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This topic may have been beaten to death already, but I'm

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This topic may have been beaten to death already, but I'm curious about what your favorite /m/ video games are?

We're opening it up for any game that's even tangentially /m/ related. This includes (but is not limited to) games that prominently feature:
>Giant mechs
>Power suits / exoskeletons
>Autonomous robots
>Humans with cyborg enhancements
>Military hardware such as tanks, planes, and ships (both modern or historical)
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I really like turn-based or tactical RPGs where you control a squad of people. It's especially great if it's a very open-world game where you can explore and do loads of side-quests.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell very very few games like this involve mechs. Here are a few of the ones I've found that of fit some of those criteria
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I want to play Front Mission, too. But it seems like there's a lot of different versions and I don't know which is the best one to play.
Tragically this game wasn't as good as it sounded. But I still really liked it.

>gundam vs gundam next plus
>virtual ON
>super robot wars gaems
>zeonic front/journey to jaburo for ps2
>battle assault 1 and 2
>armored core 1 to last raven
>steambot chronicles

gundam breaker is supposed to be pretty kickass, too.
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a ruff idea.jpg
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oh, forgot. the metal max series.
If you can find the DS version, you can always start there. Contains the complete SNES version with an added campaign.

If not, you can always emulate the SNES version and get its fan translation.
samefag here
>MS saga
Freespace 2 for me. No space combat sim has really matched the feeling for me.
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Well that makes it easy.

Without copping out like that, I'd probably go with Gotcha Force. Fucking love that game.
Metal Storm, for Famicom/NES. Super rad, super hard, gravity gimmick, good soundtrack.
Is that actually any good? I like gundam a lot and it sounds like an interesting idea but I heard the combat is very repetitive typical final fantasy style.
>Humans with cyborg enhancements
I like this a lot better than the original, honestly
Loved this one. Such fast-paced action and amazing soundtrack. Never played the PS2 follow-up, though. Would love for a 3rd one or even a HD collection.
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both 1 and 2 are good

also dick is cockpit
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Custom Robo and Astro Boy: Omega Factor are easily some of my favorite games ever.

>mfw The world is round/The world is flat in Custom Robo
>mfw Pheonix and that entire fucking postgame in Astro Boy
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Homeworld's been one of my favorites for a long-ass time. It's a classic that never gets old. I'm actually surprised that nobody's tried to make a Homeworld-like in the time between 2 and Gearbox buying them out.
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Metal Wolf Chaos
Robot Alchemic Drive
Remote Control Dandy: SF
Metal Storm
cock is pit
I agree with Gotcha Force. Such a fun game, trying out new teams is always fun.
I also love this game. I would also add that the little background stories are fun and interesting.
I preferred the Il Ventuno Holy. You?
RAD, Gundam Extreme VS games, and Gotcha Force are the best. Custom Robo is cool, too, but not quite as cool.
It seems like there's a lot of love for Custom Robo here, but I know nothing about it. Can someone describe it? Is it like pokemon but with mechs?
It's an action game with an overhead view. You can customize your robo (hence the name Custom Robo) with a variety of guns, bombs, and pods (basically weapons fired from the shoulder). There's a short but fun RPG-ish story mode with an insane plot twist and tons of humor.

Also, Sword Storm is best gun.
It's an arena-based action game where you customize your own tiny robot from a wide range of different parts. It's hard to describe what the actual gameplay's like since I can't think of anything very similar.
>Sword Storm Best

My nigga. I love playing against first timers and using it. Bathing in their rage filled tears cleanses the pores quite nicely.
1st - "primitive"; very SNES era. Balls hard, more due to lack of options - victory is about optimizing designs and grinding it out JRPG style. Front Mission 2089 sort of riff on this gameplay style but update it a bit.

2nd - Very little known about this; fan translated. Load times are very long due to early Playstation era and can quickly wear down your patience.

3rd - Very gimmicky due to the fact it allows pilots to eject (and certain moves eject enemy pilots). Easily abusable - pop out the enemy pilot, kill him, steal his mech, repeat for entire campaign. Fun though and multi-branching story.

4th - Personally I find it the most interesting gameplay wise - customization is encouraged and playable characters feel unique. Lots of interesting options like radar spotters, jammers, air strikes, jetpacks, etc.
Story has tons of plot holes though even by giant robot standards (deserting the USN army for a piddly million dollars, really?)

