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Obsessed pony thread

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I like to imagine that she's been sitting out there for days, unwashed and smelling of sweat and pussy juice, her hair greasy and matted, unable to tear herself away from the window. Finally one night she presses her face to the window, fogging the glass with her hot, sour breath, leaving smeared hoofprints, and saying those words in response to my panic.
hot steamy stalker anus bump
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That's no way to treat a lady.

Well, her ass is probably all sweaty and steamy after spending all day sitting outside a window. Someone should let her in for a shower.
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Creep Smile.jpg
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She can cum in my shower
I can't believe this isn't more peoples fetish.
I would love my waifu to be obessed with me on an insane level.

That's a good thread, but I'm looking for something a little different. I want a story that focuses on the stalker and her insane obsession. I don't want to see much interaction with Anon, just her sexual fixation on him.
le bump
Is there a pastebin for the anon and dash story from the last obsessed pony thread?
The one where lyra was anons secet admirer
I asked but he didn't post it.
lets sing sayozs steroshimi..
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Time for creepy stalker pone

>Be Octavia
>The moon hangs overhead and crickets chirp in nearby bushes
>Your love for Anon has driven you to spend yet another night watching over him through the window
>He's sitting inside now, eating some ChintzyPop brand popcorn as he reads a copy of "The Neighbor Girl"
>It's just some torrid romance novel, or so you would've thought before Anon showed you just how good it was
>You've already read it a dozen times now, just so you can be closer to him
>How you long to talk with him about the subtle sexual nuances of the relationship between Bubble Burst and her hairdresser, and the book's overarching themes of dedicated lovers and the triumph of love over all
>You know he'd love to hear about it, while he runs his hand through your mane and calls you a good pony
>Just the thought makes you shiver all over
>But no, not yet, the time isn't right
>You know he knows you're here, and you know he loves you, but he is busy now, with his life in Ponyville
>You can relate, you know just how much time and effort can go into one's career
>Working for the orchestra took everything you had, nearly every waking moment as you scraped by on your meager salary
>And you know too how lonely it can be, getting up early every day, working until dark, and being so tired that all you can do is crawl into bed when you get home
>Years can pass you by doing that
>Years, without anyone to hold you or tell you you're beautiful, which you know Anon would do for you, if you were sitting inside with him right now
>That's why you can relate to him so much, as if you were made for each other
>His drive, his passion for his job, he's just like you in every way
>The way he lifts heavy objects and moves them around for other ponies - it's as if his burdens are like the ones you shoulder every night, when you watch over him from outside
>One day you will be together
>But not yet, not quite yet
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octavia again.png
165KB, 1295x750px

>You reach into your bag of ChintzyPop and stealthily pull out some popcorn, careful not to rustle the cheap cellophane
>It's all you eat anymore, just like Anon
>Sure, he eats other things, but this is his favorite snack, his comfort food, providing him comfort just like you do
>The diet doesn't exactly agree with your digestion, but it doesn't matter, even if you had to suffer for the rest of your life, you would do it for him
>He can't smell your popcorn farts from inside, but you know he'd like them
>Your old self would've have been appalled, but your old self was also a fool
>A bitter, lonely fool who would've scoffed at your love and said that you'd "let yourself go"
>Your mane and fur are matted and sticky, your once-manicured hooves are rough and peeling, and you stink of sweat and urine
>But none of that matters, because Anon loves you, and you love him
>Right now he's chewing on a big wad of ChintzyPop
>Probably has a bunch of mashed-up kernels grinding between his teeth, getting saturated with his saliva, getting all wet and gooey
>You feel yourself getting hot
>A shudder of pleasure washes over you as Anon keeps on giving you a show, reaching down to scratch his crotch
>Oh Celestia, he's such a tease
>You relish the sight, your heart pounding in your chest, wondering what he'll do next
>Last night it had been so hot that he'd taken off his shirt, and you'd nearly given yourself away with your moans of pleasure as you masturbated to orgasm again and again
>He came out to look for you, pretending that he was just looking for a cat, but you know he heard you
>You'd curled up to sleep that night feeling warm and fluttery inside, knowing that Anon knew how much pleasure he gave you
>You hope one day you can give him as much pleasure as he's given you
>You fantasize about it all the time, coming up with all kinds of wild scenarios
File: also octavia.png (252KB, 1280x1589px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
also octavia.png
252KB, 1280x1589px

>Sometimes you save him from all the bastards and whores who use him, and you treat his wounds, his strong hands, running your hoof through his hair as you wash his face
>He opens his eyes and sees you, and he smiles, knowing that he is finally safe with the one he loves the most
>You kiss him hard, sucking on his tongue and biting his lips, making him groan with pleasure
>You nose down his perfect chest and stomach, worshiping his body, until you're nosing his beautiful penis
>You think about it constantly, the shape and color of the head, the way it would pulse in your hooves, your mouth, the way the precum would dribble out ever so slightly at your touch
>The smell of his balls, the way you sometimes sniff vinegar and vanilla extract to emulate it, that wonderful musk that instantly makes you wet
>The soft little hairs of his scrotum against your tongue, the way his testicles would retract as he got close to cumming, the pulse of his shaft as his hot sperm spurted from his cock hole
>You return to reality to find yourself drooling, your thighs slick, your breath steaming the glass of the window
>Instantly you recoil into the bushes, panicking
>You know that he knows you're there, but he shouldn't see you; he should never see you
>You hold your breath, watching him, but he's still reading his book
>In fact, it looks like he's dozing a little in his seat
>With a sigh of relief you exhale, knowing that everything's all right
>Tonight's not the night, but one day, you will be together
>One day
why do her legs look like fingers
>can't unsee
Fuck you and you're eyebrows.

>Circumstances change the next night
>You can feel it coming on, the need pulsing in your crotch
>You're going into estrus
>Every rational part of your brain tells you to stay home, that you won't be able to control yourself if you're that close to Anon
>But your heart reminds you that you have to watch over him
>You have to be the one to protect him; he NEEDS you there
>So once again you find yourself outside Anon's window, as your pussy spasms between your legs
>Every so often, thick urine comes out in uncontrollable spurts, the heady scent making you even hornier
>It's so strong that you worry that Anon will smell it through the window and come looking for you again
>You're a little embarrassed, but you feel warm inside again, knowing that Anon understands
>He knows you're in estrus, and he still loves you
>You know he'd give you such satisfaction if you were together
>A little moan escapes you and you bite your lip
>Your eyelids flutter as consciously you flex your asshole, fantasizing about his penis sliding inside
>You know he would love anal with you, your tight ass massaging his cock better than any other mare could
>The sensation of his thick penis pushing and pulling on your asshole like his own personal fucksock makes your hind legs tremble
>Your hoof is rubbing hard against your stiff clit before you're even aware of what you're doing
>Taking a deep, shuddering breath, you try to calm yourself
>You have to hold out until Anon falls asleep and you know he's safe
>He knows how horny you are, how aroused you'll get watching him
>Part of you feels fluttery, knowing that he's going to tease you, but part of you hopes that he won't make you suffer too much, knowing that you can't be together right now
>Why, if he were to pull out his penis and start to stroke it right in front of you, you might just scream
>But right now he's just reading his book again

>He's getting close to the end, where Bubble Burst finally confesses her love to her neighbor, and the two have sex
>It's your favorite part
>Sure, the book is cliche and prosaic on the surface, but when you look deeper into the narrative, it unfolds with a richness that only you and Anon can possibly comprehend
>It's like a tapestry of your love, illustrating all that's in store for you and your relationship
>Just thinking about your love for Anon is enough to fill your heart with songs again
>One day he will hear you play your cello, and he will kiss you all over and tell you just how much he loves your music
>He'll run his fingers through your fur, your mane, and he'll pick you up and hold you so you can hear his heartbeat and smell his body
>You'll be together, and you both will finally be with the one you love more than anything
>For now though this window separates you, and you can only watch
>Your breath catches in your throat as Anon puts his book down and stretches, extending his arms over his head, accentuating his shoulders and chest
>Your little gasps turn to soft, needy moans as he gets up, cracks his neck, then gets on the floor and starts doing pushups
>You'd seen him do this before, and every time it drove you wild, even under normal conditions
>Now, with hot juices flowing freely from your winking slit, it's almost as if each push-up is Anon thrusting his manhood deep inside you
>Unblinking, you watch him, your eyes wide, taking in every moment, every bead of sweat on his forehead
>You groan and shiver as you faintly hear the sounds of his exertion, his grunting and labored breathing
>Your brows knit together as a shiver runs down your spine and into your limbs, your asshole tightening and your pussy gaping in one long spasm
>You can feel yourself about to cum, and you aren't even touching yourself
>When Anon flips over and starts doing crunches, you know he's just doing this to torture you
File: behold, octavia.png (180KB, 1024x769px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
behold, octavia.png
180KB, 1024x769px

>You have a full view of his crotch and the bulge in his shorts as he does each sit-up
>He knows how much this is turning you on
>He knows that you're gasping with arousal, flushed and shaking, yearning to rub your clit
>He's testing you, you realize
>He's seeing if he can trust you not to relieve yourself, because you haven't controlled yourself so well in the past
>When he needed you to be watchful and on guard, instead you had masturbated most shamefully, surrendering to the pleasure Anon was giving you, when he needed you to watch over him
>Now he wants to see if you can resist the urge, even when you are at your most compromised
>It takes all of your willpower, but you manage to resist
>You bite your lip until it bleeds, tears streaming out the corners of your eyes, but you resist the urge to rub your poor, aching pussy
>You know Anon will reward you for doing this for him
>He has to
>He just has to
>He loves you too much not to
>"Please," you whisper, watching him through the window. "Please, please..."
>Like the horrible, wonderful tease he is, he ignores you
>He pulls off his shirt, revealing his sweaty body
>Instantly you imagine the smell of him, imagine sticking your nose right in his armpit, licking his body all over and tasting every drop of his sweat
>Your gasps and moans are getting louder and louder, but you don't care, you're trying so hard not to touch yourself, you're being such a good pony
>"Please..." you beg, nearly sobbing, your limbs trembling as you sink onto your haunches, grinding your cunt against the ground, trying to ignore the intense pulsing need in your belly
>The soil is turning to mud beneath you
File: no way! octavia!.png (98KB, 900x447px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
no way! octavia!.png
98KB, 900x447px

>A twig snaps as you lean into the bush
>Anon's head whips around to look through the window
>Your heart pounds as his eyes alight upon your position, although you know he can't see you, you're too deep in the bush
>Your whole body freezes, your muscles tense, as you wait for him to make a move
>The moment he stands and makes for the door, you bolt
>At least, you try
>The ground, muddy from your piss and juices, makes you slip and fall
>You land with a splat on the ground
>You struggle to stand, but your hooves have difficulty finding purchase in the mud
>You hear the door slam and footsteps running up behind you
>Just as you finally manage to stand, you look up just in time to make eye contact with Anon
>Your heart leaps into your throat and you stand there, frozen
>He looks at you in shock
>"Who...," he starts, before breaking off. "Are you okay?"
>Tears flow freely down your cheeks as you stare at him
>It wasn't supposed to be like this
>It's too soon, too soon
>The words choke and die in your throat.
>"I... I..."
>He takes a step toward you, but you immediately back away
>You're just a filthy, stupid pony, you realize
>A failure of a musician, a little rube who never should have dreamed of dallying with high class ponies
>Let alone this beautiful man before you
>How could you ever think you could be worthy of him
>He deserves someone better, someone beautiful, who's not afraid to talk to him
>Someone who doesn't sit outside his window stinking of piss
>Someone who isn't you
>You can't hold back the tears anymore
>Sobbing, you turn and run into the woods, galloping off into the darkness
>You hear Anon calling after you, but you press on, fighting that weak part of you telling you to go back
>It's better this way, you tell yourself
>Anon will be better off without you
>You run until your legs can carry you no further, and when you fall, you sob until you fall asleep.
This is fucking terrifying

It really is!


I have to sleep now, but if this thread is still around tomorrow I'll try to finish it up.
This is really well done.
It maybe teriffiying but this has a great deal of psychological build up as we see her mental out look other than "I want sex from that monkey"
I really wouldn't want to turn my back to the writefag in a dark alley
But why? He loves you and wants you to know.
thanks for keeping the thread bumped, once I get home this evening I'll write some more
and then she gets raped and eaten by timberwolves
Damnit, Octavia, go back to him
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This is my fetish.
File: 1399087283397[1].jpg (184KB, 1280x1485px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I want to be yours and your alone, Anonymous
>For you
le bump
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octavia returns.jpg
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All right, I'm back. Time to continue Octavia's wacky adventures. Next part in a bit.
>Go to sleep before any of the writing started
>Work all day
>Come back home, read story, wishing there was more
And here you are.
Fucking perfect.
The time has come and so will I
File: this is octavia.png (91KB, 500x543px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this is octavia.png
91KB, 500x543px

>Two weeks have passed since that debacle
>Your ears still burn with shame whenever you think about it
>You in your boundless stupidity had disturbed your relationship with Anon
>He had been so kind about it, so gentle and caring, reaching out to you that night
>You would never have thought it possible, but after that night you felt more sure of the strength of his love for you than you ever had before
>But you... you were just a stupid, filthy mare, unworthy of that love
>You had proven it that very night, when you'd allowed him to see you
>That wasn't how it was supposed to be
>You were supposed to watch over him, protecting him, until that moment that he felt safe enough to approach you
>For so long you've been his comfort, his safe place, but you'd put it all in jeopardy thanks to your incompetence
>The events of that night were the worst thing you could've possibly imagined
>How hurt Anon had looked, under his expression of kindness and worry... hurt that you, Octavia, had caused
>The first week you'd been inconsolable
>You'd locked yourself in your room, tearing up your stained pillows and ragged bedspread in your anguish
>You'd eaten nothing; you weren't even worthy of ChintzyPop
>Curled up in a ball on the floor, you'd cried for hours, sobbing Anon's name, begging for his forgiveness
>If you still had your whore roommate, the bitch might actually have been concerned about you
>But she'd left long ago, after a falling out about your grooming habits
>She'd had the gall to call you "disgusting," and been gauche enough to comment on the smell of your vagina
>As if that cunt didn't have semen leaking out of her 24/7
>Good riddance
>Regardless, that first week you didn't even masturbate; even in your estrus, you were too distraught to relieve yourself
>You survived only on tap water and saltines, until your hunger finally drove you from the house
File: this too is octavia.png (152KB, 900x1097px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this too is octavia.png
152KB, 900x1097px

