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'Oh anon, you're still too young, I'll be your

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'Oh anon, you're still too young, I'll be your mother!'
Continued from dead thread, stories will be finished in about 5 hours.
Unless by "mother" you mean "mother of my children", I'll have to decline.
rescue bump
>giant badonkadonk and no tits
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i want Celestia to lovingly treat me as her own son
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story based off of pic please.
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I felt lost without this thread. I wanted my mommy
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Don't put me on the naughty step
Anon tries to run away when the drugged effects of mommy's milk wear off by chance

But he soon realises he wants to go back to her
This interests me
Your mum interests me
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>It's okay to be nervous during your first time
>Aren't you gonna mount me? This is a human custom, no?

Pic very related, the morning after. I, uh, heard about royal families keeping it in the family and all but this...is something else.

Fucking hot.
Ever since you rescued me from that Solar Flare I don't feel safe without you

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"Anon, would like to put some sun tan lotion on mommy's back?"
Enjoy your ban
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I hope mom will help me learn how to masturbate
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What you are.
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I might have been raised by the sun, but not in that way, my liege.


Guille's theme really does go with everything.
1:41 the beat timed up a building getting fucked up.
>be Anon
>you've been in Equestria for a few weeks now, but you're still very lost and unsure of the world
>Celestia takes you under her wing (litterally)
>you are adopted by her
>you will be treated as royalty for the remainder of time in Equestria
>ponies will worship and fear you
>Celestia will always love you and use her many recourses to her disposal to help you with nearly any problems you have
>no sex, however
>and you have to live in the castle under her watch for three years
>you can go out and do stuff, but your mother still controls what you do

wat do
Wait three years, do whatever, convince everybody to wear pants as royal fashion, hang blueblood by his on a flagpole every day.
Organise a nationwide conga line

yes pls


poor jimmy doesn't have a hawt mom like me. so jelly _____;)_____
How many people here are Oedipias?
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i am...
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>no sex, however
>see this almost every morning

You're an evil son of a bitch Anon.
That's your mom, Anon. For shame.
adopted mom
For less shame. But still shame.
Mommy Celly! :D
still, mom, for shame. you should know that nothing is wrong with some bonding between mother and son
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You'll never fall asleep on Tia's wing after gorging on Ice Cream.
one day, the promised afterlife of wafius shall descend upon us faggots and austist of the 4th of chans
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I could only see this
I had read that as
>You'll never fall asleep after groping Ice Cream
Is can Ice Cream be a pone now?
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Celestia (0).png
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Human Celestia, is one the greatest things ever. Even better when I was the one that requested that edit. Feels good man.
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>you will never join momlestia for a morning shower
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Celestia (12).png
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We're getting to incestuous here.
I wouldn't do that with any mom
rebirth to become the same flesh and blood
this is my greatest want in life, i don't even like unbirthing but this is my greatest want in life
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Celestia (99).jpg
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That's not a good thing.
well you know if someone is going to make a story it would be nice to have unbirth for the first part,ageregression in the womb and full mother celestia after the "re"birth
age regression + species change
File: Celestia (100).jpg (89KB, 500x564px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Celestia (100).jpg
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I remember reading somewhere it is damaging psychologically, but take that with a grain of salt.

Just say it, you want a writefag to write.
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doesn't mean you will change species you could change species
God damn it! meant (stay human)
Kill it with fire
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"Lets have a snack Anon. It'll give us mother/son bonding time."
all of us are waiting for writefags
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>tfw you will never hug your momma Celly
>tfw she won't tease you when you talk with other fillies your age.
>tfw she will never tuck you in at night.
jesus christ why can't i have Celly as a mom ;_;
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Captain Write-fag here, writing for your pleasure, how may I assist you?
This happens

Anon'a reaction to seeing his mother get hurt

Completely destroys Chrysalis due to being Human and magic proof

oh based writefag, may i humbly request >>18725294
File: Shiggy.webm (416KB, 1280x720px)
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I meant to quote this post.
I had something from the last thread.
I'll finish it now.
was wondering were you went
>’There’s nothing you can do, now settle down, I’ll birth you in a few months, don’t worry.’
>You weren’t in any position to argue here, so you agree.
>There’s nothing to do attached to the solar god, so you do the one thing that comes naturally to you.
>Celestia smiled, she could feel through the mental bond she had in your umbilical cord that you had settled down.
>Everything went better than expected, you were not causing too much fuss in her womb.
>And she could nurture, feed and grow you, all in the safety of her body.
>And the creme on top, she would be a mother soon.
>The solar princess couldn’t help but smile, she rubbed her belly, and walked off to the shops on canterlot.
>She was going to need to buy clothes for the newest aliron, and she’d need to buy bottles, diapers a bed.
>Celestia couldn’t contain herself, and broke out in a gallop.
>You opened your eyes, and took a look around, black, so nothing had changed.
>’Good morning, sweetie.
’Good morning, momm… Celestia… Wait, how long was I out for?’
>’You’ve been asleep inside me for a little over four months. Which reminds me, can you check yourself?’
>Four months, what the fuck? That long… Must be her. You did as instructed and felt around, eveything was alright, until you got to your legs, they felt furry?
>For the second time today, what the actual fuck?
’Uh, Celestia, why do I feel fur?’
>’Oh, silly that is your fur, your body is being rewritten into my foal.’
Magical Drugged teat milk.

Makes anon very attached to mommy
>You didn’t say anything, you just grabbed at the life giving cord that was chaining you to her and started to pull.
>Celestia let out a slight gasp.
>The cord didn’t budge, you tried to pull it out harder and Celestia let out a quiet scream.
>No matter how much you twisted, bent or pulled nothing, only Celestia’s pain.
>She had to stop you.
>Celestia had better control over her body than most other beings, as evident by her magic ability, and on occasion she used this to stop other ponies.
>You were now one of those.
>She forced the placenta to that connected to you to change from making blood, to making sleep serum.
>A large liquid ball of the the stuff was made, and began to travel down the cord, you felt this.
>Putting your hands over the cord, and trying to squeeze to stop it did nothing, as it brushed right past.
>You frantically tried to squeeze it back up, but this also was in vain.
<>The ball pushed past your navel and directly into you, which set your nerves on fire and caused you to moan.
>You instantly felt sleepy, and keeping your eyes open was such a task.
>Beter to let go and close them… just...for..a...little..bit.
>Your eyes were now shut, the drug had knocked you out, Celestia sighed, you were gating to frisky in her womb.
My heart has a boner and my dick just fluttered
keep anon human maybe now the ponies will ask what celestia did
Good good. Mommy knows best.

I like it
anon turns into a satyr? nice
he would keep is humanity and have some of celestias DNA

Maybe you could support me? Not money, but any NSFW you have of Celestia, could you put it on Dropbox, Google Drive or something and sent it to me for... uh reasons.

>You didn’t say anything, you just grabbed at the life giving cord that was chaining you to her and started to pull.
>Celestia let out a slight gasp.
>The cord didn’t budge, you tried to pull it out harder and Celestia let out a quiet scream.
>No matter how much you twisted, bent or pulled nothing, only Celestia’s pain.
>She had to stop you.
>Celestia had better control over her body than most other beings, as evident by her magic ability, and on occasion she used this to stop other ponies.
>You were now one of those.
>She forced the placenta to that connected to you to change from making blood, to making sleep serum.
>A large liquid ball of the the stuff was made, and began to travel down the cord, you felt this.
>Putting your hands over the cord, and trying to squeeze to stop it did nothing, as it brushed right past.
>You frantically tried to squeeze it back up, but this also was in vain.
<>The ball pushed past your navel and directly into you, which set your nerves on fire and caused you to moan.
>You instantly felt sleepy, and keeping your eyes open was such a task.
>Beter to let go and close them… just...for..a...little..bit.
>Your eyes were now shut, the drug had knocked you out, Celestia sighed, you were gating to frisky in her womb.
shit wrong part...
>Celestia tried to put herself in your shoes, you were in the safest place in Equestria, in her womb.
>You had all of your needs catered for, Celestia ate, breathed and took care of you.
>Shur, you were anchored, to her, as that cord was linked to your body’s vital organs but that wasn’t bad, she knew what was good for you, and that included what does, and doesn't go into your body.
>The womb was peaceful place, and she had gotten used to the weight of you over the last 9 months.
>You were there to remind her (of who she really is), your were at her mercy, and were dependant on her cord to nurture you, and Celestia took pleasure in that.
>The Princess was used to control, but never like this, she had your life in her hooves, your body on her cord.
>She owned you.
>You were a slave in her womb.
>And the umbilical cord, was your chain.
>She used her powers, to send a small bursts of serotonin down into your navel to calm you, and decided to hit the hay, tomorrow was a big day.

>You awoke in a flash, your eyes, were wide open
>Something was happening, your home was being destroyed.
>You put your hoof up to your eyes to shield, them.
>Your liquid bed, that had supported your life for the last however long was leaving.
>Shit, was mommy evicting you. Didn’t she love you anymore.
>You grabbed on to rhe life giving cord, and prated mommy would leave you in your sleep for longer.
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This better not be like the time you have me a horse vagina

I am not losing both my manhood and Adulthood in one day Tia. I need to draw a line somewhere
is anon sill a human or a pony?
Es pony.
he could be both
>Celestia tried to put herself in your shoes, you were in the safest place in Equestria, in her womb.
>You had all of your needs catered for, Celestia ate, breathed and took care of you.
>Shur, you were anchored, to her, as that cord was linked to your body’s vital organs but that wasn’t bad, she knew what was good for you, and that included what does, and doesn't go into your body.
>The womb was peaceful place, and she had gotten used to the weight of you over the last 9 months.
>You were there to remind her (of who she really is), your were at her mercy, and were dependant on her cord to nurture you, and Celestia took pleasure in that.
>The Princess was used to control, but never like this, she had your life in her hooves, your body on her cord.
>She owned you.
>You were a slave in her womb.
>And the umbilical cord, was your chain.
>She used her powers, to send a small bursts of serotonin down into your navel to calm you, and decided to hit the hay, tomorrow was a big day.