5th - fan-translated like 2nd, pares down some of the super-heroics of 4 and 3. Your team are grunts and it really feels like it. Sort of detracts from gameplay though, as all that means is you don't have many very interesting choices aside from grinding your way through a mission. Mech customization feels a little lacking too unless you invest ungodly amounts of time grinding the simulators.

Front Mission Alternative - good luck finding this.

Gunhazard - Sidescrolling Front Mission what the hell are you doing wait this is actually ok.

Evolved - no pls
Story-wise, 1st is probably the most essential - it's the MSG to the rest of the UC continuity. 3rd and 4th are a little more divorced from it and are more standalone.
ArmA 3 with the Front Mission mod is something to behold, but I'm going to have to go Mechwarrior: Living Legends. That fucking everything, man.
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I agree, if we could have a really in-depth old-school RPG with mech elements I'd probably never play anything else. Something like Baldur's Gate 2 with mechs. Coincidentally:

>We're opening it up for any game that's even tangentially /m/ related.
>Autonomous robots
Well, Kotor kind of counts then
>Something like Baldur's Gate 2 with mechs.

I'd probably become a NEET if a game like that came out and had a healthy modder community.
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PD1 Mech.jpg
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Looked into PowerDoLLs yet?
Night Slave

Retro Mecha Action game.
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>The Fall
If you haven't heard of this game, it's got a pretty interesting /m/ premise.

You play as the AI controlling the powered space suit that a human is wearing. However your human pilot is unconscious and severely injured. You need to get him to safety which involves some weird puzzles where you need to find loopholes in your programming. For instance, you have Asimov-style law that don't let you put your human in danger, but you need to put your human in danger in order to escape so you have to find a loophole that will let you do this
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No Cybernator yet?

For the SNES and very fun to play in one go.
File: cybernator-scr2.jpg (43KB, 256x223px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you have to emulate it, just go for the Japanese version and it's fan translation that adds more in-mission dialogue and some censored scenes.
It is and even though you have alot of different parts. Unless you want to grind alot you are stuck with using powerful suit parts.
You should check out Front Mission Gun Hazard if you haven't already.
The SNES Cyborg 009 is pretty fun
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ONE piddly mention of Virtual-On.

i am dissapoint, /m/


mein negroids tho

Phantom Crash was/is/forever shall be the shit

>hover legged, 99 light plus strike rod holly for life, nigga
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Yep. I would also like to add Metal Warriors for the SNES.
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Back when >>>/vr/ was new I checked it out and participated in one of those roll-a-random-game-from-a-random-platform-and-play-it threads. I rolled Xardion for the SNES, which I had never heard of and which was actually pretty fun.

The gameplay isn't stellar, but I wasn't frustrated by it and found it enjoyable. The story was quite /m/ (in a good way), with a number of neat moments that made it quite obvious that the influence of the 80s was still strong. The music was pretty decent, too. It's worth setting up an emulator for, if you have an afternoon or two to kill.
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Not *absolute* favourite, but damn if I didn't love it.
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Ranger X.jpg
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Ridiculously unappreciated Genesis game. It's worth playing alone just to see what the console was capable of when pushed to its absolute limits.
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Also Slave Zero of course.
What the...is that the Xi Gundam?

I'm gonna send this to Bandai so they can sue them over a 30+ year old game
There's a mod for Arma 3 with mecha? Damn maybe I should buy that instead of just the day z mod
I like pureblooded mech games, and the stuff I play the most is mav and transformers, but damn it I love fighting games so I need a good robot fighting game in my life.
nvm found a video.
man now i have to add arma 3 to my wishlist
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Intrusion 2 is basically Metal Slug mixed with Contra and Thing Thing Arena and was made by a single Russian.
Especially the bossfights are awesome as fuck and from what I've heard the final one alone took like five months to program.

>Evolved - no pls
Never have I Alt+F4'd faster than when that thing suddenly turned into a chest high wall TPS.
Gundam Vs Extreme Full Boost is God Tier with fightsticks and a bunch of friends. Damn fun in the Arcade too, if you can find a set up.
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so they are all your favorite games?
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Okay, time for some Schwarzschild ("black shield", also refers to Karl Schwarzschild).

