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Embarrassing lgtb stories

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I have a couple.
As a mtf still in the closet, but on hrt but still dresses completely like a guy.
But with long hair, but no make or feminine clothing at all.
At work
1.) I pass by a kid. and hear " MOMMY, I saw this girl, but she kinda looks like a boy."
2.) ring up kid and mom.
Mom " that's cause he is one"
Little girl " well he looks cutie"
3.) ringing up 2 women. 1 says " oh my daughter would love that shirt she has on." And points at me as she says she.
Other lady just stares at the lady that called me she. And corrected her.
In public
4.) looking for new shoes at journeys.
Some sales advisor comes up and says
" hey you look cute in your little shoes you got there"
They were black slip on's with little skulls on them.
As soon as he found out I was a dude he looked shocked.
5.) at guys bathroom in movies.
Using urinal cause more sanitary.
Dad with little kid comes and uses the urinals.
Kid says " daddy why is there a girl peeing in here"
Dad " i don't know just finish peeing"
6.) at chipotle
Washing hands
Dude walks in "OH SHIT"
Rushes out then seconds later comes in and asks me if this is the guys room.
I was like "uhhh yea there a urinal over there so I guess"

Mind you all of these interactions were done in my disgusting male voice wearing guy clothes.
The most feminine articles of clothing I wear are guy skinny jeans.
The kind skaters wear.
I do have long hair, but it's not kept in a feminine manner.

I could go on, but I won't.
how are these embarassing
you sound like a version of me that people can see femininity in (without even trying)
Ffs smh tbqh, passing without effort shouldn't be considered embarrassing, it should make you happy.
At first I was happy and stoked when people confused me.
But now seeing it happens on a daily over and over and over the novelty has worn off.
Most of these interactions are extremely akward and uncomfortable.
like I almost want to buzz my hair off until I get ffs and vfs in a couple of years.
But it took me like 2 and half to get hair past my shoulders and really would rather not.
I've tried wearing my hair in a man bun, but it only makes matters worse.
If you're closet and having this sorta thing often, why not just try making an effort to present female?
Are you sure it's not getting about time to retire guy mode?
check your passing privilege scum. some people on hrt and present themselves completely like woman still get called and treated like men.
Embarrassing for you, maybe.
To me this just sounds freaking cute. Sorry I can't sympathize.
So, you're not a hon.
That's a bonus.
It is both a blessing and a curse.
Men will desire you, regardless of your consent or not. Women will despise you and/or see you as competition while others will prey on you, seeking to satisify their bicuriosity.
I think the most embarrassing thing i can think of when it comes to lgbt stories, is probably the ones that involve me goinfg up to this one guy and asking if I could sit next to him and it being the most awkward experience of my life,. like I was petrified with fear, from having done this, tbh it really fills me with a ton of angst sorry misery and woe to think about it, so I am cloisng my eyes atm so I don't haver to look at what I type. This is gonna be a happy post, not one that brings me misery. I've come a long way from that time, where I would have daily bouts of anxiety and self hatred, but I am learning to be happy with myself. I stioll feel bad about myself for being gay sometimes. I even tell a lot of people that I know that I' not gay..
well done dude, hope you come to terms with it soon
ain't nothing to be ashamed of
>mtf with over a year on hormones
>at work sacking groceries
>old black lady checks out and chats it up a bit with the cashier
>"Thank you, young lady...Wut's yo name, honey? You look new here."
>"Oh lawd, I'm sorry sweetie. I thought you was a girl."
>i-its okay
>"But yo hair so pretty. Oooeee! Ain't his hair pretty, Laqueefa?"
>"What shampoo you use, baby?"
>"Mmm-hmm. Well, I apologize for calling you a girl."
>i-its okay, really
>she leans in real close next to me
>"Do you wanna be a girl doe?"
>"Don't be shy now honey, you pretty."
>she hands me a few dollars and tells me to have a good day
>cashier has the most smug grin on his face
>"You should cut your hair, dude.

Was a pretty good day in retrospect.
I've thought about it, I just feel like shit would hit the fan at work.
but before I do i need to atleast take a couple of voice lessons.
I know, but trust me being an andro lanky fuck isn't as fun as it seems.
Especially when people avoid using pronouns and call you buddy.
I get asked by women all the fn time what I do to make my skin looks like a baby's ass.
I would love to stay I take 4 times the estrogen a post menopausal takes, but I just say I use cetaphil.
Don't worry. Are you out of high school? Once your out of high school things will get easier.
Some times when I feel like the world is crashing down on me I like to go on walks without my phone or music. Helps me sort the shit in my head out.
Maybe just try going shopping or for some walks or something in girlmode. Don't have to go nuts right away but it might help you be more comfortable about work etc.
I just posted this in mtfg but this is like the perfect thread for it

>go to STD clinic for checkup
>it's no longer separated by gender
>thank fuck, i always feel awkward going into female spaces
>get handed a form, fill in the option for transgender so all they have to do is look at the form and realise i'm MtF
>nurse calls me over into checkup room
>takes my blood
>asks me if ive done my own swab before
>tells me what to do in vague terms (as in, not referring to exactly what hole to put it in)
>i'm under the impressions she knows i do not possess a vagina
>apparently im fucking wrong
>put swab in butt (like what the nurse did when i visited a couple of years ago)
>finish and get ready to go
>notice it says 'female' on the container she asked me to put in
>notice instructions on the wall for VAGINAL swab
>notice that the instructions are exactly the same as what she just explained to me (except she said 'you know what' instead of butt/vag
>realise that the nurse thinks I am a girl and have a vagina
>"Are you done?"
>bail hard

I can never go back. Like, why the fuck did I bother ticking 'trans' on the form if they didn't even fucking LOOK at it.
omg that's actually a really sweet story

>about 7 months on hormones
>go to orlando pride wearing blue, pink and white on my socks.
>assume everyone knew what the trans flag looked like and/or could tell I was trans
>started hanging out with group of lesbians
>assumed they knew
>I was wearing really high waisted shorts that showed off my legs
>sat down to talk with them
>dick pops out
>they don't notice
>ohgodohgodohgod I'm sitting on it
>put backpack over crotch
>lean over to friend who knows I'm trans "uh... huge problem."
>one lesbian hears me "Oh do you need a tampon???"
>"Well then what's the problem"
>Had to explain to her that I'm trans and my dick came out of my pants
>"Oh, okay.. Um, can you make it like... not hard?"
>"No, it's not hard. I'm just sitting on it."
>Rest of the lesbians join in on conversation.
>Group discussion happens about how we can get me to the bathroom to fix myself.

I was pretty embarrassed. I made a bunch of new friends though!
You swabbed your butthole?
These are all compliments.
>male clothes
>They were black slip on's with little skulls on them.

When my mom caught me crossdressing and i told her that i do it to get horny and masturbate because i know she would disinherit me if im trans
let's be honest here

They thought you are FtM because you don't pass as fuck
>Dad " i don't know just finish peeing"
top fucking kek
you posted this before, but it still sounds really sweet
That's what happened on my last checkup! This nurse did it to me though. I was expecting the same thing.

>because you don't pass as fuck
Oh sorry, i wasn't aware you knew me anon.
>As soon as he found out I was a dude he looked shocked.
if you still think of yourself of a dude or a dude who becomes a women you are not trans.

I've seen a very similar story about a year ago. Two things are different from what I remember, the first is that she said to the other female, "Ooh, I told you to get some of that Pantene, girl," and the second is that the cashier wasn't mentioned before. I'm also reasonably sure the name wasn't Laqueefa, either.
>I'm passing while still in guy mode
>rather than go full time, i should get a buzzcut!
smh tbh
i just puked a little
Yeah, even if you're taking hormones for x years and did yourself y surgeries, you're not trans

you're 100% cis and every cis male would agree with that and recognize you as one of their own
you're making a whole lot of assumptions based off of their wording there, chief.

samefag trolling is so 2009.
you don't make any sense
I'm just implying that you don't sound very dyphoric, and saying ´i'm a dude´ just tops it
Same here

that's why I cut my hair but still, I get the feeling that people are confused about me a bit

someone called me a madwoman on facebook and I don't know what to make of it
well, duh, I'm a dude who wants to be a biological female but isn't

according to you that means I'm not trans

also, what's up with this disphoria bs? Transitioning means you are trans, even if you don't feel disphoria.
>tfw no embarrassing lgbt experiences because of no lgbt experiences in general

Kill me.
you don't think of yourself as female
thats the issue i'm seeing. Typical half-ass shit
You don't happen to like mlp and doom metal?
Thank you for that, doctor.