>You still remember the look the convenience store clerk had on his face when you'd showed up in the middle of the night to buy some ramen and bananas
>After that you'd gone home, taken a shower, and gone to sleep
>You dreamt of Anon that night, holding you in his arms, before blackness engulfed you both
>You'd woken up with a gasp, and knew that you had to see him again
>He needed you to see him
>At first, you didn't know what to do
>Just going back to his window wasn't an option; he might catch you again
>After a few hours of dithering you'd plucked up the courage to go spy on him while he was working during the day
>You'd done it before once or twice, always shaking with nervousness, but you'd never been caught
>Anon had even seen you once, but he didn't even let on, he'd looked right through you as if you were any other pony
>He really is quite devious about keeping your love a secret
>He's just too good
>You had stood in the foyer of your house for an hour, trembling as you periodically touched the door, trying to muster the strength to go outside
>It took a long, soothing masturbation session with two bananas to finally calm your nerves
>You did it on your belly, resting against the bed, imagining Anon's strong arms holding you down ever so gently
>In your fantasy, he was fucking you in both holes at once, thrusting into your pussy and asshole as he whispered soft words of forgiveness in your ear
>It had felt so good that you started crying in the middle
>But once that was done, you'd cleaned yourself off and stumbled out into the bright sunlight
>You went to the market street where you knew Anon worked as a porter for the merchants there
>It was easy to find him; he towers over the ponies, and is constantly moving from one shop to the other
>He has such a gift with words and making friends
>But you know that despite his gregariousness, he's vulnerable inside, something he only shows to you
File: this? octavia.png (239KB, 900x1755px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this? octavia.png
239KB, 900x1755px

>You want to hold him so badly, to tell him that it's all right, that he can open up to you
>But that day, you had to control yourself
>No more mistakes
>So you'd sidled up to the local cafe, gotten some straight black coffee, and sat beneath a pin-striped umbrella
>You watched him for hours, pretending to be busy with the newspaper
>He pretended not to notice, but you knew that he knew you were there
>You were both pretending, playing this little game, so that none of the other ponies would know of your love
>Almost immediately you'd felt that wonderful fluttery feeling return, knowing that Anon still loved you, even though you had been such a fool that night
>And when, after three hours, he happened to glance in your direction while wiping his brow, you knew in your heart that all was forgiven
>When his eyes had casually passed over you, you'd felt the heat rush into your cheeks, and tingling spread all down your body
>You'd looked down, smiling from ear to ear as you blushed, trembling, to the point that the waiter asked if you were alright
>You'd excused yourself to the powder room and then climbed out the window without paying
>(Rent is expensive for a single tenant, and you have hardly any bits to your name)
>That night you'd pulled out your cello for the first time in weeks, and when you played your Symphony d'Anon, you knew he could hear you
>Indeed, now that Anon had told you that he'd forgiven you, you began to see him everywhere
>Out of the corner of your eye you'd see him, watching you, and warmth would rush over you as you instantly knew you were safe
>Perhaps you weren't such a bumbling fool after all
>Even though you'd bungled everything by letting him see you, it seemed that Anon - gentle, kind, loving Anon - had finally seen the strength of your love for him
>And now he was watching over you, just as you watched over him
File: this? also octavia.png (152KB, 1024x907px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this? also octavia.png
152KB, 1024x907px

>For all of that second week, you'd lingered in your room as much as possible
>You'd cleaned your sheets, groomed your mane to an immaculate sheen, and dressed in the sexiest clothes you could find
>Every night you gave Anon a show, knowing that he was watching you, and finally you could give him the pleasure he deserved
>You didn't know if he was stroking himself to you - he was such a gentleman, after all - but you would've minded if he was
>You took your time, teasing him just like he teased you, drawing out his ecstasy as you tantalizingly removed one piece of clothing after the other
>Once you even played your cello in the nude, your window completely open, a risque maneuver that had you dripping all over your chair once you were done
>Doing this every night filled you with such a hot thrill, and only intensified your burning desire for Anon
>You'd visualized him sitting out there, hiding in the bushes, watching your every move
>Last night you'd gone the farthest you ever had with him, as you peeled off your panties and spread your legs in front of the window, giving him full view of your winking slit
>You'd rubbed yourself, slow at first, but growing more and more frantic in your movements until you couldn't hold it anymore
>"Anon," you'd moaned, mouthing his name so that he could see it, as you stared with your best sultry look into the darkness. "Anon... I love you."
>Your clit had pulsed against your hoof, straining in its hood, as with every wink hot soup had spurted onto the floor
>Your hind legs buckled as you drew close to orgasm, and fell against the window, holding yourself up as you finally succumbed to the pleasure
>Marecum spurted everywhere, and as tears had flowed down your face, you had thrown open the window and crawled out, calling out to Anon, begging for him to hold you after making you cum
>But he was too fast, and was long gone by the time you got to the bushes he'd been hiding in

>You'd laid there in the dirt, smelling the spot where he'd just been, panting and shaking with your need for him
>It was only when your neighbors came out with a flashlight that you snuck back inside
>Now it is morning again
>You awaken feeling refreshed, and thinking only of Anon
>You realize that you were a fool again, that you'd let your emotions get the better of you
>But somehow you don't think that Anon minded
>In fact, you think he quite likes your little shows, and your passion
>Why wouldn't he?
>He comes every night, after all
>You eat some ChintzyPop for breakfast, and start thinking of new ways to show your appreciation


I'll start on the next bit shortly.
File: thetimehascome.jpg (10KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 480x360px
Very nice anon, I appreciate your contribution greatly. Will keep reading as long as you keep writing.


She wouldn't have minded, of course. My mistake
boner achieved, 8/10, keep up the good work
File: DWHPQVcST2pW[2].jpg (28KB, 373x521px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 373x521px
>tfw no dedicated loving stalker cello hoers
do you have a pastebin? i'm enjoying this
Still waiting for Apprentice WriteFaggot
File: 1344992269801.gif (642KB, 240x135px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
642KB, 240x135px
Night guys. If thread doesn't 404 hopefully the saga will continue by the time I return.

I do not, but I can set one up for this story in a little bit


>You start with "Lady Clopperley's Lover"
>Anon had assuredly finished "The Neighbor Girl" by now, and he needed some new reading material
>Something in a similar vein, but perhaps a little more... highbrow
>You smile as you secretly slide the romance novel into his mailbox while he's out working
>What better way to show your appreciation than with a gift?
>Just think, Anon is going to touch something that you've touched with your own hooves
>The idea makes you tremble with fear and arousal
>You feel both incredibly nervous and incredibly excited
>Of all the things you've done for Anon up to now, this hasn't been one of them
>What if he doesn't like it? What if he thinks it's stupid?
>No, you tell yourself. He'll love it, just like he loves you
>He'll love everything you give him, because he is a kind and generous lover
>And you want to do your absolute best to give him the most special and thoughtful gifts you can
>He deserves it, oh does he deserve it
>You feel like your relationship is at a tipping point
>You two are so close now, so close to finally realizing your love for one another
>You're so excited that you gallop all the way home
>Slamming shut the front door, you collapse against it, panting with glee
>Eagerly you stare at the clock, watching the hours tick by, rocking from side to side
>Soon it is 6:15 PM, and you know Anon is walking up to his house right now
>You squeeze your eyes shut, shaking violently with pleasure, as you fantasize him opening his mailbox and pulling out the book
>His hands run all over the cover of "Lady Clopperley's Lover"
>His fingers trace where your hooves held it, brushing over the book as if he were caressing your skin
>The image is almost enough to make you squeal with delight, if you weren't a refined lady

>Instead you climb into the tub and press your nose into the shower rack where you keep open bottles of vanilla extract and vinegar
>A rotting banana is taped to the shower tile
>Sensually you lick the tip, letting its musk fill your nostrils along with the scents of vanilla and vinegar
>You imagine Anon sitting on his couch, settling in to read the book you gave him
>Generously he slides off his work pants and lets his sweaty, erect penis sway free
>Like a good, obedient little pony, you take his cock into your mouth
>You imagine his soft groans of pleasure, his hand running encouragingly through your mane
>The banana peel begins to split in your mouth
>Mushy, strong-smelling pulp spills out onto your tongue
>You suck it down greedily, as if you were sucking down Anon's sperm, letting it squirt down your throat
>His hips are thrusting against you now, and he's pulling your hair and moaning your name
>You moan around the mess of mush and disintegrating peel in your moth, your hindquarters presented high in the air, hoof buried between your legs
>Anon tells you he loves your gift as you cum
>You collapse, shivering, in the tub, and float in a haze of pleasure as Anon reads the book you gave him
>He flips through the pages, enraptured, until he falls asleep
>Knowing that he is satisfied, you smile and drift off into dreamless slumber
>You are incredibly tense the next morning, your eyes glued on the clock as you wait for Anon to leave his house
>As soon as 10 AM rolls around, you rush over and throw open his mailbox
>You gasp as a wave of pleasure washes over you
>The book isn't in there
>He must've taken it
>He must've touched it, with his hands
>Oh Celestia, it feels so good
>You're trembling all over, your entire body quivering, your heart racing, as you stumble back home
>You crawl under the dining room table to masturbate, crying a little from happiness

>You imagine yourself knocking on Anon's door, and he lets you in
>He lets you rest your head in his lap, and he strokes your mane while reading about Lady Clopperley and her strong, capable lover
>He lets you masturbate, and he doesn't mind at all when you sniff deeply into his armpits, or when you cum, hard, on his leg
>But as the afterglow fades, worry begin to set in, as you realize that you have to give him another gift
>You have to, Anon is counting on it
>Luckily it's not too difficult to come up with the next one
>It takes a good chunk of your remaining bits, but you buy a case of ChintzyPop from the convenience store
>The clerk gives you a strange look, and for a moment you feel afraid, wondering if he's somehow figured out your love for Anon
>If this bastard tries to stop you, you don't know what you'll do to him
>But he wordlessly rings up the purchase and lets you go on your way without incident
>You'll have to avoid that place from now on; that clerk cannot be trusted
>Back home, the rational part of you knows that it would be rather extravagant to give someone an entire case of popcorn
>Even though Anon loves the stuff, and you love him more than anything, you recognize the need for a little moderation
>You staple three bags together
>After stuffing them in Anon's mailbox, you look around for someplace to hide
>It was wonderful to visualize him taking your gift last night, but this time you want to see it with your own eyes
>You settle for a nearby gazebo in a public park, far enough away that no one will suspect anything, but close enough that you can see Anon when he gets home
>You sit and doze for hours, waiting for the day to go by
>Around 2 in the afternoon, some mares out for a stroll give you weird looks, but you stopped caring about the opinions of cunts long ago
>At 4, you see the mailpony arrive
>Anger flashes through you when you see him pull your precious gift from Anon's mailbox
File: images-92.jpg (6KB, 244x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 244x192px

>You're plotting ways to exact vengeance for the impending theft, when the stallion simply shrugs and puts it back
>You breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the power of your love has repulsed the bastard
>He drops off his foul payload and goes off to finish the rest of his route
>You'll have to be careful of that one; he knows where you live
>The next two hours crawl by at a snail's pace
>You feel as if time itself is conspiring against you, trying it's best to stop the union between you and Anon
>You smile a little at this foolishness, knowing that thought is silly
>There is NOTHING that can stop your love.
>Finally 6:15 arrives. You're already dripping with anticipation
>You poke your head up over the railing of the gazebo
>Your heart leaps in your chest as Anon makes an appearance
>He struts down the road, so masculine, so strong
>Everything seems to slow down as he reaches his mailbox
>He opens it, pulling out his letters, his bills, the other garbage
>And then
>The ChintzyPop is in his hands
>You're trembling hard, your hooves nearly white from the pressure of being pressed up against the wall of the gazebo
>Your whole body tenses as Anon scratches his head and looks around, feigning confusion
>He knows it's from you
>He knows how much thought and care you put into giving it to him
>He knows how much you love him
>And with a shrug, he places the popcorn under his arm, and goes inside
>You nearly orgasm then and there
>Your vulva is winking wildly, scraping against the rough wood of your seat, your hot pussy juices dripping down onto the ground
>That shrug... that shrug told you everything you needed to know
>It was as if he had tucked YOU under his arm and carried you in, instead of the popcorn

>Shaking, gasping, you stagger out of the gazebo, leaving a trail of vaginal fluid behind you
>A mare suddenly turns around a hedge in front of you, nearly colliding with you
>You brush past her without a word
>"Um, hi," she says, her voice suddenly breaking off. "What the f-"
>You go into a full gallop, putting that bitch behind you
>You hardly care, you're so happy
>So very happy
>Anon loves you
>And you're going to see him very, very soon


That's it for tonight, hopefully can get it finished up tomorrow. I'll post a pastebin in a little bit.
im listening.

Here it is organized in a pastebin, I can make a new one once it's complete

This is awesome, I look forward to you finishing it tomorrow.
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280KB, 774x507px

I've played this game before
pls be srs
I love you 5ever That's more than four
this really is quite scary

I can't wait for the inevitable scene where she confronts him and he has no idea what's going on
Or better yet, her over-stimulated stuttering silence leading him to think she's simply troubled, and so makes him take care of her like a homeless pone.
Oh boy what the fucking disaster that would be
File: 1375757669848.gif (136KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136KB, 500x500px
Goddammit, you post right after I go to bed. Oh well, worth the wait. I look forward to the ending
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get rekt kid.jpg
21KB, 279x166px
c'mon writefag come back to us
I could continue my story from last thread, that is, i-if you want me to.
Do it!
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Agreed, this thread has been barren almost all day.
please please please please please!

I've been checking these threads just to wait for your return. And in case you lost your stuff they were saved here
Alright, les go.