>You awoke in a flash, your eyes, were wide open
>Something was happening, your home was being destroyed.
>You put your hoof up to your eyes to shield, them.
>Your liquid bed, that had supported your life for the last however long was leaving.
>Shit, was mommy evicting you. Didn’t she love you anymore.
>You grabbed on to rhe life giving cord, and prated mommy would leave you in your sleep for longer.

Fuck 4chan's character limits.
For fuck's sake.

>There was a hole near your legs, that was pulling you out, your back hooves were already out, and you were slipping fast.
>Pushing your forehooves out, you stopped yourself as you were nearly almost outside of the womb, you could see where you came from and were trying frantically to crawl back in, it was too warm to give up.
‘Mommy, mommy! Mommy help me!’
>You were wasting all of your energy trying to settle in Mommy’s womb again, but it was useless, you fell out, and were falling.
>In freight, you pushed your hooves out to soften the blow, but you fell onto silk.
>Your small underdeveloped heart was beating a mile a moment, you could have died in that fall but were saved.
>Looking around you saw your superman.
>The Princess started to lick the remaining amniotic fluid off you.
>Underneath was a solid white coat, that was a shade lighter than Mommy’s due to your age.
>You had Magenta eyes just like Mommy, and a light orange mane.
>You were just like Mommy and this filled you with Joy.
>Celestia observed her foal, she did resemble her save for the mane, but the metaphorical ‘peas in a pod’ would have to wait.
>His cord and placenta were attached and he wouldn’t live long if they were suddenly removed.
>Levitating him up, you wrapped your son in the silk blanket, leaving the placenta around his back, and took the cocoon you just constructed to your bed chambers.
>You placed your bundle of jpy on your pillow, and pulled the covers up.
>Putting your back hooves in first, you slipped in, and levitated your son over to you.
>It would be about a day before you could remove the placenta, but for now, it was giving your son life.
He, anon is still a boy, another mistake.
wait wont the ponies ask were the local human went?
This is going to be wrapped up, I will do it all, then move on, but for now, I mush dash, see y'ah later faglords
Wouldn't you people just love to see your mother pull her bra down, and put her milk-giving nipple in your mouth.
>The Princess started to lick the remaining amniotic fluid off you.
>Underneath was a solid white coat, that was a shade lighter than Mommy’s due to your age.
>You had Magenta eyes just like Mommy, and a light orange mane.
>You were just like Mommy and this filled you with Joy.


soon anon, soon, live the life of a saint and it shall be yours
I'll just go cry and fap until I feel better
I'll finish the story within the next two hours, just need to do something.
>You did what came natural to you, and pulled your son tight.
‘I love you, mommy.’
>’And I love you, my little anonymous, more than the sun at day.’
>You close your eyes, and head off to dream world.

>Opening your eyes in a flash, you are content.
>The first thing you see in your mommy there, she has you on her hooves, and you feel safe, even if you weren’t in her anymore.
>Thinking nothing of it, you use your small hoof, and start to push your mommy’s snout.
>You just cause her to jeer her lip up, as if she is about to sneeze.
>You try again, and the same thing.
>This time you use two hooves, and push down hard, while saying
‘Mommy!? Wake up!’
>Celestia’s eyes snap open, and she scans the room for her dearest sister.
>’Luna, you bett...’’
>Her eyes snap down to her son, who is giggling in his cover.
>You can’t help but get a small laugh out of it, so you put your hoof up to hide it..
>When you got the laugh out, you ruffled your son’s mane and pulled him close nuzzling you.
>When he is this close to you, you can even hear his heart beat, but this isn’t the only thing coming from him.
>Rubles can be hear from his stomach, as it as been nearly a year since he ate or drank anything.
>’Oh, my little colt is hungry, better brew him something’
>You lie down on your back, and spread your legs far, far apart across the majestic bed, exposing your enlarged tits.
>You place your sun over, and remove the silk from him and the placenta.
>Anon, I need you to suckle the small pink things you see on mommy, suckle and drink eveything that comes out.
>Not wanting to disobey your mother, you kneel down, and put the small nub in your mouth.
>A small bit of liquid comes out onto your tongue, it is sweet, and warm. It tastes like liquefied sugar
>You can’t help yourself at this point and suckle frantically, the milk flows into your stomach at a smoothpase, just like in the womb, you’re chained to the thing that gives you like, the cord is now the flow.
>And the flow doesn’t look like it is going to be stopping soon.
>You keep on getting filled up by your mother, who is looking at you with half lidded eyes, your stomach is becoming bloated but you still have room.
>Your stomach is becoming visibly bloated, and is forced out.
>All of mommy’s milk is causing you to feel sleepy despite your long slumber, you take the nipple out of your mouth and mommy levitates you, and the funny thing connected to you over.
>She begins to coo you, and rubs your belly.
>’Oh, my little colt drank so much, you’re going to be big and strong.’
>Mommy’s rubbing causes the milk to settle in a comfortable position in your stomach, and without arning, you fall asleep.
>Celestia didn’t want to admit it, but she enjoyed feeding her son.
>It felt like when he was in the womb
>She was providing for him, and making sure she knew what was going into his body.
>Mommy knew best, and she knew best for her foal.
>Celestia darted over, and saw her sleeping foal.
>She dragged him closer, and put her muzzle on him.
>’Goodnight little one.’

What now cunts?
File: image.jpg (214KB, 959x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 959x528px
>This will never happen
>Celestia will never be your mommy

I want to kill myself mommy
My heart hurts
Are you not entertained, for that one anon, I did regressen in the womb, and momlestia, now what? I need ideas.
>Day timewarp in 'Questria
>One day you're just average joe anon, trying to beat some sense into your cablebox reciever for glitching up The Hub
>Next thing you know, shits all lightning-y and magical and BAM! you kick it up a notch and you come to in your favorite magical horse land
>It's just like you imagined: marebits far as the eye can see and bright colors, fresh air, yadda yadda so on and so fourth
>Just one things off..
>You're pretty sure you WERE'NT 14 a minute ago
>"The fuck?!"
>You look at your reflection in a nearby pond
>Yep, there you are in all your angsty edgy pizzafaced glory
>'WHO is responsible for that outlandishly awful string of obscenities that assaulted the royal ears?'
>Oh shit it's Top Sun
>You'll calmly approach her and tell her in a collected manner, just whats going on
>"H-hey.." you croak out
>'Skies abov-..what are you?'
>"..I'm a stone cold sex machine, bab-"
>'Oh such fresh language, does your mother know you talk to royalty in such a manner?'
>"My mom? Honey, I'm pushin 28 here, all my mom knows is ommph!-"
>'You? In your 20's? Tell me another one, or do all aliens where you come from have such coltish good looks..?'
>Shes magic'ing you about getting looks at you from all angles, lifting your shirt a bit to show off the fruits of being skinny by default
>"Yeah look I know I look like I'm 14, but I'm really 28. So uh..if you'd be so kind as to point me to some comfortable lodgings I'd be most appreciative."
>'Nonsense, we take juvenile safety laws very seriously here in ponyville-..namely when those in question are ..exotic young gentlecolts like yourself.'
>Hey Anon, remember 'The Graduate'?
>"Ms. Sunbutt are you trying to seduce me..?"
It's wonderful

It's all I want in life
You've got my attention, continue.
>"Come. To my study, there I shall discern just when to do y-..what to do with you, I meant, heh."
>You're drawing stares from all the ponies; maids, butlers, guards, chefs.
>You wiggle your fingers at them and pretend to chase them shouting "THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU, BARBARA!"
>"*ahem* We've arrived. Please, join me.-..Away from prying eyes."
>Yeah normally older women being this..weird, would be hot, but like any virginal little faggot..you're nervous.
>She lies down on a large quilt ornately patterned with variations of her cutie-mark
>She pats a pillow next to her
>"I assure you, I mean you absolutely no harm, young one."
>'..So what now?'
>Her regalia, crown and hoof slippers are quickly magic'd off
>"Well, a time will come soon when you are introduced to the rest of the nation, my sister, protoge' & her friends, and in the future perhaps even foreign dignitaries and guests of honor."
>'...Why do I have an uneasy feeling like this was all planned in advance.'
>She rises and trots to the fireplace
>"I used to be a career mare. Married-, literally, to the job. Raise the sun, sign this into law, lower the sun, sleep. And Repeat."
>'*sigh*Well just to get this out of the way, my names Anon.'
>"Yes I'm aware, Anonymous of Earth, I specifically chose you, as my mate. Though I must say, the age transgression was not my doing..but a pleasant touch just the same."
>You're floored, did she not just see you in your smokey living room in your boxers yelling at your tv?
>"- It's your genuine honesty and kindness, i-if you must know.
>'I don't doubt you viewed candidates thoroughly more suitable than me though..and you still chose me?'
>"You were the most dedicated 'Sunfag' from what I gathered..and you are not without your own special traits and quips, that upon after observing for so long, I'd fallen for."
>'This is all a bit muc-..n-not that I'm not honored, but..I uh..I need a moment..please.'
>"..I've got the time." She purrs
File: hF81A966A[1].gif (164KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 500x500px
>28yr old you is berating your pubescent train of thought and shouting 'QUIT BEING A PUSSY AND HILT ALL UP IN DAT ASS!'
>you start patting yourself down for your handy dandy necessary sticks
>they're floated in front of your face, held up by a glowing yellow aura
>"Such a bad habit..it's going to spoil those good looks."
>'Yeah thats cute, baby..give em' here. I don't know when I'll see another pack of Marlboro 100's here, so..hoof em' over.'
>"Hoof them over', hmm, indeed I will..once you catch me."
>With that shes off, bounding through the halls, and you're dumbstruck still standing in the doorway
>An echoing "He thinks I'm cute~" reaches your ears
>"Welp'..I guess things could be worse." you say with a grin before taking off after her
>Meanwhile in Princess Autismo's New Malibu Barbie Castle..
>"BUCKING TARTARUS!! What happened? I-, I had all the calibrations and coordinates down to a T, MY VERY OWN HUMAN RUT SLAVE SHOULD BE HERE!"
>A very perturbed Twirite Sparkklu stamps her hooves in the center of a smoldering spot on her throne rooms floor
>'Oh but m'lady, your human rut slave DID arrive, and with gusto I might ad-..OOh a cheeto in my neckbeard, yum!..'
>Purple Spergles face actually magics into Tony Motherfucking Kornheiser and lets rip on ear splitting, earth shaking word:..
>"Sunnybunches, did you hear that?"
>Unburying your face from her mane
>'..Thought I told you I was'nt fond of that name.'
>She places a gentle kiss upon your forehead
>With half lidded eyes she says:
>"...Whose the adult here?"
want some wincest with momlestia
go/mlp/, it is your dstiny, gimme some Wincesstia, NOW
Too fast4me
kids pov of momlestia
I asked for a Dropbox full of NSFW Celestia for myself, and you faggots didn't deliver, but you know what? Here, enjoy.

