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Muv-Luv TDA01 translation released!

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Alternative Projects is pleased to announce the release of the English translation of The Day After: Episode 01!

This patch is only for the TDA01 portion of Muv-Luv Alternative: Chronicles 02. Adoration is being worked on and will be released in a future update.


Copy afhook.rpo into <Game Folder>/Plugins
Copy afhook.pkg into the main game folder

[Alternative Projects] Staff:

Gabgrave: Project lead and Main TL
Albedo: Lead Editor
Contributors: Ben, Sachibelle, TSFiAguy
Hacker: RusAnon, Afhook-anon

Translation duration: 10 months

(Spoiler Warning!) Please see translation notes after your play through for more details on the terms in the VN.


I hope you enjoy the read, and do leave any comments or feedback here at our website or email: [email protected]

Please stay tuned for further updates on our next projects. We have a couple of new Translators joining us, and we hope to have something new for you soon.

Thank you!

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How many cocks.jpg
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>Please stay tuned for further updates on our next projects
much appreciated gabgrave.
aaand the relevant links in KNG's stash are dead.

Ah well. I'll just read the script and try to visualize the events in my head.
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Its time.png
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Tut tut, you are being hysterical.


Time to see what Yuzukanon was on about.
Yuzuka is Sumika 2.0

Ellen is the real best girl of TDA
You just said Yuzuka is Sumika 2.0 so how can anyone else be best girl besides her?
>aaand the relevant links in KNG's stash are dead.
Tweet him about it.
No need, it was an outdated link
I believe this is /vg/
So I'm new to this whole scene. My only exposure is Total Eclipse the anime.

Which games HAVE been translated so far? Obviously, playing the proper TE translation is something I like (yes, even knowing about the Yui and Yuuya... connection...), but in general I'd like to know what's been done so far for english players.
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muv luv faq.jpg
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The original trilogy, Chronicles 01, some routes of Altered Fable (read this one only after the trilogy) and now this.
TE will be years before getting a translation.
>on our next projects
Could it be Schwarzesmarken?

The main games (Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative)

Large sections of the Japanese wiki and the Integral Works supplementary materials book
IMHO the following pages are essential reading

A number of TSFIAs (short story vignettes about TSFs)

Two chapters of Schwarzesmarken (sidestory about East German MiG pilots in the 80s)

Alternative Chronicles 01 including TDA00, Chicken Divers, and Rain Dancers

Parts of Before the Shining Moment Fades section of Altered Fable, a fandisk.

That's it I think.
We kinda need a new version of that faq.
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epic memesubs am i rite?
Have they actually pulled their heads out and restored the anatomically correct fortified suits?
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Yeah, I don't get it. The TL notes don't explain either. What are they on about?
I guess Battalion is equivalent to Group and Regiment is equivalent to Wing but is a platoon supposed to be a flight or a squadron?
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How do I even download this shit? It just keeps telling me to buy premium. Why would you use Mediafire in 20 fucking 15?
Because the stash dates back to 20 fucking 11.
Just for you.
JDownloader. Makes life easier.
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Perhaps I'll move/copy the archive to somewhere else during the summer.

Here's some Kimi ga Nozomu Eien memorial concerts if anyone wants them. Scans included as usual. Or should be.
Got it downloadable in a format other than torrent?
File: O_O.jpg (122KB, 1024x604px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It was in Extra as well. Its an ongoing trend, so nothing really note worthy.
Excuse me, but that wasn't in Extra but rather Supplement, nerd.
Which is still an unredeemable piece of shit.

can you translate TE PC? I will pay you

ain't even joking im hella rich

how do i contact you/your team

It was in Altered Fable, shithead.
Hey gab, do you know what happened to Jutsuki Sen? Is AF translation still going?
It's dead.
I don't have any personal contact with him so I don't know his status unfortunately.
so is this a legit translation or is it a "translation?" I don't know what I can trust after several recent releases that ended up being nothing more than edited google translate.
Its been worked on for 10 months, kinda long for a google edited script don't you think?
Anyway its not a new group or unknown people, so its more or less legit.
Not one of the translation team but there are a few problems with translating TE

the first problem is that it runs on rUGP 6.2
I have no idea if that can be cracked the same way as 5.8 but Im gonna go ahead and guess not.
Second is the game is fucking huge and and would take ages to translate for a team thats not 100% neckbeard neets sitting in their basement all day like me.
Have there been any news regarding schwarzesmarken release date or is it still "2015"?
Final TDA fucking when? fucking kouki is leaving me hanging here
[Takeru]: Please respond.jpg
Nothing from MisterM either?
Just exactly who are you asking this to? You dont even bother to phrase a question properly, but expect an answer? Are you stupid or just rude?
Asking it to OP, since he's in the best position to know the answer.
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Silly anon, I don't make torrents. I leave that to other people.
This really didn't need it's own thread. Just put it in the existing general: >>12437382
Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 12

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