>Your parents actually have something to disinherit you from
>Doing something that would get you written out of the will

Come on now, fam. You realize the average US family only has about $8,000 in savings? Do you realize how stupid it is to waste an opportunity like being born to people with money over crossdressing?

Shit I meant to quote >>5149386.
>not being delusional about your true biological sex means you're not trans
i dont really have any but i was pre hrt and
>be me working as cashier
>in guy clothes
>only fem thing is my hairs a bit long, not even to my shoulders
>ringing up some lady
>oh miss do you know where x is?
>turn around
>oh sorry i thought you were a girl.

But im not american, im a poor spic.
You can get hit on with a shirt and jeans on. Mind you I'm 5'5 and only wear skinny jeans.
Ok not sure what your trying to get at here.
I 100% recognize I'm a cis male. I never said I'm trying to be a cis female.
I'm trans because I'm in a current state of my body literally transitioning.
Yea sometimes I think for now is much rather be a pretty boy than an ugly lesbian manwoman.
My boobs are starting to come in tho and have short hair might not really do me any favors.
You should let the random people build your confidence that going girlmode is a good decision. The same thing happened to me after a couple years HRT and going girlmode was painless. Just practise your voice for a few months then go for it.

... I think my most embarassing moment was when a new person started working in my department. He assumed I was a girl until we actually interacted when I had to train him. He avoided me after that and pretty much every interaction with him was endlessly awkward until he quit.

Also the wife of one of my coworkers came to drop something off for him... she saw me and told her husband how pretty I was. He told her I was male, and she got into an argument with him about it, 'But she has BOOBS are you blind??'
Wear loose shirts and you'll be fine..I think...

>Ok not sure what your trying to get at here.
>I 100% recognize I'm a cis male. I never said I'm trying to be a cis female.
>I'm trans because I'm in a current state of my body literally transitioning.

what's sarcasm
That is the best fake name ever... If I was a black dragqueen that would be my stage name.
Lol same here
Let's just say my name is Rafael.
A new hire called me rafaela.
I guess he assumed I was a girl.
Idk they are starting to show. Despite great breast tissue growth and areola growth my actuall nipples are soft and little and it's for that reason they don't poke through.
Only 6 months in, not sure how long I can get away with not wearing a sports bra.
But they are starting to not pass as manboobs anymore.
I am on hrt for 3 years and I can do it

they only dont pass for manboobs if im shirtless
>5.) at guys bathroom in movies.
>Using urinal cause more sanitary.
>Dad with little kid comes and uses the urinals.
>Kid says " daddy why is there a girl peeing in here"
>Dad " i don't know just finish peeing"
LOL one internets for you
I'm just worried that I think they look like manboobs and everyone around me thinks other wise

That's not what cis male means. You are biologically male. Cis male describes only those born as male who feel best in the male role and have no issue with that designation. Whether you look like the sex you were born has nothing to do with being cis.
>Ok not sure what your trying to get at here.
>I 100% recognize I'm a cis male. I never said I'm trying to be a cis female.
>I'm trans because I'm in a current state of my body literally transitioning.
>Closet FtM, pre-absolutely everything
>Try to come out to my close friends, then my family, just in case
>One day, while going to bus stop along with girl friend, decide to tell her
>Nervousness makes me explain myself awkwardly, but still get the point across
>"Oh, anon, every girl wants to be a guy sometimes!"
>Goes on and on about how chicks want "male priviledge"
>Never try to come out to a friend ever again
Alright back to thread title

>be autistic, asexual, closeted mtf
>taking autistic night walk in the LGBT Paris district
>Drunk gay british couple and their fag hag saying "bonsoir" to everyone
>start talking to them, they're funny
>they drag me to a gay bar, keep teasing me with embarrassing gay jokes on the way
>"are you gay anon?" "Well, no, uh.." "Confused?" "yeah, confused..."
>getting dirty looks in the bar, everyone thinks I'm gay
>start feeling nauseous, maybe it's the beer
>get out for fresh air, feel instantly better, run to the subway
>mfw I was having a pre-panic attack

be strong friend. this is something you've gotta do for yourself
>I've thought about it, I just feel like shit would hit the fan at work.
>but before I do i need to atleast take a couple of voice lessons.
Just take the voice lessons and go for it. You're already starting to genderfuck people. Just go the full mile.
Uh, you need dysphoria to be trans. Why the fuck would you transition if you aren't dysphoric?
>" well he looks cutie"
>Be sucking some girls pussy
>she farts
>I love it
>weird look from her thinking I'm the weirdo
>fart fetish forever
File: the more you know.png (44KB, 450x112px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the more you know.png
44KB, 450x112px
>Why the fuck would you transition if you aren't dysphoric?
Because sexual fetish, bpd, autism, other mental disorders causing to be become confused about your gender, wanting to stay young and pretty/peter pan syndrome, it will fix all my problems excuse/the grass is greener on the other side, confused cross dresser, etc etc

>yfw most people who transition aren't really gender dysphoric.
>all the "don't worry your narrative is valid" threads on reddit

/r/asktransgender is a circle of desperate people reassuring each other that they're going the right way. I try to stay away as much as possible.
>Most of these interactions are extremely akward and uncomfortable.

Correctly determining your gender has big part to play in everyday interaction.
When I was transitioning I made an effort to look like an ambiguous woman, my voice was half of me passing. The rest was my frame, facial features, clothing and how I acted socially. I still couldn't pass fully, but i did over half the time. Style options were limited.

If people don't know they get afraid or awkward around you.
>/r/asktransgender is a circle of desperate people reassuring each other that they're going the right way. I try to stay away as much as possible
Tbh anon most trans places are just a big ole hugbox telling each other they're real trans and that they pass. This place is no different.
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Oh yeah! ! I just remembered another embarassing story.

>be me mtf
>3 months on mones
>in boymode
>hanging outside of shopping district before work starts.
>old man gives me weird look
>"R u a boy or a girl?"
>start to get really nervous
>want to say girl but don't want to appear like a hon
>say "no speak english"
>he walks away.

That was pretty weird
>people being nice and encouraging makes me mad

chill out dude. the entire world shits on us constantly, why can't we just have a nice place to lie to each other for a little bit?
Being nice to each other is one thing, but lying to each other is not helping anybody tbh.
>Help customer at work
>"Thanks sir... or ma'am.. I can't tell"
>Chuckles and walks away

Every day

boo fucking hooo i pass without effort this is so embarassing
holy shit you make me mad. just life your life as a girl, wtf.
That's a lot of "buts"
You probably could have gotten a Pokémon from him
>asks a girl out
>she says no
Only embarrassing one I've got.
he kinda looked like professor oak in a weird way.
All before presenting girl, trying to present male for no confusion

>walking through grocery parking lot
>two women walking opposite
>get two feet past me
>confused and amused
>"Was that a BOY?"

>driving cross country
>can't dress girl due to ID & hotels
>welcome to missouri rest stop
>men's room
>old vet (wearing white military cap) finishes & is leaving
>pee at urinal
>notice old vet is staring at me with his arms crossed
>(as if he's protecting the innocent straight pissers from this fag)
>loop around him, wash hands
>he leaves
>I leave at same time as tattooed biker dude
>biker saw old vet
>me and biker both laugh at what just went down
>I feel like we had a bonding moment

>see teacher for first time after a year of hormones & hair growing
>she asks how I've been
>answer and say hi how have you been?
>she answers
>she asks how I've been
>I'm kind of anxious now, just trying to smile and say "I've been well" and stuff
>she gives me a big hug
>never close with this professor
>especially never physical contact

(at same university event)
>walk past girl I know on the way out of the auditorium
>smile & eye contact as greeting
>other girl I know says "you look so young!"
>see first girl while in group talking to professors and classmates
>" .... OHHHH, it's YOU! I thought... I could not tell, is it boy, is it girl?" (English is her second language)
>I manage a grin and "oh, yeah, thanks!"

