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/m/-izing other series

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>pick a show, movie or whatever
>make it /m/
Now is it improved?

In the case of Fate stay night instead of magi fighting with heroes incarnated as servants, they do by placing the heroic spirit into a famous building such as a church, castle or monument, that then takes a more human looking form.

>pic semi related
Idols with me-
yeah I got nothing
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>Idolmaster Xenoglossia
You lack i/m/agination.
Holy shit that's genius.
Hajime no Ippo, except all the boxers wear power armor.
Batman: The Animated Series.
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You should really watch Metal Fighter Miku to see why power armor and physical sports don't mix.
how about Kill La Kill

instead of regalia uniform, it's a powered suit-- fuck it
Coach is just explaining how their ring psychology is shit because they lean on the suits to make it look cool. Like garbage wrestlers and flippy guys who just do spots but can't string together a story.
>Putting them in buildings
>Not making them summon actual giant robots
Power suits were initially thought as a means to increase the agility of the players. Then, it got so advanced that players are adapting to it instead of using it to further their innate talents (which is why Coach and Aquamarine got plateau-ed in the first place). The end fight emphasized this by showing that the prodigy Miku is actually kicking Aquamarine's ass more now that she has no armor. Aquamarine realizes this and, once the newtype talk between her and Coach (including the posted screenshot) is over, she casts off her armor and loses off-screen.
oh ok, I got that mixed up with the "all you do is jump around" speech from earlier on
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Ah, that part. He was kinda vague there and holds a more relevant meaning on the second viewing: the suits are there to make things cool as in emphasizing the player's ability. Which is why the first thing he gets the girls do is to correct their repertoire like proper falling, etc (improving themselves, not the use of the armor).
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hajime no junya.webm
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Make it a Gundam Fight.

Gilgamesh uses the God Gundam
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But it was made 20 years ago.
>/m/ Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
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Isn't it obvious? Robo-Tanuki.

Also, instead of drawing standard shoujo romances, they're shoujo romances where the characters happen to be going to school to pilot mecha.
mite b cool
It'd give someone an excuse to actually recite something from the Epic of Gilgamesh too.
>Go up on the wall of Uruk and walk around,
examine its foundation, inspect its brickwork thoroughly. Is not (even the core of) the brick structure made of kiln-fired brick, and did not the Seven Sages themselves lay out its plans? One league city, one league palm gardens, one league lowlands, the open area(?) of the Ishtar Temple, three leagues and the open area(?) of Uruk it (the wall) encloses.
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>Ring of Fire book series
>now with 100% moar /m/
>Rocking 17th century Europe's face with COURAGE, GUTS, GATTAI, and HOT-BLOODED ACTION

I am both concerned for my mental state and aroused beyond belief.
>love live
>with /m/
I don't even have to think further than that, I already love it.
>sentai-esque plot
>9 music powered giant robots
>that can gattai in different orders to create new even bigger robots
>fun and colorful battles with sweet insert songs
>cute pilot outfits
Now I love it even more.
>Nozaki draws shojo with mecha
>Mikoshiba buys plamo (or still figures, but with mecha girls)
>Chiyo is still the same qt, more or less
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So what, they'd use old mining mechs to defend the town and then they can bring the age of /m/ on 17th century Europe.

I can dig it.
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My take:

>Sakura wants to confess to Nozaki-kun
>Turns out Nozaki is actually a SUPER ROBOT PILOT and he thinks she's a fan of her super robot
>She gets roped into helping him fight monsters of the week and such
>Other cast members are also Nozaki's super robot sidekicks in secret while doing their high school student business and such
>Series is still slice of life comedy
>Most monsters they fight are tanuki
>JoJo Bizarre adventure
Now stands are giant and the users go inside them
How lazy. What about the series before the introduction of stands?
Hamon instead of giving you the sun power lets you summon a mecha Dio uses his vampire swag to make his own evil mecha
Well, Jonathan's rich and uses the power of the sun, we might as well just give him Daitarn at this point.
mein nigger, i had a similar concept but with each year forming a getter robo esque robot and the three robots can form different combinations depending on which year is the head

a mid season upgrade allows them to form "units" aka they can gattai with their respective units instead of just their respective year levels which opens up more combination opportunities
I wouldn't put it past Sunrise to do this at some point what with their adaption of [email protected] and all
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Love Braver ~Brave Idol Project~
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JoJo part IX: Hi-Streamers
That Imber cameo
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Tonight on Top Gear...

we save the world.
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Hisui Angers!.png
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And take away the waifu bait from F/SN? Blasphemy!
>>make a contract with SHOCKER
>>become a cyborg girl!
>>being a cyborg girl is suffering.
>>fight against SHOCKER
>Azumanga Daioh
>Same jokes but they're all inside giant robots
>Osaka is Boss Borat
>"Here for you nobita, GP03 DENDROBIUM"
So I'm guessing you've never heard of ORT.
>beautiful tears.jpg
>not wanting to service a thousand ton chassis of blessed metal and prana

get out
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Didn't that already happen?
>Boss Borat
The mental images aren't the most...pleasing.
Are you serious?
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Tonight's star in a reasonably priced mech
The translation of that quote is plain bullshit.
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Some say, his real name resembles a SUV and he's been on a spiritual trip to India for a long time. All we know is, he's three times faster than you and he's called the Char.
>initial D
people hold mecha fights in the mountains during the night. One day takumi joins the fight using his fathers modified old mecha.

