in the reflection, the tub's level of black tar is beginning to rise.
>You approach the mirror and watch the tub carefully, as well as continually looking back at your empty washing basin.
>The black liquid falls onto the floor of the reflection and begins to jet out along the floors and walls like thick black veins.
>You can hear the book's heartbeat renew on the other side of the glass.
>Soon, the floor of the reflection is entirely covered in black pulsating veins, but your reflection pays them no mind, and the darkness doesn't spill into your side of the mirror.
>You take a few steps backward away from the the mirror, but your reflection only takes one.
>He smiles at you.
>Your blood runs cold.
>He raises his hand and waves at you.
>His entire room has become black, while you stand on dirty, unwashed , brown and red tiles.
>The mirror Anon points down to his feet.
>You look down and find your shoes beginning to be covered with thick black veins.
>In a panic, you reach down and try to rip your shoes off, but the veins only spread to your arm, sending a scalding hot pain through your senses that refuses to go away.
>The black veins crawl over your skin as you collapse to the ground screaming in agony.
>The mirror you steps out of his room and into yours, walking slowly across the floor.
>He kneels down before you as you grasp his legs, screaming at the top of your lungs.
>You look to the mirror Anon an beg for help, but he simply smiles.
>His pupils transform into thin vertical slits.
>"What's wrong?" he asks demonicly. "Can't handle the Nightmare?"

>>Change Listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtZ0iGAdxv8

>Screaming, you sit up in bed in a cold sweat and with your breath out of control.
>Your eyes scan the room, and you find only sunlight streaming through your windows.
>Ripping the covers off, you check your arms and legs.
>They seem to be fine.
>No black veins.
>You stop to catch your breath.
>Checking the alarm clock, it reads 8AM.
>Your throat runs try when you notice a note beside it.
>Reaching over carefully, you pluck the note from it's resting place and unfurl it.
>In deep blue ink, spiraled in well practiced cursive lies the note:
>"Sleep well, Anonymous."


pastebin: http://pastebin.com/BDTPgHWL

I seriously beat this out over the course of 5 hours. So there is probably still some mistakes I didn't catch.
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>beating it in five hours
>not trying to die in every way possible first
File: AAAAAAA.gif (91KB, 275x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh sweet baby Jesus and the Angels
Aha! So the lava doesn't kill me!
>There are butts everywhere.
>Every single pony in Ponyville is celebrating their annual butt day.
>A day where everyone in the town bends down and raises their rump into the air to be fucked.
>The only problem is that no one is doing the fucking.
>That's where you come in.
>"Oh yes!"
>Twilight nearly vibrates in her orgasm, sliding right off your dick.
>Too bad these ponies don't last longer than five thrusts each.
>Look down at the new princess slobbering at your feet.
"Get out. I got more customers waiting."
>You point to the long line of ponies walking backwards with their asses raised high.
>She stands and stumbles out of the door.
>Fluttershy comes scooting back to you and places a bit in the bucket beside the door.
>"Could you please be gentle?"
>You come close to her vagina and her back legs shudder, making her squirt some mare juices on your face.
>The ponies in line gasp.
>She looks back at you.
>"I'm sorry-"
>She turns around.
>"But I-"
>Point up to the sign above you that reads: "Don't cum on my face"
>Derpy moves forward and slams her bubblebutt against Fluttershy, pushing her out the back door.
>You continue servicing ponies until Fluttershy is directly in front of you again.
>"No wait, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, I swear nothing will happen this time."
>"P-please! I'll let you do whatever you want with me!"
>Point up to the sign right next to the other that reads: "No bribing"
>Throw her out the back.
>Shake your head as Princess Cadence backs into the room.
>After giving her and Shining Armor what they wanted, you're face to ass with Fluttershy for the third time this day.
>You lean close to her.
>She leans in as well.
>You lower your head down to mere inches away from hers.
>She closes her eyes.


