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Rupauls Drag Race

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farrah moan.jpg
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I want to fuck Farrah Moan.
I don't.
Hummm I can see that.
Its kinda ruined for me considering if you pull that hair knowing its going to fall off.
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farrah 3.jpg
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She isn't that good at the race though, they'll probably keep her until about snatch game for her social media popularity. Hopefully cucu willl leave first, I'm getting sick of her bullshit.
More of a Jade Jolie fan myself. Wish she would transition.
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thicc pepe.png
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t h i c c

0/10 kys
Voting for Violet Chachki as still the best drag queen ever to do ru paul. I'm obsessed with her.
I even try to replicate her in my own amateurish way
Contour your face
I am practicing. :) That time i just focused so much the eyeliner and.didnt do most of the rest
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Valentina is the next Violet
File: aja.jpg (255KB, 1997x1501px)Image search: [Google]
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I can't wait until this fugly bitch gets sashayed...
pic related
You mean wins undeservedly because she is young and white and pretty?
Trinity Taylor is going to win. Calling it now.

>good lipsyncer >funny
>good rapport with Ru
>can make clothes

Assuming she can act, that is.
Have you seen her nazi porn?
She's really rough but I kind of like her.

I also really like Nina this season
that michael jackson nose, tho
the judges told her to lose the nose ring the first episode and she still insists on wearing it.
and those huge ear holes...why are they even a thing?
kids these days are fucked up in the head!
Valentina is much much better

>he thinks Valentina is white
do you even watch the damn show lmao
Anyone have pics of Valentina's ass?
Or better yet, her salchicha?
Shittons of surgery isn't uncommon with the queens. idgi, but it makes them happy.

This is all I got. Have you looked through her insta?
>her insta

thanks, doll
i will try that
No dumbass, I was talking about Violet. She won because she is young and white and pretty. There are some racist RPDR fans: did you see the shit Jasmine and Kennedy got tweeted?

White doesn't apply to Valentina, but the other things do.
>racist RPDR fans

protip: Ru is a nignog
Did you even read my post? RPDR fans would tweet Jasmine and Kennedy racist slurs.
I've seen screenshots. Not quite what I was looking for. She needs implants.

People were angry at Jasmine and Kennedy for saying negative things to the popular girls. Jasmine especially. You act like white queens don't get blow back from being cunts too (see Ginger for an example from the same season)

Violet deserved her win though. Only real fuckery was that Pearl got top 3 over Kennedy.
Violet is not white though.
You know being white and pretty are not a requirement to winning right?

Season 1 winner: black
Season 2 winner: black
Season 3 winner: Indonesian
Season 4 winner: white
Season 5 winner: white
Season 6 winner: Latino Hispanic
Season 7 winner: White Hispanic
Season 8 winner: Black

In 8 seasons only 2 (3 if you count violet) have been white. Of those winners Saron and Jinx were not "pretty." The only pretty winners were Tyra, Raja, and Violet. Season 7 with Violet as the winner was by far the weakest season of contestants.
>fans call queens they don't like racial slurs
>there's no racism in this fandom!

I don't know how it could be more obvious.

It's only a thing in season 7.

After the success of Adore (who was carried to top 3 in S6), the producers again tried pushing people who they thought would be more appealing to younger fans to the top. This affected Pearl, Violet, and Fame. Fame was carried as far as they could possibly justify. Pearl made top three when she should have gone home after Tan with U.

Violet got to the top 3 by her own merit, but won over Ginger because she was pretty.

You got me on "Violet won because she was white". That's not really correct. It was more being pretty and young and conventionally appealing.
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 8

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