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I've been pondering this for a while now. I'de just

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I've been pondering this for a while now. I'de just like to hear some other people's opinions on it.

Why don't all these millionaires/billionaires make 1/1 or 1/2 scale Gundams or just giant mecha in general just to use in the name of fun on a range or even defense if the need for it came up. I was talking with my good friend about it and his first thought was "because particle drives don't exist yet" but then I brought up Pacific Rim mechs and how they are just a combination of diesel engines, hydraulics, jet engines, etc. Basically, all technology we have today. I know thats still fictional but it seems so possible with the right amount of money. Thoughts?
Because people have better shit to spend their money on.

> Fun on a range
> defense

Even if some billionaire decided to put money down on a mecha pet project they wouldn't get back anything really useful for all their money. The best they'd get back is a glorified tank with a mech shaped body strapped to it's engine and no adaptive or natural limb movement. The limbs might swing back and forth in a simple and pointless way, but you wouldn't have something you could aim a rifle with a lot of precision with for instance. And probably won't for a long time yet.

Plenty of rich people buy tanks, airplanes and other boys toys though. They buy those because they work as expected, rather than buying something that looks mech like and has all the functionality of a wheelchair, like that shitty mech thing that some company in Japan was charging a million or more for a few years back. The Karaba? Something with K anyways, I think.
Oh, right. I forgot you can drive 15 supercars all at once. Stop acting like all these filthy rich rappers and whatnot don't spend money on useless shit everyday.
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>implying a car is as useless as a giant robot
>implying my boy K. Dot can't do whatever the fuck he wants
>implying To Pimp A Butterfly isn't going to win a Grammy

You can't, but you can drive them one at a time. Vastly superior to a "mech" that you can't even drive, or even store in a garage without being an eyesore.
>do whatever the fuck he wants

You can't tell me theres not a single person on the planet who wouldn't want their own functional mech to fuck around with.
No. Not everyone gives a shit about Chinese robots.
You guys are missing the point. There's people on this planet with more money than they themselves even know about.

Relevant Example: Floyd Mayweather FORGOT FOR MONTHS ON END that he bought a $100k+ Mercedes because the car rental place was out of rental cars near an airport he landed at.
All it takes is one. Look at all the usless shit Rob Dyrdek does with his money.

And you're missing the point that it doesn't matter, both because there's only a tiny, tiny fraction of a fraction of a fraction of people actually interested in mecha and because no matter how much money they threw at it they wouldn't really get anything substantial or useful back.

Money can't magically make something appear just because you have lots of it. There's no-one researching toku transformation belts and expecting good results just because they're putting lots of money in to the effort. Same thing. No matter how much money you throw at the idea of a mech, you're not going to get one back.
I just feel like its reasonable in my head with my average knowledge of mechanics. You wouldn't have to make it function with the exact fictional parts used in anime/manga and what not. But I do see where you guys are coming from.
Because most people who are successful in life have better things to do than watch chinese cartoons and shitpost on /m/.

I suppose it is possible that someone might be willing to blow a fuckton of money on a giant robot given all the equally dumb shit people buy, but even with an inexhaustible reserve of money it still might not get you something which performs to the degree which you want due to, well, physics. People separate real-robot and super-robot anime all the time, but the fact is asking for someone to build RX-78 is almost just as retarded as asking them to build gurren laggan.

>b-but it's real-robot, I saw it in pacific rim!


No but really, pacific rim isn't a documentary. It's science fiction. Fiction, as in not-real. Scaling stuff up like that doesn't work. You drop a small ant off an ant-scale skyscraper, and it'll be fine. Scale up to an elephant, and you can break your ribs just by tripping over at a bad angle. Scale up to a gundam-scale mobile suit, and you'll likely be at least breaking your knees if you try to do so much as jog, if not worse.

The fact is, when you scale up in all three directions, you're increasing your mass by a cubed factor, so a giant robot is going to seem ridiculously heavy for its size. If I'm a cube my height is X and my mass is X*X*X (constant density), multiplying my height by Y, it results in multiplying my mass by Y to the power of 3.