>change facebook gender
>people point out how funny it is when things say "she/ her" for me
Finally someone who understands. Sure it's "passing privilege" but the issue for me is my inability to follow up. Because there's that likely chance that you just might not pass to someone's eyes especially in guy mode.

Like there are times where I might pass perfectly fine except in bathroom as scenarios because I just feel like if I were to ever go into a woman's restroom, I'd get clocked off the bat.

Just the fear of being off-handingly seen as that really feminine looking faggy guy.
>the novelty has worn off.

There's a red flag if ever I've heard one.
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>on a date with an older man
>really fucking hot
>things are going well
>accidentally call him "dad" while asking him a question
>both of us laugh it off and act like it didn't happen
>he never contacts me again
>walking outside at 3 a.m. with uglier-than-most-men hon friend
>two niggas are sitting inside a car parked beside the sidewalk
>as we walk by, one of the guys sees me (I pass) and says "How you doing?", thinking he was saying hi to two beautiful girls
>as he takes a look at my friend his face turns into one of pure shock and disgust
>he shouts "YO WHAT THE FUCK?!" and his friend and him start laughing
>I try my hardest to hold back my laughter
>hon is all depressed afterwards
it was a good night.
Don't have any really interesting stories but let's contribute anyway.

>MtF, around 5 months on HRT, boymode and no pass
>Go to a Jazz live with my cis lesbo best friend
>Tickets guy at the entrance says "Have fun girls"
>Hey Anon, did you hear that? He said girls!
>Whatever, you look like a dude too, so everytime we're together, people either assume we're both boys or assume we're both girls.
>Go to the guys bathroom
>Everyone look at me like they've seen a ghost
I don't even really look much andro, what the fuck? Maybe they thought I was a faggot and got spooked.
>Tickets guy call us girls again when we leave

>Another day, leaving house with dad and uncle
>An old man says "Good evening sirs and lady"
>My dad turns around to look at me and starts laughing

>On the train, hobo begging for money
>He says something like "gibe money pls ma'am"
>Later he comes back and sits right in front of me
>That fucking stare

Since then, I cut my hair shorter, so hopefully people won't assume I'm a girl anymore until I actually pass (if that ever happens).

Hey, I'm around Paris too, where's the LGBT district (not as if I want to go there, just curious)?
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>long time ago so deep in the closet I'm in Narnia
>kinda know this girl, she's a solid 7.5/10
>have to submit painting for a class, asks her to be subject
>she agrees
>she's making a lot of 'Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls' jokes
>somewhere like halfway though the painting she comes over to me, hugs me and says "anon your so sweet, if you were a guy I'd so date you"
>thats nice, stings a bit but i take it a compliment
>day or so later walk past her with some friend
>She's talking about me
>is this good?
>all agreeing that "anon is so cute but should have been born a boy" and things of that nature
>I already feel weird sometimes about my gender and its role because most of the time I am outside of those perimeters somehow.
>let her comment slide earlier, but this actually hurts
>I don't know what to do so just walk away
>I don't know how to act around her after
>stop talking completely
>throughout the rest of the year a few other girls say similar things and I don't know if their serious or just joking
>both kinda hurt in different ways
>goes on for a while
>people make jokes about it
>makes me upset I am not a guy which would make things so much simpler...
>Really just wanted to feel ok as myself and have gf to cuddle
>old story but it still bothers me sometimes
It's the Marais. Lots of gay bars along Rue des Archives, not far from Hôtel de Ville.
I hang around there because because there's one of my favourite vegan restaurants
Are you FtM or a tomboy lesbian who gets offended that girls are into you but only want boys?
You should just have tried to make her go bi if she was into you.

Oh, I know Le Marais already but when I asked my friend if it was a gay district, she said there was some gay things there but otherwise it's a normal district.
Learn to call them darling. That way it works for anybody.
>1.5 yr hrt
>trying hard to present male
>getting oil change
>get looks from other customers
>use coupon addressed to my mom
>guy entering my info
>"are you MomName?"
>"no, that's my mom"
>completely ignores my answer
>enters MomName in the computer
>"Thanks MomName, have a good day."
File: 1428857158270.gif (486KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
486KB, 500x375px
>be passing trans gril
>get sewing machine fixed
>pick it up
>me: "have a good afternoon!"
>her: "you too, hon."
File: 1431389566802.jpg (40KB, 600x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 600x576px
>be 'straight male' at quick-service restaurant
>with ex-girlfriend
>male cashier asks for my name
>I didn't hear what he asked "what was that?"
>"we just need your name for the order, I'm not hitting on you or anything, I mean believe me I'd like to..."
>I laugh, give name
>he begins asking where I go to school, if I live in the area, what I do for a living

I was flattered, but I don't like guys.
>but before I do i need to atleast take a couple of voice lessons.
>not being able to just fake a passable voice lol get gud
>MtF 6 months Hrt
>At sheriff's department, detective's office
>handling stuff with car and registration things
>walk in with my dad and grandfather, the guy says" how can I help you, miss?"
>Talking of the situation and when he asks about the guy next to me "my dad" he says "That your friend or something?"
>Dad says "I'm his father, he's my son"
>Become dead
>Show him old registration that had girlcousin's name on it
>Detectivev says name and asks me "GirlName, Is-Is that you?"
> Unfortunately legally I can't agree just to pass
>Father says no,
>I hand him current registration that has current legal name (ManName)
>Detective assumes it's my dad, but dad tells them, "No, that's him".
>Detective then asks me, " Is that the name you go by? "
>Tell them legally, yes
>Leave that feeling good for pass but bad because family reminders.
your dad is a dick, the sheriff seems quite nice
It's not embarrassing exactly, but its the closest I have.
>pre hit but full time cos NHS
>walking home alone drunk one night
>bad mood, did not have fun
>pass some flats
>people outside smoking
>hear guy ask "is that a guy or a girl?"
>girl responds "thats a girl you bastard!"
>went home
At least it was only awkward for me...
A cashier? At quick service? Hitting on you like that


I bet you had female hairstyle or something
Oh, wait, I have thought of one
>19, mtf, pre hrt, but full time cos NHS
>local shop frames photos and paintings
>also sells art
>go in one day to ask about where they get it from
>some really good work priced in thousands
>but even absolute shit a toddler could do is priced at about £100
>talk for a bit about what they buy and how they run things
>very confident they'd accept my work, but I have to start doing local landscapes, because thats almost all they sell
>ready to leave
>guy sticks out his hand and asks my name
>oh shit
>haven't legally changed my name at this point
>wasn't sure when I would because parents
>this is business, have to use my legal name..
>"it's Anon..."
>guy raises his eyebrows slightly

Thankfully I don't live in the US, where I'd likely get looks of disgust and thrown out or some shit
Haven't been back to the shop since, but mostly because I have no work to show, Ive only done portraits recently (because I never used to be able to do them, but i've got the hang of it now).
Maybe when I finally do some work I'll go back.
Maybe the coupon could only be redeemed by the person whose name was on it and he was covering for you.
>Since then, I cut my hair shorter, so hopefully people won't assume I'm a girl anymore until I actually pass (if that ever happens).
>is starting to pass
>cuts hair so she won't pass til she passes
Good god you're retarded.
it's always nice to hear other peoples embarassing lgbt stories. <3
obviously a goal is to have a passable face

I am the same
you don't pass if you can only pass with long hair and shitload of makeup
>you don't pass if you can only pass with long hair and shitload of makeup
Jesus christ, its like you've never met a cis woman
Shave their head and take off their make up, see how well they pass

Long hair is a feature that helps us denote gender, its an evolutionary thing, don't condemn it just because it works. It's why short haired girls look more androgynous or even male.
Makeup I'd agree with to an extent, but this anon is clearly boy mode so presumably no make up, still passing
R-really? That's an interesting way to see it...
But I still think that most women would still be gendered female, even with a buzzcut
>But I still think that most women would still be gendered female, even with a buzzcut
If you're thinking celebrities, maybe.
But go look up female chemo patients or something. Especially with no makeup

Really can't believe I'm having to explain this to an adult, but, humans aren't a very sexually dimorphic species. It's why theres such a thing as androgyny in the first place. In some species males and females are entirely different colours. But humans vary so much that we use secondary characteristics like clothing and hair, and posture, to tell us if someone is male or female when we're unsure. Use that shit to your advantage, because no matter how well you pass facially, if you don't wear girl clothes or have feminine mannerisms, it'll count against you
>spoiler tag fail
kill me
>Deep man voice
>Man face
>No boobs
>Anon assumes I'm passing and calls me a retard
>Anon assumes I cut down my hair because I wanted people to stop thinking I'm a girl when I just prefer them this way and wouldn't mind if I still got gendered female without long hair
Why so salty Anon?
How do you know if you're "really" gender dysphoric? I was just miserable about looking male. I dont wanna stay young, i wanna be a normal grown ass woman. I'd still transition if gender roles were reversed. The only mental disorder I have is a dependent personality, but not to the level of disorder, and the idea of being cared for did not drive my transition.
The spoiler tags were right, they just don't work on this board.