oh does this look like /r/ to you?
File: 1394661433190.jpg (44KB, 1000x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 1000x900px
"Anon what are you hiding in your pants?"
need a story of celestia giving anon "the talk"
File: 1390162826047.png (158KB, 608x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158KB, 608x600px
Let mommy take care of her boy
File: 1390785080658.jpg (45KB, 400x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 400x600px
>tfw anon will never be your son
File: 1397429470574.jpg (66KB, 587x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 587x800px
File: 1399815230392.png (181KB, 900x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181KB, 900x700px
>"I'll love you forever mommy"
File: 1396201879291.png (342KB, 1500x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
342KB, 1500x1100px
File: 1392573967036.png (303KB, 700x587px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1391116962615.png (175KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175KB, 900x900px
"Anon it's time for bed. Stop playing with the guards."
Anon comes home crying after hurting himself and Celestia comforts him
File: 1394509537380.jpg (116KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1398290488753.png (99KB, 700x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1397621512163.png (191KB, 900x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1394764448745.png (124KB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1401042903124.jpg (730KB, 2480x3507px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
730KB, 2480x3507px
which is best mom?
>"Oh you are the absolute picture of adorable, Anonymous!"
>"S-sorry, that was me..."
File: 1397349757043.jpg (641KB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
641KB, 1200x1200px
family gathering
>tfw no alicorn tower
File: 1397082086540.png (575KB, 1100x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
575KB, 1100x850px
File: 530eoy.png (285KB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285KB, 1500x1500px
Celestia is an example of that one female that knows she is always right, even when she's wrong, whenever she's around you. Because she knows if you argue, she'll just tease you until you get flush in the face and pout.
File: 1404697633825.jpg (80KB, 941x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1367889363478.jpg (56KB, 684x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"What do you think your doing? You can't touch yourself without my guidance."
File: 1393241126547.png (1MB, 3890x3669px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3890x3669px
File: ...ok.png (329KB, 583x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
329KB, 583x600px
don't cry mama
Do we allow anthro now, Or have the Trash fags finally gone away in the couple months I've been away?
File: 1369522052447.png (34KB, 1240x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 1240x900px
File: 1403675295394.png (223KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223KB, 900x900px
join us
File: 1403469976530.png (334KB, 900x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334KB, 900x720px
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632KB, 1257x950px
sure is stories in here
File: 1344330751989.png (568KB, 1600x1900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"Power Critical, life support failure in T-Minus 5 minutes" the cold automated voice announced

>Younjust sat there. In the cold, in a soon to be lifeless escape pod.
>You had hoped someone would found you after cryosleep
>everyone else was gone
>You were only 18, an orphan recruit who joined up because you had no one else
>You didn't want to die here. Not in the frozen silence of space, suffocating to death. Alone.

>beginning to sob, tears ran down your face
>You felt nothing but pure despair

>Suddenly a bright gold light began to fill the chamber. Alarm signals went off

"Abnormal Gravitational, Solar and Lunar activity detected "

>You closed your eyes from a flash,
>the golden light then dimmed
>You looked out the window
>You weren't floating in the void anymore
>You were on the ground
>You could hear the chirp of birds outside
>You saw the bright blue sky
>You saw the radiant glow of the sunlight as it shone from the sky
>You heard voices outside
>you didn't care what they were. Aliens or whatnot
>They just saved your life, you fucking loved them.
>you activated the sequence to open the hatch
>it opened slowly
>as your eyes adjusted to the light you saw a figure in front of you


>It was a white horse
>not just any white horse
>A gorgeous winged unicorn with multicoloured hair and magenta eyes, like something out of a fairy tale, almost angelic.

>you looked at her in awe for a second, she returned a gaze of intrigue to you
>Tears still present on your face, she gave you a warm, reassuring smile as if to say "you're safe now" and raised her hoof to wave
>You walked slowly towards her
>Wrapping your arms around the beautiful magnificent mare, giving her a tight and appreciative hug
>one which she accepted and held
>you uttered a tearful "t-thank you..."
>To your surprise, she responded with "You're welcome. Little one from the stars"
>You looked up in surprise at this
>This wonderful being
>Your Saviour

I shouldent write when I'm emotional and drunk
i'm tired of bumping. If this thread is meant to live than it will, if not i'll let it die. I will always love Celestia though.
let the mane 6 fined out what append to anon
turn him into a satyr to fix it maybe?
File: image.jpg (102KB, 768x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Mommy catches you playing dress up
>"ewww lookit me, nya nya nyah, I'M Princess Sunbutt, do what I say, blah blah blah!"
>'Oh those hoof slippers, VERY becoming...Princess.'
>"..S-shut up, mom.."
File: image.jpg (51KB, 528x289px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 528x289px
>this entire thread
i want my mommy ;_;
yea and your point?
File: image.jpg (12KB, 110x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 110x250px
She treats you like a girl for the week
I'm laughing a lot more than I should at this.
Nice dubs

Celestia catches Anon singing in the shower
Its hit and miss really
I don't need a mother. I can survive on my own

I don't need anyone
After a good fap session.

I can safely say

I love you Celestia. Be my mommy. I love you. I love you I love you!
File: archer danger pone.jpg (157KB, 800x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
archer danger pone.jpg
157KB, 800x518px
What if we had a story about a dysfunctional but fun Mother/son relationship between Anon & Celestia?

Something like Archer has, excluding Vice.
are you writing something like that?
I haven't laughed so hard at work in forever.
10/10 made my night.
No...sorry I'm heading to bed soon, hopefully someone will and this thread will still be up. Next three days I have nothing but 4-hour work shifts so if nothing interfere's I might make a short story, not sure how much like archer I should make it aside from how Anon and Celestia interact. Maybe I'll make this Anon a mage of some sort with just enough power to still be vulnerable at times (even when he isn't being arrogant or his attitude gets him in trouble).
I'll take that on later.
>Celestia forces you to become her filly.
got milk celestia?
no I would like to stay male and human
'Oh of course dear, lay down and help yourself.'
File: medium.jpg (144KB, 776x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144KB, 776x600px
File: 547571982.jpg (14KB, 205x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 205x246px
more fluttermom pls.
I need this
That was pretty darn good. Also, why did I have to learn of a new fetish of mine right now?!
Thank you, kind sir.
look at kid anon
For duck sake you just shattered the thin wall between bronies and furries now how can I get my dick up ?!
File: 1398327756723[2].jpg (90KB, 500x484px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 500x484px
Oh momlestia thread..y-you'll shelter me from the shippers who endeavor to take my momfu, right?
No one can take your waifu/momfu/whatever-fu away from you, anon. Don't you ever forget that.
File: peyton_muhfeels.jpg (94KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 600x600px
anon, bro..you've no idea how bad I needed to hear that..or atleast see it in words
I can't sleep mom
File: opposable thumb.jpg (18KB, 450x324px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
opposable thumb.jpg
18KB, 450x324px
opposable thumbs bitch
Ignore the baiting shitposter above^
I wanna be your foal mommy <3
Doing another story.

