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coming out stories general:2nd edition

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share your stories here please.
>coming out
I might be depressed, but I'm not suicidal.
Kek this. I dont feel like I owe someone an explanation for liking cock. Ill just stay in my closet thanks
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>be brst friends with this guy for 7 years
>come out to him a few days ago about being trans
>immediate acceptance and support without even so much as a pause
>getting together for the first time since today, don't know what to expect or what he is going to expect

what have I done
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>tfw trans
bump, I like these threads
>have a fuck buddy who I've developed feelings for
>getting depressed coz no reciprocation
>only have straight friends
>we decide to drink and go clubbing one night
>they start to notice my mood and be texting all night
>want to know what's up
>don't tell them until they corner me and force me to confess
>decide fuck it I'll just tell them
>be happy
>get home drunk af
>they want to know EVERYTHING
>confess and show them Grindr and how gay secks works

I found out I got recorded by one of my closest friends. Tbh it was embarrassing as fuck and I shouldn't have been so open that way.

Told my family was while we were eating dinner. Told my twin bro when I was driving.

It never gets easier coming out. Some girls in my class asked me if I had a gf, I just told them the truth that I was dating a guy. Still awkward as fuck.
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>Come out to parents late middle school
>Boyfriend at the time pressured me into it, really didn't want too.
>mom handles it well
>dad doesn't
>Lots of fighting
>Parents eventually get divorced, blame myself to this day

My dad was a pos anyways, but still, the feels
If all of you trannies would stop turning yourself into an even more special snowflake than everyone else people would start to care less.

Stop wearing it like a stigmatic badge of shame and just BE. Fuck what everyone else thinks. YOU are making it the problem.


Boo fucking hoo.

/Meanwhile in Africa
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>be 10 minutes ago
>talking to mom about school
>shes telling me about her Psych project
>Asks about me
>"well I've been meaning to tell you for ages..."
>go blank and just laugh
>she says spit it out
>well I'm bisexual
>reacts like a psych major
>asks what defines my sexuality
>what I'm attracted to in both genders
>stumble through answers
>spend the next 30 minutes discussing the origins and causes of human sexuality
>"well I'm going to hit he sack"
>walk up stairs
>halfway up
>she says "I hope you know that I love you no matter what"

Everything turned out alright
>Completely regret saying anything about it even so
maybe it's just since it's so recent, will report back tomorrow

Sorry about the blog post, I thought i might as well share it with somebody

>middle school

Dang kids these days don't mess around.
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>Be 18, trans since childhood, both parents have emotional problems and hate anything LGBT-related.
>Dad gets super angry, yells at me, breaks some of my stuff.
>Outs me to mom, she has a mental breakdown, almost kills herself, spends next few weeks at home getting high on prescription medication.
>Sister blames me for the chaos, insists that I have schizophrenia.
>They abuse me for the next few months.
>I get a decent part time job while studying at college, manage to move out.
>Few years later, no ties with old friends because I didn't want to tell them the truth.
>Hardly any new friends because I'm always too burned out from study/work/dysphoria to socialize properly.
>I want to get off Mr Bones' Wild Ride
Well, more a friend who shared a romantic interest with me. Kind of dating, almost

Still though.
>Boy makes joke
>Girl laughs at joke
>Someone sees her smiling at boy
>Rumors spread like wildfire
>"So people think we're going out. Like, should we like go out then if they already think we're are?"
>"I guess so"
>Do nothing for the 2 weeks we're "going out"

Happened to me once per semester in middle school
I felt weird about it too and even still do around my parents despite them being okay with it
then again I feel weird about it with everyone who knows, it's probably just me

>be 17
>making brownies with mom
>the brownies have nuts in them
>say "i like nuts"
>she says "does that mean you're gay lol"
>act coy and nod
>gasssppp "youuu aaarrreee???" (this is how my mom reacts to literally everything)
>say "ye"
>brother enters room, convo dropped

>next day tells me that she told my dad and hes ok with it, everything stays normal
we have barely spoken about it since, that was like 7 years ago
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tfw you dont feel like a pos for agreeing with this
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Oh man I probably wont do this justice, but here it goes anyway