It's a series of space-opera grand strategy games developed and published by Kogado Soft, the people who first made Power DoLLS. Instead of mecha, you get to build great fleets of maritime vessels with the desire for military conquest and occupation of a large stellar region. When the first game came out, it stood up against Bothtec's Legend of the Galactic Heroes strategy games by offering a unique brand of open-ended fleet strategy and military-economic management. Later games implemented diplomacy, civics, and defined factions/lore for the games' universe.
Can anybody vouch for strike suit zero? Looks neat
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Average game sessions start you off in the role of an interplanetary ruler or co-ruler bent on dominating the rest of the game's given region (none of the games ever combined regions/cosmography introduced in others, to my knowledge). Depending on the scenario, you either have a starting inventory of ships or must start from scratch building with what resources you command. Over time, you'll come into contact with the other nations dotting the stars; one way to speed this process is to abuse warp-drive travel, which becomes essential to combat engagements and ad hoc fleet evasion.

Schwarzschild I and II are both rather basic, but III and IV remain the most popular games in the main series. V, from what I can tell, is a less than thrilling finale to the series, which Kogado has since put on hiatus. IV received two gaiden games on the NEC PC-98 (platform of choice for these games), and it later got remade for Windows OSes. The games are understandably overlooked due to the language barrier and Kogado's inability to provide good documentation; quite a few fans have posted guides and tips online, at least.
All flash, no bang.
/m/ is pretty buthurt about the game not being good enough for them.

Can you maybe elaborate, I just wan't to know if it's worth $20 and if there's anything especially wrong with it
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Once the series moved to Windows, Kogado entered a phase of producing lots of Schwarzschild gaiden games, each focusing on smaller play maps and mechanical evolutions. These are the titles most at risk of being lost to time and circumstance, unless there are copies ready to download on Perfect Dark. Far as I know, these are the most advanced games in the series, rivaled only by the LOGH games and I.MAGiC's Mobius Link series (which is centered around fleet battles, not the national strategy systems of Kogado's games).

This series did well enough to earn a Comiket circle and two wholly original games for the PC Engine CD, Super Schwarzschild I & II. Expect great voice acting and story from the PCE games, though the later PC-98 titles provided competition in the writing department. You can get some of these games from Kogado's Omnishop and off of Project EGG, a Windows-based subscription service for playing old Japanese PC games:
It looks pretty and plays poorly. It's the same thing plaguing other modern games.
but it when its price goes down a bit. thats all the advice i can give
How much moon should I rune in order to play this game?
Any english translation for the patlabor / daiva games?
What are some retro fleet strategy games I can play?
>inb4 homeworld, sins of an empire and space 4x games.
Daiva: Ashura's Bloodfeud for the MSX/2 got a translation some time back. Alas, none of the Schwarzschild games have been translated, and they require as much Japanese skill as the LOGH games from that era.

I only know the Japanese PC games from my research, lol. Imperial Force, Solfleet, Storm, and Stradia are four fleet-centric space strategy games I can think of for a PC-98 user; Regional Power's closer to a 4X-style game and the Daiva games mix strategy with side-scrolling shooting action. Mobius Link would fall into /vr/'s territory, starting out on Windows 3.1, and the LOGH games were renowned in their day (4EX introduces diplomacy, someone posted a dl in the /vr/ J-PC thread).
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Power Dolls represent. A /m/ Jap PC thread would be nice.
File: hy2.jpg (55KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not sure if there's enough people to sustain such a thread though, since they mostly aren't translated and most people won't play games in Japanese.
Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64
>There will never be a good, fast paced Eva game
File: Exteel.jpg (22KB, 481x301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So much to go yet.
File: cyberstorm_3.png (437KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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MissionForce: CyberStorm. Truly one of the best turn-based games ever made.
MechCommander (1 and 2) is a tactical squad MechWarrior game where you assign the mech loadouts and pilots with progression and stuff. Gameplay's realtime though and it's mission based (non explorable world).
File: msgo-4223188.jpg (279KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I kinda like and MSGO, and in fact still playing it nowadays. Balance is a bit off but besides all the gloom and doom surrounding it atm it's still quite enjoyable if you play without much care.

Cyberstorm 2 was hard as balls. Great fun though.
A thread would die swiftly...not everyone wants to play old Kogado DOS ports. I'll continue to broach the subject on this board.
I think I still have my copy of Phantom Crash, couldn't agree more Phantom Crash shall forever be the shit
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I really need to track that down.
please don't post exteel pics ;_;

It's funny how it's basically that fanmade Battlemech game with a non-awful user interface.
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