>You're anon
>After having quite the 'adult' party with Pinkie, you've came home to Canterlot Castle.
>You were drunk, and would have the mother of all hangovers in the morning, so ti balance, you asked the chefs as best as you could for a 'beaycan saywhich'
>They knew what you meant but they still giggled.
>After your small detour to the kitchens, you walked (very clumsy) to your bedroom.
>You pushed will all your might to open the doors, then you realized it was a wall, and the doors were left of it.
>Hoping no one saw that. you push the doors open and collapsed on your silk bed.
>You just laid in their embraced by the warmth of the covers which was making your eyes heavy.
>Putting your effort in you tried to stay awake so you could brush your teeth but it was no use, you feel into sleep.
File: feels.jpg (21KB, 351x419px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 351x419px
Will you get rid of the ants that are trying to take over my home mommy? I can't sleep for fear of being swarmed on.
>Be Princess Celestia, and even in your age you felt discomfort.
>You were lactating badly, and bra after bra was being ruined by your milk.
>It was getting serious now, for the past year many a Court meeting had to be called of due to you filling the front of your dress with warm milk.
>This could wait though, there was more pressing issues.
>None of the guards have seen your resident world traveler anonymous enter the castle, and it was getting past his curfew.
>You needed to find him, and if he wasn't in the castle, he was a Ponyville.
>You used your endless supply of magic, and teleported to his room.
>He was there, that was TOO convenient. This wasn't him, there was noway, you all ways had to pull him back to the castle.
>Walking up to whoever this was, you pull his shirt up, and look, there was the same invisible mark you gave him to make sure it was your anonymous.
>It was there, the invisible sun on his abdomen, reassured you pulled down his shirt and smiled.
>Using your magic again, you levitated him up, pulled his covers across and put him in, pulling the covers back over him.
>'Huh, he didn't wake up?'
>His breathing was deep but slow, and it looked like sleep had overpowered him, in due part to the alcohol you could smell.
<He'd have a bad hangover in the morning.
>Then it happened, a leak.
>You felt the front of your dress go warm, as milk flowed out.
>This time, it went on Anonymous's bed.
>You backed away, it was no good, he bed was covered in your breast milk.
>A very naughty thought walked with the wind in your mind.
>What if you fed Anonymous? It wouldn't harm anyone, in fact it would help him by filling his belly.
>You decided against better judgment to act out this fantasy.
>Moving your hands around the back, you removed your whit gown by undoing the clasps, untill the dress wasn'r secure.
>You pushed the dress front of and pulled down in a smooth motion until it hit the floor, then you lifted your legs out of it.
>Now all you were in was your soft cotton panties, and bra, both with a purple hue.
>Your bra was ruined, and was sopping with the milk, so doing the same as the dress, you unclasped the back and pulled it out, releasing your firm double Ds from their enclosure.
>You climbed slowly on the bed, as to avoid more spillage, until you were next to anon.
>Using your strength here, you pulled him onto your lap, and laid
>Anonymous looked so content here, you made a mental note of that.
>Putting your hand on his face, you guided his open mouth to your right nipple, and gently pushed his face onto it.
>A moan escaped your lips, as Anon's nature kicked in and he suckled.
>You felt a jet of warm chalky milk flow into his mouth, then saw him swallow it into his stomach.
>Bliss was what you could feel, Anon was draining the heavy milk from your breast, and hitting every never along the ay setting your teat on fire.
>Through your half-lidded eyes you could see him, suckling more milk, he was nearly done with his breast but there was a problem.
>His stomach was pushed out, bursting with your liquid inside of him, this wouldn't do, there was still another breast.
>You put your hands on his stomach and began to rub in a circular motion, curdling your milk inside of him.
>It works and his belly shrinks pack down.
>You push your left nipple onto his face, and the cycle stars over again.
>He suckles from you.
>He was truly yours now.
>Full of your life giving milk.
>His body would use your DAN to build up his muscles and bone, and your calcium would lone his innards.
>Another wetness in the front of your panties caused you to loose attention,
>You placed your free hand down into your panties, and started to move your finger about down there
>Pushing them down into your waiting hole.

Am I doing good guise?
yes keep going
Yeah man, just started reading. keep it up.
Sorry for the wait, will write in a moment,

( ._.) I will always wait.

>You start to explore down there, causing little shivers of pleasure to shoot up your spine.
>Moving a little bit faster, you push in and out, while keeping Anon chained to your teat.
>Letting out moans, you can already see th end, and pick up pace even more, drilling your figure into your pussy.
>More figures go in, first one, then two, then three
>The soon enough you had your whole hand in, fisting yourself.
>Your panties were absolutely soaked. and you were close.
>Anonymous was still filling up with your milk.
>He was still asleep, and his stomach was heavily bloated, you could see it clearly as he rested on your lap.
>Faster and faster, you pushed yourself over the limit.
>More and more your panties were stained with your juices.
>A thick jet of milk was forced into anonymous pushing his stomach out as he emptied your teat.
>You begin to rest, hugging Anon as he lies with you asleep.
>He was your milker now, no more ruiined dresses, he would take all the milk you could make.
>Rubbing faster you felt the milk move, and his stomach ruble with fullness, he had drunk at least two gallons of your creamy warm milk.

This feels rushed.
Then pace it out. No need to rush something won't such promise. If you busy come back later.
Not it's just, it happened all to fast, but I can't be going around writing novellas, no one wants to read 1984 to wank over ponies, know what I mean?
I get it yea. You don't have to make it long, just give it better pacing. I mean it good, but there are a few errors here and there, but overall I get what your trying. If you do re-write it or do another try to show more emotion. Personally humanized lactating Celestia is a specific fetish I didn't think I'd see anytime soon.
I'll take that to heart, Thank you. Also, last part.

>Opening your eyes, you burst into conciseness.
>There's a warmth down below, and you open you feel your stomach.
>Is is bloated as hell, and is visibly pushing up against the covers.
'What the fuck?'
>Pushing up with your hands, you felt sloshing inside, it was liquid, and it felt warm, and comforting, it spread around your body.
>Deciding to get up, you walk to the bathroom, only to notice a pair of purple panties, a dress and a milk stained bra.
>Now things were getting creepy.
I've got some steam in me, anyone want anything wrote, I need to sharpen my skills.
Principal Celeastia takes a sophomore anon under her wing. Act like the mother she couldn't be. Her feelings end up being more than motherly as it goes on. Anon is unsure how to handle Celeastia as he sees her as a mother figure, but has begun to see her as more.

Or if you wish you can come up with your own version whatever makes it fun for you.
>Be in other thread
>Typed out some unfinished green
>It dies along with the thread
>Welp, that's the last time I'll try to extend a short post for an anon
>A day later, see this thread
>Could it be?
>It is
Nice, and there looks to be some extra content in here, double nice.
Also question; is this the 2nd thread or was there more?
Lel, at least charge them for the rent.
I believe this is the second thread though I can't be sure.
Go finish your greentext here, cunt. I want more content.
>NNErf still has not appeared
I-I guess I'll wait a little longer.
>Go finish your greentext here
Am I reading it wrong?
As in this thread? Your greentext is there, sorry for the wording.
Does anyone know what happened to that overprotective Celestia greentext, the one where Anon get's a marefriend.
I gotta a lot of feels over here...
Teach me your powers mother.

I wish to be the sun God of Earth. To watch entire kingdoms bow to me.

I want to be powerful.
I'd love a story about this and Celestia dresses him up as alicorn
This one?
What would Celestia do if her Anon came home depressed and found him crying in his room?
Take him out for cake and ice cream then play MGS3 with him.
>"mommy I'm shy around mares"
suck his dick and make him feel better by staring up at him with a gaze that says 'I'LL always love you THEN ice cream & vidya
By the way, you don't mind if I retype the whole thing from the begining with tiiiiiny edits and the original image added?
(assuming you or anyone even know what story it is)
Don't ask for my permission to do stuff, I'm not your mommy, just do it.
File: image.jpg (40KB, 576x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 576x422px

You can have your mommy for one day Anon
I don't really go in for the mom fetish thing but dayum, that was hot.
I don't even want sex

I just want mommy Celestia to look after me
Celestia trying to do kid stuff with anon?
Cadence baby sitting anon?
anon in diapers
anon is twilight long lost human little brother
I would tolerate that so long as it's there as a cosmetic thing to emphasis Tia being motherly to anon

and not some weird focus on shit and piss
Anon watching a movie with mommy and falling asleep in her arms
will anon be a toddler and grow up all over again?
>I don't know, Anonymous, you DID have a busy day..perhaps we should finish the movie tomorrow..
>she nuzzles against your forehead
>Very well, if my big strong boy says he can stay awake. Uh oh, here comes a scary part..it's ok to grab mommys mane if you feel sc-..Anonymous?
>..My little man and his night terrors.
>you will never make Celestia a macaroni paint that says "I love you mommy"
File: DWHPQVcST2pW[2].jpg (28KB, 373x521px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 373x521px
what are the evolutions of feels?

Celestia tries to be Anons mother, but anon hates it. Should I?
should you write it? if so yea sure
Yeah. Especially if it's adult independent anon
File: image.jpg (537KB, 1605x1435px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
537KB, 1605x1435px
Good night Anons. Thank the draw thread
File: image.jpg (295KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
295KB, 800x800px
File: 476[2].png (101KB, 500x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 500x366px
This Anon. Gonna watch some Archer on Netflix to get the feel for a dysfunctional Mother/Son relationship between Anon and Celestia.

So I'll probably be back in an hour or two
>You are Anon
>Adopted son of Princess Celestia who found you in the royal gardens one day
>Ergo you were a Prince, only issue was that the general populace of the kingdom were ponies and you were a human.
>A race everyone thought was in myth, at least to those that actually took the time to read into mythology.
>Otherwise you were just some hairless two-legged ape with a habit of getting into trouble.
>That of course started day one according to Mother, and somehow you've been able to swerve out of trouble for the past twenty some years.
>Which brings you to present day, when you were finally shipped off to a distant town called Ponyville to work as some sort of local guard duty.
>You were in the guard long enough to be Sargent along with the closest guy you could call a friend; Shining Armor who was your Sargent Major.
>Then there was that one mission in Stalliongrad and Mother yanked you out to do this.
>Something about learning to make-due on your own was in her letter somewhere, you should probably reread it soon.
>At the very least she pulled strings to give you bare bones housing, while your job would give you all you could afford.
>You were also certain she made it so being her son, a Prince wouldn't amount to much.
>Classic her.
>"Arriving in Ponyville!"
>With that it was all a matter of meeting up with the Mayor, filling out the regular paperwork and settling in.
>Town Hall wasn't hard to miss, and neither were you being the only human known period guaranteed that.
>Fortunately your "house" was on the outskirts of town to give you some privacy, because every set of eyes was giving you their full attention as you walked on by.
>But by far the weirdest reaction was this one pink mare that looked like she just discovered breathing and her own shadow before disappearing.

>Things had gotten less...staring after you met with the Mayor, now you just had to find your place.
S-Shit. I love my mom but for some reason that hit close to home.

I don't wanna feel this feel man.
>Pinkie Pie staring at Prince Anon.