Directed by: Swift M0nkey
Starring: Fluttershy, Twilight, Bubblebutt, Lovebutt, Lovebite, Lovebutt's hubby, and that guy who doesn't have a name
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Swift, go to bed damn it.
>"Anon, go to bed."
"No you."
>"You can't keep playing that stupid video game all night!"
"Fuckin' watch me Twi."
>"You're an idiot."
"I know what you are, but what am I?"
>"An idiot."
"I know what you are, but what am I?"
>"Shut up."
"I'm a shut up? The fuck is a shut up?"
>"Please stop it Anon and come with me upstairs."
>"Anon, you know I'm burning down there."
"Exactly why I'm not going."
>"If you're not going to come to bed, then let me play too."
"Why do you have to play with me?"
>"Because you won't have sex with me and I want to have some kind of relation with you."
"The way you say that makes it seem like you're not just using me as a sex tool for when you have urges."
>"Shut up and give me a controller."

And Anonymous totally kicked her ass at Super Slap Sisters Brawl.
>Super Slap Sisters Brawl.
Annnnd sold.
I like it, ship it, print it, send my wife some flowers, get the head of Times Magazine on the line, I want to laugh at him. Call OP on his home phone and call him a faggot, call Timmy Chan's and get Shrimp fried rice, we're back in business.

But Swift, seriously, go to bed.
File: Heli-shark attack.jpg (115KB, 789x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Heli-shark attack.jpg
115KB, 789x600px
oh it just starting up
File: 1355824496416.png (169KB, 720x474px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What the fuck.
File: 1404272719313.png (185KB, 905x882px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Anon, seriously, go to bed."
>"We have to be up early in the morning, so quit playing your... b-bideo games-"
"Video games."
>"Whatever, quit playing them and come to bed with me already."
"Fuck off."
>"That's not a very nice thing to say to your girlfriend."
"You aren't my girlfriend Rarity."
>"Oh so what if it isn't really confirmed yet, we both know it's truueee~"
"I don't."
>"How could you say such a thing?!"
"Because in a relationship like that, both sides usually like each other a little and don't use the other as a sex toy."
>"I don't use you as a sex toy."
"Oh? The wine bottle over there says otherwise."
>"I did those things to you when I was drunk?"
>"I'm so sorry! I truly had no idea, I simply woke up next to you and assumed that you and I erm..."
"Had consensual sex?"
"Nope. Don't know why you'd think that, with the black eye I had."
>"Huh. I must not have noticed."
>"This certainly changes things..."
"I don't think it does."
>"...well um..."
>"Would you like a glass of wine Anonymous?"
"God damn it."

And so Anonymous was forced by magic to get piss drunk and woke up with a sore butthole and swollen nipples.
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>And so Anonymous was forced by magic to get piss drunk and woke up with a sore butthole and swollen nipples.

Luck fuck.
Shit, what is that video called?
File: 1401765322785.gif (13KB, 500x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 500x399px
Yes. Thank you.
>You swerve around a corner and duck into a crowd of ponies.
>She's chasing you again.
>She only just got out of the hospital from when she tripped last time.
>But she won't give up.
>She wants the D so hard.
>Quickly poke your head up in the crowd of ponies to see if she's still there.
>She flies up and her eyes meet yours.
>Dive-bombing like a Japanese kamikaze pilot, she plummets toward you.
>You roll under the guard as he stares up at her.
>She slams onto him, attracting the attention away from whatever it is the ponies are even gathered here for.
>You manage to slip away as she is being stared at by thousands of eyes.
>The terror on her face as absolutely everyone stares at her is even better than anything you've ever witnessed.
>As she is stared at, you try to slip away from the crowd.
>She suddenly looks your direction and flies up.
>You try to rush back into the crowd, but they don't let you.
>Having no other choice now, you sprint along the crowd of ponies until you reach the stage.
>There's no way she'd follow you up here.
>Not when she locks up as people watch her.
>Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are standing up there.
>They look at you and then Celestia nods to Luna.
>Luna walks over to you and whispers.
>"What is the meaning of this interruption, Anonymous?"
>Before you can respond, you see Fluttershy zooming toward both of you.
>Luna doesn't even notice her.
>To save her from being hit by Fluttershy, you spin her around your body.
>This sends her off balance and tumbling into the crowd.
>Everyone's eyes go to Luna instead of Fluttershy who slams into your chest.
>She begins scraping at your clothes with her hooves like some rabid animal.
>You throw her to the side and jump up.
>Then rush over to Celestia's stand with the microphone and grab it from her.
>The guards approach you.