A nurse saying "you know what" instead of "vagina" when giving medical instructions?
I find that hard to believe.
>19, mtf, pre hrt, but full time cos NHS

19 yo Brit here, going to start self medding soon.
How bad is the NHS/ RLE overall? I'm wondering in case I fuck up and need to use the NHS.
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan... fuck yo dad..
How the fuck are you getting called a girl then?
Also, beard? Are you sure you're trans hon?
I swear theres a thread for exactly this kind of bullshit. It is not this thread
>tomboy who needs a cuddle

this is my fetish
Pretty bad, but not gate keeping exactly. It's complicated.

If I had one piece of advice, it'd be never miss or reschedule an appointment, you'll add at least 2 months to your time with them.
I had to reschedule all of my appointments, and it took a year to get through all 3 appointments because of it.
The first time, they fucked up and gave me the wrong date, the second time they scheduled it during January exams at uni, and the 3rd time I had to bring a friend and she couldn't make it.

I hear basically every clinic does things differently because although there are guidelines, none of them are required to follow them, they can make p their own rules.
Where I'm at they refused to prescribe hormones until I "socially transitioned". Even though the NHS guidelines explicitly state that as the effects of HRT are reversible there is no requirement to socially transition first
Im still working on that shit too. You have to prove you're using your new legal name day to day, like at university. My university has a particularly stupid policy, which because of me they are now re-writing. So soon I should be able to prove I'm using my name and shit
But because I talked about drinking the clinic want me to have a 4th appointment to ensure I'm being "responsible". Its fucking retarded and out of line, I've been diagnosed with GID, I even have a letter that proves it, so they cannot refuse treatment. I drink like a normal student does. Even if I was legitimately just an alcoholic its none of their concern.
Thats the closest to gatekeeping I've experienced. But it's GPs who make the prescription, Gender Clinics can only recommend that GP's do.
So hopefully if I go to my GP, explain the clinic isn't following guidelines, and show him I've been diagnosed, I can cut the clinic out

If anything self-melding is probably in your favour because if you change your name too you'll have socially transitioned, and they'll be eager to get you with the NHS to monitor your blood
>doing sexy time stuff with a guy who's heavily bi and he initiated
>lean in to kiss him and he has a weird "thats gay" panic moment or something
>he violently pulls away and smashes the back of his skull into the brick wall

>stop at a gas station
>old man walking in front of me opens the door and smiles and motions at me
>"ladies first"
>panic and say thank you sir in probably falsetto failed panic voice
>hes actually holding the wrong door open in reverse and is in the way of the other door operating
>awkwardly enter while everyone stares at me and is trying to leave
>old man has literally shut down everything and broke the world
>people literally trapped in place pacing and staring
>feel awesome as fuck

>go to pick up pizza
>pizza is in my mom's name Laura
>"hi im here for Laura"
>she checks and says pizza is almost done
>she looks at me beaming, "Its nice to see another laura! What's your middlename"
> tell her Leene
>"oh that's so cute!"
>she asks me typical stuff and I'm apparently in beautician school and picking up pizza for my boyfriend but im vegan
>im in a total panic just lying about everything
>finally leave with pizza
>sit in car for like two minutes thinking what the fuck just happened

Then whenever I show my face in genera onlinel people usually ask if im a boy or a girl.
If I say im a boy they immediately leave.
If I don't respond they usually talk to each other and decide I'm trans or a trap and tell me to take hormones. I don't really dress feminine though. I have really long hair. Maybe I walk and have female mannerisms. Past girlfriends have complained I stand like a faggot and what not. If that makes sense.
You sound like someone id like being friends with ^^
>sit in car for like two minutes thinking what the fuck just happened
Yeah...with that one, what the fuck DID happen...?
Dropped all the spaghetti
I cut my hair too. And getting gendered female occasionally with shorter hair feels way better than "passing" outside of 10 ft to everyone until they notice something uncanny about you.
>But it's GPs who make the prescription

so gender clinics in the UK cant write prescriptions?

asking coz i am going to be moving to the UK after i finish university (engaged to a brit guy) I know since im on mones now when i move and register a GP they can continue writing scripts for me, but i thought gender clincs could prescribe/monitor trans patients too.
At least in the US we get mones before going full time
File: 1298683965828.jpg (78KB, 375x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 375x500px
>>qt 3.14 drop dead sugoii kawaii ass mother fucker femboy skips me on Omegle immediately

Oh wait you said embarassing not infuriating. Gomen family-senpai.
>be at work
>putting more shelves on so we can have more things on the sale floor
>old man comes by
>"here I'll help you"
>manager whispers not to let him help
>something about possible law suit
>both awkwardly hand shelf to manager
>"can you help her with that?"
>later manager asks why o didn't correct him
>try to play it cool
>say it happens sometimes
>jokingly bring up the time some druggie called me princess while buying cigarettes
>spagettiing so hard


>Was walking down a street in downtown to get to Rite-Aid after seeing my blood test results and a visit to the bank
>Walk past construction workers who were facing the direction I came from
>Looking at my cellphone for directions so I didn't really see them, only know one was black
>Hear something like "Hello, kitty"
>Thought I saw a black cat near my feet, I was tempted to move my eyes to see it, but decided to mind my own business
>In seconds, hear, "That's not a kitten, that's a dick-sucking (or motherfucking?) cat!"
>Realize they were talking about me
>I already knew my jacket and bookbag combination make my hips look wide, but my beard should have been completely visible
>Then they stare at me like I'm the freak, which I saw out of the corner of my eye

I'm confused by it, honestly. It should have been clear I'm physically male. And I'm offended I was called a fag when I did nothing.
fuck construction workers

scum of this earth
>FtM, no T or surgery yet, can't afford a binder, never pass at all
>be friends with this cis guy for like 6 months, introduced him to all my friends and he's become a regular part of my friend group
>friends all know I'm trans and use male pronouns, etc
>he does too, I'm happy he's supportive
>two weeks ago
>long car ride at night with two friends + him to the mall an hour out of town for Halloween supplies
>nervous about upcoming boyfriend visit because I've never been laid, decide to ask him about sex because our friend group is cool about that stuff and I know he's fucked his gf
>he starts giving me advice
>everyone in the car starts to realize he's only giving advice about anal
>I ask him about vaginal
>he seems confused
>car goes completely silent
>driver goes "dude.. you know he doesn't have a dick, right?"
>"WHAT?? I thought you did, Anon!"
>"everyone called you a guy so I just thought you had a condition"
>everyone but him is confused as fuck and doesn't know what to say
>me, really nervous "w-well thanks, I'm glad you see me as a guy"
>he's completely stunned the rest of the night