I feel bad for that poor bastard, he doesn't know what's about to happen.
The only drawing I remember making of my parents was one where I drew my mom getting eaten by dinosaurs because she wanted me to clean my room.
Whatever, gonna throw my hat in the ring again around midnight.
Does anyone ever?
File: Disappointed.png (194KB, 561x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 561x600px
"Look at that... thing, trying to seduce my innocent little man."
>What's presented before Celestia is her boy, skipping stones with a strange mare she has never seen before.
>This is her first time watching the two, from a safe distance, chat away like two chickadees in a cherry tree.
"What does she have that makes him want... THAT? Surely he can do better. In fact, I do believe there is no mare in the world who is good enough for my Anon."
>And it extended to more than talking when Anonymous's little friend tenderly brushed his shoulder, and slowly made her way to his thighs.
>The extra attention caused Celestia to turn away and stomp in disgust.
"OooOO! The nerve of that bitch!"
>She snarled, with the new vocabulary Anonymous blindly presented to her months ago.
"After this, no more! She can longer see him, and I'll make sure of that, I guarantee it with my life. I know what is best for him, and the evidence is in my undying love I've given him over the time he has spent here with me! I will multiply everything, EVERYTHING I am able to give him by a hundred fold, just to prevent this 'little miss hot stuff' from stealing my son away from me."
>Celestia takes another peek.
>The two silhouettes from the distance bond in to one large dark blob; the new form suggests their new found closeness, physically and mentally.
>Celestia's eye twitch from the thought, she went back to her chamber and prepared for Anon's return with a book to pass the time.
"He will understand my decision, I know what is best for him as I stated before, and I'm the only one he needs."

"Ah shit, sorry, It's late and my mother worries a lot when I'm not there in time. I hate to plant that in her, but the least I can do is walk you home, I mean, if you want me to..."
"That sounds nice, Anon, I would love that."
>The mare takes her place next to him and walks along, close enough for the fur to tickle his leg with each step.
"I hope she isn't going insane by now, mom is too sweet to stress out."
>From the looks and behavior of the town everything seemed to be peaceful, the residents were all smiles and going about with a care in the world.
>And that one bakery which literally looked good enough to eat was probably the point-source for that fresh out of the oven smell that permeated the town.
>Oh geez, that pink pony was in one of the windows on the top floor!
>Did she see you?
>The slamming shutters would say yes.
>You were so focussed that you didn't see the pony you tripped over.
"Oh come on, how the heck do you not see the big, hairless, only-one-in-existance human?"
>You look over and see you tripped over a pegasus who's saddlebags were now on the ground.
>"Excuse me? Who the hay can't watch where they're goin' on their ow-"
>You then noticed this pegasus had a rainbow mane and tail, sky blue coat, pink eyes, and a scratchy voice.
>Where have you seen her before?
>"Wait a minute, I know who you are!"
"Oh then who are you again because I seriously feel like I've seen you somewhere before."
>"Well aside form the obvious...Prince Anonymous, son of Princess Celestia."
>She said whispering that last part.
>"Cloudsdale, say about twelve years ago give or take?"
>Twelve years ago, so you were around ten-years-old.
"Yeah I was on a field trip there and...oh shit,after I snuck away from the group you're one of those two fillies I found those two douchebags were messing with!"

Brief Flashback These tend to happen

>"What did you say you big monkey?"
>Said the blonde one.
"Really? You don't see what's gay about two colts stealing a doll from a filly and then bragging about it!?"
>"What's that even mean? Is that some sort of monkey talk?"
>The mop-topped one said in a snide tone.
"Hey you, crayons. How often are these guys around one another?"
>"All the time, they do nothin' but pick on me and Flutte-"
"Even more proof you two are gay, every waking hour you two are scaring all of the fillies away."
>What is this gay you speak of?

I'm saying you two suck each others donkey dick and take it in the ass. That's what I'm saying

I always wondered how Equestria would deal with homosexuality
"I'm here, sorry for coming home late, lost track of time or... something?"
>Anonymous's last words ended in confusion to the lack of a Celestia standing before the main entrance.
>Usually Celestia will wait for him in soft glee, but there are days where she is absent from the spot.
>Those days come rare, and bring the more serious side of her.
>He calls out, making sure he hasn't missed her from a blind spot.
>If his mother isn't here then she must be in her private chamber, past logic dictates.
>Anon closes the door before making way toward the destination.
>Along his way, the tired glow from the ending day continues to shrink as each step taken brings him closer to his mother's chamber.
>He calls out once more, the only voice, and possibly person in this side of the area.
>"What shitty guards."
>Now what did he do this time? The last thing he remebered was building a 'weapon of horror.'
>A gun. Not just any gun, but an airsoft gun.
>And Celestia caught on, immediately taking it away and explaining the boom it made sends everyone in to panic as if an invasion has taken place on Equestrian soil.
>The best part? She was very sweet about it, even took him out for a quick bite to make up for the ban and forget the trouble that ensued, with some more explanation on the side.
>And he returns her kindness, striving to be the best son he can be; hugs, kisses, and the daily "I love you."
>There's the door. It opens as his hand gives more push, he then enters.
"Fuck. Sorry for being such a slow ass, but I'm finally here, I just had to do something quick."
>There she lies comfortably, with a buried face in pages.
"...What have I told you about using that type of language around me?"
"Whoops, my bad, I'll tone it down."
"That's better. Now then, how was your day?"
"Good, as usual."
>Her book slightly dips, revealing the pair of eyes asking for more.
"I'm glad. What kept you out there longer?"
"Oh, nothing."
>More of her features reveal, showing a strong doubt through a sassy brow..
"Nothing, or something? If it was nothing, then it would have brought you to me in time, but something has held you back,"
>She dourly said.
"or someone..."
>Now Celestia ended on a much deeper, questioning tone.
>There it is, it was only a matter of time.
"I know where this is going, what did I do this time?"
"Hm? Oh, nothing serious, just the dismissing of a wonderful evening together I had planned for us."
"Plan, plan... Oh! That's right, completely forgot about it, sorry again."
"No matter, it's perfectly fine sweetie. Now then, come here and lay on mama, I had a long day and your company is what I could use right now.
>A wing gently pats her hip, inviting him for some promised comfort.
>Anon nods. He drops his bag and curls under the wing, head cushioned across her white fur.
>A page turns in silence as Celestia continues to read. He may have not notice, but a smile is displaying over her lips.
>The silence is suffocating. He wants to break it, but maybe a little quiet time is what she needs after jumping through an abundance of red tape today.
>Possibly explains no Celestia waiting behind the door, then again Anon is here, nestled next to her. Strange...
>"Finally." He mentally said, the tension loosens.
"Who was that little friend of yours?"
"What friend?"
"The little filly you were with in the park."
>Was she spying on him again? She stated before that this weird annoying habit of hers wouldn't continue.
"Were you checking up on me again without my permission? You said it would stop, and that 'little friend' of mine is none of your business."
>Celestia's book abruptly shuts.
"Don't run your mouth to me like that. Who was that? Tell me now, because surely that witch was more important to you than your dear mother, hm?"
"You don't even know her! What's the problem?"
"The problem? The problem is I don't know who she is. For all we know, she could be dangerous."
>"You better watch what you say monkey boy, me and Hoops here don't play around!"
>Blondie said getting in your face.
"Oh, did I say fillies? I meant to say competition for each others cooties."
>According to eyewitness testimony, you somehow wound up riding the blonde bully while the other was trying to get you off of him.