>You pause, slightly shocked by how casually she said that.
>Her tone implied the statement was obvious, like it hardly even needed saying.
>Before you can say anything, she gets up on the bed and turns out around so that her butt is facing you.
>She then stretches out her body much like a cat would, leaving her ass hanging in the air.
>She looks back at you with half-lidded eyes, "Anon, are you sure there isn't a different reason you want me to stay on the bed?"
>You fight the primal urge inside you.
"No, Rainbow Dash."
>She frowns, but sits down again.
>"Fine, we can do that another time."
>She suddenly does that thing where she just stares at you without really looking at you.
>She snaps out of it as suddenly and unexpectedly as the other times as she flies out the door saying, "Gotta go now, we can talk more later Anon!"
>You need to start using your lock.
>And get locks for the windows.
>You decide this is very high on your list of shit that needs to happen and head out the door to the hardware store.
>One uneventful shopping trip later and you have enough locks to make your house completely secure.
>You encountered Carrot Top while there and you both awkwardly ignored each other.
>Not really much to say.
>On your way home, your path is blocked by an earth pony it's Bon Bon, and I'm too lazy to describe her.
>She's glaring at you and not moving out of your way.
"Can I help you?"
>The mare snorts and says, "Are you Anonymous?"
>The hell does this hoe want?
"That's my name, don't wear it out."
>She snorts again.
>Maybe she has a cold?
>"Are you the Anonymous that made my good friend and roommate Lyra come crying through town this morning?"
"You know, I would love to stand here with a bag full of heavy metal locks and have a lovely, rational, non-violent talk with you, but I really need to get going."
>The bitch doesn't move a centimeter.
I like it, cont plz
>"Well you're going to have wait Anonymous, cause we're not going anywhere."
>To emphasize her point she she stamps the ground.
>This cunt.
>You know what?
>You really don't feel like dealing with this right now.
>You walk around her and continue on your merry way.
>Lyra's roommate quickly starts to follow you.
>"Hey I'm not done talking to you!"
>You phase and look at her.
"Listen lady, I'm sure under normal circumstances you're a perfectly pleasant person, and maybe we could even be friends, but right now, I really don't feel like putting up with some random pony's bullshit."
>You then turn away and continue on home.
>She doesn't follow you.
>You make it back to your house and begin the arduous process of installing all of your recently purchased locks.
>That took a while.
>It's just about night-time now.
>You have work in the morning and you can't really afford to not go.
>You make a salad and some pasta for dinner, and then head off to sleep.
>You wake up.
>It's still dark out, why the fuck are you awake.
>You groggily sit up and look around.
>Everything seems to be in place.
>Maybe you just-
>Or it could be the fucker trying to use door like a bongo.
>The only response you get is more of the knocking, only faster and more... frantic?
>You sigh and get out of bed and stumble towards your door, opening it.
"Who the fuck is it?"
>You see Rainbow Dash in front of you with the pinprick pupils and a frizzled mane.
>"Anon! Oh thank goodness, you must have forgotten to keep your door unlocked so I could get in, I was getting worried!"
>She quickly barges past you and into your house.
"Rainbow Dash, I had the door locked on purpose, you really need to start sleeping at your own house again."
>Her eye twitches and she quickly makes her way to your bed, "Did you say something? I must've missed it, whatever it doesn't matter. Lets just get to bed, it's really late!"
Let her sleep with you... don't be a bitch Anon
throw the colorful cunt out on her ass!
File: McSjyYk.jpg (242KB, 850x772px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
242KB, 850x772px
bump for more octavia
"No, Dash, seriously, can you just sleep at your house tonight? I really don't feel like having company over right now."
>Eye twitching intensifies.
>"Anon, stop messing around, I'm tired lets sleep."
>No, you really are just not dealing with her shit today, she can take her ball of troubles and take 'em somewhere else.
"I'm not messing around Dash, get out of my house!"
>"But Anon-"
>You didn't mean to yell, but you just got fed up with her.
>She lowers her ears and slowly trots out the door.
>Once she's outside she gives you those sad puppy eyes.
>She's not saying anything, but it's pretty obvious what she means.
"No means no."
>With that you close the door and lock it.
>You walk back to your head and fall down it, quickly falling asleep.
>Just before your eyes close and sleep overtakes you, you think see something through your window.
>You can't really tell, nor do you really care just then, but it looked like a lone cloud flying so that it was within sight of your window.
>You have work in the morning, sleep overtakes you.

>You wake up feeling surprisingly rejuvenated.
>You actually got a good night sleep!
>You go through your morning routine.
>Shit, Shower, Shave.
>Cereal for breakfast, and you're out the door.
>You head into ponyville, waving Danky Ding as you do so.
>You'll learn her real name someday.
>You open the door to the massage parlor and head in, waving to either Lotus or Aloe.
>You have a hard time remembering which is which.
>You head into the closet that you use as a changing room and get into uniform.
>After changing you start getting the place ready for business along with one of the twins.

>You've only got one more massage to go before your lunch break.
>You crack your back as you stretch.
"Who's next?"
>The pink one looks at a list before saying, "Earth Pony, female, medium build, and her first time here as well."
>Cool, newbies don't really know whether or not you you're doing a good job or not.
Dropped the hammer.
Glad I stayed up for this
Last update for tonight.

>You head into the massage room and tidy up a bit while you wait for your pony to show up.
>After a few minutes you hear knock on the door, "Hello, is this the massage room?"
>Lotus and Aloe must be busy if they aren't showing her directly.
"Yes, come right in."
>The door opens to reveal that bitch from yesterday who blocked your path.
>She stops in her tracks, staring at you wide-eyed.
"Well. This is awkward."
>She nods, there's not much else to say to that.
"Well, would you like any particular oil, the default stuff, or none at all?"
>She's a smart one.
"I'm asking if you would like an oil for your massage, we have a wide variety to choose from, if you want oil, but don't have one in mind we have a mostly odorless one, if you don't want oil at all that is also an option."
>She snaps out of her stupor, "Oh, um. The default one then, please."
"No problem, now please lie down on the table." here."
>You motion to the massage table in front of you as grab the oil and lube up your hands.
>The mare situates herself on said table.
"Do you have any particular areas you would like me to massage?"
>"Um, my shoulders have been really sore, but I don't want you to start there, could you start on my back first?"
"Of course."
>You start the massage, working your fingers into her back.
"So. What's your name?"
>She lets out a small sigh, "Bon-Bon."
"And I take it you're Lyra's roommate?"
>You slowly start to move your hands up her body.
"So what did she tell you happened exactly?"
>"[le detailed explanation]"
"Well, she isn't lying about anything. Yeah, that's what happened, and as much as I love Lyra as a friend, that's all there is to it."
Wanted to see what happens next. Oh well, I can wait.

Sorry for being so late. Octavia's love quest continues now.

>You can hardly sleep that night
>Not even masturbation can calm your nerves
>Every time you near climax, you imagine Anon holding you in his arms
>And every time you spasm, clear fluid dripping around your hoof, knowing that this fantasy will soon be your reality
>Anon had known all about your little gifts
>He knew you were watching him there, from the gazebo
>After all those nights of him watching you through your window, of making love to you with his presence, it seemed as if he was finally ready to make it all real
>Him taking the ChintzyPop was practically an invitation, wasn't it?
>Wasn't it?
>Of course it was
>Anon is a tease, but he wouldn't just jerk you around
>He's not that kind of man
>He's gentle, and kind, and ready to take your relationship to the next level
>Still, you can't help but feel nervous
>You try to reassure yourself, telling yourself that Anon must be just as nervous as you are, but that only makes it worse
>You want to be able to comfort him, to help him relax, but you don't know how you'll be able to do that if you're panicking around him
>You'll just have to be as calm as you possibly can, and hope that'll be good enough
>The next morning, you begin making your preparations
>You take a nice long shower, and start the long process of taming your thick, tangled mane
>Part way through you drop the brush, your hooves are shaking so badly
>You take a deep breaths, then turn off the bathroom lights and crawl into the shower to masturbate
>You close your eyes, letting the warm water wash over you in the darkness, as you soothe yourself
>It's around 2 by the time you finally finish grooming yourself
>You eat something small, not wanting to ruin your appetite for the fine dinner Anon surely has planned this evening

>Humming to yourself, you wrap up your next gift for Anon, tying a bright gauzy bow around it
>You're sure he'll be thrilled to open it
>5 o' clock rolls around, and you stand again in the vestibule of your house
>You twitch nervously, sweat dripping down your neck
>The front door is the only barrier between you and Anon now
>Try as you might, you've been unable to quell your nerves
>You feel like you're going to explode with anxiety
>But you have to do this
>For Anon
>Shakily you turn the doorknob and head outside
>Tension floods your body as you walk to his house
>You feel as if you cannot relax your face
>Your eyes squint against the bright sun, and your jaw aches
>It takes you almost a minute to realize that you've reached his street
>Hyperventilating a little, you turn in place, looking for somewhere to stand
>You eventually choose the little wooden fence bordering the sidewalk out front of Anon's house
>By now it's about 5:30
>And so you wait, holding Anon's gift in your hooves
>Time passes with impressive slowness, and again you curse it
>Fuck time
>And fuck the cunty mares that keep glaring at you from their yards, too
>Why can't they just mind their own business?
>It's not your fault that they resigned themselves to loveless marriages in this soulless neighborhood
>This place would be colorless and dead, were it not for one person
>Your heart is pounding hard in your chest
>You shuffle from side to side, looking constantly between the ground, fence, and sky, but never at the street
>He'll be arriving any minute now
File: presenting octavia.png (142KB, 900x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
presenting octavia.png
142KB, 900x599px

>You have to look casual, to keep up appearances
>If you don't do it right then Anon might not feel safe enough to let you in
>You have to calm down, you tell yourself
>But as you struggle to do so, you catch movement in the corner of your eye
>You glance in his direction, then quickly look away, at a tree
>Anon is coming home
>Blood is pulsing in your ears as he gets closer and closer
>You have to do something, something to signal to him that you're ready if he is
>You crane your neck in his direction, your head turning while your eyes remain fixed on the tree
>You have to look at him
>Your force yourself to look at him
>Oh Celestia
>He's looking at you
>Not through you, but at you
>You feel a wave of numbness wash over you
>You're not even sure if your heart is beating anymore
>You urge yourself: do something, Octavia!
>Forcing it, your mouth twitching, you put on your brightest smile
>Your teeth press together painfully
>Anon, graceful Anon, smiles back and gives you a little nod
>Numbness turns to warmth
>You melt in the light of that smile
>Your hind leg twitches, and you feel a little droplet of marecum dribble down your thigh
>Anon keeps walking
>For a moment you stand there frozen, unblinking, staring at the road
>You hear the sound of his door opening, then closing
>By the time you turn to look, he's already gone inside
File: u mad octavia.png (115KB, 500x676px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
u mad octavia.png
115KB, 500x676px

>Your mind races
>He left you out here
>Why did he not pick you up and take you inside?
>You start shaking, and you feel your eyes getting wet
>Were you wrong? Did you misread the signs?
>No, no, that's impossible. Anon's feelings are clear as day
>Why, then, are you not in there now, nuzzling his neck as he rubs your flanks and whispers sweet nothings in your ear?
>Something must be wrong, you realize
>Something's happened to Anon, and he's trying to tell you what it is
>You look around, trying to see what he wants you to see
>None of the mares are in their yards anymore
>All is quiet in the neighborhood
>Or so it would seem
>A hoof taps you on the shoulder
>You whirl around, your mane in your face
>That mare from yesterday is standing there
>She looks like a stupid bitch
>"Ma'am, I'm sorry, but this is a private neighborhood," you hear her say, in her annoying voice. "You've been standing there for almost an hour, do you -"
>You interrupt
>The mare blinks, looking stunned
>You stare her down, not moving an inch
>Slowly she backs away, then gallops off
>A wise decision
>With her gone, you're able to focus on your mission
>You have to figure out what's wrong with Anon
>You go around behind his house and settle into the bushes
>Here you were getting messy again, after all that work cleaning up and fixing your hair
>Sacrifices had to be made, for the good of Anon
>You'd give up anything, to make sure he was safe
>It's still too light out to watch him from this close, so you'll have to wait until nightfall
>You dig in with his gift, the box proving a poor pillow, and wait as the sun slowly sets

(will start next part shortly)
File: 1404385315008.gif (1MB, 450x299px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 450x299px
This is gold
Awwwwww shiiiiit son

>Endless possibilities whirl like a carousel of terror in your mind
>You don't know what's wrong with Anon, and you can't help as your imagination conjures up the worst possibilities
>Maybe someone found out about your love, and is blackmailing him
>You feel anger boiling within you at the thought
>You would never allow someone to do that to him
>If you ever found out who it was, that pony would wish he'd never been born
>Or maybe Anon was just nervous, like you'd thought
>Your own anxiety is making you feel ill
>Imagine how Anon must feel
>Sympathy fills you and tears come to your eyes
>Poor, poor Anon
>You wrap your hooves around yourself, imagining that Anon is in your embrace, trembling
>You coo sweet words to him and tell him that everything is going to be all right
>He's safe now
>It's all you want for him, for him to be safe
>Darkness finally comes, and you're able to peer out through the bushes
>Instantly you know that something is definitely wrong with Anon
>He's not even reading "Lady Clopperley's Lover"
>It's just sitting there on his coffee table, buried under a stack of bills
>Anon himself is lying on his couch, wearing just some shorts, socks, and a t-shirt
>He's thrown his arm over his eyes to make it look like he's taking a nap, but you know the truth
>He's suffering inside
>It takes all your willpower not to just jump through his window and go to him
>If he wanted you right now, he'd come out and get you
>You have to respect his desire for solitude
>And so you wait, watching him, biting your hooves in your worry for him
>Seeing him like this is one of the worst things you've ever felt
>You don't know what you'd do if harm ever came to him
>Horrible scenes flash through your mind - Anon getting hurt, Anon dying, Anon being separated from you
>It makes you feel so sick that you gag
>Wiping your mouth, you tell yourself to be strong
>You have to be strong for Anon, especially now, when he needs you most
File: bat octavia?!.png (248KB, 794x1005px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bat octavia?!.png
248KB, 794x1005px

>You remain vigilant, protecting him with your watchful gaze
>You're not sure how much time has passed, but the moon is high in the sky and all the stars are out
>Suddenly you hear a knock at the door
>Anon gets up, looking groggy
>You wait for him to go down the hallway, before creeping around the side of his house to see who his visitor is
>You feel a sinking sensation in your guts when you see who's at the door
>Two tough-looking guard ponies, a mare and a stallion, are waiting to ambush Anon
>This must be what's been troubling him - he's had a run-in with the law
>It's not his fault, of course not
>Anon would never do anything illicit, unless he had to, to save someone he loved
>No, this must be the fault of one of those bastards he works for, trying to pin some crime on him
>Well think again, scumbag
>You're not about to let Anon take the fall for some deadbeat criminal
>You'll save him, no matter what it takes
>Anon opens the door, and you see the guard ponies ask him a question
>He shakes his head and speaks in his calm way, obviously trying to defuse the situation
>He's clearly innocent, but you can't trust these idiot guards to do their jobs
>You have to step in before things get out of hoof
>You stumble out of the shadows and head directly toward them
>The stallion notices you first, glancing at you and doing a double take
>"Uh, is that the one?" he asks his partner, pointing at you
>"Matches the description," she says. She nods to Anon. "Stay inside, sir. Let us handle this."
>You smirk, knowing that you've diverted their attention
>As soon as they start moving toward you, you immediately turn and run
>You hear them shouting as they chase after you
>Images of Anon flash through your mind as you dash into the night
>Him holding you, kissing you, carrying you to bed
>They fill you with strength and speed
>But before you can even react, you feel hooves on your back, and a moment later you're on the ground
>Somehow they caught up to you

>You thrash, kicking, as the stallion hefts you up
>"Calm down, lady," he grunts. "Fucking hell, stop struggling!"
>"What are you doing out here?" the mare asks
>You look away, refusing to even acknowledge her presence
>You'll never give up Anon, no matter what they do to you
>She just shrugs and sighs
>"Well, let's get you down to the station. You look like you could use a meal, at least. Are you homeless?"
>As they drag you off, those images of Anon begin to fracture in your mind
>You realize, suddenly, that you might not ever see him again
>This sacrifice might've just cost you your soulmate
>You burst into tears and begin to sob loudly
>Your breath wracks your body, doubling you over as the stallion struggles to hold you still
>Through your watery eyes you see Anon still standing in his doorway, watching
>His eyes are wide with concern
>You're so, so sorry
>You know how much it must hurt him to see you like this
>It hurts, so much, but you manage to swallow it
>You swallow all your anguish, choking back the tears, so he doesn't have to see you suffer
>You will bear it quietly, and proudly, for him
>He's safe now, because of you
>And that's all that matters
>The guards are leading you away, when you hear a voice calling after you
>The mare stops and looks back
>You hear her talk as you stare blindly at the ground
>When you finally look back to see who she's talking to, you nearly faint
>Anon is coming up to you
>Brave, brave Anon

>You want to call out to him, to tell him no, to save himself, but you know that this is his way
>You tremble all over, watching him come toward you like an avenging angel
>"Yeah, uh, we're friends," he says. "Hadn't seen her in awhile, guess she's having some trouble."
>The mare sounds dubious when she replies. "You sure you want to take her? We can house her just as easily at the station."
>"It's fine," Anon says, his voice like the golden water of heaven. "I'll make sure she gets back on her feet. Uh, hooves. Back on her hooves."
>"Suit yourself," the mare says. "Make sure that that you do. We'll be back if we get another report about her skulking around."
>The exchange a few more words, but you're barely listening anymore
>Your eyes are glistening, and wide with wonder
>You stare at Anon, your hero, your lover
>Standing there in his t-shirt and shorts
>His socks are all muddy
>For you
>You marvel at his prowess, his incredible silver tongue, fooling them with his made-up story
>The guards walk away, grumbling to themselves, and you are left alone with him, all alone
>His door is standing open
>He scratches his head and sort of gestures toward it
>"So uh, come on in I guess," he says.
>These are the most beautiful words you've ever heard in your life
>You can hardly believe this is really happening
>Moving as if in a dream, you brush by him, smiling up at him
>Everything is a blur as you walk through the threshold, into his house
>At long last, you will finally be together

I've got another short part in me, let's see what happens.
All of this has been great so far.