>You sit in the cold jail cell.
>"...I would be okay with anal too..."
>Fucking Fluttershy.
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If I could throw a shoe at you, I would.
This is all I can think of when I read that.
I'm i the only one who are 3th shift
File: Wut.png (231KB, 471x354px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I'm i the only one who are 3th shift

Sorry, what?
ok...work 3th shift
I'm guessing English isn't your first language
fuck off spidy
That was ten days ago
just bad at tipping on a slow computer.

Also, do click on the post number of whoever you're replying to.
how does one archive a 4chan thread
oh good point
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Randomly popped in the thread, and glad I did. Cool-ass idea, brah.
'Nother bump before bed.
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Glad you liked it, Theseus. It's good to see your name in the thread, even if just for a post.
Will you ever stop posting cadence?
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Any word yet on Lemons 3?

I wanna know what Fluttershy and Anon will do to Rarity.
File: 1370588573775.png (2MB, 1825x1145px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: Cave Johnson.jpg (154KB, 385x570px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cave Johnson.jpg
154KB, 385x570px
They're probably gonna make her take the lemons back! Get mad! They don't want her damn lemons! What are they supposed to do with these?! They'll demand to see Rarity's manager! Make her rue the day she thought she could give Anon and Fluttershy lemons! Do you know who they are? They're the ones that are gonna burn her boutique down! With the Lemons! They're gonna see Twilight and have her invent a combustible lemon that burns her boutique down!
ur al a bunch of fagets
Bump for funniest thread.
So that's a large amount of bumps in a row...
Guess I'll just try and devote all (or most) of my attention tomorrow into doing something for this.
>My post got deleted.
Like hell it did.

ur al fagets
bump cause I have nothing better to do
I'm going to work. I better come home to some rapeyshy stories
Fuck guys what do we do
Link him old pastebins.
>*Ring ring*
"Rainbow? Who gave you this number?"
>"Because I asked."
>"I threatened to dip Angel in hot caramel."
"Mhmm. Why are you calling me? I have made it very clear I have a strong dislike for you."
>"Yeah, I'm bored."
"... And that means 'oh, hey, I should call Anon.'?"
>"Nah, means I'm gonna make you uncomfortable sexually."
>"Yeah. I'm gonna come over there, strip you naked, tie you down, and ride my blue cooch all over your face."
>"Then, right as you think I'm going to finish, I'm gonna queef down your mouth."
>"Mhmm, and that's just the foreplay!"
"Oh, god, stop!"
>"No, I'm not gonna stop, I'm never gonna stop. Not until I leave a nice hot log on your chest."
"Why are you doing this?!"
>"Because I'm bored."
Hi Mr.Johnson. Did you ever finish GlaDOS?
Fuck off.
Hitler, will you ever stop killing Jews?
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"You ain't right, but let's get ya up and movin'."
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Was looking around youtube, as you do, and saw a classic aussie beer ad. So naturally, change it up a bit for a mini-story. Watch it first and you'll understand.

"Luna, I'm practically held hostage in here, where the hell else would I go?"
>She bursts through the door of her chambers in the castle that you've been stuck in for a week or so now.
>"*ahem* Apologies. We've prepared something for you."
"Is it freedom? Cause I'd really like to go home."
>"Even better!"
"Sure it is. Being kidnapped and told I can't leave the castle for no reason has so many amazing things that are definitely better than freedom..."
>"Don't be a sour puss. Now come!"
>She walks over to the doors to her balcony.
>Humouring her, you follow.
>"Since you're still uncertain on why you're hear, and our hints towards it appear to have gone over your head, we've prepared this for you that should make everything clear."
"Uhh... I know why I'm here, I just don't wan-"
>"Hush! It's beginning!"
>Her hoof moves up to cover your mouth, forcing you silent.
>Rolling your eyes at her insistence, you look for whatever it is she's referring to.
>A scan over Canterlot shows you nothing.
>However, the big open, empty fields outside the city catch your eye...
>There appears to be a very large amount of ponies wearing coloured robes.
>Two groups in fact. One of them has at least 10% of them wearing pink, another 10% wearing white and the majority 80% wearing skin coloured robes...
>The other group on the other side of the field however, are all wearing a different variety...
>Majority of them wear dark blue while a few wear black and even fewer wear white. Then there's the least 10 to 15 of them wearing light blue...