He ended up still being cool about it but holy fuck, most awkward car ride ever

Wait...he thought you were a guy...but...I'm confused
Hey, that's exactly what she said. I live in the UK and she was nice and friendly so it didn't sound that odd to me (until afterwards of course) but she probably should have used actual terminology.
Actually that is something pretty annoying in comparison to mtf experience. Most guys don't want to be a girl but all girls want to be a guy fo that privilege to some extent and they downplay your issue.
Exact same thing happened to me throughout my life, since to others I just seem very tomboyish. I'm ftm and it stings like a motherfucker everytime a girl tells me I would be a really awesome boyfriend / dude or how much I sound like a dude. Oh well, not planning to let anyone figure anything out til I've got a full beard and then shit goes down.
File: image.png (154KB, 540x264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>couple months on mones
>work in store
>restocking the shelf
>"hey, baby. Do you know where the extension cords are?"
>turn around
>it's someone who went to my old high school
>but stare at each other for sec
"...aisle 5"
>he leaves without saying anything
Ugh, who the fuck walks up to some female employee in a shop and calls them baby? I swear, is it just because I was raised by a single mother or did I just dodge the asshole misogynist bullet?
The stupid, player-type guys will do that.
he recognized you and was making fun of you
>Few years ago
>Closeted bi male
>At a club, drunk with mates and dancing
>Friend dares two female friends to make out
>Say they'll only do it if we do
>Make out
>They make out
>T-that wasn't so bad...
>Doesnt hear me over loud music
>"That was pretty disgusting, you girls should make out some more to make it up to us"
>H-haha y-yeah disgusting

Went to the toilet and slipped out the back. Chain smoked all the way home.
straight guys will actually make out just to see two girls make out?
Nah, I bet the other guy was homo too.

I'm not sure if these short ones count because in the end I don't know what they were thinking, but I've got few stories to tell.

>Sitting in Calc at the front right in front of the temporary desk our teacher set up to help us with the assignment
>Teacher is talking to a female student about yearbook photos
>They were talking about how the girl should retake her photo since it came out terribly
>Teacher said something like, "Clasically masculine men like (my name) don't retake photos because it shouldn't matter to them"
>I look up at them, like, "Not really" and "Don't involve me," put off by what should be a compliment
>Obviously the reason I don't retake photos is because I don't want to lay eyes on my ugly face longer than I have to, and nothing is going to change no matter how many times I retake it
>I didn't even like the idea of immortalizing my face from the first round
>They look at each other with concerned expressions
>Think, "THEY KNOW" in panic mode and point my face at my paper

This was the same math teacher, I think earlier on in the year
>At parent teacher conference with dad
>Teacher tells me she was a lot like me
>She had no friends and spent a lot of time crying, crying for anything, and worried about what others were saying about her all the time
>One day, she had a realization, I think it was that it didn't have to be that way or that she could change (can't say I was paying attention)

>As for why I wasn't paying attention, I didn't see the similarities based on her description of herself. I didn't cry for being socially ostracized, I was the one who secluded myself; I didn't feel lonely or left out; and I considered myself emotionally callused over, but I was interested in what others thought of me. Though honestly, what I wanted to hear was that I was bizarre
>I'll admit I feel "empty" from time to time triggered mainly by night, but it feels detached from loneliness, and it has a cause I can't pinpoint
>I enjoy the bittersweet of melancholy, anyway
>Back to the topic at hand, she told me I should come out of my shell as well, since everyone's waiting to be my friend
>Think, "That's not possible for me" as my dad and I left for the next teacher
>I left that night no more enlightened than I was when I came in

I wonder what the reaction will be if I go back. I should visit her before she retires at least. She was a kind woman, very motherly. I have to thank her.


I was surprised that's still true. I thought modern day construction workers were a lot more civil.
File: 1445015815306.png (82KB, 228x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82KB, 228x200px
>I enjoy the bittersweet of melancholy
I think my senior year English teacher thought something was up with me.
She seemed concerned sonetimes.
I really liked the class, felt like I was one of the only kids not going "ugh...we still have to read Hamlet"
I feel kind of bad for skipping her last class because I didn't want to give an oral presentation
>I enjoy the bittersweet of melancholy
holy shit could you contemplate getting over yourself for a second

Is it, anon? I just said I partially enjoy the sadness of longing. I thought that might be somewhat common. I didn't say or believe we should put all disabled children in a forest forty miles from home, and that only those who make it back are entitled to welfare benefits. The rest are then entertainment on reality TV. That was honestly the least edgy part of my post.

Explain? Particularly what you think I'm like.

underage pls go
File: 1.jpg (45KB, 422x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 422x750px
OP you sound like Brad.

>I was in a calculus class
>I mentioned yearbook, you might infer we were the senior class
>Implied I haven't spoken to teachers at school in years, and they're still there

So is this "projection?" Because I'm seeing the equivalent of a kid with ADHD's reading comprehension.


Is that supposed to be the autistic girl that rubbed peanut butter over herself?
Closeted mtf Auscunt here. Went out last night in girlmode for the first time since I figured that would be pretty scary. Ended up thinking I was looking really good/femme (apart from the manbody) and I kept getting compliments on how pretty I was from a lot of people and how they thought I was actually a woman until they looked closer. A comment I got a lot from people I already knew was "Oh you're in drag tonight haha cool, but you're pulling it off so well!" to which I felt kinda uncomfortable and shitty about myself. I've been on spiro way longer than I should've been now, and my endo keeps upping my dosage and I just don't know what to do.
Ended up going home early, feeling like a disgusting fetish object after a guy tried to put his hand up my skirt in the bathroom.
oohhhh I know you. I saw your pic :/
Sorry to hear that

whats your spiro dose? and are you on E?

anyone can look like a woman if they put wig and girlclothes
>until they looked closer

whatever you say kid
>I thought modern day construction workers were a lot more civil.
They are much better than they were.
>Be me, closet mtf, around 14
>Started to grow my hair out longer
>Nothing really special, but my hair grows out pretty straight so it looks fem until you hear me talk
>At a restaraunt with just my mother and I
>"How are you doing tonight ladies?"
>Mom goes ballistic with the male pronouns, I mean she's creating sentences that don't even make sense just to shove in a male pronoun
>orders my food for me
>"Well, my SON anon would like a [insert menu item here], but without any [insert vegetable here] because HE really hates those. HE's really a manly man, hating those vegetables."
>with each pronoun I slump in my seat
>Waiter is visibly awkward at this point
>order is finished, she's just holding him hostage at this point
>She's not done
>"Also, isn't my SON here great? HE's always been a well behaved young BOY."
>At this point I just want to kill myself
>order is finished
>waiter leaves
>"Well anon, don't you think he got the right idea? I have your back."
>"Y-yeah mom."
>"I really hate it when they do that. Maybe you should get a haircut so they don't mistake you for a girl. You don't want to be a freak, don't you?"
>"Okay... maybe"
>The same thing happened at every restaurant for the next 4-5 years until I moved out

>tfw she's super supportive compared to the rest of the family
>tfw she still calls me a freak and introduces me as "her faggot son"
But hey, we got extra chocolates at the end of the meal. It's the little things that count
300mg a day. No e. Feelin poorly.
My face is pretty femme. Didn't get second looks from anyone that didn't know me, and a lot of what gave me away was manvoice. I know I'm not passing yet, but in a few years/ffs I think I'll be fine.
don't take spiro without e for too long, it's really not good for you. you need at least one hormone in your body.
I was at diner with my dad
And the old Greek guy who owns it asked if the beautiful lady wanted a lollipop, so he hands me one.
When we got home my dad told my mom (who I am out to) that the guy thought I was a girl and I need a haircut
File: 1429126733179.png (59KB, 624x434px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 624x434px
>implying there weren't centenarian eunuchs in the courts of imperial china
Damn, that's a bummer. You should probably let him know what's up.
I've got another story.