Keep it up anon
thread ded?
now bed.
Nough said.
File: image.jpg (38KB, 401x617px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sempai plz hurry
File: octavia gets saucy.png (153KB, 900x607px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
octavia gets saucy.png
153KB, 900x607px

>Anon's home is like paradise to you
>The cheap linoleum of the kitchen, the peeling laminate of the countertops, the stained cupboards
>>All of it glows with a golden sheen
>You stand by his bare refrigerator, losing yourself in its celestial hum, when you hear Anon speak up
>"You want something to eat?"
>You shiver with excitement, knowing that Anon has prepared a fine dinner just for you
>A beautiful prelude to a night of ecstasy
>You struggle to get the words out, choking on your "yes," so you just nod emphatically
>You watch as he takes out some spaghetti and heats it up in the microwave
>He sits across from you at the kitchen table as you eat
>The noodles taste divine, as if they were seasoned with Anon's own sweat
>"So... what's your name?" he asks
>You snort at this joke, nearly coughing up the spaghetti
>For a long time you giggle, covering your mouth with your hoof
>When finally you stop laughing, Anon is staring at you in mock confusion
>Deadpan as always
>You love his humor
>It relaxes you a little
>"Octavia," you manage to say, the final syllable turning high-pitched and strangled
>He nods. "Well. Nice to meet you, Octavia. I'm Anon."
>You giggle again, spaghetti falling out of your mouth this time
>He can be such a riot when he wants to be
>You know he's trying to make you feel better, and it's working
>But you notice him looking strangely nervous
>Emboldened a little, you reach out with your hoof to touch his hand
>"Thanks for... h-helping me, out there."
>Gently you caress his fingers, rubbing the backs with your hoof. Anon stares down at this, blinking.
>"Um," he says. "What can I say? You, uh, you looked down on your luck. I know how that can feel. Sometimes you just need a friend to help you on your way."
>You feel the heat rising in your face when he says this. He's so very, very kind. It makes you feel nervous again
>You try to thank him, and tell him that you love him so very much, but the words don't come out

>Shakily you pull back your hoof
>Anon exhales and puts his hands under the table
>Silently you stare down into you food and go back to eating
>You can cut the sexual tension with a knife
>You can feel his eyes all over you, and it feels incredible
>As you chew, you focus on the soft sound of his breathing
>You inch closer and closer without touching him, trying to feel his body heat
>By the time you finish eating, a warm flush is in your cheeks, and you're winking with arousal
>Surely Anon must know
>The smell of it is filling his kitchen
>But you see him staring out the window, pretending not to notice
>A perfect gentleman
>"S-So, ah," you whisper, after a few more minutes of silence. "Where are we s-sleeping tonight?"
>As if snapping out of a reverie, he looks back at you and smiles
>"You can have my bed, I suppose," he says. Then he jokes: "I can sleep on the couch."
>You're too nervous to laugh
>You go rigid, your heart thudding
>It's finally happening
>You pant a little, feeling a tingling heat sink into your limbs
>You feel it from your forehead down to your hooves, a paralyzing excitement
>You tremble, every muscle alive
>Your juices coat your inner thighs, making it even more difficult to hide for modesty's sake
>Anon is finally going to make you feel like a mare
>Saliva fills your mouth, and you swallow quickly
>He's already heading for the kitchen door
>You follow after him, barely feeling your footfalls
>It's as if you're gliding on air
>When you step into his bedroom, you feel as if you're about to explode with anticipation
>His floor is littered with clothes and his bedspread is a mess, but it's Anon's bed
>And you're about to be on it
>With him
>A shiver runs through you and a spurt of hot marecum splashes on the floor
>Anon flinches and looks back
>"Did you drop something?" he asks
>You shake your head, smiling at him before licking your lips

>He gestures toward the bed
>"Make yourself comfortable," he says. "We can talk more in the morning, Octavia. Get some good rest for now."
>Like a spring releasing you leap onto the bed, burying your face in his sheets, thrusting your hindquarters high in the air
>Tantalizingly you sway from side to side, showing off your arousal
>You tremble hard, waiting for his touch, waiting for him to run his strong, gentle hands all over your ass
>But it never comes
>Slowly you sit up, his sheets falling away from your head
>Anon isn't in the room
>Of course he isn't
>He's a tease, after all
>Giggling to yourself, you climb down onto the floor and creep back out into the hallway
>All is dark, save for the light of the living room at the end
>You sneak down to the door and peer through
>Anon is lying on the couch, a blanket thrown over his legs
>He reaches over to dim the lamp, before throwing his arm back over his eyes and again pretending to nap
>As quietly as a fox, you step into the room
>You sneak over to where Anon is lying
>You watch the gentle rise and fall of his chest
>The blanket is only covering his shins; his crotch is fully exposed
>Such a tease
>Your mouth falls open, a little drool escaping
>You lean in with your nose, and press it right up against his penis
>Anon sits up in a flash, letting out a yelp
>He fumbles for the lamp, but then sees you there, grinning up at him mischievously
>"What - Octavia, what are you...?"
>You tremble with nervousness, but you see that he's nervous too
>And see too his rapidly stiffening erection, bulging in his shorts
>"Shh," you whisper, shushing him, as you climb up onto the couch and into his lap
>You bury your face against his chest. "Shh..."
>He's so warm against you
>You can feel his heart pounding
>Deep, deep satisfaction spreads through you as you feel his cock pulsing up against your ass
>His arousal fills you with courage

>Trembling hard against him, more nervous than you've ever been before, you lift your mouth to his neck to caress it with your tongue
>He smells better than you ever could have imagined, like sweat and ChintzyPop
>The reality of him, the solidness of his form, defies comprehension
>You feel dizzy knowing that this is happening, this is really happening
>Anon grabs your forelimbs, firmly but gently
>"This isn't right," he tries to say, his voice shaking from his nerves
>Poor, poor Anon
>He's just as nervous as you
>He's just like you
>Your perfect soulmate
>You run a hoof through his hair
>"We don't have to do anything you don't want to do," you whisper to him, leaning close to his ear. "But why fight it? We're meant to be together."
>Anon says nothing at this
>You feel him swallow, his body as tense as yours
>But shortly he seems to relax a little, and his hands release your limbs
>His arms fold around you, pulling you into his embrace
>His fingers dig into your fur and rub gently at your back
>His erection presses up against your vulva
>Pleasure floods through you
>Incredible, wonderful, indescribable pleasure
>Pure euphoria, sapping the strength from your body, forcing you to submit completely
>Tingling spreads throughout your body, a smile curls your lips, and your mind goes hazy
>You shudder as you orgasm, coating his crotch with your hot fluids
>You open your mouth to plant your teeth against his skin, and inhale deeply, pulling his scent into you
>You moan softly, whimpering, shifting your weight from side to side, massaging his cock through his shorts with your winking cunt

>You feel him trembling a little against you, his breath coming heavily
>"This... hasn't really happened to me before," he says, sounding almost apologetic
>"It's all right," you whisper, your eyes half-lidded as they make contact with his. "Everything's all right. We're together now."
>You kiss him, mashing your mouth against his, thrusting your tongue into his mouth
>The sensation of his strong, wet tongue twining with yours is enough to make you cum again, your thighs squeezing him tightly this time as you straddle him
>His hands run down to your ass, and you press appreciatively into him, begging him for more with your movements
>You yearn for him to reach down, to touch your pussy and asshole, to take you here and now
>But he does not, instead choosing to tease you, caressing your sensitive skin with aching slowness
>The pleasure of smelling him, of him touching you, of just being near him, makes you cum again
>You moan needily, wrapping your legs around him
>Slowly, gently, you reach down to touch his penis with your hoof
>To your surprise, he quickly moves it away
>"Not... not tonight," he says. "Let's just... take it slow."
>You spasm at the though of waiting even longer, but you revel in the slow deliciousness that is Anon
>"As you wish," you say. Then you blurt out: "I love you."
>His eyes widen and he suddenly looks very nervous, so you calm him with another kiss on the mouth
>You tease him with your pussy, grinding into his crotch
>Soon he is hugging you again, stroking your mane and kissing you all over your face and neck
>You sigh with absolute pleasure
>This is going to be a long, wonderful night


That's all for now. I think it can got a little longer. Thanks for reading
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Don't let this be a dream
Congratulations! You've received Golden Seal of Approval in Anonymous Delivers Annual Award!
Awww you son of a bitch. I will track you down, find you, and leave creepy gifts on your doorstep.
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Dear god annon!
File: clap.gif (540KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bravo! Woke up and saw this, think it's gonna be a good day. Please continue
I almost like your updates for the octavia pictures and filenames more than I do the story.
>She tenses up.
>"Are you implying that Lyra is the kind of pony who would lie?"
"No, I'm saying that in such situations people often leave out some facts, or exaggerate."
>She de-tenses.
>"Yeah, I guess you're right. Sorry about that, it's just that I really care about Lyra and don't like seeing her hurt."
>There's silence as you continue with the massage, nearing her shoulders.
>"Anon, can I ask you a question?"
"You can ask, depending on the question I may or may not answer."
>She gives you a short laugh in response.
>"I noticed that you've been rooming with Rainbow Dash recently, is there... something going on there?"
>How are all ponies omniscient of your activities?
"No, she stayed with me one night because her house was under construction or something, but the other times she just kind of snuck into my house and I didn't really bother to tell her to go away."
>She looks back at you surprised.
>"Maybe you should get a lock then? ...Oh that's what you had yesterday wasn't it?"
"I do recall saying something about a bag full of locks."
>You get to her shoulders and she moans in surprise as you work them.
"She tried to sneak in again last night, but the lock stopped her."
>The rest of the massage passes in silence, save for Bon-Bon's occasional moans and groans l-lewd
>Afterwards you help Bon-Bon onto her feet and into the waiting room while she recovers.
>You're able to give ponies massages that they can't normally get due to your fingers, it's the main reason Lotus and Aloe have put so much effort into training you properly.
>Bon-Bon slides a little deeper into her seat.
>"Anon, do you have a time when we could talk a little more? There's some stuff I'd like to talk to you about."
>You finish cleaning up and toss the towel you were using into the used bin.
"I get my lunch break now, lets go."
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I'll be waiting for you to come back writefag, when we can be together again....
>I almost like your updates for the octavia pictures and filenames more than I do the story.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

Also welcome back glorious faggot.
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give in, anon, accept cello horse's stalker love
I need more classical music stalker horse.
>You take a sip of your water as the waiter pony walks away.
>Bon-Bon hasn't said a word since.
>"Anonymous, you don't actually seem that bad of a person, I'm sorry I judged you so quickly. It's just, when Lyra came galloping into the house crying and shouting your name-"
>You interrupt her with a wave of your hand.
"Don't worry about it, I understand. Water under the bridge, eh?"
>Bon-Bon smiles, obviously relieved that you aren't going to hold a grudge.
>Some time passes and your food arrives.
>As you're eating you think to ask Bon-Bon a question.
"Bon-Bon, do you know anything about Rainbow Dash?"
>She looks up from her salad at you curiously.
>"What do you mean?"
"Well, I mean if she has any friends, any drinking habits, any tragic events in her life that would lead to a crippling fear of abandonment."
>She gives you a small laugh.
>"That's oddly specific."
"I'm specifically odd."
>"No, I don't really know too much about her aside from general stuff."
>You motion for her to continue.
>Bon-Bon sighs and thinks for a moment.
>"She works in the weather team, she's the Element of Loyalty, she's a super hardcore wonderbolts fan, she's friends with the other elements... That about sums up my Rainbow Dash knowledge. You would be better off asking one of her friends if you want to know stuff about her."
>The other elements.
>You know Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie, so you should be able to talk to one of them about why she's clingy.
>You finish up your meal with Bon-Bon and start to head back to work.
>Before you go, Bon-Bon turns to you.
>"Listen, can you come by sometime? I'd appreciate it if you could... "fix" Lyra."
>She hands you a note with her address.
"Sure, goodbye for now then."
musical bump
Keep going pls
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So are you Turkish, what happened to Auz?
Most likely lurking
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many thanks.png
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Maybe we should stop wasting posts and lurk? It's nice to know you ain't dead though.
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Ok we`ll stop wasting posts.
Also unnecessary picture bump.
Making it awful hard for my, "no fapping to fanfiction" rule

Sorry about the achingly slow updates, I've been having busy days. This is also probably gonna be the last one for the day.

>You're cleaning up the massage room after doing a horn massage for a unicorn.
>You try not to think about the reactions unicorns get from horn massages.
>It was honestly almost a breaking point for you, knowing that you'd be quite literally bringing ponies to orgasm most days, but the pay was too good to pass up.
>You sigh, maybe once you have enough bits saved up you can get a different job.
"Who's next?"
>The blue one looks at her list.
>"Pegasus, female, wing massage as well."
>Ugh, wing massages are almost as bad as the horn massages.
>Pegasi can't magically send you across the room on accident.
>You're still thankful Lotus and Aloe padded the walls just for you.
>A moment later the pegasus you're giving a massage to walks in.
>"Hey Anon!"
>Oh what the shit.
>It's fucking Rainbow Dash.
>She isn't even surprised to see you!
"Rainbow Dash?"
>"The one and only!"
>She trots over to the massage table and settles herself in.
>"Please use Hot Oil #7."
>You automatically start to grab the oil.
"How did you know I work here?"
>She just giggles.
>She ACTUALLY fucking giggles.
>Not like a small cute laugh.
>But an actual giggle.
>"I don't feel your hands on my wings yet~"
>How did she
>Why is she?
>You sigh and put your hands on her back near the wing joints and start to dig in.
>She's already fucking groaning.
>This is gonna be a long massage.

