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Alright /m/, you now are the main character of your own series. The last mecha series you watched is the mecha you pilot, whatever power you get randomly is your main gimick.

What is your mecha's special ability?
>Armored Trooper Votoms
>Dwarf Physiology
Holy shit my custom units are going to be so deluxe
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genocide self.jpg
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>Build Fighters TRY
>Gundam 00

Kind of fitting with the whole Veda thing
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Turn-A Gundam.


I... I'm not sure it changes much.
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Getter Robo Armageddon

That makes no difference!
Good god this picture makes me hard. Harder than I was earlier this evening with a few fingers in my bum while jerking off.
>life force empowerment
>Giant Gorg
Uh. Haven't finished Gorg, does this fit?
in a Iron Giant I must protect my little buddy sort of way
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>Brain Powerd
It's broken, sure, but I don't think this power would fit well with any sort of mecha.
I could see Hime using the brain bar as an impromptu paint brush
So a Scopedog with... Metamagic.
Not magic, just metamagic.

So its special ability remains what it's always actually been: Exploding really fucking easily.

>Ragna Mail (Cross Ange)
>Unarmed Weapon Wielding

Wield ALL the guns at once, make Vivi-chan jelly.
>Big O
>Fog Generation
>Symphogear g
>Not a little girl

Well i am a random guy that drains lifeforce, might be fun.
>reptilian physiology
Oh god, this could very easily get horrifying.
>Gundam Build Fighters Try
File: Gn-0000.jpg (172KB, 389x650px)
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> Net generation

Being able to hit an enemy going at mach 4 with a net is a different issue.
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>The last mecha series you watched is the mecha you pilot

Do games count?


So an Orbital Frame with the ability to manipulate fear? Sounds pretty sweet. I was originally going to post Jehuty, but I'm going to cheat a little since Anubis seems much more fitting for the task. I'm at a boss battle against him anyway.
Honestly this kind works out extremely well considering they are ninjas with elements.

and yes toku is /m/
>Sunlight Healing
GG everyone
>Fafner Exodus
>Fire Web Creation

Ha! Burn, Festum! You'll never touch the island!

>implying I won't job until EXIST override.
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>Majestic Prince

I won't need it tho, Alphonse is a smexy beast, he can do all of the seducing I need for me.
Gundam RX78 with Absolute Command gimmick

>Skin hardening
That's kind of useless when your mech is already "iron-hard".
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So I'm a guy on a really awesome bike who can talk to animals.
... No kidding, that might actually make for an entertaining show. One of those quiet shows about touring the world. Not very fighting-oriented, though.
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hijinks? hijinks
>Fafner Exodus

This is gonna get depressing fast.
>ability to drown entire persons/objects with water pressure
Wait a minute, so I pilot a Martian Kataphrakt?

The YF-19


So my variable fighter turns into a flying tiger?
>Meta Teleportation
>The ability to teleport anything to any location and time. Sub-power of Omnipresence and Boundary Manipulation, the absolute/final form of Teleportation/Remote Teleportation.

So basically Sui and Reo combined only better
Gundam Quan
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mmmmm yes.jpg
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>Gundam the Origin
>Earth Imprisonment
Eat shit, kaiju.
What does this even mean.
I fight for Deloyer with the power of both the Dougram and the fact that I got a couple pig valves in my chest?
They come out of the sea so that just means you're stick in there with them.
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earth mixer jaeger.jpg
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Do /m/ related games count? Because last game I played was Strange Journey. And MC uses a power armor.

>Shin Megami Tense: Strange Journey

Can't touch me, demons!
Is it just me, or do those helmets remind other people of Cybermen?
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They might've been influenced by the Cybermen of Doctor Who but the powers that the protagonist of Strange Journey has with his mystically enhanced DSP equipped Demonica suit would put them to shame.
>not trap Lucy
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I watched GBFT episode 16 just because this was in it. Haven't watched any other part of that series. This power is crazy.

Also, everybody posts nobody reads threads like this are shit. Don't make them.
Someone didn't play SJ and that's not Shiva

>Can't touch me, demons!

>Unique status effect you can't defend against which makes you kill yourself
Its been years since I lasted play SJ, who is that then? There's like over 600 demons in the main series alone

I dunno man, last several posts have had to replies to them about the powers they got.
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> rewatched victory

it's gonna go 2 ways

>I'm gonna kill myself/go on a murder spree due to insanity

>The whole world is gud i'm gud ur gud nothing happend no guilotines to see here
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So Wings of Light coupled with Minovksy drive systems will create a transcendental power that the V2's pilot can use to reach an understanding with enemies and allies alike?

Maybe you can even save Katejina with that.
Is this a Victory for ants?
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>Gundam from Reconguista in G
>Immortality through cloning
So do I get unlimited refills?

>Build Fighters

Time to make horror gunpla.
regenocide in G?
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Ghiren pls go


>Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Kind of fitting if you imagine Top Gun becoming the inverse of Bratty Savoir as a casuality conductor.
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>Argento Soma
Does this mean the alien used to make the SARG is already home?
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>GBF Try

Is this some kind of clairvoyance?
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Thread images: 26

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