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Gundam Legacy (all 3 volumes)

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Now that I'm back in the states, I can upload freely.
Here are all three translated volumes of Gundam Legacy.


I apologize if there are name misspellings. I noticed discrepancies between the material at the back of the book and other related material (Zeonic Front). I did my best to put in the appropriate names.
If there are any problems with the file itself, let it be known and I will reupload it.

I got the script for Feddie Hooligans vol 1 done. Just gotta shop and typeset it. Hopefully can get it out within a week or so.
I forgot to post the usual updated pastebin. Here it is.
Thanks for all the work, man. Seems like a cool read.

This thought just occurred to me, do we have an image/chart that lists every single Gundam manga, and which ones have been translated? When I first started getting into this franchise like six years ago I remember I only had Japanese sites like Gundam Taizen to rely on for a COMPLETE list.

I can try making one I guess...
holy shit, so many based release this week

you guys accept donation or what?
This is the first time I've heard of this manga. Thanks.
this thread reminds me, are there any scans of Astray and Astray R yet? I have the mangas and would be willing to tear them apart if not.
I thought the same thing but I don't really want to be the one making it. Too much sifting for data and book/manga names.

Nah, I just do this for fun. Plus, aside for buying the books for myself, I don't have any website to upkeep.

As always, you /m/en are welcome. This is basically a continuation of Zeonic Front, Thoroughbred (Manga and Space Encounters) and Lost War Chronicles.
Well, there are official english translations of those...
Other than that, I did acquire Astray Delta vol 2 for scanlating later
yup, they're my tokypop copies. they're getting more rare, but if there's no scans already, I can take one for the team.
glad to hear about destiny astray tho.
Ah you meant the Tokyopop ones. Well, I'm the rest of /m/ will appreciate it. ^^
I have a ton of my own scanning I need to do, what with all the goodies I brought back from Japan.
*I'm sure the rest of /m/.....
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astray v1 028.jpg
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There are, 3 books of Astray and 4 books of Astray R, but all of them was taken by camera, not scanned.
Thank you, dearest anon. Take heart in the fact that us non-moonrune speaking fags will appreciate your endeavour in the highest order.

With love,

an grateful anon
What else came out this week?
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I've waited some three years for this. What a wonderful day.
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In a sense, you're immortalizing the work since over time, the books will decay, but as digital information that's spread, it will survive.

Appreciate this finally being translated, I've only had time to do a quick scan and noticed one typo in vol 2, page 45, first bubble, first panel.

Sieg Zeon
Not that person, but I do know Dancouga Burn vol. 2 and Govarian ep 1 came out.
Thanks a lot for your effort, anon. Much appreciated
Thank you, anon.
>Dancouga Burn vol. 2
>We'll never see Blazing Epilogue translated
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Didn't even know this was getting translated, thanks a lot! Doesn't Yuu Kajima appear in this in a Jegan during CCA?
Yeah, that story's in the first volume.
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Thanks for your hard work, Nozaku! Finally, I get to read that Noel/Miyu story in English.

BTW, are you still planning on translating those 2 extra chapters of Lost War Chronicles?
Ah, yes, thanks for reminding me. Yes I will do that extra chapter (s?). Just gotta unpack, find that volume and get to it. Shouldn't take too long.
Would anybody happen to have links to the rest of Lost Chronicles so I can consolidate all of it into one file? Or is mangatraders the only source?
I think you might be out of luck with a compilation release. Bump for appreciation
Ask and ye shall receive. http://bakabt.me/156672-mobile-suit-gundam-lost-war-chronicles.html
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Amazing, lots of thanks!

A little nitpick: I liked the "Zeon is exhausted" take on Revil's speech.
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>Look at the Raws
>See Jack looking crazy
>Think that he's grief stricken over Yuki's death and just wants to avenge her even after all these years.
>Read the story
>Nope! He's just crazy.
Natsumoto threw almost all of the named Zeon characters under the bus and then he portrays Agar as this cool, calculating guy who he was a total hothead in Zeonic Front. Shame.

Only redeeming part was how Rommel defused the situation with Schmitzer and how the Midnight Fenrir used thermal and sonar in battle.

Also if you ever do an edit, do try and fix the Zeonic Front names and ranks.

>Lt. Lou Roher (not Ensign le Roar)
>Nikki (not Nicki)
>Austin is a Master chief petty officer, and not a Sargent.
>Renchef (Not renceh) is a lieutenant
>Manning is a Chief petty officer
>Sandra and Sophie Fran (not Franc) are both Lieutenants
>Swaggard (Not Swagger) is a Petty Officer.
>Agar is a Lieutenant as well.
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Roger. So ranks and names were a shitstorm after all.
I've been meaning to ask this. What ranks does Gundam use, Army or Navy ranks? Japanese seems to use the same ranks in both.
Adding to the mistakes, I couldn't help but notice that Natsumoto disregards the characters' original ranks. But it could still just be my misunderstanding of ranks.

Renchef ??
Nikki ??
Manning ??
Austin ??
Swaggard ??
Charlotte ??
Fran ??
Sandra ??
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Dammit, I knew his rendition of the names was funny. But I didn't quite know what to believe, the wikia or this material. I chose wrong...
Now that I read it, Le Roar....damnit....