Gonna do a detailed description later
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dis gon be gud
Wonder where the derpy writefag is

Thank you guys for your support, I really appreciate it. I wanted to write up the next part tonight but I am literally falling asleep in my chair. I'll be able to continue it tomorrow night
Early morning bump
Almost mid-morning bump
Afternoon bump
page 8 panic
Dinner bump
writefag please hurry! i cant hold on much longer!

>Wing massages are a tricky thing for ponies most of the time.
>Hooves are way to big and clumsy to really handle something as delicate as a wing.
>Unicorns can use their telekinesis to maneuver sticks or rods to try and do it, but it requires a great deal of skill and concentration.
>It's a very rare skill among unicorns, and makes such massages very expensive and hard to find.
>You however, have hands.
>And fingers.
>With your god given tools you're able to give these massages with relative ease.
>The only real problem is that these wing massages bring most pegasi to orgasm.
>And now you have to give one to the pony who's been creepily clingy to you.
>And announced her love to you.
>And has broken into your house to sleep with you.
>... The list goes on.
>Regardless, you need the money this job provides, and aren't in a position to decline a paying client.
>You start at the base of the wings, where they connect to the back.
>This is a very delicate spot and if you apply too much force you could easily snap off her wings.
>But if you apply just the right amount, it relieves a lot of stress and pressure that builds up in the area due to all the use it gets from most pegasi.
>You dig your fingers in and around the area, being careful not to push too much on the actual bone.
>"Ohh, yesssss."
>You've gotten used to tuning out the moans of the customers.
>Just work past it.
"Please extend your wing."
>"Anything you ask!"
>You think she's trying to sound sultry.
>It doesn't really work with her natural raspiness and voice cracks.
>She unfurls her wing to it's fullest extent.
>You pull up the padded table kept in the room to support her wing.
>You've learned through experience that if you run your hand along their wing, you can judge which spots need more attention than others based on how much they moan.
>You begin this process with Dash.
>She didn't stop moaning.
>At all.
>You're pretty sure she actually orgasmed just from you doing that.
>Oh boy.
File: 1406520265707.jpg (8KB, 178x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Oh boy.
File: 1383947113288.gif (212KB, 350x210px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Right here. Sorry for the long wait and unkept promises, but I have some material now. I'm going to try to wrap up the story now, so I should have it done either today or tomorrow. Anyway, is there a writefag still posting or can I start now?
>Implying there can't be two writefags posting

I'm posting a crappy clop portion of my thing, but I want you to finish your story as much as the next fag so post on.
Story so far (not including this thread):


>Light. It's in your eyes. Bright, white light.
>You feel yourself coming to. Your eyelids flutter open, only to clamp shut again as the brightness stings your retinas.
>Okay, let's try this again.
>You open them again, this time a bit more slowly.
>You stare up at the white ceiling. Only, this is no ordinary ceiling; this one dances.
>It takes a surprising amount of effort, but you turn your head to the side, scanning the room as you go. Beside you is some machine... some weird machine that beeps every second.
>Heh. Heh heh. It sounds kind of funny.
>You hear a door creak open. Slowly, you turn your head towards the direction of the noise, and watch as some pony approaches you.
>”Oh, good. You're awake,” the mare says. She appears to be a white earth pony, though it's kind of hard to tell if the hat she's wearing is just covering her horn. “How are you feeling today, Mr. Anonymous?”
>You don't respond at first. You're too entrance by her face; more specifically, the way it bends and deforms.
“I'm...” Your lips feel a bit parched. You smack them together and lick them before continuing. “I feel kinda... good, I guess? I dunno anymore, man. This is crazy. Everything I see is like... jello. Jello's pretty good though, so I guess it's okay.”
>The pony nods. “Yes, those are some of the effects of the drugs we gave you to relieve the pain a bit.”
>Pain? Drugs?
>You look beside you at the monitor again. It has an oddly familiar line going across it, one that you know you've seen before. You look back and forth between the mare and the black box a few times, before spotting the symbol on her head.
>Ohhh, you get it now. You're in a hospital.
>Wait. Does that mean you're injured?
“What happened to me, Doc?”
>”Well...” 'Doc' pulls out a clipboard from somewhere, looking over it before readdressing you. “You sustained second-degree burns, mostly on your face, chest, and left arm. It's also very possible that your brain may experience swelling due to the way you hit your head after the explosion, but with today's advancements in modern medicine, it should be easily treatable.”
>A lot of it flies over your head. What you got out of this lecture was burns, face, head, and...
>It all comes back to you now, albeit a bit muddled and slowly. Derpy blew up your house. She nearly blew you up as well, and most likely herself.
>Yeah, that's right. There's no way Derpy could have survived that explosion. Even from where you were, the heat and the force of the explosion were super powerful. Derpy was right there, next to the can of lighter fl- no, kerosene. She had to have been burnt to ashes.
>Maybe you should ask Doc.
“Heya, Doc?”
>You suddenly realize that Doc is no longer here. You stare at the door for a little while, wondering when she left, and how she did it without making any noise.
>”Yes, Mr. Anonymous?”
>You nearly jump at her voice. As quickly as you cannabis, you turn your head to the right.
>It seems that Doc was looking at something on the monitor.
>Oh, okay. At least she's looking out for you.
“I, uh, just had a question.”
>She watches you expectantly, waiting.
“Uh, just wondering: did they find Derpy?”
>She blinks. You decide to elaborate.
“Derpy kind of blew up the house. I was wondering if they found her body yet.”
>The mare's eyes widen. She quickly jots something down on her clipboard, before looking back at you and shaking her head.
>”I'm not being informed of all the details. However, I don't think they found any cadavers or remains, as of yet.”
>No remains. There should be something, something left, no matter how powerful that explosion was.
“Not even bones?”
>She shakes her head. “I'm sorry. Was this Derpy close to you?”
>It takes a moment for you to understand what she's asking. When you do, you raise an eyebrow at the preposterous idea.
“What do -you- think, Doc?”
>She suddenly gets a guilty look. “Sorry. I'll see myself out now.”
>Doc exits the room, shutting the door behind her and leaving you to sit in silence.
>So. Derpy's alive.
>Or, maybe she's not. Maybe they just haven't found her body- or, pieces of body- just yet.
>Still. That little pony tends to pack some surprises. And now, assuming she's alive, you know for sure that she's a threat.
>Yes, she's definitely a threat. She wouldn't just blow up your house like that, and herself along with it. What does that accomplish? No, she has a plan, some sort of evil, twisted, sick plan to force you to love her.
>Surprisingly, all the ponies around you seem to live in their own blissful, ignorant worlds where Derpy -isn't- some deranged maniac out to do anything and everything to attain your love. Doc even asked if Derpy was close to you.
>No one will believe you if you said that the little gray derpy-eyed pony blew up your house with kerosene. Maybe, just maybe Carrot might, but you couldn't expect her to be able to protect you from the advances of that little menace.
>No. It's time you took measures into your own hands.
>It's time you fought back.
>Making a temporary bin
>Not putting in the 1 min of effort to make a proper account so people can have a persistent bin that they can f5 to check for updates rather than waiting around for a new link at every update

>You drag yourself through town, still dressed in your hospital gown.
>It's late at night. Very late. The hospital was asleep, all except for a few guards patrolling the hallways.
>They weren't difficult to get past. Most of them are half-asleep at this point.
>You remember where Carrot and Derpy live. That's the way you head right now, armed with nothing but your fists, and your near-immunity to pain caused by the drugs.
>Speaking of which, you're starting to feel the burns. It's a dull sting, there but not unbearable.
>Perhaps some more would've helped. Still, you need to do this as soon as possible. There's no telling what that crazy pony might do.
>She might actually kill you.
>Soon, your destination looms in the distance. You mentally prepare yourself for the task ahead.
>You approach the house. Soon, you come to the door, and try the doorknob.
>It's locked, of course. You, however, were prepared for this.
“Hyah!” you shout, raising your foot high into the air.
>With all the might of a drugged Anon, you kick the door. The house shudders and you think you hear a crack, but for what you can tell, the door remains firm.
>Maybe there's an open window.
>As you fiddle with a cracked-open window on the side of the house, you hear a thump come from the front. Curious, you retrace your steps until you come to one of the house corners, and peer around the edge.
>You see her, standing confusedly out her doorway. The door itself lies before her on the walkway.
>You knew it. You knew it. Derpy is still alive. Somehow, some way, she did it.
>She backs up into her home, muttering something to herself.
>Door's open. It's time to go.
>You walk into the house. You've been here a few times before, but your memory's kind of foggy on where everything is. It also doesn't help that the house is dimly lit, with only a few flickering candles to light up the living room.
>Well, looks as if you're not going to be needing to find your way around.
>Before you stands the yellow-maned pony. Her eyes are tired but wide, and she sports a bad case of bed head.
>You waste no time. You lunge forward, giving the little pony a roundhouse kick straight to the side of the head.
>She's out cold. Not even a peep is made as she slumps over, hitting the ground with a dull thud. You grab her by her hind legs and drag her into the kitchen.
>You begin searching through her drawers for the knives.
>Hah. She tried to keep the knives away from you. But here they are, all assorted so nicely in her kitchen.
>You finally decide on one. You pull it out, gripping it tightly in your hand as you turn to the sack of potatoes on the kitchen floor.
>Apparently, the drugs didn't numb your sense of humanity.
>You bend down, closely viewing the pony who lies on her side. Her barrel expands and contracts, one of her limbs twitching every few minutes.
>Come on, Anon. You can do it.
>This mare tried to kill you, remember.
>You turn the knife so that it faces downward in your hand. Your knuckles are white from how firmly you grasp it.
>On three. Ready?
>One... two...
>You bring the knife down in between one of her ribs. It was a weak stab, however, and never manages to bring the skin. A small indent on her skin marks the spot where the tip presses into her.
>You suddenly switch grips so that the knife faces forward from your hand, and press all your weight onto the knife handle. With a jerking movement, the blade sinks halfway in, and blood begins to seep from the open wound.
>You nearly throw up. It broke past her skin, and sunk into something slightly harder underneath – you really don't know what it was, but the thought makes you shudder. You press it in again, and this time, the blade embeds itself fully into the mare's body.
>Unconsciously, her breathing begins to quicken. The twitching becomes more and more erratic, and blood seeps in small droplets from her mouth and onto the kitchen tile. It's not long before she stops moving at all.
>There. You did it. You killed her.
>Gradually, you let go of the knife, leaving it still stuck into the pony's side. You rise to your feet, viewing your handiwork somewhat disgusted, but at the same time relieved.
>You turn around, but stop. Before you stands a stallion, mouth hanging wide open.
>He's frozen, just like you. The two of you stand there for a while longer, staring at each other.
>Then, with one fell swoop, you use the same trick you did on Derpy and knock him out clean with a good, solid kick. He falls over like a sack of potatoes.
>You're gonna need towels.
>Pegasi achieve orgasm commonly during the massage, but not this early.
>You keep towels in the room for the mares that are a little more... excitable than the others.
>You grab one of them.
"Could you lift your rear please?"
>"Do it for me."
>She doesn't bother moving her head.
>"Lift my butt for me."
>She gives her behind a little shake as evidence.
>You can't really deny her.
>You sigh.
"One moment please."
>You scoop up Dash's legs with one arm, and start to spread the towel out beneath her.
>What was that?
>Somethings getting on your arm.
>What the hell is that?
>Don't think about it.
>You finish spreading out the towel and put her legs back down before any other... substances get on your arm.
>"Thanks Aaanon."
>You suppress a shiver.
>You don't think any one spot on her wing really needs more attention than the other so you decide to just go with your normal way of doing it.
>You run your hand along the edge of her wing, pressing into the joints and massaging the bone along the edge as well.
>"Fuuuuuuuucck meeee."
>Lotus and Aloe had the room sound proofed because of the horn and wing massages, but you wonder just how effective they are.
>You finish the edge of her wings and start to work along the insides.
>Maybe you should get ear-muffs.
>That's actually a really good idea.
>You'll talk to Lotus or Aloe about it later.
>Rainbow Dash screams out.
>Pretty sure she came again.
>You look down at the towel to see it's already soaked and needs to be replaced.
>You glance at her legs and see they aren't much better.
>Your arm is not escaping dry.
>The shit you do for money.
>20 minutes later and you've finished the wing.
>All it took was 4 towels and part of your soul.
>"Mmmm. Thanks Anon that was great!"
>You don't even sigh.
>That's how done with this shit you are.
>"Now do the next one please!"
>You observe him for a moment, deciding what to do with him. You notice that his jaw is out of place, and cringe.
>You just stabbed a pony in the ribs, and an out-of-place jaw bothers you. You shake your head.
>So, what do you do now? Cover this up? They're going to wonder where Derpy went...
>Then again, not even Carrot has really known where Derpy has been. And, of course, you -did- tell Doc that Derpy died in the fire...
>They won't find any remains, though. However, whatever conclusions they draw don't concern you; they'll be too busy debating your story against the absence of evidence that they won't consider what you've done here.
>The stallion, however... He is a different matter. Likely a concerned neighbor who heard some noise, and just happened to walk in at the wrong time. You'll take care of him in a bit.
>First, hiding Derpy's body. You begin to look through the kitchen in search of a plastic bag.
>No, silly Anon. That won't be big enough. You need a blanket.
>You step into the hallway, in search of a closet that contains blankets. It's a bit dark in there, so the expedition quickly becomes a difficult one. You stub your toes a few times, but that's okay, because you can't even feel them.
>You return to the kitchen, arms full with blankets. You plop them on the floor next to her body, and begin the mystery of how to do this.
>First and foremost, you should probably start with taking care of Mr. Concerned Neighbor. God forbid he should wake up, and –
>Oh, fuck.
>He's not there.
>You sprint for the doorway. Panic begins to rise in your chest as you realize that the stallion who just witnessed you kill Derpy is nowhere to be seen.
>His jaw is broken, so you might have some time to flee before word starts to get around. Not only that, but the ponies can't just call up the royal guard – they actually have to physically run to one of the posts in town.
>Which gives you a good head start.
>You comb through the pantry for any non-perishable goods. You may be on the run for awhile, so you stuff as many cans of fruit cocktail and bread as you possibly can into one of the blankets that you brought out.
>Sorry for taking your stuff, Carrot, but I'm really gonna need it.
>By the way, has she seriously slept through this entire ordeal?
>Soon, you have enough food and water to last a hungry Anon for a month. It's a bit heavy, but you figure it'll last you long enough to get out of Equestria.
>Wow, is that what it's come down to? Leaving the land of magical, mostly friendly talking ponies?
>You look back at the body lying on the ground. The dim light gives her an eery yellow glow.
>No use cleaning you up now. Goodbye, Derpy. I hope it was worth all the trouble you caused me.
>And with that, you bound off into the night.
File: warehouse.jpg (284KB, 1217x778px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
284KB, 1217x778px
>It's dark in here. It's humid, hot, and smells like wood.
>Boxes. They're everywhere. Why are there boxes everywhere?
>Oh, yeah. You're in a warehouse. This is where you're hiding, right?
>Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
>Your head hurts. It just won't go away. It feels like someone stuck a searing hot metal ball into the back of your head.
>In fact, it feels like that all over your skull. Hot spots, constantly hitting you, letting up for just a moment before burning into your skull again.
>Your foot, too. You did something to it when you tried to kick that door down, because it's been hurting for weeks. Not to mention the fact that you've been constantly on the run up until now.
>How long ago has it been? You check the date on a nearby newspaper you have with you, but can barely understand the words on the front page, much less attempt math.
>Too long to count.
>They've been looking for you. It's been in the newspapers, it's been on building-side posters, it's been in the faces of passer-by ponies.
>You made it to about as far as the coast of Fillydelphia, mostly by train-hopping, before hiding in this warehouse and forgetting what you were doing.
>You've been forgetting things a lot, lately. Sometimes it's things like where you are, other times it's why you're even hiding in the first place.
>Right now, though, you remember. You committed murder. You killed Derpy.
>Nobody understands. Nobody cares, everyone fears. You. Carrot hasn't come after you; hasn't tried to protect you, or to reason with you, as it seems. She probably thinks of you along the same lines as the rest of the ponies do.
>You've been missing her a lot lately. It's hard to love someone, yet never be able to see them. Never be able to touch them. Never for them to return your love.
>You can almost sympathize with Derpy.
File: derpconcerned.jpg (47KB, 633x1262px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 633x1262px
>The root of all your problems.
>Had she not obsessed over you, none of this would have happened. She's the reason you're here alone with a blanket, a newspaper, and a dwindling amount of fruit cocktail cans. She's the reason you have this horrible headache, and nothing to do about it.
>Yet, somehow, you just can't blame her.
>Derpy just loved you too much, it seemed. That really was her only fault.
>Well, aside from burning down your house and performing hara-kiri on her eye in your bathroom.
>Still, had she not been so utterly insane and obsessive, you may have... well, considered her.
>Perhaps had she just waited, perhaps had she just been a little more in control of herself... things might have been different.
>Perhaps... maybe... if you'd just loved her back...
>She loved you no matter what you did. No matter how often you yelled at her, how much you hated her, she always came back. Always willing to be with you. Always willing to sacrifice.
>For you.
>Somehow, the thought is comforting. You're sure that, even in her death, she would be thinking about you. Even while knowing what you did for her, she would be there for you.
>If she could be here with you, right now, she would be comforting you. Nuzzling you. Telling her how much she loved you.
>You wish... You almost wish that she was...
>”Hi, Anon.”
File: 1406345848134.png (207KB, 529x490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207KB, 529x490px
And then Anon peed a little
I dunno 'bout him but I peed a lot.
File: derpytongue.jpg (66KB, 500x563px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 500x563px
>You scream, nearly jumping up to your feet at the sight of her, minding your hurt foot before making any rash decisions.
>No. No. This can't be real.
>She stands before you, looking as real as ever. Her eye is back, filling in the empty socket that you saw the other day; however, it's now as straight as any normal pony's would be.
>”I knew you would come back to me, Anon. I knew that, someday, you would realize you love me, even if it took you until your final breaths.”
>She comes close to you. You don't so much as flinch as she sits down before you, leaning into you as she begins to nuzzle your neck.
>You can feel her. Her soft, feminine body, her warm breath brushing along your skin as she continues to nuzzle you. Hell, she even smells like paper.
“I- I thought I k-killed you,” you say, still in disbelief, even when all the evidence points to the contrary.
>She gives you a confused look for a moment, before letting out a genuine laugh. “Oh, no, silly Anon!” she says after managing to settle down. “No, I died in the explosion! Don't you remember? Or did you hit your head too hard?”
File: 1402690745893.png (534KB, 1600x1300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
534KB, 1600x1300px
>This is a bit unsettling. She just told you she died, but she's here, sitting in your lap.
>Before you can voice your thought, however, another very disturbing one comes to mind.
“Wait... So if I didn't kill you, then who...?”
>An innocent, yet somehow very disturbing smile slowly spreads across her face. “I think you know who, Anon.”
>No damn way.
>”It's okay, though,” she says. She puts her hoof on your chest, softly nudging you downward. “Even if you didn't do it for me... I'm glad you did it. I'm proud of you, Anon.”
>Soon, you find yourself on your back, staring up into the mare's entrancing golden eyes. She smiles down at you. “Now, we can be together forever, Anon. You'll never be distracted with another mare again. Just us two, for all eternity.” Half-liddedly, she kisses you on the forehead. “All you have to do is go to sleep.”
>You find yourself growing very tired. The headache seems to have cleared up, and you suddenly feel very... happy. Content. Welcoming of whatever awaits you.
>”Sleep tight, my Anon.” She lies down next to you, snuggling up against you.
We killed Carrot, fuck, mission failed.
I am sad now.
File: eating derpy.jpg (20KB, 600x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
eating derpy.jpg
20KB, 600x281px
You're right. Even though I could've just made a new one, I didn't think many of you would really like what's on my my existing pastebin.