"Sheesh, where does the time go?"
>"'Ey, I'm still here!"
"Oh, sorry. It's just I never thought we would cross paths again...err."
>"Rainbow Dash, who by the way is still annoyed by your little nickname."
>Oh yeah, ten-year-old you was a smart mouth, according to Mother and your teachers.
"Alright, I'm sorry for calling you..."that" but it's so much more creative than what those two ever came up with you've gotta admit."
>She gives you a hard look, but the jokes on her. Ponies are too small and cute to look threatening, but better safe than sorry.
"And I'm sorry for that, and tripping over you."
>Rainbow seems to cool off after that.
>"Meh, at least you admit it. So what brings you here of all places?"
"Mother, one slip up in Stalliongrad that wasn't entirely my fault and she sends me here on guard duty."
>Rainbow looks around, presumably for anything warranting not only a guard but a Prince and the son of Celestia's presence.
"I don't know, it's just...classic her."
>"Uh, maybe for you. I have never heard of the Princess doing anything like this to anyp0ny, so why would she do it to you?"
"Didn't you just answer your own question?"
>"I...shut up. So any reason why you're wandering Ponyville aimlessly in particular?"
"I'm trying to find where I'll be living but I don't know where to go."
>"Eh, why not."
>"Just tell me the address and I'll take ya' there, guess it's the least I can do after twelve years."
"Wait, even after all of that time you paying me back?"
>"Well, me and Fluttershy never got the chance to thank you for showing those jerks a thing or two."
Great. Celestia is a fucking yandere mom.
"Are you being serious right now? Can you hear yourself?"
"Why have you been sneaking around with this brood, let alone so persistent in hiding her from me?"
"Because any mare I do end up being friendly with, you drive them away. It's like your jealousy is so great to the point where it's radioactive, that's why I don't bother mentioning any of them."
>Celestia's questioning tone peaks higher.
"How many more are there?"
"Just this one, and she's coming over for dinner tomorrow, courtesy by me."
>Celestia's eyes light up in disbelief.
"With out MY permission?"
"Doesn't feel too good when some one invades the other's privacy, eh?"
>She gives off a scowl, desperately trying to find a way around this.
"I... I will not allow this!"
"Oh, but you will because not only is she coming for dinner, but also a general report on your current public relation with the citizens."
>Anonymous's shit eating grin only grows wider.
"And you don't want to deny her this small meaningless visit with us, right? It'd be a shame if the public knew how rude you were..."
>Well played Anonymous, well played.
>She's at a lost for words, surprised for Anon thinking two steps ahead.
"I think that is enough for tonight! Go to bed, I'll be with you shortly about this."
>Anon sits up and takes his stroll to the exit.
"I will return right after bathing. There's a plate of warm food I saved for you on the writing table, and do not forget to brush your teeth!"
"I always remember."
>He smiles as Celestia trots off, furiously as she growled a few words under her breath.
"Tomorrow night, I will make sure this hussy leaves unwanted, and not just by me..."
>And Anon, none the wiser, twirls with spanning arms, admiring in his so called 'win' in this now tug-o-war.
Overprotective/possessive jackass.
lovin this
and this
>The water pebbles in heavy dose, sourced by the shower head. Celestia has not yet stepped in from the sound of it.
>Anon walks over to her personal work station with the dinner set neatly a side.
>The same can not be said for her cosmetics; face powder, hoof polish, lip stick, blush, all splayed out like fallen comrades in battle.
>Even her favorite brush has snared a good amount of clumps of fur.
>The items look as if they had gone under mass trial and error, and freshly used today.
>What made her doll up like this? She's much more prettier with out the paint mask.
>Maybe it was a requirement, A first good impression for what ever special event took place.
>A sweet, calm hum echoes from behind the steam.
>Sounds like his mother has finally taken the first drench.
"When you wake~"
>Hm? A few words can be understood behind the door, Anon steps forward and pressed one ear to the wall.
>...pretty... your side.
>That's it, those were the only words he can make out before the steam and water became so dense, it muffled any further lyrics.
>It's not out of rude nature, but when she begins to sing in the shower, he laughs his ass off.
>And it's quite rare catching her during her vocal practice, but from the past to this short example, it's safe to say her voice is some what deep, soothing, and melodious.
>He shakes his head for focus; enough of her, food is calling.
>Anon unwraps the foil, revealing a nice baked chicken breast with a side of diced carrots and a large brocoli.
>Bleh, or so he would have said if younger. It's food, good food to top it off, and not eating isn't up for debate.
>It's very generous of her to acknowledge his diet, she even encouraged it by having a sample with him.
>Expectantly, she didn't like it much, the texture was too tough. Taste on the other hand was a nice flavor she loved, allowing her self to eat it as a once in a blue moon luxury.
>Anon chomps down and follows it up with a spoonful of carrots, then a chunk of brocoli.
Fucking REKT Sunbutt.
>The dousing shower stopped, the last trace of water weakly drips.
>She finished up, and Anon is still here with food on his face.
>Fuck, would she care if he was eating in her room? This is the first time he has done it, and he's not taking his chances when she comes out.
>Anon secures his plate of half eaten chicken and scurries out of there.
>And just in time; the door clicks open, spewing vapor as Celestia walks out.

"The nerve of her, inviting her self through the manipulation of my sweet boy. It's fine, when the time comes, I'll make her feel the need to leave in my own subtle way."
>She steps forward before an oval mirror and spoke to the pretty reflection.
"Forgive me Anon, I did not mean to snap at you, but loving you means knowing what is best for you,"
>The more she spoke, the more her anger faded, softening in admiration.
"and whom is best for you..."
>A tiny smile curls on the princess as she bats her lashes.
>Her head turned for a better view, analyzing for any shampoo residue.
>Her mane and tail is wrapped in towels, the better to absorb the remaining water nesting inside the colorful strands.
>Celestia takes a seat and began sorting the cosmetics back to their original place.
"A shame, all this work for nothing. Maybe next time."
>She vents out a sigh, then picked up her brush; it halts before making contact with any hair or fur.
>Celestia's snout scrunches.
"Bleck! It's like a dead mouse."
>The left over strands are magically picked away and drop to her personal waste bin below.
>It's full of the same stuff from past cleanings, and an orange circle.
>An orange circle? She lowers her muzzle and squints, temporarily gaining better vision.
>Are her eyes deceiving her right now? Or is that 'orange circle' a piece of carrot?
>Celestia hasn't had carrots since last week, and the only one she knows who was served carrots was,
>With her mind fully on him, she finally takes aware of the bag left by him near the entrance.
And here is where I stop insta-posting and start making shit up on the spot. Oedipus is implied.
If the spoiler bothers you, tell me now, because I don't want to waste my time and I'll stop, unless ONE anon dles not mind.
File: no fucks given.png (49KB, 347x203px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
no fucks given.png
49KB, 347x203px
>Celestia: "Oh honey, I AM an adult. And I'm about to make you one too!"

>Do you Anons like incest?

Incest is Wincest, it's fun for the whole family! Course we fucking do!

i-i do not mind senpai-kun
>"Plus, it would feel wrong not paying you back for what you did then."
>Huh, someone is actually thankful for something you did. No sarcasm either, feels nice
"Really? Never got that before."
>"Not to mention everyone in my class was laughing about it the next day...and weeks after."
"Oh man and I missed that? One vacation to Neigh-ami I'd take back to see the fallout."
>"Look your highness, we can shoot the breeze after we get'cha settled. How's that sound?"
"Any chance we could do so over drinks? This isn't a dry town right?"
>"No Way! Wouldn't live here if it wasn't."
"Oh you live here?"
"Well at least there's one familiar face around."
>"As for the drinks, let' leave them for after we get your stuff to your house."
"Sounds good, but Dash?"
"Is the whole "Your Highness" thing necessary?"
>"Force of habit, and from stories and rumors about you I thought you'd be demanding that sort of treatment."
"Well it's nice but honestly I don't mind the casual interaction, especially when most of your life you're surrounded by those foppy, up tight nobles. Speaking of which my cousin Blueblood is the one that would be acting all high and mighty."
>You and Rainbow carry a nice conversation until you reach your house, sized ideally for you and quite basic.
>"Here you are Anon, your "manor"."
"She said, knowing what buttons to push. But all talking from our rears aside, could you help me with my other two bags?"
>Dash just shrugged and slung them over her saddlebags as you got the door.
"Thanks I could use some help getti-"
>On instinct you learned in the guard you were about to cast a flash-bang spell when that pink pony from before slammed into your chest and was verbally bombarding you.
>From that point on you just tuned her out, this town was your death sentence handed down by Mother.
I don't like incest or wincest
Remember, it's IMPLIED, meaning to me in this situation right now is it won't happen. Yet.
Now that I'm thinking about the future, It looks to be more of a reverse-oedipus.
File: 1366848229411.png (140KB, 530x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 530x356px
>Bad News: The entire town was in your not even new house throwing a very kid friendly party and you haven't even unpacked.

>Good News?: If you lasted long enough you could turn the town on Mother in two years before she comes here for the Summer Sun Celebration.

>Of course you'd see her before then for traditional presence of the Prince, and family events and the occasional hair brained things she would make you do.

>Taking Philomena out into the gardens was punishment, that bird never liked you.
>But nowhere nearly as much as she hated that statue called Discord, she treated him like her own personal toilet...one cool thing that bird ever taught you.

>This punishment would be interesting.

So that's the prologue for my Anon x Celestia (Dysfunctional relationship) story, gotta stop for tonight but I will save the green I dropped and will pick up this nonsense tomorrow on this thread or whatever the next one is. Might even drop it on AiE.

"My poor baby must have had a long day, he forgot his bag. I'll bring it to him."
>She sits up and goes over to the bag, cranes down, and grips the strap with her teeth.
>Celestia stops for a moment and sniffs the air; it feverishly grew once a a solid idea formed.
>She growled, knowing what scent made her blood boil.
>From what she had seen and heard today, the far fetched idea seemed, or this case, smelled more evident.
>The scent is similar to a mare, a young mare. The stench is faint, but there.
>It's saturated all over his spare clothing.
>And who has been fluttering around her boy like a fairy?
"This is the little filly from down the lake! How could she mark her self with my child's clean wardrobe!?"
>Celestia's eyes thin, her anger rises.
"Why!? WHY!?"
>She furiously stomps with the bag still clenched, it swings, powered by her hate.
>The cosmetics shake their way to the floor, dropping and spilling what ever content was there before.
>Celestia reared to the writing table and kicked, sending papers flying and causing ink to rain.
>She cools down for a moment to catch some breath, then started once again with a snort and a good kick to the bed.
>There isn't enough energy to lend her anger new fuel, but through her panting, the spite still poured.
"How... how could this happened? I've kept my eye on those two for a while, and no funny business was seen between them... only the intrusive touching by the vile filly today."
>Celestia takes in the messy surroundings and sighs, regretting of unleashing her wild temper.
"My baby shouldn't settle for some bimbo brat, he can only have the best, the most loving, the most beau-"
>Before the last words were formed, the mirror dropped, it cracked slightly.
>Celestia looms over to the glass and takes sight to the reflected pony, she is frowning.
"I shouldn't work my self up like this, other wise my items will break."
>She composes her self before heading to his room with the bag riding on top.