My apologies for the names and ranks.
>translating japanese ranks
>navy or army
this always gets me but I'm tend to assume that those assigned to earth are under army ranking standard while space fall under navy at least when translating gundam stuff.

The japanese wwii officer ranks don't differentiate between army and navy. Technically I've seen Kaigun and Rikugun put before them, but in conversation only the actual rank seems to be used. So basically its up to the person to be able to determine which branch of service it is. Easy when you're talking in the real world, not so easy when youre talking about Gundam.
File: legasy_02_069.jpg (362KB, 830x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was thinking the uniforms would have been a give away or that you were mixing navel and army ranks, Natsumoto was being being sloppy it looks like.

You should look at all the ranks in general. In the 2nd volume, you have it where Will Fredd is a 2nd Lieutenant, while in the back it's written that he's Will Fred and an Ensign. At this point you'd be better served by just looking at the source material of where all the characters come from and just using that as opposed to what's in this manga.

Hell if you can take the time, why don't you redraw where the text is so it looks nicer rather than just blur it out if you do a re-release. I'd offer to help, but all I got is GIMP and my photoshop skills aren't that hot.

On a completely different side. Did Lila really say something of the equivalent of 'eat shit and die'? Or did you want her want her channeling her inner Duke Nukem?

I'm not nitpicking, glad this was all translated finally. This is all part of the editing process
File: legasy_02_069.jpg (197KB, 830x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, looks like I should've done just that. Where is Will Fredd even from btw?

I'm a bit burnt out on this series but I might consider fixing some of this stuff later after I do a bit of Hooligans and Johnny Ridden.

I also thought that blurring was a bit sloppy as well but it was the bet I can do with my low shop skills.

She said ???? which literally means drop dead but I didn't feel it quite fit given the context. Just "die" didn't quite have the "umph" that the phrase has. I did not realize the phrase is from Duke Nukem, I just thought it'd be a good equivalent of the Japanese.

Feel free to nitpick. I want to improve the quality of my translations (and scans).
Did the 0 chapters and final chapter of Lost War Chronicle ever get scanlated?


I was working on a list with the rest of /m/. But then life happened. If you can find the thread archived, by all means.

Note to self; Read the whole thread before posting. Great to hear about Lost War being finished. It'd be rather odd to start there when it doesn't even have an ending yet! So I eagerly await that release as well. Thank you/
So this is part of a lose story being told across the manga, Lost War Chronicles, From a Place Beyond the Blaze, and now Legacy?

Legacy seems like a weirdly boring name for a single Gundam side story. Huh.
Wowa, what the fuck, I stay away for some time and Thoroughbred and 2250 Miles get translated!?

Based Nozaku.
Okay, it seems like this is the third part in a lose quartet of manga dealing with the same cast.

It seems to go:

2002-2006 Lost War Chronicles (Awaiting final chapter)
2003-2004 Space, to the End of a Flash (No sign of scanlation)
2004-2009 Legacy (Completed)
2009-2011 Wrath of Varuna (No sign of scanlation)

My apologies. Space, the End of a Flash is done, however it is also called Thoroughbred, From A Pace Beyond the Blaze. As near as I can tell that's the same thing anyway.

So wow. We're very close to just needing this Wrath of Varuna thing done to having a nice 12 volume story done.
No problem, to be honest, I don't know who Fredd is from, or Ransome either. But I'm not that familiar with all the Gundam Mangas.

Retouching is a real hassle and you have to be an artist to get it to look good. I know the anon group who does Monster Masume spend weeks on single issues doing retouch ups (To the point they're a month behind the raws.)

Also I'm not sure if Duke Nukem was the one who originally said the phrase, but he certainly popularized it.
Actually now that you mention it, Lost War Chronicles has been renamed & Rereleased as Rebellion Lost War Chronicles this may be due in part to Matt Healy showing up in 0083 Rebellion. Not just that Space, to the End of a Flash or From A Pace Beyond the Blaze which ever translation people are happier with is going to be rereleased under the Rebellion banner in the next few months. So it appears that all the stories will be somewhat interwoven together soon enough.
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a bump in anticipation for Federation Hooligans
File: 1258214412698.jpg (2MB, 3577x2540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3577x2540px
To help you with ranks, use this.
Thanks, this will help out a bunch with future projects.
Would you happen to have a similar one for Federation ranks?

Thanks again for all the hard work.
http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110101101853/gundam/images/2/20/GUNDAMLOGO_006_XiaoT.jpg sometimes the wiki does have useful references
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sad acguy.jpg
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> oh great, some manga stuff
> mfw remember S-Rank Anon stash was gone
Love this artist sooo much, thanks nozaku!!!

All for you reading pleasure.
this is freaking awesome

I wish someone would upload to those websites that have manga and you can see it

there is this series called gundam iron mustang, 2 volumes but only 1 has been translated

I think deacon blues did it but he hasn't done the second one and it has been years!!
Iron Mustang has been fully translated check out notsoraggedtranslations.blogspot
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Thread images: 16

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