File: big ad.png (2MB, 1402x729px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
big ad.png
2MB, 1402x729px

>Luna's horn lights up and she shoots off a magic flare into the air.
>At the signal, you suddenly hear something like a chior.
>Surprisingly, you can hear all of these ponies, even from this distance.
>They're all singing and they start moving toward each other.
>The robed ponies start to rearrange themselves while they all chant.

>"It's a message."
>"A big message."
>"It's a message we're doing."

>Both groups while moving to the center of this open field appear to be arranging themselves to take shape.
>The group of pink, white and skin coloured arrange so the pinks are at the front, the whites are clustered at the back and the skin colours are forming round all of them in a peculiar shape.
>The other group meanwhile, are mixing. The few whites are going in the center while all the blacks form around them.
>The dark blues surround them and the lighter blues lead the charge at the front...

>"It's a message."
>"To make it clear."
>"Can't believe she needs to do this."

>You start to realise that the group of dark blues and the blue, white and black group seems to have taken up shape.
>The black and white have formed a moon, Luna's cutie mark, while the blues surround it.
>The lighter blues confuse you, though.
>When you figure that out, you suddenly realise the other group seems to have grown thinner and longer, the pinks going way ahead while the skin colours keep them connected...
>...It... almost looks like they're forming a massive dick...
>While you dwell on that, both groups get louder as they start running faster toward each other.


>Wait, what?
>Oh god, they actually are forming a dick!
>All the whites are surrounded by skin-coloured robes at the back because they're the balls!
>That entire group of pinks, whites and skin coloured robed ponies has made a perfect shape of a human penis as they keep running!

File: 706123.png (3MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1920x1080px

>That means... cutie mark, dark blue...
>They must be Luna's behind...
>Which makes the lighter blues to be...
>...Oh dear...
>As the groups finally come into proximity to each other, it occurs to you that the lighter blue parts are supposed to be a vagina...
>And you figure that out because those leading light blues, as well as a few darker blues behind them, seem to open up and create a gap between them.
>This is because the pink robes and those skin-coloured ones following, have met the other group and are passing through them.
>There is now a large group of ponies in an open field all clustered up in coloured robes so it creates the picture of your dick penetrating Princess Luna's vagina.


>Worse still, all of the white robes ponies from the balls are now travelling through the group of skin-coloured robes, up the shaft.
>Passing through the pinks, all those white robes ponies are now just running around aimlessly among the dark blue robes.
>You just watch from the balcony, cringing at the sight.
"...What the fuck did I just watch?!"
>These... HUNDREDS of ponies have just grouped up to create the image of your dick fucking and cumming inside Luna.
>"Do you understand the your reasons for being here now, Anonymous?"
"...Yeah... message received, thanks..."
>It was already pretty clear that she wanted you to fuck her, you just didn't do it because you really don't want to...
>Apparently she thought you didn't understand what you meant and arranged... THAT!
"...Hooooow did you even get them to do that?"
>"We have our ways, Anonymous. Come then. We shall engage in coitus in like the message shows!"
>God damn Luna...



Meh, I tried. Just... something instead of 'Bump'.
That was the best thing I have read in a while. Thank you!
That is one of, if not the best commercials I've ever seen.
Story version was pretty funny to. Nice, Brownee.
Bump again.
ded thred
flutterrape is ded.
Nope. It's always slow on weekends.
I wish I was more motivated to write stuff for you guys.
I know that feel.