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autisim: the story of 1 mans descent from ponyfag to brony

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welcome nor/mlp/eople i am here to write for you a tale a tale that serves as a warning of how easy it is to fall into spaghetti im not a particularly good writefag so i might take a while to update but i may as well get started
>there once was a young man
>lets call him anon
>he once hated ponys with the furry of 1000 /v/s
>but one day he was shown the light of faust
>he quickly became quite popular among the people of /mlp/
>he was a writefag and a drawfag and he had much cringe to share from his days of hate
I'm confused, are you talking about yourself?
Does this write/drawfag not use a signature name?
>however one day in his quest for more cringe he made a foolish decision
>he chose to go undercover as a brony
>the ponyfuckers supported him they believed he would be able to handle it
>they were wrong
he does but i am horrible at coming up with names if anybody has any ideas for names i will retcon a name in
As long as you still hate furfags, you're welcome among us
>he prepared his disguises and practiced his acting to fit in with them
>he purchased many plushes far more then any man should
>and he created a deliberately sonic level oc
>he was ready
>he caught news of a convention nearby and decided this would be his chance to infiltrate the enemy
>and infiltrate the enemy he did
>for months he brought out example after example of high quality cringe
>however his writings and drawings started to change
>they were becoming spaghetti
>he could still have been saved then but /mlp/ failed to do so
>some people noticed early on but the denizens of /mlp/ in there overconfidence just laughed the concerns of these people off
>by the time most of /mlp/ had realized it was to late
>he was one of them
You seems like a gigantic faggot. Also summer. Please stop.
fuck you
>implying there's a difference between brony and ponyfag
File: silly_old_snare.jpg (10KB, 176x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be tuypo
>you insert a dildo up your boyfriend's ass
>he vomits on you
>you rub the bile all over as you continue to move the dildo around in his ass
>you move your face under his anus and remove the dildo
>he shits on your face and you heartily slurp the shit up
>you're a massive faggot
11/10 would read again
why dont you take that creativity and instead of using it to insult people bring joy to the world with wonderful fanfics
you're a champion. i'm crying right now
Nice trips satan. How's that satanic dildo feeling?
This guy just keep getting rekt holy shieeeeet.
feels good man
>be tuypo
>be riding bus home from dead end job at Mickie D's where you work the frybox
>large black male sitting across to you giving you the eye
>you start to sweat and your large man breast begin lactating
> you pull your fedora over your eyes and wish that you were on your computer spreading your wonderful thoughts and ideas on /mlp/
>black male suddenly lunges forward and begins beating the shit out of your large person
>he throws you over the seat infront of you and pulls your pants down
>buss driver gives zero fucks
>you start to cry from fright and shame, but quickly find your enjoying it as it reminds you of your horse cock dildo at home
>he pulls out and blasts his nigger seed all over your pony shirt
>you pass out from pleasure
Please continue, we need moar typos' fagventures.
I'm debating whether or not your a hardcore troll wanna be and you find this humorous, or your being serious. Either way this is fuckin sad.
im not a troll so it must be the other one
well ive got to go i look forward to reading more of my fagventures when i get back
fuck i forgot to fag my trip there
>be tiepoh
>be on 4chin
>try to enlighten fellow ponybros with your wit and great spaghetti tales
>suddenly winnie the pooh insults you for seemingly no reason
>he somehow has inside knowledge of your very private and sexy intimacy
>you begin to cry as you lay your acne covered face down on the table and lace your fingers together over your ponytale
>your fedora slumps to the floor and you begin sobbing uncontrollably as you wish celestia would take you to equestria where you would surely be a big hit amongst the ponies
>you suddenly become out of breath from the crying and a tightness forms in your chest
>you die from a mountain dew and pizza roll induced heart attack.
>your mom places your dragon dildo collection as well as your lyra plushie inside your huge coffin
>RIPinpeace taipo
bump cus typuhs fagventures
Gud stori man. was funi 11/100 i liek spag.
Wow. Riveting tale sir. This is some grade A content.
File: 1399008469284.png (153KB, 390x520px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153KB, 390x520px
I give it a thumps up friend epib content here
File: wtc-funny-fireman.jpg (19KB, 300x336px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 300x336px
>be typoo
>writing of art for your fellow equine connoisseurs when your mother has the nerve to ask you to take out the trash
>you begin to tromp up the stairs out of the basement when the stairs give way
>your incredible weight and angry stomping seem to have caused the boards to give way
>you start to cry as you notice that the pony merch you were wearing has been ripped to shreds by splinters.
>your mom gets ready to yell for you again when she sees your pitiful condition
>she laughs and walks away leaving you wedged in the stairwell
>fast forward 8 months
>you're still alive thanks to the incredible amounts of bodyfat you have stored on you
>looks like your mom was wrong when she said your calorie saving idea was stupid
>your still to fat to move however
>fast forward 50 years
>your still alive and still to big to move
>your mom is dead and the house is scheduled for demolition
>you die as the bulldozer plows through the house, but not before your fat ass bogs it down
>your a fag
I know rite? gud qualtity!
8/10 IGN - its decent
VuhFAGgotw : #tgpXdg%+
RFAgGot2uE : #2uKxmY'@
fAGGOtiqAY : #IE1/if|-
.FAggOt11U : #[email protected]^}6H
ZmFaggOt8c : #LSgEm[8T
4cRFagGotg : #N./`0l*S
Z8fAGGotlE : #KcyNts#W
FagGotDK5I : #=F%e^Xhv
faGGOtr/vE : #adJqvZOM
3FAfaGGOTc : #g#CQ?BRx
FAGgotu8.2 : #N%'^AFAM
fAGGOteX0E : #[^l=}l5!
ffaGGOtw6w : #VpzJrs#L
lyFAgGoTXs : #KZAD[C?5
N6FAGGOtfQ : #vOJw'1Wc
JEeFAGgOTw : #cnBcD`cZ
dzfaGgoTsc : #hJz7%fVb
eFAgGOthAM : #B'`qPAIm
hey bro mind if i use one of those cool things as my name so i can be like my good friend tuypo?
kill yourself
File: thehell.jpg (83KB, 853x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 853x480px
Aww you killed me off good story though
No not my merch
Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 8

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