Char works so well for the Stig given all of the Char clones
Didn't that already happen?
They already have Zandacross.
who the fuck cares
about Kek le Shit
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Super robots basically represent personas, right? So imagine having super robots inspired by mythylogical figures. Instead of invoking or evoking in P3's case their Personas, characters would fight inside them.
/v/ please go
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You'll never stop me!
Instead of being a martial art, hamon is an energy technology, with a module installed in Zeppeli's and Johnatan's mechs.
An /m/ Phantom Blood gives me vibes of the Count of Montecristo anime
League of legends meet /M/
This is just a way to bump the thread, isn't it?
Technomagic robots fighting each other? could work
An actual official Dynasty warriors /M/ with a bit of reference of their gundam games
This is an old idea I have been working on but havent really gotten far on. a Mecha flavored JL.

The story starts with an eon long new god war, entire galaxies falling to apokoliptian hellfire and Astroforce blasts.

The local galactic peacekeeping force Green Lanterns (reimagined with energy construct armors/mechs, think TTGL) hold the line near the galactic rim. The Parademons (now imagined as Kikaijus) breaks trough and wreaks havoc in the Rao star system where it is met by the Kryptonian empire and their crystal tech Machines called the Eradicators. This is essentially the Superman mythos mixed with GaoGaiGar. Krypton is eventually overwhelmed and Jor El's secret weapon is sent to Earth with Krypton with young Kal El. The pod is replaced with a Super Robot.

Apokolips's scouts soon arrive on Earth, The Earth's military forces manage to fend them off, but at great cost. Due to a command chain SNAFU Young Bruce Wayne loses his father and mother in the battle of Gotham, driven by the loss of his parents and the distrust of the military, he creates an underground Paramilitary organization (think mithril) to prepare for the coming war and performs armed interventions to keep the peace and the Earth forces united.

Several years of relative peace past. Diana Prince, daughter of an archaeologist is on a dig in the Mediterranean when Apokolips' main forces arrive, a stray missile hits their camp leaving her the sole survivor. She tries to hide in the ruins that was unearthed by the explosion. She finds a statue of Athena and is pelted with memories of her past life, she learns that she is the daughter of Zeus , She also learns that Apokolips has once tried to invade earth before where they were repelled by the Olympians, the old gods of earth. The statue breaks apart and a mystic mech inside (think Turn-A, FSS, Rayearth) She is later found by Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis and scion of Poseidon to be trained and take part in the defense of the earth.
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>Wyatt Earp and his brothers including Doc Holiday rendezvous at the O.K. sector in their highly modified suits when sensors detect Ike Clanton and related space cowboys in their own highly modified Zakus.
>The enterprising Earp Brothers and company, who had been making a great living off of protecting one of the outer colonies, had a lot of bad blood with the prestigious Clanton family of Zeon who were born into riches and had their own itinerants in the colony.
>Suddenly, though he was never ordered to do so, Billy Clanton fired his rifle into the Earps and company.
>In Billy's clumsy nerves he inadvertently created a battle between the two forces.


Arthur Curry is an older man, playing the mentor archetype. He commands the Superdimensional battleship 'Leviathan' (thinkk SDF-1, Kujira, or Tuatha De Danaan) By the last few episodes, Mera joins him in the bridge and Poseidon's blessing is unlocked transforming the ship into a bipedal colossus.

Halfway trough the story, The Trinity + Arthur has destroyed Apokolips' forward base on Earth thanks to the help of the Green Lantern Abin Sur and learned that The Dark Emperor Darkseid himself is coming to destroy earth. They also learn of an old weapon that the Olympians used to repel Apokolips under the sands of Mars. they travel to the Olympus Mountain range and find an army of Alien Mechs but all of them have become but sand, ravaged by the vagaries if time... all but one. A sentient machine called the Godhunter. (think sentient mecha, like Transformers or Yuushas) allied with this Martian godhunter, their continue to defend against Darkseid's flunkies.

Hal Jordan would still be a US pilot, using a hi tech support craft that brings everything from batteries to weapons for the JL mechs. About two thirds of the story, Abin Sur dies and Hal steps up as the new Lantern.

What Im stuck with... is Flash. I have no idea to make him mech related, maybe tie him to Hermes and the olympians?

Anyway that's my idea

Superman - GaoGaiGar/Mazinger esque mecha
WW - Rayeath Mecha
Batman - Arm Slave/Aestevalis/Shinkirou mech, updated by info dumps from his support sattelite Brother Eye (later replaced by Oracle) uses variable wears for the appropriate occasions (think Dizers, Aestivalis)
Aquaman - Harlock with a Macross
MArtian Manhunter - Yuusha
La Usurpadora - Mechacan Version

Plot is almost the same, but Paola and Paulina meet at an expensive lunar spa and switch places. The Bracho factory produces mecha parts and is saved by Paulina cooking up contracts with the Earth government, Willy is actually the main villain coming from Jupiter and Abuela Piedad was actually a Space Pirate on her early days and she's never cured from alcohoolism.

In the last battle, Paulina and and eye-patched Carlos Daniel pilot together, Vandread-style, put against a crazy-powered giant mecha Paola.

I guess it's better than the original which I'm watching for the 6th time Fucking reruns.
Music by Kotaro Nakagawa?
Mon genre/cliche meets transformers /M/
Team fortress 2 with an airmech twist
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Thread images: 30

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