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>tfw I actually do take care of myself but gay guys on apps

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>tfw I actually do take care of myself but gay guys on apps and in real life ignore me and overlook me
>tfw you realize you're just ugly, and that's not something you can really ever change
I understand... I look really underage even though I'm not. I've never had a girlfriend or boyfriend because of it and it sucks. I'm 19 so it will probably change, but I think I'll just grow into an old man with a shit jawline and chin.

I guess it's fine being single. I don't imagine myself in a relationship anymore and I'm more focused on friends atm.
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Post pics, anon.
>tfw get plenty of people but can't feel love and the ones I like don't want me
Wtf life. I'd love to get swept off my feet by someone
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No, because this isn't /soc/ and it's against the rules.

And because people will stop posting the minute they seem me or start insulting me.

[spoiler]I never considered myself that ugly. Sure, I never thought I was handsome, but I at least thought I was average-looking[/spoiler]
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There was a rate thread not long ago, anon.

Here, have one of my pics. Relax and post yours.
Do you identify as White?
>capital w
Hell If I know, my mother was Brazilian and my father was a Slav.
You're p cute. You have one of those faces that if you are cute-acting, you're the hottest guy ever. Is your personality good
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Cheer up. I was pretty at the same time I was pretty stupid. Now Im old and silly looking. If you are doing your best too look good, you are doing great where it matters, in both mind, spirit and body, and no one can ask more.

You will get the chances others who gave up will not. You succeed more when you fail more, because you are making more attempts.

You have no idea how many people will fade so quick because they think they dont have to work for it. Or how many people are blessed and waste it. Or how many people have the tools and refuse to learn how to use them.

Its a big world full of people who just arent even trying and accept mediocrity. You have a sense of self, and thats a great place to start.

Just keep at it, you're gonna be fine. You are already ahead of so many more and, better, will last longer.
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I think so, It's not something I think much about.

I like some cute shit now and then, but I don't actively try to act cute.

Well, anon, I don't wanna sound rude, but you're gonna need a lot of work.
I recommend going to /fa/ and /fit/, the guys there are intimidating/pretentious at first but they give some good advice.
I don't think that beard looks good on you, but, I don't like beards myself, anyway.
Just drop the self pity and act on your appearance man, I myself dislike spending too much time on it, but it's worth it sometimes.

Good luck out there, anon.
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au 4.jpg
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Oh, thats not ugly at all. You just have some style conflicts, a lot of people do.

Style is actually an escape from individuality, and thats not a bad thing. Styles are what people recognize, sort of a visual meme, and make associations with. They may reject or accept them, but at least they 'recognize' them. Its a short story we tell ourselves about what a style 'means'.

So if you have style conflicts, its more unique and people have trouble trying to match it to a story in their heads.

I would try to advise further, but its more of a personal thing you have to work out on your own, to see your style and story in the mirror. Makes no difference at all if its true, its just a visual introduction.

If my opinion mattered, and it doesnt, I would at least temporarily swap the glasses for contacts because it conflicts with the facial hair.

I may or may not make the facial hair a bit tighter, and choose a more defined hair style.

Here is a fixer upper shoop I did for someone on this site years ago, dont remember where exactly.

Remember to orient your clothes, slowly at first, to your look.
>this thread

Look, we can actually be wholesome sometimes.

Also, you want to make sure you have a well conceived pic for introductions. A lot of good looking people have poorly conceived pics.

Typically, a relaxed expression with just a hint of a smile. Use flattering lighting and simple angles. People with wild expressions or extreme angles and gestures come across as try-hards. People can sense when you are trying to present an image that is more presentation than a genuine display of the real person. You can have fun pics, but you dont want them to necessarily be the introduction.
Oh fuck haha it's this guy again eh? I came too late to see the pic but your description tells me everything.

OP posted a similar thread like 3 or so months ago and we all did exactly what he said we would here: >>8848698
There are a lot of people who others would rate like 4-6 and I might even objectively agree but for me they are on par with (or above) 9s and 10s because they just hit the right notes for me somehow.

I don't personally find Steve Buscemi attractive but there are a lot of people who do.
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>tfw meet cute guy in your area online
>sees pic of your ass and says you look too much like a girl
>never responds again
>tfw cis male

Odd recent personal anecdote.

Hot muscle twink. He's a hetero, but really bad at it and superficially 'homophobic', meaning its mostly typical insecurity and group think, not some actual raging antipathy towards fags. He's one of these types who walk around thinking fags are something of a myth and live on some other planet because he believes he doesnt know any and that they are all obvious and out.

Anyways, he got my attention because he was cute, and I instinctively treated him as an alpha. Over time, I started seeing so much insecurity in himself as a man that I realized he was a frustrated beta, maybe even a gamma because of the lack of confidence that he compensates for with being an aggressive extroversion.

I guess my point here is that he is good looking and appeared to have the whole package. But in getting to know him, I lost all interest.

My closer point is that someone can look hot, but with a shitty enough personality, it can be such a turn off and eventually blind you to the looks he works so hard on.

I've lost count of how many guys I thought looked good and took an interest in only to have something that came out of their mouth reveal what a moron or pussy they are and totally ruin their impression.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 9

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