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I think homosexuality was usually made illegal because it wasn't

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I think homosexuality was usually made illegal because it wasn't uncommon at times for a man to rape another man to humiliate him. Seeing this, it was made illegal because they didn't think a man would willingly give oral or be penetrated by another man, and they gave a way for men who were raped to get justice through the legal system without resorting to violence.

men who were raped were considered homos too and were thrown in jail.
no, actually, you're wrong

it was just an ancient jewish law (they had a lot of arbitrary rules about everything), it became christian law and was spread by force throughout the conquered lands of the roman empire after the rise of the roman catholic church

roman law is the basis for modern law in the west, and thats why homosexuality was criminal activity
I'm talking about the original intention though, not how people interpreted it.
Islamically, it was illegal only to be a bottom for a while, in most warrior faiths it was like that mainly because it hurt a mans honor/pride to be dominated and mounted by a man.

Tops were rewarded with high ranking positions in the military, bottoms were executed. eventually clerics started arguing citing bible verses and got it completely banned on religious grounds.
Homosexuality was made illegal because it made it easier to deprive a man of his rights and make him a slave.
Gay slaves were more desirable than straight slaves because they would suck your dick and let you fuck them.
Without the law they would have remained free men and you would have had to be nice to them to get into their asses.
Making gay sex "illegal" made it possible to target the cute faggot that you wanted to fuck and turn him into your legal sex toy.
Roman law didn't conceptualize homosexuality until christianity. Romans had a concept of virility (ie sticking your dick in someone) but that was about it. In some era, it was fashionable to keep pretty male children as slaves so you could fuck them. Adult male slaves were also fair game.
You couldn't fuck a citizen in the ass though, cause that would be a crime against that citizen's virility.

What monotheism brought to the mix was, on one hand, the idea that non-reproductive sex was a sin, and on the other hand, the (christian) idea that laying with a man was also a sin.

But the roman empire pre-christianisation? Pretty chill with buttsex. Cue emperor Hadrian who kept decorating his villas with statues of his lover and even deified him at some point after his death.
>the (christian) idea that laying with a man was also a sin

that's not a christian idea.
it is from the old testament.
christ specifically said "it is not what goes into a man's mouth that defiles him, but what comes out of a man's mouth."
christ never said anything else about gay sex.
peter did, but he was a gynephobe and a closet case.
Everything you say is correct. I just didn't want to bother talking about pre-Christian Roman values.

>that's not a christian idea.
>it is from the old testament.
It's still a Christian idea even if the origin is Jewish. Just as Adam and Eve, Noah's ark, etc are all included in Christian mythology.
>christ never said anything else about gay sex
He spoke about sexual immorality which included gay sex.

It'd be like me saying "drugs are bad mmmkay" and you going "yeah but you didn't say anything about cocaine so it's ok"
Jewish law only temporarily banned faggotry while trying to encourage population growth
It stuck because of mistranslation
It was never gods decree. Just some Jewish civic leader.
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>because it hurt a mans honor/pride

you people are all assuming that laws are created for the good of the people.

in reality, laws are created to give power to the ruling class and further their own ends.

they don't give a shit about the people's honor/pride.

laws against homosexuality are "religious" laws.

religion is a tool to divide and control populations.

telling you who you can and cannot have sex with is a very basic way of taking away your ability to see yourself as a person.

and it gives those in charge an easy way to force you to do what they want.

if you don't do what they want they just tell everyone you are a pervert who was caught having anal sex or molesting a child or smoking weed or whatever it is that they made illegal and that makes other people think less of you.

it doesn't matter if you actually did it or not.

what matters is that other people think less of you now so they aren't going to defend you against the rulers who can now punish you or do whatever they want with you and suffer no repercussions because everyone thinks you're scum.
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>gays defending the death penalty for gays
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>He spoke about sexual immorality which included gay sex

He also hung out with 12 unmarried men and a prostitute.
And he never married.

Sounds like a fag to me.

And don't get me started on his night in the garden of Gethsemane when the "cock" crowed thrice and "Peter" denied him.

And that makeout session with Judas.
I don't judge.
But he said what he said.
Self hating closet case or not.
It's taboo because a bunch of backwards desert savages deemed it so. Their religion was hijacked for political expedience and over time was refurbished into the modern iterations we see today. At least Jews argue over the nature of religious principles and Reform Jews don't sweat the small stuff that were clearly a result of underdeveloped civilizations.

Christianity (in America at least) seems to be served with a big side of historical ignorance and anti-intellectualism, so there's not nearly as much introspection going on other than at the level of religious academics.

There's evidence of same sex partners being respected (at least in their burial rights) in Ancient Egypt. Certain Greek city-states actively encouraged a partially sexual mentorship between grown and early pubescent boys. Rome was known for its sexual decadence and liberalities.

China did it for completely different and nominally secular reasons, namely that they believed in collectivist behavior and at the time growing families was essential to a stong (aggrarian) society. If anything the only consistent thing about societies that condemn homosexuality is that they needed the peasantry to have enough children to properly support aggrarian communities. The modern anti-gau sentiment is strongest in countries that still need a lot of human labor for food production.
what did he say?
"Homosexuality", as in same-sex sex acts, WAS NEVER ILLEGAL in Ancient Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Roman OR Western law. Only sex acts between men EVER were.
If you aren't aware humans and all other mammals share a common ancestry and a small percentage of every mammalian species exhibit homosexual behaviors, you're very likely to think it's gross/weird, because it's uncommon, therefore unnatural, and likely outlaw it. Gay interactions typically make straight people uncomfortable, and since we're in the majority it makes since why people were so dumb about it. But weird doesn't = wrong, people were just ignorant back then.
Whenever Jesus speaks of sexual immorality, it implicitly means gay sex as well, since it is sexually immoral.
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