>I like to read /lgbt/, including when I was running errands with my father, since everything he does is boring
>Sometimes this was in the day, other times at night
>Now the problem with that is, when we were riding in his crew cab pick up, and I was sitting in the back the window created a reflection
>I realized at some point when I had probably already been caught a number of times
>At some point, my dad said something at home in a context I don't remember, "You need to stop reading things that have nothing to do with you" and his voice wavered or cracked in the middle like he might cry
>Now, even if we suppose he never caught me on /lgbt/, he does know I am on 4chan, or at least the place where "Anonymous is"
>A few months before, I was on /r9k, writing fictional stories in a, "Write stories to cheer anons up" thread
>Even though it was nice with a protagonist like themselves, they were very upset by it
>I decided to then create a story of schadenfreude where a Chad ends up incredibly unfortunate
>At least one is pleased
>My father came up to see what I was doing, and he asked me what it was
>He disapproved
>He might also know about the school shooters from here
>So I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me reading 4chan, but I'm not sure if it's out of denial of me not being cis and hetero or something else
number 5 was my favourite
Number 4 best KND

>Shave their head and take off their make up, see how well they pass

Easily most of them (like 99.9%+). This "Oh but anon, even cis women get mis-gendered sometimes!" meme is a load of bullshit and needs to die.
>be me
>cis female
>aggressively masculine hair
>masculine clothes
>masculine mannerisms
>zero makeup
>always clocked as female
It's called having a feminine facial structure, a feminine voice, and breasts, you giant faggot. Normal women "pass" as women almost 100% of the time, even if they shave their head or whatever the fuck.

Stop making stupid shit up to make yourself feel better, you're reaching hon levels of self-delusion.
>so gender clinics in the UK cant write prescriptions?
As far as I'm aware a GP needs a recommendation from a GC to prescribe hormones
Im at least 99% they do not write any prescription themselves
Wow, easier to be trans but harder to fucking live as trans? Yeah, think i'd rather stick with the situation I'm in thanks.
Just don't live in a shit state and you have the best of both worlds desu
Dunno why it autocorrected to that
I swear that said desu before I clicked post...or is 4chan trolling me
Just been out for halloween, so I have another story
>19, mtf, pre hrt, but out cos NHS
>halloween at university
>very busy in town, everyone goes out
>leave friend at a house party to go to a club instead
>queuing for club
>guy on my psychology course is in queue
>invite him to skip ahead a little to talk to me as I'm alone
>him and his girl friend knew me pre transition, but not very well
>he very drunkenly asks about my name now
>tell him
>he's really cool and everything
>as drunk as he is, his gf might be worse
>she is calling me "he" and shit because she knew me pre transition and I wore makeup and girl stuff even then so I don't look drastically different, though I pass
>he corrects her at least twice
>really cool of him
>i can't be too mad at her, she's blitzed, and barely even knows me as it is, let alone knowing about transition shit
>still ditch them the moment I'm in the club

As I say, I pass okay, she just knew me before I was out, and even then I wore nail polish, and makeup, and female clothing. So, being drunk, I can hardly blame her for no really grasping the situation and slipping up, but it was uncomfortable for me.
Passed the rest of the night, got free drinks and male attention and everything, so I'm happy that I pass to everyone else. Just people who knew me previously can slip up
File: 1441992904890.jpg (8KB, 350x330px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 350x330px
>kid says "daddy why is there a girl peeing in here"
>Dad " i don't know just finish peeing"
My fucking sides
My embarrassing story.

Out to friends and on hormones for years now. Can't bring myself to leave the house feminine.

Get anxious and nervous any time I am dressed too feminine and try to leave.

Can't go anywhere where people I don't know will be there. Literally crying for hours because I get ready to go and can't walk out the door.

Just can't do it. I can't breath.

I hate myself. What was I thinking when I started this transition stuff.

I am miserable. I am so fucking sad at my life. I'm happy in boy mode because it's the only time I feel confident. It's OK if people make fun of my boy mode. It's not really me.

So embarrassing.
Wow thats pretty pathetic.
Go places with people who'll take you home if you can't hack it. Make yourself go girl mode more and more frequently and for longer and longer until its full-time and normal to you.
For the love of god, sort yourself out.


I appreciate the thought anon. I'm not sure how that girl mode thing is really going to work out though. It's very stressful.

Maybe detrans is the answer?
>It's very stressful.
Do not care. I outlined it, the rest is up to you. Go to a local shop girl mode with a friend. Or if you're really that retarded, do the same thing but in a town a couple miles away where you won't return for a while and won't be recognised.
Then just build up going out girl mode more and more.
Please stop being retarded, its for your benefit not mine
I'm a different anon, but detransitioning is not the answer. What you are missing is just the confidence in yourself. I have the same issues you do, but I have a close friend I get to talk about this stuff with, and it has helped me a lot just having someone to talk to and give me small words of encouragement. I know they care about me so it makes me want to try my best to get out of the house and do something with my life.

Are you seeing a therapist? Having someone to talk with helps a lot I can't stress it enough.

I'm just worried about embarrassing myself. I know I look disgusting. :(

I promise I'm not trying to be difficult. I know you're trying to help. I just feel like I'm wasting my life.

I'll do my best to keep what you said in my head and just try and try and keep trying.


That's kinda the shitty thing. My best friend will do this for me. She does her best to push me in to the right direction. She loves me dearly and I know she's just trying to help.

It's not been enough for me to get past it though.

No therapist. I used to have one but I only road that out to get HRT.

I would try to go back but I don't feel like they help that much.

Fuck. I know I am being lame about all this. It's my own fault.

Idk. I'm sorry guys. I know you are being nice and giving me advice.
>I'm just worried about embarrassing myself. I know I look disgusting. :(
Then at this point, whats the use?
In my teens, I got so depressed about my situation, my friend gave me a suggestion that's stuck with me since. If it really is hopeless and Im going to kill myself, then why does it matter if I transition and fail?

Youre thinking of detransitoning anyway, so why not go full time first?
Holy fuck... I had the same thing happen to me.
I work in a hardware supply store...
>Be mtf, 3 months on mones
>Stocking shelves at 8AM
>Only old people and small time construction workers come this early
>Be putting lightbulbs on the rack
>Old guy come up to me
>"Hey cutie, can you point me to the bird seed?"
>Say in my guy voice, 'on the other side of the store in garden...'
>He just stared at me for a minute before leaving...
I was so confused.
Lmao that poor old man, he was probably thinking "I don't wanna live in this world anymore..."
But I wasn't even trying to pass.
I literally just have long hair that I keep out of my face with a hat.
I have no idea why he thought I was a girl.
Maybe my face looks feminine enough when I shave.

That's true Anon. I'll think about it.

Thanks again. I mean it.
Well I guess I'll share this story since its about the only time its happened.

>trick or treaters come to the door, lots of them like 5
>give them candy
>little black kid dressed as a pirate says "no offense lady but you sound like a man"
>Go get more candy for the rest of the kids and one asks "are you a boy or a girl"
>tell them haven't decided yet
>they run off giggling

Well thanks I guess little black pirate dude. Made me feel slightly less like killing myself.

Maybe that's why I get weird stares in public. I always assumed its because people thought I was going to kill and or rob them.
File: 1416524285423.png (158KB, 412x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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if you look disgusting then change how you look first, do girl mode later

File: 1423856586359.png (402KB, 898x589px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
402KB, 898x589px
>I always assumed its because people thought I was going to kill and or rob them.

say what?
my only one

>walking home
>two kids, probably about 10ish
>"are you a boy or a girl?"
>autism hits
>no idea why i said that
>put in headphones quickly and fast walk away
>haven't decided yet
For some reason I find that cute
Prolly cuz the kids think you are magic now
>tell them haven't decided yet
that's nice, i might have to steal that line sometime...
>playing mtg at a limited event
>people around watching me play
>people who were watching discuss cards and talk about one of my cards as "his [x]...."
>i get really happy for a second
>same guy says "oh, sorry, her [x]..."

made me feel p bad man.
>be 31. Late in the game.
>bible belt religious bs, etc.
>come out to bi gf.
>"okay anon, I still love you."
>helps me shop and talk htc
>3 months go by on htc, body slightly changing; Smell different, body is tender, had my first random as fuck cry fest (usually a lot more melancholy.)
>yet happy as shit and no depression? feelsgoodman.jpg
>talking about lace front wigs (owner of Eddie Munster widows peak)
>gf sees my picture en femme, randomly says, "don't get angry, but if you transition we can't be together."
>tells me I'll never pass. After the third time I've ever applied full face.

Unsure what to do. Don't want to lose her because we match on almost everything, can't be a guy any more though.

