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>tfw Bukowski has become an Instagram meme

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>tfw Bukowski has become an Instagram meme
bukowski has always been mainstream meme shit

you should feel bad for caring and even worse for liking Bukowski in the first place
Bukowski is good for a certain mood, it's not masterful or trying to be
who is masterful?..

poet for hipsters ending up on a hipster app?

what a surprise!
when will bukkake become an instagram meme?
>normie shit
go listen to some death grips efam
who cares, Fante has always been better anyway
>he actually likes bukowski
>he's mad his "hipster" "poet" is mainstream

this is embarrassing just off yourself desu
>lol no you don't get it, he's not trying to write anything of value so it doesn't count when you say that everything he has written is shit

>this is what Bukowski fans actually believe
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black woman.jpg
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>being elitsit about the beershit poet
>all these pretentious le patrician xdddd faggots ITT who couldn't possibly explain why bookowsky is shit
That's not saying much. They're both trash.
I've explained why Bukowski is shit multiple times, use the archive.

Although if you can't figure it out yourself you probably don't belong here
Bukowski is not just though, he's just midbrow fun.
Wtf is an "Instagram meme"
when you emotican and bae be like emoticon xD
Elitist fag
you mean he wasn't trying to be a meme?
rofl get a load of this butthurt faggot guys

off yourself desu
>dude just turn your brain off lmao
yeah he's garbage.
no one is saying bukowski is a literary god
but his writing style is entertaining to some, and when i broke up with my girlfriend it was bukowski I read and bukowski i associated with

what is it with so many fucking idiots that think everything has to be ranked against other things for them to have any value

one day youll see the same type of pedantry in people with other hobbies and youll roll your eyes and groan before thinking jesus christ im not like that am i? protip you are
He's not being compared to other writers, he's just a shit writer.
joke's on you, im the pedant in -all- fields

haha! owned!
he has one gimmick he exploits endlessly. He's not the first person to do what he did and he didn't do it the best.
After you fag lord
Wrong, great writer.
Bukowski is for the people anyways. This is like complaining is Whitman became a meme.
Ya I get that. See some fags on here say they are proles, praise the people. But really, they are just as elitist as the rest of them.
>jog at a moderate pace
>dude you turned your legs off lmao
bukowski sucks

i tapped a few words into my typewriter
and then i got up to get some wine
and i drank wine in my dirty Los Angeles apartment
until some woman made my telephone ring
"Hello," I said, half-bored
She asked me to come fuck her, so I put on my postman's jacket and stepped out into the rain
it only rains 30 days a year in LA
but my poems always take place during one of those 30 days.
I went to the woman's apartment, and it was a disgusting mess
there were stains on the carpet and little piles of trinkets
I fucked her over the kitchen counter while I brewed a pot of coffee with my free hand
"I only came for the coffee," I said as she moaned on my cock.
When I finished up, I took the entire carafe of coffee with me as I walked out of her apartment
back into the rain
which started watering the coffee down.
Los Angeles. Sex. Coffee. Wine. Rain. Post Office. What A Life This Is.
bukowski was always corny you were just too much of a fucking pleb to realize it
>didn't read the novels

peleb desu to be desu senpai
Women, Post-Office, Factotum, and Ham on a Rye are all great. So is Tales of Ordinary Madness...

and you know what, I enjoy his poetry as well, but then again i also like the beats.
I mostly like his novels and short stories, never cared much for his poetry. His poems are kind of like his short storier only shorter with a lot of line breaks though. I like some of them.
>having instagram

Jokes on you faam
It turns
that the madness
of ordinary
isn't as subtle
as we
Like a dog
on the wafting
of a
the sun rises
and I am
drunk and
this >>7327164

You should've dropped bukowski after that tv show: Californication.
It's like you're not even aware that this board only has trivially more depth than instagram.

Where do you think you are?

That said ... some of those normies might be converted to lit people from that and the rest don't diminish your affection for it (unless you're really childish) so why do you care?
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How I Found Joy With a Burning Dick

"Once I was writing
And my dick started
Burning it burned a
Lot so I went to
My doctor except
He was not there so
I went and saw a
Different doctor
He was a Jew but
Good enough so I
Pulled down my pants and
Told him "Hey doc, look--
My cock, its burning"
And he said "Woah there--
That does look bad" so
He got on his knees
And pulled my foreskin
Back and saw that it
Was full of dick cheese
So he said "Woah there--
That does look bad" so
He washed it off and
Gave me some overpriced
Pills which stunk because
They were antibiotics
But I forgot I was
Allergic so I went back
And said "Hey doc, look--
My dicks still burning--
And now I'm real sick"
So he said "Woah there--
That does look bad" and
He called his nurse she
Had big tits and a
Nice ass but was too
A Jew but good enough
So I told here "Hey bitch
How 'bout you ride this
Dick once this little
Infection is gone?"
And she said "Woah there--
Not even a date first?"
So I said "look here--
I ain't got no time
For dates I'm a big
Writer and I got to
Write or I will get
Arrested for not
Paying my ex bitch
Alimony kay?"
And then she said "kay"
So I got my dick
All cleaned up and then
Started looking 'round
For the nurse kike bitch
Then I found her and then
Told her "Hey nice ass--
You ready to fuck?"
And she said "Woah there--
I'm not some dirty
Skank you got a car?"
And I said "Of course
I got a car you bitch"
So I went outside
And hotwired a big
Van that smelled of
Child molestation
But sprayed my shitty
Cologne in there and
Told her "Get in bitch"
So we fucked hard and
I came raw in her
Fat ass and again
In her loose cunt and
Mouth then later I
Felt that same burning
Again and I thought
To myself "Fuck that
Bitch wasn't even clean"
So I got up and
Went to the address
On her license 'cause
I stole her wallet
And bought junk with it
And she said "Woah there--
Didn't ya know I
Was a prostitute
On the side?"
So I said "Look here--
You dumb cunt I just
Got rid of this shit
You better fucking
Fix this you piece of
Shit or I'll beat ya"
And she said "Woah there--
Aren't you the piece
Of shit for catching
This shit in the first
Fucking place plus I
Gotta pay the bills
And pay to feed my
Kid somehow" So I
Left and walked home and
It started raining
So I got soaked
And probably got
A cold too don't know
So I went inside
My shitty little dank
Apartment and then
Poured myself a glass
Of rye then got up
And ate a stale rye
Sandwich with slimy
Old bologna
And hummed some shitty
Old jazz song from my
Childhood and then I
Thought to myself "I
Think its time to die."
But I didn't 'cause
Life is worth living
Even if it's pure
Shit sometimes The End."
- Charles Bukowski
If Bukowski was so hideous, how did he get laid so much?
he...wrote poetry?
See: >>7333605
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He was a Chad and women only like Chads.
This made me fart so loud it woke up my girlfriend
he was beta as fuck, he just managed to get famous.

also, he wasn't very picky. lost his virginity to a 300 pound alcoholic whore
I can do better than that.
love is a dog from hell was pretty good tbqhfam
Bukowski is a hack.
>muh sekrit klub
>a hobby
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But thats not what hes saying. I assume the problem here is not exclusivity, but constancy. People are quick to call 4chan the worst place on the internet or simply attribute *chans and other "fringe" sites to "nerds" and "hackers"; social outcasts, so it comes off as contradictory that people who consider themselves normal appropriate the memes of people they think of as psychopathic pedophiles.
Thread posts: 58
Thread images: 7

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