I don't want it to be totally dysfunctional as in he's gonna overthrow her on some shit. Just some minor back and forth getting back at each other
Fuck, I want to read it, but busy. Point me to your pastebin, QUICKLY.
"What was that?"
>The two loud thuds from Celestia's room made Anon curious, they sounded heavy.
>"Is she all right in there? Did she hurt her self?"
>These thoughts brewed some worry in him.
>Celestia may be intrusive and annoying, but he still loves her very much.
>Anon sets the plate down and made his way to the door, and to his surprise, Celestia was there to greet him.
>Ironically, this was suppose to happen earlier.
>She stood there with a smile, wet mane and all once he opened the door. She brought her self in to him with a hug.
"Uh, it's nice to see you too? Was about to check up on you after hearing some bangs."
>She says nothing, but her silent love was loud enough for Anon to return it with an "I love you too" of his own.
"What were you doing in there? By the way, you smell good."
>Celestia sets her self in his vision, she looks at him with quiet admiration.
"Nothing important, just some furniture rearrangement."
"At this hour? You may be old, but your stamina begs to differ."
>A slight blush appears on her cheeks; the admiration deepens, eye lids grow heavy with her irises faintly searching left to right.
>Anon just kept his dumb look at her, expecting a word.
>And she did, after a long minute of a hoof playfully patting his chest.
"I'm sorry for raising my voice at you, it's just... it felt like you went behind my back."
"I don't want to sound snarky, but that's the same feeling I had when you spied on me."
"Anon, you have to understand, that was only me looking out for you. My heart would break if something terrible were to happen to you..."
>The nasty feeling of unintentionally hurting his mother burned his stomach.
"That's... fine then, but is my friend still invited?"
>The familiar anger howled inside her, but she was calm enough to chain it down.
"Of course, anything for my honey."
>Shocked by the sudden change of heart, he kissed her, and a stronger blush bloomed.
"I love you, mom."
>Those very words raised her wings, and they flutter.
Damn, gotta be careful not to mix these two ongoing stories up.
>Dysfunctional relationship
Sorry, not interested. Dropped.
No it's not like that, if you've ever watched Archer that's what I'm going for. Just some spite and payback while Anon's attitude catches up with him now and then and Celestia watches as Anon continues to pop-up when it can be bad for her.

"You left your bag in my room, so I decided to bring it over here, with an apology."
>Celestia reached for the bag and returns it.
"Weird, I don't remember having it open..."
>She realized her mistake, a stone face was kept.
"Guess I forgot, hopefully none of my shit fell."
"Right, right. Sorry."
"Mmm, looks like you had quite the feast when I was occupied, and it took place in my room, correct?"
>She teased him with a pressuring look, one brow mockingly arcs.
>Anon feels hot, looks like the act is up.
"How do you know?"
"Well, there is food stuck to your face,"
>She points to the morsel of chicken next to his lip.
"and the carrot in my bin."
"It's fine, but let me rid of that pesky piece."
>Eagerly, she leaned in and plants a pair of wet lips to the corner of his mouth.
>She starts sucking in the chicken, a small pudge of skin is tugged inside her mouth.
>Anon is frozen from the attention his mother is giving, she gives another gentle tug, absorbing the remaining pieces.
>There's a juice stain where the chicken was. Her tongue droops out, it licks the spot clean in slow, long laps. Her eyes shut in content.
>After leaving the corner spotless, she comes back in full view and scans.
"Oops, missed a few there..."
>Celestia once again placed her tongue over him; this time, it was set under the left side of his chin.
>The tough, spongy muscle slides up at a gradual angle, taking over his mouth and nose as it happily takes the time it needs.
>Just one large lick was enough to gently tilt his head back as he unwillingly follows the tip of his mother's tongue.
>After the sloppy cleaning, she smiles and brushed his wild hair to tamed spikes; his sideburns curled like mother's.
"There we go! That's the handsome man I love."
>A smooch was given.
"It's more than ok. Anon, may I ask you for a favor?"
"Would you please brush mama's coat? It's not completely dry and we can spend time together, like when you were young."
That's it for now, dropping dead.
I've never been happier to be a sunfag, than the moment where I discovered the love that is momlestia
Finish it.
Anyone doing a reincarnation one? Like this?

'Ugh. Is today over yet?'
>You REALLY wish it was. As luck would have it, your mother decided to bring you along into some of her meetings.
>It was tons of political bullshit that you found zero interest in. Why would Celestia negotiate with the pompous nobles when she could just tell them to fuck off?
>Sometimes, you just don't what goes on in your mom's head.
>You stretch out as best you can on Celestia's warm back, hearing her gentle heartbeat as you did so.
>You COULD have cried and made a fuss, but after going through your old life without parents then lucking out with a goddess mom, you figured it would be a dick move. Your string of good behavior came from that idea.
>Even as you thought that, another thought comes to you. What if you did act up? Hoe much would Celestia tolerate? What was her threshold?
>...Would she still want you if you did act out? Would she... get rid of you if you were too much trouble? Put up for adoption? Or just thrown out into the streets?
>You push the childish fear away with a mental growl. You know your mother enough to know she would never.
>But even then, the tiny fear of abandonment remains.
>The feeling of teeth on the scruff of your neck pulls you out of your revere.
>Looking around, you find that you're in Celestia's bed chambers.
>You're gently placed on the plush bed next to the the large pony, who stares down at you adoringly.
>"Well, little one, did you enjoy your day with mommy as she worked?" she asks, sounding like she already knows the answer.
>You just scowl as best as your chubby foal face will let you.
>She titters behind a hoof, her deep purple eyes sparkling with amusement. "Oh my! Such a serious expression! Maybe you could smile? For me?"
>As she says this, Celestia pulls you into a wing-hug, resting you against her soft side.
>The scowl melts away
>You could have done much worse than this.
File: Bump.png (43KB, 720x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.jpg (119KB, 998x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119KB, 998x800px
>Auntie Luna takes anon trick or treating
Yeah, and the fucking cunt steals his Milky Way bars, what a fucking cunt.
to bad she never did it again
>Anon is confiscated by human social services who accidentally discover equestria
File: 1350470271809.png (163KB, 550x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163KB, 550x400px
>Auntie Luna takes anon trick or treating

Dressed up as Nightmare Moon.

That'd scare the shit out of some ponies. Maybe even scare the shit out of Sunbutt
>man child with mommy issues fantasizing about playing a game about a man child with mommy issues
Circle of life completes.
Big Boss is also the best character from MGS.
File: 1397207774600.jpg (61KB, 400x445px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 400x445px
Now while I agree I feel as though my point still stands.
File: dcMdBXzca.jpg (1MB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1280x1024px
Points in this thread? This isn't a debate, of course we've all got some form of mommy issues here, hence why the thread exists, no normal person wants to be babied by a horse.
Stating the obvious, do you want me to give you a cookie?
i want to go cry to mommy celestia
File: 1399943024665.png (26KB, 694x698px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 694x698px
I'm just saying. Big boss is known for beating up old Slavs, having an Oedipus complex, and getting cock blocked by a snuke. I wouldn't be all that surprised if BB is the sun fag who started this thread.
>During the fight with the end BB shitposts Rainbow dash threads.

My God, it all makes sense.
File: 1396233545881.png (2MB, 1476x1344px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1476x1344px
>>"What did you say you big monkey?"
>>Said the blonde one.
>"Really? You don't see what's gay about two colts stealing a doll from a filly and then bragging about it!?"
>>"What's that even mean? Is that some sort of monkey talk?"
>>The mop-topped one said in a snide tone.
>"Hey you, crayons. How often are these guys around one another?"
>>"All the time, they do nothin' but pick on me and Flutte-"
>"Even more proof you two are gay, every waking hour you two are scaring all of the fillies away."
Ten year olds don't talk like that.
Any general Kid Anon ideas?
Kid Anon eats Celestia's cake.
How about something longer than a 1-post oneshot?
Anon has a nightmare and runs to mommys bed after luna gets rid of the monster
holy faaarrkk. zzyz actually made it. 3xF pony for max gains.
one of the mane 6 gives birth to a human they don't know what it is the ponies try to kill it but the mother love him to much to let that append.
bonus points if the reason they want to kill him is because of a ancient prophecy.
Bring your parent to school day
Well shit. Any idea who? I can probably work out a short story from this.
fluttershy or celestia?
I'm writing a Celestia one now. Maybe another writefag could write a Fluttershy one?
You nigger.
File: 1394839207407.jpg (372KB, 1197x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
372KB, 1197x1500px
>You find out your mum is Jewish, thus you are.
What do?
Kill myself.

>When the stars align and the hands of fate push their cards
>A child will be born, nurtured from the womb of the Alicorn Princess. Fatherless.
>An Equine it will not be, nor any creature of Equestria will call him their own

>He is the Vanguard. Sent from the world where the Sun has no mistress and the Moon answers to no one.
>a world where magic only exists in the minds of children and maniacs
>A kingdom where Darkness and Light do battle
>A region where War and Peace are ever shifting
>a realm so full of hate, that Sombra himself would draw the line
>a place who's chaos would take Discord by surprise
>a province so devoid of love for outsiders, the entire Changeling race would dissolve in an instant
>a land where Dragons and Griffons are nothing more than mere fairy tales

>No amount of conventional magic can undo this creature. It can not be imprisoned by the elements of harmony
>He can only be defeated by one thing
>Should his Mothers horn pierce his heart, his life will end.