>dumped boyfriend tonight
>he was great for a while but extremely high maintenance, always needed money
>no job, no car because DWI, expensive tastes, way to arrogant to work a shit job like normal broke people
>love him anyway
>teases the shit out of me, we fight a lot
>starts pulling the whole "quietly act like a dick so i'll dump him first so he gets to be the victim"
>kiss him and tell him: "maybe it's a bad night, it's alright, seriously"

See yah man, wish you the best. I can seriously do a lot better.
kek forever

i just like to stay in my closet unless someone figures it out eventually
>be 10 minutes ago
>talking to mom about school
>spend the next 30 minutes discussing the origins and causes of human sexuality

So which was it anon, 10 minutes ago or over 30?
Hey that was perfectly justified in the context of the thread, since you really can't hide being trans and living your life the way you want to. Stop being so butthurt that this board isn't called /gay/.

>/Meanwhile in Africa

Yes we get it, nobody has the right to complain about anything because there is a paraplegic transgender ginger fat black homeless starving woman somewhere in africa. Dumbest logic ever.
>get ridiculously drunk and tell my friends (this happened about 3 times to different groups)
>brother found my gay porn on my external
>Parents don't know officially but saw hot men in my internet history when I was 12
It still feels weird being out though
>mfw a friend who is the definition of a Chad according to /r9k/ says he wants to set me up with a guy
Stupid anon-kun it means hes posting 10 minutes AFTER the lecture(30mins)
>Be 17
>Tell all my best friends
>"Lmao yeah we knew"
>Went well

>Freshman in college
>Make a Facebook post on national coming out day
>Love and support, blah blah blah
>Went well

>Sophomore year, almost 20th birthday
>Decide to tell my Catholic mom
>"Mom, look, I'm gay"
>"We all know, anon"
>"Oh, well fuck"
>Talk about sexuality for half an hour
>"I wanna tell dad."
>But I think-"
>"Just don't"
>"But what if-"
>"It's best if he just doesn't hear it"
>Resent my dad to this day because my mom said he knows but he doesn't want to know
>Went pretty meh

It's a year later and I'm completely out. I say it straight up when asked, talk about it casually, and have a cute as fuck boyfriend who I love a lot.
omg, do it for the lulz
>Come out to sister that I'm trans
>she laughes and says "I knew it"
>never realized I was that obvious about it
>be me
>Lose virginity to guy that turns into first boyfriend
>Go home for Christmas immediately after (collegefag)
>Mother sees hickey on my neck
>Asks me who the lucky girl is out of the blue
>I get confused and don't respond since idk about the hickey
>She asks if it was a lucky guy instead
>Realise what happened
>She starts crying while making pancakes
>Dad hears, asks what's wrong
>"We raised a faggot"

Parents are apparently supportive now. I don't really buy it. Asked them not to tell anyone in the family and they agreed; by the time we went to go visit my grandparents they wouldn't talk to me
what was national closet-outing day?
>Be 17 at the time
>Walking home with friend
>One of my closest if not the closest
>Been meaning to mention it as it was weighing on my mind
>Just before the bit of the journey where we part ways
>"Hey, would you judge me if I liked mans?"
>Yes, those were my words, I was trying to be jokey about it
>"No, why?"
>"Because like mans."
>"Oh, are you gay?"
>"I'm bi"
>"Huh. Well, see ya faggot!"
>We part ways
>Feeling better
>He makes subtle and not-so-subtle jokes around our other friends before I came out to them
>Nobody caught on
>Best friend :D
I think that my only interesting coming out story is when I 'came out' to my brother:

>Brother gets in my room in the middle of the night
>I was in bed with my computer
>He sits on the bed, I don't even look at him
>Suddenly grabs my crotch
>WTF are you doing?
>Can I suck your dick?
>What? NO
>But I need to know wether I like it or not
>Well, go suck someone else's dick
>But I know you like guys
>Yeah, but not YOU
>Why not?
>Because that'd fucking disgusting. Get out of my room.
>You're really brave, you know?
>huh? Wait, are you high or something?
>...get out, now. Please.

We never spoke about it. I don't know if he even remembers it, he had smoked some weird shit.

