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>be a 7 year old girl
>today is the season 4 finale of your favorite cartoon, my little pony: friendship is magic
>you are very excited
>you sit down in front of the tv, holding your rainbow dash plushie
>she is so awesome
>your lucky charms sit on the coffee table in front of you
>you pick out a marshmallow and eat it
>the dry cereal is yucky anyway
>the marshmallows are the only good part
>you hear the theme song begin to play
>you sing along, of course
>the episode is going great
>there's all of your favorite characters
>and rainbow dash is awesome in this episode
ÔéČthe song the princesses sing is excellent
>the princesses are so pretty
>you want to be like princess celestia
>a man pony begins is walking down a dark alley
>your mother warned you to stay out of dark alleys
>his emerald cutie mark reminds you of minecraft
>you like playing it on your mom's iphone
>a hooded figure approaches
>he gives the man pony a lecture, shaking his fist
>he opens his mouth and sucks magic out of the man pony's horn
>he falls to the ground
>his eyes grey and dead
>oranges hit the ground
>you stare
>eyes widened in horror
>this is nothing like what you usually watch on mlp
>this scares you
>you keep watching
>tirek sucks out the magic of a whole room
>keep watching
>pretty princesses get locked in tartarus
>twilight gets smashed into a mountain
>the cute little library you wished you lived in is gone
>her friends eyes are lifeless and grey
>just like your grampa's were
>fluttershy is crying
>you are crying
>mommy runs in
>asks you whats the matter
>explain everything
>mom hugs you
>tells you its only a show
>turn it back on
>all the ponies are fine
>not even the ending theme song makes you smile
>those lifeless eyes stick in your head
>mentally scarred
>nightmares for weeks
>thanks hasbro

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>implying kids found it scary
>implying op was actually serious

Also, I lel'd

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My cat bends over like rainbow dash, is very active like rainbow dash and at times can be snappy. They are also very fit and the most healthiest cat with the body of rainbow dash, is this normal? They are also very talkative like rainbow dash
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cum inside your cat
It took all of one post, but I'm honestly not even surprised in the slightest.
My cat is too small, how would I manage that.
They are male also.

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Hello /mlp/,

Thank you for coming to see me. I understand you are looking to immigrate to Equestria. Would you be willing to answer a few questions first?
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Since you probably wouldn't let me in if I refuse I suppose so.
First, I would like to ask /you/ a few questions.
Item number one: How's your healthcare?

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Pinkie stop being so sexy.
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now post the edit where she is bottomless
You know what Arthur would say to this?
Hey, it worked!

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>"Oh hey Anon. The usual?"
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Oh, I don't believe we've met. You must have me confused with somebody else. What's the sign for? Would you like to go get some lunch somewhere?
I get off to ponies who charge for cuddles
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Never. Come with me, let's get you something to eat.

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New sun and moon thread. Old thread was kill. We start again.
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There should be an episode where Twilight and Spike end up trapped in alternate universe and keep being depicted in different art styles.
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family guy did that already not saying mlp hasn't stolen plots for many other shows especially PPG but still
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That was my inspiration.

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This is my Grandfather on July 26th 1943, serving in Guadicanal. He had over 60 Confirmed kills in a Japanese banzai charge, and received multiple accommodations for his bravery in battle. Recently I learned that he was a horsefucker, as early as the 1930s, he's engaged in acts of bestiality with mares on our family farm in Indiana. I was told by my grandmother, who was scared to tell me, but I took it really well and left the room. I Couldn't help but laugh for an hour as I realized that sexuality towards equines must run in the family. God bless him.
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Seems like the only way to make him proud is to go fuck a horse. Godspeed OP.
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The man wanted more than granny could provide. So he went for Granny Smith.

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I want to poop in Twilight Sparkles' corn flakes.
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Good for you.
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