>Still bought heels yesterday.
Too many trans have the dyke phase before passing. It's a right of passage in itself until you do better. Even if you stay guy mode and get as close as you can before full time you'll get clocked as both.
kek. You just blew that poor kid's mind. His parents probably fought for a week straight after he dropped that bomb on them at dinner

>>What kind of people is he hanging around? How could you let this happen?!
>>Me? It's because of your damn Oprah and Fox that he thinks this is okay!

Meanwhile little Timmy is in his room playing Angry Birds suppressing yet another unhappy childhood memory. You're doing God's work m8.
>Oprah and fox. My sides.
My embarrassing lgbt story :
>be me
>click on a thread about embarrassing lgbt stories on 4chan, expecting fun and relatable stories
>200 posts of transexuals, whose whole existence in embarrassing anyway
>close thread
>being this autistic
Are you having a stroke?
Are you sure you're actually trans?
Dump that horrible bitch.
Not that guy but it's not autism. On a serious not. The community here has become dominantly trans and for the most part that doesn't relate to sexuality at all. So those of us who are LGB and come here about sexuality don't feel included or even like we can relate at all. That's why people get so angry about it, it makes them feel like the place on 4chan for them has been taken away or invaded, even if that's not really the case.

Is there a thread limit? Is there something that stops lgb from creating their own threads?

I see this meme all the time but it never makes sense.

Make any posts you want... There's nothing stopping you.

If you just want to complain fine, just say that.

Trans people are ruining this board... Right.... Because the T was tagged on after the 4chan lgb board was made.

When was that btw?
You're getting very defensive when I'm just trying to explain why people are upset.

There are more trans people than LGB people and because the two are more or less completely unrelated, LGB people tend to feel alienated. There are generals and posts about sexuality but it's still dominantly trans.

I'm not complaining and this isn't a meme, calm your fake tits.
Were you trying to manmode? If not, I think it's a good sign. Especially these days, people are so confused about respecting everyone's gender shit that they're bound to get it wrong. He only thought he needed to say you were gril when he started second guessing himself. The impression you gave off was male.
sorry trans bro, but the most notable embarrassing stories these days are going to come from the confusion being trans causes.

In the civilized world, the worst gay people will get is a dirty look. Most gay people can come out of the closet before anything embarrassing happens.
I think it's simply that trans have the most problems that they need help with or need to bitch about. they have the most shit to deal with and figure out, on top of it all, it practically needs to be hidden until they make a decision/ progress. it makes sense they'd have the most topics.

desu the gay threads I see are either about anal/ anal masturbation or getting a (straight) boy to like you. lesbians have lesgen and nothing else. bis ask the same thing as gays, because there's nothing they want to know about dating the opposite sex (can ask any normal non-lgbt friend anyway)
Anon I feel you. I can't seem to socially transition. Im so embarassed. I hate trannies and their cringiness and how its a big fucking meme/fad these days. And I don't want to be a fucking part of it, but I have to to be a girl. I can't get myself to come out to anyone, even my best friend even though Ive been on hrt 2 years and look femme. I hate this trans shit.

It doesn't help that I have a respectable life instead of being a lose/weeb/druggier/edgy/homeless/sexworker/NEET/poorfag like everyone else on this site. Its so hard to be trans when you actually want people to respect you and you have a sense of pride in yourself.
Or its MTG and everyone is male so he slipped up....
Exactly how I feel.
I don't get people complaining about trans people.
No one is telling lgb people get there own thread, but you keep telling t to get their own thread.
I feel like trans is more dominate for many reasons cause it involves lgb.
Many trans people struggle with sexuality too.
Also many lgb people struggle with thier gender.
I've interacted with so many gay dudes and all of them once have at least mentioned wishing they were born girls, but the fear of passing transitioning and discrimination has caused them to just be gay.
Same with some lesbian. I've talked to many of them some wishing they had penis or wishing they were one of those guys.
I'm not say all gay or lesbian people are tied to t, but sort of are.
Because acting more feminine or more masculine from being a homosexual is being gender fluid, which falls under t.

i really don't get the fuss.
>5.) at guys bathroom in movies.
Using urinal cause more sanitary.
Dad with little kid comes and uses the urinals.
Kid says " daddy why is there a girl peeing in here"
Dad " i don't know just finish peeing"

Lol. That one gave me a giggle.

I got from way back when.

>pre mones
>presenting as female fulltime
>I passed pretty good aside my voice
>at Ikea
>wearing a black dress
>in the women's bathroom washing hands after I peed
>black woman and her daughter come in
>I say "excuse me" as I pass by
>little girl enthusiastically giggles and says, "mommy that lady has a big deep voice and he TALKS LIKE DIS (mocking a big deep voice)"
Presumably a wordfilter.
fuck off tranny scum
Is it the word senpai? f-a-m?
Ooo. F-a-m is now senpai.
What else is new?
t-b-h? desu
s-m-h? baka
Haha, this is fucking hilarious.

Smh desu senpai
>Be with bf who lives far away.
>Mom knows we're dating but for some reason introduces him to everyone as my "friend."
>Go to bbq across the street at neighbors place.
>ALL of my Mom's / Neighbors friends are there.
>"Anon'sMom who's that boy that's with Anon?"
>"Oh that's just his friend."
>Don't hear this conversation and come up saying hi and introducing bf as my bf.
>Mom grimaces and all of her friends look at her and suppress chuckles.

Good day.
Late response, but he just assumed I was a cis guy with tits for whatever reason. I'm flattered, but still confused and surprised me
>Some reason

It's called homophobia.
Let's keep this thread going
But not sure what transmission gunk build up from cars has to do with me?
So tldr
Guy thought you had a medical condition that caused you to look like a girl like andy milonakis and assumed you were a gay dude with a penis?
Then was shocked cause found out you were a biological female?
guess what you didnt pass
goals desu

Of course you're complaining.

Complain: v. Express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.

What's up for debate is whether you're whining.

Whine: v. To complain in a feeble or petulant way.

Hmm, maybe.

Petulant: adj. (of a person or their manner) childishly sulky or bad-tempered

I'm not sure, tell me what you think.
Why does anyone complain? To /b/ everyone on lgtb are faggots.
Faggots wanting thier own board because they are special snow flakes and thinking thier dick sucking faggotry is different than penis mutiliating faggotry.

We are all faggots here, just accept it.
Love and peace
>>"Thanks sir... or ma'am.. I can't tell"
androgynous not something you want?
Children are not yet trained to distinguish the physical body from the subtle body. Your subtle body is obviously female, which is why you're trans. If you died today, you'd reincarnate female.
you've stirred my cold, dead heart to laughter, good anon
i am pleased by your pain and wish you to know it
Wow you're super butthurt and not very intelligent. I am explaining to you why the general community of LGB people on 4chan are upset. I said nothing about myself. I'm two years in to MTF, asshole.
>>tell them haven't decided yet
I used "I'm both" a few times in public situations.

complaining on any board is so fucking stupid

if I want more gay threads I post more gay threads

>>>/x/ is that way desu, senpai


Just so you know, I am a different anon from who you were talking to before.

It's fine they feel that way, the problem is they keep complaining, when, if they thought about it, they would see they are not justified in being mad at trans people. The lesbians do because their general, their claimed/designated space, is invaded by trans issues unnecessarily, but not the gays. The gays are just whining at the fact trans people even exist on the board in any capacity.
Even blind idiots can see the skull differences.
My doctor chuckled and said since my body was responding to hormones so well that I have little ovaries tucked away some where.
That explains everything
>be in 11th grade, close to the end of the year (like 3 days until the end of the school year)
>been going through a rough time with my ex-boyfriend
>cant really talk about it with anyone else
>try to confide with the one openly gay guy i know in school
>talk for about 15 minutes
>gives me his phone number
>too nervous to call
>summer comes and passes and now in 12th grade
>awkwardly say hey every now and then
>need to take a piss
>go to restroom
>see him take a piss
>fuck it ill take the one empty urinal next to him since the rest are taken up
>he leaves rather quickly
>finish up
>a few months go by
>end of 12th grade in a few days
>field trip to the public indoor swimming pool
>see him with just his legs in the water
>come up to say something
>me: "huh, sorry for not calling back - i lost your number"
>him: "thats okay"
>walk away as fast as i can
>add him on facebook later
>post something on his facebook once or twice
>delete my facebook - never to see him or hear of him again
>tfw I ruined my chances multiple times
i know im dyslexic but im i also autistic?...eh nevermind - he always looked like an grey alien.
So you're intersex?
Sounds like you're just awkward bro. Just work to out yourself out there. Worst that can happen is you get rejected right? Not much worse than nothing happening at all.
>turn 21
>woo hoo
>go to get the alcohols
>"do you have an id"
>hand him
>"is this your brother or something? I can't sell you this"
>pretend like I am under age and got busted because it is less embarrassing

That's when I learned I should probably get a new id

I left the house today with makeup on. I was super nervous but my friend and I went and fucked around all day and it was fine.

