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Hey /lit/ what are some good books on geopolitics?

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Hey /lit/ what are some good books on geopolitics?
the grand chessboard

you can disagree with alot of its conclusions as well as to whether the things it advocates are good ideas or not but its essential to understanding the background of alot US and western foreign policy
Bumping this thread for interest.
Can you tell me more about The Grand Chessboard? What eras and regions does it talk about?
What's it's main thesis? Is it considered mainstream or revisionist?
What conclusions do you (or others) disagree with if any?
Do you think it is relatively unbiased?
Damn this is a great pic
The Great Game
Peter Hopkirk

It goes on today; world without end.
I laughed at Turkey.
bump desu
That's not really about geopolitics more than any other history book dealing with competition between empires. Nor sure why you recommended it.
OP, read up on world systems theory and Kissinger.
East, West, North South by Geir Lundestad.

Major developments in international politics since 1945.

Covers most major changes/wars between nations since 1945. An understanding of the politics of ww2 is preferable to get context but not necessary.

Source: Politics student who has read it.
>and Kissinger.

Most disgusting man in existence to get the nobel peace prize (with the greatest irony since Tony Blair was made peace envoy).

Good book on him by Christopher Hitchens:
The trial of Henry Kissinger.

basically presents a "trial" by words from hitchens showing Kissinger's crimes (notably gulf-of-tokin and East Timor massacre)

Interesting personally (as i love hitchens and hate Kissinger) although besides that it doesn't mention much about geopolitics.

If you care about corporate media bias (as many politics students do) and want a book mixing this with global events (mainly Latin America/ French-Polynesia) then I couldn't reccomend Manufacturing Consent By Chomsky any more.
The Great Game: On Secret Service in High Asia
Peter Hopkirk

Peter Hopkirk's spellbinding account of the great imperial struggle for supremacy in Central Asoa has been hailed as essential reading with that era's legacy playing itself out today.

The Great Game between Victorian Britain and Tsarist Russia was fought across desolate terrain from the Caucasus to China, over the lonely passes of the Parmirs and Karakorams, in the blazing Kerman and Helmund deserts, and through the caravan towns of the old Silk Road-both powers scrambling to control access to the riches of India and the East. When play first began, the frontiers of Russia and British India lay 2000 miles apart; by the end, this distance had shrunk to twenty miles at some points. Now, in the vacuum left by the disintegration of the Soviet Union, there is once again talk of Russian soldiers "dipping their toes in the Indian Ocean."

The Washington Post has said that "every story Peter Hopkirk touches is totally engrossing." In this gripping narrative he recounts a breathtaking tale of espionage and treachery through the actual experiences of its colorful characters. Based on meticulous scholarship and on-the-spot research, this is the history at the core of today's geopolitics.

I enjoyed this book so much. Its best read back to back with Kim by Kipling
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mental maps essays, also exists for early and late cold war.
tries to explain main contributing factors in viewpoints of all major leaders.
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