I did find a lot of tranny porn in his computer once, though.
oh lord that's pretty close
I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to do it lads
He was bluffing
He got you to admit you are a faggot, you faggot
Never let your guard down
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Mine is depressive and anti-climatic.
>be depressed tranny
>drop out of college
>get fired from work
>many days sit with .45 in my mouth, trigger half pulled
>get committed
>fast forward a couple months
>home for Christmas, somehow parents get $7,000 bill for my 2 day psych ward visit
>too scared to disclose why I was there
>call parents about a month later and say I'm trans
>move me back home
>hide me from neighbors
>send me to Christian psychs and shit
>few months of this hell I run away to the only liberal city in my state with that little money I had left over from working

That was 7 years ago. Family is more amicable, but still not accepting. I transitioned and pass 100% (thank god, otherwise I would have an hero'd), but my life is still in shambles. I will likely never be happy due to my current path/missed opportunities, and the lack of any viable options to full actualization and complete personal development. Shit really sucks when you have no support in your life, and the few people you do know actively discourage what is best for you...

Was that supposed to be your coming out story or his?
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lol you should try my life, I would be decapitate if I were to come out and being hunt down by my fam.
Nevertheless, good luck with your life anon-kun
>didn't delete browsing history
>dad calls me that afternoon
>"what the fuck is gaytube."
>"idk dad its a virus prolly"
>this happens like 10 more times over 2 or 3 years

So I'm pretty sure my parents know, they just don't bring it up.
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Thanks for the well wishes anon. I really needed one tonight. And good luck yourself. I really hope you don't get decapitated. In fact, I hope you can live a big happy queer live for many long and prosperous years to come.
you didn't report back nerd
>be closeted spic lesbo
>"roommate" is a black girl
>I mean she's qt and great
>but ya know
>I gotta bring home lesbian AND black to a traditional mexican family?
>shit's a bit much
>it's cool though cause for her it's the same
>so we're both comfy in that closet from our family at least
>but I do bring her around my family
>as a "roommate"
>they like her a lot
>like damn mom actually likes her more than me
>grandma thinks she's just a delight
>dad thinks she's a great and polite lady
>and we're just adorable best friends
>couple years into living together
>maybe I should get a feel of how they'd react?
>try on mom first
>"sooo, if I were gay...? like maybe with qt 'roommate'?"
>mom "Oh that's hilarious"
>laugh it all off
>mom takes it further though
>loudly introduces us as the lesbians
>I mean we were all just sitting around drinking mexican family style
>so just get drunken laughs and cheers
>cause that's some shit they regularly joke about actually
>cousins saying they're gay with their friends to fuck with the uncles
>even gay chicken it a bit
>just jokes
>so me and gf laugh it off with them
>but we also hold hands and act gayer to play it up
>it becomes a reoccurring joke
>get a bit too gay acting
>with a quick full kiss
>dad "Hey now that's too far"
>my oh-shit face gives me away
>then dad just goes "eh fuck it, it wouldn't make a difference. ya'll already act like dykes"
>most family are ok after it's out it's not a joke
>some say shit
>dad gets mad because how dare anyone say some shit about his black dyke daughter in law
>mom thinks it's gross but
>at least we aren't druggies or bring home babies
>or just general trashy lazy girls
>like everyone else in the family our age/generation
>though now no one takes the fake gay joke as lightly

Her family was worse about it. They liked me well enough but didn't take the gay thing as a joke, instead just got extra pissed, blamed me then drugs then just stopped talking to her for a while.
how is this a coming out story?
>he was bluffing
I think so to. Actually, I hope so. I mean I'd be ok with it if he was gay or whatever, but the incest thing is not that cool.
Was that supposed to be your coming out story or his?
Well, it was the first time I admitted being gay to him, even though he apparently already knew. Although he mentioned once that he had assumed I was asexual but that's because I'm bad at being a social being.
>be 16 y.o guy
>attracted to 9/10 tall blonde guy
>really good friends
>He acts sorta gay as guys at high school do
>Pool at school during summer
>Tall blonde handsome, mirin' hard
>Get sick of dropping subtle hints that I'm gay
>Decide to tell him in the hopes hes gay and feels the same way
>Msg him on snapchat after school that day
>tfw it was April 1st
>legit thinks im joking for the next few days
>eventually convince him Im gay
>Hes awesome about it, discuss sexuality a bit, makes it sort of clear that hes straight
>10/10 went well, would recommend telling at least one person.
>Didn't make him your bf
>10/10 went well

That's a failure anon
That's actually a pretty cute story for your side for the family. Sorry to hear about your GF's side though.