I don't care how good Guillermo del Toro's cholo-engineers are, an operational diesel-engine tequila gundam will never exist. That's just the hard truth.
>multiplying my height by Y, it results in multiplying my mass by Y to the power of 3.

just meant

>multiplying my height by Y, results in multiplying my mass by Y to the power of 3.
>Why don't all these millionaires/billionaires make 1/1 or 1/2 scale Gundams or just giant mecha in general just to use in the name of fun on a range or even defense if the need for it came up.
Because they won't work.
I mean, they can make statues or give it limited animatronics or put them on wheels and scoot them around at agonizingly slow speeds if you're willing to blow a million or so on it.

But the tech to make 18-meter tall robots walk around isn't there. And nobody wants to throw the probably billions of dollars that you'd need to make it work away.
aside from http://suidobashijuko.jp/
The problem with building mecha comes with two key points.

1st is power supply. Trying to find some way of supplying enough power with a system that fits on board a mech's frame. If it fits, the power supply is too small. If the power supply is high enough, it is too big to fit. So far. we'll get there some day.

2nd is control. we are still having trouble making robots that walk on two legs as it is. trying to scale up the system so it can be operated by an on-board pilot... look up Toyota's i-foot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO9q1VvG3KI it walks, slowly, but how would you control arms if you are using your hands to drive it as it is?
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Rich people have shit taste
>Muh square cube law!
Your point is somewhat valid, but like many Anons you're extremely misguided in your attempt to apply the law to reality. You're exaggerating its effects quite a bit.

I'm actually being a bit generous here. You're exaggerating its effects pretty fucking significantly with the examples you gave.
All I want is a 20 ft. Guntank. I don't need legs.
That and everyone wants to be Batman, not Amuro
>Why don't people smart enough to make money do the things I would do, but can't because I'm such a fucking useless autist?
Kill yourself while you're ahead my man.
I think the idea of a human sized suit is a better idea than a large mech but the same problem remains. Power supply and the fact that it has to react to everyone of your movements
Woah there pal, no need to go projecting your own insecurities on anonymous people on the internet.

It's a legitimate question that I brought to a board MEANT for these types of discussions. I was merely looking for some insight as to why a functional fluidly moving Mech hasn't been created what with all the other useless creations people make and spends enormous amount of money on.

Go call other people you don't know autists. And just keep telling yourself you're funny.
Now this is the satisfying reply I was looking for.

Thanks, guy.
>aside from http://suidobashijuko.jp/
This is so fucking cool. Never heard of this before.
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What the fuck do you mean "exaggerating"? There are fat humans who are so heavy that their knees don't work. Like, average height humans. Jack that up to an 18 meter tall RX-78 and you're fucked. I mean really, this mother fucker weighs 43.4 metric tons at his lightest, and has another 16.6 metric tons of armaments to carry. Its weight to height ratio is like 50 times larger than a humans, and by the cube square law (that was a law?), that's already a miracle.

Let's just look at the arm; the length is probably like 45% of the height, and the mass is probably around 5% of the whole pie, so his arm's probably 8.1 meters long with 2.17 metric tons of mass, aka 2170 kilos. If we assume the center of mass on his arm is right in the middle, that means the shoulder needs to put out enough torque to support 2170 kg times 9.81 m/s, aka 21287.7 newtons, along a 4.05 meter long lever. That's 86215.185 Nm of torque to just point your arm straight at a zaku.

A typical diesel engine is going to for sure put out less than 800 Nm just to hold your arm up, so you're gonna need 107 diesel engines, and this is assuming they're really good ones and that you don't need to do anything but hold your arm in place. Those engines are going to weigh like 400 kilos each when dry, so all 107 of them total up to 42800 kilos of engine just to lift the arm. That's like 20 times the arms weight already, and that arm is expected to lift up equally heavy things. If you add a 7 metric ton shield onto the end of that 8.1 meter long lever, you're going to need another 555660 Nm of torque you need, which is another 695 engines worth of torque on top of the 107 you already have. Now obviously you don't just jam pack a bunch of car engines in there, but you're not going to lift that weight way a human arm is lifted and go zaku boxing like Doan.