Here, disregard the pastebin on >>18988628 use this one instead. It's divided up into chapters, and is complete.

I honestly never meant or wanted for it to get this dark. It kind of went that direction as soon as Derpy made a jack o lantern out of her head, unfortunately.

Will writefag for fud later on. I promise not to write anything so edgy again unless you want me to
File: end of the world.jpg (106KB, 738x439px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
end of the world.jpg
106KB, 738x439px
Fuck forgot to add the pastebin


pic is repost from a few threads ago. not mine
good story man hope to see you again
And then you'll almost get arrested but writefag will save you and later that night you have passionate gay sex
File: image.jpg (104KB, 957x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 957x960px
Sweet dreams, you magnificent bastard.

[phone tapping intensifies]

Well, maybe just some cuddling.


>Such a wonderful night
>Anon holds you just as you knew he would
>It's all so warm, so comfortable
>You feel deliriously happy
>Your body glistens with sweat
>A grin is plastered on your face
>You keep giggling, overwhelmed by joy
>The tears come, and you bury your face against his chest, your whole body quaking
>His hands glide across your body, leaving no inch of you untouched, save for your crotch
>He knows just how to tease you
>It's like he can read your mind
>And he knows just how much you want him to dip his fingers into your slit
>But he seems so vulnerable, so shy
>You understand now why Anon waited so long for this
>He must've been nervous about this, about physically touching you
>Is this his first time?
>Yes, you realize, yes, Anon is wonderful and pure
>He must still be a virgin, just like you
>All this time you'd fantasized about him taking you, teaching you the arts of lovemaking
>When all along he was just as fresh and new as you are
>Waiting for that special somepony with whom to take that special step, to explore that vast mysterious realm
>How you long to explore his rivers and lakes, to climb his mountain, to lick his asshole
>How you long for him to do the same to you
>You shiver at the thought, drawing a gasp from him as you bite his neck
>You will be wanderers together, on the plain of intimacy and romance
>His virginity will be yours, just as yours will be his
>You feel even closer to him now, knowing that he planned this all out
>For years he's waited for you, saving himself, knowing that you'd come along one day to woo him
>Such foresight; such genius
>It makes you want him inside you all the more, grabbing your ass, pounding his hips up into you, moaning as his balls slam against your marepussy

>You want him to explode into you and impregnate you with his ropes of seed
>You want to feel his cock spurt inside you, the blood-engorged chambers of his shaft pulsing beneath the skin
>Your breathing quickens and you push Anon hard into the sofa
>Gingerly you climb on top of him until he has to incline his head up to kiss you
>You grab him by the hair and pull his head back before kissing him savagely
>You make sure to graze his lips with your teeth, your tongue aiming for his throat
>His gag reflex kisses your tongue-tip
>He pulls away, coughing
>You press your nose into his ear, giggling
>You see his beautiful eyes, wet in their sockets
>Opening your lips wide, your tongue lolls from your mouth
>You let some drool drip down
>With your hooves you hold his face, peeling his eyelid open
>Slowly, sensually, you lick his eyeball
>You feel him shiver violently under you
>His hands suddenly seize your hooves
>You finally realize that he's trying to talk to you
>"Octavia - Octavia!" he says, looking incredibly nervous. "Don't... don't do that. Holy fuck."
>You suddenly feel very small
>Is he not enjoying himself? Are you not good enough?
>You're not good enough
>You're scaring him, not calming him down
>You're just awful, a horrible mare
>You try to hold it back, to hide your shame, but you can't stop the tears
>They leak out of your eyes as you struggle to maintain your composure
>"D-Do you not like it?" you ask, your voice thick
>You duck your head, unable to meet his gaze, his gentle, perfect gaze
>How could you do such a terrible thing to this sweet man?
>You suddenly feel like you want to die, for what you've done
>But then Anon's hands are on your flanks, stroking you gently up and down
>"No, it's just - let's just lie together, okay?"
>Your breath catches as you look up at him
>Through the mist of tears you see his face, framed by the soft glow of the lamp
>He looks like an angel
>His eyes are wide, but gentle
>Filled with concern
>And love

>Relief rushes over you, soothing you, making you tremble
>Each slow caress from his hands reassures you that you are safe
>Anon loves you
>Even if you make silly mistakes or frighten him, he won't mind
>He understands that you're doing your best, and you don't mean to do anything bad to him
>He knows you'll learn how to be the best lover you can be
>And he'll never, ever leave you
>Because the two of you are meant to be together, always
>Relief washes into warm, fuzzy pleasure as he hugs you tightly
>You gasp and bite your lip, closing your eyes as you fold into him
>You imagine yourself soaking into him, becoming one with him
>You imagine that slow, aching moment, when his beautiful penis will slide inside of you
>Your vulva winking, inviting him in, sucking him in so warmly
>So lovingly
>It's inevitable at this point
>You just need to wait for Anon
>When he's ready, he'll take you
>The ecstasy of your union will be indescribable
>You shudder at the thought, drooling against him
>You feel his heartbeat against your cheek
>You smell his sweat, the musk of his precum
>How you long to make him ejaculate for real, to see him succumb to pleasure, to see his face as he cums
>But you must be patient
>For Anon
>You sigh blissfully, and wrap your forelimbs around him
>He rocks you, ever so gently
>The wind picks up outside, rustling the leaves
>The crickets are chirping
>You feel your eyelids growing heavy
>Soon you are fast asleep, in the arms of your soulmate

(next part in a little bit)
File: 1406361589351.jpg (252KB, 686x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
252KB, 686x640px
>Slowly, sensually, you lick his eyeball
File: 1398530327126.gif (3MB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1280x720px
Please go on. By Celestia, Allant, Shiva, Huitzilopochtli, Asura, Jesus, Buddah or the deity of yout preference go on.
I love this story.
And you should be Journeyman now
ded thred

>Anon makes breakfast the next morning, oatmeal
>It's the best thing you've ever tasted
>As you eat it, you find your gaze wandering constantly back to Anon
>You can hardly believe that this is really happening
>He's right there
>All yours
>You watch as he pokes his oatmeal with his spoon
>You're about to ask him why he's not eating, when he puts the utensil down
>He clears his throat
>"Octavia, about last night..."
>You stare at him unblinking, smiling, enraptured by whatever he's about to say
>"It was wrong of me to let you keep going. I should've carried you back to bed."
>You blush bright red. "W-We can go there right now, if you want..."
>"No Octavia. Listen to me." He fixes you with a surprisingly serious look. "You're in a bad place right now. And I took advantage. I'm sorry."
>For a moment, you are confused
>What could he possibly mean?
>What happened last night was a mutual expression of love; both of your hearts had beat as one
>And Anon's house is the best place you've ever been
>You haven't felt this good in a long, long time
>Then it dawns on you
>He must still be nervous about being with you
>He knows that you're ready for him to do whatever he wants with you, but he still wants to wait
>He's trying to say this as kindly as possible, without hurting your feelings
>Oh gentle, gentle anon
>Your heart swells with love
>You understand completely
>Gently you reach out to take his hand in your hoof
>"It's okay," you say, trying to keep your voice level. "You take as much time as you need. I'll wait for you."
>Anon stares down at your hoof
>You see him swallow hard
>He squeezes your hoof
>"We'll uh, we'll talk about this later." He stands up and starts pulling on his jacket. "I've gotta get to work. Stay inside and be a good pony while I'm gone, all right?"
>The phrase "good pony" sends a shiver from the tips of your ears down your spine, all the way to your tail
>You nod emphatically
File: octavia >feels.png (118KB, 600x739px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
octavia >feels.png
118KB, 600x739px

>As he goes toward the front door, you catch up to him and hug his leg
>You kiss him in his kneepit
>He stands there for a moment, then pets your mane
>"I'll be back around 6 tonight. There's food for you in the kitchen. You can help yourself."
>You feel him pulling his leg away, and eventually you let him go
>"I love you," you say, smiling up at him.
>He nods, looking nervous again. "S-See you later, Octavia."
>And then he is gone, walking down the front path, down the street, and out of sight
>You watch him leave, your nose pressed to the kitchen window
>You have half a mind to follow him, to make sure he's okay at work, but he did tell you stay here
>And you do want to be a good pony for Anon
>You set about exploring his house from the inside
>You sniff his toilet seat and roll around in his bed
>A pillow serves as an expeditious masturbation aid
>The case is soaked through by the time you're finished with it
>You put it back on his bed, grinning mischievously, so he'll have it when he gets home
>You pull one of his t-shirts over your head and go to sit by the front door
>You're practically pulsating with giddiness, involuntary spasms running through your limbs
>You can hardly wait for him to come home
>But wait you must
>The hours tick by
>You are vaguely aware of hunger in your belly, and the need to urinate
>But both those needs can wait
>What if Anon came home early, and you were in the kitchen or the bathroom?
>You wouldn't be able to greet him at the door
>You wouldn't be a good pony
>So you wait, as the day drags on, and the sunlight coming in through the windows turns orange, and the shadows turn long
>Your whole body stiffens as you hear footsteps out on the path
>When the door opens, you leap toward Anon, burying your face in his crotch as you hug him
>He screams and staggers back
>You instantly recoil
>Panic, fluttering panic, fills you
>Did you hurt him?
>Oh Celestia you hurt him
>You want to die
>You're such an idiot mare

>You look to him and see him standing there
>He reaches out to you
>"Sorry, you just - "
>His eyes suddenly widen, and he looks down
>"Octavia, are you...?"
>You follow his gaze downward, just as you become aware of the warm trickle down your leg
>You've pissed yourself, and all over Anon's floor
>Tears fill your eyes
>"I... I..."
>You gasp as Anon suddenly picks you up with his strong arms
>He cradles you against his chest
>Swiftly he whisks you away to the bathroom, where he sets you down in the tub
>With gentle slowness he strokes your mane
>The panic begins to ebb from your body
>You remember again that you are safe, and you close your eyes, focusing on Anon's fingers as they run through your hair
>"Did you sit by the door all day?" Anon asks, his voice soft
>You nod
>Anon sighs quietly
>"Octavia," he says. "You need help. Serious help. Help I'm not sure I can give you."
>He must be talking about your need, your need for him, to be close to him
>You have to understand his limits, you realize
>He loves you, but you can't rush him
>You kiss his hand
>"Whatever you're comfortable with is good enough for me," you say. "I love you more than anything, Anon."
>You try to look him in the eye, but you see that he's now holding his head in his hands
>You decide to be quiet and let him think
>After a few minutes he takes a long, shaky breath
>His eyes are red when he looks at you, but he gives you a smile
>"Lets go clean up the hall, then have some dinner," he says
>After mopping up the mess you made, the two of you wash up and sit together at the dining table
>Spaghetti again
>As you eat, Anon asks you to tell him about your life, what you did for a living

>You tell him all about your whore roommate, and your cello, and all your orchestra work
>How you used to play for nobility and the wealthy, how you were nothing more than a walking musical billboard for other people to use to show off their status
>How no one ever really cared about the hours you practiced, or the techniques or composers you studied, the sleepless nights spent poring over sheet music
>No one cared about your comparative studies, your research, your compositions
>No one cared about you at all
>No one had even contacted you when you stopped showing up for rehearsals and shows
>Your monthly paycheck simply disappeared, and that was the only notification you ever received that they knew you were gone
>You tell him all about your observations of the bastards and whores of the world, how disgusting they are, how you never want to be like them
>You tell him about your love for him, about how wonderful he is, how gentle and perfect
>It feels so incredibly good to tell him that to his face, to see his blush and his smile
>You tell him how when you were alone in your room, all alone with your cello with no one to play for, your love for music began to wither and die
>And how it wasn't until you found him, and realized your love for one another, that the urge to play again surged through you like wildfire
>How he was your muse, your angel of inspiration
>"You... wrote a song about me?" he asks, after you tell him about the Symphony d'Anon
>You nod. "It's my greatest achievement."
>Both of you have finished eating. He wipes his mouth.
>"C'mon then," he says, standing up. "Let's go to your place."
>Your heartbeat quickens. "W-What for?"
>"I wanna hear it, of course."
>It's been a long time since you've played for someone else
>The thought makes you incredibly nervous
>But if it's what Anon wants, then you'll do it
>Shakily you agree
>Before you leave his house, Anon asks you one more question
>"Do you happen to have a phonograph?"