If you don't even have contact with then any more...why would you care? Just tell them. If they're not happy with it then you'll just break contact with them for good, which is pretty much how it is now, so no big loss.

Friends are important tho, you need to exert yourself a bit to gain some valuable acquaintances at Uni/Work. It's neccesary (and totally worth it).
>be 14
>had crush on guy since the day I met him, don't remember how old we were when we met
>muster the courage to tell him
>it's really awkward
>ask if he would experiment
>he lets me fondle him, clothes on, no direct contact
>says he's not in to it
>ask him to not tell anyone else
>he doesn't

So I am out to 1 person, does that count? :^)

>$7,000 bill for my 2 day psych ward visit

What the fuck America?
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>be 16
>everyone knows I'm a fag aside of my father
>he's a commie so why not just tell him
>he literally ignored me

I know he loves me and shit, but I'm 23 - almost 24 now - and he STILL avoids the subject. It's so stupid. I know he knows, but he pretends he doesn't even though I fucking told him, my girl friend "accidentally" (my ass) told him too and it's really fucking obvious I'm gay.
Sometimes I just wish he was a homophobe so I wouldn't be stuck in this retarded awkward situation.
>his dad knows
>is ok with it
>anon would rather have dad hate him
but what exactly do you want from him anyway, an award? there's literally no reason to discuss sexuality in detail with parents
I know I'm being silly, it's just... it'd be nice if he actually acknowledged it in some way. Or if I could tell him about my boyfriend and not feel awkward as fuck.
He probably doesn't really care if I'm straight or gay tho. That'd be like him. I guess I'm just an attention whore.
I feel kinda guilty now. Everyone pretty much accepted me and now I bitch because muh rich daddy doesn't give a shit if I'm gay or not.
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>communist dad
Fucking kek, my dad's also a commie and i am a /pol/tard, we loved to debate (i always won),he taught me things about peace, wich i reconsidered now, thank you dad, but regardless, never told him because i felt like i didn't need to tell him, i barely have contact with him anymore since he now lives with his bitch that hates me,i wish i could still talk to him without the bitch threatening to kick him out of the house, he's got no familly anymore, and my mother's familly hates him.... good luck dad.
>19 yo.
>Dysphoria since 10-11.
>My coming out somehow fell on me.
>In the garden with mother & step father (he is doing another thing so he doesn't hear us).
>My mother knew something was wrong with me since a few weeks.
>Tries to guess what it is and somehow tells me "you wanna be a boy ?".
>I laugh and cry at the same time, tell her she knows me too well.
>We talk about it holding hands, she doesn't quite understands my decision, stepdad is doing other things in the garden, the situation is quite comic.
>Later, she's crying on her bed, I join her
>We talk about it for a long time
>She tells me she will support me, that she still love me.
>But tells me that it could be a mistake, because of my past, and her past.
>And that she understands & support my decision, but first, clear all those things that happens in the past with a psy, and if the idea persist, she will accept it.
>She asks me to give her some website links where she can find informations.
>"It will be hard, you know, but I'll be here, I will never abandon you".
>I was happy bacause (I don't know if it was on purpose) she asked me "if I was ready for all this" (but in my native language she accorded this to the masculine).
>I ask her not to tell my step dad because I don't want him to change his mind about me (he's like a real father for me).
>Week end with tension because step dad knows a big thing has happened.

But I'm so relieved that now she knows, it was hard to hide such feelings during all this time.

Two weeks later, she tells me she told my stepdad about this, he isn't different towards me, relieved one more time.
What a bro
I'm out to three of my high school teachers, who are really still some of my best friends and mentors

I'm out to a couple friends who are closer to my age but they either misunderstand or aren't very accepting but tolerate it

I've had fantastic luck with people older than myself but pretty mediocre results with people closer to my own age, it's weird
>told best friend
>he said wat I hope this is joke
>freak out for a week
>see him again
>hey fag
>he don't care
>I'm his best man at his wedding

After that I kinda figured it doesn't matter if I tell anyone, no one really cares when I'm like, "naw he's my bf"
>be 13
>mom literally walks in on me making out with the neighbours son (also 13)
>"Oh, sorry, I should learn to knock! Ill leave you two alone."