Oddly enough, the seemingly super-robot psychic control systems are actually pretty doable. You could throw money at that and get it.
>If you add a 7 metric ton shield onto the end of that 8.1 meter long lever, you're going to need another 555660 Nm of torque you need,
>you need,

Holy shit, why can't I write and do math at the same time?

Also each time I said lift the arm/etc I just meant hold the arm/etc up. Actually swinging your arms would be significantly harder.
>Plenty of rich people buy tanks, airplanes and other boys toys though
Including literal boytoys.
But Batman has a set of power armor.

Clearly it's going to be a superdiesel engine, anon
They do it in secret, just like they control the world in secret.
>just like they control the world in secret.
>in secret

Right, a secret. Like how "Anderson Cooper is gay" was a "secret" for years.
super diesel is for super robots

This, so much of this.
And that's not even getting into the materials science aspect, or the computers needed to balance forty tons on one leg, or control systems needed to actually tell the thing what to do.

Sure, all of these problems could be solved if you put enough time and money into it. But at that point, you're talking billions of not trillions of dollars. And billionaires don't become billionaires by spending money frivolously. Which is exactly what this is, seeing as how giant robots are effectively useless.

no under 18s

>>12550365 here,
I don't want to make it sound easy, but just stuff like balancing your limbs is totally doable. I feel like I could find better links but:




-and anything else related to neuro prostetics, plus:


-if you don't want to go down the newtype route and would rather just have a joystick and some automatic balancing functions, etc.

Point being that the kinda things you see in stuff like ghost in the shell are significantly more real-robot than mobile suit gundam or pacific rim. People call unicorn's psycoframe "magical" when it usually makes more sense than most gundam shit, while simultaneously claiming getter is "real robot" as though something of that size moving that way wasn't super robot by default.

Pretty much the only thing a mobile suit would be good for (or even capable of, for that matter) is vandalizing battleships in 0g. Oddly this makes the seemingly impractical anti-ship swords kinda useful since you can make deep cuts into the bridge of a ship, making it worthwhile to have giant robot arms instead of tiny human arms. Plus you can maneuver using what gundam sentinel call "AMBAC" instead of just using fuel, meaning you're at least slightly efficient assuming you can get into a big crowd of ships. You'd still want to be small enough a target to make it up to a ship in the first place though, and I'm sure people can name better alternatives.
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Coming soon.jpg
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Useful crap or not, it's up to them what they spend their money on.
If I was fabulously rich, I would just get a 1:1 Exia statue placed in my backyard.

It would have a cockpit that doubled as a bed.
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>wants 4realz giant robots like in the anniemays
>wonders why those pesky Trillionaires out there don't do it
>"I don't want to make it sound easy, but"
>thinks I want 4realz giant robots like in the anniemays

You do realize I posted >>12550365 right?

I understand fully well that its not gonna happen, but most of the futuristic control systems people moan about are a million times more scientifically plausible than the bare proportions most mobile suits have.
>giant robots
Why we don't make something like small humanoid robots destroying each other?It would be a good sport
From how I understand it, making a 20 meter tall robot would mean it would have to weigh in around 1 metric ton, if you were using a regular human as scale. That's a fairly tight weight allowance.
You mean "have to weigh 1 metric ton" as in "something 20 meters tall is gonna end up being at least 1 metric ton," or as in "it needs to be under 1 metric ton in order to work"?
As in "It needs to weigh about 1 metric ton in order to work."
That's probably a good guestimate then. Of course, if I've got a 20 by 5 by 1 meter robot (treating it as a cube) which weighs 1 megaton, that's a material density of 10 kg per cubic meter. Styrofoam is 1 gram per cubic centimeter, aka 1000 kilograms/cubic meter, so you'd need a material with a 100th of the density styrofoam has, and you'd need to make engines and weapons and armor out of it.
>wrote megaton instead of metric ton

Can't go a full post without a typo.
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Thread images: 6

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