It's quite close to being done, but it's late now. I think I'll be able to finish it tomorrow. As always thanks for reading
File: 1375757760844.gif (116KB, 772x736px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 772x736px
>Spaghetti again
File: 1383718802031.jpg (308KB, 1184x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
308KB, 1184x1920px
>I'll keep the thread alive for you, Anon.
>I still need to play you my symphony
>So we can always be together
>How you long to explore his rivers and lakes, to climb his mountain, to lick his asshole
>to lick his asshole

The sheer obscurity of that line had me in tears. I wasn't expecting a sucker punch like that man.
File: dis gon b good.jpg (3KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dis gon b good.jpg
3KB, 125x125px
File: 1405532173748s.jpg (3KB, 109x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 109x125px
C'mon writefag! We can do this! Together!
Jump for the fap
bumping dis schet
You know. the octavia writefag can just as easily post a bin and update there so we can easily just F5 that shit for updates, right?
Shhhhhh, SHHHHHHH.
File: 1405479149576.png (146KB, 481x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146KB, 481x500px
please come back writefag. we miss you
File: 1405207291274.jpg (64KB, 586x446px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 586x446px
I don't like how journeyman sounds and honestly don't think I'm too far above apprentice. Once I finish communing with the mountain gurus I shall think about having a new title bestowed to me. Also gonna update after eating lunch. Think within 1-2 hours.
File: 1405873517915s.jpg (3KB, 125x92px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 125x92px
Hourly bump
Behold, the triple dubs
>Jesus Christ.
>You have half a mind to just quit your job right then and there.
>But no.
>Rainbow Dash left and you just sat in the corner for a while.
>Lotus and Aloe noticed the state you were in and gave you the rest of the day off.
>You're currently sitting at the bar nursing some cider.
>You would be in your usual booth with Berry Punch, but you couldn't find her.
>So you sit alone at the bar with nothing but your drink to keep you company.
>You hear someone sit down next to you and order a drink.
>You don't overly care, but when you hear a small gasp it gets your attention.
>If it's Top Cunt you're gonna... you don't actually know what you'll do, but you'll think of something!
>You turn your head to see sat down right next to you is actually Lyra.
>She's looking away from you with a blush shining through her coat clear as day.
>Trying to fix a friendship while slightly drunk may not be the best of ideas.
>... Fuck it, no time like the present.
>She turns farther away from you, but you still her squeak out a, "Hi."
>It's a start.
>An uncomfortable silence forms between the two of you before you speak again.
"So. Come here often?"
>She turns to you now, cheeks slightly less red.
>She laughs a little after delivering her response.
>You shrug.
>You're too tired/drunk to be clever.
>She laughs a little and takes a sip of her drink.
>"No not too often, thought I would get a drink to help with my troubles. Looks like you had a similar idea."
>You refuse to remember that ordeal.
"Something along those lanes."
>There's silence between you once again.
>You can't really think of anything to say and so decide to just continue drinking.
>You've just finished asking the bartender for another.
>"Hey Anon, I want to tell you something."
>You look back over to Lyra, and she's looking into her cup as she speaks.
>Noting your silence she looks to you.
"Go on"
>She sighs and downs the last of her cup
>"I just wanted to say I'm sorry."
>Say wut now?
>"I reacted really immaturely to the things you said. In retrospect you actually handled the situation well, I was just really angry cause I knew Rainbow Dash had spent the last couple nights at your house."
>That's surprisingly refreshing.
>A lot of ponies seem to forget their age and just refuse to admit they were in the wrong.
>Also, everything that happens to you seems to be public knowledge.
>You're gonna have to look into this later.
"Thanks Lyra, I appreciate how mature you're being about it now. And that's what matters the most. Friends?"
>You extend your hand to her.
>She smiles and shakes it with her hoof.
bumpidy bump bump
them trips
writefag friends all of this means u should keep going until u finish i love the story pls no stop >>19006692
I'll probably go on for a while. Probably finish. Currently figuring out an irl issue, will be back at an undetermined amount of time.

Bumping with Cello Pony in meantime
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Okay glorious faggot, I see you have updated the story.
Plus >>19005500
File: 1391983892026.gif (974KB, 285x171px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
974KB, 285x171px
>Slowly, sensually, you lick his eyeball
Hey I'm bump
holy shit, nice quints.
Quints confirm eternal bump
wow, this quints looks like a forest of boners
File: eyebrowraise.gif (95KB, 576x324px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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or just a forest.
>Obsessed pony thread
>just a forest
Of course.
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115KB, 377x378px
Quints confirm, he is bump
>>It took a long, soothing masturbation session with two bananas to finally calm your nerves
There are /some/ moments of fun amidst the lunacy, at least.

>>(Rent is expensive for a single tenant, and you have hardly any bits to your name)
Now I'm curious about what's going on behind the scenes. Since she apparently doesn't have a job, how is she surviving? She's been obsessed for what sounds like a long time. More than long enough to completely deplete a struggling musician's savings.

I wanna know more about the background logistics.

>>A rotting banana is taped to the shower tile
Wat? Also, ew.

>Alright, les go.
>>You pause, slightly shocked by how casually she said that.
Could you post your pastebin? Something that has the whole story from the beginning? It seems like I'm starting reading in the middle of a chapter.
more i need more
bumping in hopes that octavia writefag is not kill
Thank you everyone for keeping the thread bumped, you all are great. Unfortunately I had some work to do this evening and the night got away from me. I'll be back tomorrow to continue the story
Stalker thread can not be kill
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Plane to bronycon Bump
Coffee time bump
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4am bump
bump for the sake of bumping. Also: Whats your favourite part of bumping? Mine is typing the word "bump". It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
bemp is best.
page 7 bampi
had to sleep back to bumpin'
Thread is dead bump
Thread is not dead bump
hows that going anon ?
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>mfw secretly bumping on phone in front of the boss.

Bumpu bamperino for the kingdom.
Here's a nice story for you folk interested in obsessive ponies

Do you have a pastebin?

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TFW the hotel is a mile away from the con
you'll figure something out anon
god gave you two legs anon, use them
Well, just be sure to keep some mace on you.
Or Vaseline, if you prefer.
urge to rape and kill white dress cunt...rising
Bump forever and ever
RIP writefriend
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Just got back from the bar trot now I'm laughing at this post
hows the bar anon?
Did you see any girls?
More importantly, we're they as wierd/bad as they seem?
bump... I guess.
Our beloved writefag is never going to come back. I'm sure of it. He's abandoned us with a story unfinished....just like the rest of them.
Maybe poni kidnap writefag?
and raping him currently. lucky bastard.
File: image.jpg (99KB, 864x924px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yes there was girls and they didn't seem weird. There was also free food for the VIP people.
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I've told you horse fuckers I will never die! Learn this!
I'm updating on mobile because for whatever gay reason my laptop can't connect to the hotel wifi. I'm gonna try and get two updates out at least, but I hate phone typing with a passion.
Oh. No offense, but you weren't the writefag I was waiting for. But I'll check out the story.
File: image.jpg (58KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lol, this.
These. Same here
Just update it man. It's cool.
File: bump.png (138KB, 910x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 910x630px

Don't worry, it will be finished soon, I promise. Let's continue!

>Stepping through your front door is like returning to another world
>Junk is strewn everywhere
>Papers, empty bags of ChintzyPop, sexy clothes that you wore once then forgot to wash
>Anon gracefully steps around the piles as you lead him into your den
>Your bedroom is just as much a mess as the rest of the house
>The carpet is covered with your loose hairs that you've never bothered to sweep up
>The room is dim and smells musty
>These walls have seen a lot of masturbation and a lot of ChintzyPop farts
>You sit him down on the end of your bed, next to the tangled mound of sheets in which you would sleep after spending long nights watching him
>A shiver runs through you, the thrill of it making your heart pound, knowing that Anon is sitting on YOUR bed
>You sense a golden aura around him, his presence exuding life and vitality into this grey place
>You know his skin flakes are shedding into the air
>Perhaps even a hair will find its way onto your bedspread
>Your back leg twitches as a sudden rush of pleasure makes your muscles seize
>You gasp, releasing a little rivulet of marecum with a gaping wink
>You glance over at Anon to see if he noticed, but he's staring down at the parcel in his hands
>"You first," he says, smiling, when he finally looks up at you
>Tension wracks your body as you pull out your cello case and open it up
>The strings of the bow go taut as you tighten them
>You try to calm yourself as you run rosin down the strings, imagining that the bow is his penis, the symphony his ejaculation
>You work the tip, gently holding it in your teeth as you rub the yellow block of rosin up and down, up and down
>Anon is staring at you wide-eyed when you set up to tune
>You handle the pegs as gently as if they were his testicles, toying with them until they've been set just right

>The sonorous notes your cello fill the room, and then nothing, once you're satisfied with the sound
>It's finally time to play
>You close your eyes and take a deep, calming breath
>"Just relax, Octavia," Anon says. "Have fun with it. It's just you and me here."
>A warm blush washes down your face, and you smile
>You feel your body relax, and your limbs become fluid
>A strange new sensation is filling you, you realize
>You set your bow to the strings, and begin to play
>The first movement is sweeping and bold, a metropolis of sound, with vast notes of anguish evoking rainy nights and romance
>You let the music carry you, to move you along with your bow and your cello
>Your heart pounds as you imagine yourself walking the streets on a stormy midnight, catching glimpses of Anon under lamplight
>You open your eyes briefly as you play, to gauge his reaction
>Elation runs through you when you see his expression is not one of confusion or nervousness, but of awe
>You close your eyes again as the sonata fades into the second movement
>This one is slow and thoughtful, far more parochial in theme; meandering roads, wandering lovers
>The long swinging notes of the opening sonata are echoed here, offering now yearning hope instead of anguish
>With each draw of your bow you flush deeper, feeling hot tears pool in the corners of your eyes
>You remember the first day you saw him, wiping his forehead of sweat as he walked up the road
>Looking up at the clouds with a smile on his face
>In that moment you had been transfixed by him, knowing then and there that you loved him
>Your eyes are wet when you open them again, and you see that his are too
>He's smiling at you
>A surge of emotion floods into your forelimbs as you launch into the third movement
>This one is a rousing dance, an up tempo festival song, partners spinning round and round beneath the stars

>You stomp your hoof in time with the rhythm while your bow flies across the strings
>Pure joy glows from Anon's face as he claps along with you, laughing
>You're trembling when you reach the fourth movement, as the dance gives way once again to the sonata
>The themes of the first two movements are combined here, the metropolitan and the parochial, the notes of anguish and the notes of hope
>You sway with your instrument, feeling a lightness in your chest and heaviness in your crotch
>You imagine yourself dancing with Anon, letting him lead you through the empty streets
>You imagine him picking you up and holding you tightly in his arms, kissing you, making love to you
>The rush of the romance washes over you, your heart pounding in your chest
>You're crying as you finish the final measures, smiling uncontrollably, as sobs begin to wrack your body
>The final note resonates in your musty room, and then all is silent
>You drop your bow to your side and bow your head
>You feel Anon gently take the cello and set it down
>He wraps his arms around you, and you collapse against him
>"Octavia... that was incredible," he says
>He rubs the back of your head as he says this, and you let out a little moan, your thighs quaking
>You knew he would love it
>You always knew
>Ever since the day you saw him, you knew
>You knew he would love your music, and he would love you
>This is all unfolding better than you could have possibly imagined
>These wonderful feelings, the sensation of loving someone, of being loved... you never knew it was possible to feel this good
>"You ok?" Anon asks, your tears having soaked his chest
>You nod against him. "I'm... I'm wonderful. You're wonderful."
>He says nothing, just holding you for a little while, before drawing back one of his hands to show you the parcel he brought
>"I don't think I can top that," he says. "But I wanted to show you something."