She later asked me when the wedding was gonna be.
She couldnt had cared any less, it was a little weird that she never really reacted.
>be trans
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>Attention Whore
>Have bf
>Family doesn't mind at all
>Still hate the fact that his dad doesn't mind at all
Can we exchange life please? You ungrateful little HOE..
>dysphoric since as long as i can remember
>family is weird and a bit hateful towards lgbt
>10yo. discover the term transgender...EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE
>quickly go into denial because i thot everyone would hate me
>attempt to embrace masculinity in my teens
>crossdress a lot in private
>inner turmoil makes me super socially awkward and i have like 3 friends all through hs
>graduate hs and move away to college
>crossdress more frequently and even in public sometimes
>looked pretty good even without hrt.
>get more college friends because i am more true to myself plus they all know and are cool with it
>19 yo finally decide to stop the denial and tell my mom
>send text to mom with photo attached of me fully dressed up saying "this is your daughter" (stupid i know)
>go back home for summer break
>she thinks im confused or crazy and takes us to a psych
>tell mom how ive always felt, she is still weird about it but is starting to understand over time.
>start hrt, rest of fam still doesnt know
>go back to college
>new giant dorm room i share with 5 other disgusting dudes
>decide not to out myself to them to avoid confrontations
>get super depressed as semester goes on since i cant be me
>try to an hero
>drop out for that semester
>mom tells dad
>dad takes it better than i thought and wants to make sure im ok
>go back next semester and share a dorm with another trans girl i made friends with
>wind up having sex with her and start a relationship with her
>she breaks up with me a few monts later toward the end of the semster
>her exact words were "I was horny and you were there"
>have an emotional break down and feel less than human
>try to an hero again
>pussy out
>drop out of school completely while i get my shit together
>move home and tell rest of fam
>moms side is cool and dads side are assholes
>Finally go full time
>get a bit of FFS done
>pass pretty well
>get a job
>go back to school
>get a loving supportive bf
>feels good man

been a wild ride

>we loved to debate (i always won)

Definitely a pol lolbertarian conservacuck.

Gtfo back to your containment baord, idiot.
Nope, i am a national-collectivist, and heck no, i am not going back to >>>/pol/ it's hell there, it's just a shit-pack of edgelords who screams "burn da fegs and trenniz !11!1!1! RACE WUR NAW !1!1!1!!!11 XDDDD"
Wow anon, I related with parts of that - the whole in and out of school thing, suicide, etc. I'm happy to hear that things finally worked out for you though. You're actually one of the lucky ones
Holy shit check'em
>the worst part of the right and left all in one
Here in some parts of NYC you are a loser if you are above 13 years and still a virgin.
wtf are you ?
wrong thread m8
>Be 32
>Not coming out

Haha fuck that shit, I enjoy my career and having family members that support me
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My parents are dead
I never came out to anyone
Should I be happy?
I usually emailed lewd pics of myself crossdressing to friends so when I started mones no one was shocked
i'm not a jacobin modernist nutbar, that's for sure
What happened to your fam fam?

>I usually emailed lewd pics of myself crossdressing to friends so when I started mones no one was shocked

That's kind of endearing really.
30, virgin, closeted, no friends.
Too shy.
My Coming Out video
no one cares that you suck dick

>we raised an OP

Yeah well I would be upset too.

anon be nice.
Woah. Amazing mom you got there. That was really cute, anon, thanks for the smile it put on my face !