>but heed these words
>sway his heart to good and not a destroyer he will be, but a Guardian
>the strongest soldier Equestria will ever know
>If you do this. Not even all of Tartarus could threaten you with him at your side
>If you fail, pray the mother has the strength to kill her own son
>Oy vey Anonymous, make with the quickness and bring me my bagels & schmear, how can I raise the sun on an empty stomach!
ho shit that was awesome more!
I'm liking this. I'm actually gonna save this for future use.
File: 1405176558435.gif (1014KB, 640x526px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1014KB, 640x526px
This fucking thread, you bastards are going too far.
Wow, more of this!
We've not went far enough.
File: dale.png (244KB, 500x378px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244KB, 500x378px
>not wanting to love and fuck momlestia
Hank, you might be a faggot
>Luna warned her sister of the impending astral alignment weeks in advance
>Just as the prophecy predicted
>Everything was prepared for the birth
>Equestrias finest doctors and nurses wee brought in for the Alicorn Princess's unnatural birth
>Luna, Twilight and Cadence were the only ones allowed in the operating room
>Twi was not permitted to tell the rest of the mane six about the prophecy
>the medical teams were only told to prepare for a non standard birth and were sworn to secrecy under Royal decree

>it was the most painful Celestia ever felt in her entire life and alicorns are extremely resistant to pain
>she struggled with all her might to expel the otherworldly offspring
>the others watched in silent support ad horror at her suffering
>Luna kept close and reassured her
>any other mare would feel excitement and happiness towards this event
>she had read the prophecy
>she only felt apprehension and unease at the arrival of a potential monster she was going to create
>with a cascade of relief, the child was born
>Celestia let out a long sigh
>The doctor wrapped the newborn in cloth and handed him to Celestia
>one of the nurses eyes widened in shock
>no one screamed. They had been instructed to retain their composure
>she looked at her "son" and she felt calmer, it was only a baby, a strange and odd creature
>it cried like any other
>it was no monster, a innocent little thing
>hands and feet like a monkey
>hairless and bald
>it just wanted its mother
>her maternal instincts kicked in
>Celestia held him close to her and cooed in his ear
>"I love you, you are here for a reason my wonderful son"

Then her eyes went white and a vision came to her


>Celestia felt her mind go elsewhere.
>Far away
>So far away
>beyond her Sister's Moon and her own Sun
>across the infinite plains of the universe and past the trillions of stars
>she saw a world, not unlike her own, it had a moon like hers
>words and phrases poured into her head
>the voices whispered to her, both male and female "Human" "Mankind" "Homo Sapiens" "Earth"
>Celestia was a goddess. She didn't feel like one now
>what she saw astonished her
>A sunrise with no one to guide it, neither for the moon
>all by themselves, in perfect harmony
>she watched as images of wonders rushed past her eyes
>Buildings that pierced the heavens
>mighty cities that dwarfed the largest equestrian settlement
>machines buzzing about at fantastic speeds all tightly knit on a track together like blood flowing through a vein
>she saw creatures, dressed in a abundance of clothing, hurrying about their business, running through more streets than there existed in Canterlot
>The environment shifted
>she saw magnificent spires
>spewing fire and smoke at the ground to soar upwards
>she witnessed great metal birds soaring through the air with a speed no pegasus could match
>she saw some of these "Humans" dressed in protective suits place a flag in the middle of a grey dusty desert, the emblem was alien to her
>she looked back and was shocked realised she was on the moon, they had punched through the sky itself to reach her
>they possessed no magic from what she saw
>no banished sister lay here on their moon as the memory of Nightmare Moon crossed her mind
>the scene changed again
>she felt a darkness surround her as she heard alarm sirens and what sounded like thousands of little thunder strikes in her ears
>the rumblings and noises got louder
File: 1375088024564.gif (218KB, 240x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Keep going you magnificent bastard

>Celestia watched in terrified fascination as scene of carnage unfolded before her
>Entire cities burning, buildings collapsing
>endless legions of soldiers and war machines marching against each other
>metal birds layed fire upon the ground
>men shot sparks at each other and ended each other's lives in a split second
>she watched as metal beasts lumbered through city streets and unleashed pure destruction in their wake, levelling entire towns and leaving only rubble
>the view changed many times as time went on
>the weapons and tools changed
>she watched as flying machines were crashed into mighty towers
>as spires flew through the sky as burned the ground below upon impact

>Then she saw it
>the most powerful weapon they had made
>a blinding flash brighter than her sun
>buildings vaporised and people erased into shadows in a split second
>an ominous mushroom shaped cloud rose from the area
>Celestia felt pure terror in her heart at all these sights after seeing wonders at first
>she saw white light as she returned to consciousness, the worried concern of the others rousing her from her trance
>her son was still in her hooves
>she felt a moment of relief at this and being away from that nightmare
>Luna spoke up "I used my powers to watch your vision, I saw it too dear Sister, you should rest and we will convene a meeting, are you ok?" She inquired
>Twilight stared at the newborn with wide eyed fascination. But didn't dare touch him
Fuck mate this is top notch stuff.
Hydrogen and helium?
This is definately not your first time writing, any other stories you've written?

Shit bro... You have my utmost attention.

There are no words that can describe what I feel right now.
>2 hours later

>Celestia had recovered quickly from the days events, being a Alicorn. The doctors cleared her and her son for release from the medical ward

>Celestia sat calmly at the table while her son was tended by a nurse just a few feet away, she felt anxious to leave him, but she couldn't discuss this matter and hold him at the same time
>She was joined by her sister Luna, Cadence and Twilight
>"Apart from Luna, none of you are aware of what I saw when I experienced that vision, do not be alarmed at my initial shock, as I saw both good things and bad things."

>"Nothing relating directly the child but more so his world. His people. Their...capabilities" Luna interjected

"Yes, as we all know the prophecy seems daunting, it warns us of what will happen if this child is treated like a outsider or how great a threat he presents swayed to evil-"

>At that moment a snapping sound was heard

"sorry I'm late princess! hope I didn't miss the baby shower!

>"Discord..." Tia sighed

>"How did YOU learn of this so soon? No one told you!" Twilight asked

"Oh please, word gets around" Discord replied sarcastically as his ears dropped off his head and sprouted legs and ran around the table before teleporting back to the Dracqonis's head

"Woah! Look at you!, like a little hairless monkey! Coochy coochy coo!"
Discord said playfully before materializing a banana and splattering it on his own face

>Little Anon giggled at Discords antics and Celestia held back a smile at hearing his laughter

>"Now if you don't mind Discord we have a meeting to finish before you interrupted us, thank you very much"

"Alright alright. I'm going. I owe Fluttershy a game of tennis anyway..."
He said before snapping away

>"Right! now back to the issue at hand. My Son. Anonymous "

"Ooh nice name" Cadence complimented

>Celestia continued "prophecy considered, I don't think we will need to worry about anything for a good while, at least until he's out of infancy"
>"The vision showed me many things however"
>Celestia recounted what she had seen during the moments after Anon's birth in great detail
>"...not only are his kind capable of great feats, they are also equally capable of great evil and all of it without magic."

>"oh and Twilight?

"Yes Princess? You're no longer sworn to secrecy over this. I think it will be good for him not to be hidden away. Like some secret monster. I know he's not going to be like that, so feel free to tell the others"

>Celestia looked back at her son with a loving gaze "...I'll make sure of it"
Never used a name or pastebin. Just sort of post one off stories when I get inspired by a thread
Babies don't giggle two hours after birth.

>"Yes Princess? You're no longer sworn to secrecy over this. I think it will be good for him not to be hidden away. Like some secret monster. I know he's not going to be like that, so feel free to tell the others"

I assume you missed a line there, otherwise, continue.

And so Celestia looked after her child, she managed to find a suitable balance between work and caring for him along with a lot of help from her friends, she fed him her milk, she tucked him in at night. She loved him. No matter how unexplained his arrival may have been. He was hers.
>Twilight and her friends had taken a shine to him

>Fluttershy fawned over how cute he was

>Rarity insisted she make some custom made outfits for the baby which Celestia accepted with grace

>Pinkies antics kept the child entertained and happy. Which Tia was grateful towards

>Applejack and Rainbow Dash speculated on what it would look like fully grown

>Twilight spent most days taking notes his behaviour and mannerisms to see how it was different from a regular foal

>Some days she almost forgot about the prophecy
>although she anticipated him with fear and dread, He brought her such joy. A blessing in disguise

>soon enough days turned into to weeks
>weeks turned into months
>months into years
>eventually it was time to send little Anon off to school

(Gonna take a short break, tell me if it seems like this is getting burned out or Too far away from momlestia

Nice. I bet Anon gets depressed when he's the only human.

>vid related
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>"*sigh*..told you to just mute them, mom."
>I..-BUT..Anonymous, he called me a dork!
>you lightly boop her muzzle
>"..Mom..how old are you?"
>*sigh*..Old enough to know I should'nt act so juvenile.
>you run a hand through her mane and kiss her forehead
>"Thats right."
>Y-you did'nt have to make light of my age, Anonymous..
>"B'awww...c'mere mom..you know no matter what, you'll always be as spry, youthful 20,000 in our eyes."
But I'm autistic. You don't want a autistic child do you Celestia?

Please adopt a normalfag
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That was beyond cute.
Oh it's okay dear, let mommy cure you of /r9k/, now come to bed.

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>18 years later


>Anon stepped over the dead body of a guard
>She had quadrupled the guard for his return, she thought her plan would work? >Royal bitch thought wrong.
>it taken him longer to get through her guards, that bitch
>that wouldn't stop him
>more came as he approached the inner sanctum of the palace
>their spells bounced off him harmlessly
>you think they would have learned
>Anon placed his hands in front of him
>redirecting their spells back at them
>Anon laughed as they were dispatched by their own attacks
>Anon took a look behind him and watched as the surroundings behind him burned, like matchsticks to a flame
>he felt powerful
>he caused all this
>he was a god
>they couldn't touch him
>a bigger brute came galloping around the corner
>"ah the elite guard, I'm sure she'd send you!" Anon mocked as the powerful armoured equine charged him
>Anon waited for him to gain distance and took no defensive stance
>only when he was close enough Anon rushed forward and struck him with a single dehabilitating punch that catapulted his enemy through several walls
>"Excellent. I needed a fucking shortcut" Anon chuckled to himself
>Anon stepped through the mess of rubble and found her cowering on her throne
>Anon was going to enjoy this
>"How stupid do you think I am? You really thought I would take your side? That all your tricks and bullshit would win me over? Override my nature? Stupid bitch."
>Anon pulled his sword out
>as it hissed in the eerie silence of the throne room she cowered further and said nothing
>"and now your rule is at an end, by my hand!"
>He brought the blade to her throat
>she uttered one last desperate plea "Spare me...please Anonymous!"
>Anon simply smiled and said
"My mother always said to me "Always finish what you start Anon"
>With that the tyranny of the Changeling Queen Chrysalis was brought to a bloody end

>Anon left. Victorious and bloodied. The Prophecy fufilled.
Continuation of
>*Roll credits*
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Then he went home and made sweet love to mommy, had me going there
I luv big solid horse mom
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>"oh look another letter from my loving son"
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That's my boy