I was gendered female with zero issues aside from my voice which made people uncomfortable.

Even still I feel like some people second guessed my appearance and I feel like I had a few weird looks.

It sucked but it was something.

Thank you for the encouragement.

Last night I just got all fucked up and was in a bad mood as I ruined my Halloween by refusing to leave the house.


I'm sorry I don't know what you're saying.


Why would you ask? Of course.


I'm sorry were in the same boat. Iktf well friend.

At least we can take solace in the fact we won't get manlier then we are now. Idk that makes me feel better.

I went my first two years on hormones not telling anyone in my life either.

My standard line for when someone does a double take on my ID is to say it's an old picture. If they still don't get it I'll just emphasize that it's an *old* picture. Pretty much everyone gets it after that, but I also live in California so maybe take that with a grain of salt.
>omg I pass soooo well that people think I'm a girl even when I'm trying not to my life is soooo hard
kill yourself 2bh f4m
>recognizing reality means you can't hate it
this a fucking trans thread or something? or have you degenerates scared all the gays and bisexuals away?

Since you're still here shitposting I'd imagine you're a tranny too then right faggot?
File: 1445769535782.jpg (57KB, 576x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 576x1024px
>you look beautiful hun!
yo fuck, i already know im ugly. you don't have to rub it in or go out of your way to be mean.
...fucking same.
I hate this shit.
>gay people always complaining about trannies
>gay people complain about not enough gay people complaining
>gay people always complaining about trannies and gays having equal levels of problems
>literally no gay people in thread with awkward scenarios
>this is because you have to be a huge flaming faggot to ever get clocked as gay
>therefore gay people never have awkward scenarios unless they put themselves in them
>have long hair but not trying to pass
>pushing cart around grocery store
>accidentally push in front of some guy while turning
>"oh, excuse me, SIR" with emphasis
>can't tell if he just calls people sir or ma'am or he knows I'm a faggot who wants to be a girl and wants to make sure I remember I'll never be one
this is pasta but its sweet
Probably over thinking it
So when you see a skull you know if its male or female do you? Because I think you might find its mostly fat distribution that makes up facial structure, and that is determined by hormones

>Mom grimaces and all of her friends look at her and suppress chuckles.

top fucking kek
File: 1445178514235.gif (2MB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 480x360px

I can just imagine this being posted on rebbit.

"Feeling cute today, can final see the real me!" (+356)

>So beautiful hon!
>You're such an inspiration!!!
>Oh my god I wish I was as pretty as you.
Not that guy but you actually can tell skulls apart
yes you can. but skulls are layered with fat and skin so it's hard to make out the actual skull structure.


I see people post shit like "just do it" etc and then they look like>>5163003
lol no thanks I'm never transitioning to look like that
>in line to check out groceries
>there's a kid in front of me, his mom left to get some missing groceries
>he starts looking at me
>starts asking: are you a boy or a girl?
>i try to ignore him
>he keeps asking, louder and louder
>im about to panic
>the mom comes back, tells him to stop yelling
>panicky and embarassed until i finally get out of the store
don't worry the kid must have been autistic. not your fault desu
They should be the one embarrassed.
I always get angry when that happens.
>be 1+ yr hrt (mtf)
>trying to man it up
>gettan pizza at whole foods
>pizza guy calls me bro and man in the same sentence
>extra effort to use those

I think I looked like either a girly boy or an ftm. It was hard to hide my bobis by that point. It seemed like he was being deliberate because he "knew" but was also cool with it.

another at trader joe's

>talkan to cashier
>realize she's being lady-friendly to me
>realize she seems confused about my gender
>deliberately laugh deeply like a man during conversation
>why did I do that
Fuck I know that one
>"Thanks ma'am er sir or... I'm sorry what's your name?"

My worst experience was when an old Asian guy and his grandson approached me at work.
>older Asian guy doesn't speak English as his first language
>shouts "Lady! Lady!" to get my attention
>I can only do a male voice
>being a dumb ass I immediately respond
>later that day I pass by them
>hear them busting up as they pass me

Shit like this makes me want to become a NEET
>be MTF Pre-everything
>literally last 2 years
>everytime in public restroom
>man walks in, walks out, walks in again looking confused
>be 15 year old guy thinking of transitioning
>walking home from friend's house one night about midnight
>cold as fuck. jacket, stocking hat
>no facial hair but long hair
>voice still slightly feminine
>car pulls up
>"hey, want a ride home?"
>guy looks familiar so say yes
>get in car and he starts to drive
>"where do you live?"
>realize it's not who I thought
>tell him the apartment building and where it's located (like a 2 minute drive)
>seems to be taking me there so less panicked
>"so babe, why are you out so late?"
>"babe"? he thinks I'm a girl
>tell him was at friend's house
>get to apartment parking lot
>"care to return the favor?"
>he's rubbing his crotch
>say "sure"
>he pulls out his cock and I give him a blow job
>keeps saying "good girl" or "yeah babe"
>blows his load in my mouth
>pop open the door and spit it out
>he says thanks and speeds off
>mfw I'm a guy who gave another guy a blow job and he thought I was a girl
>mfw I have no face
File: 2261591.jpg (31KB, 495x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 495x278px

I wish I could trap like that too
Not really embarrassing, but my voice passes without trying. I always get gendered female on phone and...

>be me
>a blind person comes up to me and asks me which direction are the stairs down to metro
>guide him since it's nearby
>"thank you madam"

and the other time when I was actually trying to pass before I gave up due to stress

>long hair, andro clothes
>a hobo approaches me and asks for change
>tell him no
>he addresses me in female pronouns
>I tell him I'm a boy
>"I don't think so"
Why tell him?
cuz I wasn't in girlmode, just..andro/experimental mode.
Also, wanted him to fuck off
>>he addresses me in female pronouns
>>I tell him I'm a boy
>>"I don't think so"
holy shit my sides
They weren't a boy later that night when he was masturbating to them
File: sadstatue.jpg (190KB, 550x733px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190KB, 550x733px
>tfw want to suck cock but only while being a girl
>tfw not a girl
You probably have long hair and dress faggy. Don't kid yourself hon, anyone who does that gets confused.
Ugh so hot.

>tfw spent early teens working out and trying to look handsome

spoiler: he was a faggot and he thought you were a faggot too

turns out you were
KEK cmon be nice anon
>"You should cut your hair, dude.

Observe how threatened he feels because of someone else's hair length.
or maybe he presumes that the poster didn't want to be mistaken for a girl
The hypothetical was about shaved heads in which the skull shape is quite visible and obvious.

>So when you see a skull you know if its male or female do you?

>fat and skin
Doesn't matter unless we are talking about morbidly obese people.
Straight guys will make out to prove a point or get girls to do something or piss off homophobic people or any number of reasons, if they're comfortable with their sexually.
same here. but don't worry, at some point your life will be full of long stares, unwanted comments and random rednecks wanting to nail you to a burning cross just because of your preference and/or identity!
it's gonna be soon fun!
>random rednecks wanting to nail you
F you guise
That was funny
the other day i did that to a gal at the drive through. she initially called me mam then corrected herself. i'm actually a true hermaphrodite in that i have ovotestis, but nothing shows on the outside other than i look like a very feminine male. i have the fun of an endocrine system that can't decide if i'm male or female.
tfw ovotestis that can't decide if I'm male or female.
>tfw people think I'm using my dad's id.
I have to tell them I shaved my beard off. HRT has also taken over a decade off my skin age.
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