Also, what's your native language?

lol dysphoria

sure anon
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Mom was young but dad had me when he was like mid 40's

>That's kind of endearing really.
t-thanks :o
File: 1433437014654.png (34KB, 169x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>We raised a faggot
File: 1331619066290.jpg (155KB, 599x602px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Unf unf, such sexy legs too...
>10 more times
You really are a smooth operator, huh?
you seem to be stupid enough that they might just believe you.
Me too
>got really drunk
>realised that I really was trans despite repressing it
>organised appointment with gender therapist
>full blown panic attack for rest of the day
>didn't know what to do, had been awake for 36 hours and still hadn't calmed down
>got drunk again
>decided I needed to talk about it and therapy was days away
>Came out to room mate
>could tell he didn't believe me
>I don't think he even tried to hide his disbelief

>next day my memories started to come back since I have stress induced amnesia
>realised I should tell my family

>got drunk again
>came out to sister
>she reacted pretty well
>wanted to take me shopping

>got drunk yet again
>came out to Mum
>told her my memories were back
>losing my memories was hard on her, so we mostly focused on that
>she apologised for my childhood
>then my sister put make up on me

Still haven't told my dad, but I don't plan to.
i sent my parents an email like the beta i am
Oh I forgot the worst part, my sister and mother showed me a picture of me when I was 16 or so and I totally passed without makeup as a way to try and make me feel better.
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>14 years old with a pussy and all that stuff
>tell mum and dad "I think I'm bi!"
>mum's like "that's nice!"
>dad's like "me too!"

fast forward to 25 and I finally achieved enlightenment. success
So I always curious with my sexuality and people used to say I look girlish or twink and I always enjoyed it... fast forward to now.

I met a transexual female one night. Bring her to my place because I thought she was very interesting and fun to hang around and she started making out with me and I thought it was weird at first but ended up loving it.

I have been dating a female transexual for a while who will eventually makes the full switch to female.

Told my friend first and then my psychiatrist and no one really seemed shocked about it and even encouraged me.

We dated and it was good and it triggered something inside of me. I always either liked tomboyish girl or very effeminate man and I am no longer scared of one or the other.

Recently I have started to modify my look to be even more feminine without feeling shy or afraid of being judged. I want to keep going !
10/10 good in depth story
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Burn the fegs and tranniez!!!!!!, RAEC War NAO!
I wish I was strong enough to come out

I envy all of you
>hang out with a large group of gay/lesbian/bi/trans people
>come out as bi
>tell some straight bros
>theyre cool with it
>don't tell parents
Shits good so far
what if you're naturally just really neurotic and self-loathing?
Why do you feel the need to come out?
I don't understand it, but I want to know because I usually dismiss it as attention-seeking but I want to know why you feel the need because I don't wanna be no bigut
File: costanza.png (196KB, 382x346px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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...wait, my dad showed up at the house that day... FUCK
it makes perfect sense not to come out to everyone, because very few people need to know about your sexual preference
however, when it comes to close friends and family, whenever i pretend to be something i'm not, a heterosexual male, it kind of just feels bad, like i'm lying. That said, it shouldn't be made into a big deal.
I strongly agree with you, but sometimes its just the easiest way to explain things. For example in my case I'm going to need to when my ldr bf gets here next month. I've already flown to his place, but my parents are going to want to know why I'm suddenly flying to California every other month
File: 1436685064934.jpg (224KB, 2048x1366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be dysphoric for all my life
>earliest memories are of wanting to be grill when i was little
>dad divorces mom
>years later dad comes out as gay
>finally decide I should come out too
>tell my sister she accepts right away
>tell mom she gets depressed and cries for a week
>asks what she did wrong
>finally breakdown in front of her
>she finally realizes how bad it is and helps me get on mones
>come out to dad
>this should be fine he'll be accepting
>dad: you want to be a grill?
>dad: its just a phase
>well fuck that shit

just now is he starting to finally come around is still a jerk about some stuff though. how can someone whose gay ever begin to do that shit like ur in no fucking place to talk
Being homosex isn't like being a tranny
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>hanging out with friends
>best friend knows I've been thinking about it for a while and want to tell people
>"Go on, tell them!"
>"Tell us what?"
>get teased since I'm being shy and avoidant
>they push harder
>try to say something but fail because of anxiety
>"Don't worry, whatever it is, we won't think differently of you"
>start fucking bawling and head off to the bathroom to wipe my eyes and calm down
>having trouble calming down
>realize that I'm actually having an anxiety attack
>feel stupid over all of this which makes it worse
>don't end up coming out but everyone pretty much knows anyway
>spend the last couple of days in a depressed slump
File: yasd.jpg (458KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be cross dresser from early age
>experiment a lot growing up
>SUPPRESS SEXUALITY, no one must ever know, feel so much shame and depression
>decide that I have to tell someone
>tell friend on wow, instantly accepts me and says hell still be my friend no matter who I am, cause he thinks Im awesome
>tell some of my rl friends, they dont really talk about it, but its out there
>tell parents
>"Its a phase, but you can talk to your doctor I guess"
>doctor recommends I go to some shitty clinic 2 hours away that has a policy you must live 1 year as desired gender before you can start transitioning
>lol fuck that shit
>suppress again
>depression is tearing me apart, move out of my parents house
>its never brought up again
>get referral to talk therapy type doctor from family doctor
>dude is straight up bro african guy
>he knows about my past trans history, says he cant do anything unless I decide I want to move forward with it
>nov 3rd my next appointment, going to spill and start figuring it out, get a recommendation to somewhere other than the butcher shop my family doctor tried to send me too