A bit more tonight, soon
The gods have smiled upon us, friends.
File: image.jpg (20KB, 256x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 256x256px
>"But I wanted to show you something."
How likely is it that he's just going to whip out his dick? That seems like a really weird way to present it to someone...especially a guy in his situation. It's way less passionate than I expect it will actually be...if it happens at all.
File: 1390462733532.jpg (26KB, 274x237px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 274x237px
Nigger do you know where you are?
File: 1405703452696s.jpg (4KB, 125x118px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 125x118px
Anon can play some kind of pocket sized instrument. Calling it.
anon pulls out a harmonica
He probably has a recorder down his pants. It's probably the bulge that Octy felt the night before.
he starts playing through the fire and flames on a harmonica
bump before i go to bed
File: 36456456456456.jpg (15KB, 357x440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 357x440px
Mohs ain't got shit on how hard I am right now

>You're surprised that the old phonograph is still in working condition
>It had been a gift from your parents, when you were still a filly
>Many a day had been spent enthralled by the sounds it made, the beautiful music
>It had been your inspiration when you were young, driving you to pick up a bow and play
>You wanted to make music just like what you heard on your parents' records
>But as you began to realize that dream, you used the phonograph less and less, until you weren't using it at all
>It had languished in a closet for years now, first in your apartment in Canterlot and now in your house in Ponyville
>But now Anon had dragged it out and set the turntable spinning
>It was still good to go, after all these years
>Anon holds up his parcel, and from it takes out a record
>"This is an old one," he says, as he puts it on the phonograph. "A little different from yours. But I think you'll like it."
>When the needle hits the groove, the sound of an orchestra fills the room
>You sit on your bed, resting against your oily, hair-covered sheets, listening
>It's a symphony, opening with an orderly sonata, bright and highly refined
>Beautiful stuff
>But your focus is on Anon as the music progresses from movement to movement
>He's standing angled away from you, his back exposed
>You see the tension in him
>The way his fists have curled up, as he stares at the slow-spinning record
>Soon you see the tell-tale shaking in his shoulders, and the way his head moves to the side, to hide his tears
>Instantly you are beside him, pressing your nose into his stomach reassuringly, curling around him
>He places a hand on the top of your head, before sliding it down to rest on your neck
>Looking up at him, seeing his set jaw and the squinting of his eyes, you suddenly feel very faint
>You've never seen him this vulnerable before

>You swallow hard as you realize that he's trusting you
>He's showing you the part of him that he doesn't show anyone else
>Trembling, you press into him, lifting a hoof to hold him around his waist, until the music stops
>Anon switches off the phonograph
>The two of you sit together on his bed
>He lets you lay your head in his lap
>You try, very hard, not to daydream about his penis, and the fact that it is inches from your mouth
>Slowly, gently, he runs his fingers through your mane
>He takes a shaky breath
>"I never knew much about classical music, but my grandfather loved it," he says. "That's all I have left of him. Sorry you had to see that."
>You kiss his thigh. "I love all the parts of you," you say. "You can show me any of them, and I will love them."
>He laughs softly
>"Octavia, how is that you can love me this much, when you hardly know me?"
>You sit up in his lap, anger boiling in your blood
>"I know a great deal about you," you say hotly. "I know that you are kind, and gentle, and loving toward even those who would use you."
>"Octavia, I'm just a normal guy. I mean sure, I'm a human, but that just means I walk on two legs instead of four -"
>You shove him against the wall, pinning your hooves to his shoulders. "Do you think I don't know that? Do you think I'm a fool, that I just picked the first male who happened to strike my fancy?"
>You're shaking when you ask this
>Anon is looking nervous again, but you have to keep going, for his own good
Oh my, shit is boiling. GO AHEAD

>At the very least, you try to relax your face
>"Anon," you say, your voice quavering, "before I met you, I wanted to die. There was nothing left for me in my life. But when I saw you - when I saw that you were full of color, full of life, I remembered just how much I still wanted to live for."
>He is quiet now, his lips slightly parted, watching you now not with fear, but instead with... understanding
>You feel very warm, all over
>"Do you see now, why - why I love you?" you ask, pleading. "Why... why you should..."
>You trail off, unable to finish
>He speaks up before you burst into tears
>"When I first came here, I didn't have anybody. I thought I was going to lose my mind. Everyone in town thought I was crazy. The only way I was able to get back on my feet, was when someone gave me a chance."
>You quiver hard against him as his hands run up your back
>He's looking up at you with his bright, beautiful eyes
>"You're a good pony, Octavia," he says. "You deserve a chance."
>You feel warm wetness on your cheeks, and your vision blurs
>The words choke in your throat
>There is nothing you can say to convey how you feel
>There is only the tingling of your nerves, all over your body
>The warmth of Anon, his breath on your face
>And the deep, deep satisfaction of knowing that you've finally found Anon, and he's finally found you
>You bury your face in his neck, and the two of you lie together on your bed, listening to music of the wind and insects

I was hoping to finish it up tonight, but circumstances demand that I postpone doing so until tomorrow night. Tomorrow should be the finale! Thanks for reading
Man, we need Octavia to fuck furiously fuck Anon. Please?
Make it epic.
File: octavia says hello.png (144KB, 969x824px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
octavia says hello.png
144KB, 969x824px

Screw it, the circumstances have changed. We're doing it now!

>Months pass
>Anon has let you move in with him
>You gave up the lease on your old place and took up residence in his living room
>After a few days he'd introduced you to a local group, the Ponytones, who hired you on for some gigs
>There are three whores and two bastards in it, but they're friends of Anon, so you tolerate them
>You do odd gigs here and there for cash, playing for the cafe or for festivals and mayoral events
>None of that matters to you much, though
>The real pleasure comes from playing for Anon
>He loves the music you write, and he loves the way you play
>You spend your nights composing for him, and lately for yourself, too
>There is little more satisfying than playing your cello outside in the evening, as the sun sets and the autumn leaves turn golden
>Nothing beats being close to Anon, though
>As the nights have grown chilly he's taken to letting you into his bed
>You curl up against him and watch over him as he sleeps
>Sometimes he catches you watching him, but he doesn't seem to mind
>Over time you've come to realize the obsessive nature of your relationship with him, how one-sided it truly was at the start
>But since then you've been able to show him who you really are
>And you've seen aspects of Anon you were never even aware of
>If theres anything that your time together has shown you, it's that you love him even more
>You love the simple everyday things, waking up beside him, sitting quietly with him after he gets home from work, just being with him
>You feel like you could do this always
>But Anon... you're not so sure if he feels the same way
>It took you a long time to accept that he doesn't love you in the same way that you love him
>You still long to peel his clothes from his body, to nuzzle his balls and make him spurt his hot cum
>You masturbate to the idea every day, often borrowing his underwear from the laundry while he's away at work
File: octavia is happy.png (249KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
octavia is happy.png
249KB, 500x500px

>But as much as you want it to happen, that decision lies with both of you
>So you wait, doing your best to provide as much pleasure for the one you love as you can, aching for the day that he lets you take him
>One evening, after you've eaten and played a few songs for him, the two of you are sitting together on his couch
>The same couch that he sat on when you watched him all those nights
>You're both reading quietly, when suddenly he puts his arm around you and pulls you into his lap
>Instantly you are wet, and you shiver as he runs his hand up your belly
>He stops. "Should I… keep going?"
>Your heart is hammering in your chest as you look up at him. You try to speak. "Y-Ye.. Ye.."
>He lowers his face close to yours, breathing on your trembling mouth. "Is that a yes?"
>Gulping, you wrap your arms around his neck and press your lips to his, shoving your tongue into his mouth
>You haven't done this since that first night he let you inside
>The two of you kiss, hard and wet, your tongues twining, saliva getting everywhere
>His hands glide all over you, rubbing your neck, your shoulders, your flanks
>A tendril of drool separates between you when you part
>You want him, you NEED him more than anything you've ever needed, but you struggle to control yourself
>"A-Are you sure you w-want this?" you stammer, barely able to get the words out
>Anon looks into your eyes, his own gaze gentle and filled with kindness
>"Octavia," he says. "I don't know if you realize this, but when we first met... I was lonely, too."
>Your eyes are tearing up as you look up at him
>You nod. "I - I know."
>"We were both in a bad place. I didn't want that - I didn't want my mental state to affect my judgment. I wanted to see, for myself, if I could be with someone else."
>You're scarcely breathing now, afraid to inhale, afraid to move, wanting it so, so badly
>"Octavia... I want to be with you."
>Tears blur your vision, and you let out some choked laughter

>Pure, giddy elation drives you as you move up to kiss him, and he moves down to meet you
>A moment later, he's seated and you're straddling his lap, as one hand squeezes your ass and the other ghosts up the small of your back
>"I l-love y..ou.." you whisper, shivering from the tingle of pleasure up your spine
>He puts his mouth right up to your ear. "I love you, too."
>He kisses you deeply as his hand traces down the curve of your ass to rub up against your frantically winking slit
>You gasp as his fingers briefly brush your clit, stroking at your vulva
>You feel him kissing your neck, running his teeth over the skin, teasing you
>Always a tease
>Your hoof returns the favor, seeking the bulge in his pants, rubbing the swollen head
>It throbs underhoof, pressing back, into the fabric
>He unbuttons and allows you to pull the garments off
>Anticipation fills you with incredible heat as your hoof slides under the waistband of his underwear
>You're panting as you pull them off, your nose running but you hardly notice it
>His cock jumps free of his clothes, erect and pulsing
>It's more perfect than you imagined
>You can hardly tear your eyes from it, until Anon is kissing you again, his hands lifting your hips
>You lift your tail and wiggle into position, your eyes squeezed shut, tears leaking out the sides
>You can hardly believe this is happening
>"Please, p-pl..ease.." you whimper, your forelimbs wrapping around his neck
>You can feel his warm breath on your ear, his nose in your mane
>Slowly, he guides you down
>You feel the head of his penis press right up against your clit, making you cry out
>Then it's sinking into you, inch by inch, pressing into your virgin pussy
>It feels hard, and hot, and incredibly wonderful
>You feel the head rubbing against your swollen g-spot, each thrust sending pulses of deep, electrifying pleasure
>You're drooling against him now, drunk on the smell of him, his moans, the feeling of his penis inside you

>You feel one of his fingers brush against your asshole, before gently circling the rim
>Loud, screaming moans escape you, your entire body shuddering, as the pleasure begins to overwhelm you
>"Good girl," Anon says into your ear, before biting it
>He's fucking you
>So gently
>He's lifting you up and down, your ass bouncing on his cock
>One orgasm blurs into the next, a constant glow of love and bliss
>You're murmuring incomprehensibly into Anon's neck when you suddenly feel it
>The swelling of his cock, the sudden up-thrust of his hips
>You gasp, looking up into his eyes, as he cums hard into you
>You feel rope after rope of his hot sperm shoot into you, filling you with his seed
>His thick cum coats your cervix, the walls of your pussy, and clings there, sticky and warm
>Anon hugs you tightly, his face buried in your mane, his penis pulsing inside you
>For a long time the two of you sit there on the couch, panting as you hold one another
>He picks you up and takes you to the bedroom
>His cock is already stiffening again
>This time you put your hooves on his shoulders and push him down onto the sheets
>The feeling of power is incredible
>You make and about-face and stand over him, grinding your nethers into his face so that he can smell you
>His cock is covered with his semen and your marecum

>The smell of it is sweet, salty, and vaguely buttery
>You kiss the head, wrapping your tongue around it before sucking it into your mouth
>You feel Anon squirming beneath you, his hands on your belly, his tongue suckling your clit
>His moans are the most beautiful song you've ever heard
>You tease him for almost an hour, nuzzling his perfect cock, nosing down to his testicles to suck on his scrotum
>Every time his balls tighten you pull back, drawing it out, eliciting long groans from Anon
>When you finally decide that it's time, you move forward and sit, carefully, on his penis
>Your asshole squeezes around his cock, milking it with its incredible tightness
>You look over your shoulder to see Anon in the throes of pleasure, his hands shaking as they grab your ass
>His hips jerk into you as he cums again, emptying himself into you
>You relish the feeling of his semen dripping from your asshole after he pulls out
>You crawl up beside him and kiss him, letting him taste the residue of marecum and sperm that you licked off his cock
>He whispers to you how much he loves you, holding you tightly
>You hum softly, watching as his eyelids flutter, and he slowly drifts off into slumber
>The night will be long
>You begin to hum the symphony's second movement, as you settle in to watch over Anon.
>Your endless vigil, of love.


The end. Hope you all enjoyed the adventures of creepy stalker pone. It's been fun
This has made my evening. Bless you, Anon. You are no faggot.
File: 1406495276487s.jpg (3KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 125x125px
I want to plant my seed deep inside you, writefag.

Writefag, this has been one of the best green text stories I've seen.

You are a gentleman and scholar
File: 1405721036991.jpg (8KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 125x125px
Read from start to finish.
Is it bad I actually found myself rooting for tavi to get anon since the first gift?
Bravo anon. You made it possible to sympathize and empathize with an insane, overly obbessive and mentally Ill tavi.
I'm honestly it didn't end with some crushing disappointment like "I woke up curled up by Anon's window. Someday, I'll approach him. Just not yet."
Fuck. "I'm honestly surprised..."

I need some sleep.
File: 33kg2ok2.gif (190KB, 339x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190KB, 339x192px
Feels and a boner. A rare feat.
May I suck ur dick?
File: image.jpg (93KB, 640x439px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93KB, 640x439px
File: congrats.jpg (49KB, 634x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 634x360px
YOU are a straight man among raging sea of faggots. Also double points for good ending.
Please update the pastebin.
File: 1398142242896.jpg (299KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299KB, 1280x960px
File: radical.jpg (54KB, 494x622px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fucking amazing good job anon
>You and Lura part ways on a happy note, all issues resolved.
>Good, one less problem.
>You still need to find out why Rainbow Dash suddenly developed a fetish for you.
>You could visit Rarity and talk to her, but you always feel a little out of place around the high-class pony.
>If you can manage to get her attention you know Ponka Po should be at Sugar Cube Corner, but she seems to have a million things going on at once.
>She has more irons in the fire than a blacksmith.
>You could head down to Applejack's farm and talk to her, but you don't really know her too well, so it would be a little awkward.

First answer is canon answer, flubbershy and spergle are left out intentionally.
File: 1404922000712.jpg (41KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You decide to head down to OrangeStrong's farm.
>You may not know her too well, but it's better than dealing with Pinkie's energy and Rarity's Rarityness.
>As you make the long walk to her farm you realize it's going to be a pain getting back to your house, they're about as far away from each other as they could be.
>Oh well.
>You make it to the farm and see her Sweetie Bell playing with Applebutts little sister, Applebutt Jr.
>Names are seriously not your forte.
>You approach the fillies and overhear the end of their conversation.
>"Alright girls, you all know the plan?"
>Scooter-Girl and Sweetie Bell nod their heads in affirmative to Applebutt Jr.'s question.
>The trio of ponies turn around and upon seeing you, they freeze, eyes wide.
>Come on, you aren't that scary.
"Hey girls, do you know where Applejack is? I need to talk to her."
>Applebow points you to one of the rows of tree.
>"Down 12 rows, then right 5 or 6."
>Happy to not have to deal with whatever shenanigans they have planned you thank them and make your way off in the direction
>You hear one of them breathe a sigh of relief as you leave.
>Are you really that scary to them?
>You've babysat Sweetie Bell a few times and know that she's at least Ok with you, you've never really interacted with the other two though.
>Whatever, you'll focus on that later.
>You make your way down the trees and find Applejack.
"Hey AppleJack! You got a moment?"
>She turns around wiping some sweat off her brow.
>"Anonymous, what are you doin' down here?"
>You pick up an apple that she had missed on the floor and toss it into her basket.
"You're friends with Rainbow Dash right?"
>She gives you a nod, her look of confusion only growing.
"Then I really need to talk with you."
Fucking amazing, happy to say its the best story I've read in a long while. Thank you.
I'm still trembling with excitement. I love you.

That was awesome, 10/10 IGN confirmed
Please say you have a pastebin. I'd love to read it again from start to finish.
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I also want the pastebin.
Does the rainbow dash story has a pastebin?
Is there a tavi one updated?
I wish I could help....
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