My parents love the shit out of me, probably trying to atone for being abusive dicks. They'll eventually accept my identity, but for now I stealth and go behind their backs. I will seek out mones without them knowing until I'm closer. I intend to get all the surgeries too. I'm done hiding who I am from myself.
Fucking men isn't chopping or adding genitals to your body.
Neither is the experience of most trans people.
well then they aren't really trans then are they :^)
Considering the majority of trans people don't have surgery, yeah they're still trans.
They're just glorified cross dressers at that point m8.
Crossdressers who take enough hormones and blockers to over ride their normal hormone system and replace it with that of the opposite gender. Who also have the brain patterns of said gender.

Exactly the same as people who like to wear clothes of the opposite gender.
Okay, really REALLY disturbed cross dressers then?
Cross Dressing: Extreme Cheddar Edition
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>with crowd of friends, i am the only one being dressed like an edgelord
>they're dressed like normies (tracksuits, northern France)
>lad shows phone to me
>a pic of two grills
>"yo bruv, tell me wich one would you fuck ?"
>"i don't know mate, i am gay"
>a grill gives me a smile
>i expect the "you wunna B mai gay best friend ? XDD"
>surprisingly it was just a smile
>another grill gives a disgusted face
>lads looks at her funny
>we make the "if homos were the majority" trick
>she gets in the house and never comes back
>gay jokes comes in
>i take them good and go with it
>mfw my lads are the best
gj mate
doesn't have to be a confession
just bring it up like it ain't a thing
>middle of summer
>meet cute talented boy through /v/
>he gives me his number, says he likes talking to me
>hit on him a bit, he says he likes it
>we start sexting
>he sends me dick pics
>realize he wants to see mine
>"uhh, I don't have a dick"
>"I'm trans"
>send him pussy pics
>he asks me how I want to be fucked
>end up getting really close
>he's my boyfriend now

Feels real good
I can be an idiot with problems and I tend to feel like I must be bothering him, but he keeps being awesome and I love him

Mom didn't go so well though
>two years ago
>pull mom aside
>"hey mom I feel like I'm a guy"
>"ok anon that's your business, don't flaunt it, don't buy men's clothes or other shit, it will be hard for people to love you if you're weird like that"
>she then decides to ignore it and still pretends I'm a girly girl
this one is at work.
at lease my manager knows.

>mtf, but still unsure about sexual orientation.

>Gay friend tells me to make a grinder to see how I like it, I can just talk, but I don't need to fuck anyone

>make one and disclose I'm trans cause incase it leads to something I don't want to get killed

>get like 20 people messaging me at the same time the night I made my account

>delete that shit.

>next day at work

>gay manager says "OMG IM SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!!"'''

> im like "wut?"

> he was like " I saw your social media profile, wink wink"

>freak the fuck out

> he says its not a big deal and is very proud of my and walks off.

so now one of my work managers know, treats me the same as always. says he wont tell anyone.
I guess it was painless
>who also have the brain patterns of said gender
I know evidence supports the concept of trans having a different brain chemistry, but to just go out and say they have the brain patterns of the opposite gender is misleading.
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>using grindr

grider has a trans tag. just like fem, hung, top, bottom, bear, verse, dom, sub.
You'd be surprised how many people to fuck me.
How did you meet him through /v/?
i see yet another thread has been taken over by trannies so i'll just show myself out
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